Listen Taped Live: Colombo Chronicles Live! Rose Colombo’s Expert, Frank Cousineau, President, Cancer Control Center & Convention/ Labor Day Weekend

Award-winning host and author, Rose Colombo interviews Frank Cousineau

Cancer and Heart Attacks remain top killers in the USA.  There are so many forms of cancer and as the government and CEO’s of corporations produce more radiation agendas and or products, radiation can cause cancer and death and sterility and even blindness and aging.  Mr. Cousineau shares information about cancer and cancer related to cigarettes back then and today.  He also shares that mold can cause cancer and that there are many new treatments, Rx drugs, natural products and self-help programs that many of the guests will share when they reveal their testimonials at the Cancer Control Society Convention at the Glendale Hilton Hotel located in Glendale, California coming up September on Labor Day Weekend.

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Listen Worldwide Online Radio: Colombo Chronicles Taped Live! Rose Colombo welcome attorney & author, Michael Harris, Westside Stories,” Recollections and Reflections of the West Side of Los Angeles from 1940s to 1970

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“Colombo Chronicles Live!  at Blog Talk Radio Network with award-winning radio Host, Rose Colombo, who welcomes Special Guest, attorney and author, Michael Harris, sharing his popular new book, “Westside Stories:  Recollections and Reflections on Life in West Los Angeles from the 1940s up through 1969 which is available at Mr. Harris will  take you back to the simple days in America and the memories of growing up with the Helms Bakery man and the Good Humor man, incinerators in the backyards and when most married women were stay-at-home moms and housewives. Take a walk down memory lane with a coffee table book into the Westside of Los Angeles.  Following the interview, Rose Colombo speaks out about the diversion involving Russia and Trump and the unproven allegations that appear to be no more than fake news as well.

Mr. Harris is a Stanford Graduate and an Air Force Veteran with an impressive professional resume as a practicing attorney.  But more important, when it comes to his credentials in writing his first book, his bio mentions his memories of his childhood and growing up in what many Americans refer to as the “real America” when life was simple and kids used their innovative minds and imaginations to invent games and things to do as well as earn money is entertaining, educational, and for many, a walk down memory lane and for the youth an awakening to life that built character and work ethics and respect for earnings.  It was a time without computers, video games and cell phones.

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Listen Worldwide Online Radio/Dynamic Guest, Godfrey Harris/Africa, Elephants, Poaching and China/Colombo Chronicles Live at Blog Talk Radio Network

Radio Host, Rose Colombo, welcomes prominent guest, Godfrey Harris, author of several books including an upcoming book,”Credit the Crocodile.”  Mr. Harris has been President of Harris/Ragan Management Group, a public group consulting firm headquartered in Los Angeles, since 1968.  He began consulting after serving as a University Instructor at UCLA and Rutgers; a U.S. Army intelligence Officer; a U.S. Foreign Service Officer in Bonn, London, and Washington, an organizational specialist in President Lyndon Johnson’s Executive Office and a program manager for an international financial company in Geneva.  His Key Topic tonight is African Elephants, possible extinction, China and Ivory……What is happening in Africa, China’s influence, Ivory and Elephants:

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Colombo Chronicles Live on #Blog Talk Radio, Rose Colombo Welcomes George Green, President of “Global Insights,” financial expert, investor, lecturer, and author – WWIII – Financial Crash – Chaos in America! What Can America Do to Prepare?

Special Guest, George Green, former International Banking Investor, President of “Global Insights” and Broker, shares his story and encounters with the globalist and the plans they have for America and the world. as well as reducing the population of the world.  Listen on worldwide online Blog Talk Radio Network.

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Learn how to protect yourself and your family in case of emergency and attacks on U.S. soil!  Colombo Chronicles Live!  Award-Winning Host, Rose Colombo, welcomes, GEORGE GREEN,  former international Investment Banker, currently, President of “Global Insights,” whose been seen on radio and television sharing his background and insights and why Americans should prepare for any emergency should the predictions come to pass.  God forbid!  Information every American needs to know on how to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  Mr. Green is an international investment expert, Broker, Real Estate expert, and author whose sharing information that could possibly help Americans survive should the powers that be decide to pull the plug on America!

After all, the powers that be pulled the plug on Greece and Venezuela.  The evil ones who plot in secret  keep the poor in Third World countries poor, as well.  They’ve flooded the USA with millions of unidentified fake Refugees, who aren’t refugees.  Join Rose Colombo and GEORGE GREEN, special prominent guest,  Wednesday, August 9, 2017, from 8:00 p.m to 9:30 p.m.-pst-usa and 11:00 p.m. to Midnight on the east coast (check your time in your area and country).  All shows are archived for listening convenience.  Bookmark and Follow and Share – Colombo Chronicle Live at Blog Talk Radio Network –

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Listen Online Worldwide Radio: Colombo Chronicles Live! The General Rick Knox, Candidate for Lt. Governor of Georgia 2018 Shares His Platform with award-winning host, Rose Colombo

Americans fear losing their country to millions of illegal unidentified foreigners from enemy nations.  It’s time for Americans to vote for red-blooded Patriotic Loyal Americans who love the USA and their fellow Americans.  Real Americans must run and be elected for office who are running to uphold the Constitution and preserve sovereignty and uphold the immigration laws, ID laws, Refugee and Asylum Laws, and who support God and Capitalism, Free Enterprise, and a Republic run by the Rule of Law.

The General Rick Knox shares his platform and tells us what is wrong with America and why were vulnerable to foreign enemies and what Americans need to do to save the good old USA for the natural-born Americans and legal generational immigrants who assimilated as proud Americans.

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Listen Worldwide Online Radio: Colombo Chronicles – Rose Colombo welcomes veteran and well-respected PR, Author, and Hollywood Screenwriter, Michael R. Druxman sharing the Original Hollywood Stories!


Rose Colombo, Host of Colombo Chronicles Welcomes:

MICHAEL B. DRUXMAN:  A veteran and well-respected Hollywood screenwriter as well as a novelist of four books and the author of 15 published books swirling around Hollywood Movie Stars and the original Hollywood that is unlike the world of Hollywood today.  He shares his latest book, Jackie goes to Dixie, available on and on kindle which may end up on the silver screen as well.  His latest books is described as a “fish-out-of-water” for his main character, Jackie Moss,making it a comedic novel what will have readers smiling from start to finish.  Mr. Druxman shares stores about his experiences as a Public Relations Manager for major movie stars and tips for young people seeking to make it big in Hollywood!  The interview is information – Fun!  Entertaining!  Enjoyable!  Bookmark Colombo Chronicles with award-winning author and Host, Rose Colombo.

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