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Listen Taped Live to Colombo Chronicles Live! 8-9pm pst every Wednesday – Rose Colombo, award-winning author and host welcomes Lucille Ball’s best friend, Paula Stewart, as seen in Theater and a long-list of Hollywood movies and TV series with Lucille Ball and top name Movie Stars.

Pauline Stewart shares her adventures with the audience of how her relationship with Lucille Ball endured as sisters over the years and how she helped Paula when she was down and out. She was married to comedienne Jack Carter, who starred in the popular TV series, “The Odd Couple,” and the famous composer, Burt Bacharach. Ms. Stewart was seen on Broadway stage, and can still be seen in reruns of Perry Mason, Hogan’s Heroes, and “Here’s Lucy.” She’s a movie producer, interior designer, real estate mogul, and a mom.

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DO NOT BE A VICTIM OF HEPATITIS C – Dangerous Rx Drugs – Listen to an Expert and Survivor!  LLOYD WRIGHT, author and survivor!  

Listen to an expert on Hepatitis C on Colombo Chronicles Live on worldwide online radio with award-winning host, poet, and author, Rose Colombo.  Rose welcomes, Lloyd Wright, advocate and author who survived Hepatitis C after rejecting the Rx drugs and advice of his doctors as they made him worse than better.  He took up his cause and has compiled years of research and testimonials consulting with thousands of Americans across the nation who sought his suggestions after contracting Hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C and a rare form of Hepatitis has hit Germany and America and other nations after the migration of millions of non-vetted foreigners from Third World Nations who were not checked for infectious diseases and/or airborne.  In San Diego, California, there are Americans living in tent city where they are quarantined with a rare form of Hepatitis and many have died and others are hospitalized.

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