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Rose Colombo 1/11/2019 (C)

President Donald J. Trump made a comment that this was the “Calm before the storm.” Reporters asked him what he meant by that comment, but he said, “You’ll find out.” It appears that Obama’s army from around socialist, communist, and terrorist nations have been gathering and encouraging poor people to caravan with them to the Mexico-U.S. Borders so that the majority of males in large numbers can storm through the U.S. Borders and enter into the USA by-passing legal Ports of Entry and Inspections as required by law.

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It appears they traffic women and children and 80% of the women and kids end up raped or trafficked and sold or the males claim the woman and child to be their family. It appears they use the women and children as human shields to prevent the authorities from firing on them for trespassing and violating immigration laws in Mexico and the USA.

Obama and Hillary Clinton migrated tens of thousands of radicals, a majority of males, into the USA who don’t believe they need to assimilate, but he allowed them to set up no-go zones and become squatters claiming U.S. Land as their own and calling the police to have Americans arrested who they say violate the no-go zones or accuse them of insulting them. Obama stated he was creating an army that was more powerful and more well-funded than the U.S. army and the Democrats didn’t impeach him. Obama and Hillary’s intent was to migrate 5,000 radicals, a majority of males into the USA in 8 years.

Obama and Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett set up their compound and near the White House and alleged to be recruiting his army and claimed to have an army named OFA that included 35,000 members. Recently, a caravan of mainly males at about 33,000 according to the news attempted to storm the U.S. Borders.

We were just informed that there is a 300% increase of foreign invaders attempting to storm the borders at the Mexico-U.S. Texas Borders and enter through Laredo. An additional 15,000 foreigners, a majority of males, that law enforcement states include terrorists, dangerous gang and cartel members, and some women and children. This raises the question if the caravans and the tens of thousands of radicals that Obama migrated into the USA between 2009 and 2016 are part of his OFA army. One of the females and males from the Middle East who are activist stated that their intent was to overthrow the White House and replace a U.S. Natural Born American with a Muslim U.S. President and a majority of congressional members by 2030.

This is a serious problem for America and Americans and President Trump, ICE, Sheriffs, Border Patrol, and the Military who are responsible for protecting the borders without a wall. President Trump has been requesting $5B to build a wall to protect America at the borders and protect the safety and welfare of the Americans people, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Schumer and the Democrats refuse to protect America or the American citizens from the terrorists, cartels, and gang members who we know traffic guns, drugs, and human trafficking. It appears, that they are so upset that Hillary and Bill Clinton didn’t take back the White House that they will do anything including risking the lives of all Americans to prevent him from keeping his promise to Americans and secure the border.

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Mr. Harris also travels to Africa as he is concerned about the endangered species and the elephants. Mr. Harris says one of the key issues in his book, Credit the Crocodile, that he experienced through his 25 year interaction with poor African rural communities is that stopping international trade in wildlife products will not stop poaching. (Be Sure To Click Like and COMMENT on this page)

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