Congressional Record Reads: COSCO: A 100% Communist-Chinese Owned Company /How are the Clinton’s Linked to the Communists and Muslim Brotherhood/Outsourcing and Destroying Government Property Held Up by Lawmakers as the “Untouchables!”

Rose Colombo, author, creator, producer, and Host of cable TV and Radio

Congressional Records Reads:  COSCO: A 100% Communist-Chinese Owned Company published (c)  7/28/2011, rev. 10/20/2013. rev. 7/31/2016

Sir John Harrington’s famous quote, “Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason?  For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.”  The words treason and sedition or malfeasance involve corruption. 

America has a double standard.  One for them and one for the general public who pay their wages, elect them, and use to trust them.

Corruption is impairment of one’s principles and integrity for personal gain at the expense of others which is what appears to have recurred between the Clinton reign from Mena, Arkansas that led to the steps of the White House that led to Red Communist China gaining access to National Security.  It appears to have led to the revolving White House door, a Communist owned private room at the Kennedy Center, larger than that of the U.S. President, but who pays attention to the small details? The Clinton’s ordered free reign of the Long Beach Naval Base and Port for tariff free imports and exports of COSCO, Walmart, and they signed NAFTA that led to the Patriot Act, NDAA, NWO, U.N. Agenda 21, North American Union, TPP, and  what I term, “A Nation without Borders.”  Former Impeached President, William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton, both lawyers, helped build-up Walmart and COSCO owned by Communist China. They were reported in MSM news for accepting millions of illegal dollars from a foreign enemy, Communist China! Today, Hillary Clinton is in the news for using her government position and contact list to secretly access wealthy friendly and enemy CEO’s and World Leaders willing  to donate to the Clinton Foundation, but at what cost to the USA?


Hillary Clinton used  private email servers moved from a government server, but some might call it secretly stealing  government property emails from the White House to her basement, but that wasn’t the decision by the USAG. She destroyed government property but they softened the wrongdoing by saying she deleted tens of thousands of government property emails that were Classified, Top Secret, and Confidential similar to a little “mistake.”  She hired her lawyers to read and delete the confidential government emails without authorization, which no one appears to care anything about in the USAG, or House Judiciary Committee. I didn’t hear the Committee ask for the lawyer’s names or mention the dead witnesses who suddenly died before the hearings.   It’s difficult to believe that a political person and lawyer who deletes thousands of pieces of government property for four years after calling out President George Bush in the news for using a personal server didn’t know any better, -and she’s a  lawyer – she didn’t destroy  a few government emails, which would be considered a mistake, but tens of thousands, and not for a week or so, but 4 years, which is a pattern of deception or possibly cover-ups.  Most FBI agents and law enforcers would refer to that as a pattern and a pattern is generally viewed as intentional.  The government employee’s destruction of government property which belongs to the taxpayers, We The People, demand accountability, but the USAG, Loretta Lynch, U.S. President Obama, and FBI Director, Comey, say, no way, even though he laid out a list of criminal acts for the world which he stated she violated.

Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State in the USA, could have been seen by the majority of Americans as a mistake, perhaps, but its a stretch, if she hadn’t been involved in the Watergate Scandal when her law partner, Vince Foster, suddenly decided to shoot himself alleged in the back of the head which is quite difficult to do and your head remain intact.  Also, if there hadn’t been reports that documents pertaining to the case hadn’t suddenly disappeared when she was investigated and due to the documents missing, she was given a golden pass.

Ironically, Hillary Clinton was Vince Foster’s law partner at the Rose Law Firm and she sat on the Board of Directors for  6 years which is a Conflict of Interest while representing Walmart as their lawyer, but no one cared about that, either. In the mean  time, after President Bill Clinton sat down in the oval office, he used his pen, like Obama, and  signed NAFTA into law making it easy for Walmart to purchase 90% of their products from Communist China, not from the USA, causing the loss of jobs that hadn’t been felt until recently.  He also tried to either lease or give away the Long Beach Port to the Communist Chinese, but Anthony J. Hilder, led a protest and they went all the way to Congress and prevented it from happening, but he still opened the Long Beach Naval Base to the Communist Chinese for their “convenience” even after they threatened to blow Los Angeles off the face of the map.   According to Alex Jones, Hillary Clinton, is an agent of Communist China stated on video which can be viewed further down the Blog.And, of course, as stated again, they accepted millions of dollars in secret from the Communist Chinese until they got caught, but they got a golden pass.

The fact can’t be disputed that former impeached President Clinton wasn’t impeached for accepting foreign donations and helping build up an enemy nation at the expense of the American citizens and America’s sovereignty, or allowing an enemy nation, Communist China, to access U.S. National Security. This helped enable Red China’s Intelligence to access U.S. Political secrets to arms smugglers and gangsters as well as to penetrate U.S. Defense establishments.  The downsizing of the U.S. Military and Defense Department began with former President Bill Clinton, not with Obama, who carried on the same agenda of downsizing the U.S. Military and U.S. Defenses and now the Clinton’s want the baton back.

In fact, Obama downsized the Tomahawk missiles at a cost of about $600,000 each to the American taxpayers when he ordered they be fired off at Libya without a declaration of war at a country who never threatened the USA, and diminished the Tomahawk missiles down to zero by 2016 according to experts and he got a golden pass as well.  The Clinton’s used their positions for personal financial gain and have successfully built up a the Clinton Dynasty at the expense of 333,000,000 Americans. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to most Americans as they have witnessed this pattern  of illegal donations secretly donated into the Clinton Foundation without any fear of accountability by the federal government it appears.

Consequently,  former Impeached President Clinton is  responsible for  “outsourcing” U.S. Technology, U.S. Manufacturing Companies, U. S. jobs, the U.S. Military and Defenses, apparently to assist Communist China with building up their economic and military status while diminishing that of the United State of America.  Today, the embraces not only the Communists willing to donate the millions to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s campaign but Saudi Arabia.  In the case of IRAN, America’s is donating to them to build a nuke and wipe out America as they stated forcing us to pay for our own demise.  Are Americans suppose to say thanks, Obama, Hillary, and Bill!  Apparently, the Democrats think so.

Treason is overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or injure the sovereign.  The United States of America is a “sovereign” Republic.  Public servants swear an allegiance to the U.S.Flag and to the U.S. Constitution, but Americans elected a draft dodger twice, who had been accused of numerous wrongful acts including his years as Governor of Arkansas. Hillary Clinton is in the news for having been fired from a prominent law firm and doing business with Walmart while sitting on the Board of Directors for six years as a serious Conflict of Interest when she and Vince Foster worked as a team at the Rose Law Firm.  He alleges to be a Rhodes scholar but there isn’t definite proof according to experts of that claim and he fled to a Communist nation for sanctuary from being punished as a draft dodger who opposed the war and alleged to attend U.S. flag burning in his youth.

Sedition is insurrection against lawful authority, but what if the government is unlawful and holds the chosen ones  above the law and exempts them from the laws they mandate for the citizens?  What if the Congress and DOJ allow the oval office to keep a “kill list” and order “hits” on people who oppose them as in the movie, “Wag the Dog?”  Of course, that would be difficult to believe when candidates are smiling and making promises, waving, and swearing their allegiance to the United States of America, but are they smiling with us or at us?  This raises the question when  will the American people stop voting lawyers into the oval office for they are asking to be “tricked.”

Therefore, is it possible that public servants are inciting resistance against the U.S. flag or the U.S. Constitution as well as the American way of life and our sovereignty?  Is it possible that the chosen ones who appear to be pre-selected and pre-elected not by We The People, but by the power that be such as the Obama’s, Bush’s and Clinton’s are actually a secret enemy of the Constitution or not?  After all, isn’t it our elected public servants who are issuing new laws or regulations that are creeping into cities across America with warnings that they can’t fly a U.S. flag on their private property or display the flag on their bikes or past an anti-democratic sign on their vehicles which is what the Communist enjoy doing which is what I refer to as “SOD” – suppression, oppression, and depression.

On the other hand, they appear to have no problem raising the terrorist flags on U.S. oil, Mexican Flag, Communist flag, the ISIS flag, the Satanic flags, and the U.N. Flags without a problem. During the Clinton administration, these issues began to sprout up when citizens were told to take down their U.S. flags and the POW flags and now the Confederate flag.  It appears under these same three Family Dynasties that the only flag they are going to have left to target if they are successful is the red, white, and blue U.S. Flag.  Elected public servants move their lips when they swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, but are they crossing their fingers and “tricking” the American citizens?  

These issues raise the question under which constitutional authority did President Clinton open the borders of a sovereign nation as well as outsource our  jobs and our technology to Communist China after swearing an oath to uphold, defend, and preserve the U.S. Constitution and her sovereignty which includes a sovereign Republic run by the Rule of Law.  We are not a Democracy.  We are not a Monarch run by Kings and Queens, or are we?    Why would a U.S. President desire to help a Communist nation become a super power instead of helping America maintain its super power?  And, under which constitutional authority did President Clinton attempt to lease the Long Beach Naval Shipyard to Communist China Tariff Free which isn’t his to lease, sell or give away!  Shouldn’t America send a Debt Owed from Communist China to the USA for helping them build COSCO and make it successful at our expense, accessing our ports, and taking our manufacturing companies, technology, and jobs for their benefit?


Rose Colombo interviewed Anthony J. Hilder on her cable TV show  re:  China!  1996

Consequently, which constitutional authority are U.S. public servants outsourcing U.S. jobs and U.S. technology with full knowledge, willingly, in agreement, and with consent without a vote forcing Americans to accept Clinton’s signing of NAFTA that is not in the best interest of the American citizens?

According to George Soros, his American Dream is to turn it into an American nightmare and make China the world’s super power economically, militarily, and politically with the goal of spreading Communist dictatorships around the world it appears.  We all know that George Soros uses his money to be the orchestra leader of the puppeteer who are pre-selected and pre-elected to dance to his tune!

Of course, espionage is a crime, but can laws be re-written by public servants under the guise of new names such as “outsourcing” which in my opinion equates to what I’ve coined, “legal espionage!” U.S. public servants have full knowledge that their actions are destroying America’s job market and destroying innovation for creating new U.S. technology and products.  How is it that America’s leaders are building up a Communist nation and tearing down a great nation?  Shame on them!  They are in violation of their sworn oaths and fiduciary duty to America’s sovereignty and risking America’s National Security.  They have diminished the opportunity for America’s youth to obtain the American Dream and they have saddled them with unprecedented debt.  And, now, Hillary Clinton has risked the lives of the U.S. Military, Navy, Air Force, ground troops, citizens, and secret agents who need to remain anonymous by removing aka stealing government documents from a government agency which use to be much more serious – maybe, National Security Breach?  Or, “Espionage?” or “Treason,” or at the bear minimum, “Destroying Government Property,” which is a serious federal crime.  Tearing a phone out of a wall is a crime, let alone deleting thousands of government property emails.

Communist China rules with an iron fist.  They’ve built up a one million man army, for what reason while Obama diminishes and purges the U.S. military and weakens law enforcement?  Communist China and the Muslim Nations deny children and  women’s rights, yet Hillary says, she and Obama are all about women and children’s rights.  She represented an adult male rapist and got him off the hook and laughed about it on audio and blames the little 12-year-old virgin girl which is disgusting.  They are known to monitor the menstrual cycles of little girls.  The Communist Chinese are documents to  eat the fetus of mandated aborted babies as a delicacy. In fact, Hillary Clinton, flew to Beijing to speak at a Women’s Rights Conference where they have no rights.  The Clinton’s have been friendly with the Communist Chinese for at least 25 years.

How is it that the Clinton’s ignored the serious threats of conquering the USA as they run out of land and clean coal due to overpopulation.  Hillary Clinton and Obama threatened to shut down the mining states and mines in American!   Its been told that Hillary Clinton negotiated for districts of land in America even though she doesn’t have constitutional authority to give our soil to anyone.  The question remains why do the Clinton’s and the Obama’s have so much authority to by-pass Congress and the Constitution and get a pass on unethical acts that are not according to the will of the majority of Americans or in accordance with the U.S. Constitution?


The Congressional Record dated April 15, 1997 reads: COSCO: A Communist-Chinese-Owned Company – House of Representatives – Page H1534 – Rep. Randall “Duke” Cunningham (R-Ca) provided most of the information, but the article is not verbatim, but a mere compilation of talking points:

1.  COCSCO is a Communist-Chinese owned company which President Clinton supported.  Another company which Hillary Clinton supported and sat on the Board of Directors after it was founded is Wal-Mart.  Hillary Clinton was a partner in the Rose Law Firm according to news articles and the Rose Law Firm represented Wal-Mart in legal matters which as stated above is a huge Conflict of Interest, but then some people are above the laws of the land, while innocent people are punished based on allegations and lies.  After President Clinton was elected, Wal-Mart became the largest retailer and importer of products Made in Communist China into the U.S. after President Clinton signed NAFTA, opened the borders and outsourced U.S. jobs and U.S. technology and U.S. tax dollars to Communist China which use to be a crime known as “economic espionage” changed to “outsourcing” and good for the nation, they succeeded at destroying small businesses and increased jobs for Americans. Job well done on their part for the enemy nation! (How was Hillary’s representation of Walmart as their lawyer and being on their Board of Directors, not a serious Conflict of Interest with the ABA?)

2.  The Hutchinson Group also owned by Communist China purchased both ends of the Panama Canal which would give the Communist Chinese control of the Panama Canal.  During President Clinton’s terms, he agreed to allow the Communist Chinese to lease the Long Beach Naval Shipyard and the L.B. Port to the Communist-Chinese who want to conquer our nation, not with bombs, but through infiltration and Huwei Communications and land because they need more land for their over-populated country which is the same for the Middle East. The Clinton’s gave the Communist Chinese econtrol of a major U.S. Port and granted the Communist Chinese all access to and from and who sees what and where it goes while accepting huge donations during the 90’s. .

COSCO’s ships fly flags of the People’s Republic of China into our international water laws, but Americans can’t fly POW flags and Confederate flags which represents our history and in some places since the Clinton years, the U.S. Flag! But, Americans and the Teachers Union are big supporters of the Clinton’s.   The [Long Beach] port lease with [Communist-Owned] COSCO [approved by President Clinton, but opposed by congress, military and grassroots] would provide COSCO with its own terminal – major imports from China to Long Beach which include toys, sporting goods, footwear, apparel, electrical parts, machinery….

[It is my opinion that leasing a United States Port should have been the reason to impeach, and outsourcing America’s technology, manufacturing companies, and jobs would be the reason to “impeach” Bill Clinton, not a blue stained dress! Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and opened the borders, outsourced U.S. jobs to Communist China while Hillary Clinton helped Wal-Mart import 90% of their products from Communist China. Today, we’re hearing about tunnels underneath Walmart and the news alleging that some thing odd between the government, military, and Walmart is being conducted known as Jade Helm. Conveniently, attorney, Hillary Clinton sat on Wal-Mart’s Board of Directors for 6 years and resigned when her husband was about to be U.S. President.

3.  COSCO builds the AK 47’s and COSCO is the company that negotiates the trade of the AK 47’s around the wars. [added July 2014: Most recently, its been reported in the news that the current 2014 administration under the watch of President Obama has allegedly shipped AK-47’s to the Middle East. ISIS boasts of having confiscated the AK 47’s which hit the news, while the Obama administration attempts to disarm Americans leaving the American people sitting ducks with open borders. There is a strong and bold new invasion from Mexico and South America and those invited and entering from the Middle East through Mexico into the USA as unidentified illegal persons who are being provided taxpayer-funded refuge, health care, food, housing, clothing, and social security checks, Driver’s Licenses, and illegal amnesty and the government is harboring the illegals in sanctuary cities while crime increases. This is recurring in the USA, while Veterans die in VA hospitals since 2009 and soldiers die on the battlefield. Americans are now facing death panels].

4.  COSCO is a communist owned communist Chinese owned company as stated and the trains are stacked high consistently for years with COSCO freight, so what is the benefit to America’s capitalism and free enterprise, small businesses and jobs or products that were invented and created in the USA that use to be stamped “made in the USA” now stamped made in “China” or made in the “Phillipines” or made in “India” and so forth? Is it the fault of the American people that foreign nations are so corrupted that they care less about their people and does that mean that Americans must be enslaved to the invasion into the USA? Its purpose is to ship containers in and out of major ports all over the worlds, but what is in those containers and where is the oversigh?  Recently, California has been devastated by the President’s [Bill Clinton] defense cuts that he implemented during his terms. America lost over one million jobs.  The additional BRACC cuts in Base closings and realignment have cost thousands to millions of jobs in the state of California.  The people of Long Beach have lost thousands of jobs including the loss at Kelly Air Force Base, El Toro, Miramar and the shifting assets.

5.  What I plan to show tonight is a direct link between the White House fundraising with [Communist] China and assets that have gone in favor of Communist China that could pose a National Threat to the U.S. and I have Intelligence Reports that state so.  Mr. Speaker, I would say that all my colleagues on both sides of the aisle are opposed to a Chinese Communist Company taking over the Long Beach Naval Air Stations and I would do everything we can to help Long Beach recover the jobs, but not to a Communist controlled nation of the Chinese Republic.

6.  Marine officers, politicians and small grassroots groups question why the Clinton administration favored turning over a [U.S.] military base in Long Beach California, to the [Communist] Chinese ocean shipping company, COSCO, over the protest of marine reserve battalions made homeless by the 1994  Northridge earthquake.  The CIA, the Officers of Navy Intelligence and the Coast Guard reinforced the view that COSCO’s strong link with the [Communist] Chinese government is a fatal flaw in its proposal to deliver the [U.S. Naval] Base to a [Chinese Communist] company.

7.  President Bill Clinton gave a multi-million dollar loan to COSCO to build 5 communist ships in a non-recourse loan meaning if the Communist default on their U.S. loan that the American people must pick up the tab for $137 million.  President Clinton took a personal role in promoting the interests of COSCO.  At the time, he was cutting 100 warships from the U.S. fleet draw up by the Bush (sr) administration, a 23% cut.  Rep. Cunningham said, “The symbolism could not be anymore stark.”

8.  COSCO was fined for paying kickbacks to shippers instead of abiding by tariffs.  This is again, a Communist Chinese operated company that was cited for giving kickbacks and payoff for access [to the White House during President Bill Clinton’s terms].


Article below discusses secret deals selling out U.S. soil to the Communists:  [Http:// – U.S. Gives China Eminent Domain of U.S. Property)  

9.  Communist China’s #1 import from the U.S. is wheat and by controlling the Panama Canal and with President Clinton attempting to lease the Long Beach Naval Shipyard to them, the communist Chinese could fix the pricing of U.S. exports going out of a major [U.S.] Port of Long Beach. [if Clinton had succeeded]

10.  The New York Times reported during Clinton’s term that Chinese officials had conveyed an ominous message to Anthony Lake, President Clinton’s National Secretary Advisor, just weeks earlier:  “The possibility that American interference in Beijing efforts to bring……..could result in devastating attack on Los Angeles.”

[Ironically, about 1993, Communist China threatened to blow up Los Angeles and attack America, but Clinton didn’t attack Communist China.  Today, after Gaddafi praised and congratulated Obama’s election of 2009 as U.S. president, and called him “Our Black Kenyan Son,” about 2012, Obama attacked Libya without congressional authority and Libya didn’t threaten or attack America, but Obama ordered the assassination of Gaddafi, which resulted in the loss of 220 Tomahawks at a cost of about $600,000 each to taxpayers, the killing of Gaddafi’s teenage son and his friends, grandkids, and freedom fighters being killed].

11.  During President Clinton’s terms, an American Chinese businessman, Johnny Chung, gave $366,000 to the Democrats (DNC) in California and [the donation] was later returned on suspicion that it illegally came from foreign sources. It appears using political positions for donation for personal financial gain and holding themselves above the laws of the land is okay for “$um and for Some!”

[Ironically, the news reported that much of  Obama’s campaign funds came from anonymous donors and from foreign soil, so was it returned?]

12.  Johnny Chung brought 6 Communist Chinese officials to the White House and one of the six was the Advisor from COSCO who Clinton granted access to the Long Beach Shipyard – and the actual donors were there in the White House who gave money to the DNC.

13.  The Chairman of one of these 2 Communist Chinese arms companies implicated in the scheme to smuggle the 2,000 Chinese made weapons into Oakland [Ca] aboard COSCO’s ship had coffee in the White House in an affair associated with D.C. fund-raising.  Officials of the weapons were indicted for shipping those arms.

[Today, under the Obama-Holder administration, we have straw men being provided stimulus money from the federal government who purchased untracked U.S. guns and were gun-running onto foreign soil into Mexico and selling them to untracked cartels tied to terrorists who murdered thousands of people, police, Americans, Border Patrol, without accountability for the victims, families, or Americans. This program would probably still be in effect if the 2 Border Patrol Officers hadn’t been murdered with untracked U.S. guns. It’s been reported that the untracked guns are still out there in the hands of untracked cartel members through a 2 year program called “Fast and Furious” where Border Patrol and innocent people were murdered without any oversight. In July 2014, we have open borders with cartels bussing in illegal minor sick foreign kids and adults and its reported they’re being paid $5,000 per illegal to bring them across the open U.S. Borders with the blessings of D.C.]

14.  On the campaign trail and in a White House meeting in 1995, President Clinton endorsed the proposal to transfer land of the Long Beach Naval shipyard to COSCO, 2 days after Johnny Chung made a $50,000 donation to the DNC hand delivered to Mrs. Clinton’s Chief of Staff –  Margaret Williams, CBS Evening News – 3/11/97.

15. After the Long Beach Naval Shipyard land transfer was arranged with President Clinton’s approval, the Clinton administration helped arrange in his Clinton budget that he submitted, to give free to the Communist Chinese, $50 million [U.S. tax dollars] to burn a coal-burning plant after the meeting and after the DNC fund-raiser from the Chinese.

16.  There is a current report, an up-dated report from the FBI that states that COSCO is currently actively involved in placing intelligence officials, spies, in all of the ports of call.  This is a national security interest.  COSCO has enjoyed 15 year access to the Long Beach Naval Shipyard, I have no problem with that, my problem comes with COSCO taking complete control of the 145 acres in which they will control access of every ship there.  Every cargo container that comes off there, they will place it and they will have control of who sees it, where the cargo goes, where it is stored and what time of night it goes out and who receives it.  Mr. Speaker, if we give China that opportunity, we are going to see an increase of illegal aliens where in the last congress, 2 ships owned by COSCO shipped in illegal [Chinese Communist] aliens.  It was in all the newspapers including the AK 47’s COSCO  attempted to smuggle into the U.S. from Communist China.

[In 2009, Obama launched Fast and Furious under Holder and in 2011, we learn that the DOJ is using straw men which isn’t legal in the USA to purchase non-tracked guns and traffic them onto foreign soil and sell the non-tracked guns to non-tracked cartel members who were linked up with terrorists according to experts.  Hundreds of Mexicans and some Americans were murdered between 2009 and 2011 before the DOJ’s Fast and Furious program was exposed on national news.  Two Border Patrol agents were murdered with those guns and people are still being murdered with those non-tracked guns. The DOJ used the Stimulus Recovery Funds promised for infrastructure jobs to fund that unethical and “extremely careless” program.  Hillary and Erick Holder, former USAG, traveled to Mexico to meet with the President of Mexico complained to the White House that the guns were coming from the USA into Mexico about April of 2009, but it continued until 2011.

Sheridan Prasso, writer for an article in Fortune,  dated 5/2/2010,  reported that in the city of Spartanburg, South Carolina, “tucked into an industrial court…is a brand new factory the state-of-the-art American Yunchen Gravure Cylinder Plant…a [communist] Chinese company.”  And, according to the article, I am led to believe that Americans should expect more Communist Chinese manufacturing companies to sprout up on U.S. soil.  Although, Americans say, well, the economy is bad and I need a job, imagine in 15-20 years if the nation is inundated with Communist Chinese manufacturing companies and America’s industrial leadership is no longer acknowledged because the Clinton’s and congress and the Bush and Obama administrations allowed a Communist nations to wipe out American capitalism! 

Imagine if you or your kids and grand-kids were to wake up one morning – 15 to 20 years down the road.  Erick Holder gave a speech to a majority of Black college kids and told that that in 10-15 years, Americans will be “polarized”  and the face of America will be changed forever.  What if you woke up one morning and grabbed a cup of coffee, peaked out of the window, and saw the Red Communist Chinese People’s Republic Flag flying in the wind and you were told that you could no longer fly the U.S. Flag or you’ll be arrested?  What if you woke up one morning and foreign U.N. Troops were marching with tanks on America’s streets?  What would you think or do?  And, what if China and IRAN are in bed together working together to take down the USA preparing to attack with missiles and troops and foreign troops?  After all, China built Huwei Communications in Iran and the USA as well.

This information is provided for educational purposes only. It provides information on how President Clinton and Mrs. Clinton were in bed with the Communist Chinese when it came to outsourcing U.S. jobs to Communist China. President Clinton attempted to give away a major U.S. Port, reported in the news, except for the protests led by Anthony J. Hilder, producer, which prevented President Clinton from giving away a major Port in the U.S. to the Communist Chinese, but leased it instead. In fact the Communist Chinese flag was flown in D.C. during the Clinton and Obama administrations. And, since 1993-2014, the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood to dominate America has been at play and wiping out Western Civilization is their stated and written strategic goal. The Communist Chinese were allegedly provided control over the entire 145 acre Navy Shipyard without any interference from the U.S. after President Clinton implemented NAFTA and “Outsourcing.”   The Clinton’s were involved with COSCO and they were involved with Wal-Mart’s beginnings. These companies benefitted from President Clinton’s agreement to open up the borders and outsourcing U.S. jobs and technology to Communist China. The Clinton actions have benefited them personally as reported in the news. Americans may be paying less for products, but in the end, they are paying a high price for the actions of the Clinton’s and Bush Dynasty who support the NWO, NAFTA, TPP, NAU, and Patriot Act, and Americans are ending up losing their country, Constitution, American way of life, History, Traditions, Judeo-Christian foundation, Ten Commandments, and the loss of American businesses and jobs to foreigners.

The issues of taxpayer funded vetted and non-vetted Presidents and a majority of taxpayer funded Congressional members whose allegiance does not appear to be that of the U.S. Constitution, but foreign bodies, begs the question, why have the Clinton’s used their positions to build up a Communist nation using U.S. tax dollars, U.S. jobs and U.S. technology with knowledge that aiding and abetting Communist Nations are not in the best interest of the American people.  How is it Communist China ends up with alleged control over the Long Beach Naval Base and port with little oversight granting China tariff-free access?  

The Clinton’s have outsourced America’s technology (which in the past would be considered to be espionage sharing U.S. technology with anyone since they are interfering with private corporations and Wall Street.The Clinton’s approved of outsourcing America’s manufacturing companies and jobs to Communist China and products that were once “Made in the USA” are not “Made in China.”  The Clinton’s caused America’s economic status to dip twice under the Obama regime who is on the same page with the Clinton’s only adding the Muslim Brotherhood to heir embracing of foreign anti-American nations while China’s economic status superseded that of the USA since the founding of the United States of America.  And, the Clinton’s were taking illegal donations from the Communist Chinese who were invited to the White House and granted a tour as well as a tour of National Security.  He shouldn’t have been impeached for a stain on a blue dress, sex, or a white lie, but for much more serious charges, but Bill Clinton, like Hillary Clinton are granted lifetime golden passes.

 It’s no secret that Communists are not America’s friend. It’s no secret that Communist leaders hate capitalism, God, and Freedom. Today, America’s trains which are operating in the USA, assuming the trains are still owned by the USA, transport a majority of COSCO freight into the USA daily.  China is using America’s technology, manufacturing companies, and former jobs as well as America’s soil to build their 100% owned corporations, communications centers such as HUWEI, and Long Beach Port tariff and duty free.  Americans are paying for their own demise of their own sovereignty and nation and the fault lies within the words “treason” and “traitors.”.


In conclusion, the Clintons have sold out America to the Communist Chinese in my opinion and documentation.  Hillary Rodham Clinton has embraced the Muslim Brotherhood and Huma Abedin, whose family owns Muslim Brotherhood publications and she’s reported to have worked for her family’s businesses. Hillary Clinton embraced and hired Huma Abedin with knowledge of her long-time links to a Muslim Brotherhood family and family business.  Bill Clinton was quoted in the news stating that he supports the “New World Order” and “Americans will get use to Communism.”

Information  related to the U.S. Presidents and their behaviors has been reported around the world for decades with little attention by the American people.  Thanks to the Clinton’s and the Obama’s, and Bush Sr. and the same would be if Jeb Bush were elected.  They are destroying the Middle Class.  They are destroying small businesses and free enterprise slowly but surely by targeting them under the Obama regime as Clinton targeted Patriots and viewed loyal Patriotic Americans as the enemy on U.S. soil and that should have been a “red”  flag for the American people.

Communist and Russian Naval ships have been spotted docked in America’s ports and their armies marching on U.S. soil.  Today, V.P. Biden and USAG Lynch are doing an over reach of their duties and informing America they are bringing U.N. Foreign Troops into the USA to police law-abiding Americans, not the Middle East or Africa where there are cesspools of corruption?  In fact, miles and miles of FEMA trains are being bought up by DHS-Fema with the blessings of Congress using America’s tax dollars, but won’t respond to why, who or what will be on those FEMA trains, where are they headed and their destination.  More secrecy and less transparency.  Hillary Clinton and Obama state they are all for Transparency when they are making secret deals in exchange for donations.

Consequently, Americans have been reduced to purchase consumer products from Communist China on U.S. soil for less money from a 100% Communist-Chinese owned corporation who controls the Long Beach ports.  As I stated, COSCO imports 100% of the Consumer products that use to be “made in the USA,” now “made in China,” and the American people are complicit as their jobs have been stolen right out from under them by their Presidents and Congressional members, which use to be considered “economic espionage,” but former President Clinton, a disbarred lawyer, like the current president, refers to his selling out to Communist China as, “outsourcing.” Americans are being outsourced and used as commodities to fill the prisons while foreigners who are illegal criminals are being protected.  Remember, Bill Clinton is reported in world news to be in bed with Communist China and to have taken millions of dollars in donations in exchange for the Chinese laundry workers who made friends with him while he was Governor in Arkansas so they could gain access to the White House and National Security as well.  One might wonder if the Chinese laundries were laundering money, not clothes!

It’s reported that the Communist Chinese leaders know everything about the White House and a lot about National Security because of the Clinton’s and Obama’s who have invited them on tours and invited them to meetings while snubbing their noses at Israel and Europe and America for that fact.  And, now, Hillary Clinton, who FBI Director Comey says is “technically unsophisticated” gets a pass in exposing tens of thousands of Top Secret, Confidential, and Classified government property emails that risk the lives of the U.S.Military, covert operations, CIA, FBI, and every legal American.  He has knowledge that Hillary was a lawyer, First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the White House, Senator and Secretary of State, who worked on committees developing  high tech communications.

 And, now, the records of Federal U.S. Workers and Citizens are compromised by hackers.  Think about that and watch the movie, “Olympus Has Fallen,” as well as “American Sniper” and the “Kingsmen” and think about it!  And, take a Democrat to watch “Hillary’s America!” 

Therefore, American consumers without knowledge, were “tricked” as Gruber said by their own federal government. They were set up to buy consumer products from a Communist Warehouse stamped, “Made in China,” with the intent of being the One World Consumer Product Store, similar to Obamacare being the one-stop Health-Care Industrial Complex run by the Obama regime, but began with the Clinton regime. Now, the Clinton’s want the baton returned to them so they can be crowned the “Queen and King” of their Monarchy.  No married couple should ever be allowed to run for President because it’s a huge Conflict of Interest and creates a  Monarchy, eliminating the Republic run by the Rule of Law.

 The American people trusted their lives and that of their families to these leaders who sold out U.S. Sovereignty and technology and jobs. They  purged, and are firing our U.S. Generals and U.S. Military to the 3 Family Dynasties who passed the baton back and forth for more than 40 years. The Ivy-League Hippie Generation who were anti-Flag, anti-Constitution, and anti-Judeo-Christian, anti-Capitalism, and Anti-Sovereignty, sold America out to the TPP and North American Union.

The Bush Family Dynasty began when President Bush, sr. stated on the congressional floor that Americans would become part of the New Word Order meaning relinquishing all rights, freedom, and liberty to the government. He stated on video that there will be a New World Order and he said, “we will succeed.”  Obama is alleged to be a cousin of Bush as well as Kerry. Obama appears to be mentored by the Clinton’s as he pushes their agendas “forward.” Obama stated in a televised speech that Americans are “small minded” and must give up their rights, freedoms and liberties to the “New World Order.” In other words, the government is your parent.  The baton is blowing in the wind.  Obama wants a Third Term and secretly signed an E.O. implementing Martial Law in “Peaceful Times!” How dangerous is that without the Congress, Senate, Law Enforcement, FBI, and the Military not preventing him from setting us up for what appears to be lock down!

The Clinton’s must win or Obama must remain or the Bush’s, but they’re out of the race to continue on with their New World Order Globalist Agendas that includes depopulating the world by 90% and usher in the New World Order of rich and poor and dictators and zombies who would be micro-chiopped so they can control the world through buying up water reservoirs, poisoning drinking water, so they control water, the weather through weather manipulations by HAARP and Chemtrails, dumping Radiation into the oceans and methane poison churning in the bottom, dumping MTBE toxic poison into the gasoline which leaked into the water and soil, pesticides, chemical-laden vaccines, foods, drinks, household items, and plastics also dumped into the oceans along with getting the American people addicted to not only illegal drugs, but Rx drugs which breaks down the family, mind, body, kills more people, and turns them into zombies.

And, of course, there are the prisons and private prisons and Fema Camps, plastic coffins, Fema Trains, guillotines, and open borders inviting terrorists into our nation and pedophiles and rapists.  We mustn’t forget they are purging the U.S. Military, weakening law enforcement, and destroying the economic status, military defenses, and health care which includes death panels for Americans, unborn babies, euthanasia and denying and rationing health care to elderly, chronically ill, disabled, and veterans.  They are redistributing America’s wealth, technology and jobs to Communist Nations and Muslim Brotherhood nations and allowing the invasion through the creation of ISIS into Western Civilization.  By the way, indoctrinating little kids into same-sex agendas through public schools and Islamic studies while school administrators take donations is no different than working with the enemy.  And, they made Obamacare unaffordable, difficult to sign up and inserted Sharia Law and mandated vaccinations!  And, whose involved  in the USA – The Three Dynasties who admitted they support the U.N. and NWO, TPP, NAU, and the invasion and outsourcing and redistribution of America’s wealth to foreign enemies:  The Clinton Dynasty – The Bush Dynasty- and the Obama Dynasty.

  In conclusion, Americans can thank Slick Willy, Hillary Rodham Clinton involved in Watergate when the evidence went missing, Vince Foster suddenly died, and she sat on the Board of Walmart for 6 years which is a Conflict of Interest while representing Walmart through the Rose Law Firm, so what did Vince Foster know?  Of course, there are much more to the suspicious and possible illegal and alleged corruption linked to the Clinton’s and Obama’s, but they truly appear to be the “Untouchables.”

There is a cesspool of dead bodies of whistle blowers and witnesses since the Clinton’s were elected as Governor and First Lady of Arkansas and the Clinton Chronicles were published, but Americans cared less and voted the Clinton’s into the White House for 8 years…….And, of course, there’s the Clinton Foundation blowing in the wind and the cash donated in the billions for the Haitians who are pounding on the Clinton Foundation’s door asking where did the donations promised to the Haitians end up?  God Bless America and Keep Her Safe from the Mountains to the Oceans and across the skies –

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Obama: First President in History To Increase U.S. Debt From $13T to $14Trillion in 7 Months!

King Obama says, "Eat Cake, America!"
King Obama says, “Eat Cake, America!” Rose Colombo, original (c) July 14, 2011. rev. 1/12/2014

Rose Colombo, 7/14/2011, rev. 1/12/2014

Under which Job Description or Constitutional Authority does the non-vetted U.S. President, Barack Hussein Obama, applying that would grant him or Congress the authority to cut Social Security, which is a mandated Retirement Savings since the money does not belong to Obama or Congress, but to the U.S. Citizens who paid into the Retirement Savings?  Social Security has been pilfered for years and millions or billions missing without accountability removed by the federal government.  Which constitutional authority applies that would justify punishing senior citizens and forcing them into possible homelessness by stealing their money?  After all, the federal government who lived off these seniors for years and still live off the taxpayers were promised that their earnings would be returned upon retirement?  Social Security is not an Entitlement Program, so if,  Obama and Congress were to deny millions of Seniors their earnings were safe and wouldbe returned upon retirement and if not, explain how Obama’s denying or cutting Social Security which isn’t an entitlement program any  different from Grand Theft or a Ponzi Scheme?

Cut the Spending!  Those three words are not pleasant-sounding to the ears of President Obama!  He is the Print and Spend President.  Obama made history as the president who increased the national debt within seven months to the highest level ever from $13 trillion in June 2010 to $14 trillion in December 2010!  Where’s the 350,000 shovel ready jobs Obama promised?

One lucky guy was George Kaiser, Obama’s bundler, who Obama granted $40,000,000 in US tax stimulus dollars and told his audience at a meeting that he was going back for more because the White House [Obama] was shoveling more money out of the door than any president in history and America would never see that again – and guess what – he went back for more and Obama granted George Kaiser, co-owner of Solyndra, an additional $535,000,000 more!  And, the U.S. Solyndra employed workers lost their jobs afterwards; and Solyndra’s executives were reported to take out huge bonuses and wages before they bankrupted Solyndra! And, that’s on the backs of the U.S. Natural Born hard-working Americans!  I read an article that stated American taxpayers were ordered to pay about $14M to cover the costs of those who lost their jobs.

So, instead of the executive office and congress acknowledging that social security funds were misused by congress, they continue to point the finger at the recipients of social security who worked for 20 – 60 years and were forced to by the federal government to contribute to social security from each pay check. The federal government removed the money from the paychecks of the seniors and veterans during their work years, which the government  promised to save as a retirement fund, and deposit into a “Trust” fund.  If seniors had been allowed to deposit their earnings into an IRA or a CD or a savings or 401K for 20 – 60 years, they would have earned interest and wouldn’t be at the mercy of the federal government and would have access to their own money.  Social Security does not belong to President Obama or to the Congress, but to the American Retirees!

Remember, if Americans were allowed to invest their earnings into an interest bearing retirement account versus the Federal Government demanding that they pay into a mandated Federal Retirement Account, it stands to reason that their retirement savings would have increased substantially and they would have control of their retirement savings. Instead, what began as a voluntary system by the federal government turned into a mandatory tax, but in reality, retirement savings isn’t a tax. The federal government made seniors and veterans dependent upon the federal government through the social security program and the government which is socialism.

In fact, the federal government took away the independence of seniors and the federal government is their parent who decides how much seniors can earn or receive from their social security savings each month.  The government doesn’t pay interest on the earnings they pilfer from seniors, but Obama threatens to deny social security checks to seniors, veterans, and military families. Seniors are paying double taxes on social security money. Taxes were already removed from their earnings and then the government calls the social security payment a tax and then they tax the social security again once they begin receiving it. This is the same as Obama-Care.  Americans forced to pay-up-front for services not rendered and may never be rendered and then after the people’s money is diverted like usual, healthcare will be denied or rationed and people will die in my opinion.

In 2008, Congress opened the purse strings containing $5 Trillion in taxpayer money and one might say gifted it to President Obama!  No strings attached or accountability for his “redistribution” of America’s wealth.  The stimulus funds resulted in more tax dollars spent than any president redistributed in 235 years.  The $5 trillion granted to Obama as stimulus funding did not stimulate the economy, but it exceeded the amount owed on the national debt or owed to China.  Today, the Obama administration hasn’t created any new jobs. The Clinton’s and Obama outsourced jobs to Communist China including solar jobs.  It’s small businesses that create more jobs.  Instead,  Obama created more government  jobs and didn’t provide loans so small businesses could expand, but instead created more regulations and punishments.

Now, Obama is fear mongering by targeting the most vulnerable of our society, the baby boomers, seniors, veterans and the disabled. What sort of person elected to public office threatens the vulnerable of society who were ripped off by their government?  Baby boomers and seniors worked most of their lives and paid taxes.  Seniors and veterans helped make this country great and weren’t welfare recipients.  Social security is money earned, not welfare.  Not only is Obama’s  threat immoral but disrespectful to every American citizen who worked for their living.  So, one must wonder if  Obama has disdain for seniors, veterans, and the disabled as well as the unborn?

Furthermore, the housing crisis affected jobs and it devastated the home building industry and real estate.  Many Baby Boomers are forced to retire early because the group which Obama funded and mentored known as Acorn pressured congress.  In turn, congress pressured the banks and ordered the bankers to issue fraudulent loans. Social Security is not a welfare or entitlement program, but a promised retirement fund.  Americans were led to believe that their earnings, which the government removed from their paychecks,  was deposited into a “Trust” Account.

Actually, isn’t it considered a crime to remove money from a “Trust” Account without the permission of the owners since earnings are private property?  How is diverting  the retirement money removed from the paychecks of U.S. citizens  considered ethical?  How was it ethical for the federal government to threaten seniors and veterans by stating that Obama may not reimburse the social security savings owed to seniors or veterans if the GOP didn’t agree to his budget? Americans should ponder how denying social security is any  different from a Ponzi Scheme perpetrated by Made-Off, oops, I mean Madoff.  Madoff was prosecuted for diverting his clients’ retirement funds which he promised to invest after the clients discovered that their investments had been diverted.

Also, an excessive number of prisons throughout the country have been built at taxpayers expense since the Clinton administration, instead of factories, which would have provided jobs, but U.S. factories and jobs have been outsourced by our presidents to Communist China and India. It’s a fact that high unemployment creates more crime. Prisons generate about $60 billion in tax revenues each year, which is excessive, yet, they are arresting more people in the U.S. than any country in the world making the prison system unaffordable.  In fact, there are projections that under the NDAA law, more Americans could be indefinitely detained in the future if Obama is re-elected.  Yet, the Clinton and Obama administration cut back on NASA, Defense, and education funding.

So, are they creating the Prison Industrial Complex and about to use every American man, woman, and child as human commodities for profit – to fill the prison beds – after all, they’re creating so many laws – and denying due process of law – how can an American win against a dealer who is stacking the deck?

In fact, outsourcing jobs to China and India helped create an increase of unemployment in America.   President Clinton outsourced U.S. jobs, technology, and businesses to Communist China as well as Obama.  Clinton opened the borders and signed NAFTA.  China and India are employing more people and building more factories thanks to the Clinton’s and Obama who catapulting Communist China’s economic status as a potential economic super power. How is it that the Clinton’s and Obama are so dedicated to outsourcing U.S. jobs to a Communist Nation instead of channeling that same energy into the U.S.?

About 1993, Communist China threatened to blow Los Angeles off the face of the map. .  On the other hand, Soros is alleged to be one of Obama’s primary donors and supporters.  Soros strategic stated goal is to devalue the U.S. dollar and help build the economic status of Communist China which congress should be addressing.

Furthermore, wars cost billions of tax dollars.  Recently Obama attacked Libya without the approval of congress at a cost to the taxpayers ranging between $600,000 to $1.4 million per tomahawk.  Obama fired off 221 tomahawks  – multiply 221 x $600,000 – $1.4 million at taxpayer’s expense and figure out the additional hefty debt to the American people.  Obama ordered the firing off of the tomahawks without congressional authority during a deep recession according to the news.  He created a fourth war at taxpayer’s expense cleverly referring to his act as a “mission.” Imagine how many U.S. jobs could have been created if those same U.S. tax dollars had been redistributed to small businesses.

Therefore, I’ve gathered some information relating to the National Debt.  For example, did you know that the Total Debt per Citizen in 2011 is $176,281 and the Total Debt per family is $669,103 and the Total Savings per Family is only $6,953.  Think about that!

How is it that the U.S. National Debt was at $284,705,907,078 in 1959, which was only 50 years ago and reported at a startling $5,656,270,901,615 in 1999 while Clinton was president.  In 2004, the national debt was reported at $7,379,052,696,330. Bush was said to have started his presidency with a surplus, but he managed to substantially increase the national debt within 8 years reported at $10 trillion dollars when he left office in 2008.  Although, Obama promised not to raise taxes and support small businesses, increase jobs, and stimulate the economy, he did not.

But, Obama made history.  Not only was he the first 1/2 white and 1/2 Black U.S. President, but he kept none of his promises and he skyrocketed the U.S. National debt with in 24 months to a whopping $14 trillion!  He’s the first U.S. President who has managed to increase the national debt within 7 months from $13 trillion in June 2010 to $14 trillion by December 31, 2010.

Obama appointed U.S. Attorney General, Erick Holder.  Holder commented that the American people will be “polarized” in the future and that the change coming will be that the American people won’t recognize the face of their own nation, so is a part of the polarization coming from this administration including the polarization of seniors and veterans, the sick, and the challenged?

Although, everyone is told by the media and the federal government that China is the biggest threat to America if the U.S. defaults on the national debt, I believe the biggest threat to America are public servants who are in bed with Wall Street and are using U.S. citizens as commodities for profit through global agendas by funding private corporations of billionaires like Soros through employees of the federal government such as Michael Chertoff and his Rapiscan business with stimulus tax dollars, prisons, Obama-care, Planned Parenthood; and denying Americans the right to collect rain water, while the wealthy are allegedly buying up the water reservoirs, and destroying the farms.

Therefore, let me ask and answer who owns the U.S. National Debt?  China owns 21.09%; Japan owns 20.4% or nearly an equal share along with China; and the remaining U.S. Debt is owned by other nations in the world at 58.51%.

The business owners and politicians don’t talk about the debt as related to the outsourcing of jobs to China and India as a major reason America is out of work.  The U.S. National debt has doubled since Clinton was elected into office and he and Hillary were the catalysts who worked with Wal-Mart and COSCO (the largest communist Chinese importers into the U.S.) to import more products made in China than any other retailer in the U.S.A.  Because of the Clinton’s efforts, U.S. consumers rarely see “Made in the U.S.A.,” any longer.  President Clinton outsourced U.S. jobs and U.S. technology to Communist China along with globalist corporations.  He opened the borders and signed NAFTA making it easy for retailers like Wal-Mart and COSCO skyrocket in sales of products made in China instead of Made in the U.S.A.  Hillary Clinton introduced universal healthcare and now Hillary-Care has morphed into Obama-Care against the will of the American people for a second time, which could create an economic collapse in the future.

In 1959, the National Debt was at $284,705,907,078.  Under, Clinton, the national debt increased substantially in 8 years.  By 1999, the National Debt was at $5,656,270,,901,615.  In 2004 under Bush, the National Debt increased and read $7,379,052,696,330, but by 2008, the debt as I stated was at $10 trillion.  But, the U.S. Historical National Debt record and award for increasing the debt limit by trillions in 2 1/2 years is credited to President Obama, with the support of the U.S. Democratic and Rhino U.S. Congress, who has managed to hit the debt ceiling at $14 Trillion by 2011.

But, President Obama also receives the Historical National Debt Award for being the first U.S. President in 235 years who with the blessings of congress, increased the National Debt within 7 Months from $13 Trillion to $14 Trillion!  Alas, Obama doesn’t intend to stop there.  He demands that congress hand over the purse strings and push the debt ceiling even higher.  So, when should Americans expect the bubble to burst since congress has been mush in Obama’s hands since 2008? How can congress have allowed the economic outsourcing of jobs to a communist nation and why would they want to build up a communist nation with knowledge that it is destroying the U.S. economic status which could collapse?

2011:  U.S. Population = 311, 756,198  (2008 = 304,421,946)

2011:  U.S. Income Taxpayers = 111,741,291  (2008 = 108,228,953)

2011:  Official Unemployed = 14,055,369  (2008: unemployed 9,503,495; the 2008 U.S. Work Force = 144,672,980)

2011:  Actual Unemployed = 24,814,674 (2008: = 13,495,738)

2011:  State Local Employees = 15, 892,215

2011:  Federal Employees = 4,305,706

2011:  U.S. Work Force = 139,813,347

2011:  U.S. Retirees and SSI = 65,602,765 (2008 = 50,418,079, a substantial increase between 2008 and 2011)

2011:  U.S. Families = 82,102,337  (2008 = 79,288,871) [could the increase between 2008 and 2011 be related to Obama’s illegal aliens made legal and his push for more Palestinian refugees and immigrants into the U.S.?]

2011:  Food Stamp Recipients = 45,037,907  (2008 = 31,042,554) [Is the substantial burden on the taxpayers due to the corruption in the government and banks having to do with the fraudulent loans as well as increased unemployment since 2008 to 2011?]

2011:  Bankruptcies (major increase) = 1,582,470

2011:  Foreclosures (major increase) = 990,799

2011:  Social Security = $15,117,687,999,999* and rising

2011:  Rx Drug Liability = $20,002,863,999,999* and rising

2011:  Medicare Liability = $79,542,296,999,999* and rising

2011:  U.S. Unfunded Liability = $114,661,849,999,999* and rising

2011:  Liability per taxpayer = $1,026,138

2011:  Small Business Assets = $4,518,191,999,999* and rising (2008 = $6,461,734,999,999* and rising) [ Is the substantial decrease between 2008 and 2011 a result of Obama’s failure to help small business expand resulting in the downsizing and businesses closing their doors?]

2011:  Corporate Assets = $13,239,232,999,999* and rising (down from 2008, but note corporate assets are nearly 3 x as high as small business assets) (2008 = $14,8780,440,999,999* and rising)

2011:  Household Assets = $57,928,343,999,999* and rising

2011:  Total National Assets = $75,685,772,999,999* and rising (2008 = $78,713,574,999,999* and rising  – a substantial decrease as of 2011)

2011:  Assets Per Citizen = $242,722  (2008 = $259,250 substantial decrease as of 2011))

2011:  U.S. Total Interest = $3,630,227,999,999* and rising [How can Americans afford the interest, let alone the debt?]

2011:  Interest Per Citizen = $11,644 per year (meaning Americans are getting poorer)

2011:  U.S. Total Debt = $54,934,996,999,999* and rising  (in 2008 the National Debt was $10 Trillion which was an 8 year increase of debt under Bush vs. Obama’s 7 month doubling of the National Debt)

2011:  Total Debt Per Citizen = $176,281

2011:  Total Debt Per Family = $669,109

2011:  Savings Per Family = $6,953  [Note the Total Debt versus Savings]

2011:  U.S. Public Debt Subject to Limit:  $14,291,025,999,999 and rising *

2011:  National Debt Per Citizen = $46,503

2011:  National Debt Per Taxpayer = $129,747

2011:  Income Tax:  $946,651,562,999 and rising *

2011:  Payroll Tax – $840,371,075,999 * and rising

2011:  Corporate Tax = $196,354,114,999* and rising [Please note the huge difference between income tax, payroll tax, and corporate tax]

2011:  U.S. Federal Spending – $3,590,923,999,999* and rising

2011:  U.S. Federal Budget Deficit – $1,393,586,999,999* and rising

2011:  U.S. Total Interest – $3,630,226,999,999* and rising

2011:  U.S. Interest Per Citizen = $11,644 *(that’s how much each U.S. citizen must pay out in taxes just for interest only on the debt each year and rising)

I believe that the Total Mortgage Debt is the major portion of Personal Debt which was caused by our own government after Acorn pressured Congress and Congress pressured Banks to commit a crime and issue fraudulent loans.  Another example of waste is the  multi-millions for the Gun-running program “Fast and Furious launched by Obama as well as the trillions spent on Imams, restoring mosques, trying terrorists in civilian courts, and diverting the trillions to groups like Acorn, Planned Parenthood, the IMF, AIG, and so forth…instead of creating U.S. jobs.  But most business and political leaders don’t mention the wasted $5 Trillion recklessly spent since 2009!

2011:  U.S. Total Debt = $934,999,999,999* and rising every second

Note:  The * and the 999’s at the end of the round numbers listed above are symbolic as those numbers (999)are continually increasing each second of every day!

Imagine in 1959, the U.S. National Debt was at $284,705,907,078!

(Disclaimer: This information is based on Rose Colombo’s personal research and personal opinions as a political activist, not as a government expert on the National Debt, so, I suggest you always seek out economic experts working on issues relating to the National Debt).    Rose Colombo, is the author of the award-winning book, Fight Back Legal Abuse,” featured in the Daily Law Journal and her latest political satire, an Orwellian take on today’s political agendas.  You’re invited to read Free 5 Star Reviews and Complimentary Pages of her book at

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Sen. Hillary Clinton and Obama Attached an Amendment To A Military Bill Prior to 2008 Elections to Change Article II/ Remove The Words “Natural Born Citizen”/Bush Sr. passed the baton to Bill and Hillary to Bush Jr. to Obama to JEB or Obama Third Term or Hillary and Bill To Carry On The Same NWO/ United Nations Agendas/Open Border TPP /ObamaCare /Higher Taxation/Ushering in Pre-Planned Invasion of Unidentified Foreigners from Terrorist Nations!

Who will be the First Female U.S. President?
Who will be the First Female U.S. President?
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Rose Colombo, original (c)  July 5, 2011, rev. 2/4/2015, rev. 10/11/2016  (This blog was discussed by Rose Colombo as the guest of Chuck Wilder’s Talk Back with Chuck archived for your listening convenience at

If Hillary and Bill end up in the White House and not the Big House, Conservative Christian and Moral, Constitutional Patriots who Bill and Hillary targeted under their reign and fired on Americans at WACO and Ruby Ridge will only be emboldened as they usher in 1,000,000 unidentified foreigners from terrorist nations into the USA as pre-planned with Obama by Executive Order signed on or about January 27, 2016.  Americans should be very afraid!  Millions of Americans believe they should be in the Big House, not the White House as Trump recently with humor as a quick quip when Hillary said she was glad that Trump wasn’t in control of the DOJ, which became a popular response, “because you would be in jail.”

How is it that Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Obama were secretly attaching an amendment into a military bill sponsored by Rep. McCaskill on or about 2008 prior to the presidential elections with the intent to change Article II of the U.S. Constitution and secretly  remove the words, U.S. “Natural Born Citizen,” while Senator Hillary Clinton was Obama’s opposing candidate? And, why would this be necessary prior to the elections of 2008 since Hillary Clinton was running against Obama?

Unfortunately, I didn’t have this information when I met with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Ca) on June 24, 2011 in his Washington D.C. office.  Rep. Rohrabacher is a congenial man and a pioneer of securing the borders and I support him.  But, my time was limited and I wanted to make the most of my visit so, I blurted out the big question, “Why hasn’t congress commenced impeachment hearings against Obama?”  He smiled and said there are people working on it.  So,  I asked my next question, “Shouldn’t heads be rolling and people stepping down who are responsible for the gun-running into Mexico by U.S. agents?”  And then, we were interrupted.  At my next opportunity I said, “Don’t you agree that Congress should stand up to Communist China and tell their leaders that America’s wiping out the debt  which they claim is owed to them by the U.S.A.

Until recently, i wasn’t aware that Hillary Clinton, a candidate for President against Obama in 2008, were concerned about removing the words “natural born citizen” from the U.S. Constitution.  Together, they attempted  to change Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, and remove the words “U.S. Natural Born Citizen” from the constitution by inserting a proposal into a Military bill proposed by Rep. McCaskill, which is dishonest and without transparency, but the real question is why would Hillary Clinton running against Obama 1)  want to assist him in removing the words “natural born citizen” as a constitutional requirement,’  2) what did she know about Obama’s Birth Certificate; and 3)  Why would she want to help him to become an ineligible President if she was seeking to be the first female President back in 2008?

The fact remains that it’s alleged that former Democratic Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, altered the Certification of a U.S. President document so, he could be eligible and she wouldn’t be held accountable by the original words established for former U.S. Presidents.  It appears that an exception was made in 2008.  Senator Hillary Clinton assisted  non-vetted Senator Obama as well as Senator McCaskill and other Democratics and RINOS in  removing the words, U.S. “Natural Born Citizen” from Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, it would appear that any questions about Obama’s eligibility, according to Article II of the U.S. Constitution would be rendered moot, but unfortunately for Obama aka Barry,  Article II remains intact after their attempt.

Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of Congressional bills that were proposed and intended to secretly eliminate the words “U.S. Natural Born Citizen” from Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution forevermore:

Rep. Vic Snyder, (D-Ark) proposed a bill to change Article II, Section 1, Clause 5

2.  September 3, 2003:  Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich) proposed changing Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 on September 3, 2003.

3.  February 25, 2004, Rep. Don Nickles, (R-Ok) proposed changing Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, SB 2128.

4.  September 15, 2004, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Ca) proposed changing Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, HJR 104

5.  January 4, 2004, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Ca) proposed changing Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, HJR 42

5.  January 4, 2004, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Ca) proposed changing Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, HJR 42

6.  April 15, 2005, Rep. Snyder (D-Ark) proposed changing Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, HJR 42

7.  April 10, 2008, election year, Senator Claire McCaskill with supporters, namely former Senator Hillary Clinton and former Senator Barack Obama, proposed changing Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, under HJR 42, and slipping it unnoticed into a military bill as an amendment which would amend the U.S. Constitution without voter approval and made Obama’s eligibility issue moot if it had been approved.  Now, how transparent is that since Obama stated during his campaign that he would be the most transparent president ever!  Obama has been the least transparent president, ever!

In my opinion, failing to vet a candidate by requiring a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate be attached to a Application Form and rejected if not attached should be an amendment to Article II of the U.S. Constitution to avoid altering government documents in the future to slip in a non-vetted man or woman into the highest office in the land.  Vetting protects Americans from opening the door to imposter, foreigners, usurpers, illegal aliens, foreign spies, and criminals, who infiltrate, invade with their own, and overpopulate with invaders – a Trojan Horse – in order to conquer and steal a nation for their own as witnesses throughout history.

Upon my return from Washington D.C., I discovered disturbing information regarding Senator Hillary Clinton and former Senator Barack Hussein Obama.  I read that Senators Hillary Clinton and Obama supported the same Senate Bill, SB 2678, introduced prior to the 2008 election which would eliminate the words U.S. “Natural Born Citizen” as mandated by the supreme law of the land, Article II, Section 1, Clause 5,  an established law of the U.S. Constitution preserved for 235 years.  They attempted to slip their amended “change” that would change Article II without  public disclosure by attaching it as an Amendment and eliminating the words, “Natural Born Citizen,” proposed by Senator Claire McCaskill’s Senate Bill titled “Children of Military Families Natural Citizen’s Act” dated April 10, 2008.   In other words, if the amendment attached to the senate bill had passed, it would have changed Article II and removed the words, U.S. “Natural Born Citizen” from the constitution.

Although, the  myriad of  lawsuits filed by lawyers related to Obama’s presidential eligibility aren’t moot, but they were dismissed by the U.S. Justice Roberts and by federal judges who refused to hear these cases or hold Obama accountable to produce a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate in a court of law.  Instead, he spent $2,000,000 more or less concealing the Certified U.S. Birth Certificate.  And, when Fuddy,  reported in worldwide articles to be a member of a cult in Indonesia which included Stanley Ann Dunham and Lolo Soetoro happened to know the allged white Communist grandparents of Obama in Hawaii where you only needed to say you were a citizen of the USA at the time with little proof to obtain a Long Form Birth Certificate.

Anyone even remember the name Fuddy?  Maybe, she should have been placed in the witness protection program. How is it that so many witnesses end up dead in America? was the witness in the eligibility case who was to deliver the Certified Hawaiian Birth Certificate to court, but SURPRISE -her plane was reported to have crashed, and the Birth Certificate and Fuddy’s memory as a witness was all washed away like Clinton’s 33,000 emails were wiped away clean and computers and phones were hammered to pieces which should have been considered evidence even by an “incompetent” or “unreasonable” prosecutor.

Therefore, how is it that Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Obama supported an amendment to change the presidential eligibility clause of the U.S. Constitution without the knowledge, approval or vote of the American people or Congress whose suppose to represent We The People, but they are big time failures when it comes to performing their duty to uphold vetting and identification laws of a U.S. President it does appear.  Surely they were aware that if Obama was disqualified based on Article II, that Hillary Clinton,  whose agendas morphed into  Obama’s agendas, would have allowed her to win the highest office in the land against McCain.

After all, McCain didn’t debate Obama with any teeth nor did he menti Obama’s eligibility.  In fact, even Obama said he was surprised that Senator McCain didn’t say anything about Senator Obama’s Muslim Faith, because he stated that he didn’t want to “embarrass” him.  And it was quite apparent that the media favored Obama and Hillary during the debates.  Perhaps, McCain was just a puppet candidate or feared that he’d be called a “racist” if he did fight back, so why run for office as it guaranteed Obama a win-win situation.  Was the Democratic Socialist Soros  viewed as “The Fix is in?”

But, the Amendment attached to McCaskill’s Senate Bill  wasn’t the only law proposed by Republican and Democratic congressional members which would change or eliminate the words U.S. “Natural Born Citizen.” There were several attempts to help out Obama removing the words “natural born citizen” prior to the elections that were introduced into Congress.  In fact, when Obama ran for the seat of the Illinois Senate, he was supported with big donations from the SEIU Union in Chicago and surprisingly, the two natural born American candidates, I believe one was a incumbent, suddenly suddenly bowed out of the race and Obama aka Barry won the Senate Seat in Illinois when he was poor and unopposed.  Now, he’s wealthy and still unopposed by the Clinton’s, Bush Dynasty, Soros, Kissinger, and the Democrats and same political career hacks from the 60’s and 70’s.

The amendment to the U.S. Congress proposed before the 2008 presidential elections begs the question as to WHEN Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Congress, and the U.S. Justices gained knowledge that Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro was chosen as an alleged ineligible candidate to run for the highest office in the land.  And, why didn’t Hillary Clinton and John McCain make a big deal and demand a Certified Birth Certificate and Credentials be produced, but they did not if the fix wasn’t in for the pre-selected and pre-elected 2008 elections?

After all, myself and average Americans realized Obama’s introduction in a congressional hearing, when the media just happened to be present and they introduced him and he stood up and the Congress applauded the unknown senator.  I immediately recognized that Congress was about to groom Obama aka Barry to be the President of the United States of America.  And, I was correct when he announced on or about December 2007 after stating he was too “inexperienced” to be a U.S. President.  Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama was a stranger in the night to the American people, but 51% didn’t care then and apparently they don’t care today!

Electing Hillary  Clinton is getting 8 more years of Barack Hussein Obama and The Bush Dynasty, Soros, Kissinger, the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence, and more change and transformation to end the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Freedom, Liberty, Rights, and Sovereignty.  America  will be gone and Americans could be depopulated and indefinitely detained and enslaved to the New World Order!  America, the One Nation Under God, turned away from God and many Black Americans believed Obama was the savior and began praying to him, praising him and singing to him!  They cried such as Oprah – Jesse Jackson – Al Sharpton – and the Gay Hollywood Militant Community as well as the military group known as La Raza.  They believed Obama was “The One” who would pay their rent, housing, Food Stamps, and replace American workers with their children!  Americans would pay for their education.  Obama would appoint them into positions of power like DHS-Fema – EPA – Staff Advisers linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The entire federal government provided the support that an inexperienced man whose dad was married with kids, foreign born and linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and United Nations and couldn’t legally marry a white woman on U.S. soil because of segregation laws and Bigamy laws would have sent him to jail, not to Harvard!  They voted for a non-Repatriated Citizen of Indonesia, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama, who stated he was too inexperienced to be a U.S. President and who posted an on-line forged Certificate of Live Birth which made it invalid and should have been grounds to disqualify him to be a U.S. President just like he was disqualified and disbarred to be a Lawyer and lied to America that he and his wife were active lawyers and failed to disclose the truth.

Barry aka Obama’s experience in the Senate included voting for Mandated Taxpayer Funded Abortions under his proposed law to depopulate future natural born Americans, The Global Poverty Act, approved by the CFR, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Diane Feinstein, Joe Biden, Obama, and the rest of the sell outs.  Obama aka Barry voted for Infanticide and partial-birth abortion for future natural born citizens.  More future and born natural born citizens have been slaughtered on the abortion tables than Americans killed at war.

The question remains why the U.S. Media and entire Federal Government failed to properly vet which is the duty of the Journalists and Investigative reporters, but they didn’t care, either, and point the finger at law-abiding Americans who are asking for a legal documents and proof be vetted in a court of law by forensic experts, but they, too, are stonewalled by the White  House, Congress, Senators, Justices, Federal Judges, and MSM.

So, the identify of who many refer to as the “Manchurian Candidate”  remains a mystery when reading about his legal biological dad  and possibly mother, too!  Many people believe they were Communist and CIA agents and this was pre-planned by the Communist to “finish the job” they began when Genghis Khan and other world leaders attempted to implement the New World Order and become the One World Leader which led to WW II and could lead to World War III.  In fact, Obama’s alleged Brother, Malik Obama, questions if Barry aka Obama is a biological son of  Barack Hussein Obama, Senior.  The Kenyan alleged half-brother says, Obama’s never helped them and doesn’t really want them around his elitist friends in D.C. now that he’s wealthy.  So will the real Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama or Barack Shabazz or Harrison Bounell or Tim Allen Owens or Bari Shabazz, please stand up!

How is it that Americans don’t ask questions of candidates, but they put them out there after pre-selection by the New World Order choosing their own with their own agendas, Kissinger mentors them, Soros pulls the strings and donates to his cause which is to destroy America and turn American into a foreign nation of Communism and enslaved by the Middle East.  He’s on evil man in my opinion who owes about $6.7 million in deferred taxes and donates to the Obama and Clinton presidential campaigns.

This raises the question if  anyone who was responsible for vetting Obama’s credential and Certified Birth Certificate from Kenya and Hawaii – apparently, there are two – express one ounce of curiosity as to why Michelle and  Obama were investigated the the Illinois State Bar or why they turned over their law licenses, but lied to Americans that they were active Lawyers during the campaign back in 2007-2008?  So, the lies began long before 2008!  In fact, MSM and the Democrats presented Obama aka Barry as an alleged prominent constitutional lawyer and a Columbia Law Professor who denied that he was a law professor, but a substitute and lazy.

How is it the entire government cares less if Obama is Barri/Bari Shabazz or Harrison or Owens or Barry Soetoro?  How is it they care less if he  attended Columbia University of Law as a foreign student as Barry Soetoro on a foreign student loan?  Was he vetted upon returning to the USA as a young adult and Repatriated since he was a Legal Indonesian Citizen as Indonesia Law required relinquishing citizenship and their schools mandate only Islamic Studies can be taught.  And, upon returning into the USA as Barry Soetoro, the stepson of Lolo Soetoro, when did he Repatriate himself within the required Statute of Law?  Did the entire government not care if his Passport was a U.S. Passport or foreign Passport upon re-entry into the USA as Barry Soetoro?  Did his original  Law License issue his license as Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama?   What about his Social Security Card which lawyers allege belongs to a dead man?  Obama or Barry would have had to apply for a Social Security card upon re-entry into the USA because U.S. babies who were born before 1979 weren’t issued Social Security Numbers. So, when did he apply for a Social Security Number?  What about his Selective Service Records?  Barry or Obama and Bill Clinton never served in the U.S. Military and have shown disdain for our Military.

Unfortunately for at least 8 years, the Federal Government  failed to properly vet a young Black-White man, a Mulatto, who was slipped into the Illinois Senate.  At the same time, two legal natural born Americans who were qualified and vetted suddenly dropped out of the race.  Obama aka Barry won the Illinois Senate Seat  unopposed supported by the overwhelming donations from the SEIU Union and SWU.  Obama gave many speeches to the union workers whose he’s put out of work since that time by stirring up their emotions and stating that he would paint the USA Purple, one community at a time.  And, they bought his fairy tale.

Thereafter, MSM was in bed with the Liberal Socialst Democrats and New World Order Ceo’s and Politicians, as well as taking Saudi donations and investments, which includes donations made to Columbia, Georgetown and Harvard Universities to begin the changes in the USA that will eliminate U.S. History in the future and the Christian roots, traditions, and foundation.  The fix was in to donate to public schools and begin the insertion of foreign ideologies and recruit America’s children into foreign ideologies and religion and eliminate the Pledge of Allegiance, Christian Prayers, the National Anthem as you watch the brainwashed Football Players refuse to stand or place their hands on the hearts  and support the country who past generations shed their blood so they could get up everyday in their new BMW that their parents bought for them and wear designer clothes and play football, while kids in the Middle East, are being recruited to kill the  infidels and hate America and Americans and burn on U.S. Flag on domestic and foreign soil as witnessed in the news and on video and social media.

Americans were duped thinking that they were voting for two prominent lawyers and a Law professor at Columbia University.  But, the two Black African parents were in reality, two “inactive” aka “disbarred” lawyers.  The only reason to turn in law licenses after an investigation by the Illinois State Bar is if the case is one of a very serious nature.  The question remains blowing in the wind how could he state he’s a Law Professor when he’s turned in his law license and Columbia University said he was a substitute teacher and lazy.  On the other hand, Obama aka Barry’s long time buddy,  Bill Ayers and his wife, had been charged years back as the founders of the “Weather Underground,” a domestic terrorist organization who bombed Americans.

Bill Ayers and his wife were charged with domestic terrorism, but only the wife went to jail and Ayers got a pass even though he said he didn’t do enough [damage] to America and it’s reported that he’s stated that 25,000,000 Americans should be killed. Maybe, he should begin with himself.  They were rewarded and ended up with jobs at a major university instructing America’s youth, assisting Obama with his book, which many believe are Ayers’ father’s dreams, and assisting with the mentoring of ACORN members who went to jail for  voter fraud in 2008.

The fact remains that it’s alleged that former Democratic Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, altered the Certification of a U.S. President document so, he could be eligible and she wouldn’t be held accountable by the original words established for former U.S. Presidents.  It appears that an exception was made in 2008.  Senator Hillary Clinton assisted  non-vetted Senator Obama as well as Senator McCaskill and other Democratics and RINOS in  removing the words, U.S. “Natural Born Citizen” from Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, it would appear that any questions about Obama’s eligibility, according to Article II of the U.S. Constitution would be rendered moot, but unfortunately for Obama aka Barry,  Article II remains intact after their attempt.

Shouldn’t Americans be asking themselves how is it legal for a candidate applying for the highest office in the land to be protected from the entire government and a government who refuses to perform their sworn duty and properly correct the record and vet  Barry aka Barack since they are  risking the  lives, health, and safety of 330,000,000 Americans as well as  the U.S. military who may be at risk  while law enforcers are weakened and being murdered on our streets under this non-vetted man’s self-imposed E.O.’s?

Shouldn’t they use common sense which is required as part of their job duty and ponder if a non-vetted President were elected and had disdain for the U.S. Flag, National Anthem, Bible, U.S. History, troubled as stated by his mother’s race, White People, disdain for the Military as he purges and downsizes our military and defenses, disdain for our Veterans who are homeless and dying and can’t access health care;  mocks Jesus, praises a foreign idol who is known to be a pedophile, and has disdain for Traditional Marriage, and appears to be gay making the family unit no more than a fairy tale to access power and control, promotes death to the  future natural born citizens, who are Christians, Jews, and loyal Patriots; and supports releasing terrorists but disrespect America’s Law Enforcers is a problem for America?

This raises the question in the minds of millions of Americans as to why would the U.S. Justices refuse to hear a simple eligibility case and refuse to correct the record knowing Obama wasn’t vetted properly according to Article II of the U.S. Constitution as it is their fiduciary duty to uphold, defend, and preserve all Articles of the U.S. Constitution as their sworn duty is a question that was a mystery but as always leads to follow the money..

In 2008, how is it that the federal government who can access to the most powerful identification technology in the world appears to be clueless that Obama may not have been properly vetted and allegedly ineligible for the office of U.S. president based on his name alone and refuses to vet his records?

How is it that they didn’t notice for four  years that 33,000 Top Secret and Confidential Emails were missing from government property until Hillary got caught and she and her team of paid lawyers were given the Comey and Lynch get-out-of-jail Golden Pass to be rewarded with access to the White House?

How is it that no one in the Federal Government noticed for two years that Obama-Holder-Ogden-and Hillary Clinton implemented Fast and Furious and Holder and Hillary traveled to Mexico to assure the President who complained the guns were being trafficked from the USA to the Cartels would be investigated, but continued for two years until they got caught when Border Patrol men were murdered with those same guns and yet, they weren’t held accountable for rewarded  with the golden pass!  So, you see, there is a two-tier justice system and they get the Golden Passes and everyone else gets to go to FEMA Camps who opposes their agendas is it?

How is it possible for the ABA to remain silent as well as the Illinois State Bar when they had knowledge that Obama wasn’t an active lawyer because the Federal branch of the Illinois Supreme Court had investigated him for wrong doing and prohibited him from practicing law with knowledge that he was running for the highest office in the land? And, how is it that the media didn’t bother to dig into the public records of disbarred lawyers, which for some odd reason, changed “disbarred” to “inactive” on Obama’s records even though they were investigated for serious issues and prohibited from practicing law?

So, how is it that the U.S. Justices, ABA, and congressional members are silent when it comes to Obama writing Executive Orders and  Presidential Directives or allegedly circumventing the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Congress in order to control the U.S. by declaring the Constitution and Congress “meaningless” as he uses his “pen” to approve new laws or change existing legal laws into illegal legal unconstitutional laws and even unread laws as Executive Orders, which were never intended to be used to make laws?  How is it that the EPA and IRS and DHS, the shadow government, are being used to enforce excessive regulations?  It is remarkable that a presidential candidate can slip through the cracks and by-pass the most stringent security laws in the nation and access the highest office of the land without being properly vetted, and appoint anti-Americans persons into positions of power, but the average citizen applying for a job as a clerk must nearly be naked x-rayed and patted down and produce a Certified Birth Certificate to fly out of the country.

Furthermore, it’s remarkable that the State of Hawaii has refused to cooperate with law enforcement and provide the lawyers and Sheriffs with a Certified copy of Obama’s Hawaiian Birth Certificate for vetting which set a bad precedent for future candidates who refuse to provide their identification papers.

Obama is the only person in U.S. History who has held the Office of U.S. without being properly vetted and who concealed his credentials and identification from the entire Federal Government, State Governments, and the American voters and taxpayers!  An important statement in my book, Fight Back Legal Abuse, which I’ve repeated on talk radio, “Rose Colombo ‘N The Justice Club, “There is no justice!  There are only decisions. Remember, Justice is an illusion and Americans are set up for the disillusionment.”

Think about this!  Any person, who refuses to give his name to the police, even if he or she isn’t doing anything wrong, can go to jail or be injured or killed justified by two simple words, “Probable Cause.”   In fact, Christian grandmothers holding biblical signs at a gay march were arrested and were looking at a possibility of 40 years in jail which caused them excessive legal fees to fight back..  Christians standing near a Muslim event with Christian literature were arrested.  Kids dancing in D.C. on a public sidewalk were arrested after non-vetted Senator Obama was elected as a non-vetted President Obama. In fact, kids kissing in public in D.C. were arrested. Recently, a police officer pulled a gun on kids having a snowball fight.  Americans were free to do all of the above before 2009!

It appears that the majority of taxpayer funded leaders who run the Federal Government since non-vetted Barry of Barack was allowed to run despite the fact, his dad was foreign-born generational and a Muslim Brotherhood link and Subject of Great Britain that made him ineligible to be a U.S. President and didn’t meet the standards of eligibility, because Barack Obama Sr. was never born in the USA and was married with children in Kenya so this fairy tale makes no sense during a time in the USA when a Black man couldn’t speak to a White woman because of strict and high feverish segregation.  It was prior to the MLK Marches and civil Rights.

In fact, a White woman could not marry a Black man and Black Americans were not called Black Africans which appears on Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth nor were they referred to as Black Americans.  Obama Senior couldn’t have married Stanley Ann Dunham without legal documents and in violation of segregation laws and bigamy laws.  The law would probably also require a U.S. Social Security number, Citizenship papers, and Divorce Documents from his legal wife in Kenya because in the USA, Bigamy is a crime.  Obama would be a Mulatto, not a Black American, and a Citizen of Indonesia by the time he returned into the USA.  Obama or Barry Soetoro would need to apply for Repatriation and a Social Security Card and a U.S. Passport, and a legal name change, so where are those certified legal documents?

In conclusion, many Americans believe that the fix was in when Barry aka Obama was slipped into the Office of Illinois Senator and surprisingly, two natural born American candidates, who were qualified, and I believe one was an incumbent, suddenly dropped out of the race and Obama aka Barry won the election as an unopposed candidate.  He was supported with donations by the SEIU Union and SWU.  Obama gave speeches stating that he  would paint the USA Purple one community at a time.  Thereafter, when the inexperienced candidate running for U.S. President announced about December 2007 that he was running for the highest office in the land based upon his career as a “Chicago Community Organizer,” then the agenda to conceal his identification and credentials from the entire government was hatched without opposition by anyone in the federal government it does appear.

On or about 2008-2009, the  U.S. Justices dismissed every single eligibility case filed by constitutional attorney, Philip J. Berg, prior to the inauguration, and thereafter filed by more lawyers and citizens, but they didn’t care to vet a Senator and U.S. President named Barry or Obama,which is their duty,  but they made this one exception.  It’s more interesting that the Justices and Judge who are lawyers and Congress, a majority of lawyers, would fail to disclose that the Soetoro’s or Obama’s are “disbarred” aka “inactive”  lawyers which probably would have disqualified Barry aka Obama as a candidate.  As a long time advocate for justice, the State Bar says that lawyers, who want to take a leave from their job duties, aren’t required to turn in their law licenses if they are “inactive,” only if they are “disbarred” for wrong doing.  Some times, the lawyers agree to turn in their law licenses versus going to trial and to jail if found guilty.

One question that should have been asked by the American citizens should have been if  Barry aka Obama turned over his law license to the Illinois State Bar then how could he be a Law professor and as he’s stated teach law?  Another question might be – if Bill Ayers and his wife were charged with Domestic Terrorism, and only the wife ended up in jail, how could they be University Professors teaching Americans kids on U.S. soil?  It’s reported that Ayers is a  long time association of Barry aka Obama.  Ayers alleged that he wrote the book for Obama and helped Obama mentor ACORN whose members committed voter fraud in 2008.

In fact, it’s a fact that the leaders of the entire federal government cared less about identifying Obama aka Barry even as more lawyers and citizens would file lawsuits seeking proof of his identity, but they were stonewalled and the judges continuously cited, “no standing” which is not true.  The judicial system stonewalls justice even though the taxpayers fund their jobs and benefits for life.  In other words, they stabbed Americans in the back and may be enslaving Americans to foreign international bodies, especially in this particular case.  The leaders of the entire federal government cared less that they failed to properly vet a Senator and U.S. President named Barry or Obama.

It’s the duty of elected Public Servants who swear to uphold their duties of Public Office to be men and women of integrity, but those days are long gone now as there are but a few good men left in D.C., the District of Corruption.  Lawyers get disbarred and go to jail for a lot less than someone  such as Barry aka Obama, who its been alleged by many,  that he may have not disclosed the truth  on his application about his legal name or citizenship or used a fake ID or someone else’s  social Security Number. And when the majority of the alleged immediate family members, who were White Communists, and his long-time Black mentor all died as well as the Indonesian stepdad and the Indonesian half-sister, including close friends who attended Rev. Wright’s church, their truth is dead as well.

Remember, if Senator Hillary Clinton and the listed congressional members in this article who participated in removing the words “natural born citizen” had succeeded by slipping their proposal inside a Military bill then Obama could have avoided hiring a  team of lawyers to protect himself from producing his personal records for identification purposes at a cost estimated between  $1.4 million up to $2,000,000 in legal fees.   MSM was very good at defusing the Birth Certification stories by blaming the American Citizens who asked for his Birth Certificate to be vetted in a court of law by forensic experts.  Yet, Obama passed a law that legal Americans must also have a Certified Birth Certificate along with a Passport when traveling out of the country.  Voting for Hillary and Bill Clinton is voting for the ushering in of the New World Order and the loss of America’s Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Sovereignty and Citizenship laws forever.

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