Listen Taped Live! Colombo Chronicles/ Rose Colombo Welcomes Gerry Hauser, World Diamond Expert/pt. 2 U.S. Doctors Alarming Suicide Rate!

Rose Colombo (C) 1/30/2019

Listen to Colombo Chronicles Live with Host, Rose Colombo interviewing the world’s expert on DIAMONDS! And, with Valentine’s Day coming up, you don’t want to get ripped off when searching for the right diamond for your loved one. GERRY HAUSER, owner of HADAR DIAMONDS and world experts in San Diego, California provides invaluable information and some history about diamonds.

On Part 2, Rose Colombo provides commentary on a shocking story about Doctors in America. No one is talking about Doctors and the problems inside the USA that they are facing on main stream media and one of those crisis is that America’s Doctors are committing suicide at an alarming rate! Leave a LIKE and COMMENT at the bottom of this page if you appreciate the topics.

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Obama Approved the United Nations Compact for Migration and President Trump Ended It!

Rose Colombo (c) 1/28/2019

Americans can say, “Thank You, President Donald J. Trump!” And, Americans should thank God that Obama and Hillary and Kerry, Brennan, Holder, and the Democrats aren’t in control of the USA after they migrated tens of thousands of unidentified foreign radicals secretly into the USA at night. They migrated unidentified foreigners from foreign enemy nations who took over the city of Dearborn and allowed these non-Americans to claim an American city as theirs and illegally declared U.S. soil to be a no- no-go zone without any legal authority under U.S. law.

This is America’s Homeland and this nation belongs to the natural-born Americans innate to this soil, who are obligated to defend the entire nation from foreign enemies. The new unidentified foreigners immediately declared that an American city is off-limits to Americans who live there or any American for that fact by declaring U.S. soil to be foreign soil and ordering Americans off land that belongs to natural-born and legal loyal naturalized Americans. The government should put an end to such a ridiculous declaration.

The Obama Democrats secretly used taxpayer money to fly a majority of radical males into the USA for 8 years on America’s time and dime concealing his intent and that of Hillary Clinton’s and Eric Holder and the Democrats who have forgotten that they serve the American people who pay their taxpayer funded wages. They knew that if the American people knew of their sinister preplanned unconstitutional agenda that the American citizens would have risen up and defended their nation from being flooded with foreigners from foreign enemy nations who threatened to wipe us out with a nuke!

It appears these Democrats pledged their allegiance to international foreign bodies, not to the the U.S. Constitution, i.e., CFR, NWO, EU, and the “UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT for MIGRATION”

The United Nations Compact for Migration is a worldwide open border policy that lets everyone and anyone into all sovereign nations. Apparently, this is the reason that Germany’s leader, Angela Merkel and President Franco of France, staunch EU members as well as President Trudeau of Canada who embraces the Muslim Brotherhood as well as the leaders of Belgium and Sweden appear to be selling out their countries.

The United Nations Compact for Migration worldwide appears to be the reason that former non-vetted President Barack Hussein Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and former President Bill Clinton, who embraced communism and communist China along with the support of the Democrats pushed for Open Borders in the USA and around the world and explains why Bill Clinton signed NAFTA.

Although the Bush’s, who embraced open borders and Saudi Arabia and former V.P., Dick Cheney, who approved invading Iraq at a time Halliburton was bankrupted and ended up with the government no-bid contract making Halliburton a multi-billion dollar business after the invasion weren’t concerned about sovereignty of any nation. It appears that the Clinton’s, Soros, and Obama’s view themselves as “globalists.” In reality, it appears their open border policy is sinister and violates their sworn oaths and violates the Constitution of the USA that establishes sovereignty, under federal law.

The U.S. Constitution instructs the Presidents of the United States and Congress and all Americans to defend the borders of the United States of America from foreign invasions, but they refused and failed. In fact, it appears that these public servants who swore to protect and serve We The People, may have “tricked” the “foolish” Americans and changed the words “treason” and “espionage” to “globalism” and “The New World Order” and “Outsourcing” to protect themselves and not bring attention to the word “sedition,” or “treason” or “Misdemeanor and High Crimes.”

The United Nations Global Compact for Migration worldwide that allows violating the sovereignty of every nation in the world, but in particular, the United States of America and Europe, Canada and Mexico, our surrounding neighbors and our ally which was always Europe was needed to take down the United States of America and usher in the One World Government. Of course, the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is the same as the KGB and Communist regime under Hitler which is take control of the youth and females and brainwash them to believe in Liberalism and Socialism.

The foreign enemy’s goal is erasing the memories of all who survive should civil unrest or WW III break out and they were to succeed. The goal is to erase all memories of Freedom, Liberty, Rights, God, Morals, Sovereignty, Capitalism, Traditional Marriage and heterosexual relationships as they create a transhuman.

The goals of evil and sinister dark thinking is to eliminate Christianity, and Jews as well as The Ten Commandments, The Bible, and the Freedom of Thought. They intend to end Free Will and Free Choice. The intent is to enslave all people upon the earth and end any thoughts or words related to America or Europe. They intend to remove all statues, books, and art that reflect America and Freedom or God, because the One World Leader demands to be worshipped as a god.

Communism and the Muslim Brotherhood ideologies eliminate Freedom, Liberty, Rights, and future natural-born Americans as well as Traditional Marriage and morality, and sovereignty. It appears that the United Nations Compact for Migration is a key part of the U.N., CFR, EU, and NWO movement. This is why they are trying so hard to remove President Trump from office, because he refuses to sell out his country and Fellow Americans like Merkel, Trudeau, and Franco.

Obama and Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Democrats and Rino regime, appear to be in compliance with United Nations Policies, more so, than supporting President Trump and standing with the majority of Americans who demand sovereignty.

It appears that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer and the Democrats support the open border policies. They approve of unidentified and unlimited numbers of foreigners, even unidentified foreigners from foreign enemy nations to flood the USA in violation of legal immigration laws. They have knowledge that intelligence and ICE have reported among the caravans, of mainly males, that women and kids are raped along the way or trafficked or used as fake families to enter as asylum seekers. They know that some of the foreigners are cartel members and have engaged in rape, robbery, home invasions, drug and gun trafficking.

In fact, Speaker Pelosi, and Senator Schumer and the Democrats are aware that foreigners traffic guns and explosives and drugs into the USA, when entering without inspections as required by law, as they bypass the Ports of Entry. Shame on them for being derelict in their fiduciary duties to the American people as they continue to sell out America and the American people who pay their taxpayer funded wages and trusted them with their lives and their tax dollars as well as their sovereignty. Instead, they have embraced foreign international bodies such as the United Nations Compact for Immigration.

The United Nations Compact for Migration intends to flood Europe and America with a majority of Third World poor people from foreign friendly or enemy nations knowing that many state and write that they aren’t coming to Europe or America to assimilate but to dominate and conquer our lands and drain our resources. This is treason. Many unidentified foreigners, 75% are males, a Trojan Horse it appears, intend to implement civil unrest and a revolution.

In fact, a Muslim congressional member recently called for a Revolution inside the USA against the POTUS and the White House in her speech as well as a Muslim female activist, so are they linked to the terrorist cell who were plotting to blow up the White House last weekend. If successful, they would create civil unrest, disease, and economic strife. When will the next terrorist cell attempt to take out the President and V.P. as there are many now inside the USA who were allowed to by-pass inspections and by-pass ports of entry.

The United Nations Global Compact for Migration from the world’s poor into the USA through the CFR’s open border policy invites everyone and anyone to flood through U.S. Borders, Canadian borders, Mexico’s borders, and Europe’s borders. They are encouraging a free-for-all which we witnessed in cities around the USA and Europe. Americans witnessed the the pre-planned ANTIFA riots when Soros paid protestors to destroy property and throw rocks at the police under Obama’s regime while Obama and Holder pulled out the race card to create a black-white race division. Divide and Conquer and many fell for it.

The message makes so much sense when and why Americans are warned that it doesn’t hurt to prepare for emergencies, even for the possibility of civil unrest and Martial Law. Americans are told it is good to learn how to protect their property and themselves and their families because if civil unrest did occur inside the USA, there may not be enough law enforcers to help Americans in need.

The United Nations Compact for Migration is worldwide just like Obama’s signed E.O. when he forced the unconstitutional Obamacare down the throats of every American and exempted himself and family, congress, senators, Justices, federal judges, SEIU, Muslims and Illegals. They held themselves above the law and exempted themselves from the laws that they imposed against the will of the majority of Americans!

This blogger wrote and informed Americans that Obamacare was unconstitutional and part of my blog was read on the congressional floor with my name. I warned that Obamacare bordered on “extortion” and that Obamacare included Death Panels for Americans and unborn babies worldwide. Today, we are witnessing sinister laws written by Democrats such as Governor Cuomo to allow anyone to kill their baby at 9 months which in my opinion is cold blooded murder!

Should Americans living in what was once a Christian Foundation in which to make decisions by We The People and Lawmakers not ask if killing babies at 9 months isn’t murder and if not, what is the difference? If that’s the case then why not release all people who are jailed for murder, especially those who killed a baby or a pregnant woman?

Why throw anyone in jail for murder since we are becoming a lawless rogue government that appears to be turning into a Banana Republic where life is meaningless and the law is meaningless? It appears that people believe he’s trying to gain the approval and gain the votes of women, but it appears to this blogger that he supports the NWO and U.N. agendas that calls for the depopulation of future natural-born Americans as part of the NWO’s worldwide plan to reduce the surplus population by 90%.

The United Nations Compact for Migration calls for open borders so that tens of thousands, mainly men, can storm the borders and overwhelm the authorities. They want to erase America’s history and citizens and replace them with foreigners, who the Wall Street wealthy can enslave and use as workers bees, like in the prisons for 25 cents per hour and control them and microchip them it does appear. The foreigners at the borders use women and kids to be trafficked or raped or as fake families to get into the USA. They also use women and kids as human shields to prevent the authorities from firing on them which has been a long time tactic in the Middle East.

The United Nations Compact for Migration allows everyone and anyone to flood into the USA, Europe, Mexico, and Canada from poor and diseased Third World Nations no matter what their backgrounds or intent happen to be, even if they are carrying a dangerous communicable disease.

The United Nations Compact Migration policy which Obama agreed to uphold when Obama, Holder, and Hillary flooded the United States of America by a pre-planned secret Executive Order he signed about 1/27/2009 with the intent of changing and transforming the USA into a Muslim Nation. In fact, Obama stated, “America is no longer a Christian Nation,” and his wife, Michelle stated, “This nation belongs to the Muslims.” This does appear to be part of their goal. Imagine the United States of America operating under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR and what would happen to legal loyal naturalized and natural-born Americans!

It would appear to me that the new motto would be “Comply or Die!” Obama made sure the radicals were to be migrated into the USA so that they would be by-passing ports of entry at the airports and TSA inspections as well as Ports of Entry at the borders and inspections required by law by ICE and Border Patrol. Obama and Hillary had a goal of migrating a minimum of 5,000,000 foreigners from Palestine linked or members of Hamas, the terrorist organization into the USA on America’s time and dime. It appears that Obama, Holder, and Hillary and the Democrats were forcing Americans without their knowledge to pay for their own demise.

It appears that the United Nations Compact Migration of Obama and Hillary migrating tens of thousands of mainly males into the USA without public disclosure from foreign enemy nations violated the United States Federal Constitutional Laws establishing U.S. Sovereignty and Legal Immigration and Legal Inspections required by law. Were they not “Harboring Illegals and foreign enemies inside the USA?” Wasn’t former Jerry Brown not “Harboring” illegals inside California as “harboring” illegals and criminals is a crime.

The whistleblowers who worked in the U.S. Refugee agencies stated they were provided financial incentives (taxpayer’s money) to migrate as many radicals as possible each day for 8 years with little or no inspections and handed entitlement programs and even “cash.”

The United Nations Compact for Migration allows entry of anyone, i.e., criminals, repeat offenders which makes them felons, minor kids with fake parents or even minor kids traveling alone. According to intelligence and ICE and Border Patrol, the foreign invaders include cartels and terrorists who traffic females and kids. Many females and children end up raped and some die along the way. Many of these unidentified foreigners were pirates or gang members or terrorist cells who traffic guns and drugs. The open border policy and agreeing to “The United Nations Compact for Migration” in my opinion, is a Dereliction of Duty and Gross Negligence on behalf of Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, and the Democrats in Congress.

In fact, intelligence and ICE report that some of the unidentified foreigners both adults and children are carrying deadly communicable diseases that could spread and kill thousands of Americans such as SARS known to be found in the Middle East or Measles. There is an outbreak of Measles currently in Washington and Oregon. There are cases reported in the news of the disease known as Typhus spreading in a sanctuary city of in Los Angeles. The news reported that among the current caravan, someone is infected with the flesh eating disease on their way to the U.S. border. And, there was a rare form of Hepatitis which struck Americans in San Diego, California and hundreds in Germany.

And, of course, there are hundreds of females in Europe and the USA, Canada and Mexico being gang raped, but afraid to report it, because Obama and Merkel and Franco and Belgium and Sweden’s leaders suppress it which means they are protecting the foreign migrants, not their citizens. In fact, the Democrats and Obama approved the “Hate Crimes Bill” which only protects Muslims and Gays and discriminates against the majority of Americans who they can accuse of insulting them and report it to the police which should never be allowed in the USA. The Constitution protects all Americans equally and doesn’t allow for discrimination and abuse for political agendas that protect one or two groups of people only..

The United Nations Compact Migration would provide an avenue that allows foreign enemies to enter into the USA and Europe, Canada and Mexico, to form armies of unidentified foreign males with the possibility of setting up no-go zones, stockpiling guns, training up inside the USA without government inspections, with intent to implement a revolution and plot a coup d’etat. And, if that were to occur, then it would be at the hands of Obama and Hillary and the Democrats who migrated them secretly into the USA for 8 years.

Many may think that could never happen in the USA. No-go zones are set up around the country. The FBI reported that there are weapons hidden around the USA and they aren’t sure where they are hidden by the radicals who were allowed to enter into the USA under Obama and Holder’s watch without inspections for 8 years. In fact, under Obama’s watch and Janet Napolitano, former DHS Direction, the foreigners who came through U.S. airports were given a pass by TSA and weren’t forced to be inspected and naked xrayed and radiated, only the legal lawful natural-born Americans were treated as the suspects.

And, most recently, January of 2019, there was a recent coup d’etat by a terrorist cell who attempted to assassinate President Trump and V.P. Pence by planning to blow up the White House, but fortuantely, their attempts were thwarted by the FBI and they were placed under arrest according to news reports. And, that same weekend, it was reported that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her congressional team and family were attempting to fly out of the country and if the terrorists had succeeded, Speaker Pelosi would have been President Pelosi on Monday morning.

The United Nations Compact for Migration is a recipe for revolution and civil unrest and disease and economic strife for America, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the world.

The United Nations Compact for Migration is an open invitation for friendly or enemies of Western Civilization to illegally storm through the borders of any nation around the world and demand that Americans and Europeans, Mexico, and Canada be enslaved to the foreign invaders and obligated to provide for all of their necessities of life which is inserted into Obamacare.

In the meantime, Americans are forced to pay for the educations of foreign kids and adults and their Harvard educations. Americans and Europeans are forced to pick up the tab for the foreigner’s housing, food, education, health care, social security checks, cash, cell phones, drivers licenses, and voting rights, so they can infiltrate and put their own people into public office. They appear to be using foreigners who are promised free-bies by Obama and the Democrats even currently, who are handed out illegal Drivers Licenses by the Democrats in order to illegally vote with the illegal Drivers Licenses How can a Drivers License be legal if they are given to illegals? I guess it’s the only way the Democrats can win an election.

The United Nations Migration Compact appears to be the agenda that is used as worldwide “Collectivism” and the Reduction of America’s future natural born Americans as well as the reduction of the population around the world by 90%.

The United Nations Compact for Migration is a key component to the success of taking control of the USA and changing and transforming America into a Banana Republic by forcing Middle Class Americans to redistribute their wealth they earned by the sweat of their brow to the foreigners illegally entering into the USA. America’s Middle Class are forced to pick up the tab for their own livelihood and that of their family, the entire State and Federal Government’s wages and benefits and since the age of Obama and Hillary Clinton, America’s Middle Class is now enslaved to pick up the tab for the world’s unidentified illegal foreigners who invaded our Homeland and that of Europe, Canada, and Mexico.

Pray for President Donald J. Trump who ended the United Nations Compact for Migration from around the world and standing strong on building barriers around the borders of the United States of America as he has many enemies inside Congress and those who left office on the Left as well as Rinos and foreign enemies inside the USA and foreign enemies outside of the USA.

Be sure to say Thank You to President Donald J. Trump for standing strong and against horrendous pressure and upholding the Constitution of the United States of America Supreme Laws of the Land which includes Sovereignty, Legal Immigration, Legal Identification, and Legal Citizenship which is required in all foreign nations. We can Thank President Donald J. Trump for ordering the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement to defend the borders and protect the welfare and safety of every American. In fact, if necessary, the President of the USA is instructed by the U.S. Constitution to call upon the citizens to arm themselves and join the militia in time of need.

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Breaking News! Listen Online Podcast: 300% Increase of Foreign illegals from Bangladesh, majority of males, including Islamic Terrorists Storming U.S. Borders at Laredo, Texas!

Rose Colombo 1/11/2019 (C)

President Donald J. Trump made a comment that this was the “Calm before the storm.” Reporters asked him what he meant by that comment, but he said, “You’ll find out.” It appears that Obama’s army from around socialist, communist, and terrorist nations have been gathering and encouraging poor people to caravan with them to the Mexico-U.S. Borders so that the majority of males in large numbers can storm through the U.S. Borders and enter into the USA by-passing legal Ports of Entry and Inspections as required by law. – LIKE BELOW and Comments are appreciated – on this site or the podcast site. You can also click Follow on the podcast site at top of the page.

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It appears they traffic women and children and 80% of the women and kids end up raped or trafficked and sold or the males claim the woman and child to be their family. It appears they use the women and children as human shields to prevent the authorities from firing on them for trespassing and violating immigration laws in Mexico and the USA.

Obama and Hillary Clinton migrated tens of thousands of radicals, a majority of males, into the USA who don’t believe they need to assimilate, but he allowed them to set up no-go zones and become squatters claiming U.S. Land as their own and calling the police to have Americans arrested who they say violate the no-go zones or accuse them of insulting them. Obama stated he was creating an army that was more powerful and more well-funded than the U.S. army and the Democrats didn’t impeach him. Obama and Hillary’s intent was to migrate 5,000,000 radicals, a majority of males into the USA in 8 years.

Obama and Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett set up their compound near the White House and alleged to be recruiting his army. In the news, Obama claimed to have an army named OFA that included 35,000 members. Recently, a caravan of mainly males at about 33,000 according to the news attempted to storm the U.S. Borders. They did storm the borders and now there is an additional 15,000 headed to the U.S.-Mexico borders, and about 75% are males.

We were just informed that there is a 300% increase of foreign invaders attempting to storm the borders at the Mexico-U.S. Texas Borders and enter through Laredo. An additional 15,000 foreigners, a majority of males, that law enforcement states include terrorists, dangerous gang and cartel members, and some women and children. This raises the question if the caravans and the tens of thousands of radicals that Obama migrated into the USA between 2009 and 2016 are part of his OFA army as well as the tens of thousands of males at our borders or headed to our borders in 2019. One of the females and males from the Middle East who are activist stated that their intent was to overthrow the White House and replace a U.S. Natural Born American with a Muslim U.S. President and a majority of congressional members by 2030. Another theory is that the Deep State of globalist intend to create a communicable disease created in a Lab such as Ebola and blame the migrants in order to call out a quarantine and Martial Law on Americans.

This is a serious problem for America and Americans and President Trump, ICE, Sheriffs, Border Patrol, and the Military who are responsible for protecting the borders without a wall. President Trump has been requesting $5B to build a wall to protect America at the borders and protect the safety and welfare of the Americans people, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Schumer and the Democrats refuse to protect America or the American citizens from the terrorists, cartels, and gang members who we know traffic guns, drugs, and human trafficking and are among the foreigners in the caravans. It appears, that the Democrats are so upset that Hillary and Bill Clinton didn’t take back the White House that they will do anything including risking the lives of all Americans to prevent him from keeping his promise to Americans and secure the border. In fact, there are many attempts and threats against the POTUS and his family and Trump supporters, even minor children. They used a communist agenda known as divide and conquer that set Americans against Americans which is unprecedented in the USA through brainwashing the youth for decades.

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Rose Colombo, award-winning host and author, welcomes GODFREY HARRIS, who wrote 75 books, which can be located on if you type in his name. Mr. Harris just returned from Europe and he will discuss BREXIT. He taught Political Science and Comparative Government at UCLA and Rugers. He was in the U.S. Army during the Cold War as an Intelligence Officer and later served as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer with diplomatic assignments in Bonn, London, and Washington. After serving in President Lyndon Johnson’s Executive Office as a policy analyst on foreign and commercial affairs, he became a public policy consultant. He is still doing that work 50 years after he left government service.

Mr. Harris also travels to Africa as he is concerned about the endangered species and the elephants. Mr. Harris says one of the key issues in his book, Credit the Crocodile, that he experienced through his 25 year interaction with poor African rural communities is that stopping international trade in wildlife products will not stop poaching. (Be Sure To Click Like and COMMENT on this page)

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