Is Sharia Law Approved on US Soil And Prohibited by U.S. Constitutional Law an act of Treason against the United States?

Christianity vs. Chrislam and God vs. Socialism!
Christianity vs. Chrislam and God vs. Socialism!

Rose Colombo, (c) 4/25/2011, rev. 8/25/2011, 4/9/2012, 7/4/2013, 3/9/2015

How then shall the United States of America be protected from infiltration and tyranny by foreign anti-American enemies if the Rule of Law governed by a Republic is not upheld?  Therefore, one must determine what is the definition of the word Law.  Well, according to the legal definition, it is as follows:  “The regime that orders human activities and relations through systematic application of the force of politically organized society or through social pressure backed by force, in such a society the legal system…the accepted legal principles, the body of authoritative grounds of judicial and administrative action, esp. the body of rules and principles that the courts of a particular jurisdiction apply in deciding the law of the land.”

In this definition laid out in Black’s Law, I find it of particular interest that the authors used the word “regime” not administrators.  The fact remains that laws are intended for all people to follow, not secretly inserted, but transparent.  This is to prevent a regime from changing U.S. Constitutional laws to a foreign set of laws by unethical  lawmakers  who may be intent on changing existing laws into foreign laws and implementing a foreign “regime.”  Also, the law of the land in America is defined in the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  Americans have Rights, which are guaranteed and established in the Bill of Rights,  And, legislatures seek the definition of U.S. laws in a book titled, the  Law of Nations.

Sharia Law states it is a Law.  And, it is a foreign Law!  The U.S. Constitution clearly prohibits any and all foreign law to be inserted or established on U.S. soil by any U.S. Citizen or public servant, period.  It is called “Treason.”  Sharia Law is the law of foreign nations, established in Egypt, Africa, and countries across the Middle East.  Its reported that Sharia has been established as a second regime in parts of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Great Britain, as well.  The experts on Sharia state that  Sharia is made up of many divided sects or groups of various beliefs, but  all Muslims remain believers under Sharia Law.  It’s reported that Sharia law has many religious leaders, Imams, who speak out around the world and their stated goal is to establish Sharia throughout the world and dominate.

Many experts on Sharia Laws explain that Sharia Law incorporates the ideologies of government with religious beliefs under the umbrella set of laws known as Sharia Law which bonds politics and religion together as one and they cannot be separated.  Sharia is in opposition to U.S. Constitutional law and Christianity as well as  Catholicism and the religious beliefs established by Israel.  The  U.S. Constitution is a political law separated from  church and state and provides freedom of religion in America.  In other words,  Sharia Law incorporates political laws with religious laws and molds them together as one “law,” which is in opposition to the Constitution of the United States whose established laws allow for political law and religious law to be practiced peacefully and separately.  Also, established religions who practice foreign religions on U.S. soil must support the U.S. Constitution and pledge their allegiance to the USA, not to foreign laws or foreign nations or foreign leaders with the intent of secretly shredding the  Constitution of the United States and replace Western Civilization  with Sharia Law.  And, there lies a major difference.  The major difference between Western Civilization and Sharia Law is  the separation of church and state, which makes Sharia Law incompatible with Western Civilization.

In America, the government and religion are two separate entities, but there are many separate religions and the American people are free to choose which religion, if any, they will follow.  In fact, the U.S. Constitution prohibits the U.S. federal and state government leaders from interfering in religious freedom and separation of church and state. But, the federal government, who is granted “limited” power by the Constitution of the United States has over stepped its “limited” powers and its Big Foot appears to be trampling on the separation of church and state, freedom of religion, and the entire U.S. Constitution as Americans witness their leaders, who swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution, shred it!

On the other hand, Sharia Law states that it is a “Law” and all laws established in a nation must be adhered to or else people can be punished by their governments under the laws of that particular land.  There are governments and religions, who punish their people severely, which in America is called a violation against humanity and it is a crime to harm another human being. For example, forcing all girls to be circumcised is not acceptable or legal in Western Civilization.  It’s not legal to abuse one’s family as a form of punishment for their personal actions based on religious beliefs.  Appropriate discipline is acceptable by Christianity, but not physical and mental abuse.

Many experts state that Sharia Law is a political Law which incorporates not only religion, but also lifestyle, clothing, food,  and philosophical beliefs and controls and oppresses the will of women and children.  But, in America, a majority of  U.S. citizens are concerned about their leaders who swore an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, but appear to be upholding foreign laws in U.S. courts and secretly inserting foreign history into U.S. history books, or inserting foreign religions into Christian churches.  Has Congress secretly inserted foreign Sharia law into Obamacare, page 107, taking it to a new federal level?   Strict Sharia laws require all women wear the same clothing and requires that citizens eat certain foods and that they praye on a regular basis during the day, so can you imagine what that would do to businesses, clothing manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers around the world? Remember, the Middle East is not a Industrial Complex as built by Western Civilization.  We’re not just talking religion and politics, we’re talking about destroying a world of free enterprise and capitalism in the free world including the food industry!

For example, in the state of Michigan, there has been much controversy in the news of Christians and Christian pastors being arrested on U.S. soil for holding Christian pamphlets, bibles, or speaking to people about Christianity, near a Muslim event on U.S. soil.  Should we not ask  if the Muslims who come to America are Americans then how can Christians or Pastors be arrested for speaking to other Americans?   If some Muslims or other foreigners migrating into the  U.S. and are given the privilege of being a U.S. Citizen, but their intent is to overthrow Western Civilization,  then they have committed perjury and a fraud on America and they should be deported.  Ironically, foreigners migrate into America and swear an oath to uphold, defend, protect, and preserve the U.S. Constitution and pledge their allegiance to the United States of America. Yet, Americans in many cases appear in the news to be the targets of government and  discriminated against for walking on public sidewalks near a Muslim event, even though American tax dollars paid for the public sidewalks, so the American people could walk upon them freely.  In D.C., the government prohibits taxpayers from standing in certain areas on public sidewalks which is stunning, yet they are silent when certain groups block public buildings, sidewalks or streets with their foreign prayers, which can cause a hazard, the loss of business, as its the law that streets and sidewalks must be accessible for emergencies and to avoid civil unrest.

In fact, a recent on-line news reporter and a law firm stated that Sharia Law includes page 107 that establishes the word Dhimmitudes and secretly inserted into ObamaCare.  It’s stunning that the Supreme Court approved 2700 pages of unread laws by a congressional body who failed in their fiduciary duty to read the laws, debate the laws, or follow the Rule of Law required by the 14th Amendment as their fiduciary duty.  In fact, many Americans are asking why wasn’t this alleged secret insertion of Sharia Law of Dhimmitude disclosed to the American people and why is a foreign law inserted into an American national health care bill?  If Congress allows this foreign law to stand on U.S. soil, how are they not being removed from office by We The People for secretly inserting foreign laws on U.S. soil and not stripped  from their titles by We The People?

It’s common sense that foreign laws inserted into U.S. federal health care laws would lead to the diminishing of U.S. law, even though Americans aren’t bound by foreign laws because foreign laws are prohibited from being established on U.S. soil which make it clear that the constitution renders such persons to be that of a Benedict Arnold and  to be committing acts of sedition, traitors, or committing Treason.  Therefore, the American people must address this issue with their congressman immediately and not let it slip by.  The only alternative is to walk like an Egyptian on D.C.!

Is it possible that if a foreign law is inserted into a U.S. Health Care Bill that there will be more mandates, requirements, penalties, fines, jail, punishment, and excessive regulations, which targets American Citizens only?  Doesn’t such action appear to deny U.S. Citizens their right to  freedom and liberty guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, while the oval office and Congress unconstitutionally exempt themselves from Obamacare laws and if the foreign law is inserted, they are exempting themselves from the foreign law which they approved, while throwing the American people under the bus?

The news reported and alleged that Obama and Hillary sent billions of U.S. Tax Dollars to the Palestinian Refugees linked to Hamas so Obama could migrate about 12,000,000 or more Palestinian Refugees into the USA and require Americans to pick up the tab for their housing, food, and Obamacare.  This would explain Page 107 of Obamacare making American citizens what the foreign Sharia law refers to as “dhimmitudes” or their slaves!  I guess we should inquire if this would make President Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, their hero and the hero of the Muslim Brotherhood and elevate him to their glory.

The radical Muslims have no tolerance for non-compliance, just like the Communist have no tolerance for non-compliance.  It’s their way or the highway!  Anyone can watch them spew their disdain for God, Western Civilization, Capitalism, Christians, Catholics, Jews, Americans, by threatening to dominate and wipe Western Civilization off the face of the map in writings and on the internet, television news and You Tube videos which they post quite often.  The truth is the world would be much worse off if it hadn’t been for the innovation, manufacturing jobs, and military defenses built on U.S. soil by Americans.

Sharia Law – does not state – Sharia Religion!  It states what it is – Sharia Law.  A LAW!  In fact, I’ve read that the Muslim or Islamic religion has many sects and branches established across the Middle East making it impossible to know who is who since their religion allows them to lie to reach their goal of dominating the world.  One of the groups, which migrated into the U.S. hit the news and they were labeled as terrorists, but Obama said they were to be called enemy combatants, and then war criminals and then radicals, even though they declared war on America on 911 and continue to threaten Western Civilization.  The radicals killed 3,000 Americans.  They destroyed billions of dollars in property damage and destroyed American airplanes and killed the passengers for their cause. They destroyed a 100 year-old  Greek landmark church that Bloomberg refused approve and his city council for restoration.  They damaged the Pentagon.  They terrorized a nation, and caused additional American deaths of citizens who breathed in the toxic poisons from the smoke.  Many 911 witnesses  who came forward and testified about  what they saw and experienced were later on reported to be found dead as well. There hasn’t been any apology or offer of reparation for the damages, but more threats in the wind.  Recently, terrorists killed 4 Americans at Benghazi and terrorized a staff who escaped after being left by the White House to fend for themselves.

Americans don’t have a problem with Middle East leaders promoting  Sharia Law on their soil in the Middle East.  They don’t have a problem with peaceful Muslims practicing their religion in their mosques on U.S. soil, but the majority of Americans have a problem when public servants attempt to secretly insert foreign laws into U.S. state and federal laws and spy on Americans, but exempt mosques and Muslims.  They have a problem when public servants take donations in exchange that they’ll insert Islamic studies into U.S. history books.  The Americans have a problem when the government favors foreigners over the U.S. Citizens and deny  freedom, liberty, and rights to Americans, but  exempt foreigners from the laws they mandate or from punishment for their crimes.

Consequently, Americans realize that it’s not possible to interchange the word “law” with the word “religion.”  Most religions established in every nation around the world have their own set of  religious laws under their established religions, but religious laws are not  political “Laws,” but separate laws in America.  Religion is dictated by political leaders in America and people are free to join or leave at any time.  Therefore, the American people aren’t under any threat of punishment for non-compliance by their government for failing to comply with a particular religion nor are they physically or financially punished, or thrown into jail, beheaded, hung, or stoned for refusing to comply with a religious organization.  And, therein lies the difference between the U.S. Constitution and anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-Israeli foreign laws from Sharia Law which incorporate their religion into their political ideologies and requires strict compliance or else stiff punishment.  The belief of bonding religion and freedom as one ideology which includes religion, clothing, food.  Sharia Law is not compatible with Western Civilization, but clashes with the Jude-Christian Constitutional laws and Western Civilization and if it did dominate would wipe out Western Civilization forever.

The definition of Law versus the definition of Religion:

In order to understand the difference between the “law” and “religion” one must understand their meaning and intent and purpose.  The Law defines “Religion” as follows:  “A system of faith and worship usually involving ‘belief’ in a supreme being and usually containing a moral or ethical code…practiced by a church, sect or denomination…in construing the protections under the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause, courts have interpreted the term religion quite broadly to include a wide variety of theistic and non-theistic beliefs.”

Therefore, as stated by Law, there is a huge distinction between the word “law” and the word “religion” and when the two words are complicated by the federal government who attempt to mesh them together knowing the two words should never marry and become one or replaced by foreign ideologies for they know it would destroy a free nation.  If Sharia Law were to be established in the USA by traitors in public office than expect enslavement of a nation, punishment for those who refuse to comply or even indefinite detention or death, reduced population of U.S. Natural Born Citizens, and the extinction of the Middle Class and Western Civilization.

The American people should be burning up the telephone wires asking their Congressman why is Sharia Law and Dhimmitude  inserted into a U.S. National Health Care umbrella law on page 107. ?  And, why does a health care law include  2,700 pages of mandates targeted at Americans regarding their businesses and bank accounts?  Dhimmitude is about enslavement and that’s exactly what ObamaCare does, it enslaves Americans and punishes Americans.  It uses programs to reduce the population of future  U.S. Natural Born citizens by brainwashing American women into believing it’s not murder, it’s a woman’s right to abort their babies.  Yet the foreigners intentionally over-populate for they understand that through over-population, they can dominate other nations and its with numbers that they can control the world.  The foreigners don’t abort their babies or take contraceptives, but the young girls are used as baby machines for world domination.

Unfortunately, many immigrants, legal or illegal are using U.S. Constitutional laws against the American people and businesses.  And, many get fee waivers and Public Defenders or Pro-Bono attorneys, so the losers are the U.S. Natural Born Citizens, who have to pick up the legal fees when anyone attempts to sue  American businesses using Sharia law, or any other foreign law.  What if Catholics challenged the legal system and wanted to remain under the laws of the Catholic Church or the believers of the Mormon church decided to establish their religious laws as the laws of the land? More than likely, they would be denied such protection, so why isn’t Sharia Law denied in some states and cities in the United States?  In fact, pubic servants in Kentucky just violated the US Constitution, in my opinion, and according to the news approved Sharia laws in their state.  People who want to live by Sharia Law or any other foreign laws should move to the Middle East.

Of course, there are appointed federal activist judges who will boldly defend a foreign law in a U.S. courtroom, but they are not constitutionalists, nor do they believe in the strict Rule of Law, but believe in using the law to make law on the bench or change or usurp the U.S. Constitution.  Activist Liberal Judges hold themselves above the law of the land and have written laws granting judges immunity from prosecution.

Furthermore, under which constitutional authority or job duty are U.S. judges or politicians applying that provides them the authority to consider, acknowledge, or recognize a foreign law as legal or constitutional on U.S. soil except by their own failure to uphold their sworn oaths?   Remember, all public servants swore an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and pledged their allegiance to the U.S. flag.  Again,  Sharia Law states  exactly what it is – it is what it is – and as it is  written – a “Law” – a “foreign law” – and all  laws are written with the intent that all citizens must comply with a foreign religion against their will and foreign laws against their will or else face punishment by law enforcers of foreign laws.  Every Public Servant is required by the Rule of Law to follow the Rule of Law, but today’s public servants grant themselves immunity from the law, exempt themselves from the law, and hold themselves above the law, so how is any of that legal?   How is it that lawmakers are granting themselves the authority to be law breakers for only criminals exempt themselves from the law!  Could it be that the majority of lawyers working as public servants who call themselves lawmakers are law breakers?

Treason:  “The offense of attempting to overthrow the government of the state to which one owes allegiance, either to making war against the state or by materially supporting its enemies.  Also termed high treason – Cf. Sedition,” defined in Black’s dictionary.   (Note:  Please feel free to share, but not change the content or use it without giving credit to the writer.  It’s unethical to ignore the laws of  plagiarism) 

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Is Yellow Fringe On U.S.Flag Warning Americans the Constitution Is Suspended or Revoked when Raised on U.S. Soil?

Rose Colombo, award-winning author of “Fight Back Legal Abuse” and “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Rednecks & Radicals, poet, former host on KGER, KIEV, KORG, online podcast host of Colombo Chronicles Live! (c) 2009 – rev. 3/24/2016, rev. 8/5/2018

“I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America!”  See Executive Order 10834  Federal Registry 24 – F.R. 6865 

  1.  the rank or office of an admiral.
  2. LAW:  the jurisdiction of courts of law over cases concerning ships or the sea and other navigable waters; maritime law.†
Do Americans ever wonder why Obama and the Democrats aren’t fearful of being arrested for migrating foreign radicals and cartels and gang members from Third World Nations among illegals into the USA without being arrested or accountable? Do you ever wonder why the Federal Judges support Obama’s Illegal migration of unidentified foreigners bypassing Ports of Entry and Legal Inspections and background checks for each foreigner seeking entry into the USA? Or, why Obama and Hillary Clinton preplanned and secretly used Stimulus Taxpayer Funds without public disclosure? Obama and Hillary secretly ordered planes that flew in Somali and Palestinian radicals linked to Hamas into the USA for years, so did anyone investigate if they were military planes? And, how is it Americans and the White House isn’t investigating how the Democrats in congress can continue migrating illegals who illegally enter into the USA under the current White House after President Trump was elected in 2016? It would appear that the Democrats would be aware they are intentionally in violation of their sworn oath and their sworn promise to uphold Legal Immigration and Legal Inspections at Legal Ports of Entry, but they have no fear it appears of being arrested or expelled from office. It appears they aren’t concerned about the possibility of charges filed which could extend to Obstruction of Justice or Treason! Or perhaps, they could be guilty of Dereliction of Duty and Gross Negligence as they are intentionally placing legal Americans in harm’s way and enslaving Americans to 30 million illegals and a communist or socialist or Muslim Brotherhood-AIR ovethrow of the U.S. government and our sovereign Republic. They certainly are intentionally aiding and abetting, harboring, protecting, and materially assisting foreigners who are in violation of federal immigration laws whether it be a misdemeanor or a felony as a repeat offense. Could it have something to do with the U.S. Flag being revoked or suspended when Obama pledged his sworn oath twice during his inauguration as a non-vetted President on the “red book?” It appears Americans are being tricked and sitting ducks by the Liberal Socialist Left.

Does the yellow fringe have meaning or could it just be decor stitched onto the U.S. Flag  as it appears that most Americans are willing to accept on its face when flown on U.S. soil?  Yellow Fringe stitched to the U.S. Flag isn’t  authorized on a Title 4: U.S.A. Codes: Chapter 1: Sec 1, Sec 2, and it is a mutilation Sec. 3…..

Should Americans not ask if the Gold Tassel is used to enact Admiralty law if displayed on land in government buildings and courtroom with intent of  suspending the U.S. Constitution if imposing unconstitutional law?  And, does a U.S. Flag with yellow fringe and gold tassels represent the USA’s sovereignty and  the laws of the nation in full force established by the U.S. Constitution or not?

WE THE PEOPLE are the government!

WE THE PEOPLE are the government!

Dear President of the USA, and Honorable Members of the United States Congress, and the Hon. U.S. Justices:

Re: Martial Law and the Allegations that the U.S. Constitution was “Revoked” or “Suspended” under the Obama Regime is a serious concern to legal U.S. Citizens and the U.S. Military.   It appears that far too many public servants are displaying U.S. Flags with golden-yellow fringe on U.S. soil inside The White House, U.S. Federal and State government buildings and U.S. Courtrooms. 

The question arises as to why so many Judges elected or appointed in America today are allowing Sharia Law in their courtrooms. Most disturbing is the fact that many city and county and state taxpayer funded public servants appear to be  turning America’s cities into Sharia Law no-go areas which appears to be treason in my opinion! 

The question arises if the U.S. Flags with golden-yellow fringe seen on camera for 8 years and displayed behind the former non-vetted President Obama  in the White House during Press Conferences was displayed as a symbol that the U.S. Constitution was suspended.  After all, President Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama was never properly vetted. Obama and former USAG Eric Holder concealed all his credentials and identification from the citizens of the United States of America which was unprecedented. 

If Obama was born in Kenya as he stated during speeches past and current and as written in a published bio,  Obama studied the Koran and Islamic studies in Indonesia as Barry Soetoro.  He studied U.S.  Constitutional law allegedly at Columbia and Harvard only no one remembers him.  After, Obama or Barry Soetoro was slipped into the USA and eventually into the Senate and in 2008-2009 into the oval office, is it possible that he and his handlers preplanned and conspired to display the yellow-fringed U.S. Flag inside the White House and all Courthouses and Government Buildings to avoid impeachment as an alleged non-vetted ineligible Manchurian Candidate?

If that theory were proven to be true then should we not question if the electronic voting machines were rigged during the elections of  2008?  In my polling place, voters were complaining that the ballots were slipping and punching Obama’s name, so I announced it on the radio, but no one cared.   Prior to the 2008 elections, Obama and Bill Ayers, a domestic terrorist, taught their group known as “ACORN” on how to commit voter fraud and after the elections many of their members were arrested and charged with voter fraud. 

Is it possible that long before the elections of 2008 that there was a conspiracy of international bodies and domestic enemies from within who conspired to slip in an alleged ineligible foreigner with intent to commit a Coup d’etat against the United States of America or not? After all, there must be a reason Hollywood produced the movie after 2009 entitled, “Olympus Has Fallen.”  And not long after, radicals such as Linda Sarsour, a Muslim activist born in the USA, called for all Muslims to wake up angry in 2016-2017 and direct their anger at President Trump and the White House and overthrow them, but when confronted, she backtracked.

And of course, Obama and Hillary Clinton secretly preplanned and migrated tens of thousands of radicals from foreign enemy nations into the USA at taxpayers expense, who immediately set up no-go zones on U.S. soil and chanted, “Death to America” and “Death to Jews.”  They were also in the news stating that they weren’t here to assimilate but dominate.  Why would they be “refugees” if they didn’t come to escape tyrannical laws, but impose them? 

The mentioned agendas have a lot to do with the question of the yellow fringe stitched on the edges of the United States Flag!  Recently, Muslim CAIR members stated that their goal was to change and transform Congress into a majority of Muslims and elect a Muslim to the oval office, he didn’t say to be the POTUS, but the only way that could happen is by treason and attempting to replace the U.S. Constitution with Sharia or Communist law.  Is this not a coup d’etat?  How could foreign enemies planning to overthrow the White House and the POTUS and control the United States government be allowed into the USA whose foreign  ideologies and laws are in opposition to the U.S. Constitution, Bible, Ten Commandments, and the American way of life if the yellow fringe on the flag has no meaning?

The question remains if the golden-yellow fringe stitched on the U.S. Flag is symbolic and a message to Americans as well as message being sent to the world when displayed.  Is the message sent to Americans and the world  when yellow-fringed flags are raised on U.S. soil and displayed in government buildings warning Americans  that the Constitution of the USA is suspended and possibly revoked? 

If  the questions of the yellow fringe flag is true that would make make the Congress and the Constitution of the USA and all of the federal and state government laws  and jobs “meaningless.” 

A coup d’etat by invitation of Democrats it appears if it should occur would mean that if the foreign enemies were to attack the White House and the POTUS and American citizens that they would replace all Americans within the White House just like we witnessed under Hitler’s reign during WWII and throughout history when foreign enemies seek to invade and conquer foreign lands.  The modern day invasions are conspired by Communist, which is probably the case today, if the theory is possible. Only, in this case, America would be threatened by invitation of Obama, Hillary Clinton, McCain (deceased), Brennan, Kerry,  Pelosi, and many more Democrats who appear to have disdain for Americans and much love for foreign enemy nations.

Many people say that the yellow fringe is just for decor and doesn’t matter, but the U.S. Flag is precious and sacred.  Tens of thousands of American soldiers and civilians have died in defense of the U.S. Flag and defending the sovereignty of the United States of America. Americans mustn’t ignore the laws and policies that govern the U.S. Flag and how it is to be displayed and its purpose, especially when altered.

It was shocking to the majority of legal loyal law-abiding patriotic Americans on both sides of the aisle to note that the Democrats and Republicans, who are members of Congress and the Senate, applauded Obama’s declaration during a speech of 2009 declaring the  U.S. Constitution and Congress are “meaningless.”  How was it that he wasn’t arrested and impeached at that moment?  Instead, the entire Congress stood up and applauded that he just made them “meaningless.”

Therefore, shouldn’t Americans have risen up and protested when Obama declared the U.S. Constitution and Congress “meaningless”  and demanded to know if his declaration involved the yellow-fringe on the flag suspended the Constitution of the United States of America?  And, if so, shouldn’t the U.S. Congress and the legal Americans have demanded if such a declaration was an admission of a coup d’etat taking place in the White House which appears to have extended to 2016 through the current time.

Americans need to demand clarification in writing by the POTUS and Congress and clearly define if the golden-yellow fringe stitched on the edges of the American Flag that could possibly  represent the suspension of the U.S. Constitution and Congress. 

Should We The People, who are the government in the USA, not ponder if it’s possible that the U.S. Flag with yellow fringe was displayed in the White House and courthouses as well as U.S. government buildings displayed in order to protect  Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, an Indonesian National, when he re-entered into the USA in the early 80’s, as well as his unconstitutional migration of foreign radicals and unconstitutional laws and actions that he and Hillary and Holder and the Democrats enacted and approved between 2007-2016?

It appears with the assistance of the Clinton’s, Bush’s, Soros, Kissinger, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi that Obama aka Barry Soetoro appears to have been slipped into the oval office without proper vetting and without a vetted Certified U.S. Birth Certificate. The only person who alleged to be born in the USA without a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate recorded since the 1960’s, possibly in U.S. History. 

The actions taken prior to the 2008 elections appear to have been a long time conspiracy of wealthy politicians and foreign international wealthy bodies, who funded the pre-selected and pre-elected choices into public office as well as wealthy supporters .  These wealthy people behind the curtain appears to embrace the supporters of Communist, Socialist, Muslim Brotherhood, United Nations, CFR, and New World Order agendas and even those we aren’t aware exist.  There are historical letters and articles of enemies working towards erasing the word America and United States of America from the history books by using written and stated strategic goals laid out by the Communist long ago.

How do they accomplish such a goal?  It’s happening now. They brainwash the youth for decades. They divide citizens of sovereign nations against each other by promoting sympathy for the illegal invaders storming into their sovereign nations who overpopulate while reducing the population of future natural-born citizens by abortion and contraceptives, chemicals, and radiation and encouraging the foreign invaders to overpopulate.

This again leads me to the yellow fringe stitched on the original U.S. Flag for Maritime use when entering international waters as well as displaying the yellow fringe flag for civilians tried for treason in a  Military Tribunal.  If true, then the question raised and displayed on U.S. soil, which has been seen consistently during the Obama-Clinton-Holder-Brennan-Kerry-Jarrett regime, is blowing in the wind between 2009 and 2016.  Should we now ponder if Obama and Hillary Clinton displayed the yellow-fringed flags which possibly allowed them to carry out their preplanned  foreign migration of a majority of radicalized males from Middle East terrorist nations linked to Hamas at the time.

Obama and Hillary Clinton preplanned flying 5,000,000 Palestinians linked to Hamas or members of the terrorist group, Hamas, into the USA, but they fell short.  They migrated tens of thousands of foreigners from foreign enemy nations into the USA within 8 years. They diverted America’s tax dollars to fly the foreigners into the USA on America’s taxpayer time and dime late a night.  They used taxpayer DHS buses to scatter the foreigners around the USA so that they couldn’t be inspected by ICE or Border Patrol.  Obama and Holder tied the hands of Law Enforcers in the USA and along the borders and changed detain and deport to detain and release into the USA or else the law enforcers would be punished. Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Holder and the Democrats appear to have allowed fake refugees into the USA who ended up attacking Americans and killing and injuring Americans on U.S. soil many times thereafter.  After more Americans were killed and attacked, the news reported that many involved were on the FBI watch list under the Obama-Hillary Clinton-Holder-Jarrett watch.

The tens of thousands of illegals and radicals migrated into the USA were migrated under the guise of “refugees.”  The 1952 law prohibited Middle East foreigners from being citizens of the USA; however, if the yellow fringe suspended Constitutional Law then the 1952 law was moot.

When did Americans ask their representatives if and when Obama obtained  congressional approval to use the  U.S. Refugee agencies as the catalyst to achieve their secret plans?  According to U.S. Refugee agent who became whistleblowers, they stated that hey were offered financial incentives by the Obama-Hillary Clinton regime to migrate as many Middle East foreigners into the USA as possible each day. 

Obama and Hillary, and possibly others,  preplanned the foreign invasion under the guise of “Christian Refugees” and required the American taxpayers to pick up the tab in the amount of $220,000,000 without their knowledge.  Obama and Hillary and Holder, with a complicit Democratic congress  secretly flew the Middle East foreigners into  the USA.  Obama ordered the foreigners to by-pass the required inspections by TSA, Border Patrol, and ICE at the Ports of Entry.   

Of course, ISIS didn’t enter the picture or the USA until they hooked up with Hamas and infiltrated into the USA as seen when they published videos online and threatened to kill American kids and citizens.  Obama is alleged to have created ISIS when he removed the U.S. troops from Iraq.  It appears to me that he may have been guilty of  gross negligence, since he left the vacuum in Iraq, along with billions of U.S. taxpayer funded vehicles, weapons, and ammunition.  Obama gave ISIS a head start which led to the torture and killing of more Christian converts.

Furthermore, the actual goal was to migrate a minimum of  5,000,000 Muslims into the USA under the guise of “Christian Refugees” targeting Palestinians, who were tied to Hamas, or members of the terrorist group, Hamas to be flown into the USA.  It appears that the majority of  foreigners they migrated into the USA were males, under the guise of “Christian Refugees,” with knowledge that most weren’t  Christian refugees at all.  In fact, the new foreigners from terrorist nations wasted no time and set up no-go zones. In fact, they are seen on video denying the FBI and Law Enforcers the right to enter U.S. land for inspections under the Obama-Jarrett-Holder-Clinton-Huma-Democratic regime.


The Obama-Clinton-Democratic-Rino congress were complicit in this secret  foreign invasion of illegals and radicals as it appears there were but a  minority of Christian Refugees fleeing ISIS or Hamas.  They were secretly  flown into the USA late at night or allowed under Obama and Holder’s watch to  walk across the borders without inspections.  The Obama-Hillary Clinton-Holder-Democratic congress were violating the legal definition of “refugees” and the legal definition of “asylum” seekers.  In my opinion, they violated Obama’s promise of transparency and the constitutional federal law that are required to enforce legal immigration, required inspections, legal citizenship laws, and the requirement of assimilation, and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution.

The non-vetted Barack Hussein Obama, who was allowed to conceal his identification and credentials from the entire nation for 8 years remained a mystery to the legal patriotic American legal voters, taxpayers, and legal citizens. Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama admitted twice to an audience on video that he was born in Kenya, which appeared to be when he was either a candidate or a student.  The second time he admitted he was born in Kenya was recently when seen on TV in 2018 while visiting Kenya, but it appears the part of where he admitted he was born in Kenya may have been scrubbed from You Tube.  Barry Soetoro aka Obama approved of a published bio stating he was born in Kenya.  His Kenyan grandmother, Gaddafi, and the Kenyan Parliament stated he was born in Kenya.  There is a copy of his Certified Kenyan Birth Certificate online.

Obama easily tricked the American people, which may be why he called Americans “small-minded,” during a speech after he was sworn in at the  2009 inauguration.  During Obama’s inauguration, Obama aka Barry Soetoro was  pictured with his hand on a red book that appeared to be a red book of foreign ideologies known as the Koran or the Red Communist Manifesto which Americans didn’t notice.  The red book appears to explain why Obama and Michelle were laughing.  And, there it was, the clue, right before the eyes of the nation who didn’t notice. In 2009, Obama recited a speech and stated,  “America is  longer a Christian Nation.”  This should have given Americans their second clue, but not.

It appears today that many Americans are awakened and believe that Obama pledged his allegiance to a foreign god, who approved of pedophiliaas well as a foreign ideology, which in my opinion compromises his sworn oath.  One cannot have two masters. Obama aka Barry Soetoro stated in a speech on national television about January 2009 that he would make laws by using his pen and his phone.  He declared that he didn’t need the U.S. Constitution or Congress to implement the Executive Orders.  He repeated this statement a few times while in office. Obama kept that declaration and dictated unconstitutional laws that trampled on the U.S. Constitution against a Free Citizenry by writing and signing off on Executive Orders with a complicit Democratic-Rino Congress.

We The People love the story of Betsy Ross and how she carefully stitched the original red, white, and blue Flag of the United States of America without fringe around all three sides. It was a plain red, white, and blue Flag of the United States of America with a powerful and sentimental meaning to every patriotic loyal American ever since that moment in history.  Americans held the U.S. Flag high on U.S. soil and on the battlefields of foreign soil.  Americans fought and were injured and died holding the flag to keep America Free from foreign enemy invaders who would try to steal our land, freedom, liberty, and rights and enslave and kill American citizens. My family, including my father, uncles, and friends were among the loyal Americans who served the USA on the battlefields.

In fact, thousands of Fallen American soldiers have been injured or died in honor for this great nation. This is why we declare that we are the Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave.  One Nation Under God.  In God We Trust.  American soldiers fought against Communism and died fighting to free Europe and the Jews and keep the Communist from invading the USA during WWII. 

The United States Flag represents every U.S. Natural Born and legal loyal Naturalized American citizen, born or unborn on U.S. soil . The U.S. Flag has been burned on U.S.soil  and foreign soil by anti-Americans and foreign enemies.  In fact,  news articles allege that Obama stated that he and his wife as well as The Clinton’s participated in flag burning ceremonies during their youth.  The U.S. Flag has waved proudly on the shores of Tripoli, foreign and domestic battlefields.  The U.S. Flag is flown on U.S. soil and We The People Respect the U.S. Flag.  The soldiers hold the flag high, even if tattered and torn, due to the ravages of weather and war for more than 242 years.  It has flown across the oceans and through the skies.

After much research, I learned that on August 21, 1959, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed an Executive Order 10834 which is printed in the Federal Registry – 24 F.R. 6865 – pursuant to law, which stated that a military flag is a flag that resembles the regular Flag of the United States of America except that it has been stitched with yellow fringe on the borders on all three sides.  It’s my understanding from the materials I’ve read it leads me to believe that the yellow fringe stitched on the edges of the U.S. Flag represents the United States Maritime Laws and protects the American ships when entering international waters, so does that mean that the U.S. Constitution and sovereignty is suspended once the military enters into international waters and displays the yellow fringed U.S. flag? 

How is it under Obama’s Democratic-Socialist and Liberal Regime that Americans experienced U.N. Troops and vehicles on U.S. soil as reported in the news?  In fact, on or about 2010, Russian and Chinese Naval ships were docked in the USA, in particular, San Francisco, as their naval men came ashore in San Francisco which I witnessed.  And, why was the Chinese Army in full uniform  marching through the airport in Tucson, Arizona?   What happened to the international water laws that prohibit foreign enemy nations and military forces from entering U.S. Waters or air space and what about the laws that prohibit foreign enemy nations on U.S. soil?  Why were foreigners from foreign enemy nations raising their flags on U.S. soil under Obama’s reign?

Image result for Free stock photo of U.N. vehicles on U.S. soil

Should Americans not ponder if  golden-yellow fringe stitched on the edges of the U.S. Flag truly mean that  U.S. Constitutional laws are suspended so that foreign troops, i.e., Russian Naval Ships and Chinese Communist Naval ships and armies can enter our nation or dock in our U.S. Ports?  Should Americans not ponder why U.N. vehicles and  U.N. Troops, Islamic terrorists groups in America?  Shouldn’t Americans ponder why foreign illegals who could be foreign spies or a “Trojan Horse” coming to join an army that Obama stated he was creating that would be more powerful and more well-funded than the U.S. army be allowed to enter U.S. soil? 

Why are illegals who may be cartel members or dangerous gang members or radicals involved in trafficking guns, females, children, and drugs allowing in and out of the USA  allowed to remain in our country?  It was  Obama and Holder who changed Detain and Deport to Detain and Release criminals and illegal aliens.  Illegal immigration is a crime.  Of course, if leaders of Mexico or the USA and Canada were accepting bribes from the foreign radicals or gangs or cartels then they would definitely try to say that Illegal Immigration is Iegal and Americans are just racist! 

In California, Governor Jerry Brown was all onboard with the open borders, sanctuary cities, no-go zones, and funding illegals and attorneys for illegals to protect them, but failed to protect Americans. And, due to the illegal migration into the USA without inspections, California is a sanctuary state of druggies, needles, poop, homeless, poor, and diseases that are spreading turning the Golden State into the #1 impoverished state while Speaker Pelosi and her nephew Newsom and Gov. Brown allowed this to happen to one of the most popular wealthy states in the USA along with Reps. Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, and Dianne Feinstein.

Gov. Jerry Brown gets the reward for taking California, the leading state of the union into poverty and devastation.  Does any of the foreign invasions which the government refers to as “caravans,” a majority of males have anything to do with the fringe stitched on the edges of the U.S. Flag allowing the Democrats to call Illegal Immigration Legal that allow these Democrats to claim they have a right and deserve and are entitled to illegally violate U.S. Sovereignty, trespass, and remain in the USA on America’s taxpayer’s welfare system?  

And, is the yellow fringe on the U.S. Flag, part of the reason for good or bad that Obama gave immunity to Interpol and why Obama, George HW Bush, as well as the Clinton’s support the U.N.’s Gun Control efforts against Americans and their reduction of the world’s surplus of people under Agenda 21?  The Democrats under the Obama regime migrated tens of thousands of  pedophiles that adds to the existing international pedophile ring. The radicals who claim it’s their right to rape females and marry kids or have sex with kids have been migrated into America, Canada, and Europe. This only encourages child pornography on the internet and dark web. There is a remarkable increase of rapes in Sweden and Germany and could happen in the USA!

Migrating tens of thousands or millions of illegals into Western Civilization is referred to as “collectivism.”  America already allowed about 12,000,000 illegals to illegally cross into the USA since GHWB took office and Obama just opened the floodgates even to foreigne enemy nations.  If this continues, it becomes much more difficult for moral natural born Americans to win the battle against evil when people in congress abuse their power.  Speaker Pelosi continues to claim that these crimes of trafficking  babies, women and children due to illegal immigration are manufactured.  

The reason Americans must fight back against the United Nation’s “The Rights of the Child.”  The Clinton’s, Bush’s, and Obama’s support written by the United Nations, must never be approved in the USA.  “The United Nations is made up a majority of Muslim Brotherhood and Communist and Socialist Nations funded by the American taxpayers.  The “Rights of the Child” denies parental control and promotes parental alienation making children the property of mainly men from foreign nations who claim pedophilia is their right or rape or gang rape of any female they target.  This is another important reason we must clarify the meaning and symbolism of the yellow fringe stitched onto the edges of the U.S. Flag as to why the Congress and Obama, Holder, Jarrett, Hillary, Huma, and Ayers and Soros and all the rest of their team approve of illegal immigration and the United Nation’s Open Border policy and “The Rights of the Child” agenda.

 In fact, inserted into Obamacare is the mandated taxpayer funded “microchip.” How do Americans know if America’s babies aren’t being microchipped after birth at hospitals?  How do Americans know if the military or illegals aren’t being chipped when they are vaccinated?  What if they force police officers and public servants to be chipped by agreeing or else they lose their jobs?  This ultimatum would be similar to  Obama’s 2009  agenda when he attempted to force all Americans to be swine flu vaccinated against their free will or else be punished with a $1,000 fine and jail time and or lose their jobs! 

After all, the beast is here.  The world’s supercomputer and the world’s DNA supercomputer, which possibly explains why they’re swabbing customer’s DNA even at the airports, or asking for Iris scans on home computers and at the airports or workplaces or fingerprints and naked x-rays.  The question remains if the Obama’s, Clinton’s, Soros, Congress, Justices, Donors, or those they favor are  subjected to the same treatment.

The research I have discovered leads me to believe that the yellow fringe stitched on the U.S. Flag was intended for military use or Maritime use when entering International waters only or that it’s displayed in summary Court Martial procedures against civilians.  Is this why Congress declared America to be a “battlefield” under the Obama regime because we are in an undeclared war with at least 57 foreign enemy nations?   And, why does it appear that Congress has been targeting Americans with indefinite detention based on accusations only as we witnessed during the Kavanaugh hearings.  The Democrats declare an individual American is “guilty” based on their mob rule without a trial and without presumption of innocence during a job interview in the DOJ or when sitting before the Senate Judiciary Committee under the control of the Democrats?

How is it constitutional to approve of “Search and Seizure” based on accusation only without obtaining warrants based on probable cause from a Judge and enact no knock invasions at American homes and businesses, which appears to be a  violation of constitutional law, that requires “Due Process of Law” and “Miranda Rights?” Is the Constitution “meaningless as Obama declared several time. And, the question that is raised is Obama’s declaration of “meaningless” have anything to do with the yellow fringe stitched onto the edges of the U.S. Flag displayed in the White House, government buildings, and courthouses?

Image result for Free stock photo of U.S. Flag with yellow fringe

And the topper is that “Asset Forfeiture Law” is being promoted recently by former USAG Jeff Sessions which should be frightening to every legal American.  There are states such as Arizona who were documented in the news using the asset forfeiture law even at traffic stops. This is  an unconstitutional, illegal, and unlawful law that allows the government’s public servants to rip off the American citizens of their vehicles, money, assets, by a copy making even a false accusation against the persons they pull over even if the person/s are 100% innocent. In my opinion, since the 1990’s when California’s DOJ and Governor was attempting to promote “Search and Seizure” laws, many Americans lost their cars, homes, money and businesses and a myriad of Americans have been wrongfully killed.

The foreigners migrated into the USA as “Christian Refugees” from the Middle East and Somalia appears to be protected under Obama and the Democrats discriminatory “Hate Crimes Bill” that only protects Muslims and Gays, making it unconstitutional in my opinion because the U.S. Constitution established the laws of the land for all Americans and equality for all Americans.

After Obama and the Democrats took control of the USA, the radicals who stole our and by setting up no-go zone signs and even are creating their own police force are using the “Hate Crimes Bill” according to news reports over the past decade to call the police and have Americans arrested if they accuse an American of insulting them or trespassing on our homeland which they’ve declared belongs to them!  from foreign enemy nations are using accusation only to call the police on Americans who they accuse of insulting them.  For example, if Americans share their religious literature or speak out in public or advertise on America’s soil any Christian or Catholic or Protestant literature, they have pressured the owners of the Malls to remove the literature or ads on America’s Homeland.

The Hate Crimes Bill should be repealed and include All Americans or should be made null and void on its face.  In fact, if law enforcers are going to detain Americans based on accusations only that could be 100% false accusations, or legal rights of Americans being trampled upon, it will cost natural-born Americans thousands of dollars in legal fees to fight back. Some people refer to these lawsuits and arrests as Jihad by Lawsuit and arrest.  This is why Americans must ask these questions of their lawmakers and find out if they are lawmakers or law breakers!

Americans should be asking if the yellow fringe on the flag is part of the reason why Obama declared that “America will never be at war with Islam because it appears that the Democrats have been reversing Constitutional Laws to use against law-abiding natural-born and loyal naturalized patriotic Americans who are defenders of the U.S. Constitution,  Bible, or God?  For example, they call Illegal Immigration Legal! 

Does the yellow fringed U.S. Flag have anything to do with Obama and Holder ordering  terrorists be tried in civilian courts to avoid Military Tribunals by threatening Americans and Journalists that if they called them “war criminals” or “Islamic Terrorists” they would be punished by a Military Tribunal and either put to death or sent to GITMO without the civilian courts diminishing what in the past would be called war crimes against Americans down to “workplace violence” and releasing under Obama’s E.O. of Detain and Release. Detain and Release wipes out Constitutional Law without congressional approval in my opinion. 

Instead, it appears that Obama and Holder protected the radicals and who attacked and killed and injured Americans shouting out their famous words before the attacks and forced Americans to pay millions of dollars for each attack that ended up in courtrooms when it would have probably cost a cup of coffee and a brown bag lunch to try the terrorists in a Military Tribunal.  

Americans demand clarification:

1. I’ve noticed over the past few years that the yellow fringe Flag of the United States is more frequently displayed at the White House press conferences or displayed elsewhere such as courtrooms, especially between 2009-2016. This raises the question if that is a tactic so that the radicals being elected or appointed into America’s courthouses as Judges can swear on a book of foreign ideologies pledging their allegiance to two Masters is it?

And, as reported in many online news articles, there are more anti-American  foreign immigrants appointed to positions of power within the White House and DHS even though they haven’t been citizens for long and refuse to assimilate as Americans or Pledge their Allegiance to the United States Constitution, but state on video and interviews that they aren’t here to assimilate but “dominate.”

 As I stated above, it’s extremely important to know the truth about the yellow fringe stitched on the edges of the U.S. Flag that has been displayed often under the Obama-Hillary Clinton Socialist Democratic congressional members.  The yellow fringed Flags have been seen in U.S. Courtrooms around the nation. This is disturbing as many Judges declare, “This is my courtroom and you have no constitutional rights.” And, the only protection Americans can use for protection against tyranny is the United States Constitution, “Due Process of Law” and “Miranda Rights.”  If the U.S. Constitutional Law, “Due Process of Law” is “meaningless” than we are no longer exceptional and in line with Third World Nations who find their citizens guilty by mob rule.

It’s disturbing that American public servants or American citizens or foreigners who illegally or legally enter into the USA no longer have to be loyal to the U.S. Constitution or Pledge their allegiance to the U.S. Flag, but boldly place their hands on foreign communist or foreign ideologies that are antithetical to the U.S. Constitution and morals and laws which have been rooted in Christian laws and The Ten Commandments.  America will be immoral and lawless if the Democrats and Rinos continue to allow foreigners to declare that crimes of murder, rape, and pedophilia, incest, genital mutilation, gang rapes, is  a “religious right” and a “man’s right” in America versus crimes punishable by U.S. Law. Remember, it’s a felony to commit murder. 

In the past, the U.S. FBI would arrest and/or deport leaders of a “cult,” who committed such crimes under the guise of religion, but today, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and America invite the to legally or illegally enter into the USA without inspections and legal identification. In fact, in California, they intend to allow an admitted COMMUNIST and ILLEGALS to apply and be elected to public office in the USA. How is congress justifying what appears to be not only illegal acts but unconstitutional acts? 

A question blowing in the wind that is being raised is the confusion of how it is legal for a  a non-vetted or vetted eligible U.S. President, whose designated as the Commander-In-Chief to replace the original United States Flag on U.S.  soil with a yellow fringed U.S. Flag to be displayed in The White House, Courthouses, and government buildings on U.S. soil?  It is extremely important for clarification related to the  allegations of the yellow fringe stitched around the flag and it is only intended for Maritime Law and if the U.S. Constitution is suspended or Revoked?

Furthermore, there is a question by millions of Americans who believe or ponder if the U.S. Constitution was suspended by some past corporate agreement involving the Rothschilds and a handful of wealthy men and if the yellow fringe stitched on the edges of the U.S. Flag eliminates the authority of the President of the USA and the authority as Commander-in-Chief under a corporation that numbers every American born on U.S. soil or legal natural-born American known as the Social Security Number or in the end times known as the “Mark?”  In fact, does the yellow fringed flag diminish the  authority of the DOJ and Congress because if the U.S. Constitution is suspended and not in effect than neither is the Federal Government recognized or in effect.

The yellow fringe flags beg the question as to why Obama was slipped into office without proper vetting and without a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate as only a Natural-Born American is eligible to be a U.S. President because if it’s true that the yellow fringed flag on land suspends the U.S. Constitution then that would be the only way that the Congress and DOJ could allow an Indonesian National born in Kenya according to his own lips and bio to be the President of the United States of America without the Speaker Pelosi and the Congress and Justices being held accountable for their actions.

The only authority to operate the Federal Government of the United States of America, which is granted limited powers, remains in the power of the Constitution of the United States of America being in effect as the Supreme Laws of the Land. Therefore, if the three branches of government are suspended then everyone working in the three branches of government should have been handed Pink Slips on the day that this occurred and made retroactive if true. It appears that day may have been on January 9, 2009.

2.  Why do many courtrooms, especially those where the former President Barry aka Obama has appointed federal judges appear to have flags standing with yellow fringe as reported by some Americans or seen  during a national Press Conferences on television?  Should we, the American citizens, consider this to be a silent warning to citizens that the U.S. Constitution is suspended or possibly revoked in D.C. at the White House or in the U.S. Courtrooms rendering the American people unprotected by U.S. Constitutional law in D.C. and in those courtrooms where many times litigants are denied due process of law or the right to defend themselves or even present evidence? 

Consequently, if theoretically speaking, the U.S. Constitution is revoked or suspended without disclosure by the U.S. Federal Government then that is a fraud on the American Citizens and their taxes and bank accounts would be unprotected as well and that would also be a fraud on the American taxpayers, voters, and legal citizens of the USA.  In other words, we would be victims of a highjacking by people in public office who have knowledge of the suspension of the U.S. Constitution and their failure to inform the American citizens of such a serious matter which appears to be traitors and treason if the allegations or such theories were proven to be true. It appears that such an agenda would allow for a coup to more easily be implemented.

After all, how is it that Sharia Law is being approved on U.S. soil in Texas or Dearborn and other cities  if the yellow fringe is “meaningless?”   If the yellow fringe is “meaningless” then Sharia Law would never even be an issue in the USA. The U.S. Constitution would apparently have to be considered “meaningless” in order to avoid a charge of treason, is that not correct?   The U.S. Constitution prohibits a foreign law r foreign dual government to be enacted upon U.S. soil and established such action as traitors and treason. 

The Red Book below:  Which book was Obama swearing on as he flubbed up the sworn oath to the highest office in the land and was sworn in twice so was his hand on the Communist Red Book or the Quran?  Are they laughing at America and Americans who didn’t even notice the Red Book? And, note, he wore a “red” tie, not a “blue tie” – Everything is symbolic and has a meaning believe it or not!  He also stated, he didn’t want to wear “that pin” on his lapel, which is the U.S. Flag.

Image result for Free stock photo of Obama with hand on red book 2009

And, it appears that Obama and Holder, Jarrett, and Hillary Clinton and their regime were attempting to allow  Sharia Law be imposed on U.S. soil as the Iranian-born Jarrett made a her mission known while glued to Obama’s hip for 8 years.  Apparently, they were seeking to set foreigners free of charges filed or accusations filed against those Obama and Hillary Clinton migrated into the USA for 8 years at taxpayer’s expense. It didn’t matter if they were legal or illegal, fake refugees or legal refugees, pedophiles, rapist, or radicalized because they by-passed ICE inspections at the ports of entry when flying them into the USA late at night.  And, ICE is what the radicals and Democrats are demanding be dismantled, not the no-go zones, but ICE.

The Department of Justice, Congressional members, or  We The People, must never allow Sharia Law to be imposed in the USA creating a dual DOJ and dual government because we would not be following U.S. Constitutional Law and we would be enslaved to foreign enemies on U.S. soil who refuse to assimilate and uphold the U.S. Constitutional laws required by the U.S. Constitution. Americans would be sitting before the Democratic pit bulls who by mob rule attack the witnesses and declare them guilty without a trial. This would mean we would no longer be the United States of America, but the “Divided States of America.”  Did Obama and Hillary, Schumer, Kerry, and Pelosi, Brennan, Rahm, De Blasio and Bloomberg or more convert to a foreign ideology and pledge their allegiance to foreign international bodies?

 Congress needs to speak to all Americans and explain these serious issues on national television which make no sense to most Americans.   Why can’t Americans criticize illegal aliens, and radicals, terrorists, gangs, and cartels without being called “racist?”  In the USA, the laws that aren’t in compliance with U.S. Laws are known as crimes! And, specific crimes require arrest and deportation from the USA. When were Americans taken hostage by their government who we pay our hard earned taxes to defend us, while they hold themselves above the law and exempt themselves from the law, and those they favor?  Does their trampling on constitutional law have anything to do with the yellow fringe on the U.S. Flag?

Americans aren’t paying the wages of career politicians to randomly choose to set-up a dual government or dual Department of Justice or rogue anti-American government and foreign ideologies based on feelings.  We don’t pay politicians to slip in non-vetted persons or lie about their identification or credentials. 

We The People don’t pay politicians to approve people who aren’t natural-born citizens to be POTUS!  We don’t pay politicians to recklessly spend our tax dollars to support foreign enemies and foreigners who violate Federal and State Laws at the borders and trespass.  We The People don’t expect our tax dollars to be used for fake “refugees” to use our public service jobs to replace Americans with foreigners who are anti-American, anti-sovereignty, anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-Christian, anti-Jew, and anti-constitution. 

How then should We The People not ponder if these issues mentioned in this blog are a reason why far too many Liberal Judges have been seen on video stating, “This is my courtroom” as previously stated because Americans pay their wages and benefits and pay for those courtrooms to be maintained.  Or they shout at the litigant without an attorney, “We found you guilty,”even  if you weren’t notified of a previous hearing believe it or not.  Or, they might angrily state to a litigant without a lawyer,  “You  have no constitutional rights.” If  America’s litigants have no constitutional rights, but foreign enemies do have rights and are set free from their crimes including murdering Americans, then who are these politicians?

Is the yellow fringe on the U.S. Flag displayed in a courtroom part of the reason why too many Liberal Judges believe they can implement Sharia law in U.S. Courtrooms?  How is it okay for IMAMS or immigrants, legal or illegal, residing on U.S.  soil who declare on TV or online that they aren’t here to follow U.S. Constitutional Law, but to impose Sharia Law on Americans to remain on welfare in the USA as 90% of the illegals and refugees are living off U.S. welfare.  (Would it be okay for Americans to illegally walk across the borders in any of the 57  Middle East countries  and state that we refuse to obey their laws?)   

Also, can activist judges use any laws they choose with immunity, even foreign laws such as Sharia law, for example to implement their decisions in favor of anti-Americans who refuse to follow U.S. Laws and demand America’s legal system impose foreign law in their cases, but under which job duty and constitutional law could they constitutionally and legally do so?

Furthermore, imposing the Communist Manifesto or  foreign Sharia Law on U.S. soil  presents a dictatorial  government and clever agendas used by the Liberal Socialist Democrats to usurp the U.S. Constitution.  Such a treasonous act would create a huge  conflict of interest between the U.S. President and the Federal Judges  and U.S. Justices.  In fact, the Justices and Judges would be forced to allow all foreign radicals  or criminals who claim a “religious right” to be set free from being charged with murder, raping women and kids, or robbing Americans.

 In other words, loyal Americans who ended up victims of foreign radicals would receive no justice in the USA and we would no longer be the USA.  Obama would win if the U.S. Constitution and Congress were made “meaningless.”  How would the law enforcers stop the foreign enemies within or without or domestic enemies from within from blackmailing public servants and their families if they overpopulated and dominated and took control?

These treasonous acts would eliminate Constitutional Law entirely and the Bill of Rights.  Such treasonous acts would deny all women and children any rights at all.  And, as Obama stated, he would also have achieved his declaration that “America is no longer a Christian nation” and we know what foreign enemies do to Christians, Jews, and non-converts.  Remember, it was Michelle Obama who stated in her last speech before leaving the White House when speaking to foreigners that this country belongs to the them and they aren’t to forget it.

 In my book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” I point out that there far too many activist judges, who have been ignoring and avoiding constitutional law and re-writing their own laws, on the courtroom bench. This is a very dangerous path for all Americans who seek justice.  (My award-winning book, Fight Back Legal Abuse, is available at to read complimentary pages but out-of-print.)

Fight Back Legal Abuse
Irwin Award Winner self-help: Fight Back Legal Abuse available at

3.  Is the government using the U.S. Flag with yellow stitched edges as a warning without verbal declarations  that once American citizens walk into the people’s house, The White House, and they witness the yellow fringe flags on display, that they are not protected by the U.S. Constitution should they be accused of wrongdoing for any reason by the police or security on federal property?

What if the yellow fringe flag suspended the U.S. Constitution in order to create police states as D.C. appears to be a police state when I visited D.C.  They refuse to allow people to stand in one spot on the sidewalk without walking even though they are public sidewalks that are paid with U.S. tax dollars. Too much police powers allowed for the temptation of abusing Americans, women, kids, elderly, and even dogs.

After all, the police were  called out in D.C. to arrest American kids who were dancing and having fun in front of the D.C. government building under Obama’s watch if you recall.  We know that foreigners who migrated into our country find singing and dancing offensive, so guess who must comply with their laws, not ours?  In fact, under Obama and Holder’s watch,  the police arrested America’s elderly veterans in wheelchairs,  90-year-old men, who travelled to honor the WWII Memorials.  They  served this nation and and fought for our freedom during WWII  against the Communist.  Obama and Holder allowed them to be arrested, but they made sure they set Muslim Terrorists free from GITMO.  Obama and Bill Clinton never served the military and appear to have disdain for the Military and Veterans.

 In fact, Bill Clinton dodged the draft and fled to Communist Russia after fleeing to Oxford, and it appears that Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have embraced the Communist ideologies since their college days.  Bill Clinton is reported to have stated in a letter to a U.S. Colonel that he would not fight for this country.  Yet, both these men, Obama and BIll Clinton as well as Hillary Clinton, appear to be the best candidates  chosen by the  NWO to be slipped into the Office of President of the USA even though when the Clinton’s left the White House, they forgot to leave the china and silverware behind and eventually were ordered to return it.

After all, the current non-vetted president, Obama, declared as previously stated on several occasions that  the Constitution and Congress is  “meaningless” and “flawed” and that the U.S. Constitution needs to be changed. This raises the question if the  yellow fringe flag could possibly be the symbol used toenact that change he seeks.  Could the yellow firnged flag be displayed with intent that the Executive Officer, the U.S. President, who is the Commander-in-Chief, may intend to declare Martial Law on U.S. soil by calling out Black-White tension and civil unrest or a Pandemic.

  After all, Obama called out a “pandemic” in 2009 as a test case, it appeared, and then fell short of calling out “Martial Law” after Obama and Holder pulled out the Black-White Race card in 2009.  Of course, George Soros was a major orchestra leader. However, former V.P. Joe Biden and former USAG, Loretta Lynch called for U.N. Troops to patrol the streets of the USA after the Hillary Clinton email scandal was exposed in the news.

Some people may be surprised, but it appears that Martial Law makes the DHS a shadow government according to a Presidential Order that may have began with Bill Clinton.  Bill Clinton passed it onto George W Bush and George W. Bush passed it onto Obama aka Barry Soetoro.  The Order calls out Conservatives, Constitutionalist, Patriots, and Christians as “right-wing extremist” and enemies of the Left.  Bill Clinton and Holder as well as the Southern Poverty Law Center, didn’t support  Patriotic Americans under the Clinton-Reno-Holder reign. They were Gun Control supporters as well. The Clinton regime ordered law enforcers to fire on Americans. America’s men, women, children, and pregnant women were killed at WACO and Ruby Ridge on their Homeland by their taxpayer funded leaders. According to Randy Weaver and a witness I interviewed, David Thibodeaux years ago, they weren’t served or properly served a subpoena which is required by the law and  known as “Due Process of Law.”

The Clinton-Bush-Obama Presidential Order appears to allow DHS-FEMA to take over as the shadow government if a POTUS calls out “Martial Law”or a Pandemic or both due to civil unrest or diseases spreading that leads to quarantines and removing Americans from their homes to gov’t facilities once the POTUS calls out a “Pandemic.” America’s streets would be patrolled and curfew established.   Remember, Obama and Sibelius attempted to call out the “swine flu” as a “pandemic” in 2009 and attempted to force all Americans to be vaccinated with a chemical-laden vaccine or be punished and lose their  jobs, be fined, or jailed.  How easily Americans forget or refuse to remember.

Image result for Free stock photo of DHS-Fema vehicle

If civil unrest were called out under this order by a POTUS that would allow DHS-FEMA to quarantine Americans, set curfews, patrol the streets possibly with U.N. troops, and according to the Presidential Order allow the gov’t to take Americans away to possibly the secret FEMA Camps to be “reprogrammed” or whatever! In the 1990’s, President Bill Clinton as well as President George W. Bush and V.P. Dick Cheney secretly were building private prisons for-profit and FEMA facilities without the knowledge that America’s tax dollars were being spent on these facilities. 

Under the Obama-Hillary-Bill Clinton regime, former DHA Director, Janet Napolitano purchased tons of ammunition as well as miles and miles of FEMA trains, perhaps, to take the “right-winger” Americans who elected them and paid their wages to those FEMA camps if civil unrest or a Pandemic is called out coud it be?  The Bush’s, Clinton’s, and Obama’s quickly became very wealthy as public servants on taxpayer wages through their pay-to-play Clinton Foundation. Also, the Presidential Order stated that Americans were to be reprogrammed and remain at the facilities until they complied which is what a Muslim Congressional woman in 2019 stated at a CAIR meeting needed to be done to Americans in order to accept the ideologies of foreign enemy nations which was captured on video. 

After Senator John McCain (deceased) and Sen. Levin (retired) and Sen. Graham proposed the NDAA Law and the Democratic Congress and Obama and Holder all approved and enacted this dangerous law that denies “due process of law,” Obama and Holder proposed the “Kill Bill” as well. Obama and Holderenacted the dangerous NDAA Law that denies “due process of law” to anyone including legal Americans of committing a serious crime against the government based on accusation only.T

The NDAA Law allows the government to bypass constitutional law and indefinitely detain the accused, deny phone calls, deny access to lawyers,denies access to a judge and a trial or jury, and denies “Due Process of Law” and “Miranda Rights.”  I am guessing, Americans will remain possibly in FEMA Camps if the communist or Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR members should succeed with the funding and assistance of the United Nations and the EU and CFR and secret societies that aren’t so secret anymore to take down the USA.  This is why We The People demand to know the true meaning of the yellow fringe on the U.S. Flag.

This also raises the question – how does all this work out in favor of the American people if anti-American foreigners are employed in the White House and DHS and appointed to the Committee of 25 under Obamacare which is an unconstitutional act as well.  The Committee of 25, are appointees who determine who lives and who dies under the Obamacare mandates.  Although, Americans have been told Obamacare is being repealed, it is still the land of the law until President Trump nullifies it and voids it and burns it!   How would all this work out to benefit the legal natural-born Americans if overrun by foreign enemies employed into the military, police force, hospitals, ANTIFA type groups, and TSA or if anti-American foreigners accessed Judgeships and public office?

4.  Furthermore, when American litigants or any U.S. citizen, who monitors the courts, walks into a state or federal courtroom, while the Flag with yellow fringe is displayed outside or inside of the courtroom,  which according to the statutes represents military or maritime  laws, how then should the American people determine if that presiding Justice of Judge in any case will uphold  his fiduciary duty and uphold, defend, and preserve, the U.S. Constitution or if he will uphold a foreign law such as Sharia Law or communist laws or the laws rendered by the U.N.?  If this wasn’t an issue then how can Sharia Law be enacted in some cities?

For example, if the U.S. Constitution is ignored, avoided, re-written on the bench, manipulated or usurped by  the Federal Judges or members of congress or a  or State Government and by-passed by a U.S. President or the Commander-in-Chief, how then could Americans stop the judicial system from stonewalling specific cases which may not be in the best interest of the litigants or military personnel and the American people?  They will just tell you that ignorance of their law is no excuse, right?

Update:  The Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton modern-day “Bonnie and Clyde” have been accused of lying, and cover-ups. Hillary and Bill have accumulated more  scandals in 40+ years it appears probably than any 2 people in U.S. History.  The Clinton’s even removed the taxpayer’s China and silverware, and art, from the White House without being arrested, but the items were found in their custody as the story is reported and the Clinton’s were pardoned upon return the evidence.  For decades, they’ve hung out with a registered Pedophile who traffics minor kids and has underground facilities as the Democrats sweep it away. 

The news report about Orgy Island should boggle the minds of every American.  Orgy Island was under operation for decades just like the Playboy mansion, but who in public service cared?  How many actually were participating is a question blowing in the wind.

 There are many dark secrets, of course. It begs the question why Jeffrey Epstein’s property known as Orgy Island and his plane, The Lolita Express, were never confiscated by the Clinton’s while in office or Hillary Clinton’s long-time friends and associates in the FBI.  They have no problem confiscating the property and assets of the average American accused of a crime even if they’re innocent,  but apparently, not the well-funded and well-connected.  In fact, Hollywood Liberals glorify it all.

For example, who will prevent a USAG in charge of the Department of Justice from  sending war criminals aka terrorists into a civilian court and having their charges reduced from mass murder committed by an admitted Jihadist who the government allowed to join the U.S. Military.  He preplanned to murder unarmed American soldiers inside a U.S. Military Base without warning in cold blood.  And, Obama and Holder wanted his charges reduced down to workplace violence.  Reminds me of Comey reducing Hillary’s removal of classified government documents and the destruction of government documents reduced to “carelessness.”  Must be nice to know people in high places.

It appears that the current U.S.  President secretly negotiates with terrorist groups when the news reported that Obama released 5 dangerous terrorists from GITMO and allowed them to fly back to the Middle East in exchange for releasing an American who defected named Bergdahl without notifying congress according to the news reports, but who cares, right?

Furthermore, major news stories reported that Obama  met with the Muslim Brotherhood and that the press was not allowed in. This recurred for 8 years.  In fact Obama released thousands of felons back onto the streets inside the USA and he released hundreds of felons right before he left office in 2016.  Gov. Brown released hundreds of felons on the streets in California. I guess they love felons.

On the other hand, the Democrats love Obama, Hillary, Bill Clinton and George Soros.  They ignore all of the sexual wrongdoing reported against the Clinton’s over 40 plus years which even alleged pedophilia.  They ignore all the allegations of sexual promiscuity against the non-vetted President Obama even prior to his candidacy. 

Does protecting felons and releasing illegals who committed serious felonies against Americans on U.S. soil including pedophilia or migrating pedophiles into the USA have anything to do with the yellow fringe  on the U.S. Flag displayed in the White House and government buildings and courtrooms since the terrorists who were released should have been tried in a Military Tribunal in my opinion, not in a civilian court.

After all, if the federal government should believe that the U.S. Flag with yellow fringe on all  three sides suspends or revokes the U.S. Constitution, then how would that not equate to the White House rendering the American people helpless and at the mercy of the federal government without constitutional protections and rendering citizens guilty until proven innocent ?  If true, then the Federal Government is “suspended” as well and should stop working and stop forcing Americans to pay them if they are unprotected by the U.S. Constitution and the 3 branches of government would be operating without constitutional authority.

President George W. Bush misled Americans into believing that the Patriot Act was temporary. Obama and Holder and the Democrats forced the NDAA Law on Americans as well denying “due process of law” and “Miranda Rights,” but hopefully, only targets Americans who are committing treason and aiding and abetting the enemy.

Why should Americans be concerned about yellow fringe on the U.S. Flag.  It is extremely important that Americans are vigilant and aware of what everything that the federal government does is according to the constitution and the will of the majority of Americans for the welfare and safety of every American and to maintain the sovereignty of the USA.

And, why it was necessary to naked x-ray Americans at the airports knowing the Obama-Hillary-Holder-Jarrett regime preplanned to migrate foreigners from foreign enemy nations into the USA by the millions! It appears that these long-time plans included the CFR’s North American Union to open the borders to foreign illegals and flood our nation with foreigners who overpopulate after telling Americans in the 1970’s, not to have more than two kids because we’re overpopulated. This is another reason to clarify the meaning of the yellow fringe on the U.S Flag which could relate to illegals being called legal by Congress. If the Constitution is suspended then there is no illegal immigration which of course, is a fraud on Americans.

But why should the lawmakers care about the laws they impose that are unconstitutional, illegal, and unlawful?  Do they care if they get caught funneling  money to themselves or that they can’t get enough pork from the pork barrels funded by the taxpayers?  Do they care that they hold themselves above the law and  exempt themselves from the law and those they favor from the law, i.e., Muslims, Gays, Illegals, donors, bundlers, registered Pedophile, King Pin child trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, or anti-American George Soros and Henry Kissinger, as well as their family and wealthy donors?

As I stated, there have been a myriad of unconstitutional laws mandated by Barry Soetoro aka Obama approved as Executive Orders.  Executive Orders were never intended to make law or rewrite constitutional law by way of the oval office.  E.O.’s weren’t intended to usurp constitutional law and by-pass constitutional law or by-pass congress, but that’s what Obama chose to do for 8 years with a complicit congress.

  Many career politicians on the Left and the Rinos are long-time associates from Chicago and New York and many congressional members have become extremely wealthy on taxpayer wages.  This leaves the question of the fringe on the yellow flag.  Is the yellow fringe on the U.S. Flag one of the tools used that allowed Obama and Hillary to invade the USA with a majority of radicals and illegals who refuse to assimilate, but state they come to dominate and intend to control Congress and the oval office?

 As I wrote in my book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse, the Obama Socialist Liberal Democrats have morphed all three branches of government into one branch and circumvented and eliminated Checks and Balances.  It’s “Checks and Balances”  that makes America exceptional as well as “Due Process of Law.”  The Congress and DOJ allowed Obama to dictate to the American Citizens by writing Executive Orders and changing and altering or eliminating Freedom, Liberty, Due Process of Law, and Rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution apparently as the first Manchurian Candidate who easily “tricked” the 51% of America

These unconstitutional laws were approved without Congress exercising their fiduciary duty to read, study, and make sure that any changes or amendments to the U.S. Constitution are in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and the will of the majority of Americans.  The Democrats in Congress failed to protect the sovereignty, welfare, and health and safety of all legal Americans.   It is their duty to approve laws that are just, fair, use common sense, are economically sound, and equitable,  They failed miserably from 2009 to 2016.

Obama’s Executive Orders have been allowed to remain on the books by the Democrats and Rinos to-date that granted due process of law and freedom and liberty to criminals, illegals , and terrorist, who violate immigration laws.    Obama’s Executive Orders appear to grant more rights to the criminals and foreign enemies and deny freedom and rights to the legal natural-born Americans who pay his taxpayer-funded wages and pension.

It appears that Obama’s Executive Orders granted more leniency to foreign enemy war criminals aka terrorists, aka enemy combatants, and radicals. Obama and former USAG Eric Holder appear to have reduced the anti-American war crimes down to civilian U.S. crimes,  i.e. the Fort Hood Mass Murder of Unarmed American military men and women.  The Fort Hood preplanned serial murder on a U.S. Military Base by an employed  Jihadist,  taxpayer-funded by Americans.

How could a man on the FBI watch list under Obama and Hillary and Holder’s watch end up in the U.S. Military knowing that Jihadist don’t fear dying for their god and cause but consider it an honor and the more Americans or Christians or Jews they take before dying, they believe the higher the honor according to their videos.

 Obama and Holder were attempting to reduce the charges of a serial murder by an admitted Jihadist down to workplace violence.  This would be similar to a U.S. citizen, who is a criminal and robbed a bank having their charges reduced down to a loan.

 In fact, the non-vetted President Obama released dangerous Terrorists from GITMO without Constitutional or Congressional authority or notification without worrying about being impeached.  – Topic:  Agendas of the New World Order with Rose Colombo and Anthony J. Hilder

5.  Finally, how then could Americans not demand to know if the U.S. Constitution is or was  suspended under the Obama-Holder-Hillary Clinton-Kerry-Brennan-Democratic watch?   And, if so, under which constitutional authority are White House elected congressional members and law enforcers applying that grants them the authority to violate their sworn oaths?  Legal Immigration means “Legal.”

Under which constitutional authority did Obama and Holder and the congressional members apply to grant themselves immunity from the laws of the land or exempt themselves from the laws of the land such as upholding Legal Immigration and Obamacare?

Which constitutional authority are they granting to themselves to hold themselves above the law?  Is it because they have appointed people who will support them and protect them from being prosecuted within the DOJ and federal courthouses?

Have members of congress or other taxpayer funded public servants who hold themselves above the law pledged their allegiance to foreign enemy ideologies or became secret converts with two masters, but no one can be faithful to two masters.  Is it because they pledged their allegiance as admitted to an international foreign body known as the New World Order, which should be considered treason. Anyone who pledged their allegiance to a foreign ideology or the U.N. and New World Order cannot be an ally of the USA in support of the U.S. Constitution.  Their allegiance is to a foreign international body.

Only criminals hold themselves above the laws.   It is the  primary fiduciary duty of every public servant to uphold, defend, and preserve the U.S. Constitution versus “suspend” or revoke, ignore or avoid or usurp the U.S Constitution?  The American people would never elect disloyal public servants if they knew their intent was to suspend or Revoke the U.S. Constitution rendering the American people unprotected and vulnerable to legal abuse and injustices. 

Tyrannical laws that deny the constitutional rights, freedoms, and liberties to legal Americans will lead to enslavement or genocide or indefinite detention under foreign law.  However,  the Democrats continue to push for gun control while leaving the borders open to terrorist and cartels who traffic guns into the USA. 

In fact, Obama and Holder with the knowledge of Senator Feinstein and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, were aware that Obama and Holder used taxpayer money to hire a strawman to purchase U.S. guns and traffic them into Mexico, a foreign nations, to sell to untracked cartel members for 2 years and hundreds of people were murdered including 2 Border Patrol Officers.  This scandal is known as “Fast and Furious.”  The foreign enemies would have already attempted to overthrow America, but the truth is that there are more guns in the USA and chickens than there are Americans.

Which constitutional law provides congress the authority to “suspend” the U.S. Constitution in the past 242  years?  As we already know that they rubber stamped 2700 pages of laws, mandates, regulations, punishments, taxes and penalties when the Democrats approved Obamacare.  The Democrats admitted that they never read Obamacare. They lied about Obamacare.  And, John Kerry, admitted to the senators under oath that he didn’t read the entire Iran Deal and part of it left Americans vulnerable to Iran!   In fact, there’s a photo of  John Kerry kissing the forehead of an Iranian Imam.  Spreading America’s love, not just our tax dollars.

 This behavior by US elected public servants falls in line with my fictional adventure story on how unconstitutional laws are needed to be enacted in order to deny freedom and liberty.  I unravel these dangerous Obamacare agendas and Redistribution of Wealth in my political satire written as an adventure story,  “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, RedNecks and Radicals” which every freedom-loving person should enjoy reading at

6. Under which U.S. Constitutional authority is the Executive Office or the U.S. Congress or federal or state judges applying that grants them the power to replace the original U.S. Flag with a yellow fringe edged stitched in yellow and display such in the White House or public buildings or public courthouses on U.S. soil? 

Is it okay to display the yellow fringed flag even if the intent is for military and/or maritime use  when entering into foreign international waters or possibly on land when dealing with foreign enemies or  in a Military Tribunal involving a U.S. Citizen accused of treason?

 Although, people will disagree with me and say, it doesn’t matter, it does matter if it restricts constitutional freedom or allows foreign enemies to march on U.S. soil.  These issues matter if it’s a violation of  international water laws and allows foreign enemies to dock in our ports and coastlines. 

It matters if it allows Islamic anti-American organizations to access U.S. soil and promote foreign laws which is treason. It matters if foreigners are illegally or fraudulently in the USA as fake Americans with intent to deny freedom to Americans without being able to prohibit them from doing so because of a flag that prohibits constitutional law from being the law of the land, right? 

Should we not demand to know if the yellow fringe flags grants the right of  foreign anti-American nations the right to fly their flags on U.S. soil which we are experiencing today and remains shocking to me.

The Communist flag has been raised in D.C.  The Mexican flag has been  raised on U.S. soil. The Middle East flags have been raised on U.S. soil.  The Palestinian flag and ISIS flags have been raised on U.S. soil.  The  Communist Chinese flag has been raised on U.S. soil.  How is that not offensive and viewed as treason to the White House and viewed as treason by every loyal American?

As I visited Italy in May 2018, I can tell you that the Italian police were quick to warn any foreigner of raising their foreign flags on their soil.  Bravo, Italia!  I visited China Town in Chicago, and I was shocked to see the Communist Chinese flags displayed on the balconies across that area!  And, there are U.S. cities harassing Americans and ordering them to take down their U.S. flags?  This is disgraceful that Americans aren’t uniting and demanding answers.

7.  Therefore, I must raise the question if the U.S. Flag adorned with the yellow fringe on all three sides is the silent or preparatory declaration of  Martial law or a suspension of the U.S. Constitution under the current or past administration? 

It’s imperative that Congress clarify and define by declaration the true meaning of the fringe on a U.S. flag, for it wasn’t added without a specific reason, but added for military and/or maritime purposes that suspends the U.S. Constitutional laws on foreign waters for sure!  It’s important they define this law for clarification.

After all, it’s the current and the past Congressional members, who aren’t reading the unconstitutional laws they mandate, in violation of the 14th Amendment, as well as violating their sworn fiduciary duty which is a federal crime punishable by fines and jail time or both.  Thus, we must demand the answer as to why the White House and Congress are approving unconstitutional laws, which the Congress and US President, won’t touch with their little fingers!

Also, could the yellow fringe flag be part of the reason that the  federal government is violating the constitutional rights of every U.S. Natural Born Citizen by forcing innocent American adults and children to be forced into an intrusive groping of person, humiliated with  naked photographic x-rays, and full body radiation at the airports in violation of the 4th Amendment?  And, assaulting Americans with radiation which has adverse health effects while Obama flew in radicals and allowed illegals and radicals to cross our borders without inspections?

How is that not an assault on our private parts and persons if we are innocent until proven guilty just because Soros and OSI Systems and Chertoff and Obama decide that this money-maker must be used with a built-in customer base forever to radiate Americans while giving the foreigners from 57 Muslim Nations and more a pass from the same inspections at the airports?  Why are legal Americans being inspected without probable cause and subjected to naked x-rays and radiation?

How is it that Congress approved the NDAA Law causing fear in the minds of Americans knowing this regime could abuse their power and target Americans based on accusation only of non-compliance.  This is very dangerous to all Americans and their freedoms.  Look what Obama and Holder and Clinton’s did to the Bundy’s, Finnicum family, WACO, and Ruby Ridge and how they coddled the radicals and terrorists and asked if the military would fire on Americans?  Well, they already had fired on Americans as the U.S. has a historical record of it.

The NDAA Law based on accusation only is dangerous to our constitutional Right to access “Due Process of Law” and Miranda Rights as I stated which spells “abuse” if  the system views you as a problem!   Of course, they exempt the gays, Muslims, and illegals and themselves, right?   What explanation does Congress have for passing these draconian laws on U.S. soil that deny freedom, liberty,  rights, and due process of law without making it very clear that it only applies to foreign enemies and domestic enemies committing espionage or treason?

The asset forfeiture laws have been implemented in some cities around the USA.  There are cases of people who were stopped for a traffic ticket and their money and jewelry was taken based on accusation only.  Confiscating property and money has been a problem for litigants within the family law courts for decades.  In fact, they’ll take your kids, too, if they get the opportunity.  If Americans call the police because they’re having a domestic spat (thank Jane Fonda’s husband for implementing this law), the police can automatically arrest one or both spouses based on their accusations only. 

Obama implemented the Hate Crimes Bill to protect Muslims and Gays only and discriminates against the majority of Americans who can be offended by foreigners, but too bad.  The foreigners can call the police and accuse any American of offending them and have them arrested.  In other words, they are using America’s laws against Americans to take control of America.  This law needs to be nullified like yesterday.

In conclusion, may I respectfully ask every Congressional member to review the laws  presented above and research the law and respond to the American people by answering the question: 

Is the U.S. Flag stitched with yellow fringe around its edges used for military or maritime purposes when entering or nearing international waters a symbolic message to foreign enemies that the U.S. Constitution has been temporarily suspended? 

Could the U.S. Flag with yellow fringe be raised in the White House, government buildings, and courthouses across the nation as a permanent suspension of the  U.S. Constitution which would deny litigants due process of law and Miranda Rights?

And, finally, does the U.S. Flag with yellow fringe allow foreign enemies to enter our public service jobs such as President of the USA without proving Citizenship or producing a vetted Certified U.S. Birth Certificate which is the case with Obama? 

Does the U.S. Flag with yellow fringe allow for foreign enemies and illegals or cartels, radicals, and terrorists  to enter the USA through open borders without fear of being inspected or detained since the age of Obama? 

Does the yellow fringe Flags displayed and raised on U.S. soil allow foreign enemies to enter our land as well as ignore our international water laws and borders allowing foreign enemies to  access our ports or our skies? 

Is this why the unknown powers that be which are an international body are allowed to spray our skies with chemtrails which is an assault on America and Americans and the environment?  

The Communist Chinese, a foreign enemy nation, has been allowed to  access the  Long Beach Naval Base and port tariff free for 25 years, so it is happening.  Does the U.S. Flag with yellow fringe allow foreign enemy nations to fly their planes on or near or around and into the U.S. air space like they Islamic Terrorist did when the murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11/2001?   

Does the yellow fringe on the U.S. Flag raised on U.S. soil allow foreign enemy nations to build private businesses controlling our air waves and communication or banking on U.S. soil?

And, what about the foreign enemy nations, Russia and China, docked their Naval ships in San Francisco under Obama’s watch?  And, how about the Communist Chinese marching in uniform through the airport in Arizona?  Or, the U.N. vehicles spotted inside the USA and why wasn Loretta Lynch and former V.P. Joe Biden screaming to bring U.N. Troops to patrol American streets about 2016?  

Most recently, it’s reported that Russian submarines and China’s submarines have entered our waters and they’ve docked in our ports.  And its been reported Russian submarines have been seen along the Mexican gulf and the Mediterranean gulf.  We know that radicals from the Middle East and gang members and cartels recruit and meet in the Caribbean and Central America who are seeking to storm the U.S. Borders into the USA. 

Russia has flown jet fighters over our nation. Iran is alleged to be building nukes and the Islamic radicals state they are not bound to U.S. Constitutional law.  It’s time for Congress to provide answers to questions that risk America’s  homeland, and the lives,  health, welfare, and safety of every legal American!  

Update 2018:  Will President Trump Reset the Gold Standard and Remove the Gold Fringed Flags from Government Buildings and Courthouses across the USA if the U.S. Flag is not to be altered on U.S. soil, with the exception of the Navy and Military and Military Tribunals? 

Will President Trump implement a global monetary reset and restore and reestablish the U.S. Republic operated by the Rule of Law entitled the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights.  Will President Trump restore the Federal and State Laws to  secure the borders, impose legal immigration, and legal citizenship, and sovereignty?

Will President Trump nullify all of the  unconstitutional Executive Orders signed by a non-vetted man who was slipped into the oval office for 8 years and in reality, appears to have sold snake oil to the American Democratic Socialist Liberal  supporters. 

The former non-vetted President of the USA stated from his own lips he wasn’t experienced enough to be a U.S. President and that he was ineligible because he is Kenyan-born.  It appears that the powers that be behind the scenes preplanned to create a Black-White baby and groom him to be  Hollywood’s Manchurian Candidate for this time in history.


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