Biggest Doctor Medical Scam Occurred in Michigan Arresting Muslim Migrants and Their Doctors/ Largest Bust in U.S. History Illegally Selling Rx Drugs on the Streets of the USA…..2017

Rose Colombo (C) 7-17-2017

The FBI has been raiding homes of alleged radical Muslims who migrated into the USA and are involved in Medicare Scams, and Food Stamp Scams. The news names Muslim immigrants who are Doctors accused of selling illegal Opioids to the Muslims and possibly to American kids in Deerborn, Michigan.  Drug sales of Opioids and pain-killers are big profits.  According to the Detroit Free Press, there is an  increasing number of over-doses in Deerborn, Michigan, and within the USA surpassing cocaine and heroin combined. People are dying from the illegal sale of Rx opioids in the USA or the synthetic opioids.

Since Obama took office in 2009, Michigan has been infiltrated with tens of thousands of radicals from Somalia who many state on camera that they aren’t here to assimilate as Americans. Many Americans who grew up in Deerborn state they don’t recognize their city any longer that was once a safe community from crime and drugs. Consequently, Obama and Hillary Clinton, and the Democrats running the Congress, Senate and oval office were complicit with the pre-planned migration of millions of Muslims secretly migrated into the USA by flying them in at night.

Obama and the Democrats shoved Obamacare down the throats of Americans which secretly mandated Americans be enslaved to the foreigners from the foreign enemy nations in the Middle East and taxpayer fund all of their living expenses and health care under the guise of being “Christian Refugees” fleeing from persecution even before there were Christian Refugees inside of the Middle East which is prohibited and a mandated death sentence.

The migration of tens of thousands of Somalians and Palestinians (numbers unknown) apparently were secretly flown into the USA so they could bypass TSA, Border Patrol, and ICE inspections. The whistleblowers for the U.S. Refugee agencies which Obama and Hillary set up and taxpayer funded without public disclosure were offered incentives to migrate as many Muslims into the USA for 8 years as possible before the funding ran out.

After being flown into the USA late at night, the foreigners from foreign enemy nations were placed on taxpayer funded DHS buses and scattered around the nation for 8 years. The majority of foreigners from the MIddle East that Obama and Hillary migrated into the USA either by plane or by tying the hands of Border Patrol and ICE so that they couldn’t deport them or inspect them as required by law at legal Ports of entry were placed on DHS taxpayer funded buses and dropped off in U.S. cities to the surprise of the natural-born and legal naturalized American taxpayers where they’ve been allowed by the Democrats to set up no-go zones or “Muslim enclaves” and their own police forces in the state of Michigan and NYC.

In 2017, major and local news outlets reported that the number of deaths by legal or illegal pain-killers, Opioids, perhaps, even excessive legal numbers of pain-killers prescribed to patients or residents has substantially increased between 2009 and 2012 due to accidental overdoses.  The statistics quoted are that 60% of the overdoses are ingested by men and 40% are ingested by women.  In 2014, Rx drug abuse accounted for nearly 22,000 deaths due to drug overdose nationwide (half of all drug overdoses). Of these, 16,000 overdoses, the cause was related to pain killers that killed people and 7,000 involved tranquilizers that tranquilized them to death.  The U.S. constitutes less than 5% of the world population, but Americans consume 80% of the world’s supply of pain-killers.  (Rose says, “And, overdosing or becoming addicted to pain-killers can truly become pain “killers!”)

The latest report is that 144 Muslims migrated into the USA and two doctors were raided and arrested by the Feds recently in 2017 for selling illegal Opioids, pain killers, for big profits.  According to the video below, they have set up Deerborn as the Muslim Capital of the USA. Many radicals refuse to comply with U.S. Laws or assimilate and we see foreigners burning the U.S. Flag and holding up foreign flags. We’ve witnessed radicals cheering on U.S. public sidewalks, “Death to America.” Drugs are a major cause of “Death to America.” The fact that the Democrats and the DOJ have allowed the radicals migrated into the USA to set up no-go zones means that if the DOJ is honoring their no-go zones then they aren’t honoring U.S. Laws and performing their duties to inspect reas or buildings that could be stockpiling illegal drugs and weapons!

All foreign immigrants can be deported whether they are legal or illegal for committing sedition, insurrection, Treason, and Traitors and refuse to uphold Constitutional Laws and assimilate as required by the U.S,. Constitution.  The U.S. Constitution clearly states that an invasion by foreign enemies who are clearly anti-American and anti-Constitution and anti-Christian is a foreign invasion defined as an “act of war” against America and Americans.  They can be deported as they are not natural-born Americans and if proven to be foreign enemies or refuse to assimilate and follow U.S. Laws, the DOJ has the authority to deport them.

Check out this video:

It appears that Obama and Hillary, Kerry,  the Democrats, and RINOS, in public office are responsible for migrating radicals and terrorist into the USA and allowing them to enforce foreign law on U.S. soil and overrun U.S. cities.  They created the migration and the current problems in the USA.   It is the Democratic Party and RINOS, who allowed non-vetted public servants and non-vetted foreign enemies to enter into the USA without proper vetting for radicalism and terrorism, whose intent it is from their own lips, to change and transform our land into their land – in other words –  steal our precious land. The U.S. Constitution instructs legal loyal Americans to defend their country.   Again, the foreign enemies, not legal immigrants who assimilate,  are overrunning cities and refusing access to U.S. Law Enforcers, and the FBI.  How is that okay with the U.S. Government, U.S. Military, and National Guard, who are paid with U.S. tax dollars and swore to uphold and protect and preserve and defend the U.S. Constitution, and defeat this act of war against America? – Radio Topic:  Majority of Foreign Refugees Are Not Foreign Refugees…..

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