The NWO in Missouri, USA? Are American Kids headed to prison as felons to fill the private prison beds and used as Human Commodities for-profit, increased taxes and More Kids for Cash?

Is the New World Order aka United Nations intending to use America’s children as human commodities for profit on Wall Street? Remember, the prison system is referred to as the Prison Industrial Complex and it is big business!   Is the Missouri government planning on using minor children, who are students in public schools, as human commodities for prison?  If students in Missouri’s public schools misbehave, it appears that they will be used to fill the private for-profit prisons and private for-profit juvenile facilities that were overbuilt across the nation. Will the Principal and schools administrators receive financial incentives from the Private Business for-profit prisons?

Should’t Americans ask if  Missouri’s government will be using their public schools as a assembly line for students who a teacher targets for the prison industrial complex who will be viewed as Human Capital and to create higher taxes, profits, and possibly secret kickbacks?  The truth is that “bribes for kids” or “Cash for Kids” isn’t a new corrupted concept in the USA.  “Cash for Kids”  has happened before in this USA.  The news reported that the schools were reporting little kids to the police so the police could arrest them.  The Judges weren’t contacting the parents but were ordering the kids to jail in private for-profit juvenile facilities.  The Judges were finally exposed for taking “Cash for Kids” and ended up with at least $2,000,000 in bribes.  Should parents in Missouri take their kids out of the public school system now?

Therefore, it’s important for the parents and citizens of Missouri to protect the minor children since the schools and Judges will possibly throw them in jail for 4 years and destroy their lives by labeling their arrest for misbehaving on school property as a felony.   Are the public schools in Missouri linked up with the police as a pipeline for the arrest of their students?  Is  anyone in the Department of Education, Principal’s office, secretly promised “cash for kids” aka bribes from the private businesses which are private-for-profit prisons.  Are the Missouri private for-profit prisons regulated by the state and county and inspected and audited?  How is it kids will be separated from their parents for 4 years and locked away as felons versus  detention and staying after school or suspending a student or ordering community work and calling the parents?


Is the Missouri government intent on destroying the lives of America’s future generations by targeting their students who misbehave and calling the police so they can arrest them and send them away to prison for 4 years turning America’s little kids or teenagers into felons?  How is it that Missouri is intent on destroying the lives of American families and separating American families from their children and turning their students into felons on U.S. soil? 

The Missouri Public School pipeline leading straight  to prison will destroy families which is the intent of the New World Order and Communists who despise morality and the Family Unit.  The foreign enemies and domestic enemies are aware that the Family Unit is the foundation of a civilized nation. Ironically, the Democrats scream consistently that  President Trump is separating children of illegal aliens and illegal invaders who enter the USA  from their children after they are caught and detained.  How is it the Democrats aren’t protesting Missouri’s schools and prison system from separating American parents from their American children just because they misbehave on school property?  Why is Missouri intent on separating families and turning the future generation of legal American kids into criminals that will follow them the rest of their lives and traumatize these kids forever and destroy their lives forever?  

How do the Democrats in Congress and the Senate justify separating America’s parents from their kids by throwing them into prison for 4 years versus detention, suspension, after school assignments, or community work programs and working with the parents?  This is going to be hard on the parents and very hard on single parents and children who don’t deserve to go to prison with a felony on their record for life, while the illegals aren’t charged with a crime and their kids are imprisoned, but the Democrats cry FOUL when it comes to illegal foreigners invading our nation and detaining them or separating them from parents.  And, when it comes to Americans being separated from their kids in America, the Democrats are silent?

How many little kids acting out as kids and getting in spats at  5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 will be removed from public schools in Missouri and at taxpayer’s expense imprisoned for 4 years?  Think about it.  If the child is 5 and jailed for 4 years, they wouldn’t be reunited with their parents until they were 9 years old. Will the child turn out to be angry because the parents didn’t save them from going to prison for 4 years as well as traumatized and fearful of law enforcement and school teachers?  I think the answer is yes. Will the prisons protect the children from being raped, microchipped, DNA swabbed, and indoctrinated into same-sex and transgender lifestyles since the prisons now engage in transgender taxpayer funded surgeries?  Can the prisons declare a child mentally disturbed and prescribe and force the children to take drugs as they did in public schools in the 80’s and 90s without parental consent?  There are a lot of unanswered questions that the parents in Missouri need to think about and investigate.

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Was America  sold out under the administration of President George H.W. Bush, who died on November 30, 2018?  After all, he looked straight into the camera on national television after he was elected into the oval office and he declared his allegiance to a foreign international body known as the New World Order aka United Nations aka Globalism consisting of wealthy leaders and CEO’s from around the world. 

It appears that wealthy families; however they accumulated their wealth, such as the Bush family and Senator Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Maxine Waters, the Obama’s, and many more are linked to the Nazi’s and/or Communist leanings. Is that why so many in public office in the UK and America support the One World Government ruled by an Iron Fist?   Is that one reason the Democrats and Rinos  support the Muslim Brotherhood because Hitler supported the Muslim Brotherhood?  Is that why the Democrats and Rinos support Margaret Sanger’s depopulation program of Jews and Black babies during WWII through Planned Parenthood?  is that why Hillary and Bill Clinton and the rest of their inner circle embrace Communist China and Robert Byrd, Margaret Sanger, and Saul Alinsky?

As we know, Hitler wanted the children.  He wanted to control their minds and indoctrinate them.  Isn’t that happening in America today through public schools and computers and cell phones? It appears that the entire Bush family, Clinton family, and Obama family, Soros family, Rothschild family, Rockefeller family, Bill Ayers and Elizabeth Dorn, Bill Gates, Oprah, Muslim Brotherhood, Communist, Socialist, Liberals, support the United Nations as well as the U.N.’s Agenda 21.  Agenda 21 is continued to Agenda 30 with a goal of depopulating America and Europe, Canada, and Israel and the world by 2050 at 90%.  They intend to wipe out all Jews, Christians, and natural-born Americans, so why not imprison their kids through the public school system that their parents fund through their tax dollars?  Americans are paying for their own demise in case you didn’t know that.

The wealthy inner circle who embrace the U.N., NWO, CFR, EU, and NWO assure that their members who may be related to one another over the generations protect and promise their own that they will be wealthy and have key jobs and be protected from punishment it does appear. They operate above the law.  They self-protect, self-police, and self-discipline for political, financial and personal gain.  They mandate laws for everyone else and in this case, for everyone else’s children and grandchildren, but not their own.

In fact, the wealthy inner circle intend to uphold the U.N.’s agenda entitled, “The Redistribution of Wealth.”  They punish American families and their children by using public schools and prisons to thrown their kids in jail for misbehaving while they force Americans to pick up the tab and pay for the births of anchor babies and pay for the college education of “dreamers” and pay for the births of foreigners migrated form the Middle East under Obamacare and pay for the health care of the foreign invaders and illegals or anti-Americans who were allowed into the USA as fake “refugees.” Is there anything wrong with this picture of enslavement to the Third World Nations while imprisoning America’s kids?

It appears that the U.N. and the NWO members are a majority of  males from the Middle East who don’t respect females and don’t respect children.  In fact, I read an article awhile back that alleged the U.S. government migrated top Scientists from Nazi Germany into the USA after WW II with the agreement that they wouldn’t go to jail if they exchanged their knowledge on how to create a Superior Being and carry on what HItler began.

Today, the government is allowing the Scientists to play god and create a “transhuman” which is neither male or female and can’t procreate.  They intend to create human beings in petrie dishes using DNA and stem cells as they play god. In fact, the government and scientists are making cows obsolete which could be why they are creating drought and destroying farmland and grass so they can claim there isn’t enough grass to graze or it’s too expensive to maintain.  The scientists are chemists are making meat in a lab which is disgusting. They allege they intend to feed the overpopulated world, but on the other hand, they are attempting to depopulate the world by 90% under the guise of reducing poverty, so they are liars.  Heaven only knows what they’ll insert into lab meat.

The United Nations aka The New World Order consists of mainly people from the Middle East who are a majority of Muslims.  There are members from  Africa and Somalia, Central America and South America.  The long-term goal of these leaders is to wipe out Western Civilization, Christianity, and Jews from the earth. The U.N. intends to  Redistribute the Wealth that belongs to the Americans and Europeans to themselves and their children.

The New World Order and U.N. agendas leaves America’s children, especially the natural born U.S. Citizens, to becoming an  endangered species. It appears that the Missouri Police State are on-board with turning America’s little kids into America’s future felons. It appears that they are using America’s children as human commodities for-profit and taxation just like they use America’s natural born citizens for depopulation, experiments, food, taxes and profit at Planned Parenthood. 

 Why would any moral and loyal American in the Department of Education approve of such an evil and sinister attack on America’s minor children? We know they give a pass to the foreigners form the Middle East, Africa, and Somalia who commit crimes inside the USA and Europe, so you can bet that they are only targeting legal loyal natural-born American children in my opinion.  

Do the leaders of Missouri  intend to use this program to take the DNA of the kids they arrest and microchip them as well as brainwash them into Liberalism which is called “reprogramming?”  Do they intend to drug them and declare any of those kids to be mentally unsound and use them for experiments or force them to take drugs?  The Department of Education used kids for profit and experiments during the 1980’s when public schools allowed kids to be used as human commodities claiming that many little boys were overactive. 

The school administrator referred the boys to psychiatrist and the psychiatrists linked to Big Pharma would place them on Ritalin, a Rx Drug.  Many of those boys grew up addicted to drugs.  In fact, did anyone ever ask if Big Pharma was giving kick backs to the Department of Education’s top guy or the Principal of the schools or the Psychiatrists?  How would anyone know or prevent anything the government does behind closed doors?  This problem raises the question if the schools and prison pipeline is child abuse and using kids as human commodities?  Will any of the minor kids locked away behind closed doors be used and abused for sex or indoctrination into the world of same sex or the world of transgenders since they are performing sex change operations in prisons at taxpayer’s expense?

If a child is 9 years old when arrested and spent four years in prison because he or she got into a fight on school property, even if it wasn’t a big deal, that child would be 13 years-old before the minor child was allowed to go home!  This means Americans would have to pay $75,000 in taxes each year per child for four years at a cost of $280,000 per child just to house them for 4 years after incarceration.  It would cost taxpayers anything if the schools continued on with what duties are which is suspending kids from school or giving them detention or a work program. In other words, investors in the private prison for-profit system could earn huge profits. I would think that Bush and Cheney would be invested since it was their secret project to build private prisons for profit when they were in office. Apparently, they used U.S. tax dollars to build those private for-profit prisons that destroys American lives and families.

Is Missouri and the government using children as human commodities for big profits, taxes, and Human Capital as the test state?  Is this Cash for Kids?  It would appear to me that the citizens of Missouri should seek legal advice on filing a class actions lawsuit against the Department of Education and Missouri’s Governor and public schools before they expand this program to more  states around the nation.  Nothing good will come from this evil and sinister program, except angry kids who are fearful of their school administrators and teachers and the law after being locked away and separated from their parents for 4 years.

Americans were not paying attention during the 1990’s while many of us were on the front lines attempting to inform Americans of these agendas, but there was no internet so we beat the bushes to get out the information, the hard way.  As part of the New World Order agenda, it was quietly reported under the radar in the 1990’s that former V.P. Dick Cheney and President George W. Bush were secretly building private prisons and private juvenile facilities around the nation for-profit. V.P. Cheney resigned as President of Halliburton to become V.P. under former President George W. Bush. Halliburton was going broke from lawsuits filed against them for the asbesto fall out filed by victims who ended up with cancer. 

Suddenly, the Twin Towers are attacked right after Bush and Cheney took office in the oval office.  Immediately, bankrupted Halliburton is handed the taxpayer funded no-bid Contract and they received billions of taxpayer dollars. A credible source alleged that  Halliburton was exposed for engaging in alleged child trafficking which was reported online. Therefore, why would anyone want their kids locked away for 4 years with so many pedophiles linked to our government and those who rape kids inside of the prisons?

In fact, there were so many private prisons that some prisons didn’t have enough prisoners to fill the beds, but they were funded as “ghost prisons” so they could keep their doors open.  Prisons need bodies.  Prisons are human warehouses that require bodies to fill the beds in order to seek funding from the taxpayers so that the private prisons can earn a big  profit and keep the doors open. The prison system counts on overcrowding so they can justify asking for additional tax dollars for the coming new year.

It is a known fact and government statistic that America’s DOJ arrests and imprisons more American citizens than any other nation in the world including Communist China and Russia!  How could that be if America is the most civilized nation on the planet?  We are watching corrupted former U.S. Presidents, Former First Ladies – congressional members, members of the FBI in key positions, as corrupt as they come covering for each other. Yet, they are still wealthy and free while Jane Doe violates the law when she  jay walks or a child gets in a fight on the school grounds and is declared a felon and goes to prison for 4 years!  Life ruined.  Yet, we remember Ted Kennedy who got away with his alleged crime when a young woman was left to drown in his vehicle.  And Hillary Clinton stealing 33,000 Classified and non-Classified government emails and lying about it then attempting to destroy the government documents without being arrested or jailed.

The question remained, who is it that the Bush’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s, Soros’ and Kissinger and the New World Order supporters and members intend to imprison inside the taxpayer funded FEMA Camps?  Who are they targeting to round up and force onto the taxpayer FEMA trains that Obama and former DHS Director, Napolitano, was purchasing by the thousands with U.S. tax dollars under Obama’s administration?  

Should Americans in Missouri be concerned that their children could be targeted and thrown into prison as a felon and recruited by radicals or taught by dangerous criminals on how to commit crimes while behind bars?  Aren’t they concerned that their kids could be  raped and turned into homosexuals?   Americans have been fooled and easily tricked because they’ve been living in an illusion of justice when there is no justice except for their own well-connected and wealthy inner circle.  These wealthy NWO supporters self-protect which should be obvious in today’s news exposing historical scandals committed by America’s key leaders in the government who are giving each other a pass.

Therefore, it appears that many taxpayer funded public schools are using and abusing our tax dollars to use their students as a pipeline to the prison system, so will the public schools get a kick back for each child that they report and arrest is a question Americans must ask the Department of Justice and the Public School administrators! What is the point of this pipeline if the school administrators aren’t being compensated for filling the beds of private for-profit prisons or juvenile facilities for-profit?  Who created this agenda?

Can the public school administrators and the Private Prison wardens guarantee the parents that they will not indoctrinate their kids into same-sex and transgender lifestyles or declare them mentally unstable and fill them with drugs or protect them from being raped which if raped as minors would be pedophilia?  

It appears that this pipeline from the taxpayer funded public schools in Missouri to the Missouri private for-profit prison system could lead to more Governors signing the same sinister law for tax dollars and profit without any conscience of what they are doing to the American children who are suppose to be the future of America and should be disciplined not imprisoned. This Missouri totalitarian law is very disturbing. This truly appears to be part of the United Nations aka The New World Order agenda because it appears to be cruel and unusual punishment, immoral, and without any common sense, and outside of the authority of their legislatures as well as outside of constitutional law.  

The promotion to arrest little children who were disciplined in schools and possibly required to call the police was shocking to witness on television as the tall police officers handcuffed little boys as young as 5 or 6 or 7 as they ordered the little guys with their hands cuffed behind their backs into police cars.  It was the saddest and most disturbing arrest to witness on U.S. soil.  On the other hand, we witness corruption linked to the Clinton’s, Clinton Foundation, Obama’s and Comey and all the rest of the Democrats and Rinos involved in major scandals who are given a pass for their alleged crimes that appear to be treasonous.

in conclusion, this program will lead to parents having their kids reporting to a parole or probation officer if arrested and if they don’t report, they could be arrested again. This will be a huge burden to parents and in particular, single parents.  And, anything the kids do that appear to be unacceptable to the teacher, could lead them back to prison for a second felony.

In fact, two Judges were caught taking bribes paid to them that reached about $2,000,000 in a different state when they engaged in cash for kids. They received kick backs for every child they sent to the for-profit prison system or private for-profit  juvenile system because the little kids misbehaved in class. The teacher would report them and the principal would call the police and have the children arrested without contacting the parents first. The judges would order the little kids to private for-profit  prisons or private for-profit juvenile facilities. So, did the teachers or school principals get a kick back for each child they reported to the police?

Click to read about the corruption of linking taxpayer funded public schools as a pipeline to private for-profit prisons.  Kids for Cash! – Film Details Teens Struggle in-state Detention in Pay-Off Scandal  _Pennsylvania Judge gets life sentence for prison kickback scheme 

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Rose Colombo, award-winning author and 5 Star Review:  Fight Back Legal Abuse and political satire on the Redistribution of Wealth, “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Rednecks and Radicals” 

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