Listen: Colombo Chronicles Live! What is “Jihad by Court?”/ How is it destroying European and American Courts and Constitutional Freedoms? Listen Lie/Worldwide Online Blog Talk Radio Network/July 11, 2017

Have you ever heard of “Jihad by Court?”  Well, there is “Jihad by Court.”  The word Jihad refers to a long-time well-calculated thought out strategic goal on using a myriad of dangerous Jihad Programs by the Muslim Brotherhood and their leaders.  The stated and written strategic goal is to wipe out Western Civilization and steal our nations.  They intend to enslave all Europeans, Jews, Christians, Catholics, Canadians, Hispanics, Black Africans, and Americans, in other words, the entire world.  They entire to steal our children and more.  They seek a one world religion and One World Leader who will undoubtedly seek to deny freedom, liberty, rights, sovereignty, and order that every person be  tracked and spied upon creating slaves under the One World Leader’s control.

As all tyrants, the One World Leader if not stopped will demand that each person bow down to him and worship him.  He is predicted to be worse than the dictators of the past such as Hitler, Stalin, Pot Pol and the leader of North Korea. So, what is Jihad and “Jihad by Court?”  We must understand what we’re dealing implemented for decades by the Muslim Brotherhood and their network of organizations connected throughout the Middle East and Western Civilization as charitable groups.

The State Department through the Refugee agency under Obama’s unconstitutional E.O. of 1/27/2009 migrates radicalized foreign enemies into the USA as most entering the USA for 8 years aren’t a majority of “Christian Refugees.  Is this a fraud on the American taxpayers, citizens, and voters?  Are Americans being forced to pay for their own demise through the foreign enemy invasion and Obamacare?  Why aren’t these E.O.’s along with the NDAA Law and Kill Law nullified immediately by Congress and the White House?

As I stated, the majority of unidentified foreigners by the tens of thousands migrated into the USA aren’t Christian Refugees, but most are radicalized young people without families who end up on no-go zones inside of training camps.  The news reported they are stockpiling weapons.  How is it the State Department isn’t vetting to statistically and economically assure that these are Christian Converted Refugees from Syria seeking safety?  Is the State Department receiving financial incentives for each Muslim Refugee, who aren’t Refugees, but getting free access into the USA?  Why would young healthy radicalized males who are loyal to Sharia Law be fleeing their foreign Sharia Law nations?

The Muslim Brotherhood and their offshoots are using “Jihad by Court” to silence Europeans and Americans and Canadians by filing lawsuits to silence the Free People of Free Nations.  It appears only China, Russia, and Japan get it.  Wake, Up, America, Europe, and Canada before it’s too late! Please remember that ALL foreign immigrants, LEGAL OR ILLEGAL, who threaten Americans or commit crimes on U.S. soil, such as sedition and insurrection.  Any foreign immigrant who threatens and plots Jihad against the President and White House, or threaten Christians and Jews and Catholics, and all Americans who refuse to comply with their foreign ideologies can be deported.  All foreign immigrants who are found guilty of committing Espionage, or entered the USA as fraudulent Christian Refugees can be deported.  Any foreign immigrant who  gained access into the USA to wipe out Americans can be and should be deported when law enforcers investigate and find the allegations to be true.   The only people who can’t be deported are natural-born Americans.

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