Obamacare: Majority of Federal Judges Favor Trampling on Freedom: Obamacare!

Rose Colombo, independent writer – original (c) 2/23/2011, Rev 11/19/2013

If you fail to prepare to fight back then prepare to fail!
If you fail to prepare to fight back then prepare to fail!

Obama Care is socialism at work!  How many Americans want a podiatrist operating on their brain if all doctors are considered equal and all pay is equalized under Obama Care?  Well, how about a federal worker radiating your body instead of a licensed or certified and trained radiologists as required by state laws?  Is it possible the banksters are creating socialism for American after promoting capitalism?

Ironically individual states can’t afford to pay 100% of retirement and health care  benefits for teachers during this deep recession, especially in Wisconsin.  On the other hand, Obama recklessly printed $5 Trillion of U.S. taxpayer dollars which burdens the American people and future generations with generational debt.

So, if the debt was a few billion when Obama took office then how is it that after he printed nearly $5 trillion dollars that there isn’t a surplus?  And, since Obama took office, the unemployment rate has skyrocketed into the double-digits with little recovery in sight. Ghost cities are springing up across America as well as tent cities never before seen as common place which occurred after Obama was elected. President George W. Bush created some debt, but not  even close to the $5 trillion debt under Obama’s reign.

In fact, the news reported recently that U.S. banks can’t handle the unprecedented number of  foreclosures remaining on their books.  Food banks are closing down!  Yet, Obama printed and spent nearly $5 Trillion dollars of taxpayer money which he didn’t use towards helping the American people.  Obama promised to help America and maintain our economic status in the world.  So, the $5 trillion debt accumulated by Obama is in his court and what happened to $5 trillion dollars remains a mystery as there is very little transparency.  Yet, we do know that Obama provided funding through government contracts to groups and individuals like Chertoff and Soros, who supported and donated to his presidential campaign.  It is reported that the groups or individuals who supported Obama’s elections ended up with government contracts funded from the stimulus for private corporations such as Rapiscan owned by OSI Systems.

In fact, Rapiscan provides Soros, who owned stock in OSI Systems, which owns Rapiscan, as well as Michael Chertoff, and the Wall Street stockholders unprecedented wealth.  They are using every U.S. man, woman, and minor child as a commodity for-profit and as Human Capital to be radiated which sets off the free radicals that kill the  healthy skin cells.  They have naked photographed or humiliated every American including children and the elderly and disabled by intrusively groping and patting down private body parts of law-abiding Americans, who are treated like criminals, while exempting Muslims.  Even doctors must have the consent of their patients before touching them. Rapiscan full body scanning is similar to ordering Americans into a microwave oven without protecting them from radiation and without a doctor reviewing the citizen’s health records. Ironically, CAIR insists that Muslim women and children are exempted based on a religious claim, but not Christian, Catholic, and Mormon, or Protestant women and children, so how is that?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMdLHzJ3LF0  Video: TSA trained to touch your genitals……(and which constitutional law allows the government to do this?)

Furthermore, the Clinton’s and Obama’s ended up wealthy after elected into office, yet President Clinton and non-vetted President Obama told the American people that they must sacrifice, while they party, travel, shop, and vacation.   President Bill  Clinton and  Obama outsourced U.S.  jobs and technology into communist China and sent billions of U.S. tax dollars across the oceans!  One would think they prefer building up Communist China more than the USA by their actions!  However, it is difficult to understand how America could remain bankrupt after Obama printed $5 trillion dollars as of 2011!  Can anyone grasp the amount of wealth that Obama has printed without creating jobs or stimulating America’s economy?

Surely, Obama and the majority of U.S. Federal Judges, who support Obama Care, must realize that America is on the verge of bankruptcy, yet they are intensely pushing for the take over of the private sector health care system against the objections of the American people who will burden the taxpayers with trillions of taxes and national debt after warned by the CBO that Obamacare could collapse the U.S. economy.  They are relentless at trampling on the constitutional freedom to choose as guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, unless they believe that the U.S. Constitution no longer exists!  Could it be possible that there are federal activist judges who support the New World Order and a take over by the U.N.?    I’ll bet most Americans don’t pay attention to the fact that there are  U.N. flags flying above U.S. flags in some courtrooms in America or that there is gold fringe on many flags since 2009!   This fact should be very disturbing to the majority of U.S. citizens who pay the wages of the federal judges as well as the benefits of federal government employees.

Ironically, Obama, Sebelius, Axelrod, Jarrett, and others including the U.S. Congress is exempted as well as Muslims, SEIU, and bundlers from paying up front or complying with Obama care according to news articles.  If it’s such a good deal then why would the U.S. Congress exempt themselves from the same laws and treatment that they are forcing upon every American citizen under the threat of punishment for non-compliance? Could it be that the congress doesn’t want to be radiated, groped, naked photographed, micro-chipped, audited, and examined by federal workers instead of licensed doctors?

Also, Obama Care requires Americans to pay-up-front for an insurance premium that is inactive and for services not rendered and may never be rendered.   Obama is calling an insurance premium for services not rendered, but required to be paid up-front,  a tax, but it isn’t a tax! So, if it isn’t a tax then how is it that taxpayers will claim an insurance premium as a tax on their taxes?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpAyan1fXCE  Video:  Obama on Single Payer Health Care Insurance

Thus, Americans, who fail to comply with Obama’s mandates and requirements are coerced to pay up front under the threat of  audits, jail, and penalties, which is the way they do business in Third World countries, so how un-American is that?  It is amazing that three Federal Judges are ignoring the “Commerce Clause” as a violation of constitutional law which has been explained by major law firms including the prominent firm of Liberty Counsel.

In fact, Paul Keckley, Ph.d. Executive Director of Deloitte Center for Health Solutions stated that “reducing costs is secondary to covering everyone.”  Also, “States are a payor and a controller rather than a manager.”  The article and videos point out that Obama care will create an accelerated debt and that the economy is a deficit at state level….and that “education and health care is one of the two biggest expenses states have.”

Most importantly, Deloitte’s Review written by Robert W. Clarke, Paul H. Keckley and Steven Kraus, states, “But the journey to the new health care system has begun with enormous implications for American businesses.”  Also, “For many physicians, health reform poses a difficult transition to a ‘new normal’ focused on lower costs and evidence based performance.”

In other words, the costs for health care according to my research will excessively increase the taxes for every U.S. citizen while letting those who don’t have to pay up front for health care benefits off the hook from paying up, complying, and from punishment. So, shall we assume that this is what Obama refers to as the redistribution of America’s wealth?

How then can Obama allege that Obama Care will save Americans money when common sense states that adding 30,000,000 non-paying new immigrants, illegals, and refugees to the health care rolls at taxpayer’s expense will increase taxes?  And, remember, that democratic and Rino congressional members of the 111th congress engaged in sleazy backroom deals.  They made backroom deals with the unions and certain states, who were provided a waiver, so that  the burden of the non-paying states will be divided equally and the costs added amongst the states who were not exempted from paying-up-front for services not rendered.  And, adding 30,000,000 people onto the health care roles with the same number of doctors or fewer doctors, nurses, and hospitals, will undoubtedly decrease the quality of health care.

There is but one way to provide health care services to 30,000,000 additional people at the expense of U.S. Natural born and legal Americans and that would have to include rationing, denial of services and prescriptions, cutting out Medicare Advantage benefits, reducing health care for the elderly, cancer patients, veterans, and mentally and physically handicapped; euthanasia and mandated abortions which is happening in 2013!

Hungry Americans losing their jobs forced to pay 2-3x more for Obamacare!
Hungry Americans losing their jobs forced to pay 2-3x more for Obamacare!

Obama Released his 2012 Budget Proposal which can be accessed on-line which increases the costs for the U.S. taxpayers.  I have listed two substantial increases in Obama’s proposed Health Care Reform Budget during a deep recession for the year 2012:

1) Mental health Block Grant $434.7 Million (a $13.9 million INCREASE from FY 2011)

2)  Substance Abuse Block Grant $1.494 Billion (a $39.6 Million INCREASE from 2011)  In 2013, the budget is expected to reach $20 possibly by 2014 based on Obamacare gobbling the pie this Thanksgiving and every year thereafter.

In conclusion, Americans must ask if Obama Care will lead to death care in America, but unlike WWII, could there be a more subtle method of genocide being introduced into America, which I coined back in 2009 to be a “civil genocide?”  Wall Street views people as commodities. The elite view people as Human Capital to be enslaved as an investment and used for-profit!  In fact, President Clinton requested a study on Human Capital, so this isn’t new!  These elitist view people as numbers who are of value or no value and disposable.

Even the most unintelligible person must beg the question, why would all doctors want to be equally paid and placed on the same level?  Why would a brain surgeon who has highly technical skills and vast knowledge want to practice brain surgery if he can get equal pay for passing out diet pills?  So, once again, I ask, do you want a podiatrist or a general practitioner to operate on your brain?  **Note:  The readers may share this Blog, but not change or use the content to claim as their work.  Plagiarism is prohibited by law.

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Holding Social Security Hostage May Cause Physical, Financial, & Emotional Distress

"Fight Back Legal Abuse" & Rose Colombo featured in prestigious L.A. Law Journal
“Fight Back Legal Abuse” & Rose Colombo featured in prestigious L.A. Law Journal

Rose Colombo, original (c) 2/17/2011

The American people should understand that they have rights!  They should understand that holding social security checks hostage could cause the Infliction of Emotional, Physical, and Financial Distress for millions of seniors, veterans, and the mentally or physically challenged Americans!

Consequently, we should ask if the American people have been duped by the federal government who led the American people into believing that congress had their best interest at heart, but they did not.  The federal government promised to open up a Trust Account and deposit the taxes collected for social security but they lied and did not!  The American people have been too trusting of their public servants and placing all their trust into a majority of ivy league college grads weaved from the same cloth until 2008, when an unknown man with Muslim, Kenyan, Indonesian, and U.S. roots sold the American people on his agenda that included “hope” and “change,” as well as false promises. The key to Obama accessing trillions of U.S. dollars was the promise that he would use the tax dollars to create jobs in 2009 and 2010, but he did not.  He diverted the stimulus money without transparency and without a thorough accountability of the stimulus.

Today, we are faced with the truth!  Social Security has been pilfered by public servants ,who the American people trusted, to save that money for their retirement.  Many Americans have worked for 30 or 50 years expecting the federal government to return their money in the form of payments each month.  The money was taken from their earnings for their share of social security which is already taxed.  Social Security is a payment paid out for a savings account through the federal government, but the government calls it a tax!   How could it be a tax if it is money removed from each paycheck as a savings for retirement and the federal government promises to return the money they’ve collected as a retirement savings?

Consequently, as we see today, the federal government under Obama’s watch has printed and spent $5 trillion dollars which is the highest debt accumulated in only two years by one U.S. President.  The debt Obama has accumulated for the American people can never be paid back because of the high interest rate which will require future hard-working Americans to pay down, but in reality, it is probably an unsustainable debt that could collapse the economy long-term.

Nevertheless, Obama threatens to shut down the federal government meaning that the federal government would refuse to send seniors and veterans their social security checks which is money that belongs to the retirees.  Social Security does not belong to the federal government.  The federal government does not have the authority to withhold social security money that belongs to the investors nor hold it hostage, or pilfer social security money.

Also, Social Security is not a welfare check, but a long time savings investment with the government.  Instead of depositing that money into a bank account, the federal government promised to save it for retirement.  The government is not giving seniors or veterans free money because it’s money the retirees earned and paid out of their wages. In fact, younger citizens are not paying the social security costs for today’s seniors.  The younger generation is paying back the money that was pilfered from social security for generations by congressional members.  For example, if a bank held your savings and refused to pay it back to you then the bank would be shut down and the bankers would go to jail!  Refusing to send out social security checks, which is money belonging to the retirees, equates to the government holding the people’s money hostage and punishes the retirees and veterans.

In fact, the federal government sent Madoff to prison because he took his customer’s money and promised that they’d get it back and earn profits, but instead, he stole their money and diverted it for his personal agendas.  The customers suffered the infliction of physical, emotional, and financial losses.  So, is there any difference between Madoff and the federal government creating a generational savings as a retirement plan or promising that after 20 or 50 years that they would be paid back when seniors retired, but instead, the congress pilfered and diverted the money and now threaten to hold social security that doesn’t belong to the government – hostage?  How does that not equate to fraud, lies, and Grand Theft?

Therefore, if Obama and the congress shut down the federal government on or about March 2011, it could cause millions of Americans to lose their homes or fail to pay their rent and possibly force them into bread lines, while those in the White House living off big fat tax payer wages and benefits, will continue to live comfortably!

Furthermore, if the same citizens who paid into social security for 20 to 50 years had deposited that same money into an IRA or savings account or a CD for retirement, their saving would have earned them a lot of interest on that same money, but under the social security program, Americans are denied interest on the money that the government uses and diverts for their own agendas which should be illegal.  Social Security money doesn’t belong to congress.  It was collected for a specific promised program and the people believed congress and the presidents. . But, to add insult to injury, congress turned around and taxes the already taxed social security money every April 15th.  How does the government justify their unethical, immoral, and unjust behaviors as legal or honest?

ICNA connected to Muslim Brotherhood Is Greeted With “No Sharia Law!”

Which Nation Did You Marry? www.rose4justice.com
Which Nation Did You Marry? http://www.rose4justice.com

Rose Colombo –

What is the significance of a gold ring?
What is the significance of a gold ring?


“No Sharia Law!  No Sharia Law!”  shouted the Yorba Linda patriotic American protestors and residents, who live in a quiet upper middle class God-fearing neighborhood located in Yorba Linda, California, as they marched in opposition to  the fund-raiser held by the Islamic Circle of North America  (ICNA) which is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and was held at the Yorba Linda Community Center on Sunday, February 13, at 5:30 p.m.  The protestors carried U.S. flags, Israeli flags, and signs against Sharia Law. This led me to wonder, “Whose neighborhoods are next?”

Consequently, the police roped off a large area of the community center which was guarded by Yorba Linda police officers.  The police informed Yorba Linda residents that they must stay behind the yellow ropes.  Peaceful protestors repeatedly shouted out,  “No Sharia Law!”

Ironically, the residents of the quiet conservative Christian majority community, who turn out their lights by 10:00 p.m, were rudely awakened when they learned that their city council members approved a ICNA Muslim fund-raiser which included two anti-American radical key speakers, Siraj Wahhaj and Anur-Abel Malik-Ali.

As the protestors waved their flags, the Muslim women attempted to quietly parade by the protestors dressed in their Muslim clothing and head scarves.  I was surprised to see that they brought their children to this meeting.  It was difficult for myself and the protestors to watch new foreigners, who took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution,  attend the event fully dressed in Muslim coverings and apparently, in support of  the sponsors who support anti-American radical groups.  It is difficult to understand why or how anti-American groups are approved to hold private meetings in  U.S.  public buildings and block off public sidewalks which are paid and maintained with U.S. tax dollars.  Some protestors asked an important question, “How do Americans know that the anti-Americans groups aren’t using the funds for their anti-American radical  movement instead of their alleged cause that they are fund-raising to feed the poor?

It was also difficult to witness the police officers preventing U.S. citizens from walking on U.S. soil and accessing a public building paid with U.S. tax dollars in favor of foreign anti-American  immigrants, who support key speakers and anti-American groups with the intent of violating our laws and replacing the U.S. Constitution with their Sharia Laws.   Foreign immigrants swear an oath of allegiance to the U.S. Constitution and America and are free to apply for our social programs, laws, schools,  jobs, and live peacefully in the United States, but they do not offer the same benefits to Americans on their soil.  Prior to 2009, anyone who committed seditious acts against the United States of America were held accountable, but that doesn’t appear to be the case today. Americans who attempt to build Christian churches, preach the gospel, build Jewish temples, Mormon temples or Catholic cathedrals on Middle East soil are risking their lives.

One of the protestors said, “Why didn’t they hold their fund-raiser at the mosque which they built down the street in Anaheim instead of  targeting Yorba Linda?”  The two anti-American radicals flew into Orange County from New York for this meeting which raised the eyebrows of those living in Orange County, California, and caused more fear amongst the American people.

Furthermore, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is teaching a global Caliphate and Islamic Sharia law over America [and throughout the world] according to the ICNA hand book.  The ICNA is reported to be directly connected to the Muslim Brotherhood ” and encourages members to deceive people in its proselytizing campaign to help fulfill their goal.” The ICNA and the Muslim Brotherhood’s main goal is the”Establishment of Islam” according to the IPT News.

The goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to wipe out Western civilization from within and their stated goal is “the establishment of the Islamic system of life” in the world.  They are here for their purpose which means being the American branch of a global phenomenon that they refer to as the ‘Islamic Movement,’ as stated in the ICNA’s hand book.

Since I had a press pass, but not a ticket to enter the fund-raiser event, the police allowed me to speak to the organizers, but they denied me access and stated that the media wasn’t permitted inside.  I responded, “Well, the American people will be very disturbed when they hear that your organization denied the U.S. Press access inside of a U.S. public building.”  One of the men said, “Well, we may let some press inside depending upon the amount of space available.”  Awhile later, I noticed that a few of the men in attendance were photographing me and the protestors.

Therefore, it’s important to note that one of the keys speakers is Sirahj Wahhaj  and the Muslim Brotherhood refers to him as the “American Imam.”  In 1993, he was named as the unindicted co-conspirator in the World Trade Center’s bombing investigations.  Siraj Wahhaj has been reported to believe in the conversion of gang members into the Islamic religion and preparing them for the “day  America will crumble.”  Wahhaj allegedly instructs the faithful to go into the “hood” also known as the inner city neighborhoods and recruit inside of U.S. prisons with the intent of converting minorities as well as arm and train them to carry out a Uzi jihad in the inner cities.  It’s amazing that the prison guards can deny prisoners access to bibles or access to Christian services on Sundays as punishment, but it’s okay to recruit American prisoners to radical Islam?

Wahhaj has been reported to state, “You know what this country [USA] is?  It’s a garbage can.”  And, “It’s filthy.”  He has been reported to say that he prays it [USA} “crumbles” and is replaced by Islam.  Wahhaj’s words made me recall a young Muslim girl who worked in a department store.  As she rung up the items, we talked about the wild fires in Laguna.  Suddenly, she startled me when she bluntly said, “I hate this country.  I wish the fires would have burned down this entire country.”  My mind froze and I angrily responded, “If you hate this country so much then why don’t you go back to your own country and stop taking American jobs and taking advantage of our freedom?  I bet if you said that in your country there would be serious consequences!”  She was  surprised by my reaction.  I told her to cancel the sale and walked away.  In Obama’s book,  “Dreams of My Father” he said, “I found solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race.”  Obama’s comments and actions in strong favor of Muslims and his words and actions which have been negative towards Christians is disturbing.  His many apologies to the rest of the world for America and the American people should be of  a serious concern to the American people.

Furthermore, the second Islamic speaker, Anur-Abel Malik-Ali was reported to have allegedly warned Muslims at the Universal Heritage Foundation’s Islamic Conference in Florida, December 2003, that moderate American Muslims desire to be “liked” was turning them into “house slaves.”  He allegedly stated, “Sooner or later, today’s Muslim students will be the parents of Muslim children and they should be militants.”  Its been reported that in February 2004, he attended the Sixth Annual Muslim Student Association Conference and allegedly stated, “the white man, who is the enemy…” which reminds me of Obama’s book,  “Audacity of Hope”  in which he states, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

Near the end of their fund-raiser, I noted that the leaders invited an ABC News reporter and his cameraman into the meeting, but it appeared that they were permitted inside the meeting after the key speakers had already spoken. I commented to the ABC reporter, “Oh, I saw you were allowed inside of the meeting,” and he said, “only briefly, very briefly.”

The Yorba Linda Community Center is a public building paid with U.S. tax dollars by the residents of Yorba Linda, California.  I was pleased to witness hundreds of  Yorba Linda residents protesting against anti-American foreigners, who support groups whose stated strategic goals are to ‘destroy Western civilization from within” under the guise of religion.  Anti-American radicals shouldn’t be allowed to live in the U.S. if they are found to violate their sworn oaths and allegiance to the U.S.    Otherwise, the American people will find themselves being told to  shut up,  sit down, and get in the back of the bus.  Americans must let the voices be heard by writing, calling, faxing, and emailing their congressional representatives and informing them that anti-American radicals who threaten to over throw our Rule of Law  must be deported.

Americans must vote for a U.S. President, congressional members,, and judges who are strict U.S. Constitutionalists or else we shall risk the loss of the most precious document ever written that protects America’s freedoms and has endured for 235 years.

Consequently, as the ICNA meeting was coming to an end,  I was standing outside of the large glass windows where the meeting was held and I could hear the closer speaking in the microphone.  The protestors had quieted down and I could hear a man speaking to the audience. I was surprised when I heard the closer state that America’s media didn’t want the truth out about Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK).  The speaker stated that MLK was a militant.  He said that one year before MLK’s assassination, that he had delivered a  militant speech, but the American press suppressed that information.  In my opinion, he was suggesting that the African-Americans and MLK are militants and that’s how they won their cause which is a form of recruiting young people.  This is similar to the belief system established by the two key speakers that in order to dominate the world, the Muslims must be militant., so maybe that’s why they brought their children to the meeting and why there were so many young men in attendance.

Ironically, I had to chuckle because the closing speaker began to sound very Americanized at that point.  I thought, he must be studying our infomercials.  Firstly, he informed his audience  that the purpose for the evening’s fund-raiser was to help the poor and their goal was to raise $60,000.   The audience was silent.  He was behaving like an American capitalist giving a sales pitch when he lowered the requested donation down to $10,000.  I didn’t hear anyone calling out a donation.  Next, he began to sound like a used car salesman when he gave his final pitch and asked his audience to donate only $5,000.  Some of those in attendance could have ended up with a very expensive chicken dinner!

In conclusion, as I gathered my belongings, I became amused when the closing speaker told his audience that they were about to dine on a chicken dinner and proceeded to instruct them with a before meal mental exercise.  He told his audience that before they eat their chicken dinner, he wanted each of them to stare at the chicken.  Secondly, he wanted each person to imagine that the chicken was alive.  And, thirdly, he wanted each dinner guest to talk to the chicken.”  Well, I couldn’t figure out how his mental and verbal exercise before dinner could possibly help them fulfill their goal of raising $60,000, but maybe it worked, after all!  Obviously, I never know what lessons I might learn from attending patriotic protests, but I did figure out that there are times when I’m better off watching an event from the outside instead of the inside.  So, I packed up my belongings and headed for my car as the protestors thanked me for showing up.  It made me feel good that I met some wonderful loyal Americans which I wouldn’t have known if I had not made the small effort to help support the residents, the American people, our military and our nation.   We felt like old friends as we all have one thing in common – We have the spirit of freedom and love for our country!  I also realized that turning off a movie and attending such events is such a small price to pay for freedom and to protect future generations.

As I drove home, I drove through a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant and I ordered their chicken dinner to-go.    After I arrived home,  I washed my hands and poured myself a glass of milk and grabbed my chicken dinner and sat down and watched a movie, but I’m afraid I didn’t follow the closing speaker’s advice.  I never stared at the chicken before I ate it.  I never imagined it was alive.  But, I did talk to the chicken.  I said, “Boy, you’re sure finger lickin’ good!”  And I only had to pay $6 for my chicken dinner, instead of $60,000!

Rose Colombo is an award winning published Freelance writer and columnist and has been quoted and read in local and national newspapers.  You’re invited to read 5 Star Reviews and Complimentary Pages of  her award winning self-help book,  “Fight Back Legal Abuse” and her latest Political Satire with humor and an Orwellian story that parallels today’s political agendas leaving the readers with a thought-provoking ending, “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks and Radicals,” available at www.amazon.com