Gun Control Laws are Nazi Laws: Guns are Legal Consumer Products!

The 2nd Americans guarantees citizens the Right to Bear Arms The 2nd Americans guarantees citizens the Right to Bear Arms[/captio
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“A disarmed nation is a nation living under fear and threat of the federal government’s agendas. Gun control laws aren’t any different from laws enacted by Hitler and his Nazi regime. Guns and ammunition are a consumer product purchased by law-abiding Americans with their hard-earned money. It isn’t a crime to purchase consumer products and the 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to American citizens to purchase the consumer products known as guns and ammunition. Under which constitutional law is the Congress and Senate applying that provides them the authority to deny Americans the right to purchase consumer products that have been purchased by Americans for 236 years?  Which constitutional law mandates that Americans must register consumer products they purchase with their own earnings?  Will Americans have to register the amount of Broccoli they buy next? 

They hypocrisy set out by the Obama regime since 2008 is remarkable and unprecedented!  Never before in U.S. History has a U.S. President attempted to grab absolute power and dictatorial like authority over the entire nation and the federal government who have been supporters of his, not objectors to this non-vetted man who they refuse to vet and correct the record and identify and confirm that his credentials are in order.  They have been the perfect example of sheeple who have bent over backwards not to offend him by standing up and fighting back against unconstitutional laws and laws which threaten the very health, lives, safety, welfare and sovereignty of this nation!

It appears that there is more support to shred the U.S. Constitution by the past and current Congress and re-write it by approving excessive Executive Orders which were never intended to make laws for only Congress can make laws, but instead of objecting and repealing and defunding, they ignore and avoid these unconstitutional Executive Orders granting excessive powers to the oval office, EPA, and DHS/FEMA.  These laws also discriminate against U.S. Natural Born Citizens and Naturalized Americans and as Senator Harry Reid says, these laws protect and favor Muslims and gays, such as the Hate Crimes Bill and discriminates against everyone else!  How is that America?

How can the oval office and the Congress stand up and state that they are loyal Americans if they deny U.S. Constitutional Rights, freedoms, and liberties under the “Patriot Act” which is the “Unpatriotic Act” and the “NDAA Law” which allows kidnapping citizens and indefinitely detaining anyone based on accusation without charges filed, a lawyer, judge, jury, or appeals.  So, what’s the difference between that and organized crime kidnapping people without anyone knowing what happened to them?  This is why we have the U.S. Constitution was established and implemented and approved for 237 years.

The taxpayer-funded Congressional Members aren’t are supporting the shredding of our U.S. Constitution and devastating the best health care system in the world and security by secured borders that kept the greatest Free Republic safe because it was established by the Rule of Law.  Although, the taxpayer funded congressional members and the non-vetted U.S. President and V.P., swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution in exchange for their taxpayer jobs.  Remember, they stuck it to the American people when they mandated that Obamacare Health Care Insurance is the first consumer product to be regulated with the right to ration and deny treatments and medications to the American people.

So, which consumer product will be regulated next, after all, they’re regulating growing vegetables and fruits on private property through the EPA!  The federal government  regulates rain water in some areas and make it a crime to collect rain water! It appears that the next consumer product they are targeting are the guns!  In fact, they are using mental health and psychiatry to take the guns away from veterans which is also unprecedented and another discriminatory law against our military veterans who risked their lives to keep our nation free from Communism.

Since, the current regime is now telling Americans that they must register their guns, Americans are asking if they’re collecting data so they know who has the guns, where the guns are and how many guns are in the hands of the citizens.  Many Americans believe that they will attempt to deny the right to purchase guns and ammunition.  Once again, the federal government tramples on “limited powers” and  hold themselves above the law as they attempt to usurp or eliminate the Second Amendment established by our Framers, the Right to Bear Arms.

Hypocritically, they approve arming Syrian Rebels and sending weapons to Communist China and the Muslim Brotherhood Nations.  They don’t demand that the Communist military and the Russian Military and Interpol who Obama invites onto US soil be disarmed before they walk on U.S. soil.  This regime appears to target the U.S. Natural Born and loyal “Naturalized” American Citizens, only when it comes to gun control.

Therefore, the American people should be asking their Congressmen and the U.S. Justices, which consumer product will they deny Americans or force them to buy against the will of the majority of the citizens who pay their taxpayer-funded wages.  The American people should be demanding that Congressional members who hold themselves above the laws and free of punishment or prosecution and compliance, as well as free from liability for allegations of criminal acts, resign, for only criminals exempt themselves from the law.

For example, if Obamacare is such a great set of laws, then why isn’t the non-vetted US President and his family, and all Congressional members, union members, Muslims, and those they favor signing up first?  How is it that the Obamacare laws which they approved are only mandated for the people since they aren’t royalty and we aren’t peasants?

If disarming Americans is such a great law that they want all Americans defenseless against criminals and rogue bad cops or foreign enemy attacks then why don’t they turn over their concealed weapons first and fire all of their armed Security Guards?

The answer is clear.  They are behaving as “hypocrites!”  They are behaving as if they are of royalty and dictating what mandates they will enforce upon the American people while denying and usurping U.S. Constitutional Laws and the Bill of Rights, and behaving in a dictatorial manner that sends the message, “Do as we say, not as we do!”  Yet, they are violating their sworn oaths, their fiduciary duty under the 5th and 14th Amendments, and by failing to rad and study each Obamacare law in-depth, they are behaving with gross negligence, egregious incompetence, which reflects a dereliction of duty to uphold, defend, preserve and protect the U.S. Constitution, the American people, and the U.S. Military.

It appears that the White House Pandemonium over state murders of children appears to be used as the catalyst by the White House to implement gun control laws in order for the White House to control which consumer products Americans will be allowed to buy or not allowed to buy. Gun Control is a long time agenda of the Clinton administration, Janet Reno, and Erick Holder, who all worked together during WACO, Ruby Ridge, and the OKC  bombing.  Hillary was the First Lady pushing for Hillarycare now known as Obamacare and supported disarming Americans under the UN Small Arms Treaty, as well as Feinstein, Boxer,  Biden, and Kerry.  This is their long time agenda and if Hillary Clinton is elected to be a U.S. President in 2016, these same agendas will continue to move forward.

The 2nd Amendment does not address murder/s as murder/s is a crime handled by the states and murder/s is under state jurisdiction, not federal jurisdiction. Thus, the federal government’s argument appears to be moot because the recent lone-shooter murders occurred in four different states.  These crimes don’t qualify as a justifiable reason to deny the 2nd Amendment and disarm Americans rendering law-abiding citizens at the mercy of the current administration.  We aren’t England or Australia! The lone shooter crimes doesn’t justify the elimination of consumer products such as guns and ammunition that consumers purchase with their own money.

In fact, the current federal public servants exhibit behaviors which are unfamiliar to the majority of American people.  Americans witness the past and current Obama regime and congressional members defend the constitutional rights of criminals, terrorists, illegals, and foreign immigrants as they demand that taxpayer-funded U.S. constitutional protections be granted to them.   The perfect example is the Fort Hood Shooter who killed 13 unarmed U.S. Soldiers and injured many more unarmed Soldiers on a U.S. Military base.  He is a Muslim Immigrant and he had been under FBI surveillance, but he was allowed to join the U.S. Military.  He was armed.  He premeditated the cold-blooded serial mass murder as a lone shooter on that fateful day.  It’s shocking that not one U.S. Soldier was armed so that lives could have been saved.  Yet, the Fort Hood Shooter has been given all U.S. Constitutional privileges at taxpayer’s expense and he’s been allowed to collect nearly $300,000 of U.S,. taxpayer’s money while imprisoned.  It’s almost as if he’s being rewarded for his crime as an armed lone-shooter!  This example proves that unarmed victims are rendered helpless and hopeless at the hands of one-armed shooter.

Consequently, the Second Amendment guarantees that the people can form an unorganized militia to be ready to defend the nation, but the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do the purchase of consumer products.  The Second Amendment has nothing to do with a lone shooter or mass murder sprees.  Each state of the union is guaranteed constitutional authority to investigate and prosecute murder/s and determine the mental stability of the accused. In the book, Fight Back Legal Abuse, Colombo says that “Justice is in the eye of the beholder,” and not everyone who has a gun is trustworthy because some badges are twisted.

Remember, Hitler said that he would disarm the people and annihilate them and he did. The 2nd Amendment only provides U.S. Citizens  with the right to buy consumer products, guns and ammunition, as well as own arms. How is it then that the non-vetted President and Senator Feinstein are attacking the Second Amendment, but  ignoring, “The Dick Act of 1902” as well as State rights?

The Pandemonium is remarkable considering the fact that these lone shooters don’t represent the majority of the American people.   In fact, more people die at the hands of a doctor performing surgery than die by guns.  As I’ve stated above, murders committed by citizens on U.S. soil are dealt with by State laws.  So, isn’t it rather hypocritical that the White House is approving Obama’s secret kill lists that target unsuspecting Americans, even if they’re innocent, based on accusation only?  It’s disturbing that Obama and Erick Holder, the USAG, are  pushing to kill Americans based upon accusation only, who may be 100% innocent, and want to deny U.S. Citizens the right to access a lawyer, trial, jury, and appeals, but Middle East terrorists, illegals,  and lone shooters are provided “Due Process of Law?”

How is it that  Obama commented on the fact that he wanted to disarm Americans so Americans aren’t killed, while simultaneously, Obama and his czars are reported to be requesting that Obama be granted absolute power to collect names of Americans for his kill list as reported in the news?  This list allows the White House to target specific Americans based upon their accusation only!  This is a very dangerous path for the Congress to approve for America!  Gun Control was an issue when Clinton, Reno, and Holder approved the attacks against Americans at WACO and Ruby Ridge under the Clinton administration, only many Americans believe that the guns should have been taken away from the federal government, not the people, in those tragic events.

Is it not true that murders are against the law in every state across the nation? Each State has laws addressing various degrees of murder.  The States have the authority of the courts to have the defendants examined so the authorities can determine the suspect’s state of mind. The State Departments of Justice are separate entities from the federal branch of government known as the Executive Branch.  The Judicial Branch of government in each state prosecutes murder in every state according to their established state laws.  Connecticut had a tragic serial murder.  Colorado had a tragic serial murder. Arizona had a tragic serial murder by single young men who appear to be disturbed individuals.  In fact, they appeared to be dazed after the events, almost as if they didn’t even know what happened.  Nonetheless, each state has the jurisdiction that provides their judicial officers legal authority to prosecute the individuals wherever the crime took place without  interference by the federal government.

Unfortunately, people have been murdered throughout history.  One example is that of Jim Jones, who held himself up as a religious prophet and created a religious cult in the USA.  He convinced his followers to leave the USA and move to a foreign nation in a rural area.  He ordered the mass murder of his followers, including women and children, by forcing his followers to drink the poisoned Kool-Aid.  The followers were unarmed, but they were surrounded by armed guards.  If the followers had been armed, perhaps, they could have saved themselves.

Today, there have been three nationally reported cases that involved three young men who were lone-shooters and in each case, the locations of the incidents apparently didn’t have armed security or surveillance cameras, yet, the NSA has been spying on law-abiding Americans and gathering information on law-abiding Americans, but the radicals, terrorists, and lone-shooters, appear to be free of such surveillance. Yet, the government put a teenager in jail and allegedly may charge him as a terrorist for wearing an NRA t-shirt to school?

It would stand to reason if the guns were stolen or illegally purchased that those facts would be important before Congress approves usurping the U.S. Constitution and denying the Second Amendment.  On the other hand, the Second Amendment is a law that grants the right to purchase specific consumer products.  In my political satire written as an adventure story, “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks, and Radicals,” the fictional characters portray how a nation that is disarmed can be rendered helpless and at the mercy of their government as well as depopulated by the armed Civilian Security Force  under the control of their leaders.

In reality, the Second Amendment as written doesn’t have anything to do with murder. Remember, it’s the lawyers, psychiatrists, and judges,  who determine if the suspect/s are mentally disturbed, and mental illness doesn’t have anything to do with the Second Amendment.  The Second Amendment doesn’t address mental illness.  One could say that a person who uses their hands to strangle someone was mentally ill, yet their hands was the weapon, but we wouldn’t think of eliminating their hands.  So, if someone kills several people with a hammer should all hammers be banned since hammers has been reported as one of the top weapons used to kill people?

Ironically, the US government has been reducing funding for mental health hospitals and crisis clinics for 30 years, but they approve excessive OTC and Rx drugs without long-term testing which contain chemical-laden ingredients that could have adverse side affects and even kill people.  Yet, they don’t consider the Rx-drugs to be a weapon.  Since the 1980’s, minor kids have been victims or doctors or psychiatrists who prescribed excessive amounts of Rx drugs  which can be addictive.  Many of the OTC and Rx drugs can cause paranoia, depression, suicidal tendencies as well as homicidal tendencies. The majority of Americans and veterans aren’t considered to be so mentally disturbed that they would commit murder, yet Senator Feinstein wants veterans to be stripped of their guns as reported in the news.

Gun Control is a Nazi law used by dictators of Communist nations. Even today such dictators are known to execute their citizens on the spot and indefinitely detain them if they oppose their regimes.  In fact, Hitler has been reported as a drug addict, so millions of people were following the orders of a man addicted to drugs.  He ordered his army to arrest the victims which included German citizens that didn’t fit his agenda and he accused millions of innocent people of crimes.  Dictators always disarm their enemies first and probably state, “Lay down your guns and then lay down and die.” Did Hitler and his regime not conspire to commit mass murders which resulted in mass genocide after he reduced the disarmed citizens to the level of  sitting ducks?  Of course, I’m not stating that a mass genocide is being planned in the USA, but the U.N.’s  Agenda 21 is quite disturbing and includes depopulation agendas under the guise of reducing poverty.

Furthermore, The Dick Act of 1902 assures that the federal government can use the power of the 2nd Amendment to call upon the unorganized militia.  The unorganized militia consists of the American people who must be ready at all times if called upon to defend their nation from tyranny and from foreign enemy invasion.  This is an important reason to protect the  Second Amendment   The Second Amendment guarantees law-abiding U.S. Citizens the right to buy two consumer products, guns and ammunition.  The Second Amendment states that American can purchase any sort of gun and bear any arms as their personal property.  The American people have the right under the 2nd Amendment to defend their person and protect their families, and property if threatened.

The citizens of Great Britain and Australia warn Americans not to allow the Obama regime to disarm the citizens.  It appears that the White House is using  state murders as the catalyst to deny Second Amendment rights and ignore the Dick Act of 1902.   In fact, the Obama regime should reinstate funding for drug rehabilitation centers, and reducing the number of unsafe Rx drugs for kids.  The federal government should provide funding to the states to build more crisis clinics for mentally disturbed kids and adults. Murders are murders and the states punish people who murder people with or without guns!  But, if Americans need psychiatric help then they should be able to access such facilities .

Ironically, the non-vetted U.S. President Obama had no problem without congressional authority to fire off 220 Tomahawks at Libya that killed women, children, and freedom fighters.   He didn’t have a problem ordering the assassination of Osama, but only  because the U.S. Navy Seals had weapons. Yet, the White House and Congress remain silent when it comes to the attack by armed terrorists at Benghazi and the four Americans who were murdered by terrorists without any accountability or justice to-date. The same problem was experienced when it came to thousands of victims murdered with US guns that continued for two years under the program known as Fast and Furious using taxpayer dollars to buy untracked U.S. guns and sell them to unidentified cartel members linked to terrorists on foreign soil who were killing hundreds of people with the guns sold to the cartels by the federal government.  In fact, the guns are still in the hands of the cartels and they are still murdering people with those same guns.

How is it that the federal government under the Obama watch are sending weapons to Syrian rebels and the Muslim Brotherhood using U.S. tax dollars, but the only people that the Obama regime, senator Feinstein, and the democratic liberal congress push to disarm are the law-abiding U.S. Citizens?

Consequently, about 50% of all households today are women with children, so how is it that according to senator Feinstein, single women and single mothers could be denied the right to protect themselves from home invasions, rapists, child molesters, kidnappings, spousal abuse, or from people who high jack cars?  Feinstein was against guns until she and her husband were targets of criminals.  Afterwards, it’s reported that she armed herself and said she’d “take out” anyone who threatened her, so it’s rather odd that she wants to be protected with guns, but not the law-abiding U.S. citizens.  Criminals will always access guns and ammunition, especially when the U.S. federal government is supplying cartels and rebels with weapons.  In fact, criminals know how to make guns and ammunition.  Remember, it’s reported that more people are killed with hammers each year in the U.S. than guns according to the FBI!

Is it not true that people around the world are being murdered by suicide bombers, rope, acid, stones, machetes, swords, hammers, poison, and knives?  The news alleged that 19 terrorists took down 7 buildings on 911 using two planes as weapons, not guns. In fact, guns weren’t even involved in the high-jacking of the planes.  Yet, they murdered 3,000 innocent Americans using plastic knives?  So, why hasn’t the Obama regime proposed laws to eliminate box cutters or plastic knives, machetes, swords, baseball bats, and hammers?

Gun control is a nazi law and as we know, tyrants always disarm their people before killing them.  It is more disturbing that Obama and Feinstein and the liberal democrats are pushing to disarm veterans and law-abiding Americans under the guise of health care and mental illness, while they push to target and kill Americans with armed drones and indefinitely detain Americans based on accusation only.   The non-vetted U.S. President Obama stated that he ran for a second term so men with guns can protect his children and simultaneous promotes the killing of unborn babies, even born babies through infanticide, by abortion scissors around the world!   (This article may be shared, but not changed or Plagiarized by a Third Party)

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