Is the Actual Cost of Building a Tomahawk $1.4 million to U.S. Taxpayers x About 200 Fired At Libya? Are the Democrats Mad As Hell, yet?

Americans Love The U.S. Military Men & Women!
Americans Love The U.S. Military Men & Women!

Rose Colombo, original (c) 3/29/2011: This blog was discussed on Chuck Wilder’s, Talk Back with Chuck, and archived at

Senator Obama made a lot of promises to the American people when he was campaigning against Hillary Clinton and John McCain and Sarah Palin.  He said he would bring our troops home and that he would end the Iraq war.  Although, the news reported that he voted present on all bills, except three, Obama voted yes on infanticide, not once, but three times.  Infanticide is the immoral act committed by abortionists who fail to kill the baby by their heinous abortion procedure of stabbing the baby in the head than sucking out the baby’s brains before it leaves the womb, but the baby leaves the womb and lives, so the abortionists or their staff leave the baby alone without nourishment until he or she dies.  There are cases where former Planned Parenthood staff stated that the baby is placed in a plastic bag or left inside of a closet until he or she passes away.

Ironically, senator Obama failed to disclose, to my knowledge, that after he was elected senator, he proposed and implemented a senate bill, The Global Poverty Act, which mandates worldwide abortions and requires U.S. taxpayers to pick up the tab.  His bill had the support of V.P. Biden in December 2007 who voted in favor of the mandated abortion bill.  A few days later, Obama filed an application as a candidate for the presidential race and he chose Biden as his vice-presidential running mate.  Obama’s, Global Poverty Act,  states that it will reduce poverty, but in reality, it reduces the population of future U.S. natural-born citizens of any country where mandated abortions are implemented.  After Obama was elected as the U.S. President and Biden elected as V.P. of the United States of America, Obama signed the Global Poverty Act into law as an Executive Order.  He also approved more than $300,000,000 to be granted to Planned Parenthood from the stimulus money.  And, under the umbrella health care law, Obama Care, Pelosi misled the American people and stated as a U.S. Speaker of the House that Obama Care does not include federally funded mandated abortions which was not true, but she was never charged at the very least with Ethics violations, but applauded by the democratic congress.  Some people may call that statement a lie while others call it a “mistake” or a “misleading” statement.  I guess she could say, she made a mistake because she admitted that she and the congress never read the bill.  They negligently passed an UNREAD law and exempted themselves from the law of the land they created.  How is it that any American citizen, including legislatures exempt themselves from federal laws unless they aren’t U.S. citizens?

In another serious catastrophe, Obama sat silent during the BP Oil Spill in the gulf of Mexico along the American shores for two months while he vacationed and golfed.  He refused help from foreign nations who offered help  to clean up the oil spill as it destroyed ocean life and polluted the waters, leaking into the sand, soil, and drinking water.  He then played, “Let’s Make A Deal” with the CEO of BP Oil and let him off the hook basically by allowing him to pay up-front for their failure to provide safety measures. BP oil failed to install the safety measure knowing the consequences of an oil leak.  Eleven lives were lost during that oil explosion.  Shortly, thereafter, thousands of dead fish washed up on our shores.  And, to top it off, Obama allowed BP oil to spray Corexit 9500, an untested poison over the gulf, during the hurricane season when the winds are blowing and spreading the poison every which way during the late evening, and according to many residents, they weren’t warned. The scientists reported that Corexit 9500 does not clean up the oil, but covers it up, so it gives the appearance that it’s cleaned up.

Also, more than one week ago, Obama took it upon himself to Declare War in Libya, but no one is sure if his goal at the time was to take out Gaddafi, who calls Obama, “my son” or “our son”  or to stop the rebels or if the war is short-term or long-term.  Obama waited more than a week, and  failed to act until freedom fighters had been killed in Libya.  In fact, France, took the lead.  Afterwards, on a whim, Obama did not follow the U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8.  He says he presented his case, but congress says he didn’t present a case, but even if he did, it is congress who has the power to declare war, not one man.  Obama didn’t care  that he didn’t have a strategic goal, obviously, to present to the American people before he took action.  Shortly thereafter, the White House and Obama began spinning the words by calling his attack on Libya, a “mission” and it all depends on what the word “war” means which is what Clinton did when he said it all depended upon what the word “is” means. It’s amazing how leaders of a free nation can think it’s okay to play games with America’s taxes and welfare to avoid accountability.  But, even though they’re spinning that NATO is taking over, the U.S. controls NATO, and such an explanation doesn’t diminish the costs of the Tomahawk missiles charged to the taxpayers.

Consequently, the congress let him slide as he ignored and disrespected the constitution, the American people, and congress.  More Americans are distrustful of Congress because they’re failing to uphold their sworn oaths and fiduciary duty to country, the Rule of Law, procedures, policies, and ethics. Instead, they have compromised and rationalized by saying, “Gee, I would have voted in favor of the war, anyway,” but how does that justify not holding Obama accountable, and investigate if he violated any rules or any laws established by the constitution?  In reality, congress is granting permission for Obama to do whatever he wants whenever he wants without any accountability.  It’s like they handed him the entire jar of cookies and slap his hand whenever he takes a cookie without asking permission, but what happens when all the cookies are gone?  Congress has exclusive power to declare war; congress has the power to hold Obama accountable; congress holds the purse strings,  yet congress is making excuses for Obama.  They are forgetting the reason they are elected which is to uphold the constitution, not the decisions of a public servant, who fails to recognize their power.  The American people should hold congress accountable for the costs and demand they hold public hearings on how this affects America’s economy.  If they don’t care about ethics, policies, rules, and laws or exercising their power, then they should pack up and go home, because they are not doing performing their fiduciary duty according to the will of the American people and according to the U.S. Constitution in exchange for their compensation that lasts a life time.

In fact, Obama stated in his speech on Monday, March 28, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. (PST) that America must hold Gaddafi accountable and that “the world – would be better off with Gaddafi out of power.”  So, are we at war to kill Gaddafi or at war to free the Libyan freedom fighters?  So, if Obama is ordering Mubarak and Gaddafi to step down and he is holding two Middle East Muslim leaders accountable, then who is holding Obama accountable?

Furthermore, how then does Obama and congress justify that the Tomahawk missiles cost between $700,000 and $1.4 million each to manufacture and what that will do to our economy?  Also, firing off about 200 Tomahawk war missiles will  diminish munitions that will have to be replaced and paid with more tax dollars.  If Obama shoots off about 200 Tomahawk missiles and reduces our munitions and spreads, our military thin, as well as drags us into a long-term war, then we must ask if military lives will be risked or if  America will be left vulnerable to a terrorist attack without much defense since the military is in the Middle East and our borders are open and our munitions are being fired off.  Either way, America loses financially as the country goes deeper into a recession. So, how much does it cost the taxpayers for one man to decide to fire off 100 or 200 Tomahawks while teachers are losing their jobs and the American people are paying $4 per gallon for gas and suffering?  In fact, since Obama took office, there are ghost cities and ghost police departments today.  And, while we’re supposedly freeing the Middle East, it appears that Obama is trampling on our freedoms in America.  Obama promised jobs in exchange for a print and spend stimulus tax boost of $5 trillion dollars! Do the American people realize that $5 trillion dollars could have paid off China and built up our arms and created jobs with a surplus left over?

Therefore, what if the Muslim Brotherhood accesses the leadership in Egypt and Libya and down the road joins forces with Red China and Communist Russia against the United States?  After all, Red China says we owe them a debt and allegedly Hillary Clinton made a deal to give away districts of U.S. land to the Communist Chinese.  And, while Obama defended open borders and Mexico and Mexico’s president, and ironically sued Americans and Arizona, as well as denied Americans the right to drill; the news reported that Red China and Russia as well as Cuba are attempting to make a deal with Mexico to drill in the Mexican gulf along our shores.  And, to boot, he shoved unaffordable Obama Care down America’s throats!  Yet, how is it that congress isn’t holding Obama accountable for denying Americans the right to drill  on their own land or even in the gulf of Mexico, but funded Soros oil drilling venture in Brazil so Soros can sell oil funded with U.S. tax dollars back to Americans – probably at inflated prices?

And, how is it okay with congress for Obama to divert U.S. stimulus tax funds promised to create jobs over to Chertoff for a private for profit corporation so he can become wealthy using Americans as commodities for-profit knowing that Soros owns 11,300 share of OSI stocks and OSI owns Rapiscan?  How are any of  Obama’s mandates, requirements, declarations of war, or regulations, or the stimulus tax dollars spent, in the best interest of America or the military or the American people?  And, how can congress allow one man to rule America without accountability?  Remember, Obama violated the U.S. Constitution when he sat as the Chair of the U.N. and imagined himself as global leader, I suppose, while simultaneously sitting as the elected U.S. President, but congress looked the other way.  Now, Obama feels empowered, I presume, and  he’s acting as if he is a one man ruler over America!  The law is that only the U.S. Congress has the power to Declare War and when you’re shooting off Tomahawk missiles that kill people and take out leaders and destroy property – if that isn’t war – then why is the military involved in international air space and attacking people and property on foreign soil?

So, theoretically speaking, what if U.S.  tax dollars that were promised for jobs weren’t used for creating jobs but diverted to the Middle East to improve their schools?  What if the stimulus money was used to provide funding so Palestinian refugees tied to Hamas can migrate into  America?  What if the stimulus money was diverted to build and restore the mosques in the Middle East  and America?  What if the stimulus tax dollars were diverted to fund George Soros oil drilling ventures in Brazil so Soros and the stock holders on Wall Street could get wealthier off of the America people by using their tax dollars to fund their oil drilling ventures n foreign soil?  What if the stimulus money was diverted to radiate Americans by non-health care professionals and without protective covering so the stockholders of Rapiscan and OSI Systems on Wall Street can become extremely wealthy by using every American as a built-in generational customer base?  What if the U.S. stimulus tax dollars that were being aimed at Libya at a cost of $1.4 million each paid with U.S. tax dollars entangled America in a third war?

In conclusion, what if the U.S. stimulus tax dollars were being used to build up the economy of India as well as  the economic and military  status of Red  China?  What if U.S.  stimulus taxes ended up taking out the leaders of the Middle East, but provided the Muslim Brotherhood the open door to control Egypt and Libya which is an anti-American organization whose stated strategic intent it to wipe out Western civilization?  What if the print and spending of trillions of U.S. tax dollars that can never be paid back brings the Middle Class to its knees as Obama failed to create free enterprise jobs?

So, is it possible since the election of 2009 that Americans could end up with so many jobs outsourced to Red China that America could end up dependent upon Red China and India for consumer products?  Is it possible that the print and spend stimulus program created by Obama could leave America  totally dependent upon the  Middle East and foreign Third World nations for oil?  What if  the goal was part of a revenge to make America dependent upon everything from Third World nations by those who hate Americans and Jews,  Christians the bible,or intend to change the  Pledge of Allegiance, U.S. flag, National Anthem, or remove God, freedom, liberty, sovereignty, and the U.S. Constitution, so that anti-American Third World nations can steal a great nation and enslave a free people or depopulate people through rationing, denying health care services or prescriptions or  by radiating Americans at airports, as well as pushing for gay rights (no new-born) and mandated abortions (population reduction), so nazi doctors could create the perfect race?

Well, his theory sounds like a sci-fi movie, but is it so far-fetched?  And what if  these goals were accomplished by using  America’s tax dollars created by 235 years of Americans whose technology, inventions, civility, Judeo-Christian roots,  hard work, tears, blood, sweat and deaths of loyal patriotic Americans from past generations as well as all Americans living today?  Such a theory would mean that America was the victim of a fraud  – the biggest hoax since time began – as well as the greatest grand theft ever – committed without consent, without transparency by the governments or U.N., without agreement of the American people, and without knowledge by the American people.  The legal and U.S. Natural born citizens  would end up funding their own demise through manipulations of law, the pilfering of U.S. tax dollars and gold; fraudulent elections, misuse of the U.S. military, controlled media, and kicking God and Judeo-Christianity out of  a Judeo-Christian nation by denying Americans the right to hold Judeo-Christian Prayer Day at the White House; denying prayer in pubic and schools; denying access to U.S. soil paid by U.S. tax dollars, where Muslim events were held (even though they swore their allegiance to America when the migrated into America), and so forth.  So, is it possible for millions of Americans to stand by and watch the winds shift in an ugly direction and “overwhelm” America with “change?” **Note:  The reader may share this Blog, but not change the content or use the content as their work and is prohibited from being  Plagiarized by a Third Party, domestic or foreign.

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Orly Taitz, Esq. and Donald Trump: Legal U.S. Citizens Ask Where’s the B/C and the SS #?

Rose Colombo's award winning book featured in prestigious worldwide magazine!
Rose Colombo’s award winning book featured in prestigious worldwide magazine!

written by Rose Colombo, original (c) 3/28/2011

A valid certified U.S. long form birth certificate is issued to every baby born on U.S. soil.  A personal social security number is issued to every U.S. legal and Natural Born citizen in the United States of America  and it is required by federal and state laws.  Recently, Orly Taitz, Esq. filed a lawsuit alleging that President Obama is using a fake Social Security Number from 1890 that belongs to a Connecticut dead American, so doesn’t President Obama need his own personal social security number in order to work in America and accept compensation from the American people if the allegations are provable and the court finds her evidence to be true?

How then shall we explain why President Obama finds it necessary to write a self-serving Executive Order immediately after he was elected as a U.S. President in January 2009, which conceals his personal records from the American people (unless he grants permission) and by-passes Article II of the United States Constitution, while congress looks the other way?  Obviously, the question  remains of how then can public servants write laws according to the constitution that are self-serving and for self-gain so some public servants can circumvent the laws the land and how is that legal?  After all, one way to circumvent and destroy the U.S. Constitution is by  Abuse of Power.  For example, abusing one’s power by writing a myriad of Executive Orders and Presidential Directives that circumvent every Article of the U.S. Constitution established by our forefathers if the U.S. Congress looks the other way and says or does nothing while the abuses continue is the failure of congress to exercise their power and hold hearings.  The intent of allowing the Commander-in-Chief to write Executive Orders is not to by-pass constitutional law, usurp the constitution or circumvent the laws in an attempt to make the constitution nothing more than a “mere charter of negative laws” that will create constitutional change and provide the door to establish foreign laws on U.S. soil which is against the law, but could occur if congress does nothing to prevent the erosion of our laws.

Every U.S. legal and U.S. natural-born citizen has a personal social security number issued in their name.  Since the late 70s, every baby legally born in the United States of America is  required by law to be issued their own personal social security number.  In fact, people who do not have legal social security numbers cannot be legally employed by government or by free enterprise. Shall we then assume that members of the U.S. Congress are fearful of their leader or somehow rendered helpless when it comes to demanding the production of  his personal records required by Article II and the vetting procedure for 235 years.?

Consequently, how is it possible for a person living in the United States of America to take out a foreign student loan and attend Harvard or Columbia universities without a legal  U.S. social security number issued since the purchase of school books and tuition is listed on personal tax returns?  Every personal social security number issued provides the legal name, social security number, as well as the date and place of birth and their information is recorded and filed with the Department of  Social Security.

Therefore, the majority of Americans are raising their eyebrows and demanding to know how can a man, whose father is Kenyan born and a subject of Britain, be improperly vetted?  How is it that the President of the United States has dodged the lawsuits filed against him with evidence attached for allegedly having used 39 social security numbers; 2 birth names; one legal adopted name aka Barry Soetoro (Indonesia law requires students living in Indonesia to denounce their U.S. citizenship and accept Indonesian citizenship as Indonesia does not recognize dual citizenship); an alleged birth in Kenya as stated by Obama’s grandmother on video per Philip J. Berg, Esq.; and an alleged birth in Hawaii; remain unchecked by the U.S. government?  Under which constitutional authority is the government and federal judges denying due process of law in U.S. courts with the knowledge that Obama has remained improperly vetted.  He swore a presidential oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, preserve and protect the constitution, and Article II is constitutional law and the Rule of Law.  How is it that his applications were approved by the DNC and never investigated by  the U.S. Congress?  How is it acceptable for public servants, who have knowledge that the vetting process was botched, refuse to correct the record and properly identify a candidate and now, a U.S. President, since it is their fiduciary duty to protect the welfare and safety of the American people?   Remember, in 2008, Americans were told by Obama that his name is Barack Obama; then the news reported that his true name is Barack Hussein Obama, but the American people could not say the word Hussein – (Can you say H u s s e i n?).  After election in 2009, Obama began boasting that his true name is Barack Hussein Obama.  The first Lady stated that her husband was born in Hawaii, but his grandmother ended up on video stating she was present when Obama was born at a Kenyan hospital.

Consequently, how do the historians correctly identify the current president when they set out to write the facts about the current U.S. President?  After all, his records are sealed.

Ironically, under Obama’s administration, business owners are being arrested, even though they are not law enforcement officers, if they fail to detect a fake ID and hire an illegal person.  Obama and his administration are knowledgable that criminals use high-tech equipment making it extremely difficult for the average citizen to detect fake ID’s.   After all, the government has failed to properly identify the President of the United States of America and he has refused to produce certified copies of his identity so that this serious matter can be resolved according to Article II, the supreme law of the land.

Perhaps, some Americans believe as senator Obama believes, when he stated in 2001 and 2008, that the U.S. Constitution is no more than a “mere charter of negative laws [liberties] that need to be changed.  And, if congress and the men in black robes fail to uphold their sworn oaths then more “change” shall “overwhelm” America, as Obama stated he would “disarm” Americans on Meet The Press 2008, while Americans chanted, but didn’t ask, “Yes, we can do what?”

In conclusion, Article II is an implied law.  Article II implies that a U.S. President must prove his or her age and his or her birth place .  The vetting process requires that he must provide places of residence, education, and employment as well as the organizations that he joined. For example, without a legal and valid U.S. social security number, and a valid U.S. birth certificate, how does the government know the true age of the current U.S. President as required by Article II, which requires that the candidate for president be 35 years of age.  Although, he appears to be more than 35 years of age, his appearance is not proof of his age and the failure to provide such information violates Article II.

The President of the United States of America is required by the constitution to perform a fiduciary duty that complies with the will of the majority of the American people, not congress! Our government is run by We The People and it is the fiduciary duty and sworn oath of every congressional member to uphold the Constitution of the United States for the protection of our country and the American people according to the will of the people.  The American people are the government and not the servants of the government.  Public Servants are provided jobs in exchange for compensation and benefits and they are required to perform those jobs according to the laws of the land and to the best of their ability.  Public Servants have a fiduciary duty to use common sense, decency, and pass just and moral laws that comply with the will of the majority of Americans as well as remain within the boundaries of the constitution.  Public Servants are compensated because Americans believe their “promises” which are “contracts” made in “Good Faith.”  Promises made to the American people are legal contracts when more than one person witnesses the promises.  It appears that the contract which Obama and Congress have made with America to-date continues to be violated as many public servants  in power refuse to uphold Article II of the U.S. Constitution. **Note:  Readers may share this article, but not change the content or use any part of this article as their own material and all Third Parties are prohibited from Plagiarizing this original Blog.

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Did Obama Usurp the Constitution and Congressional Power To Declare War on Libya with the blessings of the Democratic Congress?

The Freedom Collection of U.S. Laws and Rights Must Be Preserved!
The Freedom Collection of U.S. Laws and Rights Must Be Preserved!
2-12-2013 010
Congress ignores “limited Powers” and tramples on the Constitution!

Rose Colombo, original (c)  3/22/2011, rev. 9/18/2013

Article I, Section 8, of the United States Constitution says Congress shall have the power to ……DECLARE WAR.,” not the President.  How then shall we decide if the Constitution is respected as the law of the land or even acknowledged by President Obama or congress?  Shall we assume that Congress is looking the other way and dismissing the Rule of Law as a mere charter of negative laws or liberties that no longer need to be followed, but ignored or changed?

Consequently, such negligent behaviors by congress begs the question:  Is congress holding themselves above the laws of the land by ignoring Obama’s one man decision to declare war without presenting his case to congress?  How then does Obama have the authority to spend billions of dollars on a war without the approval of congress?  It appears that congress is fearful of  calling for an investigation into Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, HHS, AP, and NSA, NDAA, Patriot Act, which are U.S. scandals and possibly crimes recurring from within the federal government without oversight which can lead to Obstruction of Justice.

Therefore, We The People must ask if  Obama is following the decisions set down by the U.N. versus the laws established by the constitution of the United States.  Obama stated several times that the US Constitution and US Congress are “meaningless?”  Perhaps, they were “meaningless” to him when he swore an oath to uphold, defend, and protect the U.S. Constitution, twice, with his hand on the “red” book.   The fact that Obama in my opinion violated the US Constitution and by-passed and ignored congress when he ordered the military to fire off 220 Tomahawk missiles at Libya and wasn’t held accountable for what appeared to most Americans as an “act of war” against a nation who never threatened to attack the United States of America.

And, let’s not forget that famous interview of Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, who laughed hysterically when asked about the assassination of Gadaffi.  On national television, Gadaffi referred to Obama as “my son” and “our son” and congratulated a Kenyan for winning the election as President of the USA which shocked the entire Middle East and Kenya’s family, Parliament, and citizens.

Click the Link  posted as information for educational and entertainment purposes only:   – Hillary Clinton laughs during interview about Gadaffi assassination

Therefore, how is it that congress failed to call for an investigation into Obama’s failure to follow the Rule of Law since America is a Republic that operates by the Rule of Law?   Should we fear asking if America is still a Republic versus what many believe is a  Corporation owned by the Rothschild bankers.  Otherwise; how should We The People know how congress can justify ignoring Obama’s trampling on the laws of the land as if they have relinquished their powers and granted absolute power to a non-vetted admitted Kenyan in a free nation?

It would appear that the majority of Americans should be outraged that a U.S. President would fire missiles at a nation who didn’t attack the USA.  It is not important for all Americans to know where the loyalties of every U.S. President and the U.S. Congressional member lie during this volatile time in world history with knowledge that the wealthy elite are  determined to create a global world and seek to depopulate the world by 90% by the year 2050?  I guess firing off 220 Tomahawk Missiles would do the trick over time.

How is it that Americans are calling the congressional representatives with outrage and asking how much money Obama and Hillary Clinton spent on the attack against Libya that put their nation in disarray where blood was shed. It appears that Obama and congress are spending a lot less money and are a lot less concerned about fixing the economy or creating jobs versus their efforts that are destroying the U.S. economic status and reducing America’s credit rating for the first time in 240 years. It appears that they are more concerned about destroying jobs through outsourcing and using U.S. tax dollars against the will of the legal American citizens as they unconstitutionally spy on innocent Americans.  They are using U.S. tax dollars it appears to supply weapons and funding to train up anti-American and anti-Christian and anti-Jew organizations and rebels.

Remember, “The 1787 Adoption of the Constitution”  gave congress the power to raise and support armies,”  “Provide and maintain a Navy,” and “to make rules for the government and regulation of the land and Naval forces, as well as to “declare war” as well as granted the President of the United States the responsibility of being the military’s Commander In Chief.  The title, Commander-in-Chief is separate and apart from Obama declaring himself a one-man decision maker to declare war without congressional authority then have the congress diminish it as a non-war.

Furthermore, Americans should be asking if Obama violated the U.S. Constitution when he took it upon himself without the approval of Congress to sit as the Acting Chair of the U.N., while he is a sitting President of the United States? The U.S. Congress prohibits such behavior, but he appears to be able to do whatever he decides to do and it appears he has been granted special privileges.  Is Obama held above constitutional law and without accountability?

How then do these issues not raise eyebrows so that Americans can determine if the U.S. President as well as the U.S. Congress have misdirected their loyalty and are leaning towards protecting foreign anti-American nations and not so much legal Americans?  It appears the U.N. s overstepped their power when the federal government allowed the United Nations to trample upon America and the American people as the United Nations without any authority of the USA continues to overstep their bounds and demand Americans give up their weapons and children, or redistribute America’s wealth to them, depopulate future natural-born citizens, and give up U.S. Liberties to them.

During a senatorial investigation, former Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, stated to Chair, Jeff Sessions, that “we” – assuming Panetta and Obama, the Commander-in-Chief, would not seek permission for their agendas from Congress in the future, but would seek permission from international bodies, and may or may not inform Congress.  How is that not impeachable offenses?  In other words, their loyalty no longer lies with the Constitution and Congress, but with foreign international bodies, which should have caused outrage by Americans, but did not.

Obama and Hillary Clinton and their Democratic Regime appear to have gone rogue and appear to have been working with the Deep State and Shadow Governments which would include DHS-Fema and The Clinton Foundation and CFR, U.N. and NWO in my opinion.  They allowed the Muslim Brotherhood, to frequent the White House in secret meetings with Obama without the press present and tour the White House.  The stated and written strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to wipe out America, Europe, and Israel – all of Western Civilization.

How is it that President Obama determined that he has the power to declare war against Libya without presenting his case to Congress who are supposed to represent We The People?  The Congress is the only body established by the U.S. Constitution that can declare war with just cause. The Congress is responsible for U.S. tax dollars being spent wisely, yet, they wasted about $600,000 per Tomahawk Missile fired off at Libya for a total of 220.  Multiple $600,000.00 x 220 and that’s what the taxpayers lost and that doesn’t include the loss of life and property in Libya.  It appears that the White House and Congress spend the taxpayer’s money as if it’s theirs to do whatever they choose and ignore their responsibility to the American taxpayers.  This writer read that by 2016, the Tomahawk Missiles would be reduced down substantially because of Obama’s war on Libya which could mean he left America vulnerable.

The American people compensate the Presidents of the United States with jobs and taxpayer-funded wages, but within that election process lies a fiduciary duty and expectation of all public servants. The belief of a sworn oath by We The People includes the belief that the elected public servants will uphold morality, honesty, integrity, common sense, and loyalty to the USA and in exchange for their sworn oaths, they are required to uphold the Rule of Law as established within the U.S. Constitution. The  President is required to uphold his sworn oath as Commander-in-Chief and protect the safety and welfare of our U.S. military, not intentionally send the U.S. Navy Seals and Military into harm’s way to be slaughtered like sheep.

It appears to this writer that congress failed to protect the U.S. Military with all the Obama dictatorial orders that tied the hands of the military men and women which got many killed and dishonorably discharged or jailed!  Obama said, “America will never be at war with America” which meant in my opinion, he was protecting them, not us.  If America wasn’t at war with Islam then why were the troops sent to the Middle East to be injured or die on their soil?  This was the fault of the corrupted DNC and Democratic Socialist Liberal Congress and the Rinos as many became wealthy even though they are on taxpayer-funded wages.

The sworn oath doesn’t grant authority to exempt any US President or Congressional member from the law or grant them the authority to hold themselves above the law.The Congress and Obama decided they would hold themselves above the law it does appear. In fact,  lawmakers are to be held to a higher standard of the law. The sworn oath doesn’t grant authority to a U.S. President to rule by abuse of power and without objection by Congress.  The Constitution doesn’t grant a President of the USA to by-pass congress and the constitution by declaring the constitution and congress “meaningless” and state he will rule by Executive Order because he has a pen and a phone.  The Congress failed in their fiduciary duty to read laws and failed to nullify laws that were unconstitutional, illegal, and unlawful.

The truth is that every elected U.S. President and each member of congress has a fiduciary duty to read in-depth and study in-depth each law before they approve it and assure the American people each law is just, fair, equitable, economically sound, moral, and of good common sense.  They failed to do that between 1992-2016.

Therefore, how is it that Americans would not unite and protest any U.S. President or  Congressional members to say,  “Well, it doesn’t matter that Obama didn’t seek permission from Congress before ordering the military to fire off 220 Tomahawk missiles without approval against a leader and nation that never threatened the USA.  Obama’s rogue decisions eliminated Checks and Balances as he ruled by Executive Order only. Wars create homelessness, poverty, orphans, injured bodies, death and destruction, loss of jobs and income, and contaminated water and food, as well as disease.  Think about it!

The U.S. Constitution declares that Congress controls the purse strings, not the U.S. President, but Congress handed over the purse strings of the people’s tax dollars to president Obama in 2009. Americans are concerned about their welfare and safety since the majority of congressional members are rolling over like lap dogs and complicit to whatever president Obama decides. Are they afraid to speak out and if so then they should resign for they appear to care less that the economic status of the USA is sinking without recovery in sight.

Since the age of Obama and the Clinton’s taking office in 2009, it appears that the Democratic Congress doesn’t even bother to investigate or question the migration of unidentified foreigners in the tens of thousands into the USA from foreign terrorist nations?  How is it they were okay with Obama and Hillary, Ogden, and Holder trafficking and selling guns on foreign soil in Mexico to unidentified cartel members who murdered innocent people for two years between 2009 and 2011 on both sides of the borders after the President of Mexico met with Holder and Hillary Clinton complaining the guns were coming into Mexico from the USA?

In my opinion, the American Citizens should be wearing their red, white, and blue sandals and walking like the Egyptians.  Americans should ask how is it that a U.S. President is informed of a BP oil spill in the gulf of Mexico and he does absolutely nothing for two months to prevent its spill into the gulf that kills off the ocean life and fishing industry affecting the food industry in Mexico and the USA?  And, what happened to the billions paid to the Obama Regime for the oil leak by BP Oil?

Congress is compensated with taxpayer-funded wages and jobs in exchange for their promises and sworn oath that mandates they uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the USA and the welfare and safety of the American citizens, but the Democratic Socialist Liberal and Rino Congress have failed Americans greatly.  They cared less about vetting a U.S. President and cared less that he altered a Certificate of Live Birth and a U.S. Birth Certificate throughout the entire federal government which is absolute unprecedented and stunning in the greatest nation in the world.  The only explanation is that America is facing enemies from within not just from without.

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Japan’s Triple Catastrophe Coming Towards America:Why is TSA Radiating Americans As Radiation is Radiation!

Rose Colombo, author, Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks and Radicals!
Rose Colombo, author, Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks and Radicals!

written by Rose Colombo, original (c)  3/16/2011

Fear is the biggest enemy of all people in every nation!  Yes, women and children FEAR being GROPED and RADIATED at the airports and rightfully so while others are exempted!  And, people should fear the Fukushima Nuclear Explosion because it is more serious than reported.  In fact, Hillary Clinton approved food from Japan imported into the USA after the explosion in the news.  Most people don’t bother to  pay much attention unless it involves a catastrophe.  This problem appears to be ignored by the White House, yet it is a serious threat to mankind.

For example, Japan’s 9.0 earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Plant Radiation leaks are an unprecedented tragedy.  Japan has been  hit with three different disasters.  A triple disaster.  And, they continue to live through after shocks in very cold weather.  Japan’s triple disaster has caused a rude awakening for America, Russia, China, and the rest of the world.  Japan’s Tsunami touched the shores of America.  Obviously, radiation can leak into the drinking water, soil, ocean, and atmosphere. If  the radiation becomes  airborne, it can enter into the pores of humans, ocean life, and animals.  Medical Journals state there aren’t any guaranteed safe levels of radiation.

Radiation has adverse health affects. Tragedies such as those in Japan cause the loss of  life, jobs; stocks; homes, and businesses.  In America, this catastrophe has plummeted Wall Street and will cause food prices to rise, but the White House and Obama seem to have been MIA (missing in action).  They don’t up-date America on the serious problem at Fukushima.  The radiation catastrophe affects the economy , The news reported that radiation is blowing in the wind towards California’s West Coast and the radiated trash is washing up along our shores.

Ironically, Obama, Chertoff,  Soros,  Homeland Security and TSA support radiating every American including minor children in America under the guise of fear of terrorism, but it’s pretty doubtful that they get groped or radiated.  Shouldn’t Americans be given the right to be safe and protected from radiation, not threatened with radiation or else punished with an intrusive groping of the private parts of every passenger?  It’s my belief that the federal government should be held liable for any adverse side effects in the future as well as Rapiscan and should be held accountable and made to answer the following questions:

1. Is it healthy for Americans to be radiated as Janet Napolitano has led Americans to believe through Homeland Security?

2.  How is it legal for TSA security guards to radiate Americans as non-health care professionals under the laws of each state pertaining to health care professionals?

3. Why is it that professionals in the beauty industry must graduate from school; attend continuing educational classes, take a state test, and obtain a state license before they can touch anyone or be threatened with lawsuits and jail if they are caught touching anyone without a license, even with a curling iron?

4.  How much more important is it for TSA employees who are operating radiation machines and examining naked photos of people to be licensed health care professionals and follow the health care laws of each state?

5.  How is it that TSA employees can full body radiate Americans without using any protective coverings on their customers as a  precaution? And, what damage could the radiation do to the eyes and where are the long-term studies?  How about cause cataracts?

6.  How does the radiation affect people with cancer or other health problems or people who don’t know they have cancer or don’t know if they are pregnant?

As a long time licensed Skin Care Specialist in the beauty industry, I’ve attended many continuing education classes with doctors and chemists and I can tell you that they warn Americans to stay out of the sun for long periods of time during specific hours of the day and avoid radiation that can cause skin cancer and increase the aging process as well as shorten one’s life span.  The government now regulates tanning beds because people are being radiated by artificial light and even though the government says the beds are at a safe level of radiation, the government believes that the  tanning beds must be regulated because radiation can cause adverse side effects to human beings, but how is it not a risk to the skin cells with TSA’s radiation program?

Most of the medical reports I’ve read state that there are no safe levels of radiation, but the Obama regime states that the newly installed Rapiscan full body radiation scanners are set at safe levels, but how is radiation safe when Americans have been warned to stay away from any radiation.  In my opinion, staying away from radiation is safe!  The reason that there are warnings against radiation exposure such as staying in the sun too long or in a tanning bed too long is simple.  Over exposure is similar to  cooking yourself.  Radiation is heat and it can cook flesh.  In fact, one girl over exposed herself in a tanning bed and hit the news because she cooked herself and died before her wedding day.

Consequently, radiologists, doctors, and dentists, are educated, licensed and certified to operate radiation machines.  Radiologists are  trained and certified and they work under the wing of a licensed doctor or Dentist..  Doctors and dentists require that patients sign and consent before being radiated and treated or touched.  The radiologists cover up all healthy parts of the body before radiating the unhealthy parts of the body and they leave the room before turning on the switch, even though, they must operate within “safe” levels of radiation.  So, the question remains, why leave the room, if radiation is safe and why cover up the body if radiation is safe?

Therefore, will Rapiscan full body radiation scanners and x-ray machines long-term, end up to be a slow genocide for traveling Americans, who are radiated without  protective coverings?  Will Obama implement the Rapiscan radiation machines into entertainment parks and public buildings so there is no escape from being radiated in the future?  Most people are healthy, so why is congress and the American people allowing Obama, Soros, and Chertoff to subject Americans to an unnecessary health care “treatment” of radiation and nude x-ray photos by non-health care professionals knowing the risks of radiation at any levels?  Even a Fox News guest who is an expert on radiation stated there aren’t any safe levels of radiation.  If there are safe levels of radiation as the federal government states under Obama and the news is reporting that the radiation levels in Japan are safe then why are they evacuating the people and treating them for radiation contamination or handing out iodide tablets?  And, what are the long-term effects on children as they must continue to be radiated throughout their lives if Rapiscan isn’t stopped now.

Not surprising in the news is the fact that Obama’s regime provides Muslim women and kids “special considerations” based on their religion, but Americans aren’t provided any considerations based on their Judeo-Christian faith.  Even law enforcement must have probable cause to touch or grope a citizen, but not TSA, who is groping innocent children and American men and women.  Shouldn’t the Obama regime be concentrating on searching the parking lots and the luggage as well as closing the borders along the U.S. from the terrorists?

In conclusion, the American people must ask if Obama and his family and all White House public officials are being radiated every time they fly or did they exempt themselves just like they exempted themselves from Obama Care?  Therefore, why would the Obama administration require that Americans be radiated and state that its safe, yet he opposes nuclear radiation plants in America?  Also, the news reported that Obama is withdrawing the troops in May 2011 from securing the borders, so if terrorists  will continue to enter through our borders then why bother radiating healthy and unhealthy Americans at the airports?  Shouldn’t Chertoff, Soros, and Obama take their Rapiscan radiation to the borders and to the Middle East airports if they really want to catch terrorists?  Someone should inform Obama, Chertoff and Soros that they’re radiating the wrong people.

Remember, radiation is radiation.  The medical and beauty industry reports  which  I’ve read stated that radiation sets off  free radicals that continuously kill healthy cells which is non-reversible.  Radiation can cause cancer.  Radiation can cause death.  Radiation can change DNA.  Radiation can cause sterilization.  Radiation contaminates soil and drinking water if leaked, but so does Corexit 9500 sprayed over the gulf where there are alleged cover-ups.  Radiation is airborne and ends up in the drinking water and contaminates the food.  Japan reported that their spinach and milk and drinking water is now contaminated.

7.  Who in Congress or the Senate or judicial system or federal government owns stock in Rapiscan as they should have to disclose that information.

8.  How is it that Obama could provide U.S. tax dollars from the stimulus money which he promised for jobs and approve it for a private corporation owned by his federal employee who worked under him, Michael Chertoff, executive in Homeland Security, so  Chertoff could fund his private corporation, Rapiscan, without the approval of the American people and why is Obama funding a private corporation with tax dollars?

9.  How then does the federal government state that funding Rapiscan with stimulus funds is not a conflict of interest and abuse of power so Obama’s donors, supporters, and employee can become extremely wealthy?

In essence, it’s my opinion that the American people own Rapiscan since it was funded with U.S. tax dollars and it is the American people who should be issued the stock.  Otherwise, why isn’t Soros and Chertoff  having to reimburse the American people for funding their for-profit private corporation?  Rapiscan is a generational built-in customer base money-maker.  The news reported that Obama’s supporter, George Soros  owns most of the stock in OSI Systems and OSI owns Rapiscan, so how can the congress look the other way.  The funding of Rapiscan was unethical in my opinion and Obama provided no transparency, so did congress open the purse strings and approve the funding?

In my opinion, Rapiscan was set up to radiate Americans for-profit  allowing Soros and Chertoff and the stockholders to use every American man, woman and minor child as Human Capital and as individual commodities for their profit.  It could also cause depopulation long-term. In my opinion, the American people have been tricked into funding their own possible civil genocide depending upon how the radiation effects each American citizen who suffers adverse side effects or death.

By the way, didn’t Made-off, oops, I mean Madoff take people’s money and promise to do some thing specific with it, but instead divert it for his own agendas?  So, what’s the difference?

America is vulnerable to losing its economic status and freedoms under the Obama regime.  It was Obama who stated to America that he would be the “most transparent” president.  He is not. He promised to create jobs with the stimulus money, but he did not.  Instead, he supports radiating every U.S. citizen and simultaneously doesn’t support nuclear power plants.  Wake up, America, it’s nearly too late! **Note:  Readers may share my original Blog, but please don’t change or steal the content and it’s unethical and prohibited by law to Plagiarize written works. 

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Is Barack Obama planning to bring 50 – 100 million MUSLIM refugees into America?

Rose Colombo (c) 3/3/0211

This article was plagerized and re-posted with someone else adding to it without giving me credit and without my permission – (barenakedislam?)

Is Barack Obama planning to bring 50 – 100 million MUSLIM refugees into America?.