Worldwide Online Radio: Colombo Chronicles: The Rise of Infectious Diseases in Germany linked to 2,000,000 migrant invasion and silence on this issue in the USA/ Jihad by Pandemic

Rose Colombo, award-winning author on legal abuse and injustices, seen on TV and Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, and published in “Who’s Who in the World,, America, and of American Women….received a myriad of awards from media….and coined the phrase in 1989, “Wake Up, America!  Is the American Dream on the verge of the American Nightmare?” repeated on her am-FM and online radio shows for two decades….yet, millions of citizens are still asleep.  (c) 2017

Germany hit worldwide news that they are experiencing a substantial increase of Hepatitis C and communicable infectious diseases linked to the migration of 2,000,000 radicals allowed to enter into their country who are taking over their cities as no-go zones which is happening in the USA, Europe, Mexico, and Canada.

The USA is silent on the increase of Tuberculosis and Measles and possibly Hepatitis C and Americans must do a good deal of research because the government and the Main Stream Media isn’t talking about this serious issue that could lead to the pre-planned Presidential Order of turning America into a Police State under a Pandemic and calling out Martial Law which was a secret Presidential Order under the Clinton-Bush-Obama dynasties.  If you recall, Loretta Lynch and Biden were calling for U.N. Troops to patrol the streets in the USA.  What does she and Biden know and why would they do that?

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Is this invasion a part of a myriad of Jihads against Western Civilization such as Jihad by Pandemic used to take over the USA, Europe, and Canada?  Tricking Americans into believing they are migrating Refugees into the USA escaping Sharia Law, but infact, are migrating a majority of non-Refugees.  It appears they are migrating a majority of healthy young radicalized males and some females into the USA which raises the question if they are intentionally hoping to reduce the population of Europeans, Americans, and Canadians which would also be a Jihad by Race and a Jihad by Religion.  It appears that Chancellor Angela Merkel joined up with Obama and the NWO and appears to have sold out her German Citizens to the Muslim Brotherhood in line with  Obama and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, McCain and all the rest of the DNC-RINO’s.  It appears they are either loyal to their “Party” as well as Obama and the Clinton’s, which includes George Soros – Kissinger, Socialist Party, CFR – NWO – U.N. and perhaps, the kGB is behind the curtain as well in this long-time agenda.  

Furthermore, the Muslim Brotherhood, NWO, and U.N. are not friends of  Christians, Jews, Europe, America, and Israeli Citizens.  In fact, the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood, Communist, and New World Order is the same.  They intend to dominate the world and reduce the population by these long-time  pre-planned set of events by Jihad.  In America, Obama and his loyal supporters in the Congress and Senate destroyed the greatest health care system in the world.  They’ve made health care and Rx drugs non-affordable for most Americans and to resolve the problem, they decided to exempt themselves and implement Death Panels for Americans, pulling the plug on patients, starving patients to death, and denying and rationing health care services and medications, but not for them.

 And, to further reduce the population of Americans, they unconstitutionally and immorally forced Americans to pay to kill future natural born Americans by abortion citizens against their will and God’s will and morality and human rights as well as the constitutional right-to-live.  To-date, Americans have been forced to kill more than 70,000,000 natural born Citizens who would be living today as the youth probably about 40 and young to preserve and fight back for this nation, instead we’re being invaded with excessive numbers of healthy radicals who say, it’s their duty to kill all infidels.  They appear to have truly turned their backs on God and the American people including themselves, their families, and all who they represent.  Apparently, they enjoy  thriving on the dark side of life in many cases as they exempt themselves from the same laws they mandate for the rest of Americans and many are unlawful, illegal, and unconstitutional.  A Presidential Directive supports the NWO’s intent to reduce the population.  They intend to use the taxpayer funded public schools and in some schools, they are ordering transgender indoctrination as early as  Kindergarten as wekk as  same-sex agendas along with wars and non-affordable health care, chemtrails, and chemical-laden vaccines, chemical-laden food, and water.  The NWO is well on their way to creating hell on earth it does appear to reach their evil goals and transform American into a hell on earth. 

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