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Rose Colombo, host, the Justice Club and Constitutionally Speaking with co-hosts, the Knox's on Freedomizer Radio at Blog Talk Radio
Rose Colombo, host, the Justice Club and Constitutionally Speaking with co-hosts, the Knox’s on Freedomizer Radio at Blog Talk Radio

This particular show is unavailable, but there is a long list of radio shows worldwide online Taped Live on Colombo Chronicles Live!  Rose Colombo, Radio Host, switched radio stations.  She continues to welcome prominent guests to her shows and all shows are archived for listening convenience.  Website address is listed below.

On this particular radio show, Rose Colombo welcomed expert,  Archie H. Scott, Chemist and Author, to share his expertise and information.  Mr. Scott shares the invaluable information presented by the leading authority in the world on DMSO, who is a Chemist and the author of the book, “The DMSO Handbook for Doctors, an inspiring book that informs the world of the wonderful benefits of DMSO, which can help a myriad of ailments, including concussions, arthritis, memory loss, and especially helpful to athletes such as football players, and much more.  Archie Scott. a graduate of the School of Science at Oregon State University, earned the title as one of the top authorities in the world on the medical use of DMSO, a natural chemical compound.  He is sought after by the medical field for his expertise related to DMSO.  His extensive research and knowledge that he shares with the world and the medical field relates to the clinical benefits of DMSO treatments.  Although, he isn’t a medical doctor, he has served as a consultant to world wide to a wide variety of both conventional and alternative doctors.

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Rose Colombo, author, Fight Back Legal Abuse; Radio Host; Advocate for Justice; ww.fightbacklegalabuse.com
Rose Colombo, author, Fight Back Legal Abuse; Radio Host; Advocate for Justice; ww.fightbacklegalabuse.com

CthePower / Justice Club 06/13 by FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts.

Move blue dial with your mouse to 90 minutes to being The Justice Club and during the show, Dr. Stephen Martino is interviewed on his new book, The New Reality, on a possible Virus that could wipe out mankind….The Justice Club airs every MWF 10:30-12 pdt and 1:30-3p est on Freedomizer Radio

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Constitutionally Speaking 06/09/2016/Jim Hayden, /Candidate U.S. President/Vet/Distinguished Marine/ Rose Colombo and The General Rick Knox/ Podcasts

Eccentric / Constitutionally Speaking 06/09 by FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts.

Jim Hayden, Candidate for U.S. President 2016, Marine, Veteran’s Rights Advocate speaks out on Constitutionally speaking with my co-host, the General Rick Knox on the issues affecting our nation and why he’s running for the highest office in the land…

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Justice Club/Dr. Nicki Monti/Love/Relationships/workshops/FreedomizerRadio/ Podcasts

Rose Colombo, author, Fight Back Legal Abuse; Radio Host; Advocate for Justice; ww.fightbacklegalabuse.com
Rose Colombo, author, Fight Back Legal Abuse; Radio Host; Advocate for Justice; ww.fightbacklegalabuse.com

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CthePower / Justice Club 06/04 by FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts.

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Constitutionally Speaking/author, Jonathan West/Good-Bye, America

Rose Colombo, host, the Justice Club and Constitutionally Speaking with co-hosts, the Knox's on Freedomizer Radio at Blog Talk Radio
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Sorry, this show is no longer available.  General Knox passed away.  May he R.I.P. 

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