Silenced? Listen: Thought Police? Sweden, China, USA! Hate Speech” and “Web Hate” /Fines and Arrests/ Internet / Is It Entrapment Targeting Natural Born Citizens and Seniors?

Rose Colombo (c) 2/16/2019

What if there were secret Thought Police in sovereign nations in Europe and America without the knowledge of most natural-born citizens who were born on their homelands and were guaranteed Freedom of Speech until the foreigners stormed into sovereign nations and welcomes by the good citizens of those nations only to discover they came to impose their laws on sovereign nations?

What if the discriminatory policies which are implemented in Communist nations such as Communist Chinese crept into Free Sovereign Nations in all of Western Civilization to suppress the Free Citizens of the world from speaking out against evil deeds, crimes, and totalitarian laws and criminals who came to steal their land and change their laws and dominate their nations and rape their women and kids as stated on their posted videos?


What if the leaders of Western Civilization sold out their countries to those nations who were allowed under the watch of former non-vetted President Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama, with support of Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Bush’s, and Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Huma Abedin, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, McCain, and others including Democratic Governors in the USA who implemented and violated their sworn oaths by allowing Illegal Immigrants to flood illegally into the USA and Europe?

What if the Democrats allowed Obama and Hillary to abuse U.S. tax dollars without disclosure to secretly migrate tens of thousands of foreigners from foreign enemy nations into the USA at night and scatter them around the nation into U.S. cities to demand they not be insulted so they can’t be arrested or jailed or fined and to set up no-go zones on U.S. soil which is owned by the natural-born Americans which is their homeland? What if Merkel of Germany, Theresa May of theUK, or Macron of France and leaders of Belgium, Sweden, Spain, and the EU nations did the same and ordered their citizens to be silent or else be punished if they spoke out or posted online without their knowledge they could be entrapped as criminals and punished, not the actual foreign migrants who committed the crimes?

Obama and Hillary Clinton preplanned without knowledge of the American citizens and began secretly flying in foreigners from foreign enemies nations at night who were actually coming to change and transform and dominate all of Western Civilization. How do we know? Because after arriving, they chanted on public streets, “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” and stated in the news that they weren’t in the USA to assimilate or uphold the U.S. Constitution, but they came to impose their laws inside the USA and set up no-go zones denying natural-born and legal naturalized Americans to access those areas on their own homeland?

How would that be possible in Free Nations that guarantee Freedom of Speech to their citizens? Do these leaders have the legal, lawful, and constitutional authority to silence their citizens who speak out against crimes committed by anyone in their nations or to report them to the “thought police” by posting the truth online? Is this discrimination as they don’t apply the same laws to the foreign migrants, so who are the leaders protecting and are they attempting to change and transform the world into the One World Government by placing fear in the minds of their natural-born citizens who own their homelands and punishing them which is a Communist agenda?

The attack on Americans and Europe began after 9/11/2001 under the watch of former President George W. Bush and V.P. Cheney when Obama, Hillary Clinton, Senator Chuck Schumer and former Mayor Bloomberg began declaring that Americans were intolerant and politically incorrect on national television because they opposed a specific race, Muslims, were demanding that America build a victory mosque at Ground Zero on the human remains of Americans who were murdered by Islamic Terrorists on 9/11/2001.

It’s time to demand that the DOJ of every sovereign nation and the leaders of all nations linked to Western Civilization demand to know why they are protecting unidentified foreigners and discriminating and punishing and targeting natural-born Americans only who they are paid to protect from crimes no matter who is committing the crimes or why they are being silenced from posting their opinions by denying Freedom of Speech to the natural-born citizens, but don’t hold the foreigners to the same standard!

Sources: Gatestone Institute and La Croix


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Listen: Just In! Ice Agent Refuses OBAMA’S $100,000 Hush Money for her Silence! Rose Colombo speaks out on Colombo Chronicles Live!

Rose Colombo, Radio Podcast Host (c) 2/12/2019

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Remember listening to news stories on main stream media blasting Trump and attempting to “strip” him of his legal right to agree to a Settlement Offer drawn up by his lawyer? The Liberal media was obsessed with Stormy and her lawyer, and Trump. They talked about Stormy in the morning. Noon. And, night. The news anchors talked about the famous “Stripper” named, Stormy Daniels, and attorney, Avanetti, for months. Stormy’s attorney, Avenatti, filed a lawsuit against President Donald J. Trump.

At the time that the two adults had an affair and the Settlement Offer was drawn up by attorney Cohen, Trump was a businessman. He had not entered into politics. The news reported that he settled with Stormy for $30,000. The Settlement Offer and financial payment is quite common in California and other states among two or more people who settle outside of court for many reasons.

People want to put a case behind them and end it and move on. But, Stormy came back after Trump once he was elected as the President of the United States of America. Stormy came back to “strip” Trump of more money when her attorney hit the news declaring he filed another lawsuit against President Trump. The Liberal Media ate it up as did the Democrats.

The Democrats had a field day. The Democrats despise Trump and have threatened to “take him out” and “indict” him or “impeach” him, The Democrats have even alleged and threatened to “indict” his adult children in some cases. They attempted to declare the First Lady, Melania, as an illegal alien.

Should Americans not ask why would the Democrat party threaten to remove Melania from the country when the Democrats promote illegal alien entry into the USA? In fact, the Democrats “harbor” and “aid and abet” illegals who commit the crime of illegal entry that legally according to the law books makes them criminals.

The Democrats pushing to impeach President Trump based on the Stormy Daniels story may have been based on the former President Bill Clinton’s affair in the oval office. Clinton was impeached for lying about the affair and for lying to the Grand Jury. I doubt that the young intern he seduced on the job and on taxpayer’s time and dime was gifted with a cash settlement offer. Instead, she ended up with a lifetime of embarrassment in my opinion as a victim of Hillary Clinton’s husband and Hillary Clinton, who defended her husband.

Just In! A new scandal hit the news, only this time, it involves the Democratic former non-vetted President, Barack Hussein Obama. The reports published alleges that an Ice Agent, Taylor Johnson, refused to accept a $100,000 settlement offer as hush money so she wouldn’t speak out about the corruption she uncovered in the federal government involving the Obama regime, former secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Hillary Clinton’s brother, former Senator Harry Reid and his son, an attorney, and others. It also involves the abuse of EB 5 Visas for-profit.

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Breaking: Listen Taped Live: Trump’s Border Wall USA Is Close! Crime Decreased in El Paso After Wall Was Built!

Rose Colombo (c) 2/22/2018

The Hosts of Liberal Media continue to state that Trump misled the American people in his speech when he stated that the Border Wall built along El Paso helped decrease crime and illegal immigration.

The Truth is that crime did decrease and one of the reasons included the wall that was built along El Paso, Texas. Although, there were other factors, it’s a proven fact that the wall helps deter illegal immigration that include healthy males who are just seeking work, but also gang members, terrorist cells, traffickers and bad guys who kill people to harvest organs and sell them on the Black Market. The caravans also include rapist, murderers and thieves as well as people who are looking to be part of the USA.

The bad guys make it very difficult for the women and children who march with their caravana for thousands of miles among strangers of about 75% men from Third World nations which is very dangerous for the females and for the children, so the wall doesn’t just protect Americans, it will save lives of women and kids who are raped or killed or trafficked along the way.

America has always welcomed immigrants, but Legal Immigrants. America is a Nation of Americans. America is a Nation of Natural Born Americans who allow immigrants to apply legally for citizenship by entering through the legal ports of entry and submit to the inspections required by law. Many Third World persons carry diseases that were eradicated in the USA or carry new diseases that can spread and kill Americans.

Communicable diseases can cause a pandemic and quarantines which happened in San Diego when a rare form of Hepatits spread where illegals entered and set up sanctuary cities. Typhus is spreading in L.A. and San Francisco in the tent cities. America is experiencing outbreaks of Measles, Chicken Pox and Sars and there was a case of flesh eating disease brought into the USA.

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Breaking: Was George Soros, Billionaire, arrested in Switzerland on 2/3/2019? Or, Taken to GITMO? Or Did he Die about 2018? Or are these online stories a HOAX?

Rose Colombo (c) 2/8/2019

After researching the online story declaring George Soros was arrested in Switzerland on 2/3/2019, Rose Colombo, Host of Colombo Chronicles Live, decided to do a little more research and try to find the truth, but that was not truly possible. She did come up with the following information which can be heard in a 15 minute commentary:

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