Who is liable for Mandating Masks Long Term in the USA Without Disclosing Direct Adverse Health Effects While Denying Constitutional Rights, Civil and Human Rights?

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Are Americans and citizens around the world asking any questions related to the coronavirus and its origin, patents, and the people who were involved in the research and funding and unleashing of a dangerous virus to fund the development of vaccines throughout the world? Should we consider people such as Dr. Anthony Fauci? Bill and Melinda Gates? Dr. Birx? George Soros? Barack Hussein Obama? Hillary and Bill Clinton? Jeffrey Epstein? Bill and Melinda Gates? CDC? WHO? NWO?

Which Key Democrats and RINOS who accept donations from Gates, Soros and Fauci and Epstein over the years linked to China and Wuhan and Big Pharma? What about the EU? It appears that the wealthy key people on the Left belong to a tightly-knit inner-circle inside the USA and around the world of Globalists. Investors on Wall Street who are NWO CEO’s, politicians, and the rich and famous invested in Big Pharma earn big profits from Rx’s and vaccinations. Some of those names include Moderna. , Glaxo-Smith. Johnson & Johnson. Pfizer. Astra-Zeneca. Eli Lilly.

ncbi-nih:The use of surgical facemasks is ubiquitous in surgical practice. Facemasks have long been thought to confer protection to the patient from wound infection and contamination from the operating surgeon and other members of the surgical staff. More recently, protection of the theatre staff from patient-derived blood/bodily fluid splashes has also been offered as a reason for their continued use. In light of current NHS budget constraints and cost-cutting strategies, we examined the evidence base behind the use of surgical facemasks.”

ncbi-nih report -J.R. Soc Med  2015 Jun; 108(6): 223–228.doi: 10.1177/.0141076815583167 – Reported:

“Examination of the literature revealed much of the published work on the matter to be quite dated and often studies had poorly elucidated methodologies. As a result, we recommend caution in extrapolating their findings to contemporary surgical practice. However, overall there is a lack of substantial evidence to support claims that facemasks protect either patient or surgeon from infectious contamination. More rigorous contemporary research is needed to make a definitive comment on the effectiveness of surgical facemasks.” Keywords: Surgery

Furthermore the ncbi-nih reported: “Intuition would suggest that facemasks offer a physical barrier preventing the emanation of droplets from the oral or nasal passages and therefore satisfy the efficacy requirement of the evidence ladder. However, there are a number of different hypotheses as to why this may not be the case. ‘Venting’ is a phenomenon whereby air leaks at the interface between mask and face which can act to disperse potential contaminants originating from the pharynx.5

The accumulation of moisture, during prolonged usage, may exacerbate this problem by increasing resistance to air flow through the filter itself. Moisture accumulation is also thought to facilitate the movement of contaminants through the material of the mask itself by capillary action. These bacteria can subsequently be dislodged by movement. Friction at the face/mask interface has also been demonstrated to disperse skin scales which can further contribute towards wound contamination.6

Couple Wearing Masks During Pandemic Wedding Husband and wife getting married in corona virus times funny surgical mask cartoon stock illustrations

Recently, the FDA approved an unprecedented emergency trial and experimental vaccines that hadn’t even been completely developed for covid-19, a flu despite the fact that there is a proven 99.9% Recovery Rate according to the CDC and world statistics. The truth is that more people die of influenza every year than die from covid 19, but the isolation recommended by Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and CDC caused severe financial and social depression and increased suicide deaths by 200% in only one year. The European news that is censored by specific social media and MSM producers and hosts reported that 4,000 people have died in Europe post-covid 19 jabs plunged into their arms. How is it that these Big Pharma corporations didn’t use mice? Is it that they didn’t want to injure or kill the mice with these trials and experiments, but went straight for their target? Human Beings?

News4Jax reported: “Mayo — a former neurosurgeon whose Florida medical license expired in 2019, records show — isn’t practicing medicine right now but said she’s board-certified until 2023.

She said wearing a mask does nothing to protect people from COVID-19 and stood by her statement on Monday in a brief phone interview with News4Jax.”

“I am going to take a stand on this. I am a medical doctor. It puts my health at risk to put on a mask,” Mayo said in the video that was viewed more the 250,000 times before it was deleted. “Masks do not protect from viruses, ok, if you need some medical proof I will be happy to provide that for you…this is illegal, this is the United States of America and nobody can force me or anybody else, to do that,” reported on News4Jax.

Sadly, the news reported that Johnson & Johnson is seeking to plunge a needle of chemicals into the arms of babies and little children’s whose immune systems aren’t fully developed so why are they targeting babies, children, and teenagers as well as the elderly? Kids aren’t targets of covid according to the CDC and Dr. Fauci. It appears that the federal government has allowed Dr. Fauci, CDC, and Bill Gates authority to lock down healthy free Americans against their Free Will granted by God, not them.

Surgical Mask Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStock
How did the population increase to 7 Billion without doctors using Surgical mask until modern times?

The CDC, WHO, NIH, White House lied and stated he lockdowns would be temporary but they continued to lock down businesses and people. They continue to state that everyone on the planet must be jabbed with the Fauci-Gates vaccines and the never ending future boosters and insisting every human being not only show a Drivers License and Passport and be naked x-rayed at airports, but added the Gates’ mandated vaccine card.

According to Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, no one in the world will be able to work, go to school, buy or sell, or travel, or touch each other or socialize unless they’re masked up forever it appears. Did you know the World Bank and Governors of Blue States such as Illinois and California are alleged to have bought stock in the masks and PCR testing kits made in China back in 2018? It’s also alleged that the Illinois Governor owns 5 Star Hotels in Wuhan, China and that he’s also a Billionaire. It appears the Billionaires are invested in Masks, PCR Tests, Experimental repeated never-ending Jabs, and Big Pharma for-profit with no liability.

In other words, above Wall Street Billionaires who donate to the Democrats and RINOS or else be punished is it? No one will be able to attend a movie or concert or dinner at an indoor restaurant if they can achieve their goal. Who are they? Dr. Fauci never developed a vaccine that cured HIV-Aids in 40 years and neither did Moderna linked to Dr. Fauci ever develop a vaccine until 2021. Bill Gates owns Microsoft and markets himself as the world’s expert on vaccinations and covid. He is not a Scientist. He is not a Doctor. He doesn’t have a Ph.D., but yet, the entire U.S. government is doing whatever he and Dr. Fauci and CDC tell them to do who are all invested in the Big Pharma with WHO and they’re in the business of vaccines.

In fact, Bill Gates stated during his speeches and interviews, while fear mongering that even if people get the vaccine, millions could die, but they would he saving lives. Gates told the world, “You have no choice.” It appears grossly negligent o use people as guinea pigs without any guarantees that they won’t die or be permanently injured after they’re jabbed with a needle even against their will it appears. Healthy people are being used as if they Big Pharma without liability is playing Russian Roulette and not disclosing the number of deaths and injured after people are jabbed in the USA?

This agenda should remind people around the world of the Nazi experiments and trials used on the Jews by Nazi Scientists and doctors during World War II. They experimented on kids and adults. They used people as human collateral for their scientific experiments. China is in the business of kidnapping people and harvesting their organs.

One conspiracy theory raises this question, “What if they are harvesting organs when people die and they list them as covid deaths even if they died from a car accident and that’s why they deny the family their human right to remove their loved ones from isolated hospital units or nursing homes and hold funerals? Hitler believed in Science, not God and the people were told he would shelter them, feed them, and provide health care. Communists believe in government, not God such as the Chinese Communist Party.

ANTIFA and BLM Masked, communist and Marxist groups, used the covid bandit masks and masked up and wore their hoodies since 2019-2022 to avoid being identified while they carried out the loot. They were witnessed in the news and social media to be committing crimes; however, what the public saw and what the MSM reporters were in the middle of burning buidings and chaos and crisis said it was a “peaceful protest.”

The BLM members stated in an interview that Soros recruited them in a newspaper ad and the male member said that they were trained and paid by Soros, but the news says that they were paid by Open Society, a Soros non-profit and Super Pacs. The Democrats and MSM were praising BLM and ANTIFA and kneeling down to BLM Marxist. This will go down in history as the covid masked bandit peaceful riot that was viewed as something wonderful while the MAGA red hats were falsely viewed by the Democrats as domestic terrorists.

Cartoon about refusing to wear a face mask | Andy Anderson Cartoons

In other words, there aren’t any long-term case studies completed by researchers and medical doctors on covid 19 vaccines that use a new technique never tried on mice or human beings until now. Long Term Case Studies and finding take from 5 years up to 7 years or more to complete so that they can publish their case findings which reveal the direct adverse health effects and report on the real efficacy and safety. The researcher usually use mice and paid volunteers for medical trials who agree to be guinea pigs without any guarantee of how their individual bodies will react to the injections.

Should we not ponder if fast tracking vaccines at warp speed without these long term case studies allows Big Pharma to deny and cover-up injuries and deaths by stating that they may have died from another cause or it’s just a coincidence? After all, the Democrat Congress granted immunity to Big Pharma from lawsuits claiming injury and deaths of loved one so that Big Pharma and apparently, Insurance Companies, do not have to compensate the victims.

Apparently, their actions appear to be grossly negligent by ignoring the required short and long term case studies that take years to determine the efficacy and safety of the experimental method and chemical-laden vaccines before jabbing the needle into the arms of millions of people knowing that all involved and invested will make a “killing” on their investments. Does it not appear that without long term case studies that there will be no way for victims or their families to prove a connections of injury or death to the experimental covid-19 vaccines or emotional and physical damage from wearing the masks.

Should people not ask who is liable for the injuries and deaths because they are forcing an assault on the bodies of human beings by threatening to destroy their constitutional freedom, liberty, rights, civil rights, and the Right-to-Work and sustain the necessities of life and the pursuit of happiness; as well as Human Rights? Who will be liable? The POTUS? Congress? Senators? Big Pharma? Dr. Fauci? Bill Gates? Gates Foundation? CDC? WHO? After all, Gates, Fauci, CDC and WHO are in the business of a multi-billion dollar covid medical industrial complex. Is this the reason for bypassing the required long-term case studies and as the old saying goes, “Follow the Money trail? ”

The truth is that Big Pharma funds BIG donations to members of the Democrats in Congress as well as State Governors, Mayors, Senators and even AG’s, D.A.’s and Federal Judges on the Left as well as CDC, WHO, and NIH who accept donations from Bill and Melinda Gates, George Soros and the rich globalists and rich and famous. It was an outlandish decision by SCOTUS to allow Lobbyists to offer unlimited campaign donations funded by Wall Street Billionaires and Millionaires which allows them to control the entire Democrat Party from the top down.

It appears that the wealthy bundlers and donors are being allowed to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights without being held accountable so far. They intentionally opened up our Borders when Bill Clinton was linked to Communist China and the CFR and President Bush promoted Open Borders in violation of U.S. Sovereignty . It appears these agendas are accelerated in order to usher in the one world government and take control over the United States of America and every human being on the planet by using fear mongering, a “flu” and “masks.”

Consequently, most of the elected and appointed working in the federal government and the blue state governors have ignored the fact that there aren’t any long term case studies published for Covid-19. Did this action grant the green light to move fast and furious on the warp speed vaccines because Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci are part of the U.N. Agenda 21 and 30 now moved up to 2025 to reduce the population of the planet at 50% by 2025? We The People are the government in the USA , but it appears that Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates and CDC have trampled on the U.S. Constitution and aren’t recommending or suggesting vaccines and masks and lockdowns, but dictating and mandating them.

Shouldn’t Americans ask their representative which constitutional authority are they applying to do so? It appears they granted themselves absolute authority and control over our individual lives and are denying us freedom, liberty, rights, and sovereignty to create a multi-billion dollar business using human beings as human commodities for-profit and Human Capital!

Steve Sack 2020 Top Ten – DarylCagle.com
Governor Newsom and other Democrats were caught on video or photos without masks and without distancing enjoying a day at the salon, ball game, fine restaurants, partying, boating and vacationing.

The leaders of our American system appear to have deserted We The People while taking our taxpayer funded wages for life with benefits despite their wealth. They refuse to retire or impose Term Limits on Congress It appears we are witnessing people who remain in office from 30 to 50 years and have become extremely wealthy somehow.

Speaker Pelosi brought the United States to a new low when she sought to take the attention away from President Trump during the State of the Union Speech. It appears that she sent a message to the nation and the world that Trump’s State of the Union Speech was “meaningless” and so are the 80,000,000 conservative voters which they left has been demonizing since 2016.

Furthermore, the Democrat and RINOs in congress granted immunity to Big Pharma from lawsuits involving injury and death, but why did they do that? How many in Congressional members are accepting big donations from Big Pharma and their wealthy donors? Bill Gates stated in an interview that he invested $10 Billion in these Big Pharma vaccine developers.

Bill Gates stated on television that he expects a $200 Billion return on his investment. The commodity Bill Gates and CDC, WHO, China, and Big Pharma need in order for Gates to earn a $200 Billion profit is human beings. . Human Commodities for Human Capital! These same people are linked to Wuhan, China, CCP, Wall Street, i.e., AI, Monsanto, and MSM.

“It’s a done deal.”

Call your Senators often. Ask each one if they have done their fiduciary duty and due diligence by researching published articles on the coronavirus and the direct adverse health effects in the USA and Europe as well as the number of death post vaccination. Americans should be asking if these taxpayer funded members of the Senate have interviewed anyone involved in the Big Pharma Lock Downs, while breaking down the food chair, destroying farms and the food supply to restaurants while shutting down restaurants and limited supplies to grocer stores which appears to be intentional as Bill Gates buys up acres and acres of farmland in the USA and Africa and other nations. Does he intend to control the food chair and water supplies as well as Big Pharma mandates for profit?

The senators should have been investigating the Pfizer Secret Formula and the mRNA genetically engineered gene manipulation that alleged alters our God-given DNA which they deny, but why should anyone believe them when they seek worldide domination and control over the planet and reducing the population of the planet and enslaving the surviors it appears.

Does wearing a mask short and long term cause the loss of oxygen and re-entry of carbon monoxide and germs accumulated inside the mask that are breathed back into the nose and mouth and pores raising the question: What are the direct adverse health effects on human beings forced to wear masks long term that accumulates germs and possibly covid and carbon monoxide that are unable to escape?

292 Woman Sneezing Tissue Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock
Isn’t it healthier to use Kleenex and toss it in the trash instead of sneezing, coughing, spitting, and sweating inside a mask all day that causes lines on the face and causes oils to increase and cause acne and dry skin flaking and breathing it all back into the nose, mouth, eyes, ears and pores as well as cutting one’s oxygen supply 24/ and diminishing saliva needed to keep the teeth and gums healthy?

How can this agenda be healthy for human beings when they can use Kleenex to sneeze or cough which is disposable and sanitary. Many people complain that wearing masks everyday causes them to feel anxious, frustrated, depressed, angry, faint and/or lose focus which is also unhealthy.

Ask your senators if wearing masks long term can wearing masks long term cause bacterial pneumonia? Cancer? Deep Depression and suicidal tendencies? Acne? Numbness? Dry Flaky Skin and aging? Fogging of glasses when driving or reading or walking? Legionnaire’s disease? Guillain-Barre which is when your body’s immune system attacks your nerves. Weakness and tingling in your extremities are usually the first symptoms.

These sensations that weaken your extremities and immune system can quickly spread, eventually paralyzing your whole body? People reported they got Palsy post vaccine which is when a person is affected with paralysis and involuntary tremors. “She feels as if the muscles on her face are palsied.” Others say they got the worst flu they’ve ever experienced in their lifetime that lasted 2 to 3 days.

One doctor stated that wearing masks long term can cause Legionnaire’s Disease which is a form of bacterial pneumonia first identified after an outbreak at an American Legion meeting in 1976. It is spread chiefly by water droplets through air conditioning and similar systems. According to some articles on the masks, the droplets accumulated in the masks worn long term that collect germs, droplets, sweat, oils, covid, and being unable to exhale carbon monoxide re-enter the nose, mouth and pores it appears can cause bacterial pneumonia.

The senate should be asking these health experts and witnesses during senate hearings if CDC and WHO and Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and President Biden are linked to China for-profit as well as invested in Big Pharma and vaccines for profit. People should inquire if the White House and Congress and Senate abused their positions by dictating and mandating through abuse of Executive Orders to force people into believing that they must do as they’re ordered or else be punished, in exchange for the investor’s profits, which borders on extortion.

Why doesn’t Dr. Fauci promote HCQ and agree with 10s of 1000s of doctors internationally. It appears with his colleagues were written up in a virology article stating HCQ is a “miracle drug’ that “cures covid” which was posted online. Why not promote Ivermectin and other new Rx drugs? Why only promote vaccines that don’t cure and according to Dr. Fauci may or may not prevent you from getting covid 19 and may have enhanced infections and unknown consequences to each individual.

Why not promote HCQ and Ivermectin and other Rx drugs that doctors internationally claim cure covid in a short period of time and stated that they can produce case studies? Why aren’t they telling people to go in the sun and take Vitamins that other censored doctors recommended such as D3, C, Zinc, Elderberry, Turmeric, sunshine, ventilation, and more? If more people were cured then the masks would be “meaningless.”

Ask yourselves why is it that only the CDC-Fauci-Gates are promoting vaccines as well as President Joe Biden and the Democrats? Why does Dr. Fauci have a choice at 80-years-old to opt out of being tested and traced and avoid arrest for not wearing his mask off-camera? It’s the old do as I say and not as I do or else be punished.

In fact, several doctors point out that Big Pharma researchers haven’t identified the “isolated gnome,” yet, they are pushing for more vaccines and more variants as they continue their fear mongering with an imaginary gun to everyone’s head that says,”Get vaccinated or else be punished!” Who granted unelected officials and Democrat governors and mayors complete dictatorial power to invade our privacy or control our bodies and minds as well as treat us as their chattel and property to do with whatever they want as if we have no constitutional rights, freedoms or liberties?

Bill Gates stated to the world’s Human Beings, “You have no choice!”

Bill Gates coronavirus interview: vaccines, masks, and US leadership

Remember, we have been taken hostage by the Democrat-China NWO. We are prisoners in our homes and being held hostage and told to obey them or else we can’t shop or work, feed our families, buy or sell, own a business because it’s no longer your private business, but under the control of the “NWO new Normal” taking control if you are healthy and choose not to wear a mask made in China whose directing these agendas behind the curtain, perhaps?

How is it that wearing masks long term are being imposed by our government without constitutional authority and by non-elected officials who have no authority to deny us freedom, liberty or Rights or fresh air and sunshine? . Wake Up, Americans and start demanding answers to such questions such as, ” Where is the evidence by Scientists and the Medial researchers published in medical journals on the benefits of never taking off a mask? What are the physical and emotional adverse health effects of wearing a mask 24/7 indoors and outdoors?

China has worn masks for generations, but it’s because their air is heavily polluted which causes respiratory illnesses, yet, they’re overpopulated. If masks cured respiratory illnesses then they shouldn’t be plagued with so many viruses and flu illnesses. They should be virus flu if masks stop a virus from spreading.

After Dr. Fauci stated masks don’t stop a flu and that people wear them for optics and to make themselves feel protected on MSM, then why did he change his mind shortly thereafter? In fact, he went from masks don’t stop a virus to wearing 1, 2, or 3 masks and a plastic shield and goggles made in China. When will the government end this “maskerade?”

(VIDEO available at the end of this Blog for educational and entertainment and informational purposes only) HEALTH CARE REPORTED BY THE DENTAL FIELD

Many patients say that they notice a changin the breath when they have worn a face mask for long periods of time. Once you have Gum Disease it is an irreversible dental condition and will require care for the rest of your life. This will slowly damage your gums and bone structure in your mouth.

Mask Mouth as an emerging dental concern pub. First Dentistry.com

Dentists are seeing a trend of dental problems due to the usage of face masks. According to Dr.Rob Ramondi in an interview with New York Post, “about 50% of their patients are now affected by the trend ‘mask mouth’. People who had healthy teeth and gums are now showing new dental problems and it’s not because of unhygienic practices but because of face masks.

Therefore, why hasn’t the Federal and State Governments not reveal the adverse Health Effects of wearing masks long term that Directly and Negatively Effect Your Breath, Gums, and Teeth without liability for the physical, emotional, and financial damage that could lead to serious diseases or viruses and even death. Masks worn for long periods of time can cause Gum Disease and the he loss of teeth which is ll irreversible? Who is Liable? Why didn’t any of these sources reveal the serious damage to our health that wearing masks long-term can cause and why is Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, CDC, WHO, China, Federal and State Public Servants doing this to the world’s population that can lead to illness and death? Is it part of their New World Order depopulation program?

dentist work background colored cartoon design
Dentists are reporting negative health issues that the masks worn long term are causing including reducing saliva that causes cavities and gum disease which can lead to death.

The impact of using face masks on oral health – First Dentistry.com

What we thought as protective equipment may also be something that can endanger us if we’re not aware of its negative implications to our health. Fine Arts Dentistry aims to keep our patients safe by preventing the conditions below:

Increases tooth decay

Due to the dryness in the mouth caused by face masks, there is not enough saliva to flush food particles in our teeth. With bacteria thriving in the presence of sugar, they will start to breed from the food particles and cause tooth decay.

Inflamed gums

Inflammation is our immune system’s response to the attack of bacteria and viruses. It is never a good sign and can mean that the abundance of bacteria in our mouth is attacking the gums due to the lack of antimicrobial components of saliva. If left untreated, it can lead to periodontal disease.

Bad breath 

Halitosis or bad breath is due to the odor-causing bacteria present in our mouth and prolonged dryness in the mouth makes it worse. You may notice this when there’s a change in the smell of your breath whenever you’re wearing a facemask for hours and your mouth starts to dry up.

Gum disease

Gum disease is an irreversible dental condition and requires lifetime care. It can start with a dry mouth or plaque buildup and slowly damages the gums and bone structure in the mouth. It begins without early warning signs or pain and only becomes apparent when symptoms like receding and inflamed gums start to show.

Dr. Fauci and Gates, CDC and WHO, Big Pharma or the government hasn’t even mentioned that wearing masks for long periods of time can cause serious Dental health problems. In fact, none of those mentioned serious health problems have been addressed.

In fact, social media and MSM censure international doctors who revealed their studies and hands on experiences with covid patients revealing how they save lives by using HCQ or other Rx’s along with Vitamin D and C and Zinc as well as eating healthy foods, but the CDC Director and Dr. Fauci, NIH Director remove these FDA approved safe and effective products off the protocol from pharmacies, OTC, hospitals and nursing homes so why is that while their protcols aren’t working? It’s easy to grab a a hand full of berries each day, oranges and grapefruits and other healthy foods and supplements instead of unhealthy snacks, breathing in fresh air and exhaling carbon monoxide naturally and exercising. .

CDC states that most people who die from covid 19 are elderly who were already suffering with pre-existing conditions. The recovery rate is high and millions of people die every year with or without covid 19. More people die from influenza and pneumonia every year or the #1 killer at a rate of 650,000 people her year in the USA. More people die from heart disease or cancer than covid, yet it appears everyone who dies since 2019 is recorded as death by covid 19. Why is that?

Isn’t forcing people to be tested with a Ethylene Oxide PCR swab made in China shoved up your nose to your brain which many medical professionals allege cause damage to the brain (and the developer of the PCR test kits stated they were never intended to accurately determine if someone has covid19. Shortly after his revealing that information, he passed away as reported online). CDC admitted that the covid testing inflated the numbers of Covid 19 back in 2019 and 2020. Did they inflate the numbers so they could coerce enough people to stand in line and roll up their sleeves for the experimental and trial injections rolled out in 2021? Fear is Humanity’s greatest enemy.

Is Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, Big Pharma and CDC and WHO and China as well as Democrat wealthy CEO’s on Wall Street seeking to use every person on the planet through CDC and WHO and NIH as well as Big Pharma manufacturers and investors as human lab rats and Human Commodities for Human Capital? In reality are these same people and entities not attempting or planning or currently overthrow the U.S. Constitutional Rights and Liberties and Freedoms of all Americans and using people as “Human Commodities” for “Human Capital to fill their bank accounts?

How is it that the congress and senate is ignoring the fact that they are allowing Big Pharma and NWO Wall Street CEOs’ and CDC, WHO, and NIH to violate the civil rights of every American as well as constitutional rights, liberties and freedoms, Necessities of Life laws and Human Rights Violations worldwide. They are in violation of the Nuremberg Codes declared by millions around the world.

It’s no secret now that people are suffering from serious injuries after the jabs were rolled out in 2021. Depression and Suicidal tendencies. Blood Clots. Alleged Autism. Paralysis. Guillian-Barre Syndrome. Legionnaire’s Disease. Bad Breath and diminished saliva that can cause gum disease and death. Brain Injuries. Heart Attacks. Strokes.

In other words, none of these wealthy people who earn billions in profits from Rx drugs and vaccines can guarantee that individual Americans, even if healthy, won’t die or be injured. Dr. Fauci stated that the vaccines don’t cure covid 19, so what is the point ? As free people, why are we denied access to choose Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), D3, C, Zinc, Sunshine, Exercise, Berries, oranges, or Ivermectin or some other Rx drug recommended by our personal doctors that can provide case studies who used these alternatives?

Remember, Dr. Fauci stated that “HCQ” was a “miracle drug” and “cured covid” that was published in a virology journal years ago. So, how long has Dr. Fauci been studying coronavirus and how it spreads and filing patents as alleged in several posted articles? The fact that Dr Fauci and Bill Gates and Joe Biden, CDC and WHO downplay HCQ and D, C, Zinc and Ivermectin by credible doctors that social media censures is a huge Conflict of Interest. So who should be held liable for the deaths or lifetime injuries post jabs?

Americans have been misled by Dr. Fauci claiming that once they are vaccinated then there will be no need to wear a mask. Now, he says that even if you are vaccinated, he recommends 1, 2 or 3 masks worn consistently every day that can be harmful physcally and emotionally to human beings. He also dismisses HCQ, D3, Zinc, C, and Ivermectin which are major Conflicts of

Remember, human beings are created by God who worked out our individual DNA and immune system and created a nose and mouth, gums, teeth and a brain, lungs, and liver and stomach for a purpose. Breathing in oxygen naturally and exhaling carbon monoxide all day and night is needed to maintain healthy cells, lungs, heart, brains, nose and mouth. This is why doctors tell us to breathe deep and exhale several times per day and get some sunshine and eat healthy foods such as berries.

The globalist goal is to control you and your children, property, businesses, jobs, education, social life and health care, while tracking and spying on people, as if they are the hunters controlling their prey? The New Green Deal or Sustainable Redevelopment of the world’s resources created by God is under attack. The written and stated strategic goal by the U.N. -NWO and the Muslim Brotherhood and Democrats is to wipe out the majority of human beings and dominate the world. Is this the new Big Pharma Covid Cult Industrial Complex?

Bill Gates also stated that this is his “spiritual mission.” Gates seeks to change the world. The food industry and bars and restaurants were shut down since 2019. Gates stated he will create molecular meat and lab-grown foods and milk as he’s heavily invested in Monsanto’s GMO seeds that are non-nutritional and is buying farmland around the USA, so destroying businesses who see food appears to be the agenda.

Remember, those who control the, food and water supplies, oil, energy and commodities and the farmland- control the world. Will the federal government allow the evil ones to achieve their goal and to overthrow the Constitution of the USA using a flu, testing kits, and masks made in China? Will the DOJ and Military allow Gates and Dr. Fauci and the Democrats to force an illegal, unlawful, and unconstitutional mandated tracking Vaccine Passport card that shreds the U.S. Constitution?

Will Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates and the Democrats mandate the injection or the mark of the beast or entice young people to accept the chip in the forehead or right hand? Will the evil ones succeed and conquer the nation by chemical injections that allegedly alter DNA as well as their mandated vaccine card or chip or else be punished by people who have no authority over us and appear if they continue to move forward with this agenda to be committing a potential worldwide genocide and treason! Will God’s children join and expand God’s army?

Tucker Carlson is the true Patriot on Fox. He is on God’s team.

In conclusion, legal Americans never approved of being dictated to by tyrannical authoritarian and totalitarian elected officials who refuse to retire at 80 -90 years old or until they drop dead on the bench. This is what we’ve been witnessing in the Supreme Court and in congress and in the Oval Office since 2020. This is how cabals are created and how they corrupt leaders. China admitted they have long time friends in high places in the U.S. Government who are “easily influenced.” China wanted Trump gone.

Remember, Dr. Fauci and his colleagues confirmed that wearing masks long term during the Spanish Flu of 1918 caused bacterial pneumonia coupled with the lack of good nutrition and clean water and lack of ventilation – fresh air- oxygen. They concluded the masks caused more people to die from TB and bacterial pneumonia than the Spanish Flu. Other doctors have stated that wearing masks long term can cause not only bacterial pneumonia, but gum disease, loss of teeth, bad breath, cancer, and Legionnaire’s disease..

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Rose Colombo (C) March 10, 2021

ROSE COLOMBO is a pioneer researcher, award winning writer, author, and poet. She’s produced and hosted cable TV shows on Time-Warner and COX that hit the TV Guide and am-FM Radio Shows, Women Fight Back,” and “Issues of the Day.” Her first-hand experiences and knowledge over 30 years makes her an expert on legal abuse and injustices as she’s consulted with victims of injustices around the nation.

Today, Bill Gates and George Soros and their long-time U.N.-NWO members and wealthy Billionaires seek to reduce the population of the planet with intent of killing off the birds, fish, animals, mammals upon the planet and taking control of the land and oceans, rivers, lakes, farms, ranches, and the skies and usher in the one world government. It appears Gates seeks to be the one world leader.

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How long will the sheeple fall for the fear mongering – 3 masks wearing that cuts off oxygen and prevents releasing carbon monoxide – and mandated worldwide vaccines making Bill Gates Billions and Billions using every human on the planet, even babies, as human commodities for Human Capital for these Wall Street Billionaires under the guise of “saving lives” while depopulating future natural born Amreicans and natural-born babies around the world needed to preserve nations. When will the Free People have enough of the lock downs/.

Lock Downs are destroying millions of lives around the world by destroying Human Rights that destroy the livehood of families worldwide. Soros, Gates, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, CDC, WHO, have taking control of the world tied to the Democrats and EU leaders and CEOs on Wall Street, in particular, Big Pharma and AI and China seeking control over the planet.

They are unconstitutionally, illegally, and unlawfully denying Free People the Human “Right-to-Work” and the “Right to Sustain our lifestyles” as well as the Human Right-To-Provide for the Necessities of Life” such as shelter, food, medicine, education, work and travel. Gates tells people to sacrifice from his $659,000,000 yacht, but you can bet, he isn’t sacrificing anything. Why is Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci tied to the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Biden’s, CDC, WHO, CHINA, Epstein, Moderna, Big Pharma, AI, Wuhan and Covid Research and all support abortions, same-sex, transgenderism, trans-humans, and mandated trial/experimental vaccines and testing kits made in China who they claim released the covid-19 flu on the world. Moderna has never developed a vaccine ever.

These same people have been allowed to take control over the lives of FREE PEOPLE in the USA, Europe and around the world as if we’re their guinea pigs or human lab rats and their sheeple to order us to do whatever they declare we must do or else we can’t live as FREE PEOPLE! Who are they to do this to nearly 8 Billion people in the world? Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, and CDC are not elected officials and there is no constitutional authority in the USA or precedent that allows CDC and Bill Gates or Dr. Fauci and President Biden to force people to wear 1, 2, or 3 masks which is a piece of clothing over our noses and mouths that diminishes saliva and causes bacteria to form that can cause loss of teeth and gums disease, which is irreversible, then swallowed into the lungs that cause bacterial pneumonia and death. or not be able to shop for the necessities of life or socialize in public even if healthy.

It is unprecedented for who seek to make Billions from vaccines that are no more than trials and experimental injections, while recklessly bypassing short term and long term case studies on lab animals, mice or rats, but after all the lab rats died after 2 injections, they decided to go directly to the entire world and use human beings without consent as their lab rats so they can continue on with their never ending injections that they will declare everyone must comply or else be punished. They are unconstitutionally using human beings for their trials and experimental vaccines without liability for injuries and deaths to their victims or the families who lost healthy family members until jabbed. In the USA, congress approved immunity for Big Pharma which was unprecedented as well prior to covid being unleashed. Why did they do that as more than 12,000 people died in the USA during the month of July 2021 after 2 jabs. And, its reported that 500,000 people have died worldwide within a short period of time after the 2 jabs. How many people have to die or be disabled for life before it’s a genocide and Crimes Against Humanity?

All those named above and many more wealthy investors in public office and business invested in Big Pharma and AI and 5G are seeking to earn billions of dollars from trial and experimental vaccines and allegedly, Dr. Fauci has never identified the isolate genome according to doctors and Scientists. They allege that without identifying the isolate genome, there can be no virus or variants. Some state that this is the biggest hoax ever played on the world for the depopulation of the planet and for the redistribution of wealth to the wealthy involved who granted themselves immunity from financial or criminal liability.

Now, they’ve gone as far as to bypass testing on mice and as well as bypassing their fiduciary duty to publish short term and long term case studies for public review in medical journals on the direct adverse health effects on human beings. One shoe doesn’t fit all and one vaccine doesn’t fit all and many people will be in pain. Babies and elderly and the very ill have weak immune systems, so why would they plunge a needle into their bodies filled with chemicals and a new experimental method never used in vaccines that is referred to as gene therapy that can manipulate the DNA of individual persons that makes them unique with unknown consequences according to doctors from around the world. In fact, a whistleblower who was employed by Pfizer stated that these injection include poison – toxins Graphene Oxide without disclosure. Direct adverse health effects or death can happen immediately or days away, weeks, months, or 1, 2 or 3 years or more down the road. There are doctors online who stated that 50,000,000 people will be dead within 3 years. Isn’t that Crimes Against Humanity and anyone who allows it to happen just as guilty for being complicit?

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