It is reported that there have been 500,000 Female Genital Mutilations disclosed or discovered in the USA.

The words, “Female Genital Mutilation” is an old Third World Practice and tradition in many Third World Nations such as the Middle East, China, and Africa.  This was rarely heard of until most recently in the USA.  In the 1990’s, Colombo produced a show on Salem Communications am-Fm radio stations exposing this painful cutting of female children that can cause death, sterility, painful intercourse, bleeding, depression, shock, and more.  It has no positive benefit or health care benefit and is generally done by non-doctors.  Since Obama and Hillary Clinton  approved a secret pre-planned Executive Order which Obama signed as soon as he entered the oval office on or about 1/27/2009 that ordered the migration of  millions of Muslims into the USA from Palestine, whose citizens are linked or members of terrorist groups, such as Hamas, as reported by Israel and credible news sources for generations.  Later on, after Obama left the Iraq vacuum that caused ISIS to form their terrorist organization, Hamas is reported to have  joined up with ISIS.  The Obama E.O. has and is migrating millions of Radicals and Terrorists into the USA under the guise of “Christian Refugees” or “Refugees” who are not Refugees as defined by law which is a fraud on Americans.  They are not escaping the tyrannical Sharia law to live in a free nation under U.S. law where they would be protected from converting or refusing to comply with Sharia.  Instead, America is experiencing radicalized young healthy men and some women, who state they are not here to assimilate on worldwide news and video, but overpopulate and dominate.  Thus, they brought with them, “Female  Genital Mutilation” which now has TRIPLED in the last few years on U.S. soil after Obama took office despite the fact it is illegal and prohibited in the USA.  Most recently two radicalized doctors who migrated into the USA from the Middle East were arrested for performing “Female Genital Mutilation” on two 7-year old girls in the USA.

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