Will the World Face a Genocide: Fear Mongering by the Medical-Science Industry Experimental and Trial Injections by forcing Human Beings to be Human Lab Rats?

Rose Colombo, 30-year researcher on injustices and legal abuses, 2X Irwin Award-winner of “Fight Back Legal Abuse” self-help book and “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Rednecks & Radicals,” political satire on depopulation and redistribution of wealth.

Are Americans and the World being used and abused by criminal-minded public servants and wealthy CEO’s such as AI, 5G, Oil, Auto, and Big Pharma who may be invested in Big Pharma and China? Do they believe there are too many people on the planet and that they are the chosen ones to determine who should live or die and who should be used as human commodities for human capital?

After all, it is the Big Pharma Lobbyists who run Congress by their big donations which has been an issue since the 1980s. The Wall Street Billionaires now fund senators, congressional members, AG’s, D.A.’s, Governors, Mayors, state legislatures and China and Iran and apparently ISIS and the Taliban. They have nearly made the entire government in key positions their puppets.

In my Irwin Award-Winning book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” published in 2010, I explained that we no longer have 3 branches of government,” Colombo stated.

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Colombo says, “I wrote in my book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse, published in 2010, that since 2009, there are no longer 3 branches of government. Many people believe we have a 2-tier justice system, but we don’t. We have 3 branches of government morphed into one branch of government. After Obama and Biden were elected into office, Obama declared to the nation that he would run the nation by ‘Executive Orders’ which were never intended to make laws, but nonetheless, no one in government objected, except a few, so he did what he said. He said, ‘I don’t need congress or the Constitution to make laws, I will make laws by Executive Order.’ Not only did he make the constitutional meaningless, but congress as well. He set the precedent for the future without objection from the entire United States government’s public officials. The declaration of using Mandates through Executive Orders to bypass the Constitution and the Will of the American people and Congress was a violation of Obama’s sworn oath and appears to have been the tools being used to overthrow the United States of America and the U.S. Constitution by the Deep State which is treason.

Many people state, “We have 2 branches of government,” but I stick with my statement in my book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” that there is only one branch of government when the majority of the 3 branches are accepting big donations from Big Pharma Lobbyists as well as Soros and Gates, and New World Order CEOs on Wall Street, FB, Twitter, and MSM.

They allowed Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, an Indonesian National, upon re-entry into the USA to be slipped into office with the help of donations from the DNC, NWO CEOs, Soros, Kissinger, Gates, Hollywood and MSM Glitz in 2009. The 3 Branches of government allowed Obama to bypass the vetting of a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate, which should have been America’s first hint, but he was cool and he was “The One.” He was the one – the one who bypassed Congress and the U.S. Constitution and mandated laws by Executive Order for 8 years, released terrorists and jihadists from prisons and GITMO and funded them. He denied Christian Prayer in the Military. He sought to deny them an increase in wages and a 3rd hot meal. He stated, The Sermon on the Mount and The Bible was violent and the Koran was Holy.

He and Biden and Hillary and Panetta abandoned the Heroes at Benghazi, who were all present, and how is it that no one intervened? Obama left gifts for ISIS such as vehicles, weapons and ammunition when he suddenly withdrew the troops from Iraq which were worth Billion in U.S. taxes. The Obama-Biden regime dropped gifts on Iran. Inside of the barrels were Billions of dollars gifted to the Iranian Imam. Obama and Hillary funded Muslim Brotherhood leaders into office including the Ivory Coast. They Egyptians told Obama and Hillary not to fund Morsi or interfere in their elections in Egypt, but they did, anyway. They funded him with U.S. taxes even though warned that Morsi would murder Christians and Coptic Christians and burn down their homes and churches and kill the Priests which he did after elected. About 50,000,000 Egyptians protested at Morsi’s doorstep and he was finally arrested and removed from office. Obama and Hillary were not held accountable.

However, who cared what Hillary or Obama or Biden did? Apparently, not many, because the 3 branches of government morphed into one branch of government when Obama took office in 2009. Obama-Biden team punished U.S. Military men who couldn’t shoot a Terrorist attacking them on the battlefield on foreign soil without permission. And, now, we have One Branch of Government operated by Biden or his shadow, Obama? He appears to be carrying on with Obama’s E.O. Mandates in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR and Iran and China.

Should Americans and the senate not ask if Biden is practicing medicine without a license by acting as America’s one nation doctor for 339 million Americans by forcing mandated experimental and trial injections, not approved and licensed vaccines, using Executive Orders even though E.O’s were never intended to make laws? This appears to be outside of his job duties and his sworn oath to keep Americans free from harm. But, who can we seek for help now to stop this insanity? How can they ignore the thousands dying after the jabs or getting covid after the jab or permanently injured without being arrested? Oh, it’s for the good others is it? Or how about growing aliens inside your body through heat, bromide, aluminum and graphene – Sound Sci-Fi, while how many people are carrying these alien parasites growing inside their bodies now after jabbed with their experimental and trial injections: Click on the link and find out –

Jab: Scientist Discovers Hatching Eggs, Parasites Birthed After Injection – Stew Peters interviews Dr. Jane Ruby


The above link should be viewed by all people everywhere before it is taken down….it is not fiction, unfortunately and no one is concerned in Big Pharma or the White House, Congress, EU, Wall Street CEO’s, especially, AI, and all investors which eventually will affect them and their families over time….if what appears to be the nightmare sci-fi covid cult seeking to reduce the population of the planet isn’t ended soon in my opinion.

“The years have gone by quickly on this mission,” Colombo said. She revealed that she had a life after death experience after jabbed and ended up in ICU from the past licensed jab that was touted by Big Pharma and government and MSM as 100% safe, but people like myself ended up near-death or permanently injured or dead and lawsuits were filed. Today, the HHS Secretary and White HOuse and EU leaders are protecting Big Pharma and themselves if invested or distributors or fear mongerers or using coercion from being held liable for deaths and injuries from the testing, masks, or experimental and trial injections with what Dr. Fauci called at risk for condidates with unknown consequences. Isn’t that equated to Gross Negligence on the part of Gates, Fauci, CDC, WHO, Big Pharma and the AMA and the government and Military and all unconstitutionally mandated every human being be a human lab rat for Big Pharma’s built-in-customer base and human lab rats for their free case studies with no liability and as their profit-making Human Commodities used as Human Capital?

It this agenda to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and the sovereignty of the USA without dropping a nuke but destroying life and minds and the American Freedom, Liberty, and Rights established by the U.S. Constitution that guarantees the “Right-to-Life” and the “Right-to-Work” and the “Right-to-Choose” to control one’s own body and mind, not for people with titles or degrees to violate their human rights or that of their minor children. Isn’t that called communism and Crimes against Humanity and violations of the Nuremberg Codes? Is all this about reducing the population and crreating the “Big Pharma Covid Industrial Complex” to take control over the world by generating Trillions and to control everyone’s minds and bodies and allegedly hook them up to the internet and 5G using graphene and AI if individuals survive and then turned into mindless human zombies who can’t think for themselves? Her mission didn’t begin for another 12 years, but she said she had forgotten about it and would never have dreamed it would lead to a journey of fighting back for justice, not just for herself and family, but for people around the nation.

Colombo stated. The fact is that trying to warn people of such evil in the 90’s and up through 2012 in America was very difficult because we didn’t have the internet during the 90s and to reach people. We had to beat the bushes. God put people in her path who came before her and they shared information that even she found difficult to accept, but over time, she sadly witnessed their information to be valid. It did appear that an evil force was seeking to reduce the population of the planet and take control of the planet themselves. They were stealing people’s property, kids, and money as well as using and abusing their positions in office and misappropriating U.S. taxes for their personal, political and financial gain..

In the 90’s, Colombo said she had to be creative because MSM even FOX wouldn’t allow her to have a spot after viewing her Pilot exposing the injustices back in the 1990s. Eventually, they appeared to copy the same format and became #1 on cable station. Anyway, she created am-FM radio shows and cable TV shows entitled, “Women Fight Back” and “Issues of the Day” exposing the corrupt decisions being made against good Americans in the courts that led to never ending revelations about the way our government was not working for We The People, but for themselves.

And, even after the internet arrived, people still attacked Colombo’s posts which shocked her at the number of people who lived in a bubble and thought all public servants were people of integrity, but as Maxine Waters stated about the housing crisis in 2008, “Everything is Just Fine,” she figured that this is what they wanted to believe even though millions were forced into foreclosure by these fraudulent loans they Democrats voted to force upon the banks.. After all, the economy was strong and so were jobs, so what else did the American people need to know, right?

Most Americans didn’t want to hear the truth or believe the truth because they feared it was the truth, so they preferred to ignore it and hoped that it would disappear. Some people said “You shouldn’t talk about these issues because it’s too dangerous, so they were already trained to be silent and not speak out about corruption for decades.” This shocked Colombo because she didn’t understand why the truth could be dangerous as she believed there were more good public servants than corrupt at the time. It appears that because of the silent and ignoring the truth, it just got worse. The pedophilia got worse and the child trafficking was out-of-control, but people didn’t want to hear about it as long as it didn’t affect them. Colombo was a public speaker and stated, “I told people, it may not affect you or your family today, but it could in the future and eventually spread like a cancer and devour the entire nation if people don’t stand up against corruption.”

Unfortunately, most Americans didn’t begin to wake up until 2012….and by 2016, enough people woke up to vote in a man who ran as a Republican, Donald J. Trump, for if they hadn’t done that then it would appear that Hillary Clinton would have declared Martial Law and the “right wing extremists” or the “basket of deplorabes” would have been rounded up and thrown into FEMA Camps. It was President G.W. Bush’s 2004 Executive Order which Colombo read in 2009 that predicted a future of civil unrest and the plannedemic and martial law, shadow government, quarantines and curfews, patrols on the streets and taking “right wing extremists” to “government facilities” to be reprogrammed with no outside contact. This is what Communist China does and the Muslim Brotherhood nations who were friendly with Hitler and the Nazi regime. Now, we’re at the most dangerous time ever in U.S. History.

It appears that 2021 has proven to be a very rude awakening by the big guy who appears to believe he is a dictator, not a President of the USA. The big guy swore to uphold the Will of the People, not Deny the Will of the People which he hasn’t any authority to do. It’s a very dangerous path to use human beings in America as human lab rats for Big Pharma, CDC, and WHO as well as their investors for their BIG profits and fear monger that they will make people in American homeless and create famine and starve them to death if they don’t comply with these draconian unconstitutional so-called mandates that aren’t in accordance with the U.S. Constitutional laws and are immoral, unethical, and unjust and definitely equitable..

It’s very dangerous for the HHS Secretary to use his or her position to grant 100% protection and liability to Big Pharma and all involved in the FDA experimental and trial injections from lawsuits that claim death and permanent injuries. What do they care how many people they jab as they’re making billions without going through case studies and obtaining consent from human beings who volunteered as in the past when they can use every human being on the planet as their human lab rat without liability and force as a built-in customer base for their big profits so they can drive a Lamborghini and live in mansions and jet about on private jets and sail around on $659M yachts while the world suffers from their evil deeds?

It appear that Big Pharma and all involved such as Fauci, CDC, WHO, NIH, HHS Secretary, White House and investors are using “Human Commodities” for “Human Capital” without any liability and even though the U.S. Constitution prohibits forcing people into slavery and servitude to Big Pharma, CDC, WHO and Biden’s dictatorial role, they continue to use people as their property and chattel to control their minds and bodies and deny Americans the right to control their own minds and bodies. These are human rights violations and Nuremberg Code violations as well, but where are the constitutional lawyers and the DOJ and the U.S. Judges? Do they want their families to live in such an evil world?

May God have mercy on the souls involved in using human beings as human lab rats and “Human Commodities for Human Capital” and with unknown consequences to each person snuffed out or permanently injured and unable to care for themselves or their families.. People don’t realize that injections can react immediately, weeks, months, or years down the road. This is total insanity in my opinion that 339,000,000 Americans have been fear mongered, threatened, bullied and coerced into being injected multiple times or else be punished and excessively fined or jailed or else you can’t travel or work or buy or sell or in one city marry. Really, America? All involved who continue to use experimental and trial injections on people with no liability and kill or harm people including babies, pregnant women, unborn and elderly have blood on their hands without fear of being charged or punished?.

Those involved in this NWO Rockefeller Lock Step and UN Agenda 21 based on greed and death and injury involved in what doctors state could be a potential genocide down the road will one day face their Maker and they should remember that “eternity” is forever. The only chance one has to repent and ask forgiveness and acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior is while they live and breathe upon the earth. Afterwards, it’s too late. They won’t take one dime with them. Not one mansion. Not one Lamborghini. Not one yacht. Not one private jet. Not one spaceship. Nothing.

Woe to anyone who does harm to a child and a baby for God has warned you. Woe to you who kill and injure God’s healthy human beings and all living creations upon the earth because of rejecting God and the Ten Commandments shall never be happy. They will always be lost souls in a world without emotions because they can’t face their own pain. God warns that the pits of Hell will be the punishment for all eternity for anyone who seeks to replace Scientists with God and God’s creation of heterosexuals or procreation with trans humans and same sex survivors who can’t procreate. Woe to them who alter God’s created miracle known as DNA that makes each human being unique. Hitler used experimental and trial injections and surgeries on his human lab rats and he also starved them to death before incinerating those who survived. Fighting back against evil ones needs good people to pray each day must include asking God to rebuke, reject and bound up evil ones every day.

Colombo stated, “I warned Americans through my award-winning book, pub. in 2013, a political satire entitled, “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Rednecks & Radicals, written in an Orwellian style with fictional characters portraying the good versus the evil ones who were planning to depopulate the nation and redistribute all the wealth to themselves and steal the Judeo-Christian nation that there are consequences whether in this life or the next..

The White House has allowed the CDC, WHO, Fauci and Big Pharma to implement indefinite detentions without any authority to lock down Americans indefinitely until they are impoverished and lose everything. as if those who were born on their Homeland and work and pay their wages are the criminals, so what does that make them? Criminals are locked up and locked down, not average hard working taxpayer funded Americans, while this same regime released felons and jihadists and terrorists during the lock downs and invited covid infected foreigners to enter into the USA illegally.

Americans aren’t criminals because they don’t get an experimental and trial injection that can kill them or permanently injure them, for it is those who are forcing these experimental and trial injections on healthy people who are violating the Nuremberg Codes and Crimes against Humanity as well as the U.S. Constitution and Necessities of Life Laws.

The truth is that more people died during the lock downs from increased abuse of alcohol, drugs, loss of businesses and jobs and income, loss of education, families and homes and loneliness. More Americans committed suicide than died from covid. More farmers killed themselves in Africa after Gates convinced their leaders to use GMO non-nutritional seeds that don’t reproduce and they lost their farms and killed themselves. Who are the real criminals in the world? The Middle Class or those who hide behind money and titles to fill their egos?

Gates admitted that he intends to use Monsanto GMO seeds in the USA after he has been buying up all the farms from the farmers who lost their crops, chickens, pigs, horses, and cows during his and Fauci and CDC and WHO’s lockdowns, but bottom line is that it was the White House, Congress and Senate who should have fought back and rejected the recommendations of locking down our nation and racking up Trillions of printed fake money and allowing Big Pharma and all involved in using Americans as human lab rats without consent.. They dumped tons of milk and eggs which appears to be part of the plan so that Gates and Monsanto can control the farmland and ranches and force people to buy their Lab Grown foods and milk and molecular meat. We don’t even know how many elderly were euthanized during the lock downs so the nursing homes and hospitals could collect the financial incentives for each patient labeled as covid and each death written up as covid deaths. Those involved in taking their lives also have blood on their hands.

Therefore, if people don’t die from the jabs or PCR tests sticking toxic ethylene oxide in our noses that can cause cancer, alter DNA and nose bleeds and other health issues then they could starve Americans to death by destroying their careers, jobs, livelihood and self-esteem and lifestyles. This is pure evil. One way or another, people are dying if this agenda doesn’t come to an end that is destroying America and the American economy and our American way of life.

The CD, WHO, Fauci, Gates and White House working with Big Pharma, Oxytec and BioNTech, MSM, and DOD’s biomedical tracking Apple watches and devices caused these losses by locking down a nation for 1 1/2 years which devastated families to use health care through the Big Pharma, White House, NWO CEO’s on Wall Street as a National Security threat. Health Care is a National Security Threat? Not the jihadists, cartels, gangs, and Terrorists and Felons from Third WOrld Nations flooding into the USA illegally carrying SARS, Mers, Covid, Measles, HIV or Measles? Really? These so-called health care entities destroyed healthy lives with their agendas and impoverished millions of Americans who are still trying to put their lives back together. The CDC, WHO, Gates, Soros, Fauci, Big Pharma and all involved in this plannedemic for- profit turned hospitals and nursing homes into morgues.

What authority did CDC or WHO or Dr. Fauci and Gates have to punish and prohibit Americans and the elderly and children from seeing their parents or grandparents or hold funerals, unless you were a member of a SOROS funded non-profit such as BLM or ANTIFA like in the GF case when they were allowed to hold a funeral and herd inside the church while Christians were arrested for going to church knowing there is a 999% recovery rate while they suppressed the cures shared by doctors who have patients they saved from covid with case studies.

It appears that Obama may have granted CDC Police Powers even though they aren’t part of the Department of Justice so they could act as law enforcers or was that a rumor? Shouldn’t Americans ask CDC and their representatives if Obama did that and if so, under which constitutional authority? Dr. Fauci and his wife both work with Big Pharma and have worked for NIH for more than 40 years. Gates and Soros, Clinton’s, Obama’s, FB CEO, CDC, WHO, and Big Pharma, such as Pfizer, BioNTech owned by Soros and Gates, and Moderna are raking in Billions as they use human lab rats for their built-in customer base. In fact, Democrat Blue State Governors. of Illinois and California as well as the World Bank reported in the news to be invested in masks and Testing Kits made in China since 2018. 2018? So, who owns all the Patents for covid? Is it China? Fauci? CDC? Or, Dr. Baric? Why isn’t the DOJ or the FBI or the Senatore asking these questions?

I highly recommend that you watch and share the video below as information for educational and entertainment purposes only. – Click on the Link if it’s still available. As, the powers that be on the LEFT continue to silence Americans who are neutral or Conservative or Christian or Patriots and take down important information online by denying Americans – Freedom of Speech over a flu – watch it while you still can.

The Democrats, White House, Big Pharma, CDC, WHO, Fauci, Soros, Gates, China are using FDA approved EXPERIMENTAL AND TRIAL INJECTIONS, (vaccines must be approved through protocol and licensed by the FDA to be labeled as licensed vaccines. It takes from 5 years up to 15 years or more to be approved and licensed as safe and effective). The Left including Fauci, CDC, and WHO, may also have silenced all international doctors with cures for covid and banned them from the internet in many cases since the major giants are all involved with these billionaires.. If their protocols are so great then why are people dying or injured permanently before or after jabbed? Doctors stated they’ve threatened to take their licenses away and destroy them. Is this really about health care or is it about the potential of criminal minded people seeking to reduce the population in America and around the world for profit and control and power?

CLICK THE LINK BELOW AND HOPE IT IS STILL AVAILABLE – as we know, they are scrubbing anything that the MSM and the Left doesn’t want to be seen or heard online or television.


Evil People are sociopaths. They are narcissist and greedy. They thrive on power and control without conscience over their victims. They have no conscience of how many people die or suffer and are tyrants. Many have sexual pervasive habits. They cause death and injury and economic strife under the guise of humanitarianism. Why do so many people put up with them? Is it out of fear? What happened to David Rockefeller? Brzezinski? GHWB? McCain? Saddam? Hitler? Stalin? Lenin? Pol Pot? Morsi? Manson? Jim Jones? Mao Zedong (killed 45 Million) – You can starve people to death -is it using GMO seeds that don’t reproduce as one possibility which is what happened in Africa! Did the NWO members repent before they died? Remember, who controls the food, water, and oil can control the world.

For example: “We will start the list with one of history’s oldest, cruelest and most unpredictable tyrants. Caligula ruled from 37AD to 41AD, and in these four short years he restored treason trials, causing the death of many. Records show that the first six months of his reign were quite moderate, but after this, he worked manically to increase the unconstrained power of the emperor, attained new lands – both for himself and for the Empire – and led a campaign of sadism, extravagance and sexual perversity for the remaining three and a half years of his reign. He was murdered at the Palatine Games, which seems to be a point to karma.” (Treason Trials: The Democrats are currently accusing good Americans of being domestic terrorists – why do you think they are doing that?) Below is an excellent video for educational and entertainment purposes only.