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In America, the greatest health care system in the world was destroyed by Obama and Hillary Clinton and the Democratic-RINO 111th Congress who refused and failed to perform their fiduciary duty and read the 2700 pages that caused tremendous pain and suffering on the American Legal Citizens only. The U.S. Congress exempted themselves and unconstitutionally are holding themselves above the laws they mandate which they have no authority to do as well as they discriminated against Americans by protect and favoring Justices, Judges, Obama and Biden, the Oval Office, Donors, Muslims, and Illegals, and signed a Death Warrant for Americans as it includes Death Panels!  Obamacare is unconstitutional, illegal, and unlawful and can be nullified on its face in my opinion because Obama never proved he was eligible to be a U.S. President.  A signed E.O. of 2700 pages of unread laws and signed by an alleged Usurper should never be implemented in the USA – Shame on the U.S. Congress from 2009 through 2017!  

And, thank Senator John McCain, who the American people are forced to tax fund his Retirement even  after he gave a  “Thumbs Down” on the House Floor against the GOP and President Trump and stabbed the  majority of Americans in the back who can’t afford health care or access their doctor, while he is exempted and will fly back home to probably get the best health care and the doctor of his choice back in Arizona.  He then was caught laughing and making a disgusting comment to laughing Senator Schumer he appeared to be happy with McCain’s “Thumbs Down” while Elizabeth Warren attempted to lead an applause and got one applause from Senator Feinstein.  How pathetic is this in U.S.  History?emselves and

10 Reasons Why THe U.N. is without authorization Interfering in U.S. Law Related to America’s Health Care which is None of Their Business! The United Nations Should Move Out of the USA! What Has the U.N. Ever Done for the USA?

pub. by Rose Colombo 7/26/2017 – (C) , edited 7/28/2017

“10 Reasons Why the U.N. Does Not Want Obamacare Repealed which isn’t any of their business as Obamacare is an unconstitutional umbrella set of punishments and Death Panels for Americans that has nothing to do with the U.N.  The Bad Seeds in the world appear to have gained control of the world and are not only planting GMO seeds, but their evil seeds and evil deeds.”
“1. Obamacare is all about the “Redistribution of America’s Wealth” to The United Nations  (U.N.) which consists of a majority of  an umbrella of Muslim nations under Sharia Law and Communist Third World Nation’s leaders ruled by tyrannical laws and Socialism so the government and wealthy elite controls everything which it appears where the Clinton’s and Bush’s and Obama’s are headed. In most cases operating under the guise with the New World Order (NWO) in order to sustain the planet in order to justify the NWO’s goal of reducing the population .  In my opinion, Agenda 21 and their supporters appear to pre-meditating murder of the masses and a worldwide genocide of innocent citizens of the world  and unborn future world-wide  citizens.  These draconian icons who are involved in Agenda 21  should be stopped, but who can stop them as they believe they are icons and that they should control the planet?

 The U.N. has been writing a myriad of foreign policies such as Agenda 21 for decades that involves South America, Mexico, and the Middle East and Africa and the USA.  The intent is clear.  Their written and stated objection and  intent is a priority of   reducing the population of  everyone including future and current natural-born Americans, as well as natural-born babies of poor parents worldwide, who they target for abortion and the morning after pills, under the guise of reducing poverty and sustaining the planet.  They intend to use oil and water and food as their depopulation tool it appears as even the Bush Dynasty has bought up the world’s cleanest and largest and most renewable Water Reservoir in Paraguqy.  The NWO Bankers are buying up everything and anything that has to do with water.  China has been buying the minerals and silver and gold quietly at least since the 90’s. What better way to reduce the population than by prohibiting the collection of rain water or access to clean water and food?

On or about December 2007,  Senators Obama and  Biden, Feinstein, Kerry, and Hillary Clinton and the CFR approved a global law in secret, a  law which was originally entitled, “The Global Poverty Act” to establish  worldwide mandated taxpayer-funded abortions which includes the USA and citizens from around the world, targeting Third World Nations, especially Africa.  Perhaps, this is why Obama made his first big speech in Germany at the wall as Merkel appears to love Obama and his global agendas and addressed the world on television as “Citizens of the World.”  He didn’t state, “Citizens of the World, I am proud to be elected as the President of the Greatest Nation on Earth, the USA, but hinted that he believed he is the leader of the world, perhaps promised by the One World Order funders who slipped him into office non-vetted.

After Obama was inaugurated into the oval office in January 2009, he secretly changed the name of the “Global Poverty Act” to “The New Millennium Development Act” which became an Executive Order without the knowledge of American Citizens. Obama stated he would be the most transparent [non-vetted] U.S. President, but turned out to be the most non-transparent and non-vetted President in U.S. History.  He then signed off on Obamacare, which secretly  implemented “Mandated Taxpayer Funded Abortions” which was reported to be “unread” by 535 members of Congress who were too lazy to read the 2700 pages for which they are elected and taxpayer funded to do.  Instead, they were so complicit and in love with Obama and Hillary that they just rubber stamped it “approved.”  They figured, the Americans wouldn’t bother to read Obamacare, either…..wrong!! 

The  former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, stated that “We have to pass it [Obamacare]  to know what’s in it.”  Former Speaker Pelosi misrepresented to the nation that it did not include taxpayer-funded abortions because  the Democrats knew that the majority of Americans were against paying to kill future natural born Americans needed to preserve America so it isn’t conquered by overpopulated foreign enemies currently and in the future.  Obamacare included and required Americans to pay for the abortions not only in America, but for poor people in Third World Nations to reduce their population under the guise of “reducing poverty.”  The elite see the masses as bottom feeders and breeders who live in jungles while they hold themselves above the law and worship false idols and live in luxury planning a world-wide genocide it appears. Obamacare enslaved Americans to pay for the living expenses of the fake Refugees he and Hillary and Kerry and the Democrats and Rinos like McCain pre-planned without the knowledge of the American people into the USA for  8 years.

The depopulation in America is taking place as Americans have been giving birth to fewer natural-born citizens for decades, since the Feminist and Gays infiltrated the government back in the 1960’s and 1970/s. .  Americans have more anchor babies being born on U.S. soil which should be documented as  “naturalized” Americans, not natural born Americans, because the parents came to the USA to commit fraud who are two natural born citizens of a foreign nation to give birth on U.S. soil.  These anchor babies are out numbering the births of foreign parents who illegally entered the USA while the natural born Americans born to two legal Americans are decreasing substantially leaving Americans with fewer babies and young natural born citizens.  

Furthermore, Americans are required to pick up the tab for the world-wide abortions to reduce the population of future generations without their consent.  Obama and the 111th Congress forced Obamacare down the throats of all  Americans who have been  forced to use their hard-earned dollars taken as tax dollars to slaughter 70,000,000 plus American babies at birth in America.  Who knows how many unborn babies or born and left to die babies from around the world have been killed by abortion scissors under the guise of reducing poverty and sustaining the planet.  And, the hypocrites condemn China for their mandated abortions.

In fact, as I stated and keep in mind, the goal of the United Nations and New World Order is to reduce the population of the planet by 90% .  They appear to working over time to implement Agenda 21 as soon as possible, but it appears that they are behind schedule. Two of their key wealthy NWO members passed away recently from old age.   In other words, it’s a means to an end to take over and control the world and all natural resources in underdeveloped nations; but with fewer people.  God owns the rain water, oil, gold, silver, minerals, and the planet, so shame on them.  However in order for these wealthy sociopathic persons to succeed, they must create “Collectivism” by migrating millions of Muslims and Illegals into the USA, so eventually no one escapes death or enslavement or indefinite detention it does  appears. So, when and if  they pull the plug, if they succeed, even more people will die because they’ve collected them by migration under the guise of “refugees” into Europe and America and along the borders of Mexico and Canada, so it is possible multi-millions or billions could  die while Congress and the White House and elite escape into underground facilities.  This would be the most horrendous worldwide genocide that Hitler and Stalin and Pot Pol and the rest of the tyrants could have ever imagined.

2. Obamacare is part of the Depopulation Program which Obama, Hillary, Biden, Feinstein, Kerry, and the CFR and the complicit Democrats and Rinos approved of the “Global Poverty Act” without public knowledge or public scrutiny.  It is a plan (Obamacare) that focuses on death panels as part of the depopulation program for the elderly, Chronically Ill,  mentally or physically challenged, veterans, homeless, the poor, and future Natural- Born U.S. Citizens and those who are poor such as in Africa and the rest of the Third World Nations.  Americans are forced to taxpayer fund depopulation programs by using the minority of  Transgenders inside the USA and blowing it up as discrimination which is a depopulation program.  Same-Sex Marriage was used to destroy Traditional Marriage because it is a depopulation program.  Mandated Taxpayer Funded Abortions is a depopulation program.  The Transgender program is a depopulation program.  They have it covered.

Obama aka Barry Shabazz aka Barry Soetoro created the Iraq vacuum and left the vacuum for ISIS in Iraq to get a head start it appears on the torture and genocide and destruction they caused and continue to cause in the Middle East.  Obama’s pre-planned foreign invasion which he secretly signed as an E.O. about 1/27/2009, right after sitting down in the oval office and secretly plotted to flood the USA with a majority of radicals with the blessings of Hillary, Kerry,  and the Democrats and Rinos.  They diverted America’s tax dollars without their knowledge to fund the State Department who funds the Refugee agencies and reported to be  promised financial incentives for every Muslim they migrate into the USA.  This is true according to whistle blowers who work for the Refugee agency who validate that very  little vetting is done to check for diseases or radicalism as the were flown into the USA and scattered around the country.  The majority are not “Refugees” or “Christian Refugees,” but passionate about Sharia and their cause.  It is true, money talks!  It can even purchase a nation, the only problem with this “Coup” is that they are using America’s tax dollars illegally, unlawfully, and unconstitutionally to migrate foreign enemies into the USA who state they are here to impose foreign laws and replace the Constitution on their news and ours.

The State Department secretly lifted the quotas so they could bring in as many as possible into the USA for those financial incentives promised by Obama and Hillary.  This is the NWO and U.N.’s move to flood radicals into the USA so they can impose tyrannical laws it appears and shut the Americans up once and for all about Freedom, Rights, and Liberties.  They are achieving their goal of  Collectivism and the change and transformation of America Obama promised in his Cairo speech.  Obama surprised Americans, who should have gotten their first clue, but they did not, when  he spoke perfectly in Arabic to the Muslims, and promised to  provide them with two states which I assumed at the time that he meant – Europe and America.  I believe I am correct.  He and Hillary and their appointees and the Democrats appear to be using America’s trillions to help themselves and their offices for their personal financial and political agendas. Americans have been paying for their own demise and continue to do so.  This is the “Redistribution of wealth.”

The majority of foreigners from the Middle East and Somalia entering into the USA and flown in on taxpayer’s time and dime at night by Obama’s orders and scattered around the USA on taxpayer-funded DHS buses for 8 years, has created a crisis in the USA since most are not “Refugees” or “Christian Refugees” as   required in his Executive Order which should make his E.O. null and void on its face just like Obamacare.  How can unread laws be legal?

Remember,  Refugees are in fear and fleeing their country from tyranny and tyrannical laws and they are seeking refuge in a free safe nation so they can assimilate.  The truth is that Obama and Hillary and the Democrats have migrated non-Refugees and non-Christian Refugees into the USA who aren’t here to assimilate as stated from their own lips, but they are online stating that they are coming to annihilate and commit Jihad and impose Sharia Law on U.S. soil.  And, they’ve threatened President Trump and the GOP and his supporters. They say, they will “take him out,” but who are they so bold to make that public on social media without fear of being arrested?  

According to U.S. Constitutional Law, threatening a “Coup” or threatening a U.S. President or Public Servants and their supporters is a federal crime. The Constitution clearly establishes that punishment for Treason and Traitors is “death.”  It is the same in all countries.  It also establishes the punishment for Sedition and Insurrection. It appears that in order for radicals, who are foreign enemies, to avoid being deported for committing Treason or U.S. crimes against Americans, they scream out “Racism” and “discrimination” and attempt to impose “Hate Crimes and Blasphemy” Laws to silence Europeans, Americans, and Canadians.  They are proposing a Blasphemy Law co-sponsored by RINO Marco Rubio who authored with with an alleged Muslim organization with ties to al-Qaeda according to online reports which means they intend to silence Americans and deny Americans the Right to exercise their constitutional right of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion or else be punished with accusations of Blasphemy and jail time.  This law would be the end of America.  This is already occurring in some European countries and Canada.  Natural Born Americans, who helped build this country and generations who died for this country and elected Reps like Obama, Hillary, Kerry, Brennan, Feinstein, Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Rubio, McCain and more are the cause and not the solution to restoring the U.S. Constitution, God, Sovereignty, Freedom, Liberty, Rights, and maintaining our Christian Foundation.  Shame on them – This is truly a them against us society and it appears that the majority of Congressional members, since the age of the Clinton’s and Obama’s, are not one of us, but one o f them.

In fact, Wars are created for reasons.  Wars cause depopulation of healthy young men and now even healthy young women.  Wars cause the death or injury of these healthy young  Americans who may end up injured for life and unable to fight back against foreign enemies.  They are sending our young healthy men onto  dangerous    foreign soil, while they are migrating the  young healthy males and women from the Middle East, who should fighting their own battles, into the USA,  who are not Refugees, but appear to be radicalized.  Obama without constitutinal authority sent Military and the National Guard to fight “EBOLA?” Why did he do that and how is it Congress allowed him to uncontsitutionally send the National Guard onto foreign soil for any reason?

Furthermore, these long-time stated and written strategic goals of the NWO, U.N.,  Muslim Brotherhood, CFR and more, i.e.,…..Global Poverty Act, Outsourcing which was really in my opinion, “espionage” have been destroying America’s economic status and reducing quality products and destroying supply and demand of products made in the USA.  Also, TPP, NAFTA, Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, Mandated vaccinations, Microchips, Radiation aka Rapiscam at airports, GMO’s, Chemtrails, HAARP, guillotines,  Fema Trains and Fema Camps, and so forth…. Very ingenious to take down and conquer Western Civilization and enjoy the fruits of our labors and those of past generations as well as the bloodshed and tears shed to build up Western Civilization.  

Ironically, they haven’t used one bomb to-date.  Why should they if they have cooperation from what appears to be the majority of leaders in America, Europe, and Canada and Mexico?  The only non-cooperative nations are Communist leaning such as China, Japan, Russia, and the Middle East who don’t comply with these same agendas.  Interesting to say the least, since all are considered foreign enemy nations, but are on our soil and along our coasts.

Therefore, who should the Americans, Europeans, and Canadians and South Americans blame?  Should we blame Them, the foreign invaders invited in by our taxpayer-funded leaders or the Leaders?  On the other hand, Obama never served in the U.S. Military and appeared to have much disdain for U.S. Fallen Soldiers and for the U.S. Military and Veterans. And, he was Commander-in-Chief.  He didn’t have respect for our law enforcers, either and allowed a Stand Down during his terms while he allowed cities to burn and criminals to riot paid by George Soros and allowed them to throw rocks at the police and injure police, citizens, and destroy property and cars.  But, if you defend collecting rain water in America in many cities, you can be arrested.  If you feed hungry Americans, you could possibly be arrested, but Americans are enslaved under Obamacare to feed, clothe, provide health care, air flights, and buses, and Social Security to a majority of radicals who state they will not assimilate or follow U.S. Law.

Former President Bill Clinton, the skirt-chasing, flag burning, draft dodger, who is also an impeached president and disbarred lawyer, remains popular with Democrats and liberals despite his failings and alleged rapes and visits to Orgy Island. Clinton is alleged in the news to state that  he would never fight for this country and he didn’t.  He fled to Oxford and alleged to lie to a Colonel that he was returning to the USA to sign up, but fled to Communist Russia.  Bill and Hillary embraced Saul Alinsky, Communist China, Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood, a depopulation program, and Robert Byrd, Founder of the KKK, yet, they ran on a platform that they were concerned about Black Americans!  There are more abortion clinics in Black Communities than any communities in the USA.

4.  Obamacare included Mandated Microchips to track Americans and mandated chemical-laden vaccinations, which can cause adverse health affects.  Many Americans heard during the news reports as confirmation, that some Big Pharma manufacturers put out fake long and short-term studies by using studies by using specific groups of people that only favor their studies.  We now know for a fact that chemical laden vaccines have caused adverse health Affects because certain chemicals  have been linked to according to many researches to such problems as paralysis, autism, chronic illness, or other illness.  For example, many of our healthy young men became chronically ill and died after vaccinated during the war and contracted the  Gulf War Syndrome.  Autism is off the charts and cancer is still increasing as well as Alzheimers.  Thousands of victims of vaccinations have complained and filed lawsuits after they were vaccinated with Gardisal or  Lupron or the Swine Flu Vaccine.   Obama attempted to force every American to comply when he called out a Pandemic in 2009, but Americans resisted.  Americans and the world’s citizens are now facing death  by eating 
contaminated plants, vegetables, fruits, soil, water, fluridated products and water, and  breathing in the polluted air from our skies sprayed with chemtrails, while  our oceans are churning methane poison from oil spills, as well as radiation from Fukushima.

6. Death Panels that Ration and Deny Health Care to Americans is a depopulation program because Obamacare includes rationing and denying medications and health care services to Americans only, not to illegals, Muslims, or themselves as Obama and the Democrats made  health care non-affordable and medications can cost as much as $1,000 per pill.  These are death panels and depopulation programs.  

7. Non-affordable Obamacare is a depopulation program and punishes Americans even up to a $2,000 fine if they can’t afford to sign up.  Obama lied to Americans and he stated that Americans would save $2,500 per year, but it is costing them $2,500 more per year. (A friend of mine was crying because her daughter couldn’t afford to sign up for Obamacare and the government sent her a fine in the amount of $2,000 recently).

8.  Obamacare includes Taqiiya allowing Muslims to lie to achieve their goals under foreign Sharia law.  Obamacare includes guillotines? Why does Health care include guillotine?  Is it to harvest organs?

9. Obamacare enslaves Americans to pick up the tab for the housing, food stamps, welfare, and Obamacare for themselves and their families as well as for the non-paying  millions of illegals and Muslims who aren’t a majority of “Refugees” or “Christian Refugees” that Obama and Hillary and Congress have and are migrating into the USA.  Obamacare imposes Sharia law by enslaving Americans to pick up the tab for all the Muslims they’ve migrated into the USA.

It appears that either Congress sold out long ago or they are under threat of the Muslim Brotherhood and NWO and CFR and others who may wish to hide from the public.  Americans are tired of Obama and Hillary’s agendas of allowing radicals under the guise of “refugees” to enter our country through the back door and bypass the searches and naked x-rays imposed on Americans only at the airports by flying the foreigners into the USA secretly at night or allowing them to cross into the USA illegally while Border Patrol and ICE were told to stand down.   

Consequently, Obama and Hillary and the Democrats held the illegals and Democrats above the Obamacare Laws which is unconstitutional as all laws must be equitable and non-discriminatory, fair and just and economically sound.  Obamacare meets none of those standards, but how could the Democrats know since they stated they never read Obamacare.  The legal and illegal foreigners and foreign radicalized migrants migrated into the  USA will not have to sign up or pay up for Obamacare, because Americans are required under Obamacare to pay for all their living expenses and Obamacare. 

Obamacare forces Americans to pay up for consumer products and consumer services against their will which should be a “choice” under constitutional law.  Americans are being forced to buy from the federal government even if it is against their will and they may or may not want or need the consumer products or services .  The federal government hasn’t provided a Consumer Brochure and there isn’t any  guarantee that the American consumers forced to purchase their products and services  will get anything in exchange for their forced payments purchased with their earnings after taxes.  This is double taxation.  Obamacare establishes a panel of appointees  to determine who lives and who dies.  Obamacare is operated like thugs who place a gun to the heads of the victims and say, “Pay up or else,” only in this case, the imaginary gun is being placed to every American’s head by Congress and Obama and Hillary and the secret societies and the United Nations.  This borders on extortion. “Sign up, Pay up, even if it’s non-affordable, or else!”

Should we not ask why Congress is forcing Americans who pay their wages and elected them how is it that they are forcing Americans against their will and against economic soundness to pay up for millions of radicals who refuse to assimilate or become Americans, but replace the Constitution that they swore to uphold and defend with Sharia Law?  Should we not ask them why they allowed the foreign invasion, as this is not illegal immigration, but an invited foreign invasion by U.S. leaders who are favoring the foreign invaders and punishing Americans?  

Should we not ask all public servants why they are allowing foreigners to infiltrate into public office who refuse to pledge their allegiance to the USA with their hand on the bible vs. placing their hand on a foreign book of ideologies bonded to a foreign religion who worships a pedophile and pledges their allegiance to those foreign ideologies and nations?

Should we not ask why Congress is allowing foreign invader who are not “Refugees” or “Christian Refugees” seeking to assimilate and uphold U.S. laws to take over U.S. cities and fund sanctuary cities with our tax dollars while making Americans poor and telling us they are going to crash our economy instead of funding jobs and creating jobs for Americans or repairing infrastructure with the trillions they’ve recklessly spend to fund Muslim Brotherhood agendas and leaders?

Should Americans not ask their Congressional members why they are assisting and aiding radicals which according to the U.S. Constitution is a  foreign invasion and an “act of war” against America and Americans?  Should we not ask why radicals were allowed to work in the U.S. White House and hack into our government document, and allowed to bail out and attempt to flee the country with a suitcase of money according to the news? Should we not ask our Congress why they are funding the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR as charitable organization when their written and stated strategic goals is to wipe out Western Civilization?

THIS  APPEARS TO BE  A COUP and an “Act of War” about to be declared on the USA as the foreign enemies from within and without appear to be at battle with the natural-born Patriotic and law-abiding Americans, Christians, Jews, Patriots, Pro-Constitution, pro-U.S. Law Enforcement, pro-Military, and Pro-Life. 

Furthermore, the past and current Congressional members including Hillary and Obama and their secret army as reported in worldwide news  are holding themselves above the law and exempting themselves from Constitutional Law as there is NO Provision that allows them to become law breakers by holding themselves above the law or exempting themselves from Constitution Law or violate their Sworn Oaths in favor of foreign invaders who are obviously not foreign “Refugees” as established in Obama’s Executive Order so it appears, they are not only violating their oath when it comes to Obamacare, but also Obama’s Executive Order that establishes the migration of “Refugees” or “Christian Refugees” only.

 In other words, America’s future generations are having their inheritance stolen from them and recklessly used to aid and abet foreign enemies who are not “Christian Refugees” or even “Refugees” but a majority of radicals who appear to be plotting a Coup.  They have recklessly spent the savings and inheritance preserved for future generations of natural born Americans saved for 240 years by loyal Americans who died for this country and paid taxes to make America Great.  Obama and Hillary and the past and current Congress allowed the foreign invasion and lifted the quotas for Muslims through the State Department and are alleged to be paying financial incentives to the Refugee agencies to migrate as many Muslims as possible into the USA – follow the money – before the money runs out in September and Congress has been complicit from 2009-2017. 

10.  Obamacare holds Congressional members and Senators above the law as well as Presidents and V.P.’s, Justices, and Federal Judges.  Bundlers, Donors, SEIU Union, and millions of MUSLIMS and ILLEGALS above the law and exempts them from signing up, paying up, or being punished.  Obamacare is an umbrella of death panels and punishments, taxes and a substantial fine.  Obamacare does appear to disfavor Americans and favors  foreign enemies and illegals.  Obamacare is 2700 pages of unconstitutional laws and requirements, fines that aren’t fines, taxes that aren’t taxes, unjust and unfair punishments with possible jail time, and it includes foreign Sharia law and death by guillotine, mandated vaccinations, mandated microchips, and Taqiiya which means the foreigners can lie to achieve their goal to dominate America.  Ironically, Obamacare was established on a pack of lies by liars who are still lying to achieve their goal.  

In conclusion, it appears they are intent including at least 9 members of the GOP in Congress whose goal it is to thwart the efforts President Trump, in particular, Senator McCain, who just returned to Congress and voted against President Trump and the  will of the majority of Americans.  Apparently, they intend to  punish President Trump and the “Deplorables” which is the word used by Hillary Clinton when she stated she would throw Trump Supporters into “camps.” These turn coats who never read the 2700 pages of Obama’s and Hillarycare morphed into Obamacare’s  2700 pages of unconstitutional and illegal and unlawful pages of  discriminatory laws,mandates, requirements, punishments, taxes, fines, and penalties, and possibly jail time for Americans only, or death by death panels, since it includes death by  “guillotine” as well as “rationing and denying” health care as they choose.  Human Beings reduced to “Human Commodities” for their disposal, taxation, votes, and profits.   Since Congress rubber stamped 2700 pages of unread pages “approved” without performing their fiduciary duty to their constituents and all Americans as well as unborn future Americans to make sure that every line was in accordance with the Constitution and in accordance with the will of the majority of Americans, Obamacare should be stamped VOID on its face, especially since Obama is alleged not eligible to be a U.S. President but a usurper.  The information related to his in eligibility is based on the evidence presented by law enforcers, forensic experts, lawyers, his grandma and half-brother and the Kenyan Parliament as they state and produced a Certified Kenyan Birth Certificate.  One lawmaker believes he was born in New York as Barry Shabazz, nonetheless, it is a crime to produce a fake Passport, Birth Certificate, Law License, or Social Security Card and you can’t access a U.S. Passport, Law License, Social Security Card, without repatriating one’s self as an Indonesian National upon entering back into the USA about 1982. 

How is it legal for Congress past and current to sign off on an unconstitutional Death Warrant for millions of Americans which appears to be cruel and unusual punishment to say the least or approve and enforce unread laws, especially by a man who wasn’t properly vetted for the oval office?    I’ll let you answer that question,” comments Colombo.

[Disclaimer:  Nothing said on Rose4Justice Blogs N Radio Shows or “Colombo Chronicles” is intended to be legal, medical, financial or political advice, but a dissemination of information for educational and entertainment purposes only.  Always seek out your own advisers and informed decisions]


Listen Taped Live: Colombo Chronicles! Rose Colombo Speaks Out on “Female Genital Mutilation” Tripled in the USA Despite Laws Prohibiting the Barbaric Practice on Female Children

It is reported that there have been 500,000 Female Genital Mutilations disclosed or discovered in the USA.

The words, “Female Genital Mutilation” is an old Third World Practice and tradition in many Third World Nations such as the Middle East, China, and Africa.  This was rarely heard of until most recently in the USA.  In the 1990’s, Colombo produced a show on Salem Communications am-Fm radio stations exposing this painful cutting of female children that can cause death, sterility, painful intercourse, bleeding, depression, shock, and more.  It has no positive benefit or health care benefit and is generally done by non-doctors.  Since Obama and Hillary Clinton  approved a secret pre-planned Executive Order which Obama signed as soon as he entered the oval office on or about 1/27/2009 that ordered the migration of  millions of Muslims into the USA from Palestine, whose citizens are linked or members of terrorist groups, such as Hamas, as reported by Israel and credible news sources for generations.  Later on, after Obama left the Iraq vacuum that caused ISIS to form their terrorist organization, Hamas is reported to have  joined up with ISIS.  The Obama E.O. has and is migrating millions of Radicals and Terrorists into the USA under the guise of “Christian Refugees” or “Refugees” who are not Refugees as defined by law which is a fraud on Americans.  They are not escaping the tyrannical Sharia law to live in a free nation under U.S. law where they would be protected from converting or refusing to comply with Sharia.  Instead, America is experiencing radicalized young healthy men and some women, who state they are not here to assimilate on worldwide news and video, but overpopulate and dominate.  Thus, they brought with them, “Female  Genital Mutilation” which now has TRIPLED in the last few years on U.S. soil after Obama took office despite the fact it is illegal and prohibited in the USA.  Most recently two radicalized doctors who migrated into the USA from the Middle East were arrested for performing “Female Genital Mutilation” on two 7-year old girls in the USA.

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Rose Colombo, award-winning author on legal abuse and injustices, seen on TV and Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, and published in “Who’s Who in the World,, America, and of American Women….received a myriad of awards from media….and coined the phrase in 1989, “Wake Up, America!  Is the American Dream on the verge of the American Nightmare?” repeated on her am-FM and online radio shows for two decades….yet, millions of citizens are still asleep.  (c) 2017

Germany hit worldwide news that they are experiencing a substantial increase of Hepatitis C and communicable infectious diseases linked to the migration of 2,000,000 radicals allowed to enter into their country who are taking over their cities as no-go zones which is happening in the USA, Europe, Mexico, and Canada.

The USA is silent on the increase of Tuberculosis and Measles and possibly Hepatitis C and Americans must do a good deal of research because the government and the Main Stream Media isn’t talking about this serious issue that could lead to the pre-planned Presidential Order of turning America into a Police State under a Pandemic and calling out Martial Law which was a secret Presidential Order under the Clinton-Bush-Obama dynasties.  If you recall, Loretta Lynch and Biden were calling for U.N. Troops to patrol the streets in the USA.  What does she and Biden know and why would they do that?

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Is this invasion a part of a myriad of Jihads against Western Civilization such as Jihad by Pandemic used to take over the USA, Europe, and Canada?  Tricking Americans into believing they are migrating Refugees into the USA escaping Sharia Law, but infact, are migrating a majority of non-Refugees.  It appears they are migrating a majority of healthy young radicalized males and some females into the USA which raises the question if they are intentionally hoping to reduce the population of Europeans, Americans, and Canadians which would also be a Jihad by Race and a Jihad by Religion.  It appears that Chancellor Angela Merkel joined up with Obama and the NWO and appears to have sold out her German Citizens to the Muslim Brotherhood in line with  Obama and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, McCain and all the rest of the DNC-RINO’s.  It appears they are either loyal to their “Party” as well as Obama and the Clinton’s, which includes George Soros – Kissinger, Socialist Party, CFR – NWO – U.N. and perhaps, the kGB is behind the curtain as well in this long-time agenda.  

Furthermore, the Muslim Brotherhood, NWO, and U.N. are not friends of  Christians, Jews, Europe, America, and Israeli Citizens.  In fact, the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood, Communist, and New World Order is the same.  They intend to dominate the world and reduce the population by these long-time  pre-planned set of events by Jihad.  In America, Obama and his loyal supporters in the Congress and Senate destroyed the greatest health care system in the world.  They’ve made health care and Rx drugs non-affordable for most Americans and to resolve the problem, they decided to exempt themselves and implement Death Panels for Americans, pulling the plug on patients, starving patients to death, and denying and rationing health care services and medications, but not for them.

 And, to further reduce the population of Americans, they unconstitutionally and immorally forced Americans to pay to kill future natural born Americans by abortion citizens against their will and God’s will and morality and human rights as well as the constitutional right-to-live.  To-date, Americans have been forced to kill more than 70,000,000 natural born Citizens who would be living today as the youth probably about 40 and young to preserve and fight back for this nation, instead we’re being invaded with excessive numbers of healthy radicals who say, it’s their duty to kill all infidels.  They appear to have truly turned their backs on God and the American people including themselves, their families, and all who they represent.  Apparently, they enjoy  thriving on the dark side of life in many cases as they exempt themselves from the same laws they mandate for the rest of Americans and many are unlawful, illegal, and unconstitutional.  A Presidential Directive supports the NWO’s intent to reduce the population.  They intend to use the taxpayer funded public schools and in some schools, they are ordering transgender indoctrination as early as  Kindergarten as wekk as  same-sex agendas along with wars and non-affordable health care, chemtrails, and chemical-laden vaccines, chemical-laden food, and water.  The NWO is well on their way to creating hell on earth it does appear to reach their evil goals and transform American into a hell on earth. 

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Listen Worlwide OnLine Radio: Colombo Chronicles Live! Rose Colombo Reveals the Effects of the 4th Amendment Re: Trump and Selective Prosecution and Selective Non-Prosecution by the DOJ re: Clinton’s, Clinton Foundation, Obama, Holder, Lynch, Comey, Lerner, Soros, and more….

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Selective Prosecution and what Rose Colombo coined as “Selective Persecution” are important issues for America’s survival. The  Obama-Clinton and Democratic-RINO regimes have created a two-tier justice system.  In my award-winning book, Fight Back Legal Abuse, I point out that we have a three-tier justice system, pub. in October of 2010, but the corrupted government reduced the three-tier justice to a two-tier justice system by 2016.  The Democratic Obama-Hillary regime created a “Them against US” society.  They hold themselves above the law and exempt themselves from the laws including the mounting dead bodies reported to have committed suicide (such as shooting one’s self in the back twice) or died under “suspicious and mysterious circumstances” never to be resolved, but forgotten over the past 40 years.  The Democratic-Rino party, which McCain finally admitted that he’s one of them and is joining their side of the aisle, hold themselves above the laws and exempt themselves from the laws which is in violation of constitutional law and their sworn oaths to uphold the law.  All laws must be followed by all citizens, especially public servants!  No one can hold themselves above the law, especially lawmakers, or we know corruption is in play.  Lawmakers who hold themselves above the law are law breakers and need to go to jail.  Years ago, I coined the term, “Political Nepotism.”  It appears that “Political Nepotism” is at the core of this corrupted problem with the Democrats and Rinos who self-protect each other.  They appoint long-time friends, associates, co-workers, relatives, and college buds who have been appointing each other into positions of power for decades.   Many have been working within the Chicago Machine and the DNC for decades.  They are career political hacks.  They have made temporary elected and appointed positions their life time careers living off the taxpayers for 20-40 years and then they force Americans to pay for their retirements until they die even though they some how end up wealthy on taxpayer funded wages.

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Listen Worldwide Online Radio: Colombo Chronicles Live: Rose Colombo welcomes Guest, Lloyd Wright, Expert and Author of Hepatitis C and Adverse Side Affects of Specific Rx Drugs that destroy lives or cause Death to Americans and Germans for-profit or Render More Americans Helpless to Fight Back Against Corruption?

Rose Colombo, the businesswoman turned into a Pioneer and Mover and Shaker leading a grassroots movement in the 90’s and early 2000’s against corruption known as “Women Fight Back.” Colombo is an award-winning poet and author, seen on local and major TV and interviewed on major radio stations, as well as producer or cable TV shows exposing corruption as seen on Cox Communications and Time-Warner; and more….Rose says, “Fear is your worst enemy, so stand up and fight back for your country.”

Listen Up and Tune into worldwide online radio taped Live, “Colombo Chronicles!” at the Blog Talk Radio Network.  On July 19, 2017, Wednesday in the good old USA, Rose interviewed the well-respected expert and author,  Lloyd Wright, who shares his first-hand experiences and true horror story of how through medical negligence, he contracted Hepatitis C that made his life a living hell on earth.  But, he didn’t give up, he set out to be a champion for the American people through research, interviewing victims and writing books providing self-help information and research.  Mr. Wright explains the dangers of many  Rx drugs that can harm one’s body and mind more than help.  Hepatitis C is rising in Germany and the USA.  In Germany, its being linked to Obama and Hillary Clinton’s invasion of  the 2,000,000 Muslim radicals who overrun their country.  We know for a fact that most are Muslim Radicals, not Christian Refugees or Refugees.  The Radicals from the Middle East and Somalia are turning Western Civilization into Third World Nations.  It appears that these NWO and UN supporters would like the majority of healthy citizens in Western Civilization to become equally sick and unemployed and living in unsafe streets where women are raped and kids are sexually abused as they invade our cities as no-go zones which is illegal. The NWO supporters and Secret Societies which include many of the world leaders joined the dark side who appear to be anti-Christians and anti-God and anti-Western Civilization.  The NOW including Soros, the orchestra leaders, appears to have assisted in the pre-planned Radical Muslim invasion so that  Europeans and Americans, Canadians, and South Americans will be vulnerable to contagious diseases and crimes and a take over city by city. The contagious diseases such as Hepatitis C is spreading in Germany and possibly America with MSM remaining silent, until it catches up with them or their loved ones, I suppose. But, it will be too late. The NWO and UN linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Communist Nations  are working over time it appears for the spread of contagious disease to spread so they can call out their “pandemic” and “civil unrest” and “martial law” and take control of  Western Civilization which is a Coup of Europe and America and Canada and Mexico.  In other words, they should be held accountable for this FRAUD and HOAX on Americans and Europeans as they are not importing Refugees.  They are importing contagious disease such as Hepatitis C and radicals and terrorists.   Now, we’re facing the outbreak of Hepatitis C in Germany and possibly the USA!  Mr. Wright reveals  the dangers of specific Rx drugs which can cost $1,000 per pill.  How many citizens in Western Civilization will die with  non-affordable health care which is all part of their plan?  Rose says, listen up, “Knowledge is Power!” 

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Biggest Doctor Medical Scam Occurred in Michigan Arresting Muslim Migrants and Their Doctors/ Largest Bust in U.S. History Illegally Selling Rx Drugs on the Streets of the USA…..2017

Rose Colombo (C) 7-17-2017

The FBI has been raiding homes of alleged radical Muslims who migrated into the USA and are involved in Medicare Scams, and Food Stamp Scams. The news names Muslim immigrants who are Doctors accused of selling illegal Opioids to the Muslims and possibly to American kids in Deerborn, Michigan.  Drug sales of Opioids and pain-killers are big profits.  According to the Detroit Free Press, there is an  increasing number of over-doses in Deerborn, Michigan, and within the USA surpassing cocaine and heroin combined. People are dying from the illegal sale of Rx opioids in the USA or the synthetic opioids.

Since Obama took office in 2009, Michigan has been infiltrated with tens of thousands of radicals from Somalia who many state on camera that they aren’t here to assimilate as Americans. Many Americans who grew up in Deerborn state they don’t recognize their city any longer that was once a safe community from crime and drugs. Consequently, Obama and Hillary Clinton, and the Democrats running the Congress, Senate and oval office were complicit with the pre-planned migration of millions of Muslims secretly migrated into the USA by flying them in at night.

Obama and the Democrats shoved Obamacare down the throats of Americans which secretly mandated Americans be enslaved to the foreigners from the foreign enemy nations in the Middle East and taxpayer fund all of their living expenses and health care under the guise of being “Christian Refugees” fleeing from persecution even before there were Christian Refugees inside of the Middle East which is prohibited and a mandated death sentence.

The migration of tens of thousands of Somalians and Palestinians (numbers unknown) apparently were secretly flown into the USA so they could bypass TSA, Border Patrol, and ICE inspections. The whistleblowers for the U.S. Refugee agencies which Obama and Hillary set up and taxpayer funded without public disclosure were offered incentives to migrate as many Muslims into the USA for 8 years as possible before the funding ran out.

After being flown into the USA late at night, the foreigners from foreign enemy nations were placed on taxpayer funded DHS buses and scattered around the nation for 8 years. The majority of foreigners from the MIddle East that Obama and Hillary migrated into the USA either by plane or by tying the hands of Border Patrol and ICE so that they couldn’t deport them or inspect them as required by law at legal Ports of entry were placed on DHS taxpayer funded buses and dropped off in U.S. cities to the surprise of the natural-born and legal naturalized American taxpayers where they’ve been allowed by the Democrats to set up no-go zones or “Muslim enclaves” and their own police forces in the state of Michigan and NYC.

In 2017, major and local news outlets reported that the number of deaths by legal or illegal pain-killers, Opioids, perhaps, even excessive legal numbers of pain-killers prescribed to patients or residents has substantially increased between 2009 and 2012 due to accidental overdoses.  The statistics quoted are that 60% of the overdoses are ingested by men and 40% are ingested by women.  In 2014, Rx drug abuse accounted for nearly 22,000 deaths due to drug overdose nationwide (half of all drug overdoses). Of these, 16,000 overdoses, the cause was related to pain killers that killed people and 7,000 involved tranquilizers that tranquilized them to death.  The U.S. constitutes less than 5% of the world population, but Americans consume 80% of the world’s supply of pain-killers.  (Rose says, “And, overdosing or becoming addicted to pain-killers can truly become pain “killers!”)

The latest report is that 144 Muslims migrated into the USA and two doctors were raided and arrested by the Feds recently in 2017 for selling illegal Opioids, pain killers, for big profits.  According to the video below, they have set up Deerborn as the Muslim Capital of the USA. Many radicals refuse to comply with U.S. Laws or assimilate and we see foreigners burning the U.S. Flag and holding up foreign flags. We’ve witnessed radicals cheering on U.S. public sidewalks, “Death to America.” Drugs are a major cause of “Death to America.” The fact that the Democrats and the DOJ have allowed the radicals migrated into the USA to set up no-go zones means that if the DOJ is honoring their no-go zones then they aren’t honoring U.S. Laws and performing their duties to inspect reas or buildings that could be stockpiling illegal drugs and weapons!

All foreign immigrants can be deported whether they are legal or illegal for committing sedition, insurrection, Treason, and Traitors and refuse to uphold Constitutional Laws and assimilate as required by the U.S,. Constitution.  The U.S. Constitution clearly states that an invasion by foreign enemies who are clearly anti-American and anti-Constitution and anti-Christian is a foreign invasion defined as an “act of war” against America and Americans.  They can be deported as they are not natural-born Americans and if proven to be foreign enemies or refuse to assimilate and follow U.S. Laws, the DOJ has the authority to deport them.

Check out this video:

It appears that Obama and Hillary, Kerry,  the Democrats, and RINOS, in public office are responsible for migrating radicals and terrorist into the USA and allowing them to enforce foreign law on U.S. soil and overrun U.S. cities.  They created the migration and the current problems in the USA.   It is the Democratic Party and RINOS, who allowed non-vetted public servants and non-vetted foreign enemies to enter into the USA without proper vetting for radicalism and terrorism, whose intent it is from their own lips, to change and transform our land into their land – in other words –  steal our precious land. The U.S. Constitution instructs legal loyal Americans to defend their country.   Again, the foreign enemies, not legal immigrants who assimilate,  are overrunning cities and refusing access to U.S. Law Enforcers, and the FBI.  How is that okay with the U.S. Government, U.S. Military, and National Guard, who are paid with U.S. tax dollars and swore to uphold and protect and preserve and defend the U.S. Constitution, and defeat this act of war against America? – Radio Topic:  Majority of Foreign Refugees Are Not Foreign Refugees…..

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Listen Taped live/Colombo Chronicles Live/ #17/ Jihad by Civil Unrest / Enemies from Within and Without/ Online Worldwide Radio at Blog Talk Radio Network

Do you think that Jihad only refers to killing all infidels?  It does and it does not.  The definition of Jihad is “defined by the Arabic modern day dictionary as follows:  “used for Struggle.”  Used “for Causes both Religious and Secular. Defined in Arabic as “Fight, Battle, Jihad and Holy War.”  It is definitely a struggle to impose Sharia Law on the world through fighting, doing battle, committing Jihad (beheading; rape; torture; and more) and conquering by infiltration, invasion, overpopulation and domination. The passionate radicalized Muslims are at battle against the world who refuse to comply. This is why radicals are prohibited from becoming citizens. The Muslim Brotherhood’s stated and written strategic goal is to conquer Western Civilization.  They can’t succeed in modern times without assistance from government persons within the free Western Civilized nations. The radicals can only succeed by slipping into office a non-vetted man whose background reflects his love and passion lies with the 57 Muslim Brotherhood Nations who infiltrate and recruits from within the governments.  He appoints those willing to sell out their country and his own people. Thus, it appears we have Jihad from within Western civilized governments being assisted by willing American, European, and Canadian leaders.

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Are Americans Being Duped By Obama’s Secret Pre-Planned Executive Order to Migrate Millions of Muslims from 57 Countries into the USA under the Guise of “Refugees” or “Christian Refugees,”/ Were Incentives Granted to the State Department For Each Foreigner’s Entry?

Rose Colombo (c) 7-12-2017

Rose says, “All foreign Refugees who assimilate and seek refuge from their foreign tyrannical laws, persecution by their foreign leaders, are welcome as legal Refugees, but what happens when there are millions of radicals and terrorists who are foreign enemies whose goal it is to conquer the USA admitted into the USA under the guise of “Refugees?”  WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF JIHAD?  

In Modern Standard Arabic, the term jihad is used for a struggle for causes, both religious and secular. The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic defines the term as “fight, battle; jihad, holy war (against the infidels, as a religious duty)”.

What is the definition of a Refugee:  1.  “a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster, for example, “tens of thousands of refugees fled their homes due to war, persecution or natural disaster.”

2.  “An individual seeking refuge or asylum; especially an individual who has left his or her native country and is unwilling or unable to return because of persecution or fear of persecution because of race, religion, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.”

How many millions of Muslims is the U.S. Statement Department admitting into the USA by secretly and intentionally  lifting the quota constraints for Muslims only?  They appear to be by-passing the admittance from other foreign nations such as Europe, South America, and Asia, whose citizens and refugees have been standing in line seeking  citizenship for years  The past and current Congressional members are ignoring or approving of the foreign enemy invasion, which is not legal immigration, since the majority of Muslims from 57 countries exceeds the quotas for Muslims under U.S. immigration and Refugee laws.  

The State Department and Refugee agencies admit they are not checking if the migrants are invaders or “Christian Refugees” upon entry or fake “Refugees” and fake “Christian Refugees.”  The reason that they are not checking it appears is simple.  Follow the money.  It’s alleged and reported that the State Department is receiving federal incentives for every Muslim they approve of  entry into the USA.  And, Obama and Hillary approved secretly to fund the Refugee Agency with about $200,000,000  US tax dollars to begin the program back in January of 2009.  In 2009, the Muslims weren’t fleeing their homes and countries, so this E.O. appears to have been a pre-plan to invade Western Civilization and fulfill the Muslim Brotherhood’s goal for world domination.  Now, why would a so-called American non-vetted President do that?

The majority of Muslims admitted into the USA for 8 plus years appear to be a majority of young healthy males, not Christian Refugee families fleeing ISIS, because back in 2009, ISIS didn’t exist and Christian Refugees weren’t fleeing their homes and countries.

The majority of Muslim males and young Muslim women entering the USA aren’t fleeing as real “Refugees” or “Christian Refugees” who fear persecution, race, religion, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion, but are entering into Europe and America to impose their foreign Sharia Law and establish their government on U.S. soil which requires deportation.  Many of the radicals who refuse to pledge allegiance to the US Constitution and assimilate hold speeches and state they they came to the USA to overthrow the President of the USA and White House, which is in line with the Muslim Brotherhood’s written and stated strategic goals.  Linda Sarsour, a Muslim immigrant made it clear that she is pushing Jihad against President Trump and his Cabinet and the White House most recently.  These worlds are a threat against all loyal natural-born and legal loyal naturalized Americans; thus, these radicalized immigrants are not “refugees,” but appear to be radicalized foreign enemies who were granted entry into the USA by the United States State Department while the White House and Congress look the other way.  In my opinion, admitting fake “Christian Refugees” into the USA  is a fraud on Americans and according to the U.S. Constitution, it is an “act of war” against America.

In 2009 – 2017, I  posted online that the non-vetting of a U.S. President and the invasion of foreign enemies under the guise of “Christian Refugees” into the USA is the “The Greatest Hoax Ever Played on America!’ I Believed it then and believe it now!

Illegal means Illegal, but not to the Democrats and RINOS who appear to be  selling out America to foreign nations.  What is their goal and what are they receiving in return for their protection of “illegals or radicals or terrorists or gang members?  Are these so-called Americans not violating their sworn oaths as lawmakers who are crossing the line as law breakers?  They state, “This Nation is a Nation of Immigrants.”  Yes, it’s a Nation of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS,” and that’s why it hasn’t been overthrown by foreign enemies, but under their Illegal Immigration agendas, it appears that America is at war with their own taxpayer funded elected representatives and the illegals flooding into the USA  in far too many cases.  They are forcing Americans to constitutionally fight back and save their Constitution, Sovereignty, God, and Freedom.

Muslims who migrate into the USA  with intent to impose and uphold Sharia Law in the USA, which are foreign ideological laws and religion bonded together , is Treason and they are traitors to the Constitution so they aren’t fleeing their Sharia Law, but they are here to replace the Constitution and steal our land and impose their will on Americans.  Anyone who refuses to place their hand on the Bible when accepting a position in public office, but places his hand on a foreign book of political ideologies and a foreign prophet are pledging their allegiance to those foreign nations and ideologies, not to the USA!

It is a fact, not an opinion, that any foreigners, including Muslims, or Communists, who are inside the USA to impose their ideologies upon Free Americans who own this soil and were born on this soil and are innate to this soil are a threat to our very existence.  These are not “Refugees,” but appear to be radicals, terrorists, and foreign enemies of the USA which means that Congress is responsible for any future attacks and past attacks on U.S. soil.  The radicals are faithful to the Muslim Brotherhood  or Communist nations and their international network which is their army , operating under their written and stated strategic goal is to infiltrate, (which they’ve done), invade (which they’re doing with the help of the State Department and complicit congressional members), overpopulate, which can happen through the State Department’s unconstrained quotas for the 57 Muslim nations only; and “Dominate” Europe, and the USA, which is an “act of war” according to the U.S. Constitution. In fact, many Americans believe that Obama and Hillary may have suspended or revoked the Constitution during their terms when even Congress was complicit and applauded when Obama stated that “We are no longer a Christian Nation,” and the “Constitution” and “Congress” are meaningless.  Sounds like a plan for a NWO leader to bee stepping up to the plate..

Foreigners including the 57 countries of Muslims can’t be “Refugees” if they aren’t fleeing from Muslim Nations who enforce Sharia Law and upon accessing U.S. soil refuse  to assimilate as Americans when entering into the USA as  alleged “Refugees” or “Christian Refugees,”which means they are enemies, not “Refugees.”  It’s a fact that the majority appear to support their leaders calling for Jihad against the POTUS and the White House.  These non-Refugees file excessive numbers of lawsuits  against the government, schools,  small and big business owners and the radicals  demand that the excessive number of lawsuits filed against Americans  comply with their laws or pay up big bucks  This is called Jihad by  Court or Jihad by Lawsuit.  This is the  Jihad against American business owners and Free Press.”   It is Jihad against the U.S. Government when a POTUS is threatened, period!  

There are many Jihads.  Jihad by Infiltration.  Jihad by Invasion.  Jihad by Overpopulation  Jihad by Domination.  Jihad by Wild Fires.  Jihad by Threat.  Jihad by Blackmail.  Jihad by Fear.  Jihad by explosives.  Jihad by planes, trains, cars, trucks.  Jihad by rape, incest, kidnapping, and pedophilia and more.  Under these foreign ideologies, the foreigners who are non-vetted as “Christian Converts” through the State Department are risking the lives of every American and failing in their fiduciary duty and allegiance to the USA.  The Congressional Members must be asked the following Questions:

  1.  Why is the State Department alleged to be receiving incentives from the federal government for every Muslim they approve entry into the USA?
  2.  Why is the State Department not halting the entry of Muslims into the USA from 57 countries who are one people under the same political and religious ideologies and making an exception of unconstrained quotas for Muslims only?
  3. Why is Obama’s Executive Order signed secretly on or about 1/27/2009 not Nullified which he signed in order to migrate millions of Muslims into the USA from Palestine linked to a terrorist group, Hamas, who joined up with ISIS a few years later, expanded to Syria and other Muslim nations?
  4. Obama’s Executive Order for migration of Muslims linked to Hamas into the USA should be illegal and unlawful since the REFUGEE LAWS state that only foreign citizen being persecuted by their government and their laws are REFUGEES, but the majority of young healthy men are demanding that Americans uphold Sharia Law and establish Sharia Law in their government, courts, and cities, which makes them foreign enemies, not “REFUGEES” or “CHRISTIAN REFUGEES.” 
  5. REFUGEES are fleeing from tyrannical laws, not fleeing into a free nation to impose tyrannical laws, but REFUGEES are fleeing to be free of  tyrannical laws such as Sharia Law, so why is Congress and Obama, Hillary and Kerry and the Democrats and Rinos allowing foreign enemies to infiltrate and invade the USA by forcing Americans to pick up the tab for their secret air flights, secret busing around the country, by-passing TSA’s naked x-rays and searches and pat downs; by-passing legal immigration, and living expenses which is causing a drain on the economy and entitlement programs intended for loyal and legal Americans?
  6. Is the White House and Congress forcing Americans to pay for the enemy’s Coup d’etat and the invasion and our own demise as well?
  7. Obama’s E.O. clearly states that the migration is under the guise of allowing “Christian Refugees” fleeing tyranny and persecution in the Middle East be granted entry, yet, the State Department admits they aren’t vetting for “Christian Refugees,” which means that they appear to be violating the E.O. of law signed by Obama on or about 1/27/2009 which clearly states that they are migrating “Christian Refugees” into the USA, but not so much it appears.
  8. Why is the Federal Government allowing radicals to stand on our streets, universities and infiltrate into organizations and hold rallies with public speakers such as Linda Sarsour who calls out for Jihad against the White House and President Trump without deporting the radicals who state they aren’t here to assimilate, but to commit Jihad and infiltrate our nation’s government, churches, schools, and convert Americans to their way of life, foreign laws, and dress codes, and religion which is prohibited in the USA by Constitutional Law which is the Supreme Law of the Land?
  9. Why is the White House, Congress, and State Governments allowing foreigners to wear masks on their face which makes them unidentifiable if they commit crimes?

In conclusion, it appear that the Congress and State Department is lifting the quotas which they exceeded for the 57 Muslim nations to migrate millions into the USA without proper vetting before entry and determine if they are radicals or terrorists versus real “REFUGEES” as defined by law who must be fleeing Sharia Law or real “Christian Refugees” seeking to assimilate in America and practice Christianity fleeing from Sharia law’s persecution.  Remember, that the Democrats and RINOS appear to be violating the law that defines “REFUGEES” as all refugees assimilate and kiss the ground that sets them free and “Refugees” never come of their free will to impose their tyrannical laws or commit jihad in a free nation.

Europeans were legal Refugees who escaped tyrannical laws and fled their country under horrendous circumstances.  Many died.  Many suffered to make the trip to the nation known as America, a Republic run by the “Rule of Law,” and 3 Branches of Government assuring “Checks and Balances.”  Remember, 56 Framers risked their lives to protect legal Americans from tyranny and a foreign invasion as they knew the time would come when evil foreign enemies would raise their ugly heads and attempt to overthrow the Constitution.  Also, under the E.O. of 1/2009, signed by Obama for the migration of millions of unidentified foreign enemies into the USA, with a complicit majority of Democratic congressional members, who ignore the law that defines “Refugees” and “legal immigration,” and “legal Citizenship,” which requires assimilation,  it appears that the foreign invasion could be an “act of war” from within and without. “

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Have you ever heard of “Jihad by Court?”  Well, there is “Jihad by Court.”  The word Jihad refers to a long-time well-calculated thought out strategic goal on using a myriad of dangerous Jihad Programs by the Muslim Brotherhood and their leaders.  The stated and written strategic goal is to wipe out Western Civilization and steal our nations.  They intend to enslave all Europeans, Jews, Christians, Catholics, Canadians, Hispanics, Black Africans, and Americans, in other words, the entire world.  They entire to steal our children and more.  They seek a one world religion and One World Leader who will undoubtedly seek to deny freedom, liberty, rights, sovereignty, and order that every person be  tracked and spied upon creating slaves under the One World Leader’s control.

As all tyrants, the One World Leader if not stopped will demand that each person bow down to him and worship him.  He is predicted to be worse than the dictators of the past such as Hitler, Stalin, Pot Pol and the leader of North Korea. So, what is Jihad and “Jihad by Court?”  We must understand what we’re dealing implemented for decades by the Muslim Brotherhood and their network of organizations connected throughout the Middle East and Western Civilization as charitable groups.

The State Department through the Refugee agency under Obama’s unconstitutional E.O. of 1/27/2009 migrates radicalized foreign enemies into the USA as most entering the USA for 8 years aren’t a majority of “Christian Refugees.  Is this a fraud on the American taxpayers, citizens, and voters?  Are Americans being forced to pay for their own demise through the foreign enemy invasion and Obamacare?  Why aren’t these E.O.’s along with the NDAA Law and Kill Law nullified immediately by Congress and the White House?

As I stated, the majority of unidentified foreigners by the tens of thousands migrated into the USA aren’t Christian Refugees, but most are radicalized young people without families who end up on no-go zones inside of training camps.  The news reported they are stockpiling weapons.  How is it the State Department isn’t vetting to statistically and economically assure that these are Christian Converted Refugees from Syria seeking safety?  Is the State Department receiving financial incentives for each Muslim Refugee, who aren’t Refugees, but getting free access into the USA?  Why would young healthy radicalized males who are loyal to Sharia Law be fleeing their foreign Sharia Law nations?

The Muslim Brotherhood and their offshoots are using “Jihad by Court” to silence Europeans and Americans and Canadians by filing lawsuits to silence the Free People of Free Nations.  It appears only China, Russia, and Japan get it.  Wake, Up, America, Europe, and Canada before it’s too late! Please remember that ALL foreign immigrants, LEGAL OR ILLEGAL, who threaten Americans or commit crimes on U.S. soil, such as sedition and insurrection.  Any foreign immigrant who threatens and plots Jihad against the President and White House, or threaten Christians and Jews and Catholics, and all Americans who refuse to comply with their foreign ideologies can be deported.  All foreign immigrants who are found guilty of committing Espionage, or entered the USA as fraudulent Christian Refugees can be deported.  Any foreign immigrant who  gained access into the USA to wipe out Americans can be and should be deported when law enforcers investigate and find the allegations to be true.   The only people who can’t be deported are natural-born Americans.

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