Are Americans Being Duped By Obama’s Secret Pre-Planned Executive Order to Migrate Millions of Muslims from 57 Countries into the USA under the Guise of “Refugees” or “Christian Refugees,”/ Were Incentives Granted to the State Department For Each Foreigner’s Entry?

Rose Colombo (c) 7-12-2017

Rose says, “All foreign Refugees who assimilate and seek refuge from their foreign tyrannical laws, persecution by their foreign leaders, are welcome as legal Refugees, but what happens when there are millions of radicals and terrorists who are foreign enemies whose goal it is to conquer the USA admitted into the USA under the guise of “Refugees?”  WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF JIHAD?  

In Modern Standard Arabic, the term jihad is used for a struggle for causes, both religious and secular. The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic defines the term as “fight, battle; jihad, holy war (against the infidels, as a religious duty)”.

What is the definition of a Refugee:  1.  “a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster, for example, “tens of thousands of refugees fled their homes due to war, persecution or natural disaster.”

2.  “An individual seeking refuge or asylum; especially an individual who has left his or her native country and is unwilling or unable to return because of persecution or fear of persecution because of race, religion, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.”

How many millions of Muslims is the U.S. Statement Department admitting into the USA by secretly and intentionally  lifting the quota constraints for Muslims only?  They appear to be by-passing the admittance from other foreign nations such as Europe, South America, and Asia, whose citizens and refugees have been standing in line seeking  citizenship for years  The past and current Congressional members are ignoring or approving of the foreign enemy invasion, which is not legal immigration, since the majority of Muslims from 57 countries exceeds the quotas for Muslims under U.S. immigration and Refugee laws.  

The State Department and Refugee agencies admit they are not checking if the migrants are invaders or “Christian Refugees” upon entry or fake “Refugees” and fake “Christian Refugees.”  The reason that they are not checking it appears is simple.  Follow the money.  It’s alleged and reported that the State Department is receiving federal incentives for every Muslim they approve of  entry into the USA.  And, Obama and Hillary approved secretly to fund the Refugee Agency with about $200,000,000  US tax dollars to begin the program back in January of 2009.  In 2009, the Muslims weren’t fleeing their homes and countries, so this E.O. appears to have been a pre-plan to invade Western Civilization and fulfill the Muslim Brotherhood’s goal for world domination.  Now, why would a so-called American non-vetted President do that?

The majority of Muslims admitted into the USA for 8 plus years appear to be a majority of young healthy males, not Christian Refugee families fleeing ISIS, because back in 2009, ISIS didn’t exist and Christian Refugees weren’t fleeing their homes and countries.

The majority of Muslim males and young Muslim women entering the USA aren’t fleeing as real “Refugees” or “Christian Refugees” who fear persecution, race, religion, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion, but are entering into Europe and America to impose their foreign Sharia Law and establish their government on U.S. soil which requires deportation.  Many of the radicals who refuse to pledge allegiance to the US Constitution and assimilate hold speeches and state they they came to the USA to overthrow the President of the USA and White House, which is in line with the Muslim Brotherhood’s written and stated strategic goals.  Linda Sarsour, a Muslim immigrant made it clear that she is pushing Jihad against President Trump and his Cabinet and the White House most recently.  These worlds are a threat against all loyal natural-born and legal loyal naturalized Americans; thus, these radicalized immigrants are not “refugees,” but appear to be radicalized foreign enemies who were granted entry into the USA by the United States State Department while the White House and Congress look the other way.  In my opinion, admitting fake “Christian Refugees” into the USA  is a fraud on Americans and according to the U.S. Constitution, it is an “act of war” against America.

In 2009 – 2017, I  posted online that the non-vetting of a U.S. President and the invasion of foreign enemies under the guise of “Christian Refugees” into the USA is the “The Greatest Hoax Ever Played on America!’ I Believed it then and believe it now!

Illegal means Illegal, but not to the Democrats and RINOS who appear to be  selling out America to foreign nations.  What is their goal and what are they receiving in return for their protection of “illegals or radicals or terrorists or gang members?  Are these so-called Americans not violating their sworn oaths as lawmakers who are crossing the line as law breakers?  They state, “This Nation is a Nation of Immigrants.”  Yes, it’s a Nation of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS,” and that’s why it hasn’t been overthrown by foreign enemies, but under their Illegal Immigration agendas, it appears that America is at war with their own taxpayer funded elected representatives and the illegals flooding into the USA  in far too many cases.  They are forcing Americans to constitutionally fight back and save their Constitution, Sovereignty, God, and Freedom.

Muslims who migrate into the USA  with intent to impose and uphold Sharia Law in the USA, which are foreign ideological laws and religion bonded together , is Treason and they are traitors to the Constitution so they aren’t fleeing their Sharia Law, but they are here to replace the Constitution and steal our land and impose their will on Americans.  Anyone who refuses to place their hand on the Bible when accepting a position in public office, but places his hand on a foreign book of political ideologies and a foreign prophet are pledging their allegiance to those foreign nations and ideologies, not to the USA!

It is a fact, not an opinion, that any foreigners, including Muslims, or Communists, who are inside the USA to impose their ideologies upon Free Americans who own this soil and were born on this soil and are innate to this soil are a threat to our very existence.  These are not “Refugees,” but appear to be radicals, terrorists, and foreign enemies of the USA which means that Congress is responsible for any future attacks and past attacks on U.S. soil.  The radicals are faithful to the Muslim Brotherhood  or Communist nations and their international network which is their army , operating under their written and stated strategic goal is to infiltrate, (which they’ve done), invade (which they’re doing with the help of the State Department and complicit congressional members), overpopulate, which can happen through the State Department’s unconstrained quotas for the 57 Muslim nations only; and “Dominate” Europe, and the USA, which is an “act of war” according to the U.S. Constitution. In fact, many Americans believe that Obama and Hillary may have suspended or revoked the Constitution during their terms when even Congress was complicit and applauded when Obama stated that “We are no longer a Christian Nation,” and the “Constitution” and “Congress” are meaningless.  Sounds like a plan for a NWO leader to bee stepping up to the plate..

Foreigners including the 57 countries of Muslims can’t be “Refugees” if they aren’t fleeing from Muslim Nations who enforce Sharia Law and upon accessing U.S. soil refuse  to assimilate as Americans when entering into the USA as  alleged “Refugees” or “Christian Refugees,”which means they are enemies, not “Refugees.”  It’s a fact that the majority appear to support their leaders calling for Jihad against the POTUS and the White House.  These non-Refugees file excessive numbers of lawsuits  against the government, schools,  small and big business owners and the radicals  demand that the excessive number of lawsuits filed against Americans  comply with their laws or pay up big bucks  This is called Jihad by  Court or Jihad by Lawsuit.  This is the  Jihad against American business owners and Free Press.”   It is Jihad against the U.S. Government when a POTUS is threatened, period!  

There are many Jihads.  Jihad by Infiltration.  Jihad by Invasion.  Jihad by Overpopulation  Jihad by Domination.  Jihad by Wild Fires.  Jihad by Threat.  Jihad by Blackmail.  Jihad by Fear.  Jihad by explosives.  Jihad by planes, trains, cars, trucks.  Jihad by rape, incest, kidnapping, and pedophilia and more.  Under these foreign ideologies, the foreigners who are non-vetted as “Christian Converts” through the State Department are risking the lives of every American and failing in their fiduciary duty and allegiance to the USA.  The Congressional Members must be asked the following Questions:

  1.  Why is the State Department alleged to be receiving incentives from the federal government for every Muslim they approve entry into the USA?
  2.  Why is the State Department not halting the entry of Muslims into the USA from 57 countries who are one people under the same political and religious ideologies and making an exception of unconstrained quotas for Muslims only?
  3. Why is Obama’s Executive Order signed secretly on or about 1/27/2009 not Nullified which he signed in order to migrate millions of Muslims into the USA from Palestine linked to a terrorist group, Hamas, who joined up with ISIS a few years later, expanded to Syria and other Muslim nations?
  4. Obama’s Executive Order for migration of Muslims linked to Hamas into the USA should be illegal and unlawful since the REFUGEE LAWS state that only foreign citizen being persecuted by their government and their laws are REFUGEES, but the majority of young healthy men are demanding that Americans uphold Sharia Law and establish Sharia Law in their government, courts, and cities, which makes them foreign enemies, not “REFUGEES” or “CHRISTIAN REFUGEES.” 
  5. REFUGEES are fleeing from tyrannical laws, not fleeing into a free nation to impose tyrannical laws, but REFUGEES are fleeing to be free of  tyrannical laws such as Sharia Law, so why is Congress and Obama, Hillary and Kerry and the Democrats and Rinos allowing foreign enemies to infiltrate and invade the USA by forcing Americans to pick up the tab for their secret air flights, secret busing around the country, by-passing TSA’s naked x-rays and searches and pat downs; by-passing legal immigration, and living expenses which is causing a drain on the economy and entitlement programs intended for loyal and legal Americans?
  6. Is the White House and Congress forcing Americans to pay for the enemy’s Coup d’etat and the invasion and our own demise as well?
  7. Obama’s E.O. clearly states that the migration is under the guise of allowing “Christian Refugees” fleeing tyranny and persecution in the Middle East be granted entry, yet, the State Department admits they aren’t vetting for “Christian Refugees,” which means that they appear to be violating the E.O. of law signed by Obama on or about 1/27/2009 which clearly states that they are migrating “Christian Refugees” into the USA, but not so much it appears.
  8. Why is the Federal Government allowing radicals to stand on our streets, universities and infiltrate into organizations and hold rallies with public speakers such as Linda Sarsour who calls out for Jihad against the White House and President Trump without deporting the radicals who state they aren’t here to assimilate, but to commit Jihad and infiltrate our nation’s government, churches, schools, and convert Americans to their way of life, foreign laws, and dress codes, and religion which is prohibited in the USA by Constitutional Law which is the Supreme Law of the Land?
  9. Why is the White House, Congress, and State Governments allowing foreigners to wear masks on their face which makes them unidentifiable if they commit crimes?

In conclusion, it appear that the Congress and State Department is lifting the quotas which they exceeded for the 57 Muslim nations to migrate millions into the USA without proper vetting before entry and determine if they are radicals or terrorists versus real “REFUGEES” as defined by law who must be fleeing Sharia Law or real “Christian Refugees” seeking to assimilate in America and practice Christianity fleeing from Sharia law’s persecution.  Remember, that the Democrats and RINOS appear to be violating the law that defines “REFUGEES” as all refugees assimilate and kiss the ground that sets them free and “Refugees” never come of their free will to impose their tyrannical laws or commit jihad in a free nation.

Europeans were legal Refugees who escaped tyrannical laws and fled their country under horrendous circumstances.  Many died.  Many suffered to make the trip to the nation known as America, a Republic run by the “Rule of Law,” and 3 Branches of Government assuring “Checks and Balances.”  Remember, 56 Framers risked their lives to protect legal Americans from tyranny and a foreign invasion as they knew the time would come when evil foreign enemies would raise their ugly heads and attempt to overthrow the Constitution.  Also, under the E.O. of 1/2009, signed by Obama for the migration of millions of unidentified foreign enemies into the USA, with a complicit majority of Democratic congressional members, who ignore the law that defines “Refugees” and “legal immigration,” and “legal Citizenship,” which requires assimilation,  it appears that the foreign invasion could be an “act of war” from within and without. “

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