Listen Taped Live: Colombo Chronicles! Rose Colombo Speaks Out on Why the Clinton-Bush-Cheney-Obama Regime Built Secret Private Prisons, Private Juvenile Facilities, Fema Camps……

August 25, 2018 – (C) -Rose Colombo

Have you ever wondered why governments spend billions of dollars building secret underground facilities as well as walled in compounds to warehouse people, even those who are non-violent or were jailed based on accusation only?  In America, the Clinton, Bush-Cheney-Obama regimes secretly used U.S. Tax Dollars in the Billions to build private prisons, private juvenile facilities, and Fema Camps.  They purchased large amounts of FEMA Trains and tons of ammunition.  Who are they at war with and who or what did they intend to load up on the FEMA trains and where were they going?  Where are the FEMA trains stored? 

The Bill Clinton-Bush-Obama-Hillary Clinton regime secretly built excessive numbers of private for-profit prisons, private for-profit juvenile facilities on U.S. soil, yet the American citizens didn’t bother to ask once this information was revealed the question, “What does the federal government intend to do with the FEMA trains and the  tons of ammunition purchased by Obama’s DHS- Fema agency, while pushing to disarm Americans, at the same time and flooding the nation with unidentified foreigners from foreign enemy nations and illegals?

On the other hand, the same federal government up until 2017 under the Obama regime released terrorists from GITMO and felons from prisons, who murdered Americans or committed other felonies, such as rape and pedophilia or robbery.  Currently, Governor Jerry Brown and Governor Cuomo are releasing dangerous felons onto the streets and yet, Americans who were charged with non-violent crimes remain in jail for years. 

The Democrats cry out that the non-citizens are separated from their kids when detained by law enforcement, as required by law, but they are silent on the excessive number of Americans arrested, even innocent Americans, who are also separated from their families and denied freedom.  Does this make any sense to a person with even a low IQ?  In fact, 20% to 25% of all prisoners charged and jailed in the USA are innocent.  

Many Americans were accused and jailed based on accusation only.  Some Americans are jailed based on circumstantial evidence only.  Some Americans are jailed because of  witnesses or experts who perjure themselves on the witness stand under oath.  Some Americans have even gone to their death because of a wrong positive identification and no DNA to examine.  Some Americans have gone to jail because they didn’t have any money to hire a lawyer and ended up in a plea bargain even if innocent.  And, of course, there is the white envelope.


America imprisons more U.S. citizens and a number of foreign non-citizens than any nation in the world even Russia or China.  America has more lawyers, more litigation, more laws, and more prisons than any nation in the world.  And, yet, America is touted as the most civilized free nation in the world, but if it’s so civilized and free, why is the government arresting so many of their citizens?

In the past, until the Clinton’s hit the White House, there were very few American kids or women arrested, but those numbers began to increase.  Now, the schools are reporting little kids to police for arrest, because they threw a spit ball, or pulled a little girl’s hair or whatever.  They handcuff  little children which is very shocking and sad to see in the USA. 

It’s difficult to watch the news when great big old police officers are taking innocent kids to juvenile facilities.  And, some parents aren’t even notified by the school authorities until after the fact. I remember when  kids who  did something wrong were swatted on the bottom and punished by the parents or the teachers had them stay after school and write hundreds of time the same sentence over and over again.

Those kids who are arrested are traumatized for life, so how do you tell them that they can trust law enforcers after being used and abused so corrupt Judges and corrupted CEO’s, can make a profit off of using children as human commodities to fill the beds of the private Juvenile for-profit facilities?  In fact, two Judges were arrested for taking $2,000,000 in bribes, but didn’t state if the persons that paid the bribes were arrested as well.

It was rare for females to be arrested in the USA,  but today, Christian women, who are grandmothers,  holding a sign with a Bible verse were  arrested on U.S. soil under the Obama-Holder-Clinton watch, alleging they offended the gays and the  foreigners who are fake refugees.  The foreigners making demands and accusing Americans of offending them are denying Freedom of Speech to Americans and Freedom of Religion and discriminating against Americans and Christians in my opinion.  Furthermore, the foreigners could be radicals or terrorists.

If the “Christian refugees” or “refugees” Obama and Hillary migrated into the USA as refugees and didn’t flee their foreign nations to flee from tyrannical laws or persecution, but came to the USA with intent to impose their foreign laws on the USA, then they are what I coined “fake” refugees and committed a fraud on the legal and natural-born Americans.  Fake refugees need to be detained and deported.  It appears that Christians in America are being persecuted by Liberals, Socialist Party USA, Communist Party USA, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, ANTIFA, and Democrats and Rinos.  America is at a crossroads in this spiritual battle of good versus evil.  (Scroll Down to Like – Share – Comment)

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Rose Colombo is an award-winning author, advocate for justice, and poet whose spent more than 20 years helping victims of legal abuse become survivors, leading grassroots movements for justice, and creating and producing cable TV and radio shows exposing injustices.  She’s known as a “Crusader” and a “Consumer Advocate for Justice.”  Watch for her next book coming in 2018 – Second Edition coming+ soon…. “Fight Back Legal Abuse.”