In America, the greatest health care system in the world was destroyed by Obama and Hillary Clinton and the Democratic-RINO 111th Congress who refused and failed to perform their fiduciary duty and read the 2700 pages that caused tremendous pain and suffering on the American Legal Citizens only. The U.S. Congress exempted themselves and unconstitutionally are holding themselves above the laws they mandate which they have no authority to do as well as they discriminated against Americans by protect and favoring Justices, Judges, Obama and Biden, the Oval Office, Donors, Muslims, and Illegals, and signed a Death Warrant for Americans as it includes Death Panels!  Obamacare is unconstitutional, illegal, and unlawful and can be nullified on its face in my opinion because Obama never proved he was eligible to be a U.S. President.  A signed E.O. of 2700 pages of unread laws and signed by an alleged Usurper should never be implemented in the USA – Shame on the U.S. Congress from 2009 through 2017!  

And, thank Senator John McCain, who the American people are forced to tax fund his Retirement even  after he gave a  “Thumbs Down” on the House Floor against the GOP and President Trump and stabbed the  majority of Americans in the back who can’t afford health care or access their doctor, while he is exempted and will fly back home to probably get the best health care and the doctor of his choice back in Arizona.  He then was caught laughing and making a disgusting comment to laughing Senator Schumer he appeared to be happy with McCain’s “Thumbs Down” while Elizabeth Warren attempted to lead an applause and got one applause from Senator Feinstein.  How pathetic is this in U.S.  History?emselves and

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