Listen Taped Live: Colombo Chronicles! Americans Duped? Christian Refugees vs. Muslim Refugees! Is the State Department Lifting the Quotas for 57 Muslim Countries for Financial Incentives? July 10, 2017

Why is the State Department secretly trampling on the quotas established for Muslims and migrating “Muslim Refugees,” not a majority of “Christian Refugees” into the USA as designated by Obama’s E.O.?   Obama’s E.O. specifically states that the refugees to be migrated into the USA are “Christian Refugees,” not fake “Muslim Refugees” who weren’t fleeing from anything in 2009.   If the State Department is complying with Obama’s secret pre-planned E.O.  than is it without congressional authority as Obama and Hillary secretly approved taxpayer funding in the amount of  $220,000,000 for the Refugee Department.    Did they obtain congressional approval for the funding?

The State Department is caught lifting the quotas for “Muslim Refugees” as reported in the N.Y. Post.  Such actions reeks of  favoritism and discrimination against other awaiting immigrants of Free Nations who apply for legal entry as the State Department is by-passing all who have waited in line for legal status, especially many Hispanics, Chinese, and Europeans, who were in line first.  Were Americans  tricked by a secret E.O. signed by Obama on or about 1/27/2009 approved by Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, secretly mandating the migration of millions of  Muslims designating them as “Christian Refugees” and enslaving  Americans to taxpayer fund the livelihoods millions of unidentified foreigners who are a majority of young healthy men, not Muslim Refugees because they are Muslims, so why would Muslims be fleeing their Muslim nations?

The fact is that there weren’t any Christian Refugees in 2009 or a terrorist group known as ISIS attacking Christian Refugees because it didn’t exist until Obama pulled out the troops too early from Iraq and left ISIS the gift of Toyota trucks, ammunition and weapons; thus ISIS was created.  In 2009, when Obama pre-planned to migrate millions of healthy young male and some female Muslims into the USA under the guise of “Christians” fleeing from ISIS, the E.O. read that Obama was migrating Muslims from Palestine linked to or members of the terrorist group, Hamas, who were targeting the Jews and Israel.  In 2009, Obama began secretly flying the Muslims into the USA at taxpayer’s expense, who weren’t a majority of refugees, but  a majority of young healthy men, who state on TV, public places, and online, that  they aren’t here to assimilate, but to impose Sharia Law. 

Should we not ask why is the State Department trampling on the law that designates quotas for immigrants who enter the USA, including, Christian Refugees but choose to disregard the quotas and make unconstrained quotas for Muslims. They state that they don’t have statistics on how many are Muslims and how many are Christian Refugees, so there are violating the laws as well in my opinion. It’s obvious to the Europeans and Americans that they are intending to migrate  millions of “Muslims” as designated in Obama’s E.O. and Hillary’s statement that she would migrate, 5,000,000 Muslims into the USA during her campaign.  This is why the Muslims, Liberals, Socialist, ant-Americans and anti-Trump protesters and the Democrats are so upset that President Trump is imposing a ban against terrorist nations and terrorists and radicals?

How is it that Muslim males aren’t remaining in their own countries and building up their own armies and nations and fighting their own enemies versus coming to the USA while our military men are sent to fight their battles?  Who believes that Muslim men who are radicalized would have to flee their Muslim home countries or would want to flee their home countries without a goal?   Is the State Department lifting the quotas for Muslim Refugees and not following Obama’s E.O. that they must be vetted as  “Christian Refugees?” Is the reason they aren’t vetting the Muslim invasion and lifting the quota for Muslims only for their benefit at it is alleged that the federal government is promising a financial incentive for every Muslim the agents allow into the country?

Why is the federal government forcing Americans to taxpayer fund the welfare and health care, Housing, Food, Transportation for millions of non-Christian Refugees? while failing to feed our own hungry Americans and veterans?  Again, it appears that the  State Department is receiving an incentive from the Federal Government for every refugee they bring into the USA at the expense of the taxpayers and the safety and welfare of our nation so the Muslims get priority and access into the USA without being properly vetted, identified, and without being Christian Refugees as required under Obama’s E.O.   Americans thought that Obama, Clinton, and Soros left the building, but apparently, not.  The lifting of the quota for Muslims only to migrate by the millions into the USA is economically unsound, unjust, unfair, and violates legal immigration, violates the established quotas for immigrants, and appears to give them a slide on identification and legal Citizenship requiring assimilation.

Americans approve of Legal Immigration, but this appears to be a pre-planned foreign invasion of unidentified non-Christian Refugees and a majority of young healthy males which according to the U.S. Constitution is an illegal foreign invasion and an “act of war.”

Are we sure Obama and Hillary left the building as the Congress and State Department appear to be supporting Obama’s unconstitutional E.O. to flood the nation with male Muslims for his change and transformation approved by the former Secretary of State.  Did anyone inform the State Department that Obama and Bernie and Hillary lost?


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Colombo Chronicles Live: White House and Congress! 10 Commandments! 10 Minutes – Rose Colombo says, “Our Time is Now!”

Attention:  White House and Congress!  Take Back our Country, Now!  Bring back men and women who are honest and express principles, values, traditions, patriotism, statesmanship, integrity, and men and women of good character.  Our Time is Now!  

OUR TIME IS NOW!  TOMORROW COULD BE TOO LATE!   Please Pray for our Country.  Pray for the 10 Commandments which I created and I will recite. They are written  with good intent and sincerity as the Will of the Majority of Americans which were ignored over the past 8 years by the Obama’s, and the Clinton’s, majority of Democrats, and RINOS, who favored Obama’s  foreign enemy invasion into the USA under the guise of religion by design. Many of the Democrats and RINOS have been in office too long. The US needs Term Limits. How is it so many Reps are wealthy on taxpayer funded wages while the average person struggles.  If caught in a scandal, they lie. If questioned, they take the 5th without fear of punishment. Obama said we are “small minded” people, but he is the one who is “small minded” and showed his rainbow, Marxist, Muslim Brotherhood colors. The dollar is shrinking and the Cost of Living is increasing. The White House and Congress are elected or appointed into taxpayer funded positions and its up to We The People demand that they remember their sworn oath to uphold, defend, preserve and protect  the U.S. Constitution that guarantees legal Americans freedom, rights, and liberties, and sovereignty.  The frogs are jumping out of the pot and they are “hopping mad” as they realize they were nearly boiled alive.

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Listen Worldwide Online Radio: Colombo Chronicles Live! Should the White House Deport Foreign Pedophiles Who Obama Migrated into the USA Since It’s a Crime in the USA?


I am going to assume that the government, mainly the White House, and Congress, have ignored the fact under the Obama -Clinton regime that when Obama signed the 2009 Secret Executive Order that he was not migrating a majority of Christian Refugees, because at that time, there weren’t Christian Refugees, and he and Hillary hadn’t allegedly created ISIS, yet. In fact, they had knowledge along with the entire federal government that the radicals they migrated into the USA are young healthy men who believe that it’s their right to engage in pedophilia which is a felony on U.S. soil and a human rights violation as well as child abuse.  They also were aware that the radicals believe it’s their right to rape women and children.  Therefore, they willingly, knowingly, in agreement migrated possibly tens of thousands of criminals under U.S. law into the USA and risked the safety and welfare of every man, woman, and child.  Rose will talk about pedophilia and the damage that it causes for non-offending mothers, although, there are a minority of  females who engage in pedophilia as well, and women who protect their boyfriends and husbands out of fear.  

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First Lady Melania Trump Made President Donald J. Trump and all Americans Proud When She Spoke to the Citizens in Warsaw – Uprising Moment in Poland who cheered, “Trump! USA, USA!”

The majority of Americans voted for President Donald J. Trump and First Lady, Melania Trump because they were sick and tired of listening to Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro apologizing for America and Americans.  The fake news is fake and the majority of Americans support President and First Lady Melania Trump. 

The real news is that  Americans will probably never consider a Democrat for President of the USA for decades after the lies, corruption, Conflicts  of Interest, and what I coined, “Political Nepotism,” Breach of National Security, Breach of National Security Trust, and alleged Espionage and alleged selling out America and infiltrating America with foreign enemy radicals under the guise of “Christian Refugees,” but not true, either.

Americans are proud of President Donald J. Trump’s Reagan-like Speech that uplifted America, Poland, and all Free Nations of the World to come together as civilized nations and fight back against Islamic Terrorism and the invaders who seek to infiltrate, invade, overpopulate, and dominate all of Western Civilization and replace all laws of Free Nations around the world with Sharia Law and end Christianity and wipe out Israel.

Please read the quote recited by First Lady Melania Trump as follows:

“As many of you know, a main focus of my husband’s presidency is safety and security of the American people,” The First Lady explained.  “I think all of us can agree people should be able to live their lives without fear, no matter what country they live in. That is my wish for all of us around the world.”  (The video below posted by FOX News is for information and educational purposes only)



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Online Radio: Colombo Chronicles/Rose Colombo Welcomes, Susan Moss, World Famous Artist and Cancer Survivor, award-winning book, Keep Your Breasts and Survive Cancer!

Cancer is an illness everyone wants to avoid if at all possible. Perhaps, some day, the world will be free of cancer related illnesses and deaths, but for now, we must share tips that could be preventing this deadly disease through information, even beyond that of doctors by gaining access to those tips from a cancer survivor.  Nearly everyone around the world knows someone whose suffering from cancer, or perhaps, someone reading or listening to “Colombo Chronicles Live” who may be in need of help, hope and support.  You’re in the right place at the right time. Rose welcomes, well-respected world famous artist and Best-Selling author, Susan H. Moss, who will share her true story and how she helped heal herself of Breast and Uterine Cancer, on or about 22, years ago, when she was on the all-natural-MOTEP Program which she complied.  Moss has been around the world and across the USA lecturing and helping other people. She wrote the books, “Keep Your Breasts” and a follow-up book, “Survive Cancer.”  Rose Colombo, award-winning author, poet, and host,  invites everyone to help her by sharing important information heard on “Colombo Chronicles” with friends, family, and social media and spread this educational and entertaining and thought-provoking worldwide online radio show at the Blog Talk Radio Network that provides educational and entertaining information that affect the real people around the world.

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