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Selective Prosecution and what Rose Colombo coined as “Selective Persecution” are important issues for America’s survival. The  Obama-Clinton and Democratic-RINO regimes have created a two-tier justice system.  In my award-winning book, Fight Back Legal Abuse, I point out that we have a three-tier justice system, pub. in October of 2010, but the corrupted government reduced the three-tier justice to a two-tier justice system by 2016.  The Democratic Obama-Hillary regime created a “Them against US” society.  They hold themselves above the law and exempt themselves from the laws including the mounting dead bodies reported to have committed suicide (such as shooting one’s self in the back twice) or died under “suspicious and mysterious circumstances” never to be resolved, but forgotten over the past 40 years.  The Democratic-Rino party, which McCain finally admitted that he’s one of them and is joining their side of the aisle, hold themselves above the laws and exempt themselves from the laws which is in violation of constitutional law and their sworn oaths to uphold the law.  All laws must be followed by all citizens, especially public servants!  No one can hold themselves above the law, especially lawmakers, or we know corruption is in play.  Lawmakers who hold themselves above the law are law breakers and need to go to jail.  Years ago, I coined the term, “Political Nepotism.”  It appears that “Political Nepotism” is at the core of this corrupted problem with the Democrats and Rinos who self-protect each other.  They appoint long-time friends, associates, co-workers, relatives, and college buds who have been appointing each other into positions of power for decades.   Many have been working within the Chicago Machine and the DNC for decades.  They are career political hacks.  They have made temporary elected and appointed positions their life time careers living off the taxpayers for 20-40 years and then they force Americans to pay for their retirements until they die even though they some how end up wealthy on taxpayer funded wages.

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