Colombo Chronicles Live! Rose Colombo and Jo Sullido, Investigator and Domestic Violence Counselor, Expose Elder Abuse and a True Shocking Story!

Listen Taped Live – Colombo Chronicles Live!  Rose Colombo, award-winning author and Host welcomes Jo Sullido, Investigator and Domestic Violence Counselor to share her true and first hand shocking story involving Elder Abuse about her family.  Elder Abuse, in Colombo’s opinion is an epidemic across America.  She think that people are ignoring the seniors and elderly who are being abused in this country because it’s a silent crime and it’s done behind closed doors.  In fact, Colombo says that far too many seniors are somehow developing Alzheimers and Dementia at a shocking rate which could be part of the reason why so many seniors and elderly citizens are being ripped off by family, strangers, professionals, and even people who work within the system. Bookmark, Share, and Click on Follow once you get to the link.


Rose Colombo  – Colombo Chronicles Live! 

Tune in every Wednesday, 8-9 pm pst and 11-Midnight, est – Colombo Chronicles Live interviews experts and authors on topics that are of human interest.  You can call into the show and talk to the guests at (646) 564-9742.

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Taped Live! Colombo Chronicles Live! Rose Colombo’s Guest and Author, Stefan H. Verstappen Shares Expertise on Sociopath and Psychopath Politicians Running the World Taped Live on Worldwide Online Blog Talk Radio

Listen to the first intriguing radio show taped live on May 10, 2017, entitled, “Colombo Chronicles Live!  Listen to Online Worldwide Radio with Rose Colombo, whose books won the Irwin Awards and 5 Star Reviews on  Follow Rose’s NEW Radio Show, Colombo Chronicles Live! Colombo is  a seasoned and award-winning author and Host who brings truth and common sense and intriguing information to the world with her special VIP guests from all walks of life who share their expertise and stories that include human interest.  The topics include psychopaths and sociopath personalities, politics, animals, health and chemical-laden foods and vaccinations, corruption, love, and much more.  Be sure to click on the link below and please click on FOLLOW.  Share with your social media, friends, and family and help Colombo spread the truth and controversial information that affects every person’s life in America and around the world.

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How the Clintons Sold Out U.S. National Interests to the Putin Regime

The Clinton’s should be held accountable for their scandals, but apparently, they are too rich and too big to fail –

Socialism is not the Answer

Family Security Matters


Kremlin-crazed Trumpophobes snored as Hillary and Bill made Russia great again.

The Democrats and old-guard news media (forgive the redundancy) are pathologically obsessed with the hypothesis that Team Trump and Russia rigged last November’s presidential election. If Donald J. Trump so much as played Tchaikovsky’s Marche Slav on his stereo, these leftists deduce, he was in cahoots with the Kremlin.

Meanwhile, the same folks who spy a KGB agent behind every filing cabinet in Trump’s White House are aggressively apathetic about Hillary and Bill Clinton’s policies, decisions, and actions that gave aid and comfort to Russia.

Hillary’s much-mocked “Russian reset” established the tone for the Clintons’ coziness with the Kremlin. On March 6, 2009, during a trip to Geneva, she presented Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov a small, red button. Hillary thought it was emblazoned with the Russian word for “reset.” Her team mistranslated…

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Rose Colombo, Award-Winning Author and TV-Radio Host, Speaks Out On The Invasion/Guest: Jo Sullido, Investigator Speaks Out on Depression, Suicide, and Abuse/Freedomizer Radio Network/Ipods/WorldWide Online Radio

Are you feeling depressed during the Holiday Season or abused and experiencing suicidal tendencies? You are not alone. Most Americans are feeling the joy of the Holiday Season, but not all who are struggling due to a multitude of issues such as divorce, verbal or physical abuse, finances, and health issues, so we want to share some true stories and experiences with you so you know that you are never alone when you listen to “Rose Colombo N The Justice Club.” We are here for you so you know that there is hope and a brighter future for all people and people and places to contact to seek help and of course, if you are a Believer, God is always available.

Rose’s guest on Mondays is Jo Sullido, an investigator, who pulled herself up from her boot strings after experiencing a rough childhood and abuses and decided she would use her experiences to help others.

Rose Colombo is labeled as a “Crusader for Equal Rights” as she has helped victims of legal abuse for about 20 years and her newsletters, Blogs, and the grassroots movement she began back in 1989 created an awakening across the nation for parents, but especially women and children who were going through the corrupted Family Law Courts. Rose has led Marches, Protests in front of courthouses and D.A. Offices and she’s been quoted and written up in local and major newspapers and seen on TV and local and major radio shows speaking out about the issues of the day and her two award-winning 5-Star books, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” and “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks, and Radicals.” Bookmark – Listen to the Truth – Gain knowledge – Share – Tell a Friend – All shows Taped Live and archived for your listening convenience.

Rose Colombo/Politics and Corruption/Author’s Corner/Dr. Melinda Sue Norin/Knowledgeable Management/How To Succeed/Freedomizer Radio Network/Podcasts

Listen Taped Live – Today, Rose interviews Dr. Melinda Sue, Norin, sharing her latest book, knowledgeable Management, with the audience hot off the press.  She discusses the many different ways that businesses and organizations as well as government agencies can improve not only their communications skills, but share their knowledge with their employees so they can work as a team and achieve their goals.

After leaving Author’s Corner, Rose enters into Corner of Justice, as a long-time award-winning Radio Host, who has created, produced, written, and hosted both am-Fm radio shows and worldwide online radio and been a guest as well across the nation on local and major radio and television shows and written up in major and local newspapers as the Founder of “Women Fight Back” and the Crusader for Equal Justice.  Heaven knows, there’s very little justice in the world today.  She will discuss the corruption that our nation is facing today as Americans witness the two-tier justice system created for the wealthy, famous, and politically connected and everyone else.  Comment Below and Bookmark – Share – Like – Click on the Link Below to listen:

“Rose Colombo N The Justice Club is for intelligent people with inquisitive minds making informed decisions” and airs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am – 10:30 am pst and 12 noon- 1:30 pm est – worldwide online – Podcasts – or listen at (319) 527=6208- Bookmark – All shows are archived at or Rose4Justice Blogs N Radio Shows at


Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Political-U.N. Troops-Justice for All or for Some/Author/Dr. Ava Cadell/| Neuroloveology: How Love is Important to all Relationships/Freedomizer Radio

Rose Colombo N The Justice Club enters into the world of Justice and shares her research and opinions on the reports of how American Troops under the Obama Regime have been disrespected and forced Americans to seek permission before defending themselves and more. Colombo touches on the removal of National Security documents on personal services allowed to continue for four years by former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. She explores the reasons abehind Loretta Lynch announcing a plan to bring U.N. Troops into the USA. Colombo ask, by the way, “What is a ‘reasonable prosecutor?’ as stated by FBI Director Comey?

Colombo’s special guest and author today is Dr. Ava Cadell, the author of an unusual and fascinating book entitled, “Neuroloveology” sharing her expertise and research on love, romance, and how to maintain a lasting relationship. Heaven knows, we must spread more love into the universe!

Rose Colombo has left Freedomizer Radio and she will be announcing her new show coming in the near future…..Rose will continue to Blogs – Please scroll down and read the Blogs which are informative and thought-provoking and timely. Bookmark – Like – Follow – Share – All guest shows archived at Freedomizer Radio and at Rose4Justice Blogs N Radio Shows at

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Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/The USA Turned Upside Down!/Benghazi/Hillary Clinton Emails/Sweden and Increased Rapes/ FreedomizerRadio |Online Radio News Podcasts

Listen Taped Live Worldwide Online Radio – Podcasts – Listen at (347) 324-3704 – Rose Colombo N The Justice Club – 9:00 a.m. – 10;30 a.m. pst and 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. est – Grab a snack – Grab a Cup o’ Coffee – Grab a Friend – Join Rose as she explores the issues of the day that affect every man, woman, and child in the USA and around the world. What happens in the USA sets the pace around the world. Rose’s long time advocacy for Justice and political activism led to her award-winning writing author, radio and cable TV creator, Producer, Host, Poetry, and 5 Star Review books, ‘Fight Back Legal Abuse,’ and ‘Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks, and Radicals’ and complimentary pages can be read at – She bases her insight on first-hand experiences within the legal system, psychiatry, extensive Research and documentation. Rose enjoyed her career as a licensed Beauty Professional and business woman. She founded the first grassroots movement exposing injustices and legal abuses in the family law courts and led marches, candlelit vigils that hit the news and newspapers and she proposed laws that were implemented. Jump aboard and let’s cruise around the world and see if we can make it a better world. Bookmark! Share! Follow! All shows with prominent guests on Wednesdays and Fridays are archived at Freedomizer Radio Online Blog Talk Radio or Rose4Justice Bloga N Radio Shows at

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Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Terrorism in America/Hillary Clinton, Candidate/Expert’s Corner/Special Guest, Jan McFarland, College Educator/ FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts

Listen Live – Rose Colombo N The Justice Club – Rose discusses the terrorist act in Orlando Florida that killed 49 innocent young American victims, gays, and 50 or so injured as the news continues to come in – Obama’s reaction – Hillary’s reaction – and the Nazi Law known as Gun Control as the answer to radicalism and terrorism, never blaming the anti-American enemies or mentally disturbed or the epidemic of drugs as well as the Open Borders which is Gross Negligence in Rose’s view – and much more – Commentary by a college educator who earned her Master’s Degree and provides insight into what’s wrong in America which beging 30 minutes into the show – Expert and Author’s Corner beging at 9:30am – Tell a friend – Share the Truth – and Bookmark – MWF – 9am-10:30am pst and 12:00pm – 1:30pm est – Listen live worldwide online, podcasts, or at (347) 324-3704 – All shows archived at Freedomizer Radio BTR

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Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Author’s Corner/Shari Zucker & Memory Diet 06/01 by FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts

Rose Colombo N The Justice Club is produced for intelligent people with inquisitive minds. Rose is an award-winning author, poet, and former columnist for a local newspaper. She is a creator, producer and host of radio shows and cable TV, and advocate for justice known as a “Crusader.” Rose’s Special Guest, Shari Zucker, author. who wrote The Memory Diet with her twin sister, Judi Zucker after graduating from Santa Barbara University. Shari discusses their popular book, the ‘Memory Diet’ and shares recipes and their tips on how to keep the brain healthy and avoid Dementia and Alzheimer. Author’s Corner begins every Wednesday and Friday at 9:30am pst or 12:30 pm est. Listen Taped Live worldwide online, podcasts, or at (347)324-3704. Listen every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday…..9:00 am to 10:30am pst or 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. est. Rose shares her opinions and research relating to the Issues of the Day, injustices, and legal abuses! – Bookmark! Follow! Share!

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Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Pat Walmisley/Exec Assistant to Congressman Moorehead /Entertainer/FreedomizerRadio | Current Events / National Police Force?/Podcasts

If you want to learn more about immigration then tune in on April 26, 2016, when Rose Colombo, speaks with former adviser to Congressman Carlos Moorehead (deceased) who was a powerhouse and stood up with integrity for the U.S. Constitution and the American Citizens and his and her expertise evolved around immigration laws. Pat Walmisley is an entertainer and worked as a long-time Director of Community Relations for Horace Heidt Productions. She shares her stories while working in Congress Moorehead’s office and how she landed a job with the famous, Horace Heidt Productions and entertainment world. Pat’s a well-respected artist and sings Christian and Pop Songs – Big Band – and Patriotic Songs for the City of Burbank’s Memorial Day and Veterans Day Ceremonies since 1994 and a myriad of patriotic community events. Rose Colombo will continue with her commentary on The Justice Club involving Obama’s latest agenda – Nationalizing the Police and Sheriffs. Rose can be heard online worldwide MWF from 9am-10:30am pst and 12-1:30pm est – Authors and Experts Corner is heard with prominent people every Wednesday and Friday from 9:30am – 10:00 am pst – 12:30p-1:00pm est – Bookmark Rose Colombo N The Justice Club – Share – Follow – All shows are archived at Freedomizer Radio and at Rose4Justice Blogs N Radio Shows at

Source: Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Pat Walmisley/Exec Assistant to Rep Moorehead 04/27 by FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts