Is Unread OBAMACARE Legal Or A Hoax: How Can Unread Laws Be Legal?

Why do these reps want to ration & deny your Health Care Services?
Why do these reps want to ration & deny Health Care Services to Americans only but fund illegals?
Rose Colombo, author, Fight Back Legal Abuse; Radio Host; Consumer Advocate for Justice;
Rose Colombo, author, Fight Back Legal Abuse; Radio Host; Consumer Advocate for Justice;

Rose Colombo, original (c)  12/31/2010, rev. 7/4/2013

Have you called and asked your Congressman and Senators why they approved denying and rationing healthcare services to Americans only that cancel current health care policies and double insurance premiums while they exempt themselves from the same punishment?  For more than 230 years, Federal laws were  written by congress, read, debated, and voted upon before approving the laws. The laws were studied so that each constitutional law was established in accordance with constitutional law and in the best interest of the majority of Americans. Unfortunately, the past and current Congress and U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama appear to care less if the health care laws were read and rubber stamped “approved.”  It’s their way or the highway!

The 14th Amendment as well as the sworn oaths recited by U.S. Presidents and congressional members are believed to be sworn in “good faith” that they will uphold, defend, and preserve the U.S. Constitution. Such an oath requires that each Congressman read and study each law in-depth prior to approving national laws.

In fact, federal laws must reflect common sense and just, equitable, and economically sound.  Federal laws must be moral and reflect the will of the majority of the American people, which is the fiduciary duty of every congressional member, who are elected and paid with tax dollars.  Federal and State laws require every public servant uphold the law, abide by, and follow the Rule of Law.  Every individual American, including public servants, must follow the laws that are mandated, yet, the past and current U.S. President, V.P. and Congress are holding themselves above the law by granting themselves unconstitutional immunity and exemptions from the law which they have mandated for the American people.  The only people who exempt themselves from the laws are law breakers, not lawmakers!

A U.S. President, V.P., and Congress aren’t granted the authority to force the will of any U.S. President and Congress upon the American people by denying freedom of choice to choose to buy a consumer product with their own earnings, especially when they have knowledge that the Obamacare laws are unread. The Congress failed to uphold the 14th Amendment or their sworn oaths. It’s unethical and in violation of lawmaker’s Code of Ethics for lawmakers to impose unread and unconstitutional laws on the American people if they approve such laws without “clean hands” and when derelict in their duties.

Therefore, it’s bizarre that the U.S. Congress, Senators, Department of Justice, and U.S. Judiciary ignore their duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the WILL of the majority of Americans. But on the other hand, they ignored that a high ranking public servant concealed his credentials and identification from the American people and they refuse to correct the record after gaining knowledge. The American people should demand investigations, but by whom, since the entire federal government has gone rogue?

Consequently, it appears that the American people have short memory syndrome because they are addicted to television and video games. Or, could their passive behaviors have resulted from the chemical-laden foods, vaccines household items, drinks, Rx drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol, and chemtrails?  It appears, Americans have forgotten that prior to Obamacare being approved, but not studied or read for which they were elected and paid that many congressional members were making backroom deals and taking bribes for votes, engaging in Insider Trading, taking bid government Contracts and turning them into no-bid contracts for the benefit of their families. It appears that many congressional members and America’s leaders have become wealthier by the day!

Furthermore, U.S. constitutional laws have been written and passed based upon the merits of the law and in accordance with the Constitution of the United States for more than 230 years.  On or about 2009 prior to the unread ObamaCare passed, I wrote to every Congressional member and my Senators and emailed an A.G., I believe in Virginia, to awaken Congress.  I Blogged to Congress and the world the following, “Obama Care is Unconstitutional and Illegal” so I was the first in the country to awaken the nation and question the constitutionality of Obamacare and wrote the question pertaining to the “Mandate” which was read on the congressional floor with my name and debated in Congress, but regardless, Obamacare passed.

Rose says, “I still believe Obamacare and the Mandate are unconstitutional because one must ask, how can unread laws be legal in the USA?”

Rose Colombo, author and book featured in Asia Journal of Commerce and Science
Rose Colombo, author and book featured in Asia Journal of Commerce and Science

For example, I pointed out that it is illegal to force Americans to pay for a consumer product by implementing mandates and requirements  which “punish” Americans  if they “choose” not to buy a U.S. consumer product from a U.S. for-profit insurance private corporation (or from the federal government in this case)?  ObamaCare forces Americans to spend their personal  earnings which is their private property on a U.S. Consumer Product they may or may not want to buy in a free country by force in the form of taxes, but it’s a “payment” made from personal earnings when Americans buy consumer products. Business owners shouldn’t have to be subjected to excessive regulations and threatened with audits, jail and penalties for failing to buy a consumer product in America!

Furthermore, the Federal Government has NO money! It is the  American taxpayers, who pay the federal government’s wages and pay for every penny that the federal government and state governments spend! The money belongs to “We The Peoples,” not to greedy public servants. Americans shouldn’t be harassed and “coerced” under the “threat” of “punishment” to “pay up or else!” for products they may or may not receive in exchange for the forced payment. This is like the federal government holding an imaginary gun to every citizen’s head and saying, “Turn over your money and I may or may not give you the car your purchased!” Isn’t this similar to thug-like laws mandated in Third World countries such as Russia, Kenya, or communist China?  Americans are being forced to pay-up-front for services not rendered and may never be rendered. What’s the difference between MadeOff being punished for taking money from people and failing to provide anything in exchange for the payments? Now, the government has MadeOff with America’s tax dollars and retains the self-proclaimed right to deny any consumer product of services in exchange for the payment that they call a “tax” or a “penalty.”

After all, even the White House CBO and congress admits that ObamaCare is unsustainable long-term.  So, why would Obama and the 111th Congress pass a law that could depopulate American citizens such as the elderly, very ill, veterans, cancer patients, mentally and physically challenged, cancer patients, baby boomers, the military, by denying or rationing their prescriptions and medical service? Why would they encourage end-of-life and euthanasia and mandated taxpayer funded abortions if their intent isn’t to depopulate the USA of U.S. Natural Born and Legal Americans to make room for the illegal foreigners invading the USA?

Will Russia, China, and Iran come against the USA?
Will Russia, China, and Iran come against the USA?

Also, why did congress exempt themselves from complying with Obama Care, a law they wrote but didn’t read?  How do you write laws and not read them? That’s quite a magic trick! How could they approve unread laws and call it legal?  If  ObamaCare is such a great health care Reform Bill then why did Obama, Biden, and Congress exempt themselves, which isn’t constitutional for no man can violate federal laws.  Only criminals violate the law.But, how would they know what the bill mandates if by their own admittance they were so gross negligent and incompetent that they stated that they NEVER READ ObamaCare. This means they don’t care about America or Amerricans if they are that bold and negligent.  So, did the 111th Congress and Rhinos approve a bill that states older Americans and veterans, chronically ill, and cancer patients will be euthanized (isn’t this what Hitler did?) and encouraged to die by implementing early end-of-life counseling? Why did they lie about mandated taxpayer funded abortions when it’s true that Americans are forced to pay for mandated abortions? How can these people be paid life time retirements by the taxpayers for lying to We The People?

Why are cancer patients complaining that their care is being rationed or denied as well as the elderly?  How is it that the news is reporting that breast cancer patients are denied Rx drugs that could prolong their life? Why are there so many Rx drugs approved that are killing Americans or making them chronically ill? Why should Obama, who stated he is too inexperienced to be a U.S. President, be provided absolute power to play doctor and deny or ration every U.S. citizen’s health care by implementing an appointed committee to determine who lives and who dies?  Why is his Obamacare laws being approved that control every American doctor and punish them if they don’t comply?

Every Congressional Member who voted for Obamacare should have to stand before the American people and justify why they approved unread laws, mandates, regulations that deny life, health care, and medications, services, and treatments in exchange for forced payments to the American people!

Obamacare may be in the best interest of the U.S. President, V.P., Congress, Senators, Justices, Federal Judges, Muslims, Illegals, Donors,because they probably are exempt and don’t have to comply or pay up and they don’t have to be punished!  Obamacare discriminates because Obama and Congress favor bundlers, donors, SEIU Union, Muslim, gays, and anti-American immigrants and illegals.

Consequently, should the American people ask if ObamaCare could be the biggest hoax that ever hit America implemented by the 111th Congress and Rhinos who were looking out for themselves instead of the American people as they continue to lead the American people to believe that UNREAD laws are  legal in America?  Or that paying-up-front for services that may be rationed or denied without any recourse because the government makes itself immune to lawsuits and punishment is in accordance with the U.S. Constitution?

ObamaCare vs. the Sanctity of Life and the Right-to-Life in the USA!
ObamaCare vs. the Sanctity of Life and the Right-to-Life in the USA!

It appears to me that voting lawyers into Congress and the oval office, especially disbarred lawyers, or lawyers who are involved in unethical acts, non-vetted public servants, and appointed czars and the Muslim Brotherhood as taxpayer funded government employees is not in the best interest of the American people.  It appears more as if it is in the best interest of the Communist, Socialists, Liberals, NWO and the UN Agenda 21 who promotes collectivism and reducing the population by 90%! It appears they may succeed.

Also, Obama Care not only punishes Americans who don’t pay-up-front for services not rendered and services they don’t want, the fact is that those services or products may never be rendered because even the White House CBO admits that Obama Care will cost billions up-front and trillions within a few years and that it is unsustainable long-term!  So, how can the current Congress, the current Senate, Obama, and past members or judges carry on the biggest hoax ever played on Americans and justify that ObamaCare will improve health the care services of the American people when they know it will go belly up?

In my opinion, UNREAD laws cannot be the law of the land because they are UNREAD laws. Unread laws are without any substance, case precedent, or argument to back up the myriad of Obamacare laws.  The unethical and deceptive behaviors and bribes for votes should have been enough for the American people to rise up and demand that Obama and Biden, the Justices who approved Obamacare, and Congressional members who approved Obamacare remove themselves from public office, but Americans have become passive. The younger Americans are being brainwashed by liberal political correctness and tolerance that they remain silent, but hopefully will awaken soon to the truth. They will learn the hard way when their parents or loved ones need medical help.

Rose Colombo, radio host, asks you, “How many Innocent Casualties will it take for USA to wake up?”

The U.S. Congress and U.S. President and V.P. could care less that the taxpayers, including the elderly, will have their premiums doubled or cancelled or be placed on long waiting lists to accommodate millions of Middle East and South Americans and Asians sneaking across US. borders. Americans will suffer greatly. But, then again, these same public servants are all wealthier now while Americans are poorer and the Middle Class is picking up the tab for 30,000,000 + people, illegals, new immigrants under the guise of “refugees,” who haven’t contributed one dime to America and many of these unidentified foreigners are here to harm Americans and dominate America.

Consequently, since Obama Care is an umbrella UNREAD book of laws that includes 2,700 pages of mandates, regulations, and requirements, the 111th Congress and Rhinos have disrespected the Rule of Law, the 14th Amendment, their fiduciary duty to the American people, failed to uphold the U.S. Constitution, trampled on limited government, ignored the Rules of the House, and their moral and ethical duty to assure the best interest of the American people which has created a tremendous amount of distrust of the Federal Government.  So, they didn’t stop there under Lois Lerner’s direction when she worked for the IRS and the government began their intrusive spying and targeting of selected Americans, mainly Christians, Catholics, Conservatives, Patriots, or Pro-Constitution, Pro-Life and Pro-Gun citizens.

Furthermore,  how can judges determine a case if they haven’t any case precedent to present on behalf of the UNREAD laws? How does a lawyer defend unread laws? So, if the lawyers who support the Obamacare laws  admit that their clients (the 111th congress and the Rhinos) never read the laws then how is it their bucket of water doesn’t have a hole in it?  Again, I ask how are unread laws legal?  So, if a public servant says, “Here congress, I have a law that will be in the best interest of the people, don’t bother to read it, just approve it, and they do approve it, just like they did with Obamacare, and later they all learned that they were going to be euthanized if they got sick, would they Repeal and Defund Obamacare?

GOOD BYE, America!!! Good-bye Freedom 2008-2016?
GOOD BYE, America!!! Good-bye Freedom 2008-2016?

For example, what if the law wasn’t written by the 111th U.S. Congress, but written prior to 2009 and was actually HillaryCare morphed into Obamacare? What if Obamacare was written long ago by the Communist and by Saul Alinsky or his supporters? What if the CEOs, who run the private HMO corporations, wrote Obama Care since they were the first to ration and deny medical treatments to patients who died from failure to access their doctors or treatments so they could earn higher profits.

In other words, the incompetent passing of ObamaCare is similar to  going to court and presenting the law to the judge and he says, “Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t decide this case today because I wrote this law, but I never read this law,” so come back in three years and we’ll figure out if it is legal to pass laws that were approved, but have never been read.  And, by the way, keep paying up-front for your attorney fees until you return for a hearing in three years and if I’m still on the Bench, I’ll render my services.  But, if I find out that you didn’t  pay-up front for your attorney fees then I’ll have to send an IRS agent to audit you and you could end up penalized and sentenced to a jail term.

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Why Is Mandated Health Insurance Different From Auto Insurance?

Rose Colombo, author, Political Activist &, Legal Consultant for Justice
Rose Colombo, author, Political Activist &, Legal Consultant for Justice

by Rose Colombo, original (c) 12/30/2010, rev. 7/4/2013

Mandated auto insurance is  required by state law, but it is different from mandated health care insurance for obvious reasons.  Auto Insurance premiums take effect immediately when the customer makes the first payment. But Obama-Care is a pay-up-front program for services not rendered and may never be rendered due to the economic crisis and the fact that it is not sustainable long-term.  Auto insurance is sustainable long-term and it is for the protection of victims who may be injured.  Health Care doesn’t effect anyone else except the individual. Paying for Obamacare is worse than going to Vegas and throwing the dice on the table.  The Obama Committee of 9 or 15 will determine if you live or die!

Furthermore, many people don’t drive cars, so there is no need for them to purchase car insurance or you can pay for liability only meaning your insurance covers the damage if you cause an accident, but you can choose not to pay to have them cover you and your car.  But, many car insurance policies pay for health care as well, so how does that affect Obamacare?  That’s like paying for two health care insurance policies!   On the other hand, health care insurance can be purchased for a lot less money through an employer and only affects the individual or you can pay a little more to have your family covered, but it’s a choice.  Obamacare leave no choice open to consumers and taxpayers!  But, health insurance offered by an employer is not required because it is a consumer product that the individual may or may not want to purchase.  A person may believe in holistic and natural cures.  Or, the person may feel they are too young and healthy to purchase health insurance.  But, the fact is that in America, no one can be denied emergency services whether they are a citizen or a non-citizen.  The U.S. also provides federal and state programs for the indigent so that they can access clinics or county hospitals.

Furthermore, Obama-Care is an umbrella law which contains hundreds of mandates and requirements that destroy private health care.  Obama-Care  creates a federal government that determines who will live or die based on one’s health, age, and cost to the government.  Maybe, they will secretly determine the political affiliation, race, ethnicity, intelligence, and sexual preference, if you smoke or drink or use drugs,so this is very dangerous. Obama-Care is similar to a the worst HMO that you could ever imagine.  The government will decide who will be rationed services or denied services such as wheel chairs, mammograms, cancer treatments.  But, with auto insurance, there is no rationing or denial of services if the premium is paid up to-date.

Consequently, Obama-Care is like having an imaginary gun to every head of every American man, woman, and child.  The Obama administration is pushing a thug-like and Orwellian style law against the will of the majority of Americans and saying, “Pay up or else be punished!”  It borders on extortion because it forces Americans to live under the threat and coercion of paying up for a consumer product that Americans may or may not want which should be illegal, not legal.  Such laws will cause Americans to be anxious and fearful in my opinion and create physical, financial and emotional distress because the federal government could pilfer the paychecks of every American for services not rendered and may never be rendered by 2014 or thereafter.  Auto insurance does not automatically deduct money from the paychecks of every American without the customer’s consent, but Obama-Care doesn’t care about the citizen’s consent.

Auto insurance doesn’t violate the commerce clause, but Obama-Care appears to be violating the commerce clause.  Obama-Care denies the freedom to choose a consumer product from a private corporation, but no citizen should be forced to spend their money with a private corporation or with the federal government for a consumer product they don’t want to buy with their own earnings.  It is discrimination for the federal government to mandate laws for citizens, but hold themselves above those same laws, unless they do not consider themselves to be U.S. citizens as laws mandate all citizens follow the laws of the land.  Are they law makers or law breakers?

Congressional members are U.S. citizens.  The law states that all citizens must follow the laws established for all people, so how is it that congress can hold themselves above the law and exempt themselves from complying with Obama-Care for only criminals, law breakers, hold themselves above the laws!   Which constitutional law provides public servants the authority to exempt themselves from paying up-front for ObamaCare, and exempt themselves from punishment of jail and penalties, which they call a tax, but isn’t a tax, and hold themselves above the laws of the land that they mandate?  Congress can’t exempt themselves from auto insurance which isn’t mandated, so how can they exempt themselves from Obama-Care?  So, what’s the difference?

If Americans don’t pay their insurance premiums then they can’t drive a vehicle.  A citizen who drives a car without auto insurance is violating the law.  But, a person who doesn’t purchase health insurance isn’t violating any law.  Obama-Care must be repealed because it isn’t in accordance with constitutional law or the will of the people for each law hasn’t been read and studied in-depth before approved according to the fiduciary duty of congress required by the 14th Amendment.  Auto insurance protects people or property that is damaged, but health care insurance doesn’t damage another person or someone else’s property.

Of course, liability insurance for automobiles should be mandated if a person drives a vehicle, because the automobile can be a killing machine and injure someone else.  Common sense tells us that accidents happen everyday and we need to make sure the victims are compensated.  But, the law doesn’t mandate that Americans pick up the tab for illegals or other people who drive without auto insurance, but under ObamaCare,  Americans are mandated to pick up the tab for illegals, refugees from the Middle East, SEIU union members, and new immigrants who can’t afford health insurance making ObamaCare a discriminatory law.

So,  Americans will continue to pay for their current health insurance, and the federal government will deduct money from every citizen’s paychecks and social security checks for services not rendered for ObamaCare for two years.  Americans are forced to pick up the cost for all those who are exempted from paying up, right, but how is it that some states are exempted and congress is exempted from paying up?  Also, buried in the news is the fact that seniors using medicare under ObamaCare will increase from $100 up to $247 per month in the year 2014.  That’s quite an increase for seniors, veterans, and the sick without an opt out for those who can’t afford it?

America has county hospitals for the indigent and clinics.  America doesn’t turn away people who have emergencies from emergency rooms.  So, why does Obama and Congress believe that it is necessary for the government to take over health care when they bankrupted social security and Medicare?  He’s funding ObamaCare by diverting funds from Medicare and denying the Advantage program under Medicare, so the seniors will be punished who built this country and Obama and Congress could possibly bankrupt Medicare.

ObamaCare mandates that American taxpayers pay-up front to the federal government for two years or else be punished for services NOT rendered and may NEVER be rendered because the White House has been warned that the long-term financial costs to maintain ObamaCare is not sustainable.  And, there lies a huge difference between car insurance and private health insurance paid through employers versus Obama-Care.  Private industry, who operates the auto industry is succesful, but Obama-Care will be a disaster – like the housing crisis – government-run Social Security – Medicare – Welfare – and  the Stimulus! They’ve all been pilfered and bankrupted by the federal government!

So, Obama-Care creates a generational built-in pay-up-front customer base for the federal government and a consistent flow of taxes for the federal government to hire 1700 IRS agents to knock on the doors of Americans and to taxpayer fund Planned Parenthood who uses women and unborn babies as commodities for-profit as well as depopulation. So, Americans are forced to pay or else be punished?  This is how Americans are treated who elected these thugs?  The federal government is pointing an imaginary gun to the heads of every working American who must pick up the tab for all the illegals, new immigrants and refugees, who don’t pay up and won’t be punished and contributed nothing to America!   And to top it off and rub salt in the wound, congress  and the oval office, probably the entire federal judiciary of judges, unconstitutionally exempts themselves from complying, paying up front and from punishment.

Remember, the federal government collected social security and Medicare up-front and promised to put the money into a Trust Fund where it would never be touched, but the federal government lied and secretly diverted social security and Medical.  They turned around an used the Social Security for their secret agendas and bankrupted it.  There was no accountability by any member of congress, but in my opinion, their actions are no different than that of  a Ponzi scheme.  So, what’s the difference between collecting up-front for Social Security and collecting up-front for Obama-Care?  Since this regime has already pilfered nearly $5 trillion in 3 years, perhaps, Obama-Care is just another way to secretly divert more tax dollars from the Americans and in a few  years claim that the government’s Obama-Care program is bankrupted, too! Nothing happens to the public servants involved.  They retired wealthy!  At least, through employers and private industry, there is accountability, but not with the federal government, who has proven less than trustworthy.

Should we then not ask what happens to the paid-up-front money removed from employee’s paychecks for Obama-Care up-front if the taxpayer dies before Obamacare is implemented?  What happens to the employees who paid-up-front if Obama-Care never comes to fruition>  What happens to the taxes paid for health care services, but are denied or rationed by Obama’s committee?  How do Americans pay-up-front for expensive Obamacare, a consumer product they don’t want, when 15% of the American people are unemployed and nearly 50% are on welfare or food stamps?

This is like a dentist telling you that you need all your teeth replaced, but you’ll have to pay-up-front for three years, and after three years, come back and see him.  And, if he’s still in business and you didn’t die from gum disease – he might be able to perform the dental work which will be dependent upon your age, health and the costs for his services.  At least with the current health care system, the services are rendered and the same goes for car insurance.  **Note:  You may share this blog, but please do not use content without giving this writer credit for my work.  Do not change the content.  The law prohibits Plagiarism.

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Why is Gov’t Turning a Payment Into A Tax and Forcing You to Buy Death Panels?

Why are these reps forcing you to buy death care panels?
Why are these reps forcing you to buy death care panels?

Rose Colombo, original (c) 12/21/2010, rev. 7/4/2013

Magicians are remarkable!  They can cause your mind and your eyes so you believe the “change” they bring about such as pulling a rabbit out of a hat.  It is similar to the illusion of justice!  In my book, Fight Back Legal Abuse, I state that “Justice is an illusion and the people are set up for the disillusion.” Liberal congressional members as well as Rinos, appear to be great magicians.  They can cause people to believe their promises which they don’t intend to keep.  For example, they will state that a fetus is not a living being. They state that it’s not a graduation, but a promotion. They say, it’s not a sunny day, but a soft sun.  Can public servants write laws and cause people to believe that their magical tricks are real and legal by using fear tactics?   After all, most people fear the Big Bad Wolf also known as the federal government.

The magic tricks played on Americans are untouched by the greatest magicians in the world!  The secret societies, the oval office, the shadow government, and Liberal and Rino Congressional members, appear to be magicians. For example, in 2009, the White House and Democratic Congress promised that the  costs of Obamacare would cost each citizen less money, but by 2012 – Surprise!  The news shocked Americans when they leaked that Obama intended to hire 1700 new IRS agents to spy on U.S. Citizens and visit them if they failed to comply and pay up for Obamacare!  The White House denied that the IRS was spying and targeting Conservative and Christian Americans, but Surprise!  In 2013, Edward Snowden leaked that the Obama administration was spying on the world, not just Americans!

And in 2009, the second magical trick pulled out of the hat promised Obamacare health care  premiums for each U.S. citizen would cost a lot less, but Surprise!  By 2013, the White House announced that health care premiums for U.S. Citizens will Double!  After all, it takes trillions of tax dollars to add 30,000,000 to 50,000,000 illegals, new immigrants, Refugees, SEIU Union Members, and anyone else the White House favors who are exempted from compliance, paying-up, and from punishment!)

And, In 2009, Obama and Congress promised Obamacare would cost Americans $9 Billion but like used car salesmen, they used a bait and switched, and Surprise!  By 2012, the White House announced that the cost of Obamacare to American taxpayers is nearly $3 Trillion plus!  And, sadly, the GOP candidates in 2010, promised to Defund and Repeal, but they remain complicit and silent about the coming train wreck even though the White House CBO and economic experts say long term, Obamacare will bankrupt the United States of America!  This begs the question why would the White House and Congress want to bankrupt the United States of America?

It appears that the Obama regime and the liberal socialist congress are very good at performing magic tricks on the American people.  We shall give you better health care, but after it’s implemented, it’s leaked that they can ration or deny health care services or prescriptions or send Americans, especially elderly and veterans,  to sign off on euthanasia so the federal government can save money.  Euthanasia is presented as  benevolent end-of-life counseling. And, it’s leaked that they are currently sending letters to veterans and allegedly confiscating their guns, ordering psychological evaluations, and allegedly accessing their personal assets.  And, how many Americans are awake, yet?

Federal and States laws require that public servants and all citizens follow the Rule of Law, but the US President, V.P., and Congress exempt themselves from the laws that they mandate, but under what authority?   The only people who exempt themselves from the law are criminals also known as law breakers.   And, believe it or not, millions of Americans are duped and have fallen for these magic tricks.  For example,  the liberal congress implemented the unconstitutional mandate requiring every U.S. natural-born citizen and U.S. legal citizen believe in the illusion which proposes that elected representatives have the authority to use usurp the U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights, the Commerce Clause,  by approving Executive Orders. If that’s the case then we no longer are under the Rule of the U.S. Constitution!

It does appear that the White House is able to make laws disappear by the magical swipe of a pen or re-write unconstitutional law that denies freedom and liberty or Rights. Such laws are always intended for personal and political agendas that are self-serving.  In other words, the Reps turn a blind eye and play, “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!”

These imposters have caused this new “change” and new “reality” using the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as their magical trick for the world to witness right before their very eyes on the world’s stage by declaring in open forum, the U.S. Constitution and Congress are  “meaningless” and Americans applaud.  The majority of Americans accept this illusion as real and they allow their minds to become conditioned until they believe that the magical “change” that diminishes our freedoms is the new reality.  They are complicit thinking they can do nothing about it.  They continue to buy their kids the hypnotic video games and watch hypnotic television shows that include violence, pornography, and disgusting behaviors intended to dumb down and change behaviors.  Even the talk shows use inappropriate language and many dress as if they’re going to a night club, as they scream, curse, and insult their guests. The audience applauds their bad behavior.

Therefore, serious problems arise because too many kids grow up over the past 30 years without the same set of values, principles, dress codes, moral codes, as generations before them because of the media, fashion, mandated abortions, contraceptives handed out at the schools, movies, music, and so forth that encourages rebellion, violence, pornography, and hate as well as disrespect for parents, but love for the federal government!  This evil money making greedy “machine” has been switched on and it’s gobbling up children, babies, unborn babies, and indoctrinating them into a new world of disorder.

Therefore, under these new lowered standards and as if by magic reflect how Speaker Pelosi convinced 300,000,00 Americans that Congress has the authority to pass 2700 pages of UNREAD Laws?  Again, how are UNREAD laws legal?  Vice President Biden, used a different and more distinct description to express his joy in its passage as he stated on national TV that this was a “f….” big deal!  The liberal congress and Rinos, magically declared that a “payment” for a U.S. consumer product or consumer service is not a “tax” even though taxes are paid after a consumer pays for the product, except in the case of Obamacare.   By force, U.S. consumers are forced to pay up twice the amount under the fear and threat of punishment, for a product they don’t want and may never receive which in my opinion borders on extortion!  How can a payment for a consumer product rationed or denied be called a tax?

The liberal democratic congress and Rinos magically passed the Health Care Bill by using “bribes for votes.”  They disregarded the constitution, tax codes,  commerce clause and disregarded the will of the majority of the American people.  They are now attempting to re-write or misinterpret or “change” the Commerce Clause.  The Obama regime, is using their magical pen to declare a “payment” for a consumer product or service – a tax or a “penalty” as a tax!  I guess it all depends on what the word ‘tax” means to the federal government.  They’re hoping that the American people can’t figure out their magical tricks and illusions.  In my opinion, this magical trick of turning a “payment” into a “tax” for a consumer product or service borders on insanity or should be studied under criminal law.

What if Americans, who pay for their health care through their employers, discover that the federal government is zapping their pay checks for Obamacare?  A double whammy!  And, how is it that seniors who pay for Medicare will have to double up and pay for Obamacare, too, as many seniors are struggling just to survive?

Well then  how does it affect full coverage car insurance premiums that include health care allowances since that would equate to paying  triple rates for health care payments?   So, how do taxpayers claim the health carepayments” called a “tax” on their income tax?  And, when did personal earnings which is personal property become the property of the federal government and no longer the personal property of the American people?  How many more consumer products will the American people be required to buy from the federal government with their personal income in the future?

How can the federal government collect payments for consumer product and calling it a tax and report it to the CBO and CAFR and the IRS?  And, why are they immune from lawsuits if they collect taxes which are payments and never provide the consumer product? Aren’t they changing the federal government into a two-role system, the federal government and a private corporation selling consumer products by calling the payment a tax and without any scrutiny by the Department of Consumer Affairs?  Where’s the disclosures sent to every consumer on what services will be provided in exchange for the consumer payment called a “tax” by the federal government?

How is it that the federal government is creating a built-in customer base for health care insurance using every U.S. Natural Born Citizen as commodities for taxation and profit through the takeover of the health care industry, and through taxpayer funding Planned Parenthood, with knowledge that USAG Eric Holder’s wife owns an abortion clinic for-profit, and perhaps, U.S. Reps own non-disclosed stock in Planned Parenthood or the health care of abortion industry?

This regime and congress and the federal judges know that Obama-care federal workers will have the power to ration services or  mandate abortions.  They will control every individual American; access all your businesss, personal, banking, and health care records; punish non-compliant doctors, implement euthanasia, deny prescriptions, ration prescriptions and they’ll have the power to determine who lives or dies, based on the profitability to the federal government.  The federal government will have the power to view every U.S. citizen as a commodity aka “Human Capital” and review the individual health records of every citizen.  And, based on the person’s age, health, and costs to the federal government the federal government will determine if an individual will be provided prescriptions, medical services or if they’ll be written off as “discardable” or “disposable” people who I mention in my book.  This is called “Patient Dumping” of people who are of no value to the government.

In my humble opinion, Obamacare will bring much suffering for Americans when their private insurance is wiped out by Obamacare.  Americans will stand in line and wait for services that doctors may or may not be allowed to provide.  America will be brought to its knees because now, the men in black robes failed to uphold the Constitution of the United States and uphold their sworn oaths of office or protect and defend Americans and America.

So, what happens to all the “payments” magically turned into “taxes” and used to pay for a consumer product between 2010 and 2014 knowing that the federal government pilfered social security, medicare, and the stimulus money that isn’t being provided? It is obvious that they will collect up-front and guarantee the expansion of  federal job security and eventually pilfer Obamacare just like Social Security and Medicare, but these elected Reps will all be gone by then and never held accountable.

Why wouldn’t they pilfer Obamacare?  What happens to the “payments” taken from earnings as “taxes” from U.S. legal citizens if the citizens die or they are denied or rationed prescriptions in 2014 after they paid-up-front for services not rendered since Obama’s committee of 15 will make those decisions?  Where does their money end up in the end?  Does the federal government reimburse the family’s estate for the “payments” paid up-front and if not, then isn’t it illegal to force people to pay up for consumer products that were never delivered?

The American people should be asking questions, such as what happens within the Department of Commerce and the Department of Consumer Affairs in every state once Obamacare is implemented?  How does Obamacare affect the AMA once this thug-like mentality of “Pay up or else” is implemented?  And, where’s the federal government’s brochure on the services they promise to perform in 2014, but we’ve heard those promises before – haven’t we?  So, the Redistribution of Wealth is Pay Up or Else be punished – Pay up to the Federal Government while they throw crumbs to the American people, who didn’t stand up peacefully and constitutionally and take back their country from the thug-like magicians!

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