In Honor of Donald J.Trump, 70, the 45th President of the USA! Does 70, 45 and June 14, 1946 Relate to Major Events or the Day President Trump was Born?

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On November 8, 2016, We The People, the legal American citizens, and the electorate, voted for Donald J. Trump to be the President of the United State of America.  On or about January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump was sworn in by  U.S. Justice Roberts as the 45th President of the United States of America.  A majority of excited Americans attended the historical event which came to fruition as a quiet online revolution. We, the  Conservatives, Libertarians, and Independent Americans were fed up with the old guard ignoring the voices of our citizens who pay their wages.  We were sick and tired of the old boys club and career politicians thumbing their noses at the Middle Class taxpayers, registered voters, and legal citizens.

It appears that the majority of We The People were tired of coming last after the invaders from foreign nations were flooding our nation and we witnessed that they are draining the economic system by forcing us to pay for their flights which Obama instrumented with DHS Fema in the night and crossing over our borders illegally.  We were sick and tired of the Obama Democratic regime lowering our lifestyle in favor of enemies who threaten to kill us and have killed our citizens, more than 3000!  And, the millions of U.S. legal American Patriots, including myself said, “enough is enough” and began an online peaceful revolution.  My revolution online began 8 years ago, about December 2007 when I posted Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth was altered and invalid, but my grassroots movement, Women Fight Back, began more than 20 years ago.

Ironically, Hillary Clinton said she was “sick and tired” of the Americans who opposed the Left, but she didn’t realize that the majority of Americans were sick and tired of the Democrats scandals and dead bodies reported to have died under suspicious circumstances.  Americans are sick and tired of the Left insulting us with vile names, such as “deplorable,” and “racist,” and “small-minded,” as well as  “easily tricked and manipulated.” They appeared arrogant and held themselves above us.  In 2009, the Democratic White House and Congress and the U.S. Justices, looked down on the majority of Conservative Christian Americans and slammed the White House door in our faces, but invited in the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and the Communist leaders.

Shall we remember that stunning events took place in the USA related to Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility when the  U.S. Justices and federal judges dismissed properly vetting a U.S. President by dismissing the eligibility lawsuits and social security and Selective Service card, as well as the Foreign Student loan documents which were each alleged to be forged, fraudulent, and fake published online as Barry Soetoro and Barack Hussein Obama in 2007-2017. Or, what about Barry or Obama’s Indonesian Citizenship and his birthright as a Subject of Great Britain?  Americans were stunned when Obama and his wife praised the Muslim nations as they chanted, “Death to America!”  Obama traveled around the world apologizing for America and Americans while wining and dining, vacationing, and golfing on America’s time and dime that cost the taxpayers multi-millions of dollars in Air Force one.

Unfortunately, the American people began recognizing that the U.S. Congress remained totally  complicit even when Americans were murdered by terrorists at Benghazi on 9/11/2012, when Obama and Hillary are alleged to have called out the stand down. while watching the tragedy of the terrorist attack on real time. Americans were becoming extremely sick and tired of their failure to protect Americans.  They were tiring of the Obama regime apologizing for Americans, especially after  Obama announced to the nation that the Congress and Constitution were “meaningless.” Obama and Michelle stood before the nation as a team and Obama stated, “This country is no longer a Christian Nation” and Michelle stated in her last speech that “This country belongs to the Muslims.”  It’s obvious who the Obama Regime  favored for 8 years along with their supporters.  Obama boldly stated in his last speech that Donald J. Trump would never be a U.S. President and that he’d like to remain for a third term.  He also stated to the American Citizens prior to his leaving office on 1/20/2017, that the American Citizens  must give up their liberties to the federal government. In fact, Bill Clinton, who Anthony J. Hilder, referred to on my former cable TV show as “Adolph Clinton, said that Americans would get use to Communism.

Consequently, We The People, the legal Americans were determined  to take back our Constitutional Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties and exercise our freedom to choose.  The majority of  we, the legal Conservative and Libertarian and Independent Americans, shocked Hillary and Bill Clinton, Obama, and the Democrats , as well as MSM, when we chose Donald J. Trump.  The Democrats became known as the “Cry Babies” on 11/8/2016. The Democrats need to rise up and stand with all Americans every four years and accept the democratic process that has been enforced for 240 years without rioting and destroying property or injuring or killing people.  We hold elections every 4 years.  If Americans don’t like a candidate, they can support another for 2020!  It’s quite simple. All Americans, regardless of party, must remember that we are a  Republic run by the Rule of Law.  Our laws are rooted in the Christian Bible and Ten Commandments and a civilized nation is dependent upon the family unit remaining intact.

On the other hand, Donald J. Trump is not a politician or a lawyer.The fact that he isn’t a politician or a lawyer and he has a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate was enough for me to start my crusade on-line to help get him elected when he announced he would run for President, but I knew he would run back in 2011 and stated so in 2012, but no one took me seriously, even though I began posting to my FB friends to support him after he announced. In fact, I told one of his campaign managers at the Third Debate that he would see victory and he would win big.  His campaign manager was surprised when we talked at the Trump Towers because the polls up to the last-minute were leaning towards the Clinton’s taking back the White House.  I told him to tell Trump – Just tell the Truth – and he’ll win big.

My crusade began 20 years ago when I encouraged people never vote a lawyer into the oval office. And, for 8 years, posted, “Do not vote for a lawyer into the oval office.”  And, ” Do not vote for a politician.”  These words have been my motto as confirmed in my self-help book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse.” as well as my  second  book, “ObamaCare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks and Radicals” a fictional political satire exposing the dangers of Redistribution of Wealth and Death Panels for Americans only which both received a prestigious award in 2010 and 2016 and  5 Star Reviews. After all, what have the lawyers and politicians in Congress done for America, lately?

Therefore, I noted that   President Trump is a successful businessman.  It appears that his birthday, June 14, 1946, as well as the year 1945, and the number 70, represent some important birth dates of celebrities and politicians as well as special events that have occurred throughout U.S. History.  This is a glimpse into a few of the major events that occurred in 1945 and 1946, and on June 14, 1946, which is the age of the Baby Boomers.”

Furthermore, the end of WWII in 1945 was the beginning of a nation of young married couples united.  Traditional Marriage boomed and babies boomed!  More [legal] American natural born citizens were being born which are needed in order to preserve the United States of America in the future; otherwise, we will lose our country to the invaders of foreign nations as they invade and threaten to overpopulate and dominate the United States of America, which appears to be the plan supported for 8 years by the Democrats, Rinos, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and the Communist party intertwined with the United Nations, Agenda 21, and the NWO, and their Secret Societies.  Their Socialist Democratic Liberal plan involves the RFID Chip and tracking every human being after depopulating about 90% of the citizens as their written and stated strategic goals.

It appeared that God kept his hand on the USA and Hitler failed and more U.S. Natural Born Citizens were being born and the population of future natural-born Americans began booming about May 1945.  The end of WW II  was a major historic worldwide era of celebration ending Communism until the age of Obama.  It appeared that Obama may have alluded to giving rise as he bowed to Communist leaders and the Muslim King; however, in reality, it appears the Clinton’s were the real catalysts in bed with the billionaire George Soros, Communist China, and the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Clinton’s have a myriad of deaths under suspicious circumstances and jailed associations surrounding them since their time in Arkansas as well as in the White House, including  scandal after scandal. The Clinton Chronicles and The Franklin Cover-Up involving America’s prominent wealthy and CEO’s and that of international prominence involved in an international pedophile ring was swept away it does appear and reappeared under Obama’s watch as pizzagate. The Left calls it “fake news.” But, they haven’t accounted for a child missing every 40 seconds in the USA.  They Clinton’s and Obama embraced the Communists and the Muslim Brotherhood and the United Nations as well as the NWO.  President Bush sr. also embraces and promoted the “New World Order” and informed the nation that they would succeed.  Did We The People save our nation just in the nick of time?

In fact in 2012, at Obama’s re-election, he stated, “We will rise together and we will fall together,” which I found to be a disturbing comment. Nevertheless, after WWII ended, thousands of young couples were reunited and lots of babies were being born in the USA.  They became  known as the Baby Boomers. It is the Baby Boomers who are the activist and Veterans and many are high-ranking officers in the military today who know the truth about U.S. History.  Americans are fighting back to preserve the USA, Sovereignty, the Constitution and U.S. History as well as our Christian Foundation. America was  a nation determined to put the American people back to work and make America great again.  These are a few of the events that I’ve researched and learned are linked to the numbers 70 and 45 as well as June 14, 1946, which is President Trump’s birthday.

Donald J. Trump is entering into a new career as the most powerful man in the world at the age of 70 years old.  His energy level and willingness to work hard is amazing. This man should be a role model for everyone regardless of age. If  you have a dream, never give up!  Time is endless and age is just a number if you keep your brain in good condition by remaining active and involved in your communities and government and interested, motivated, and focused on family, friends, country, and mainly on God.

Furthermore, should we the legal Americans who sought to take our country and constitution back, known as the American Patriots, save this nation through our hard work for 8 years from being overrun with infiltrators and illegal radicals whose goal it is to overpopulate and dominate our nation as well as kill us?  Did we save our nation from a horrible repeat of  history that allowed one Communist, Marxist, Satanist, Insane, Drugged out man, Adolph Hitler,  slaughter and torture people for years which is happening today by the enemy known as ISIS and other terrorist groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR?  Remember, Obama’s program was capture and release the terrorists which was quite disturbing to most Americans with any common-sense at all, but not disturbing to the Democratic-Rino Congress who were complicit it appears.  Well, let’s take a look at those numbers, 45, 46, and June 14, 1946.

Allied forces begin to take large numbers of Axis prisoners: The total number of prisoners taken on the Western Front in April 1945 by the Western Allies was 1,500,000.[1] Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps and refugees: Allied forces begin to discover the scale of The Holocaust. The advance into Germany uncovers numerous Nazi concentration camps and forced labor facilities. Up to 60,000 prisoners were at Bergen-Belsen when it was liberated on April 15, 1945.   2) Mussolini’s death: On 25 April 1945, Italian partisans liberated Milan and Turin.  3)  On 27 April 1945, as Allied forces closed in on Milan, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini was captured by Italian partisans. It is disputed whether he was trying to flee from Italy to Switzerland (through the Splügen Pass), and was traveling with a German anti-aircraft battalion. 4)  On 28 April [1945]  Mussolini was executed in Giulino (a civil parish of Mezzegra); the other Fascists captured with him were taken to Dongo and executed there. (Wikipedia source)  [Note:  Do the Nazi’s concentration camps remind Americans of FEMA Camps?]

2016-1/20/2017:  The 44th non-vetted President of the USA known as Barack Hussein Obama II or Barry Soetoro is alleged to have funded $150 Billion of U.S. Tax Dollars against the will of the majority of Americans in what was known as the Iran Deal and diverted $150 Billion from Social Security without the knowledge of the majority of Americans.  John Kerry, who approved the Iran Deal states under oath while questioned by congress that he never read the Iran Deal and didn’t know what was in it.  Obama is alleged right before leaving office to have gifted Iran with enough uranium to build 10 nukes. Iran’s President and IMAM’s goal is to wipe America, Israel, and Europe off the face of the map.

NUKES  and Legislation on June 14, 1946, the day Donald J. Trump was born:  (The following is sourced from Wikipedia)

 First Time America was attacked by a foreign nation in U.S. History (source: American The Japanese Attacked Pearl Harbor
December 7, 1941

President Franklin Roosevelt called December 7, 1941, “a date which will live in infamy.” On that day, Japanese planes attacked the United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Territory. The bombing killed more than 2,300 America

Baruch Plan
: As the United States representative to the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission, financier Bernard Baruch spoke at the UNAEC’s temporary headquarters at New York’s Hunter College, and presented the American proposal for United Nations’ control of all nuclear weapons. At the time, the United States was the only nation to have produced an atomic bomb. Baruch opened his remarks by saying, “We are here to make a choice between the quick and the dead.”.[26] Under the plan, the U.N.’s member nations would have agreed to not develop nuclear weapons and to allow inspections by the UNAEC to verify compliance, with punishments for violation of the agreement. No member of the U.N. Security Council would have been allowed to veto a resolution for enforcement. In return, the UNAEC would have assisted member nations in developing nuclear energy for peaceful uses. A week later, the Soviet Union made a counter-proposal that would have delayed discussion of enforcement procedures until after weapons were destroyed.[27] No agreement was ever reached, and the world’s nations developed their own nuclear arsenals.[28] One historian later offered the opinion that “the Baruch Plan was the nearest approach to a world government proposal ever offered by the United States”,[29]

June 13, 1946: Umberto II ends reign as the last King of Italy.  And, June 1, 1946: Penicillin now available in Britain.

The Number 70:  

  • Died: Mikhail I. Kalinin, 70, former President of the U.S.S.R.; and Ch’en Kung-po, 54, founding member of Chinese Communist Party and collaborator (executed) – 1946

A  Traitor to their Country:

  • Died: Ion Antonescu, prime minister and “Conducator” (Leader) of Romania during World War II was executed after being found guilty of betraying the Romanian people to German occupiers.  (This raises the question if America has ever been infiltrated in the past and current times with traitors?)
  1.  The Dachau death train consisted of nearly forty rail cars containing the bodies of between 2,000 and 3,000 prisoners who were evacuated from Buchenwald on April 7, 1945.  (Wikipedia source)  (Remind Americans of FEMA Trains?)

2.  Keitel signs surrender terms, 7 May 1945 in Berlin  (Wikipedia source)

3.  Hitler’s death: On 30 April [1945], as the Battle of Berlin raged above him, realizing that all was lost and not wishing to suffer Mussolini’s fate, German dictator Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his Führerbunker along with Eva Braun….German forces in Italy surrender: On 29 April [1945],  the day before Hitler died, SS General Karl Wolff signed a surrender document at Caserta[12] on behalf of General von Vietinghoff,[13] after prolonged unauthorized secret negotiations with the Western Allies, which were viewed with great suspicion by the Soviet Union as trying to reach a separate peace….Dönitz government ordered dissolved by Eisenhower: Karl Dönitz continued to act as if he were the German head of state, but his Flensburg government (so-called because it was based at Flensburg in northern Germany and controlled only a small area around the town), was not recognized by the Allies. On 12 May [1945],  an Allied liaison team arrived in Flensburg and took quarters aboard the passenger ship Patria. The liaison officers and the Supreme Allied Headquarters soon realized that they had no need to act through the Flensburg government and that its members should be arrested..

Order JCS 1067 is signed into effect by President Harry S. Truman on May 10, 1945. This was part of the post-war economic plan that advocated how the Allied occupation would include measures to prevent Germany from waging further war by eliminating its armament industry, and the removal or destruction of other key industries required for military strength. (Under the Obama watch in 2016-2017, China and Russia were reported as possible threats touted by Obama’s actions leading to WW III)

After the war ended on or about May 1945, the world celebrated and the American babies  born after the war ended became known in modern times as the “Baby Boomers” and their fathers were known as the “Veterans.”  They have been quietly fighting to save the Republic from traitors, terrorists, Sharia Law, and Communism.

Donald J. Trump was born June 14, 1946 and he was inaugurated as  President Number “45.” Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States of America at age 70.  And, an American TV landmark is KTLA Television Station who celebrates and announces its 70th Birthday on January 20, 2017 – January 22, 2017 should be noted as a landmark achievement in the USA.  

June 11, 1946 (Tuesday)

  • The Administrative Procedure Act, which governs the rule making and judicial functions of all United States government agencies, was signed into law.[21]The law has been described as “the most important statute affecting the administration of justice in the federal field since the passage of the Judiciary Act of 1789”.[22] (source: Wikipedia) 

What Else Happened when  Donald J. Trump was born in the year 1946:  (source: The People History)

What happened in 1946 Major News Stories include (UNICEF) United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund Established, War Crimes Tribunal in Nuremberg, War Crimes Trials held in Tokyo, Mensa created, AT&T announce first car phones, Bikinis go on sale in Paris, United Nations’ first meeting, baby boomer years begin.

1946 Following the end of the war people expected a better life than before the war years with the Great Depression causing poverty and hardship worldwide. There were major shortages in jobs and housing for those returning from war , around the world the start of the baby boom also started as couples married and had children , also there were still shortages of food, and materials.

Russia / Soviet Union — General Secretary of the Central Committee — Joseph Stalin —
South Africa — Prime Minister — Field Marshal Jan Christiaan Smuts —
United States — President — Harry S. Truman —
United Kingdom — Prime Minister — Clement Attlee —

League of Nations – 1946

  • The League of Nations holds its final meeting.

More Information for the League of Nations
The League of Nations holds its final meeting during April of 1946.

United Nations 1946

  • United Nations’ first meeting is held in London England and then Long Island United States.

More Information for the United Nations First Meeting
The General Assembly of the United Nations holds its very first meeting during January of 1946

Technology (source: The People History) 

  • The US starts Atomic Tests on Bikini Atoll
  • AT&T announce first car phones
  • Piaggio produces the first successful motor scooter The Vespa

Inventions Invented by Inventors and Country ( or attributed to First Use ) 1946
Microwave Oven USA by Percy L Spencer
Automation USA by Henry Ford

Popular Culture

(source: The People History)

  • Bikinis go on sale on July 5th in Paris
  • The first Cannes Film Festival takes place in Cannes
  • Tupperware sold in department and hardware stores
  • Children’s puppet “Muffin the Mule” debuts in an episode of For The Children
  • Dean Martin’s musical career begins
  • B.B. King’s musical career begins
  • Frankie Laine records ” That’s My Desire”
  • Bill Haley’s professional musical career begins as a member of The Down Homers.

Popular Musicians

  • Frank Sinatra
  • Ink Spots
  • Bing Crosby
  • Duke Ellington
  • Perry Como
  • Andrews Sisters

Celebrities and Politicians Born in 1946 (source: The People History)

Born This Year

Tommy Lee Jones September 15th
Susan Sarandon October 4th
Justin Hayward October 14th
Ted Bundy November 24th
Candice Bergen may 9th — Beverly Hills, California, U.S.
Jimmy Buffett December 25th — Pascagoula, Mississippi, U.S.
George W. Bush July 6th — New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.
Cher May 20th — El Centro, California, U.S.
Tyne Daly February 21st — Madison, Wisconsin,, U.S.
Donovan May 10th — Maryhill, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Uri Geller December 20th — Tel Aviv, British Mandate of Palestine
Barry Gibb September 1st — Isle of Man
Sally Field November 6th — Pasadena, California, U.S.
Freddie Mercury September 5th — Stone Town, Zanzibar
Ilie Nastase July 19th — Bucharest, Romania
Dolly Parton January 19th — Sevierville, Tennessee, United States
Steven Spielberg December 18th — Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Sylvester Stallone July 6th — New York, New York, U.S.
Peter Sutcliffe June 2nd — Bingley, West Riding of Yorkshire, England
Donald Trump June 14th — New York City, New York, U.S.  (note: Sally Field and Cher did not support Trump, but Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone and President George W. Bush showed their support )

Cost of Living 1946 -(source: The People History)

How Much things cost in 1946
Average Cost of new house $5,600.00
Average wages per year $2,500.00  (note usually the man was the bread winner)
Cost of a gallon of Gas 15 cents
Average Cost of a new car $1,120.00
Worlds First Electric Blanket $39.50  (note quite high for 946) 

It’s also reported that the a 100-year-old Solar Eclipse occurred on June 14, 1946 which is the same day that President Donald J. Trump was born.  Was that a sign that a child was born to save the Republic from the possible Caliphate or the Coup that has been written about over the past 8 years by credible reporters?

(Sources:  Wikipedia; The People History)

America Attacked by Foreign Islamic Terrorists:  9-11-2001September 11 News .com - The September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks on America at the World Trade Center twin towers in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and Flight 93. The 9/11 attack on America is a day of infamy. September 11 News has complete news archives, including images, pictures, photos, graphics, reactions, speeches, FDNY firefighters, and Sept. 11th timelines.

Americans Attacked by Islamic Terrorists:  9-11-2012

The 2012 Benghazi attack that September was coordinated against two United States government facilities in Benghazi, Libya by members of the Islamic militant group Ansar al-Sharia.

NEVER AGAIN!  God Bless America!  God Bless the American Citizens!  God Bless the unborn future Americans!  And May  God Protect the United States of America!  Like and Comment by scrolling down – 

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Listen Taped Live Worldwide Online Radio – Podcasts – Listen at (347) 324-3704 – Rose Colombo N The Justice Club – 9:00 a.m. – 10;30 a.m. pst and 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. est – Grab a snack – Grab a Cup o’ Coffee – Grab a Friend – Join Rose as she explores the issues of the day that affect every man, woman, and child in the USA and around the world. What happens in the USA sets the pace around the world. Rose’s long time advocacy for Justice and political activism led to her award-winning writing author, radio and cable TV creator, Producer, Host, Poetry, and 5 Star Review books, ‘Fight Back Legal Abuse,’ and ‘Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks, and Radicals’ and complimentary pages can be read at – She bases her insight on first-hand experiences within the legal system, psychiatry, extensive Research and documentation. Rose enjoyed her career as a licensed Beauty Professional and business woman. She founded the first grassroots movement exposing injustices and legal abuses in the family law courts and led marches, candlelit vigils that hit the news and newspapers and she proposed laws that were implemented. Jump aboard and let’s cruise around the world and see if we can make it a better world. Bookmark! Share! Follow! All shows with prominent guests on Wednesdays and Fridays are archived at Freedomizer Radio Online Blog Talk Radio or Rose4Justice Bloga N Radio Shows at

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Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Terrorism in America/Hillary Clinton, Candidate/Expert’s Corner/Special Guest, Jan McFarland, College Educator/ FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts

Listen Live – Rose Colombo N The Justice Club – Rose discusses the terrorist act in Orlando Florida that killed 49 innocent young American victims, gays, and 50 or so injured as the news continues to come in – Obama’s reaction – Hillary’s reaction – and the Nazi Law known as Gun Control as the answer to radicalism and terrorism, never blaming the anti-American enemies or mentally disturbed or the epidemic of drugs as well as the Open Borders which is Gross Negligence in Rose’s view – and much more – Commentary by a college educator who earned her Master’s Degree and provides insight into what’s wrong in America which beging 30 minutes into the show – Expert and Author’s Corner beging at 9:30am – Tell a friend – Share the Truth – and Bookmark – MWF – 9am-10:30am pst and 12:00pm – 1:30pm est – Listen live worldwide online, podcasts, or at (347) 324-3704 – All shows archived at Freedomizer Radio BTR

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Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Author’s Corner/Shari Zucker & Memory Diet 06/01 by FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts

Rose Colombo N The Justice Club is produced for intelligent people with inquisitive minds. Rose is an award-winning author, poet, and former columnist for a local newspaper. She is a creator, producer and host of radio shows and cable TV, and advocate for justice known as a “Crusader.” Rose’s Special Guest, Shari Zucker, author. who wrote The Memory Diet with her twin sister, Judi Zucker after graduating from Santa Barbara University. Shari discusses their popular book, the ‘Memory Diet’ and shares recipes and their tips on how to keep the brain healthy and avoid Dementia and Alzheimer. Author’s Corner begins every Wednesday and Friday at 9:30am pst or 12:30 pm est. Listen Taped Live worldwide online, podcasts, or at (347)324-3704. Listen every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday…..9:00 am to 10:30am pst or 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. est. Rose shares her opinions and research relating to the Issues of the Day, injustices, and legal abuses! – Bookmark! Follow! Share!

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Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Pat Walmisley/Exec Assistant to Congressman Moorehead /Entertainer/FreedomizerRadio | Current Events / National Police Force?/Podcasts

If you want to learn more about immigration then tune in on April 26, 2016, when Rose Colombo, speaks with former adviser to Congressman Carlos Moorehead (deceased) who was a powerhouse and stood up with integrity for the U.S. Constitution and the American Citizens and his and her expertise evolved around immigration laws. Pat Walmisley is an entertainer and worked as a long-time Director of Community Relations for Horace Heidt Productions. She shares her stories while working in Congress Moorehead’s office and how she landed a job with the famous, Horace Heidt Productions and entertainment world. Pat’s a well-respected artist and sings Christian and Pop Songs – Big Band – and Patriotic Songs for the City of Burbank’s Memorial Day and Veterans Day Ceremonies since 1994 and a myriad of patriotic community events. Rose Colombo will continue with her commentary on The Justice Club involving Obama’s latest agenda – Nationalizing the Police and Sheriffs. Rose can be heard online worldwide MWF from 9am-10:30am pst and 12-1:30pm est – Authors and Experts Corner is heard with prominent people every Wednesday and Friday from 9:30am – 10:00 am pst – 12:30p-1:00pm est – Bookmark Rose Colombo N The Justice Club – Share – Follow – All shows are archived at Freedomizer Radio and at Rose4Justice Blogs N Radio Shows at

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