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Dan Pilla and his parents experienced the IRS shutting the doors on his dad’s business and were about to foreclose on their family home.  Dan an 18-year-old young man did what most people wouldn’t do.  He decided to fight back and study the law books and took the IRS to court and won!  Since that time, Dan Pill has written 15 books about taxes and the IRS and the Rights of the Taxpayers.  You will learn a lot and how to contact Dan Pilla and buy his books.

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“Death to America!” The Foreign Enemy’s Chant Heard Around the World Appears to Include Enemies from Within the USA as Threats and Death Have Come to America’s Republican Party!”

posted by Rose Colombo (c) 6/15/2017 – award-winning author heard on local and major radio stations, appeared on TV, written up in major and local newspapers, and award-winning Radio and Cable TV Host – New – Colombo Chronicles Live! worldwide online radio – Wednesdays from 8-9pm pst –

“Death to America!” The Chant of Foreign Enemies is Heard Loud and Clear and it Appears Many Liberals Are Now a Part of That Life Threatening Foreign Enemy Movement!”

“After years of research, interviews, and first-hand experiences dealing with corruption from within the legal system, I began my mission to change and expose corruption, legal abuse, and injustices against innocent people, not realizing  that the corruption involved a network of  government persons at the top.  I learned that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is the engine that runs the entire nation, because they have the power to dish out justice or tyranny.  They have the power to be fair and objective, or unfair and prejudice and take bribes or target and punish innocent people just because they can.  I’ve concluded that the DOJ and the Democratic Party don’t appear to be the same DOJ and Democratic Party that former generations of Americans signed up to support and the Framers intended it to be.  On or about and until the year 1992,  the federal government and the DOJ appeared to work within a standard  of the law that was acceptable to most Americans; except for minorities who are the first to be thrown into a jail cell and plea bargain even if innocent and treated poorly as if most are stupid and easily tricked with psychological power games;, but today, many Americans are complaining about the corrupted Department of Justice.  Perhaps, the outragous corruption began in Arkansas and the day the good people of Arkansas voted in the Clinton’s!  They elected two people who have disdain for America and the U.S. Military and they embraced the Communist agendas in their college years.  In fact, Bill Clinton fled from the draft to Oxford and after it was reported two girls had been raped at Oxford, it’s reported that he fled to Communist Russia.

Of course, corruption and bribes have always existed and the corruption goes much further back than Arkansas and the Clinton Chronicles as well as The Franklin Cover-Up known as “Pizzagate” today.  It appears, even law enforcers fear touching crimes involving the children who g missing at about 100,000 children per year.  The corruption came to light nationally when Hillary and Vince Foster worked together at the “Rose Law Firm.”    The “Rose Law Firm” represented Walmart.  Hillary Clinton is reported to have been a member on the Board of Directors for 6 years, which is a Conflict of Interest, but no one cared.  The alleged rapes against former President Bill Clinton as well as adultery and the stain on the blue dress came to light when former impeached President Bill Clinton stained the Office of the President and the Oval Office with his young victim, Monica Lewinsky and lied to the Grand Jury.  This would  be  one scandal of rape and adultery among many that would be alleged over the years.  Hillary Clinton defended her man, not the female accusers. In fact, she is recorded laughing on audio about a male rapist she helped get off lightly after violently raping a 12-year old virgin girl whose now speaking out as an adult.

The Clinton’s, who were probably broke at the time, when they decided to run for office, charmed the entire nation despite their flaws and inexperience.  They didn’t embrace America in the 60’s and in my opinion, they don’t embrace America today, but they do embrace foreign enemy nations who donate billions to their Clinton Foundation, so they can live in the lifestyle they’ve become accustom.  They were never held accountable for the illegal donations from Communist China.  The Clinton regime granted the right for Communist China to access the Long Beach Naval Base and Port without tariffs for 25 years.  The Clinton white House invited Communist China for a State Dinner with Red Carpet and granted them the right to tour the White House and National Security as reported in reports by investigative reporters.   Bill Clinton is alleged in the news to have taken illegal donations from the Communist Chinese who visited the White House.  

In 1992, the Clinton’s were elected to the highest office in the land by the majority of American votes, just like President Donald J. Trump, but the Republicans didn’t become violent and threaten to do harm to the Liberal Democrats or assassinate a President of the USA.  The Republicans didn’t attempt to murder or take down the White House.  The Republicans didn’t spew violence against an unknown non-vetted man with two names, Barack Hussein Obama and Barry Soetoro, a man without proper vetting by the entire Federal government.   It appears that Barack or Barry entered the USA as an Indonesian National.

Consequently, some thing really bad happened when the Deep State  learned that President Trump won the election of 2016.  They were confident that Hillary and Bill would be able to take back the baton and carry on the NWO agendas and finish off America as we’ve known it for 240 years.  This was arrogance and ego-justice coupled with what I coined, “Political Nepotism.”  The Liberals and Radicals joined hands with the Obama’s and George Soros, who helped create civil unrest by paying protesters of the  BLM and possibly ANTIFA as reported in the news.  In fact, George Soros,  boasted he mentored the Clinton’s and Obama’s and directed their moves on a  path to take down America’s economic status.  Soros admits that he uses his money to destroy America.  He worked for Hitler and enjoyed stealing the assets from the Jews and the victims who were tortured and murdered during WWII.

Prior to the election results being announced, the Liberal Democrats were furious when they  learned that Trump won the election.   The arrogance of the Liberals was crushed.  They were angry.  They behaved like spoiled rotten entitled rich kids! I bet, they never even built a lemonade stand, which they now call a crime, if the parents don’t apply for a permit.  They were crying!  They were spewing hate out of their mouths!  They were acting out inappropriately.  The Liberals and Hillary Clinton couldn’t believe that the American people didn’t vote for her as the first female President of the USA, which was her lifetime goal.  This is probably why she stayed with Bill Clinton, too!  The Liberals were shocked that the Americans Citizens weren’t as “stupid” as they believed. They were angry because they feared that their “House of Cards” was about to crumble.  

Many Americans and the U.S. Military knew about Bill Clinton and Obama’s disdain for the U.S. Military and the Veterans, elderly, chronically ill, and unborn  future natural born American babies, so they approved laws making it legal to call murder of future natural born Americans as legal.  The Liberals support Planned Parenthood slaughtering  millions of future natural born Americans as they simultaneously pre-planned to  flood America with illegals and radicals from the Middle East who don’t believe in abortion or taking contraceptives because their WMD is to have multiple births and over populate Western Civilization for domination and to conquer Western Civilization as their own with the help of Obama-Jarrett-Hillary-Bill-Huma-Kerry-Brennan and the rest of the Liberals and RINOS who sold out the Constitution and our Sovereignty, God, and nation.

Furthermore, it isn’t a secret that  Hillary Clinton embraced Margaret Sanger and she admired Saul Alinsky and his publication,”Rules for Radicals.” Hillary Clinton is alleged to be the cousin of Germany’s leader, Merkel, whose alleged to be Hitler’s daughter.  Merkel appears to be  selling out her country to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Why would she do that?  In fact, it’s reported that Germany’s citizens must give up their homes or share their homes with dangerous radicals.  In fact, Hillary and Bill are alleged to be kissin’ cousins.  It appears they are keeping the U.S. Federal Government and our wealth all in their family dynasties. Americans think they are free, but they aren’t free when they are supporting Family Dynasties who are robbing them blind and using We The People as their slaves to make them wealthy and support them for the rest of their lives even though they became wealthy.

There are videos that expose Hillary embracing  Robert Byrd, the founder of the KKK, which infers that in reality, she’s prejudice against Black Americans. I don’t think Bill Clinton is prejudice, though.  In my opinion, Bill Clinton is  anti-American and immoral.   In fact, impeached Bill Clinton was the first to fire a U.S. General for calling him out and speaking the truth when he was quoted as saying that Bill Clinton is a pot smokin’, skirt chasin’ and flag burnin’ president.  Unfortunately, the majority of  Americans sided with President Clinton, even though Patriots such as Anthony J. Hilder alleged that Clinton used drugs and allegedly raped women and was ignoring the drugs flying into the Mena Airport and that he had many affairs outside of his marriage on taxpayer’s time and dime as far back as the 90’s.

Subsequently, many conservatives see  Soros, Kissinger, the CFR, as the mentors of the Clinton’s and these same persons including the Clinton’s appear to have  mentored the Manchurian Candidate, Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetro, a man without a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate.  In fact, Obama stated the same as well as his lawyers in his written Bio of the past as well as in his speeches.  Michelle Obama calls Kenya, Obama’s home country as well as his Kenyan grandma, the citizens of Kenya, his half-brother, Malik, and the Kenyan Parliament, as well as Gadaffi before Obama ordered his assassination.  In fact, Gadaffi congratulated Obama on video when he was elected in 2008 and called him, “My son” and “our son” meaning a Muslim born in the Middle East, I would assume.

Obama aka Barry, was interviewed on video and he stated from his own lips that he  didn’t have enough experience to be a U.S. President.  He was right, but he did have enough help from the Liberals and Kissinger and Soros, the SEIU and Steel Workers Union as well as bundlers to get slipped into the Senate and the oval office without proper vetting.  Americans wanted to vote for either the first Black President or the first female President, so how could the Democrats lose if they put two people who couldn’t lose by making either candidate a novelty and a first for American along with the Hollywood glitz?  Oprah and Jesse Jackson and the Liberal celebrities cried on video when Obama won and when he was inaugurated.  Hillary allegedly was promised the win in 2016, which would be the reason that she and Bill were shocked when soros and Hillary never dreamed that in a million years Trump would win the Presidential Election of November 2016.

In 2008, the majority of Americans were sold snake oil.  The majority of Americans are good people.  They wanted to be e relieved of the guilt placed on us which we had nothing to do, but lingered from the prejudice of past generations who enslaved Blacks and denied them equal rights in the USA.  But, it was a White President and White Americans who marched for Civil Rights with the Black Americans and Martin Luther King during the 60’s, and fought and died during the Civil War so all people could be free.  However, the Liberal Democrats were very clever when they pitted Obama and Hillary on the Presidential Ballot,  knowing that McCain could never win, since he’s a RINO and said nothing that would gain even momentum during the campaign of 2008.  There had to be a lot of RINOS willing to let the 2008 election be won by  an inexperienced community organizer or a woman drenched in scandals and known to attend flag burning and knowing both candidates embraced Communism.

The fact that the American people elected a non-vetted unidentified usurper into the highest office in the land based upon what appear to be  fake stories about his being a “Christian” and supportive of “Traditional Marriage” and “Pro-Life” as well as  upholding the Constitution as the law of the land is remarkable!  Despite the Fact versus Fake beliefs of the election of 2008, and his fake story about not knowing Bill Ayers, a domestic terrorist who was never held accountable for his admitted crimes while his wife went to jail.   As it turns out, Bill Ayers alleged to be the ghostwriter of Obama’s book and helped him organize ACORN, whose members ended up in jail for voter fraud, the American people loved Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Bill Ayers and his wife were never remorseful and they went on to teach your kids at a university.

The election of Obama gave the Liberals a pass on anything they did because if anyone opposed Obama, they called the Americans who opposed their agendas, “Racist.”  If Americans demanded vetting of Obama’s Birth Certificate, the Liberals and MSM called out Americans as “Birthers” and “Crazies.”  And, Military men who refused to follow orders until Obama’s Birth Certificate was vetted were punished.  But, Obama, was never punished for the forgery, fraud, and dishonesty of his Birth Certificate which in my opinion, violated his Sworn Oath, which must be sworn under Penalty of Perjury and in “Good Faith,” and believed by We The People in order to be the President of the USA.  Obama and Michelle and the Clinton’s and Soros and the Liberal Democrats and Justices assisted and remained silent about their choice for President to change and transform American into a Muslim, Communist and Socialist Nation that would erase American History, America’s Borders, and the Middle Class, and punish Americans who opposed them as stated in the news by Obama’s right hand, Valerie Jarrett, after elections of 2012, who now lives in a mansion with the Obama’s in D.C. according to the news.  

Obama used his alleged dad’s Muslim Black African race to call out the  “Race Card” for 8 years along with his USAG, Eric Holder which created Black-White tension from the get-go in 2009.  The Race Card was needed along with a Mulatto President in order to create Black-White tension and riots in order to call out Civil Unrest and Martial Law in the future which is part of the New World Order and U.N.’s agenda. The loyal Americans who opposed the New world Order’s Deep State according to a Presidential Directive passed down from former President Bill Clinton to former President Bush to former non-vetted President Obama was the tool that would allow Obama or Hillary if they had won in 2016, along with the NDAA Executive Order, to  indefinitely detain  only Americans in FEMA camps and private prisons that were secretly built under the Bush-Cheney regime.  In fact, the Presidential Directive implementing the Patriot Act was part of this agenda that targeted not just terrorist, but Americans, which we were told was temporary, but they made it permanent.  Why did they lie to Americans?  The Presidential Directive of 2009 stated that if a pandemic or civil unrest was called out by the President of the USA, that the President could call out Martial Law, and quarantine Americans, call out a curfew, and indefinitely detain Americans.  They could transport people who didn’t comply to facilities [FEMA camps] where they would be trained to comply with the New World Order or else, I suppose!  In my opinion, the Patriot Act and the NDAA Law are unconstitutional, unlawful, and illegal Directives that deny “Due Process of Law” only to Americans accused of a crime by the U.S. government (or are they still part of the U.S. government) as they’ve trampled on their constitutional right to exercise “limited powers” and have expanded them to take control of the entire USA through the DHS-Fema shadow government laid out in a Presidential Directive.  

In fact, Bill Clinton, while he was President of the United States, ordered a study on Human Capital.  Human Capital means the value or lack of value of human individuals including the future natural born Americans whose mothers and unborn babies are Human Capital for taxation and profit under “Mandated Taxpayer Funded Abortions.”  The government taxes Americans to kill the babies by calling it legal and a woman’s right, which also reduces the population by the millions of natural born Americans making room for the pre-planned foreign invaders.  The unborn babies are murdered and stabbed in the head with abortion scissors and their bodies torn apart and organs and tissue sold for profit.  And, these Justices and Liberal Democrats and Civilians are decent moral Americans?  And, we were founded on a Christian Foundation and our laws are rooted in the Bible and the Ten Commandments?  What happened to the “Right to Life” and the Right to Legal Counsel for the unborn babies?  How is it a Father’s Right and the Grandparent’s Rights are wiped out?  How about the Right for parents willing to adopt a future American?  And, Big Pharma and who knows how many doctors are playing a big roll in drugging people with excessive pain kilers and getting them hooked and calling it legal, to boot?

Therefore, the Liberal Democrats and Rinos slipped Obama into  office without a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate knowing he was not eligible to be a President of the United States of America.  They refused to properly vet him and dismissed all eligibility lawsuits for 8 years.  The Liberals and MSM called out conservatives as “Birthers” and “Crazies,” and “Deplorables,” and more.   In fact, the Clinton’s were elected into office despite the fact that the Clinton Chronicles had made national news such as Watergate and Hillary being fired by a major law firm for lying.  The Clinton Chronicles, laid out in a book and video,  chronicled a myriad of people who were found dead under suspicious circumstances such as Vince Foster, the Clinton’s close friend.  The scandals of affairs, people found dead under suspicious circumstances, allegations of rape, trips to Orgy Island, Tyson Chickens and Mena Airport and drug flown into Arkansas, and much more  followed them not only from the Governor’s office in Arkansas but into the White House and even up through the present time of 2017.   The truth is that the American voters ignored the alleged crimes n the books and video known as the “Clinton Chronicles” and “The Franklin Cover-Up.”   Maybe, if they hadn’t ignored the whistle blowers and witnesses who came forward, more Americans would still be alive such as Senator Nancy Shaffer and Set Rich and Victor Thorne and more/  The American voters elected the Clinton’s into the oval office for two terms, just like they ignored Obama’s being a usurper according to law enforcers, forensics, his family, and lawyers, and elected him for two terms.  It’s stunning! 

After the Clinton’s gained access to the White House, they got into bed with Kissinger, Soros, CFR, and Communist China. They immediately sold out American jobs and manufacturing companies and Technology, which in the past would have been considered “espionage,” but they were protected it does appear from such charges, so allegedly, Mueller reduced the charged to a stain on a blue dress and lying to the Grand Jury. Bill said, “I did not have sex with that woman.” Well, maybe, he forgot! And, “It is all depends on what the word “IS” means.” Well, America found out what IS means when Obama slipped into office without proper vetting and he and Hillary allegedly created IS aka ISIS aka ISIL when they left the “vacuum” with weapons, ammunition, Ford Trucks, and military vehicles for a hand full of ISIS members at the time who couldn’t afford to buy a camel and that vacuum Obama created came at U.S. taxpayer’s expense and the expense of military lives.

The Clinton’s sold out America’s economic status to Communist China as well as Obama, the one referred to by most Americans as the “Manchurian Candidate,” who sold out America and Americans with the blessings of the key Democrats in positions of power for far too long and Liberal Activist Judges appointed by the Clinton’s and Obama. Obama-Hillary-Kerry and the Democrats used our tax dollars to implement a secret E.O. when they pre-planned for millions of Muslims to INVADE the USA under the guise of Christian Refugees. How many Christian Refugees could there be among billions of Muslims who know if they convert, they will be tortured and die? Of course, there are some, but most would never make it out of the Middle East alive.

The Democratic and RINO Congress vote to increase their taxpayer funded wages and Obama’s wages that nearly doubled while denying seniors and the military a COL increase of a measley few pennies per year. However, they pre-planned to use American tax dollars through the Refugee Department to migrate millions of radicals from Palestine and later from Syria into the USA who were members or links to HAMAS who later joined hands with ISIS under the wing of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR and their offshoots, it appears.

The Obama’s and Clinton’s and Democrats have worked hard to turn America into a combination of Socialism, Sharia Law, and a Communist Iron Fist it does appear when they shut the doors of the White House on the American people after they successfully slipped an non-vetted man who entered the USA with a foreign passport according to investigators and was granted a foreign student loan, all paid for by the American taxpayers. It appears that the Communist pre-planned the take down of the USA after WWII when they would use a Mulatto baby to be groomed for this time in history. Will they succeed with their New World Order after Hitler failed is the question blowing in the wind.

Obama had been in office days when he signed the secret E.O. on or about 1/27/2009 to invade our nation with radicals and harems under the guise of “Christian Refugees” when the majority appear to be a Trojan Horse of young males without money or jobs who were bused around the nation at taxpayer’s expense after flown into the USA secretly at night at taxpayer’s expense and set up around the nation in no-go zone training camps without vetting. The rest of the foreign radical invaders are supported with cash, D/L’s, Passports, perhaps, Citizenship, Housing, Food Stamps, and Obamacare. Obama’s pre-planned invasion is an “act of war” against America according to the U.S. Constitution and it’s defined as Treason and Sedition by Traitors is it not?

However, the intent appeared to be clever. Obama’s calls out the sky is falling so he can be granted trillions of U.S. tax dollars for this pre-planned invasion and take over the of the USA and currently the overthrow of the Trump administration.  They racked up the National Debt, but made sure they were wealthy and provided life time retirements and they  set up the invaders with living necessities at taxpayer’s expense, rubber stamped Obamacare, approved, so the foreign invaders could access health care at taxpayer’s expense, and by-passed  immigration laws and refugee laws and quotas, identification laws, and searches and naked x-rays at the airports.  It appears only law-abiding Americans are searched for having a bottle of water on their person.  The Muslim Brotherhood’s stated and written strategic goal is to invade, infiltrate on all levels, overpopulate, dominate and steal the United States of America for their own and wipe out Western Civilization. Isn’t that a fraud and treason to lie that they are here to be Americans using our constitution for their strategic goal by stating that they can lie under their law if it is to reach their goal using their religion for that and replace Constitutional law with their  foreign ideology in America under the guise of Freedom of Religion using the U.S. Constitutional law for their convenience.

It appears that this long-time agenda by the 60’s and 70’s hippies who attended flag burning took control of the USA. They embraced Saul Alinsky, Communism, Marxism, Socialism, and the Muslim Brotherhood. They were so close to reaching their American Dream which is change and transformation of America and reducing the population of future natural born Americans and the elderly and sick to make room for the foreign invaders and their One World Order aka New World Order which Bush Sr. embraced and announced that the NWO would “succeed.”

Fortunately, for America and Americans and the U.S. Military who have suffered at the hands of the Obama-Jarrett-Hillary-Kerry-Brennan regime, a wrench was thrown into their conspiracy to change and transform America into a radical Muslim nation and Socialism or worse by keeping their own people in positions of power. If the wrench hadn’t been thrown into their conspiracy and collusion which they’ve been secretly creating over the decades, they would have definitely already succeeded. The wrench happened to be the Will of the Majority of Americans who Hillary and Obama and Gruber referred to as “stupid” and “small minded” and “foolish” and “easily tricked.”

These key Democrats appear to have been assisting the foreign enemies aka terrorists with material assistance and abusing their positions to turn an ILLEGAL INVASION into illegal immigration, which are two different federal crimes. A foreign invasion is clearly defined in the Constitution as an “Act of War” against the United States of America punishable by law. So, why aren’t the key perpetrators being punished by law?

Therefore, it’s no wonder that the key Democrats and their RINO colleagues have become a threat to our way of life and our existence and have engaged in violence. They threaten and now are carrying out injury and attempting to kill Republican leaders and Supporters and appear to be plotting to overthrow the White House with the help of Liberal celebrities and assassinate the President of the United States of America as they continue to spew out hateful speeches against him and his family.  This is the most disgraceful behavior ever recorded in U.S. History. Americans attacking the White House, American leaders engaging in hate speech and injury, destruction, bullying, harassment, frivolous lawsuits, fake news, false accusations, and calling illegal – legal.  Shameful and Disgracefu!  These are crimes against America and Americans and they are risking the lives of the Military and the American families, but these issues are ignored by those in charge it appears.

Recently, the Bernie Sanders scathing speech against President Trump apparently created more hate for the POTUS and the Republican leaders when a Bernie Sanders staunch supporter and alleged FBI asset carried out an attempted murder against the Republican leaders and allegedly was targeting the POTUS. This is beyond anything in U,S. History that has ever been recorded. It’s pure evil, but that’s what happens when the Democratic Party prefers foreign ideologies and attempt to kick out God, Christians, and Jews, and the Bible, and Constitutional Laws rooted in the Bible and Ten Commandments from the Greatest Free Nation in the world; however, in order to Rule by an Iron Fist, they must rid the world of Americans, Europeans, and those they hate who oppose their Liberal agendas which include pedophilia, child molesting, child brides, incest, harems, polygamy, beastiality, beating women, denying women and children rights, mandated taxpayer funded abortions of U.S. natural born citizens, not abortions for foreign radicals who don’t believe in abortion, but overpopulation, as just a few changes to the American way of life as being normal.

The Democrats and RINOS have engaged the Muslim Brotherhood and their leaders when Obama was slipped into office as his right hand person, Valerie Jarrett, whose not mentioned much, but stated to worldwide news that “they” would punish any Americans who opposed their agendas.  She isn’t even an elected officer of the U.S. government, yet, she was glued to Obama’s side as his top advisor?  It’s reported that Valerie Jarrett now lives with the Obama’s in a mansion in .D.C., and the Iranian born female is alleged to have family links to the Muslim Brotherhood and her dad’s a long-time friend of Bill Ayer’s father as reported in my research.

On the other hand,  Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, employed  Huma, whose linked to a strong Muslim Brotherhood family as welland Saudi Arabia.  Huma  just happened to have 650,000 U.S. Government Emails on their home computer which Comey and Lynch apparently think is no big deal, but it’s a big deal for a young military man who snaps a photo of one document and ends up in Leavenworth.  Also, the  Democrats have supported the U.N.’s Agenda 21 and Redistribution of Wealth to the U.N. Third World Nations making Americans poor so we’re all equally poor creating a two tier Class – the “haves and have nots” as President George Bush stated in a speech.

The agendas and intent of the U.N. made up of a majority of the U.N. Third World nations is to steal our money under the guise of “The Redistribution of Wealth” from hard working Americans bringing America’s economic status along with the Clinton’s outsourcing our jobs and manufacturing companies and technology, down to their level making Americans equally poor! They intend to reduce the population of the world and that includes Planned Parenthood, which was a Nazi agenda as well, as they slaughter American babies for profit who are the future natural born Americans being wiped out by the millions while millions of radicals are simultaneously being migrated into Europe and America with intent to overpopulate.   They are wiping out the Middle Class and America’s future natural born citizens by creating a silent genocide for the unborn and elderly and chronically ill and those they disfavor and it is by design. Obama-Clinton- Democratic regime intentionally created fewer U.S. jobs and a higher National Debt and increased their COL on their taxpayer funded wages, while  the foreign enemies sue the American Businesses to put them out of business and demand the American businesses meet their demands by threatening a lawsuit.  Such lawsuits should be considered frivolous and thrown out.

 Redistribution of Wealth to Obama, the Clinton’s, the corrupted Democrats and RINOS and the Muslim Brotherhood and Communist China is by intent and design and all who engage in these unlawful, unconstitutional, and illegal agendas at least in my opinion appear to be  the traitors and enemies of the United States of America and the American citizens. All who engaged and took the bribes, funneled money, and created fake U.S. charities for self-financial and political gain and operated as a pay-to-play scheme or a charity to pay protesters to injure, kill, and destroy American property and create civil unrest are still at large.

America is a Nation of Immigrants. Legal Immigrants! We are Civilized because those who came before us saw that crimes were increasing, so they established LEGAL Immigration laws and established ILLEGAL INVASIONS as an “Act of War” against the United States of America by foreign invaders. They clearly defined the difference between illegal immigration and a foreign illegal invasion as an act of war as well as Treason, Traitors, and Sedition. The Obama Jarrett-Clinton-Kerry-Brennan Regime not only invited the foreign enemies into the USA but appointed them into positions of power and funded them with our tax dollars, weapons, vehicles, ammunition, and open borders, or the invasion of foreign enemy terrorists and radicals could have never happened without what appears to be 
material assistance. They have transferred our wealth to the foreign enemies. The foreign enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood organization and their branches, such as CAIR, publish books, such as “The Project” similar to “Rules  for Radicals.” The enemy networks around our nation and it’s alleged Obama as he stated created an army which we would refer to as the “Trojan Horse.”
Make No Mistake! The written and stated strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood and Communist is to quietly take over the nation and infiltrate, invade, overpopulate, (while American women are encouraged by radical women to kill millions of future natural born Americans at birth while they don’t believe in abortion or contraceptives, but overpopulation as their WMD for domination); dominate America and Europe and conquer Western Civilization enslaving all Europeans, Americans, and Jews and Christians and Catholics to the Muslim Brotherhood and Communist Party making America and Europe a Hell on Earth.
Remember, Obama and Hillary had no problem using our tax dollars to replace leaders in the Middle East with Muslim Brotherhood leaders. It’s alleged that Obama and Hillary and Holder trafficked guns into Mexico, but under which authority from Congress did they apply to use U.S. Recovery Funds promised for the 350,000 infrastructure jobs, during Fast and Furious? It’s alleged they were trafficking guns in Benghazi into Syria. They trafficked untracked guns to untracked cartel members and didn’t use Law Enforcement 101 for two years
during Fast and Furious.  They didn’t have any videos? No audio? No photos? No tracking of the tax dollars to fund this operation in the DOJ? No Meetings – No emails – No Faxes? Where did the the money from the sales end up for the guns sold to cartel members? Where are the guns? In fact, it’s reported that members of cartels in Mexico and along the borders who murdered Border Patrol and innocent people for two years, joined hands with ISIS.
 Obama, Hillary and Rice openly and boldly without batting an eye flat out lied to America about Benghazi. Only Sociopaths would not bat an eye and laugh or joke about dead Americans when questioned by Congressional members about a international scandal that Comey may refer to as “extremely careless,” you think?
Apparently, these irresponsible leaders apparently think nothing about sending an innocent person to prison. They accused an innocent unknown video and the producer of the video that caused an  international tragic scandal that should have been prevented by them. Obama and Hillary and Jarrett (Obama’s right hand glued to his side).  Panetta  was present during the terrorist attack by Islamic terrorists at Benghazi and he stated that Obama was “AWOL.” Another article stated that Obama was sleeping while a U.S. Ambassador was being tortured and died and Americans were abandoned. One of the key persons in charge called out a “Stand Down.” Who was it since only the “Commander-in-Chief can call out a Stand Down?”  
Remember, Obama and Hillary had no problem using our tax dollars to replace leaders in the Middle East with Muslim Brotherhood leaders. It’s alleged that Obama and Hillary and Holder trafficked guns into Mexico, but under which authority from Congress did they apply to use U.S. Recovery Funds promised for the 350,000 infrastructure jobs, during Fast and Furious? It’s alleged they were trafficking guns in Benghazi into Syria. They trafficked untracked guns to untracked cartel members and didn’t use Law Enforcement 101 for two years?
No videos? No audio? No photos? No tracking of the tax dollars to fund this operation in the DOJ? No Meetings – No emails – No Faxes? Where did the the money from the sales end up for the guns sold to cartel members? Where are the guns? In fact, it’s reported that members of cartels in Mexico and along the borders who murdered Border Patrol and innocent people for two years, joined hands with ISIS.
There are allegations that Obama and Hillary covered up Benghazi because they allegedly trafficked guns into Syria according to past and recent news reports. Obama, Hillary and Rice openly and boldly without batting an eye and they flat out lied to America about Benghazi. Only Sociopaths would not bat an eye or laugh or joke about abandoned, tortured, and dead Americans then lie about it to the entire world in my opinion. Apparently, these irresponsible leaders apparently think nothing about sending an innocent person to prison. They accused an innocent unknown video and the producer of an international tragic scandal that should have been prevented by them. Obama and Hillary and Jarrett (Obama’s right hand glued to his side whose family is linked to Bill Ayers and the Muslim Brotherhood). Panetta was present and stated Obama was “AWOL.” Another article stated that Obama was sleeping while a U.S. Ambassador was being tortured and died and Americans were abandoned. One of the key persons in charge called out a “Stand Down.” Who was it since only the “Commander-in-Chief can call out a Stand Down?”  
Remember, Obama and Hillary had no problem using our tax dollars to replace leaders in the Middle East with Muslim Brotherhood leaders.In fact, Egypt and the International Criminal Court is alleged to have charged Hillary and Obama with war crimes for aiding and abetting the enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood. This raises the question  under which constitutional authority from Congress did Obama and Hillary  apply to use U.S. Recovery Funds promised for the 350,000 infrastructure jobs, during Fast and Furious? The Holder DOJ under Obama and Hillary’s watch trafficked non-tracked guns to non-tracked  cartel members and didn’t use Law Enforcement 101 for two years.  No videos? No audio? No photos? No tracking of the tax dollars to fund this operation in the DOJ? No Meetings – No emails – No Faxes? Where did the the money from the sales end up for the guns sold to cartel members? Where are the guns? In fact, it’s reported that members of cartels in Mexico and along the borders who murdered Border Patrol and innocent people for two years, joined hands with ISIS.
In conclusion, why didn’t the Democratic Congress and Senate care?  The Obama and Clinton Regime  abandoned a U.S. Ambassador and Military Heroes and a staff of Americans in Benghazi, while the leaders at the top of the U.S. Federal Government failed to try and save their lives as they watched loyal patriotic Americans  being terrorized and murdered Islamic Terrorists in real time after they were abandoned, but then the Liberals  approve of torturing unborn babies by stabbing them in the head with abortion scissors and calling murder, legal, in my opinion. These Americans, who were left behind at Benghazi  (and don’t forget the U.S. Navy Seals Obama sent to Afghanistan in an old helicopter in the night on some secret mission were shot down and killed by the Afghan terrorists who apparently knew they were coming).  The Heroic Military Men and U.S. Ambassador and American staff should never have been abandoned.  The victims should have been ordered to be rescued by the  U.S. Military without any debating and indecision.  If America had elected a properly vetted natural born American President who was loyal the America, this would have never happened.  Sadly, a non-vetted President without a Certified Birth Certificate according to reports was AWOL and sleeping so he could get up early and fly to Vegas for a concert and fund raiser with  Beyonce and Jay Z. …..And, remember,  Hillary laughed hysterically at the Benghazi 
Congressional hearings. And, Obama casually stated on national television that the Amerians were no more than “stumbling blocks.”
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Rose Colombo (c) 6/2/2017

It’s not over until it’s over!  The video report below and online news reports that 2,078 pages of new Clinton Emails Released.  It appears that the Clinton’s were pretty much controlling the nation’s direction by remaining in key positions since Bill Clinton was elected Governor of Arkansas when scandals and mysterious deaths of persons who were working with the Clinton’s or in-the-know or witnesses were reported in the news ever since the name, Vince Foster, hit the news that led to the Clinton Chronicles.

Hillary Clinton told a reporter that she would never be indicted.  How is it that Hillary Clinton is so positive that she will never be indicted and laughs off the question of indictment, laughed off the attack on Libya and the assassination of the former leader of Libya, Gaddafi, and laughed while under oath and questioned about the four dead Americans murdered by terrorists at Benghazi.  Hillary Clinton also laughed on an audio tape when discussing how she defended a violent rapist who violently raped a 12-year-old virgin and traumatized her and made her sterile after blaming the minor child for the rape.  She laughed off her husband, disbarred lawyer, and impeached President and womanizer who was accused of rape and spending about 2 dozen visits to Orgy Island owned by his friend, a listed Pedophile, who got an early release from prison and whose Orgy Island wasn’t confiscated by the  federal government to the best of my knowledge or shut down.

In fact, the NYPD and FBI are alleged to have videos of the Clinton’s on video with a minor child on Huma and Weiner’s home computer without being arrested or charged or indicted for those allegations or the alleged Breach of National Security reduced by former FBI Director, Comey and Loretta Lynch down to “extremely negligent” which is a nice way of avoiding the term, extremely “Gross Negligent” and dropping the ball of alleged Espionage and alleged National Security Breach.  (View the Video below posted for educational and entertainment purposes only)





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