Vetting Law Must Include Two Words: “Incumbant” and “Retroactive”

Who will be the First Female U.S. President?
Who will be the First Female U.S. President?

Rose Colombo, (c) original 2009, rev. 2010, rev. 1/27/2011, rev. 7-4-2013

My original blog and proposal published on-line on Town Hall and Newsvine about 2009 and submitted to my Representatives on and more. I believe that applications to be a U.S. President must require a Certified copy of a Birth Certificate attached to the application of a candidate for Congress, State of U.S. Senator or U.S. President. This should be a simple and mandated requirement before the application is accepted by the DNC and GOP and signed off by federal public servants. In fact, this proposal is the fastest and easiest way to prevent any person, who may or may not be a U.S. Natural Born Citizen, the opportunity to produce a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate, and remain transparent or be forced to quit the race. The U.S. Justices and Congress have knowledge that if there is a technical or administrative error that slipped through the cracks of any candidate for public office that it is their moral responsibility and fiduciary duty to correct the record.

My proposal of 2009 targeting a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate if implemented must include two words, “Incumbant” and “Retroactive.” Such legislation would eliminate any doubt or lawsuits in the future. The 2008 and 2012 elections have placed grave doubt upon the integrity of the U.S. President, Justices, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the U.S. Congress. These two elections and the question of the eligibility of a U.S. President shall leave a bad taste in the mouths of U.S. Citizens for years to come.

In fact, this proposal should be proposed as an Amendment to Article II. The elections of 2008 and 2012 have placed grave doubt as to the fairness and honesty of U.S. National elections and left the door open for foreign born or anti-American foreign born, illegals, or foreign enemy spies to infiltrate the federal government and access the taxpayer’s money and the keys to the White House, the keys to Air Force One, and National Security, which leaves America at great risk to the welfare and safety of the American people, and the U.S. Military men and women on the battlefields, or on U.S. soil left unarmed.

Stop the controversy over Article II with a simple common-sense amendment to Article II, which I proposed to my representatives and blogged on-line five years ago. The issue of Obama’s eligibility could have been resolved before the inauguration of 2009 and the election of 2012. 

Consequently, I read that Rep. Jim DeMint proposed a similar law, but it is my understanding that his proposed legislation didn’t include two words which I believe are crucial in order for the law to be effective in 2012 which are “Incumbant” and “Retroactive.”

Ironically, the democrats didn’t have a problem spying on Palin’s e-mails or arresting a citizen who doesn’t have their proper identification on them when stopped by a cop, but they care less about the identity of a non-vetted man elected to the highest office in the land, who the next day after swearing an oath to uphold all U.S. Constitutional laws and be the most transparency president ever in U.S. History, concealed his records from law enforcement, lawmakers, and the world.

  I strongly urge congress to implement or amend Article II of the U.S. Constitution and include the two words  “incumbant” and “retroactive.”  It’s my understanding that when  Rep. DeMint proposed a similar bill that the Republicans didn’t feel that it could pass if  the words “incumbant” and “retroactive” were included, but with a Republican congress and if Republicans take the Senate back in 2014, I don’t see a problem with its passage.

Therefore,if Americans are to be protected in the future against a non-vetted U.S. President then two most important words must be included, “incumbant” and “retroactive” for this is the only way to prevent history from repeating itself. If Americans don’t take this opportunity to close this serious loophole now, before 2015, there may never be another opportunity to prevent a foreign enemy or usurper or illegal citizen from by-passing the vetting process and Article II which would render Article II meaningless.

Consequently, if this law isn’t amended, than it’s possible that foreigners and illegals could use Obama’s senate race and presidential race as the test case and file lawsuits arguing that a precedent has been set. The U.S. Supreme Court Justices and Congress failed to act when Obama ran for Illinois Senator and ran for the office of US President twice without proper vetting requirements being enforced. Therefore, the foreigners or illegals could argue that a pattern has been set and they could steal the birthright of a U.S. Natural Born Citizen who inherited his or birthright at birth when he or she was born on U.S. soil to two U.S. legal parents. This could risk the freedom, liberty, sovereignty, and democratic form of government run by three branches of government and balanced by Checks and Balances.

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Gov Abercrombie, Obama & Holder & Obama’s Concealed Records

Rose Colombo – 1/22/2011, Rev. 7-4-2013

Rose Colombo, author, award winning author, poet & Freelance writer
Rose Colombo, author, award winning author, poet, Radio Host

Rose Colombo,  1/22/2011 (c), rev. 7/4/2013


Governor Abercrombie shouldn’t waste his time chasing rainbows.  Immediately after President Obama was elected in 2009, he implemented and signed Executive Order 13233, approving executive privilege and the concealment of  all of his personal records unless he gave his permission.  Executive Order-Presidential Records states, “NARA” refers to the National Archives and Records Administration.”  And,(c) Presidential Records Act” refers to the Presidential Records Act 44 U.S. C. 2201-2207.”  And, “Sec. 3, (c), if the President decides to invoke executive privilege, the Counsel to the President shall notify the former President [Bush] the archivist, and the Attorney General [Holder] in writing of the claim of privilege and the specific Presidential records to which it relates. After receiving such notice, the archivist shall NOT DISCLOSE the privileged records UNLESS directed to do so by the INCUMBENT President or by a final court order.”

Therefore, is it only the men in black robes who have the  power to hear the case of eligibility and correct the record one way or the other?  Therefore, shouldn’t  Governor Abercrombie file a lawsuit with Hawaii’s federal court requesting access to the records based on improper vetting and an alleged violation of Article, II so he can prove his case of eligibility, not only to the people, but to himself.  After all, how does Obama’s credentials and identification records affect National Security.  It’s understood that Executive Privilege is only invoked if National Security is at risk to the best of my knowledge and research on this issue.

I believe this is the first time in U.S. history that a U.S. government finds it necessary to announce that Obama will not be ordered to produce a Certified Copy of a U.S. President’s Birth Certificate because the U.S. president refuses to follow the law, Article II, after he swore an oath to uphold U.S. law.   Article II requires proof that the person seeking to be President of the USA is a U.S. Natural Born Citizen established as the only person who is eligible to be a U.S. President.  How is it then that Governor Abercrombie doesn’t realize that Obama can’t be a U.S. Natural born citizen because Obama admits that his biological  father is a generational  Muslim and a Kenyan native-born citizen and subject of Britain and his Birthright is passed down from his father.   Obama’s dad is foreign-born and only his mother was a U.S. natural-born citizen, which means that Obama might be a legal U.S. citizen, but he can’t be a U.S. “Natural” or “Native” born citizen of the United States as required by the Rule of Law, Article II, of the U.S. Constitution.

Governor Abercrombie stated Obama has a long-form Birth Certificate and he will produce it, but he has now retracted his statement claiming that “Hawaii law bars the release of Obama’s long-form birth certificate,” which he should have known when he set out to prove that millions of U.S. citizens are wrong and intended to prove his friend, Obama, is eligible, but could not. So, how did they access the short form live birth certificate and then claim that it’s illegal to access the long form birth certificate without Obama’s consent?   If Obama gave consent for a short form live birth certificate then why wouldn’t he give his consent for the long form birth certificate which is a very simple thing to do?

How is it that Governor Abercrombie isn’t concerned with the fact  that Obama has spent millions of dollars on legal fees concealing his birth certificate when he could produce it for about $20 and end this controversy over his eligibility?  It isn’t logical for a man in public office to be labeled brilliant and  simultaneously waste millions of dollars concealing a twenty-dollar ($20) piece of paper!  It doesn’t make any sense for the President of the United states to beg the American people to trust him with trillions of U.S. tax dollars by promising that he’ll create U.S. jobs, but to-date, has failed to do so.  He promised to create 350,000 shovel-ready infrastructure jobs with the Stimulus Money when he misled Americans to believe the sky was falling, but it was not.  Any average citizen with any amount of common sense understands that it’s wasteful and irrational to spend millions of dollars on attorney’s fees when the cost to resolve the eligibility  issue would cost the government or Obama about twenty-dollars.

Just because Obama’s proud grandparents paid to have an announcement published in a Hawaiian newspaper announcing the birth of their grandson is not proof that Obama was born in Hawaii.  A newspaper article wouldn’t be enough evidence to prove that Obama was born in Hawaii, only a certified copy of Obama’s long form Hawaiian birth certificate can prove his birth place, but even the birth certificate wouldn’t qualify him as a “natural-born U.S. citizen.”  And, many experts are stating the Birth Certificate is forged and altered.

Although, Hawaii’s  Health Director states that Obama’s name is listed in vital records, the listing isn’t proof that he was born in Hawaii.  The Health Director, Ms. Fuddy, who knew Lolo Soetoro and Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s white mom who married Lolo Soetoro in Indonesia and legally adopted Obama making him a  Indonesian Citizen is intriguing as well.  She may have mentioned that the short Live Birth Certificate is published on the internet, but to my knowledge, she hasn’t stated that she has reviewed and vetted Obama’s long form birth certificate if she were called upon to testify at congressional hearings or in a court of law.

In fact, I watched a video which went viral in 2008/2009  and may have been removed from the internet which featured Obama’s Kenyan grandma stating that she was present at the Kenyan hospital when Obama was born.  Another video appeared on You Tube featuring Obama’s sister and she also stated that  Obama was born in Kenya, but that video may be been removed as well.  The Kenyan Parliament posted a video that they had a copy of Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate on file, but its been reported to have gone missing as well, whether true or not, I don’t know, but it does remain a mystery.

The vetting process is an examination and review of the records by the DNC in order to confirm that the statements made by Barack Hussein Obama are true or false about his birth, names, age, social security, parents, education, social or political groups.  Background checks are required by all government  agencies when citizens apply for a position.  To the best of my knowledge, I’ve been led to believe that a certification is signed by the Speaker of the House declaring that Obama’s records were reviewed and true and validated; therefore, the birth certificate should have been produced and vetted, but allegations filed with the courts complain that Obama did not produce a valid long form birth certificate or any other personal records during the vetting process and before he was elected into public office.  In fact, there are allegations that Rep. Pelosi altered the Certification while she was Speaker of the House.

For example,   before any U.S. citizen or immigrant leaves or comes into the country or when a government employee or private corporation employee is hired, they are required to answer specific questions about their backgrounds.  The employers or government agencies vet the background information and assure the American people with clever words that the information is complete and truthful before the candidate is approved to run for office.  But, they aren’t required to attach a copy of their Certified Birth Certificate which should be a requirement in line with Article II of the U.S. Constitution.

Just recently, a woman was arrested in Canada because she changed her birth date on her passport as reported in the news.     A certificate of live birth, such as the one published by Obama on the internet with black lines drawn through it is invalid and it is not proof of U.S. Natural born citizenship.  Even if there is a long form birth certificate, It appears that Obama is ineligible as a “Natural Born U.S. Citizen” because his biological  father was not a U.S. citizen, but a Kenyan born citizen and a British subject.  Also, Obama was adopted as a child by his step dad Lolo Soetoro, who legally changed Obama’s name to Barry Soetoro and changed his citizenship from a U.S. citizen to a legal Indonesian citizen.  Indonesia does not recognize dual citizenship.  Upon re-entering the U.S. during the 80s, Barry Soetoro or Obama would be required to repatriate his U.S. Citizenship and Renew his U.S. Passport, apply for a U.S. Social Security number, and Selective Service Records and Legally change his name from Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama.  So, when did he accomplish all those requirements since he’s alleged to have attended college on a Foreign Student Loan?

So, how is it that U.S. legal and natural-born citizens must produce their birth certificates and follow the Rule of Law, but high-ranking public servants are given a pass and to add fuel to the fire, they are  allowed to write laws which by-pass Article II, the law of the land, which is a self-protecting agenda for self-gain and they are trampling upon the 4th Amendment and 1st Amendment as well.

Therefore, it is unconscionable to most Americans that the U.S. government is allowing a high-ranking public servant to appear to be in violation of the law of the land,  Article II, and Repatriation Laws as well as Legal Name Changes, Selective Service Records, application for a Social Security Number required to work in this nation and pay taxes.  Obama stated that he was too-inexperienced to be a U.S. President after he stated he was a licensed lawyer, but he was not licensed at the time he campaigned and he stated he was a College Professor which has also been debunked.  He is a Community Organizer and he did join hands with Bill Ayers, an American terrorist and his neighbor, and created an organization named ACORN.  They trained the ACORN members, who eventually committed voter fraud in 2008 when Obama ran for President and some members landed in jail.

In conclusion, Obama slipped into public office as an Illinois senator without any experience in politics as the two experienced candidates suddenly dropped out.  He slipped into the oval office as a non-vetted President and immediately with the blessings of the entire DNC and Federal Government concealed his identification records and credential from the government and from the American people.  These actions cast a shadow over the country causing serious doubt in the minds of American citizens.  This is similar to an activist judge who has a wealthy and connected litigant before them with unclean hands and came to court in “Bad Faith.”   The judge and lawyers know the guy is in violation of the judge’s court order and the guys says, well, here’s a xerox copy of the check that I paid her off, but he did not.  He provides no certified bank copy of the check as evidence, but the judge doesn’t care and says, “I believe he paid his child support.”  The lawyers say, “Oh well, we believe he paid his child support.  They ignore the truth and violate their sworn oaths to uphold the constitution, and ignore the cries of the hungry children.  Shame on all those who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and have not.  The lawyers  know that if a judge says he “believes” a litigant that it’s a done deal regardless of truth!

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Is the Birth Certificate Needed To Prove “U.S.Natural Born?” if Extensive Evidence to the Contrary Exists?

By Rose Colombo- 1/15/2011

The Honorable LTC Lakin believes that his primary duty is to uphold the U.S. Constitution.  Philip J. Berg, Esq. and Orly Taitz are requesting Obama produce his Certified U.S. Long Form Birth Certificate. In fact they filed eligibility lawsuits in the Federal Courts. But, the response by the Department of Justice and the congress and media is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.  In my opinion, his long form birth certificate would prove a place of birth, but it isn’t the only evidence that Obama may or may not be a “U.S. Natural Born” citizen.   The reason is simple.  I don’t think the production of a U.S. long form birth certificate matters based if there is extenuating evidence based on the following facts:

1)  Obama made promises and statements during the election about his birth place, date, city, country, and parents and the hospital.  He produced a short form “Live Certificate of Birth” that had been altered to be viewed on the internet.  He made statements about his involvement as an instructor for ACORN and his involvement with Ayers and stated he attended Columbia and Harvard.  He stated he was the President of the Law Review, but like his non-vetted Certified U.S. Birth Certificate, he never produced his published Harvard Review. The American people were instructed during his campaign not to write or use his middle name “Hussein.”  Ironically, this was shortly after President Bush captured Saddam Hussein. and after American was attacked by Osama bin Laden.

2.  Obama swore an oath to uphold, defend, and protect the U.S. Constitution.  At the time of his sworn oath, he flubbed it with his hand on the bible, administered by Justice Robert and they laughed, but later on that day, he secretly swore the same oath in private, and the video was leaked pointing out his hand wasn’t on the Bible, but some allege he placed his hand on the Koran.

3.  Obama has knowledge that he wasn’t vetted properly and that Article II of the U.S. Constitution requires that he be a “U.S. Natural Born” citizen.  Obama declared himself to be the President of the Harvard Law Review and a constitutional lawyer and law professor, but the evidence of such declarations is blowing in the wind. His wife, Michelle Obama, graduated from Princeton law school and obtained her law license, and at the time of the campaign and thereafter, his wife and the media declared she was an active lawyer and failed to report that they were inactive lawyers who had been investigated by a federal branch of the Illinois Supreme Court. Representatives Biden, Feinstein, Boxer, Schumer, McCain, Pelosi, Reid, and the Clintons remained silent. Yet, they must have been aware that as a Senator that he was non-vetted as well.

In Obama’s book, Dreams of My Father, as well as stated in his speeches, Obama provides the clues relating to his eligibility.  Obama admits that his alleged 1) biological father is a Natural Born citizen of Kenya and a subject of Britain which makes Obama ineligible to be a U.S. President because both parents must be U.S. “legal” or U.S. “natural born” citizens when the baby is born on U.S. soil.  A baby can be a “legal” citizen if one parent is foreign-born, but not a U.S. “naturalized born” citizen. The words are specific for eligibility and required by Constitutional Law, Article II of the U.S. Constitution.  Article II requires proof when properly vetted for public office as U.S. President.

3) The news reports that Obama’s alleged white grandparents supported the communist party, but there’s no proof except for photos and a newspaper article and the article isn’t certified by the courts as legal evidence to my knowledge.

4) Obama and his lawyers state that Obama’s step father, Lolo Soetoro, legally adopted him and legally changed his name to Barry Soetoro and there is credible proof of this adoption and name change submitted by investigative reporters. My research relating to Indonesian Citizenship during the 1960’s and 1970’s disclosed that In order to attend school in Indonesia, a student must be an Indonesian citizen and denounce his U.S. citizenship.   Indonesia and the USA didn’t recognize dual citizenship at that time.

Furthermore, Obama immediately wrote an Executive Order which is on record granting himself the privilege to conceal his birth certificate and all other personal records unless he granted permission to allow law enforcement, Congress, or anyone in authority working within the U.S. overnment to access his records without permission granted by the USAG, Erick Holder, and himself.  But, Obama swore an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution  on 1/9/2009, which supersedes his Executive Order; consequently, Article II of the U.S. Constitution supersedes his Executive Order which means that the U.S. Justices have the authority to correct the vetting records and uphold Article II of the United States Constitution which they swore an oath to do as a fiduciary duty to the U.S. Constitution, the American people, and the U.S. military,  The federal judges have the authority to grant the lawyers, military, citizens, and law enforcement due process of law and proceed with their eligibility cases if they choose to seek out the truth by Judicial Review, but they choose not to seek truth or justice in this one exceptional eligibility case. They deny each case by declaring the petitioners have “No Standing.”

It is the duty of all officers of the court and taxpayer funded law enforcement agents to exercise their duty which includes the U.S. Federal Judges and Justices and clarify Obama’s birth records by correcting the records and properly vet Obama’s identification, birth certificate, and credentials, passports, immigration papers, Selective Service, and Social Security numbers, but they refuse to-date. This is a remarkable stance by the U.S. federal government who properly vetted public servants, especially at the highest levels for 235 years. Article II clearly states that a U.S. President is required to be a U.S. Natural Born Citizen, but the Justices and federal government and media have ignored and avoided the issue and people have been punished for seeking the truth and clarification. The failure of the federal public servants to properly vet a U.S. President and his Cabinet casts a dark and grave shadow of doubt over the Department of Justice as well as the federal government who are paid with U.S. tax dollars.

Consequently, LTC Lakin was imprisoned at Leavenworth for six months, because he asked a question regarding Obama’s eligibility that allegedly would interfere with his orders when he requested the production of Obama’s long form certified birth certificate. After his eligibility case was denied, the news reported that he chose not to follow Obama’s orders without proper vetting as required by Article II of the U.S. Constitution, but cleverly twisted by the Liberal Socialist Democrats and media that Article II does not require proper identification aka vetting. 

Every public servants and every military person pledges and swears their allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, not to a public servant.  So, the first allegiance for the military and all public servants under oath is to the U.S. Constitution and the orders of the Commander-In-Chief are secondary for the U.S. Constitution is the solid rock that the USA depends upon, but U.S. Presidents and Commanders-In-Chief are temporary. The U.S. Justices and public servants swear an oath to uphold and obey the laws established in the U.S. Constitution and protect, defend, and preserve the Constitution, they don’t swear an oath to protect public servants from the Constitution.

If the American people believe a public servant is violating constitutional laws of the land then and disrespects the U.S. Constitution and the Congress and the Voices of Americans they why would they be required to comply with unconstitutional laws forced upon them? For example, Obama’s regime has ordered that every American travelling in the USA at airports be radiated, naked photographed, or intensively groped in their private parts including minor kids by government workers who aren’t health care professionals. The federal government has knowledge that radiation causes free radicals to react and that free radicals kill healthy cells.  Obama joked and laughed about this serious matter which most Americans find to be humiliating as well as a health hazard and unconstitutional. In my opinion, ordering TSA workers to radiate and grope innocent Americans, while exempting Muslims, is a violation of our civil rights and constitutional rights. How is it that this isn’t the same as rape or child molestation by strangers? The fact that the president and congress is allowing this to continue is immoral, inappropriate, and insensitive. As I stated, doctors journals report that radiation can kill healthy cells and can cause adverse side effects and there isn’t any such thing as “safe radiation,” yet U.S. Congressional members laughed and applauded when Obama joked about this serious matter.

Remember, LTC Lakin served his country. He placed his life on the line and saved the lives of U.S. military men and women on the battlefields.  He swore an oath as did the U.S. Supreme Court Justices to uphold the U.S. Constitution.  Every soldier must swear an oath of allegiance knowing  that their primary duty is to UPHOLD the U.S. Constitution.  Article II is a crucial part of the U.S. Constitution.  Article II is the law of the land.  Where’ was the outcry by the American people to free LTC Lakin?

The federal judges use the word “no standing” to dismiss all the eligibility cases, but Americans have standing.  Public servants are bound by a contract with the American people.  Americans believe public servants and their promises during the campaign and in exchange for believing that their sworn oath to uphold, defend, and protect the U.S. Constitution and America in exchange for their jobs, titles, taxpayer wages and benefits, they are provided taxpayer funded jobs, benefits, and wages.

Congress and Judges are bound by a fundamental fiduciary duty to the American people and individually swore to uphold the Rule of Law aka Constitutional Laws, not avoid and ignore their sworn oaths.  Public servants are under contract to the American people and the American people should amend the U.S. Constitution in 2012 so they can hold a “special election” and vote out any Congressional member, President, V.P., Judges, and local and state public servants who fail to uphold their sworn oath and uphold constitutional laws, but apparently have granted themselves unprecedented authority to self-police, self-investigate, and self-protect themselves from punishment and liability.

Therefore, the U.S. federal judges are ignoring the law and risking the welfare and safety of every American citizen because the American people have standing based on the fact that their health care, freedom of choice, and national safety has been jeopardized and remains at risk. The fact that the unborn babies can’t speak up has never been more at risk than under the Obama administration as he mandates worldwide abortions.  He has given more money that was promised to jobs for aborting millions of babies, especially in Black communities around the globe requiring U.S. taxpayers to pick up the tab for slaughtering innocents than any president in our history.  Planned Parenthood is big business and for-profit using teenagers, women, and unborn babies as commodities.  In fact, shortly after he implemented the Global Poverty Act, about December 7, 2007, (mandated worldwide abortions) as a senator with the blessings of Biden, he filed an application to run for the highest office in the land. Each of the keys persons who approved worldwide mandated abortions were provided positions and no-bid contracts and Insider Trading grace as well as stimulus money for their TSA programs or for their relatives!

For example, prominent attorney Orly Taitz, who was denied access to the courts after filing an eligibility case, stated publicly that she was threatened.  Philip J. Berg, Esq., has been denied due process of law many times by the federal courts after filing eligibility cases and mentioned he could be risking his life.  The military officers and civilians who filed eligibility cases have been denied due process of law.  The denial of these lawsuits has caused more Americans to question Obama’s eligibility.  If  the courts are denying due process of law regarding allegations of eligibility then what’s to stop them from ignoring all constitutional law until it’s shredded before the year 2016? Eligibility is a constitutional requirement under the law, which Justices, Judges, and Congress, and Law Enforcement swore to uphold. Yet, they are holding business owners accountable criminally if they hire illegals, but leave the borders open and say they must be hired and can’t be fired? Has the federal government gone mad?

The fact that Obama refuses to produce a $35 long form U.S. birth certificate in a court of law or hand it over to Congress or law enforcement for vetting versus publishing it on the internet and spending about $2,000,000 or more to lawyers to keep it from being vetted, leaves a lot for the imagination. What businessman would pay $2M versus $35 if the CEO of his company wanted to vet his Birth Certificate? Where is he getting millions of dollars to keep his birth certificate concealed from the government and which law is he applying that provides any public servant the authority to conceal his identification from law enforcement or Congress or Federal Judges?

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Why Isn’t America Restricting Immigration and Closing Her Borders?

The Bill of Rights includes Sovereignty for the USA!
The Bill of Rights includes Sovereignty for the USA!

Rose Colombo, original (c)  1/11/2011, rev. 7/4/2013

Former Nebraska Senator and lawyer, John DeCamp, appeared on a cable TV show I produced and hosted in Southern California, “Issues of the Day, and he stated, “There are people, who are too powerful, and too evil to fight in the time frame that we would like some thing to happen and make the wrong right, but we must keep on trying.” 

And, Senator DeCamp’s statement rings true today.   In fact, President Abraham Lincoln stated, “I say, ‘Try.’  He said, “If we never try, we shall never succeed.”

The evil that is rearing its ugly head today by design of far too many wealthy elitists, who are lobbyists; bankers, CEO’s of major corporations, billionaires, multi-millionaires, politicians, low-profile Europeans, EU Leaders, and staunch leaders of the United Nations, the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as secret societies in support of Agenda 21 and the New World Order.  The strategic goals of these arrogant sociopaths appears to be established by legislation secretly and discretely signed by Senator Obama, Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, John Kerry, Joe Biden, and approved by the Democrats and Rinos as well as the CFR.  On or about January 2009, Obama aka Barry Soetoro, signed it into law as “mandated taxpayer funded worldwide abortion” entitled the Global Poverty Act change to the New Millennium Development Act.

The E.O. signed by Obama and approved by the Democrats about December 2007, requires American taxpayers to pick up the tab for worldwide mandated taxpayer abortions of babies who are innocent and committed no crime, but sentenced to death.  Obama’s E.O. includes future natural-born citizens of  the USA as well as future natural-born babies of  poor citizens in Third World Nations under the guise of reducing poverty and saving the planet.  In reality, it is an attack on Christians, Jews, Christianity, and the Bible.  It is mainly an attack by atheists, communists, socialists, satanist, and the Muslim Brotherhood against Traditional Marriage between one man and one woman for procreation to fulfill the earth with citizens who would preserve their sovereign nations.  The United Nations and New World Order depopulation programs are in opposition to procreation; therefore they are laws of the devil who thrives on murder, blood sacrifices, destruction, lies, deception, and an attack on the Bible, Christian beliefs, and mostly God.

They are forcing Americans to pay for the demise of America’s natural-born citizens and the demise of the poor natural-born citizens in Third World Nations.  The only nation who stands in the way of their success and achieving their goal is The United States of America.   They are boldly and unconstitutionally destroying our economy, while they are illegally, unlawfully, and unconstitutionally spying, tracking, and controlling individuals free citizens of the USA under the Bush’s and Obama and Hillary Clinton’s regimes.

It appears the Leftist or fake Christians and fake Conservatives who gain power within the government, churches and public schools or Universities are targeting Catholics, Christians, heterosexuals, and Conservatives.  They also appear to have disdain for the Tea Party, Oath Keepers, heterosexuals, Christians,  Jews, Patriots,  Pro-Life,  The U.S. Constitution,  Freedom, Liberty, Rights, Sovereignty, and Traditional Marriage.  They apparently have grave disdain for the U.S. Veterans of WWI, WWII, U.S. Military, as well as loyal seasoned American Generals.  Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro had no problem  retiring or firing Generals and High Ranking Officers, even though they never joined the Military as Obama wasn’t qualified and Bill Clinton said he’d never fight for this country and fled to Oxford then to Communist Russia. And, yet, Americans voted for each of them not for one term, but each were elected for two terms; although Bill Clinton was impeached.

Ironically, speaking of firing Military Officers, a most disturbing question hit the news when the non-vetted U.S. President. Obama, blatantly popped the question, “Will the U.S.Military ‘fire on Americans’ if he so orders, so who is the real enemy of the American Citizens?  After all, Bill Clinton, Reno, and Holder agreed to fire on Americans on U.S. soil when they failed to uphold “Due Process of Law” at Ruby Ridge and WACO and American men and women and pregnant women were killed on U.S. soil at the hand of the the Clinton regime and then at the hand of Obama when he ordered the Feds to arrest the Bundy Ranchers and an agent shot an unarmed American Rancher in what appeared to be an attempt at a land grab.

It would be unfathomable until today that a non-vetted President would be vetted or that a non-vetted U.S. President would be blatantly and openly calling upon the U.S. Military to allegedly participate in a genocide of the American citizens because when a U.S. Military fires upon people – any people – they DIE!  But, Congress and the Senators and no one in the federal government appear to be concerned about the $64,000 question! So, this begs the question if this regime is seeking to depopulate Americans and make room for illegal aliens and Middle East Refugees, Africans, Somalians, Chinese, Hondurans, and South Americans legal or illegal, refugees or fake refugees, asylum seekers or fake asylum seekers to be migrated into the USA without fear of being detained and deported under Obama’s reign for 8 years.

Obama and his regime migrated tens of thousands of radicals into the USA as well as illegals and polarized Americans around the nation when they woke up one morning and saw unrecognizable people demanding that they provide for them and demanding they stay off of U.S. soil that they declared as no-go zones.  It would be easier if Obama moved back to his home country in the Middle East or Indonesia where he was adopted as a National Indonesian prior to returning to the USA.   After all, it appears that these are the nations he embraces, funds, and protects from punishment by releasing the radicals and terrorists from GITMO or from prison.

It appears that the goal of these wealthy sinister puppets who take orders it appears form their Masters is to support a worldwide U.S. taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood For-Profit Complex to use the fetuses and unborn babies body parts and human tissue for a myriad of  causes. They prey on pregnant women and their unborn babies to be used as human commodities in a seamless assembly line for depopulation purposes as well of natural-born Americans.   Planned Parenthood and their regime use the pregnant women and unborn babies for big profits while the government uses these human commodities for taxes which is using humans for Human Capital.

Obviously, this description of evil will appear as sci-fi or Orwellian, but think about the increased numbers of children kidnapped every year who are never found since the book and findings of the Franklin Cover-Up was exposed in the late 1980’s and 90’s,  as well as the number of unborn babies aborted every year, i.e., 70,000,000 plus in the USA alone!  China is reported to have aborted 400,000,000 baby girls over a period of about 25+ years after implementing mandated abortions. (Read “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks and Radicals” if you enjoy political satire that targets how evil agendas can wipe out tribes and civilizations).

Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert, reports “it can now be reported that the criminal banking elite that occupy America are once again involved in major financial criminal activity that involves non-margined bogus electronic trading and terror threats aka ‘False Flags’ designed to promote the financial agenda of this criminal banking elite. Most recently, Americans have witnessed several false flags.”

For example, “The Los Angeles Daily Journal reports the Bar’s action in releasing these [16] names [lawyers connected with misconduct related to loan modification businesses] as having been taken in response to ‘unprecedented complaints’ against Bar members.  We have never in my time at the Bar received so many complaints in connection with a single area of practice,” notes the Bar’s Interim Counsel.  This story reminds me of the movie, “The Devil’s Advocate.”  And, who do Americans vote into all three branches of government, of course, the lawyers!  Therefore, it is the lawyers who are running the nation and that means that there aren’t three branches of government, but one branch of government without the Rule of Checks and Balances!

Long time congress member,  Charles Rangel, was found guilty of violating 11 House rules.  He stated that after he spent $2 million on legal fees that his attorneys abandoned him.  President Obama refuses to be properly vetted and produce his long form birth certificate in a U.S. courtroom and to-date.  The news reported that  LTC Lakin was sentenced to six months in Leavenworth, because he raised the question of eligibility, which angered Obama.  LTC Lakin was an active member of the military and allegedly disobeyed orders, but did he?   Senator Nancy Shaffer was found dead along with her husband a few months ago after she testified about the alleged corruption relating to Child Protective Services and the kidnapped children from non-offending parents.

The news reported that  high-ranking U.S. persons who worked in the FBI and a federal Arizona judge  were murdered most recently.  And, Congresswoman Gifford was brutally shot in the head by an assassin.  The lone shooter killed a Federal Judge who opposed Obamacare before it was voted upon and injured 14 people in attendance at Gifford’s speech in Arizona.  Could any of these murders or assassinations have to do with anti-American foreign enemies as reported by foreign newspapers or just random murders and assassinations?  Do they involve the KGB and Communist Party USA or Socialist Party USA as we know there are secret members of the Socialist Party USA in Congress who failed to disclose that information during their campaign.

Furthermore, Americans should question why they are subjected to radiation at the airports, smart meters, cell phones, computers,  EMP’s and the radiation of the Towers popping up all over the cities in the USA.  And, of course, there is the serious concern about  Japan’s fall out as radiation is dumping into the oceans. Radiation kills healthy cells and can cause aging, death, cancer, cataracts, sterility, slow down the development of children.  Hitler used radiation on the Jews during WW II in an attempt to sterilize them so they couldn’t procreate which is a depopulation program.

Another concern of the American citizens is why Obama and Holder are forcing Americans to pay for civilian trials for terrorists who murdered Americans on U.S. soil.  Why did Obama and Holder state that Americans can’t refer to the terrorists as war criminals or Islamic terrorists?  It appears they are at war with Americans and their goal as written and stated is to kill all infidels, so how is it they aren’t tried as “war criminals” since Obama and the Democrats declared America as a “battlefield.”  They are forcing Americans to pick up the tab for millions of dollars to try the terrorists in civil courts, not Military Tribunals, even though they are not American citizens, but in the opinion of most citizens, they are war criminals.  If tried in a Military Tribunal, it would cost the taxpayers a brown bag lunch

Since the age of Obama and Holder, Americans ponder why are they implementing full-body  radiation scanners and naked photos that risk the health of every American at the airports without probable cause?  The TSA Workers aren’t doctors or medical staff nor are they law enforcers, but even law enforcers need probable cause to pat down a suspect and go through extensive training.

The Chertoff Rapiscan radiation scanners aren’t any  different from stepping into a microwave oven; however, they give Americans a choice, to be manhandled, sexually groped with an intrusive body exam by a guy hired off the street and given a uniform and the green light to touch women and children and men in their private areas as seen on video after video.  Even the doctors and police don’t do what these guys are doing to American citizens.   Even doctors with a medical license require a consent form before touching or examining private body parts of their patients as required by state law.

It’s my strong  opinion that the choice between radiation and intrusive groping is a violation of the 4th Amendment, Due Process of Law and Assault and Battery or at the very least, possibly Search and Seizure Laws , and sexual harassment laws established by the judicial system in America!   It appears that the American people are the targets of their own government and are being treated as if they are the enemy, the terrorists, instead of the foreign anti-American terrorists!  On the other hand, they don’t bother to do the same to the Middle East and Third World persons of the same religion by giving them a pass under the guise of religion even though it’s their countries who are foreign enemy terrorist nations.  How does that make any sense?

According to the Canada Free Press and an article written by Joy Tiz, November 17, 2010, Soros owns 11,300 shares of stock in OSI systems Inc., which is the company that owns Rapiscan, which are the body scanners that are being installed in America’s airports.    The Rapiscanners will create a built-in for-profit generational customer base using every U.S. citizen as  Human Capital, who will be viewed as a commodity for-profit, and in my opinion is an abuse of power by the federal government, the CEOs of this private corporation and wall Street!  It definitely is a means to make them wealthy by using people as Human Capital against their objections!

The article states that Rapiscan was funded  with a U.S.  taxpayer government contract in the amount of $173 million dollars.  And, the American people want to know why the small business owners are closing their doors and downsizing in America or why Americans are suffering after the current program of print and spend America’s future inheritance which either billions went missing, or they made their way across the oceans to anti-American foreign nations, but obviously weren’t used for U.S. small businesses or to create U.S. jobs!

And, according to World Net Daily, posted on November 15, 2010, they reported that “the radical brotherhood….Under both parties, the U.S. government has comprehensively failed to grasp the true nature of this enemy….of influence operations the [radical] Brotherhood has mounted against the U.S. government…..FBI investigators and federal prosecutors plan to warn incoming Republican lawmakers about what they say is a serious seditious threat to national security from [the radical] Brotherhood front groups in America.”  These statements in my opinion means that every U.S. citizen’s life is at risk if the enemy is living amongst us.

Therefore, isn’t it time for President Obama, the U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate, all Attorney Generals, all U.S. Sheriff’s, and the U.S. National Guard to close our borders and stop all immigration into the U.S. until the nation’s welfare and safety is secured for the protection of the American people?  Stop sending US tax dollars, jobs, technology, weapons, military defense jets and naval ships to foreign anti-American nations!  Bring the troops home to protect our borders!

The Judeo-Christian Bible, Rev. 19:20 says, “And the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet, who in its presence had worked the signs by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped its image.  These ‘two’ were thrown into the lake of fire that burns with sulphur.  And the rest were slain by the sword of him who sits upon the horse, the sword that issues from his mouth, and all the birds were gorged with their flesh.”

It’s been reported that 30,000 guillotines are stored in a prison in Georgia.  I heard about that back in the 1990’s, but no one believed me.  It’s also clear that beheadings; swords; the mark of the beast (microchip) and the dying birds, bees, and fish,and unprecedented storms and wildfires  are warnings of what is to come.  It is clear that the masses are being deceived today into believing many false statements and agendas by placing fear in the minds of Americans as they are conditioned that the expanded federal government has the constitutional authority to “trample” on the “limited” power and upon the states as established by the U.S. Constitution for 235 years.  Everyone has been warned against accepting the “mark” of the beast as  reflected in the bible as follows, “and if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.”  Believe it or not!  In fact, it’s been reported that the microchip, the evil chip that enslaves individuals, can cause cancer, sores, and rashes.  **Note:  Readers may share this blog, but please don’t plagiarize.  Scroll Down to Like or Comment.

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