Listen Worldwide Online Radio: Colombo Chronicles Live: Rose Colombo welcomes Guest, Lloyd Wright, Expert and Author of Hepatitis C and Adverse Side Affects of Specific Rx Drugs that destroy lives or cause Death to Americans and Germans for-profit or Render More Americans Helpless to Fight Back Against Corruption?

Rose Colombo, the businesswoman turned into a Pioneer and Mover and Shaker leading a grassroots movement in the 90’s and early 2000’s against corruption known as “Women Fight Back.” Colombo is an award-winning poet and author, seen on local and major TV and interviewed on major radio stations, as well as producer or cable TV shows exposing corruption as seen on Cox Communications and Time-Warner; and more….Rose says, “Fear is your worst enemy, so stand up and fight back for your country.”

Listen Up and Tune into worldwide online radio taped Live, “Colombo Chronicles!” at the Blog Talk Radio Network.  On July 19, 2017, Wednesday in the good old USA, Rose interviewed the well-respected expert and author,  Lloyd Wright, who shares his first-hand experiences and true horror story of how through medical negligence, he contracted Hepatitis C that made his life a living hell on earth.  But, he didn’t give up, he set out to be a champion for the American people through research, interviewing victims and writing books providing self-help information and research.  Mr. Wright explains the dangers of many  Rx drugs that can harm one’s body and mind more than help.  Hepatitis C is rising in Germany and the USA.  In Germany, its being linked to Obama and Hillary Clinton’s invasion of  the 2,000,000 Muslim radicals who overrun their country.  We know for a fact that most are Muslim Radicals, not Christian Refugees or Refugees.  The Radicals from the Middle East and Somalia are turning Western Civilization into Third World Nations.  It appears that these NWO and UN supporters would like the majority of healthy citizens in Western Civilization to become equally sick and unemployed and living in unsafe streets where women are raped and kids are sexually abused as they invade our cities as no-go zones which is illegal. The NWO supporters and Secret Societies which include many of the world leaders joined the dark side who appear to be anti-Christians and anti-God and anti-Western Civilization.  The NOW including Soros, the orchestra leaders, appears to have assisted in the pre-planned Radical Muslim invasion so that  Europeans and Americans, Canadians, and South Americans will be vulnerable to contagious diseases and crimes and a take over city by city. The contagious diseases such as Hepatitis C is spreading in Germany and possibly America with MSM remaining silent, until it catches up with them or their loved ones, I suppose. But, it will be too late. The NWO and UN linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Communist Nations  are working over time it appears for the spread of contagious disease to spread so they can call out their “pandemic” and “civil unrest” and “martial law” and take control of  Western Civilization which is a Coup of Europe and America and Canada and Mexico.  In other words, they should be held accountable for this FRAUD and HOAX on Americans and Europeans as they are not importing Refugees.  They are importing contagious disease such as Hepatitis C and radicals and terrorists.   Now, we’re facing the outbreak of Hepatitis C in Germany and possibly the USA!  Mr. Wright reveals  the dangers of specific Rx drugs which can cost $1,000 per pill.  How many citizens in Western Civilization will die with  non-affordable health care which is all part of their plan?  Rose says, listen up, “Knowledge is Power!” 

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