IS There An Agenda to Reduce the Population?

Rose Colombo – 7/18/2010

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Sec. 3.   Declaration of policy  – re: Executive order S. 2433  (110th) Global Millennium Development Goal – Reducing the Population of the Planet

It is the policy of the United States to promote the reduction of global poverty, the elimination of extreme global poverty, and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal of reducing by one-half the proportion of people worldwide, between 1990 and 2030 and 90% by 2050 targeting the elderly and poor in the USA and Third World Nations such as Africa, India, and China first who live on less than $1 per day?

How shall we determine if there are secret societies consisting of wealthy elitist, who are globalists, and determine if their agenda is controlling and gaining power over the world’s population by the year 2015?

Should Americans not question if the powers that be could actually  accomplish such a goal based on the number countries and the number  of people in the world?  Of course, it would take wealthy people who control the world’s financial status and those within the inner circle of the most wealthy families from around the globe who seek to usher in as former President George W. Bush stated, “The New World Order.”  Former impeached President, Bill Clinton, and non-vetted President Barack Hussein Obama” declared that America needed a New World Order.  It must be part of the requirement to be a vetted or non-vetted President of the U SA.

The effort to reduce the population of the world by 90% would take decades of plotting and secret societies and secret agendas by the dark side whose god is Lucifer and people willing to sell their souls in exchange for the “material world.”  These people seek power, control, wealth, and sexual inappropriate behaviors and unnatural behaviors in private and secret places as whistle blowers and witnesses described over the decades.

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It appears that the big money would come from the tycoons on Wall Street for they must invest their money in gold, silver, commodities, wars, stocks, property, and start up or big business.  The wealthy invest their money in nesses, non-profit charitable institutions to protect their assets and reduce their taxes.  They invest in wars and the Military Industrial Complex.  They invest in pharmaceuticals and health care. They also have invested in private prisons and FEMA Camps as well as microchips and mandated taxpayer funded vaccinations.  Bill Gates says his family doesn’t get vaccinations, but he wants everyone else to be vaccinated because he and Ted Turner and the NWO believer there are too many people on the planet.

Each of the Industrial Complexes leads back to financial control of America’s tax dollars and controlling the individual person.  Americans think they are free, but they are not free.  They are on a chess board and they may be allowed to gain some wealth and position in the world, but they can also be knocked off the board at any time and either go to heaven early or lose everything or go to jail even if it’s on bogus charges set up by the powers that be made by false accusations.  They can freeze the assets of any American based on a false allegation as they ignore “due process of law” and “Miranda Rights” and “Probable Cause” and the “Truth.”

Consequently, the powers that be would use their blood money to manufacture products or services to their advantage.  They use the federal government by donating to campaignsto make sure that their cooperate candidate gets into office and can be controlled.  They send out their Lobbyists.  The donors are aware that once their  man or woman is elected into office that they will begin to enjoy the tast of power and end up drunk on control,  money, favors, gifts, and sexual indiscretions. 

The New World Order communists use the taxpayers money, not their own, to develop and manufacture “microchips” and “chemical-laden vaccinations,” or “Round-up pesticides,” as well as  “GMO’s” and “chemtrails.  And, they know exactly how to create the never-ending wars and how to stir up friction between nations.  They know how to stir up anger or fear using media to reach the masses and watch their reaction. 

Imagine How Many People Millions of Dollars in Campaign Funds Could be used to Feed the Hungry and supply Poor People with Contraceptives:

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The luciferin, witches, and atheist  operate on the dark side of the spectrum.  They deny God is real.  They mock Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  They’ve sold their souls for a barrel of oil and 13 pieces of silver. They are  the imprisoned. It  will be difficult for them to escape their fellow members. They are mandated by their own satanic set of laws,  Their motto is probably similar to that of the Muslim Brotherhood’s motto of  “comply of die” for non-converts.  In fact radicals state in their videos and on the news that their goal after graduating from the University of Holy War in Pakistan is to kill all “infidels.”  They truly are into death and destruction.

The goal of the New World Order is simple They thrive on death, wars, crisis, chaos, and confusion. Remember, it was Rahm Emmanuel, who stated, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  Rahm was sent to Chicago because and slipped in as Mayor to get him out of the White House so the rumors go online.  He has proven that  his “crisis” motto worked in Chicago while he has been the Mayor.   The inner cities in  Chicago  went from bad to worse.  The murder rate continues to soar. Black on Black  murders are  common place it appears in the bad areas of Chicago. 

It appears that in order to achieve the goal of the luciferin  New World Order agendas, they protect their wealth and that of those within their circle so they can continue to control the political environment, laws, and economics, wars, and diseases.   They use all their WMD’s against the Christians, Bible, Cross, Jesus Christ, Ten Commandments, heterosexuals, Traditional Marriage, Family Unit of one man and one woman, and they  hate morality and God.

In order to achieve their depopulation program and rid the world of the peasants around the world, they target mature and elderly as well as chronically ill and race, ethnicity, but they favor the youth.  They know they can brainwash and mind control the youth and train them up just like Hitler trained up the Nazi’s. 

It’s no secret that they are using dangerous unseen levels of radiation at the airports.  They are installing towers that radiate the environment and humans as well as smart meters.  They are fracking which isn’t good for the earth or the water supplied to homes and buildings. They are alleged to have used HAARP on Japan and caused Fukushima to flood the oceans that poisons humans, ocean life, and the food from the oceans because Japan wouldn’t cooperate with their New World Order agendas and flood their nation with radical Muslims.

They used fluoride to dump into the drinking water and toothpaste.  They dump chemicals and Rx drugs into the lakes and Colorado River and oceans.  And, anyone can google garbage island to see how tons of garbage has harmed the ocean life. The oil companies dump methane poisons into the oceans every time there is an oil spill which also kills off ocean life and hurts the fishing industry.  It is a trickle down system that hurts the businesses and food industry.  And, they inject cows and chickens with chemicals and export the chickens off to Communist China for inspections before they’re imported back to the USA?  How stupid is this?

In fact, for many years, the oil companies saved multi-millions of dollars by dumping MTBE poison into the gasoline instead of pay ing to have the MTBE toxic waste removed.  Women, pregnant women, and men and kids were breathing in the poisons.  The MTBE leaked into the drinking water and soil and the taxpayers were forced to pick up the tab so the county leaders could try and clean up the water supplies in California and other states.  The EPA let the oil tycoons off the hook and force the taxpayers to pick up the costs.  Americans died from cancer because of these leaks and lawsuits were filed against the oil companies.

The powers that be involved withe the New World Order and U.N. spray the skies 24/7 with chemtrails. that fall on humans, animals, insects, trees, soil, and into the waters.  The evil ones spray Round-Up toxic poison on our food and call foods that aren’t sprayed, “organic” and charge more for not poisoning us.  Monsanto introduced “GMO’s” which are proven to be of no nutritional value. Big Pharma manufacturers have created an excessive number of chemical-laden vaccinations and Americans have complained that healthy kids ended up with autism and that the elderly and babies have died after being excessively vaccinated.

Big Pharma is Big Business and so is their Rx Drugs,  and making heroine basically called Opioids legal in the USA.  The trafficking of opioids involving unethical doctors and radicals inside our country or doctors who hand out Opioid Rx’s is a serious problem as it is now an Epidemic and more Americans are dying. 

The evil ones spray chemtrails in the skies, which appear to be modifying the weather and blocking the rain  and intensifying the heat from the sun to the point of feeling as if we’re inside a microwave. This also provides an excuse to Monsanto which has been seeking the takeover of farmlands. Chemtrails appear to be drying out the soil and that causes the loss of crops and creates drought.

If the chemists who blew the whistle on chemtrails are correct and I for one believe they are correct then that would explain why there are fewer  birds, bees, insects,butterflies, lady bugs, caterpillars and why the trees and plants are dying off.  Some chemists allege that chemtrails contain aluminum nanoparticles and barium and lead.  What goes up must come down and it comes down on humans and animals and enters the pores. 

In fact, the evil ones operate in secret   It’s alleged that they use HAARP to direct hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes or block rain.  Of course, I’ve made many Americans angry when I publish that chemtrails are real as stated by credible experts and chemists who study them and state that they are not contrails! 

Unfortunately, the evil ones who control the majority of money around the world and control Wall Street and can collapse the economic status of countries or even the world will collapse their own wealth as well which is insane since no one will live forever.   

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Another issue that is of concern and should be researched involves the CDC. There are articles on line that report a disturbing idea that the federal government created HIV Aids and Ebola in a U.S. Lab and filed patents.  If foreign enemies from within wanted to create a coup to take over the White House and oval office, they could create civil unrest around the nation and a Pandemic.  They would have to cause an epidemic and blame it on the illegals or radicals they migrated into the USA living in o-go zones and sanctuary cities to take the blame off of the CDC or the federal government.  

The Patriot Act states that if there is a plaque, a pandemic or civil unrest in the USA that the President of the USA can call out curfews and Martial Law and order militarized police to patrol the neighborhoods.  It even states they can break down doors and search homes and quarantine homes or take people to government facilities who don’t comply.  This sounds more like Nazi Germany and carrying on with the Nazi agendas on U.S. soil.

If a Pandemic or Civil unrest nationwide were created as Obama has an army of 30,000 and ANTIFA is across the country and Europe pushing Socialism, and Linda Sarsour and her radical group push Sharia Law on America then it is possible under the Patriot Act that the President of the USA could call out curfews, Martial Law, and turn the nation over to the shadow government which allegedly is DHS and FEMA who would have control over all Americans. 

Should Americans not ponder if this is the goal of the New World Order. Is this what they are attempting to do under the Patriot Act in order to usher in the New World Order and the One World Leader. Did they intend for Hillary Clinton to be the One World Leader since she controls the Deep State it appears with Bill Clinton whose not innocent in all of these agendas, but dodged the draft and stated he would never fight for this country.  

Of course, if HAARP struck across the nation and devastated enough cities and triangulated the storm to destroy more cities or microwaves more Americans would be made homeless and more U.S. businesses destroyed.  Or if more Jihadist and mind controlled arsonist were used to set more wildfires inside the USA, once against more Americans would be homeless and out of work.  And, as they set up sanctuary cities and no-go zones across America, it appears they are setting the scene for civil unrest.

It would only be a matter of time until there are far too many hungry and homeless people to feed and civil unrest would break out if the natural disasters and wild fires and increased housing costs, gasoline, and food continue to rise as the population is older and they are taking away from the natural-born American elderly to give to the illegals and radicals migrated into the USA for 8 years by Obama and Hillary and the Democrats.

It appears that after Obama and Hillary pre-planned the foreign enemy invasion of the Middle East invaders from foreign enemy nations should have been reason enough to hold them accountable by law enforcement as traitors. The fact that the secret preplanned Executive Order to bring foreign enemies who were linked to terrorist groups or members of terrorist groups not fleeing tyrannical laws, but coming to impose their foreign tyrannical laws should be reason enough to hold Obama and Hillary accountable as traitors and detain and migrate the radicals back to their countries. It should have been reason enough to secure the borders and protect the legal Americans. 

Obama and Hillary’s  goal was to migrate 5,000,000 radicalized foreigners into the USA under the guise of “refugees,” but their refusal to assimilate and uphold Constitutional laws and impose their laws and civilization and way of life on Americans reflects a foreign enemy invasion, not illegal immigration and according to the U .S. Constitution that is a foreign enemy invasion and an “act of war” against America and Americans from within and from without.  A Trojan Horse!

What if they plan to crash the economic status of America and send the world into an economic tailspin to bring the masses to their knees?  Of course, that’s just a question but they would be hurting themselves as well.  Herein lies the confusion as to what do they gain by creating crisis, chaos, famine, contaminated water and civil unrest for they will not live forever and living underground is like living in a tomb!

There are many ways to commit a genocide without the masses even realizing why or how they are suffering from cancer or diseases or got dementia.  They probably wouldn’t even think about the fact that they’ve been slowly suffering from chemical warfare, i.e.,chemtrails, radiation, chemical-laden vaccines, cosmetics, skin care, household items, included in drinks and food and leaked into the soil, drinking water (fluoride and MTBE, and Rx drugs dumped into the ocean along with the Fukushima radiation).  They can inject chemicals into chickens and cattle and who would know the difference?  People would just think they became ill because of age or heredity or stress.

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 The government should fear the people, but today, the people appear to fear the federal government.  

 The Patriot Act and Obama’s many Executive Orders are anti-Constitutional and self-serving laws that serve the Muslim Brotherhood,United Nations, Socialist Party and Communist Party, and The New World Order.  The unconstitutional laws being implemented outside of the  U.S. Constitution by E.O. are appeasing the international bodies who the NWO leaders such as the Bush’s, Obama’s, and Clinton’s, Kissinger, and Soros, and the CFR and EU serve.

Obama’s fairy tale story that appears to be created by the CIA and approved by the Democrats linked to the Bush’s and Clinton’s and George Soros and Henry Kissinger all wrapped into one. Its my opinion that communist Frank Marshal Davis as well as Bill Ayers and his dad, Valerie Jarrett’s dad whose long-time friends with Bill Ayers’ dad, the Saudi King, and Saudi Prince, and the old Communist regime including the KGB  and Hollywood are involved in this Hollywood script which began after WW II and quietly and consisting through infiltration and recruiting enemies from within came to fruition in 2008.

The  uncorroborated story of the birth of the Mulatto, who the Democrats believe is the Messiah born in a manger;  yet others believe it’s a fairy tale written by a Hollywood scriptwriter and  appears to include KGB Directors  produced by The U.N. and NWO and f unded by George Soros.

It appears that the majority of Americans were sold snake oil. They bought every ounce of it no matter what the cost to the nation.  Obama’s Executive Order 13489 appears to have trampled on the constitutional rights of every legal American.

Although, credible U.S. attorneys, U.S. military officers, U.S. politicians, and citizens filed lawsuits  against their new non-vetted Mulatto U.S. President questioning his Birth Certificiate, Social Security Number, Names, and eligibility, it appears that the Manchurian  Candidate was pre-selected to win the  election in 2008.

About 2009,.  I recall warning  Americans about Obamacare and Death Panels.  The Congress cared less and they rubber stamped the unread and unconstitutional  “Obamacare” mandates,  fines, penalties, and requirements  into law.  I posted the information I came across on Facebook and internet sites hopig to bring attention to Obama’s secret Executive Order that was preplanned and signed by Obama on or about January 27, 2009. 

The Executive Order that I came across shocked me. It read that Obama and Hillary planned on flooding the nation with 5,000,000 Muslims from Palestine to the USA who are members of Hamas or linked to Hamas, the terrorist organization.  You don’t need a nuke to conquer a nation, you only need to elect the right people to do it without the majority realizing that they’re nation is being taken over by a foreign enemy invasion which is an act of war according to the Constitution and equates to sedition, traitors and treason, but the millennial doesn’t get it. 

Obama remains a mystery, although he admitted twice in speeches and in his bio that he was born in Kenya.  His grandmother confirmed that he was born in Kenya and she was present when he was born at the Kenyan hospital.  The Kenyan Parliament said they were surprised that Americans elected a Kenyan citizen to be the President of the USA.  Well, 49% of the American citizens were equally surprised.

Consequently, this writer wrote a letter to Justice Roberts and each U.S. Justice in support of attorney, Philip J. Berg’s, eligibility lawsuit stating that if they didn’t hear the eligibility lawsuit filed properly that they could be approving of a foreign spy or illegal alien or foreign enemy into the highest office in the land and setting a very bad precedent for the future.  I stated that if they don’t hear the eligibility lawsuit that illegals and radicals and terrorists or criminals would be using Obama’s case as a case precedent to conceal their identification and credentials and run for the highest offices in the land.  Justice Roberts did not respond and dismissed the eligibility case.

The history books expose debtor’s prison when it was a crime not to pay a bill on time.  The poor or average citizens who came upon hard luck and couldn’t pay their bills were thrown into debtor’s prison so they could suffer  at the hands of the greedy Kings and Queens who were no different from the wealthy members of the secret societies that intend to change and transform America by depopulating the masses.  The Democrats in my opinion if they maintain control of the House and Senate and White House would reinstate debtor’s prison for conservative and Christian Americans.  It’s my opinion, they would enforce the “presumption of guilt” against the Conservatives, Christians, and Jews so they could maintain power. 

Americans have been warned.  History repeats itself when young people are brainwashed and believe that the holocaust was a fairy tale or that World War II was “meaningless.”  The Constitution of the United States of America are the Supreme Laws of the Land ; however, Obama consistently stated that he would use his pen to make laws which is outside his pay grade.  He consistently declared that the Supreme Laws of the land are  “meaningless.” Obama should have been impeached for declaring the Constitution is “meaningless” and arrested as a traitor to the United States of America. 

Furthermore Obama stated that America is no longer a Christian nation and that the fake radical refugees and illegals are one of  us is not true at all.  They are in violation of the laws of the land and must be detained and deported as required by U.S. law.  In fact, it is possible that Obama is an illegal alien.

George Soros is totally an enemy of the USA as he stated he will destroy the U.S. dollar and make Communist China the superpower of the world.  Kissinger stated the same and both declared their allegiance to the New World Order.  These elderly men have spent their lives attempting to usher in the Communist’s New World Order to change and transform America.  What’s their point at their age?  

 Welcome to the New World Order!  Welcome to a world of chaos, crisis, and confusion, pain and suffering!  Welcome to the world of illegals, unidentified foreign enemies migrated into the USA, felons released in California, New York, and across the nation released by Obama.

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In early 2009, this writer, published the first blog that questioned the constitutionality of Obamacare.  The Democrats voted 100% to rubber stamp the unread 2700 pages of Obamacare, “approved.”  This is a Dereliction of Duty for which they are paid to do, but refused to do.  They even lied about what was in the 2700 pages that would punish, fine, tax, and mandate what Americans must do or else be punished.  The Muslims and Illegal are exempted from these laws.

Prior to voting on Obamacare, I was informed by email that a congressman read part of my Blog on the House Floor with my name. In my blog, I warned Congress and the American Citizens that Obamacare bordered on extortion. Americans were forced to purchase a consumer product with their own earnings after taxes!  For the first time in history, Americans were being forced to purchase a consumer product they  may or may not want or couldn’t afford. I warned them that it was illegal to force Americans to purchase a consumer product without any guarantees or disclosure of what they will be providing to every American in exchange for taking their money by force!  

I warned Americans and Congress that the government will have the power to ration or deny medications  and visits to the doctor and treatments, so the American people may be paying for reduced and rationed health care or no care at all in exchange for the money extorted by the federal government against the will of the American consumers who didn’t want to buy their Obamacare consumer product. In fact, this is a death panel known as “rationing and denying” healthcare services to the consumer. 

In my blog, I warned that it was no different from a thug on the street holding an imaginary gun to every American’s head and saying,  “Pay up or else!” Pay up or else be punished or even Pay up or else die!”  

Obamacare reflects the  old saying, “You get – what  you pay for, but in the case of Obamacare, Americans are forced to pay up for a consumer service or consumer product  that we may or may not want to purchase because it can be denied or rationed to us and cause us to wait in long lines and pay more than we were paying before for private healthcare insurance.  This would cause additional stress on every American and long lines can cause chronic illness to worsen leading to death panels.  Rationing and denying health care and euthanasia and mandated taxpayer-funded abortions are “Death Panels.”

Obamacare denied Americans the Right to Choose our own private medical insurance.  The Right to choose our own doctor.  The Right to choose to buy or not purchase a consumer product or consumer service with our own earnings after taxes.  And, remember, Congress and Obama exempted themselves from signing up or paying up for Obamacare.  Obama exempted the Muslims, Illegals, Donors, Bundlers, SEIU, and Federal Justices and Judges from signing up or paying up. 

The White House and Justice Robert in my opinion violated federal law because there isn’t any constitutional authority that allows any legal American to remove themselves from the laws of the land they impose on American citizens.  Remember, only criminals and fake refugees from foreign enemy nations and illegals are criminals as they are in violation of state and federal law!  The Democrats must be removed from office before they totally destroy America and the burn the U.S. Constitution as they trample on and burn the U.S. Flag.

Obamacare inserted mandated taxpayer-funded abortions which is a depopulation program of future Americans.  Obama and the Democrats are implementing same-sex agendas and transgender agendas in public schools beginning in Kindergarten and robbing kids of their innocence. 

Remember, Obamacare’s Death Panels of rationing and denying healthcare treatments and medications or appointments as well as Euthanasia are Death Panels for Americans only.  Obama’s Same-Sex agendas and Transgender agendas he intends to enforce into America’s public schools are Death Panels for Americans only.  Mandated taxpayer-funded abortions to wipe out future Americans by the millions are death panels for Americans only.  All the Obama Democratic agendas are Death Panels which reflect the radical Muslims who chant, “Death to America!”  Obama and Hillary Clinton and the Democrats and Rinos brought death to America!

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Consequently,  Obama and the Democratic Congress,  required Americans to pick up the tab for worldwide abortions. Immediately after Obama was handed the keys to the oval office, he used his pen to implement death panels around the world, but not in the Middle East or China, just America and Africa and Third World Nations such as the Philippines.  Obama signed the Global Poverty Act under a new name on or about January 2009 implementing worldwide abortions in Third World Nations requiring the U.S. Taxpayers to pay for the abortions of natural-born citizens around the world under the guise of reducing poverty and saving the planet signed with the Blessings of V.P. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Dianne Feinstein, and the CFR.  This is part of their New World Order depopulation program that seeks to reduce the population by  50% by 2015, then 2030, and the goal is 90% depopulation of mankind by 2050.

 The mandated taxpayer-funded abortions doesn’t include the 57 Muslim Nations or China or Russia.  Obama  authorized over $700,000,000 in U.S. tax dollars to fund Planned Parenthood.  This is an unseen genocide of American natural-born citizens with an estimated depopulation of 70,000,000 babies since Roe v. Wade was approved by the U.S. Supreme Court as being legal to murder your own baby just because you feel like and force the costs onto the taxpayers!

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More Americans have been killed on abortion tables than all American soldiers killed on the battlefields by foreign enemies and that includes all wars combined.  Many of those snuffed out at birth would be here to help fight back against the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama’s agendas.  Obama and Hillary’s agendas and the Democrats reflect those of a  sociopath.  Death!  Assassinations!  Abandoning Americans in danger on foreign soil and laughing about it!  Assassinating foreign leaders who never threatened the USA and his family and innocent people.  To assassinate and American without due process of law and his 16-year old son without due process of law who had nothing to do with anything political.

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Planned Parenthood’s abortionists can murder millions of babies because they have 2 letters by their name, M.D. – They can legally murder millions of future natural-born Americans needed to preserve the USAOf course, organs and human   tissue and DNA are worth a lot generations huge profits for Planned Parenthood.

On the other hand, if an American murders a pregnant woman, the authorities prosecute the accused for a double murder?  If an American woman without the letters M.D. were to throw her unborn baby in the garbage, the Feminist would rise up against her and demand she be prosecuted, right?  What’s the difference if a man with the letters M.D. next to his name throws the baby in the garbage or the mom?

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