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It’s Hump Day! Wednesday, 2/23/2016 – Join Rose and her special guest on Author’s Corner at 9:30 am pst and 12:30 pm est -Monday, Wednesday, and Friday -Worldwide Online Radio! Rose Colombo welcomes Clarice Chan who enchants her the listeners with her expertise and knowledge. She’s written a myriad of best selling book and shares her latest hot off the press, “Your Fortune in 2016.’ Ms. Clarice Chan deals mostly with Chinese astrology and numerology. She speaks four languages and this is an exclusive interview before she heads back to Singapore. Bookmark! Share! Tell a Friend!

Rose Colombo N The Justice Club shares educational and entertaining information – out-of-the-box commentary – critical thinking – as well as opinions on crucial issues that affect our nation and our lives. Rose is an award winning writer and producer and host of cable TV on injustices and stories of human interest. She’s been heard on AM-FM Radio Shows including KYMS; KORG; KWNK; KIEV, The Talk O’ The Town” and KGER Salem Communications as well as interviewed on national and local TV and Radio and Newspapers. Rose Colombo is said to be a wealth of information and a breath of fresh air as she shares her knowledge and truth with America and around the world…..Grab O’ Cup of Java – Sit back and Relax – All shows archived at Freedomizer Radio at BTR and Rose4Justice Blogs N Radio Shows at – Nearly 4,000,000 listeners in about 2 years – and about 30,000 readers on Rose4Justice Blog site – scroll down for authors and special guests on a myriad of topics on radio and blogs.

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Sorry, this show is no longer available.  Please Click on the Link Below to Listen to Archived Podcasts with dynamic Authors and Experts on a myriad of topics such as cancer, covid, nutrition, Love, Mystery stories, Mafia, True Stories of Race, Poverty, Child Abuse, Divorce, Rape, Incest, Child Trafficking and more…..Colombo Chronicles is a LIVE PODCAST heard every Wednesday from 12 noon to 1:00 P.m. pst-USA – Listen by phone at (646) 564-9742 or Listen worldwide online at

BOOKS for Christmas, Birthdays and for Yourself: The Irwin Award-WInning Book and 5 Star Reviews, “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Rednecks & Radicals,” a timely book by  author, Rose Colombo, written as a fictional Orwellian Style Political Satire on the Redistribution of Wealth and Depopulation of a Dinosaur Christian Nation leaving the reader to ponder if the dinosaur giants were depopulated or made extinct.

Irwin Award-Winning Book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” and 5 Star Reviews by author Rose Colombo featured around the world pub. 2010

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It’s Wednesday, February 10th and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Today at 9:30am on Author’s Corner, Rose welcomes a dynamic guest, Jane Marla Robbins, author, actress, Broadway Playwright, and Poet as she shares her book and wonderful steps to success, ‘Acting Techniques for Every Day Life.’ Rose is live worldwide every MWF from 9am-10:30am pst and 12-1:30pm est – She shares a myriad of issues of the day and begins with Rosie’s Rants on The Jusice Club using her long time knowledge as an award-winning author and advocate and activist for justice. She’s helped an overhwhelming number of people around the nation who suffer from injustices with moral support and guidance. Rose thinks outside-of-the box and uses critical thinking before making a decision about most issues she finds intriguing. She’s proposed laws that have been implemented over the years. Bookmark – Share – Follow – All shows are archived at Freedomier Radio at BTR – or Rose4Justice Blogs N Radio Shows at

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