Listen Taped live/Colombo Chronicles Live/ #17/ Jihad by Civil Unrest / Enemies from Within and Without/ Online Worldwide Radio at Blog Talk Radio Network

Do you think that Jihad only refers to killing all infidels?  It does and it does not.  The definition of Jihad is “defined by the Arabic modern day dictionary as follows:  “used for Struggle.”  Used “for Causes both Religious and Secular. Defined in Arabic as “Fight, Battle, Jihad and Holy War.”  It is definitely a struggle to impose Sharia Law on the world through fighting, doing battle, committing Jihad (beheading; rape; torture; and more) and conquering by infiltration, invasion, overpopulation and domination. The passionate radicalized Muslims are at battle against the world who refuse to comply. This is why radicals are prohibited from becoming citizens. The Muslim Brotherhood’s stated and written strategic goal is to conquer Western Civilization.  They can’t succeed in modern times without assistance from government persons within the free Western Civilized nations. The radicals can only succeed by slipping into office a non-vetted man whose background reflects his love and passion lies with the 57 Muslim Brotherhood Nations who infiltrate and recruits from within the governments.  He appoints those willing to sell out their country and his own people. Thus, it appears we have Jihad from within Western civilized governments being assisted by willing American, European, and Canadian leaders.

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