Is Sharia Law Approved on US Soil And Prohibited by U.S. Constitutional Law an act of Treason against the United States?

Christianity vs. Chrislam and God vs. Socialism!
Christianity vs. Chrislam and God vs. Socialism!

Rose Colombo, (c) 4/25/2011, rev. 8/25/2011, 4/9/2012, 7/4/2013, 3/9/2015

How then shall the United States of America be protected from infiltration and tyranny by foreign anti-American enemies if the Rule of Law governed by a Republic is not upheld?  Therefore, one must determine what is the definition of the word Law.  Well, according to the legal definition, it is as follows:  “The regime that orders human activities and relations through systematic application of the force of politically organized society or through social pressure backed by force, in such a society the legal system…the accepted legal principles, the body of authoritative grounds of judicial and administrative action, esp. the body of rules and principles that the courts of a particular jurisdiction apply in deciding the law of the land.”

In this definition laid out in Black’s Law, I find it of particular interest that the authors used the word “regime” not administrators.  The fact remains that laws are intended for all people to follow, not secretly inserted, but transparent.  This is to prevent a regime from changing U.S. Constitutional laws to a foreign set of laws by unethical  lawmakers  who may be intent on changing existing laws into foreign laws and implementing a foreign “regime.”  Also, the law of the land in America is defined in the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  Americans have Rights, which are guaranteed and established in the Bill of Rights,  And, legislatures seek the definition of U.S. laws in a book titled, the  Law of Nations.

Sharia Law states it is a Law.  And, it is a foreign Law!  The U.S. Constitution clearly prohibits any and all foreign law to be inserted or established on U.S. soil by any U.S. Citizen or public servant, period.  It is called “Treason.”  Sharia Law is the law of foreign nations, established in Egypt, Africa, and countries across the Middle East.  Its reported that Sharia has been established as a second regime in parts of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Great Britain, as well.  The experts on Sharia state that  Sharia is made up of many divided sects or groups of various beliefs, but  all Muslims remain believers under Sharia Law.  It’s reported that Sharia law has many religious leaders, Imams, who speak out around the world and their stated goal is to establish Sharia throughout the world and dominate.

Many experts on Sharia Laws explain that Sharia Law incorporates the ideologies of government with religious beliefs under the umbrella set of laws known as Sharia Law which bonds politics and religion together as one and they cannot be separated.  Sharia is in opposition to U.S. Constitutional law and Christianity as well as  Catholicism and the religious beliefs established by Israel.  The  U.S. Constitution is a political law separated from  church and state and provides freedom of religion in America.  In other words,  Sharia Law incorporates political laws with religious laws and molds them together as one “law,” which is in opposition to the Constitution of the United States whose established laws allow for political law and religious law to be practiced peacefully and separately.  Also, established religions who practice foreign religions on U.S. soil must support the U.S. Constitution and pledge their allegiance to the USA, not to foreign laws or foreign nations or foreign leaders with the intent of secretly shredding the  Constitution of the United States and replace Western Civilization  with Sharia Law.  And, there lies a major difference.  The major difference between Western Civilization and Sharia Law is  the separation of church and state, which makes Sharia Law incompatible with Western Civilization.

In America, the government and religion are two separate entities, but there are many separate religions and the American people are free to choose which religion, if any, they will follow.  In fact, the U.S. Constitution prohibits the U.S. federal and state government leaders from interfering in religious freedom and separation of church and state. But, the federal government, who is granted “limited” power by the Constitution of the United States has over stepped its “limited” powers and its Big Foot appears to be trampling on the separation of church and state, freedom of religion, and the entire U.S. Constitution as Americans witness their leaders, who swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution, shred it!

On the other hand, Sharia Law states that it is a “Law” and all laws established in a nation must be adhered to or else people can be punished by their governments under the laws of that particular land.  There are governments and religions, who punish their people severely, which in America is called a violation against humanity and it is a crime to harm another human being. For example, forcing all girls to be circumcised is not acceptable or legal in Western Civilization.  It’s not legal to abuse one’s family as a form of punishment for their personal actions based on religious beliefs.  Appropriate discipline is acceptable by Christianity, but not physical and mental abuse.

Many experts state that Sharia Law is a political Law which incorporates not only religion, but also lifestyle, clothing, food,  and philosophical beliefs and controls and oppresses the will of women and children.  But, in America, a majority of  U.S. citizens are concerned about their leaders who swore an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, but appear to be upholding foreign laws in U.S. courts and secretly inserting foreign history into U.S. history books, or inserting foreign religions into Christian churches.  Has Congress secretly inserted foreign Sharia law into Obamacare, page 107, taking it to a new federal level?   Strict Sharia laws require all women wear the same clothing and requires that citizens eat certain foods and that they praye on a regular basis during the day, so can you imagine what that would do to businesses, clothing manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers around the world? Remember, the Middle East is not a Industrial Complex as built by Western Civilization.  We’re not just talking religion and politics, we’re talking about destroying a world of free enterprise and capitalism in the free world including the food industry!

For example, in the state of Michigan, there has been much controversy in the news of Christians and Christian pastors being arrested on U.S. soil for holding Christian pamphlets, bibles, or speaking to people about Christianity, near a Muslim event on U.S. soil.  Should we not ask  if the Muslims who come to America are Americans then how can Christians or Pastors be arrested for speaking to other Americans?   If some Muslims or other foreigners migrating into the  U.S. and are given the privilege of being a U.S. Citizen, but their intent is to overthrow Western Civilization,  then they have committed perjury and a fraud on America and they should be deported.  Ironically, foreigners migrate into America and swear an oath to uphold, defend, protect, and preserve the U.S. Constitution and pledge their allegiance to the United States of America. Yet, Americans in many cases appear in the news to be the targets of government and  discriminated against for walking on public sidewalks near a Muslim event, even though American tax dollars paid for the public sidewalks, so the American people could walk upon them freely.  In D.C., the government prohibits taxpayers from standing in certain areas on public sidewalks which is stunning, yet they are silent when certain groups block public buildings, sidewalks or streets with their foreign prayers, which can cause a hazard, the loss of business, as its the law that streets and sidewalks must be accessible for emergencies and to avoid civil unrest.

In fact, a recent on-line news reporter and a law firm stated that Sharia Law includes page 107 that establishes the word Dhimmitudes and secretly inserted into ObamaCare.  It’s stunning that the Supreme Court approved 2700 pages of unread laws by a congressional body who failed in their fiduciary duty to read the laws, debate the laws, or follow the Rule of Law required by the 14th Amendment as their fiduciary duty.  In fact, many Americans are asking why wasn’t this alleged secret insertion of Sharia Law of Dhimmitude disclosed to the American people and why is a foreign law inserted into an American national health care bill?  If Congress allows this foreign law to stand on U.S. soil, how are they not being removed from office by We The People for secretly inserting foreign laws on U.S. soil and not stripped  from their titles by We The People?

It’s common sense that foreign laws inserted into U.S. federal health care laws would lead to the diminishing of U.S. law, even though Americans aren’t bound by foreign laws because foreign laws are prohibited from being established on U.S. soil which make it clear that the constitution renders such persons to be that of a Benedict Arnold and  to be committing acts of sedition, traitors, or committing Treason.  Therefore, the American people must address this issue with their congressman immediately and not let it slip by.  The only alternative is to walk like an Egyptian on D.C.!

Is it possible that if a foreign law is inserted into a U.S. Health Care Bill that there will be more mandates, requirements, penalties, fines, jail, punishment, and excessive regulations, which targets American Citizens only?  Doesn’t such action appear to deny U.S. Citizens their right to  freedom and liberty guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, while the oval office and Congress unconstitutionally exempt themselves from Obamacare laws and if the foreign law is inserted, they are exempting themselves from the foreign law which they approved, while throwing the American people under the bus?

The news reported and alleged that Obama and Hillary sent billions of U.S. Tax Dollars to the Palestinian Refugees linked to Hamas so Obama could migrate about 12,000,000 or more Palestinian Refugees into the USA and require Americans to pick up the tab for their housing, food, and Obamacare.  This would explain Page 107 of Obamacare making American citizens what the foreign Sharia law refers to as “dhimmitudes” or their slaves!  I guess we should inquire if this would make President Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, their hero and the hero of the Muslim Brotherhood and elevate him to their glory.

The radical Muslims have no tolerance for non-compliance, just like the Communist have no tolerance for non-compliance.  It’s their way or the highway!  Anyone can watch them spew their disdain for God, Western Civilization, Capitalism, Christians, Catholics, Jews, Americans, by threatening to dominate and wipe Western Civilization off the face of the map in writings and on the internet, television news and You Tube videos which they post quite often.  The truth is the world would be much worse off if it hadn’t been for the innovation, manufacturing jobs, and military defenses built on U.S. soil by Americans.

Sharia Law – does not state – Sharia Religion!  It states what it is – Sharia Law.  A LAW!  In fact, I’ve read that the Muslim or Islamic religion has many sects and branches established across the Middle East making it impossible to know who is who since their religion allows them to lie to reach their goal of dominating the world.  One of the groups, which migrated into the U.S. hit the news and they were labeled as terrorists, but Obama said they were to be called enemy combatants, and then war criminals and then radicals, even though they declared war on America on 911 and continue to threaten Western Civilization.  The radicals killed 3,000 Americans.  They destroyed billions of dollars in property damage and destroyed American airplanes and killed the passengers for their cause. They destroyed a 100 year-old  Greek landmark church that Bloomberg refused approve and his city council for restoration.  They damaged the Pentagon.  They terrorized a nation, and caused additional American deaths of citizens who breathed in the toxic poisons from the smoke.  Many 911 witnesses  who came forward and testified about  what they saw and experienced were later on reported to be found dead as well. There hasn’t been any apology or offer of reparation for the damages, but more threats in the wind.  Recently, terrorists killed 4 Americans at Benghazi and terrorized a staff who escaped after being left by the White House to fend for themselves.

Americans don’t have a problem with Middle East leaders promoting  Sharia Law on their soil in the Middle East.  They don’t have a problem with peaceful Muslims practicing their religion in their mosques on U.S. soil, but the majority of Americans have a problem when public servants attempt to secretly insert foreign laws into U.S. state and federal laws and spy on Americans, but exempt mosques and Muslims.  They have a problem when public servants take donations in exchange that they’ll insert Islamic studies into U.S. history books.  The Americans have a problem when the government favors foreigners over the U.S. Citizens and deny  freedom, liberty, and rights to Americans, but  exempt foreigners from the laws they mandate or from punishment for their crimes.

Consequently, Americans realize that it’s not possible to interchange the word “law” with the word “religion.”  Most religions established in every nation around the world have their own set of  religious laws under their established religions, but religious laws are not  political “Laws,” but separate laws in America.  Religion is dictated by political leaders in America and people are free to join or leave at any time.  Therefore, the American people aren’t under any threat of punishment for non-compliance by their government for failing to comply with a particular religion nor are they physically or financially punished, or thrown into jail, beheaded, hung, or stoned for refusing to comply with a religious organization.  And, therein lies the difference between the U.S. Constitution and anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-Israeli foreign laws from Sharia Law which incorporate their religion into their political ideologies and requires strict compliance or else stiff punishment.  The belief of bonding religion and freedom as one ideology which includes religion, clothing, food.  Sharia Law is not compatible with Western Civilization, but clashes with the Jude-Christian Constitutional laws and Western Civilization and if it did dominate would wipe out Western Civilization forever.

The definition of Law versus the definition of Religion:

In order to understand the difference between the “law” and “religion” one must understand their meaning and intent and purpose.  The Law defines “Religion” as follows:  “A system of faith and worship usually involving ‘belief’ in a supreme being and usually containing a moral or ethical code…practiced by a church, sect or denomination…in construing the protections under the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause, courts have interpreted the term religion quite broadly to include a wide variety of theistic and non-theistic beliefs.”

Therefore, as stated by Law, there is a huge distinction between the word “law” and the word “religion” and when the two words are complicated by the federal government who attempt to mesh them together knowing the two words should never marry and become one or replaced by foreign ideologies for they know it would destroy a free nation.  If Sharia Law were to be established in the USA by traitors in public office than expect enslavement of a nation, punishment for those who refuse to comply or even indefinite detention or death, reduced population of U.S. Natural Born Citizens, and the extinction of the Middle Class and Western Civilization.

The American people should be burning up the telephone wires asking their Congressman why is Sharia Law and Dhimmitude  inserted into a U.S. National Health Care umbrella law on page 107. ?  And, why does a health care law include  2,700 pages of mandates targeted at Americans regarding their businesses and bank accounts?  Dhimmitude is about enslavement and that’s exactly what ObamaCare does, it enslaves Americans and punishes Americans.  It uses programs to reduce the population of future  U.S. Natural Born citizens by brainwashing American women into believing it’s not murder, it’s a woman’s right to abort their babies.  Yet the foreigners intentionally over-populate for they understand that through over-population, they can dominate other nations and its with numbers that they can control the world.  The foreigners don’t abort their babies or take contraceptives, but the young girls are used as baby machines for world domination.

Unfortunately, many immigrants, legal or illegal are using U.S. Constitutional laws against the American people and businesses.  And, many get fee waivers and Public Defenders or Pro-Bono attorneys, so the losers are the U.S. Natural Born Citizens, who have to pick up the legal fees when anyone attempts to sue  American businesses using Sharia law, or any other foreign law.  What if Catholics challenged the legal system and wanted to remain under the laws of the Catholic Church or the believers of the Mormon church decided to establish their religious laws as the laws of the land? More than likely, they would be denied such protection, so why isn’t Sharia Law denied in some states and cities in the United States?  In fact, pubic servants in Kentucky just violated the US Constitution, in my opinion, and according to the news approved Sharia laws in their state.  People who want to live by Sharia Law or any other foreign laws should move to the Middle East.

Of course, there are appointed federal activist judges who will boldly defend a foreign law in a U.S. courtroom, but they are not constitutionalists, nor do they believe in the strict Rule of Law, but believe in using the law to make law on the bench or change or usurp the U.S. Constitution.  Activist Liberal Judges hold themselves above the law of the land and have written laws granting judges immunity from prosecution.

Furthermore, under which constitutional authority or job duty are U.S. judges or politicians applying that provides them the authority to consider, acknowledge, or recognize a foreign law as legal or constitutional on U.S. soil except by their own failure to uphold their sworn oaths?   Remember, all public servants swore an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and pledged their allegiance to the U.S. flag.  Again,  Sharia Law states  exactly what it is – it is what it is – and as it is  written – a “Law” – a “foreign law” – and all  laws are written with the intent that all citizens must comply with a foreign religion against their will and foreign laws against their will or else face punishment by law enforcers of foreign laws.  Every Public Servant is required by the Rule of Law to follow the Rule of Law, but today’s public servants grant themselves immunity from the law, exempt themselves from the law, and hold themselves above the law, so how is any of that legal?   How is it that lawmakers are granting themselves the authority to be law breakers for only criminals exempt themselves from the law!  Could it be that the majority of lawyers working as public servants who call themselves lawmakers are law breakers?

Treason:  “The offense of attempting to overthrow the government of the state to which one owes allegiance, either to making war against the state or by materially supporting its enemies.  Also termed high treason – Cf. Sedition,” defined in Black’s dictionary.   (Note:  Please feel free to share, but not change the content or use it without giving credit to the writer.  It’s unethical to ignore the laws of  plagiarism) 

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Is Yellow Fringe On U.S.Flag Warning Americans the Constitution Is Suspended or Revoked when Raised on U.S. Soil?

Rose Colombo, award-winning author, poet, blogger, Consumer Advocate for Justice, former am-FM radio producer, host of cable TV “Issues of the Day” and “Women Fight Back” currently hosting Colombo Chronicles podcast.

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Betsy Ross and the American Flag

“I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America! And to the Republic for which it stands One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for All.”  See Executive Order 10834  Federal Registry 24 – F.R. 6865  (read in China, UK, Germany, Pakistan, France, India, Columbia, Netherlands, USA)

  1.  the rank or office of an admiral.
  2. LAW:  the jurisdiction of courts of law over cases concerning ships or the sea and other navigable waters; maritime law.†
  3. America is under attack and has become a Battlefield for WW III, but not by a nuke as Bill Gates stated, and predicted for decades, but by a biochemical weapon. And, it appears this weapon was developed with alleged gain-of-function in the USA after a moratorium was placed on this dangerous research, Dr. Fauci and his wealthy donors such as Gates, Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Eco-Health, (Obama used U.S. taxes by issuing a Grant for Dr. Fauci’s research offshore), so they could pay China and transfer Dr. Fauci’s research offshore to a Communist foreign nation to be continued at the Biochemical Wuhan Lab where a covid 19 Sars 2 biochemical virus was unleashed upon the world. . Ironically , Communist China has threatened to attack the USA in the past and recently.
  4. Pfizer was found guilty of anti-Trust laws and ordered to pay huge fines. In the past, Pfizer and J&J and Glaxo-Smith-Kline pharmaceutical manufacturers have been sued for their chemical-laden jabs or Rx drugs in the Billions after the patients were injured or died. It appears that America is taxpayer funding worldwide abortions and worldwide distribution of Pfizer experimental and trial injections using free people as human lab rats. They are not FDA approved licensed vaccines to my knowledge because that takes 5 to 25 years to complete.
  5. Could it be that the yellow fringe on the U.S. Flag in courtrooms and Government buildings inside the USA is symbolic establishing that We The People are not protected under U.S. Constitutional Law, so the Leftist NWO members can remove Americans, who resist being used as human lab rats, can be removed from their homes? Written into a 2006 Presidential Order, President George W. Bush, referred to the Americans on the “right” as “right wing extremist.”
  6. President Bush and V.P. Cheney approved the Patriot Act. Someone leaked this information and shocked Americans when they found out that Americans were included in the Patriot Act. Our leaders lied or misled us. The Patriot Act was to be temporary, but they lied and it’s still active. Obama and Biden approved the most dangerous NDAA Law that can be used against Americans as well as the Patriot Act. They also approved the American Kill List. It appears that the Obama-Biden-Holder team turned America into a battleground and continue to come against their own Natural-Born Citizens to change and transform the USA into a borderless communist nation..

Is it legal to alter the original U.S. Flag? Is the yellow fringe on the U.S. Flag, which was not to be altered, being used to demonize Americans who resist being used a slaves and chattel and property and forced into servitude to the Wall Street Big Pharma CEOs and Investors as Human Lab Rats?

How is it the U.S. government’s covid 19 patent and CDC patent filed on or about 2003-2004 was not disclosed? It’s alleged that the U.S. CDC and Dr. Fauci, own patents. Patents are worth millions if the Rx drug or vaccine is approved and distributed. In other words, Bill and Melinda Gates, Dr. Fauci, WHO and CDC Directors and Big Pharma and George Soros are in the business of vaccines, which appears to be the future multi-Billion Dollar Big Pharma Covid 19 Cult Industrial Complex for-profit.

The last time there was a major unification of Americans was after a tragedy. After 911, the American people forgot about race, ethnicity, politics or religion in order to help their fellow American brothers and sisters murdered and injured after the Islamic attack when these foreign enemies declared war on America.”

Us Army Soldiers On Hill With American Flag Stock Photo - Download Image  Now - iStock

“The entire country spoke as one after 9/11. There wasn’t any red state, blue state, liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat,” a fellow (anonymous) patriot stated. “This program 20 years ago is like time out of mind today. I don’t know if we could ever do this today.”

Colombo continues that hopefully, Americans can wake up that this is a them against us society. Corporations on Wall Street and the Democrats in office created a Technocracy for political, financial, and personal gain over the past several decades. The wealthy lose sight many times that they, too, are humans and appear to only care about themselves or they wouldn’t be working overtime to divide the nation and screaming “systemic racism” and calling parents “domestic terrorist” and dividing Black and White.

Could Big Pharma, CDC and WHO and the U.S. Government and China have gotten away with this serious matter of failing to reveal to the public what is in the Pfizer Trade Secret formula that may include genetically engineered living organisms which appears to be prohibited by law. Is the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula kept from the public’s eyes because there is a sinister agenda in play that alters the body’s DNA?. This begs the question if the yellow fringe stitched on the U.S. Flag has suspended or revoked The U.S. Constitution Supreme Laws of the Land or else how could they get away with this potential genocide or injuries to people in the USA and worldwide?

RAIR reported: “Economist Ernst Wolff believes that a hidden alliance of political and corporate leaders is exploiting the pandemic with the aim of crashing national economies and introducing a global digital currency. How is it that more than 190 governments from all over the world ended up dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in almost exactly the same manner, with lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccination cards now being commonplace everywhere? The answer may lie in the Young Global Leaders school, which was established and managed by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, and that many of today’s prominent political and business leaders passed through on their way to the top.

A few of the wealthy graduates of Schwab’s Globalist Academy named in the RAIR article who have been self-appointed tyrannical dictators of Free People and locking down and dividing families while destroying the economic status of the Middle Class and removing people from their homes into concentration camps who sold their souls in exchange for 13 pieces of silver.

Colombo says, “The Georgia Guidestones remains a mystery and it’s message is difficult for decent people to understand.  It calls for depopulation of the planet and eliminating sovereign nations and ushering in the New World Order also known as Communism. The message includes a compass, clock, and calendar providing the dates and time to impose these evil agendas upon the world.  The NOW members believe it’s their duty  to cleanse the world of undesirable people which the communists began prior to WW II.  Colombo says, “One night, I awakened to a very old movie on TV.  WW II had ended and a defeated the communist party were in a jeep. One communist comrade stood up and he stated,  “We will continue to fight for a New World Order.”

Hitler used “fear” and “threats” and “armed thugs” and “coercion” and rewards vs. punishment to get the Jews and Europeans to comply as well as his own citizens to obey his orders back in the days beginning in 1937. He used fear of rewards vs. punishment which is what criminals and war criminals and terrorists and cartels and gangs and mafia and organized syndicates due to the innocent sheep. They place fear in their minds and cause them to react and obey and comply under duress as such fear and threats and coercion, which are crimes, create physical, emotional, and financial distress. If the perpetrators are found guilty in a court of law of such criminal acts, they can be held liable for financial liability as well as even turned over to the District Attorney’s office as a potential criminal activity by a Judge. Hitler was able to convince them that they would be provided all the freebies life has to offer if they comply and hop on the trains at gunpoint. Instead, they were used as human lab rats leading to eugenics and depopulation so they could create the superior race.

In fact, the news reported the tyrannical removal of their citizens from their homes who refused to be used as human lab rats and human collateral or human commodities for Human Capital or for fertilizer if they end up dead, On the other hand, the P.M. of Austria referred to the Austrians as “sheep” and said they must get the rest of the sheep corralled and used as human lab rats and jabbed with experimental unlicensed jabs. The citizens aren’t informed as required by law and under fear are jabbed without knowledge of what was in the mRNA jabs and the Pfizer Trade Secret Formula being injected into their bodies or the consequences to humanity, while they rake in Billions with no liability for injury or death. Do you really believe the CEO of Pfizer, Moderna, or any investor got jabbed?

Those who view themselves as the “elite” and the “intellectuals,” who are depending on Artificial Intelligence. They haven’t entered into the real world and admitted that it is “artificial” and sooner or later will break down from lack of lithium, electricity, or the grid going down or a nuke. They view anyone who isn’t one of them as a non-human being in order to justify their crimes against humanity. They are in violation of the law by using people as human lab rats while ignoring the increase of deaths after the experimental and trial injections were rolled out in 2021. Eventually, these seniors and elderly will pass away as everyone does and the devastation left behind could be catastrophic if there are any survivors.

Rose Colombo says, “No man or woman can have two Masters. One must choose allegiance to the U.S. Constitution or to the New World Order. Each individual must choose or they will fall and be disowned by both Masters.”

Rose Colombo says, “The written and stated strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Communist red book and their faithful leaders of Marxism or Communism is to wipe out all of Western Civilization and dominate the world.” This is basically the same agenda of Communist China-Gates and Iran.


We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

 There are many dark secrets, of course, when it comes to wealth and how people became extremely wealthy. Nothing on this planet is forever. Billionaires are chosen. They pledge allegiance to secret societies in some cases. For example, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook found out when God decides that he will intervene and bring His children out of bondage. GOd owns everything including our money and God can wipe us out overnight. Wealthy people who are using their wealth against God, Bible, Babies, and Believers will find out the hard way if they don’t figure it out while they can steall breathe in the “Breath of Life” God created and they’ve denied to the world’s citizens with their Ethylene Oxide drenched masks. Believe it or not!

On the other hand, Geek Wire reported, “….Gates Sr. has been a tremendous civic leader, advocating for controversial causes including serving on the local and national boards of Planned Parenthood before Roe v. Wade, and campaigning as the face of a state income-tax initiative in Washington state. And there’s his leadership for the world’s largest philanthropic trust, plus supporting numerous other global health, education and art charities, as well as his devotion to the University of Washington and 15 years on its Board of Regents” Make no mistake about it, abortions is a depopulation program and Bill Gates, Sr., Bill Gates and Melinda Gates are top influencers in favor of killing babies by the millions on abortion tables, but not their own.

There are death panels and depopulation programs inserted into Obamacare for Americans which most people were left in the dark because Pelosi said no one read the 2700 pages, so who wrote it? Recently, Biden stated at a press conference he wrote the 2700 pages. Really? Are we sure it wasn’t Bill Gates and George Soros and Klaus Schwab? Perhaps, that is why Obama exempted himself and his family from Obamacare, as well as the congress, Justices, Judges, big donors, Muslims and Illegals from signing up or paying up. Obama and Speaker Pelosi were never called out by the Democrats for “lying” or “misleading” the American people about Obamacare’s mandated taxpayer funded abortions and jabs worldwide. Americans are being used and abuse and ripped off in more than one way regardless of party..

The Leftist and RINOs support the Democrat NWO agendas. Public servants in the USA fund illegals which is an abuse and waste of our U.S. tax dollars and not in line with the majority of Americans who are suffering as we’re headed for hyper-inflation. In fact, legal naturalized Americans who stood in line and entered legally support secure borders. Obama, Kerry, Biden and the Democrats and RINOS supported funding foreign enemy nations who are building nukes and threatening to wipe out all of Western Civilization and steal our Homeland. Domestic and foreign enemies are having Americans, Europeans, Canadians, and Australians, pay for our own demise with our taxes after making themselves wealthy.

Recently, we have the disinformation czar, Mary Poppins, posting online, while toasting her friend’s book that promotes anti-white discriminatory comments, as well as, toasting to a white genocide. Ironically, the czar, Mary Poppins, and her friend are white and assuming their parents, siblings and family and friends are probably white raises the question if they and their friends and families are included in their goal of anti-white genocide comments?

WAG THE DOG: On the other hand, it appears that there are police and FBI, who haven’t any problem confiscating the property and assets of the average American accused of a crime, even if they’re innocent,  but apparently, not the well-funded and well-connected.  In fact, Hollywood Liberals glorify it all in their movies because it’s true. Do you believe that the U.S. Constitution is the law of the land under the Obama-Biden-Hillary-Holder-Pelosi-Schumer Democrat Party?

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