“Are Obama and Hillary Doing What Hitler and The KKK Could Only Dream of By E.O.: Aborting More Black Babies Around the World!” How About U.S. Natural Born Citizens?”

Rose Colombo, author, Fight Back Legal Abuse; Radio Host; Consumer Advocate for Justice; www.rose4justice.com
Rose Colombo, author, Fight Back Legal Abuse; Radio Host; Consumer Advocate for Justice; http://www.rose4justice.com

“The great irony,” she said, “is that abortion has done what the Klan only dreamed of.  Alveda King stated that the killing of a quarter of the black population of the US has not been from the lynch mobs of her childhood days, but from abortionists…..Alveda King remarked,  “who plant their killing centers in minority neighborhoods and prey upon women who think they have no hope.”  (source Prison Planet)

The KKK is a Racist Organization!  That is a fact as proven by history.  An unknown fact is that the Italian Mafia were working with the FBI to stop the KKK from continuing to terrorize Black Americans.  This is no different from Hitler’s Nazi movement whose evil goal included extinction of specific people, in particular that extinction targeted Jews and Blacks.  In fact, Margaret Sanger pulled no punches when she founded “Planned Parenthood” and targeted Jews and Blacks for extinction by abortions scissors and making Jews and Blacks sterile was her entire life’s goal. Hillary Clinton praises Robert Byrd, Margaret Sanger, and Saul Alinsky.  (See video at bottom of article).  Apparently, these same Communist and evil murderers are still her guiding light since her college years as well as Kissinger, Rothschilds, and George Soros.  It’s a known fact that she married her kissing cousin, Bill Clinton.  She married the draft dodger, skirt chasing, flag burning and Impeached President who was disbarred as a lawyer as well.

Today, Americans are facing another creation of Obama and Hillary Clinton.  The new Nazi movement is straight out of the pits of hell founded in a vacuum left by Obama and Hillary in Iraq.  Since that time, Obama and Hillary have refused to say the words, “Islamic Terrorists, and define the enemy, or request Congress declare war when she was Secretary of State with knowledge they were spreading and torturing and beheading women, children, babies, and Christian Converts across the Middle East which is another depopulation program of babies and prevention of future births and reducing the population of Christian Converts in the Middle East.  Ironically,  Wikileaks has published emails that reveal Hillary Clinton accepted donations into the Clinton Foundation from the terrorist nations and funded ISIS and radical groups which include Qatar and Saudi Arabia while redistributing America’s wealth to Iran who threatened to wipe out America as well as the Muslim Brotherhood leaders such as Odinga and Morsi which was used as blood money as women, children, and babies are slaughtered!  How is it a Secretary of State can accept illegal donations from Morocco, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia for her political campaign and Clinton Foundation as well as negotiate with them after accepting those donations?

On or about December 2007, I came across an article, which I posted on-line a few times, stating Obama with the blessings of then Senators….Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Diane Feinstein, John Kerry, and the CFR approved of Obama’s proposed “Global Poverty Act.”  The “Global Poverty Act” mandated U.S. taxpayer-funded abortions under the guise of reducing worldwide poverty.  It targeted Black Africans and future U.S. natural-born citizens, and the poor in Third World Nations such as Mexico, Philippines, and South America, but not the Middle East or Communist China or Russia.  I read that Obama’s only votes as a slipped-in non-vetted senator included abortions, partial-birth abortions, and infanticide.  In fact, Obama stated in a speech that if his daughters made a “mistake” (pregnant out-of-wedlock) that he would want his daughters to get an abortion and the audience applauded. I was startled that Americans cheered a non-vetted U.S. President who just told them that he’d want his daughters to undergo surgery to abort their babies which would be his grandchildren.

On or about January 2009, after the non-vetted President Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro,  entered the oval office, he used his pen to secretly sign an E.O. to mandate worldwide taxpayer abortions requiring the U.S. taxpayers to pick up the tab for the world’s abortions in Third World Nations as well as in the USA, mainly Black communities where more Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are located.  He named his E.O., The New Millennial Development” in line with the United Nation’s Agenda 21 for population control.  The E.O. read that their approval of the Mandated Taxpayer Funded Abortions implemented worldwide would “reduce poverty.”  In other words, the poor and indigent young couples who earn $1 or $2 per day or the undesirables should be encouraged to abort their babies.  This program, of course, would eventually lead to fewer citizens of those races and ethnic groups to be depopulated or their tribes, similar to many American Indian tribes who were made extinct, would also be made extinct over time.

Obama and Pelosi and the Democrats and RINOS lied to the American Citizens during the campaign on many levels including the vetting of a U.S. President.  They weren’t transparent and it appears, they had already previously planned to wipe out poor people, undesirables, and reduce the population of Black people not only in America, but African nations and apparently, the Muslim Brotherhood’s intent which is their written and stated Strategic goal is to  overpopulate the earth with Muslims, which is the same for the hard core Communists, it does appear.

This is what Obama promised prior to elections:

“WASHINGTON (CNN)President Obama struck down a rule Friday that prohibits U.S. money from funding international family planning clinics that promote abortion or provide counseling or referrals about abortion services.”

This is what Obama and Hillary Clinton approved after elections:

“Not even waiting a week, the new administration has acted to funnel U.S. tax dollars to abortion providers overseas,” Rep. Tom Price, R-Georgia, said in a written statement.

“This is a stunning reversal of course from the president’s campaign statements that he hoped to reduce the number of abortions. Just a day after thousands of Americans came to Washington to celebrate the principle of life, President Obama has made it clear that reducing abortions is not one of his priorities.”

The president added that he looked forward to “working with Congress to restore U.S. financial support for the U.N. Population Fund.”

The Bush administration has repeatedly withheld funding authorized by Congress for the U.N. fund, saying the agency has funded a forced sterilization program in China. The fund has repeatedly denied that accusation.

“By signaling his intention to restore U.S. funding for UNFPA, the UN Population Fund, President Barack Obama is signaling his re-engagement with the international community on the critical challenge of improving reproductive health around t world,” UN Foundation President Timothy Wirth said.

“For the past seven years, UNFPA funding has been a victim of false accusations and misinformation that had everything to do with politics and nothing to do with sound policy,” he said.advertisement

“Approximately 180 industrialized and developing countries, including all the countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, contribute to UNFPA. The United States was the only country to withhold funding for political reasons.”

Prison Planet reported:

“With Obama’s executive order to release taxpayer money to fund abortions of black babies in Africa, he is signaling his firm intention to act in the interests of the ancestors of  Hitler’s eugenicist movement who now control the family planning groups.”

Federally funded global abortions as a method of population control has been an obsession of elites and eugenic supporters throughout history.

One of the pioneers of family planning and the woman who opened the first birth control clinic in Britain, Marie Stopes, was a racist and an anti-Semite who campaigned for selective breeding to achieve racial purity, a passion she shared with Adolf Hitler in adoring letters and poems that she sent the leader of the Third Reich.

The feminist also attended the Nazi congress on population science in Berlin in 1935, while calling for the “compulsory sterilisation of the diseased, drunkards, or simply those of bad character.” Stopes acted on her appalling theories by concentrating her abortion clinics in poor areas so as to reduce the birth rate of the lower classes.

Stopes left most of her estate to the Eugenics Society, an organization that shared her passion for racial purity and still exists today under the new name The Galton Institute. The society has included members such as Charles Galton Darwin (grandson of the evolutionist) , Julian Huxley and Margaret Sanger.

Ominously, The Galton Institute website promotes its support and funding initiative for “the practical delivery of family planning facilities, especially in developing countries.” In other words, the same organization that once advocated sterilizing black people to achieve racial purity in the same vein as the Nazis is now bankrolling abortions of black babies in the third world.

With Obama’s executive order to release taxpayer money to fund abortions of black babies in Africa, he is signaling his firm intention to act in the interests of the ancestors of  Hitler’s eugenicist movement who now control the family planning groups.

Hopefully, the nation will wake up to what the corrupted DNC is all about which is controlling the population and reducing the population by forcing Americans to kill babies before or after birth targeting natural born Americans and Black Americans, Black Africans, and Third World Nations with the exemption of Communist nations and the Middle East Muslim Brotherhood Nations with the blessings of the Democratic Party implemented by Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Joe Biden, the CFR, and Hillary Clinton!

Americans have a choice to make!  It’s time to clean up the corrupted DNC and move out the RINOS if we are to save the United States of America as well as God, Capitalism, Free Enterprise, Legal Citizenship, Jobs, Economic and Military Status, Sovereignty, the American way of life, and save the children from the evil deeds of those linked to the Clinton Foundation, Jeffrey Epstein’s Party House on a Caribbean Island, underground facilities, and the Coup d’etat that is taking place from enemy nations and from enemies within.  Save the future Citizens of the USA from being wiped out!  70,000,000 plus unborn Americans were wiped out by abortion scissors before they took their first breath and now we are faced with anchor babies and unidentified foreigners to support on U.S. soil who chant on our sidewalks, “Death to America!”  Well, that same chant is recurring every day at Planned Parenthood clinic and carried out by abortion doctors and their staff, “Death to Americans!”  

Rose Colombo is a Southern California Motion Picture award-winning Radio Host, and Irwin Award-Winning author for her books featured around the world on amazon.com as well as an award winning former local newspaper columnist, One Woman’s Opinion,” and award-winning published poet.

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Does Obamacare Mandate Vaccines, Euthanasia, Abortions and Offer Financial Incentives to Hospitals and Doctors and Nursing Homes through Medicare?

Rose Colombo, author, (C) 11/11/2013, ed.12/22/20

Americans Love The U.S. Military Men & Women!

U.S. government may force doctors to accept Obamacare and Medicare patients eventually by holding an imaginary gun to every doctors head and staff!

Did Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and the Democrats as well as Justice John Roberts force Obamacare down the throats of the American people? How is it that they weren’t in violation of the Constitution of the United State of America for political purposes?

Should Americans not have asked and continue to ask why the United States of America with 3 branches of government was and is being run by “mandates” and not by congressional bills that are proposed and reviewed, studied and voted upon and approved by Congress under the Obama administration and today in 2020, through Soros’ funded Democrat Blue States by totalitarian governors and mayors?   How is it they are bypassing their fiduciary duties since 2009 as each law must be in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and the “Will” of the majority of Americans? This nation was discovered by Christopher Columbus who brought Europeans escaping tyranny and poverty forced on them in Europe.

The Native Americans are the original Americans. The people of Mexican descent were living inside the USA according to U.S. History as well. The Europeans needed to protect the citizens from the thieves and criminal minded, so the Framers risked their lives to create the greatest document ever published for the United States of America’s protection as One Sovereign Nation Under God and a Great Republic operated by the Rule of Law.

After Obama was inaugurated in 2009, he was given a free pass to ignore the U.S. Constitution and Congressional duties granted to the the President of the USA, V.P., Congress, Senators and the American Citizens who were given authority over their elected officials as the government. The American citizens are responsible to make sure that they defend the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Sovereignty from being destroyed by usurpers and domestic and foreign enemies.

Obama appeared to believe he had unlimited authority of the USA and Military and the American people without upholding the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights or recognizing the 3 Branches of government that establishes Checks and Balances. Obama stated that he had a pen and phone and congress and the constitution were “meaningless.” The congress allowed Obama to bypass the constitution and congressional powers for 8 years. The Democrats allowed Obama to rule by Executive Orders. Senator Dan Lungren stated on the House Floor that Executive Orders were never intended to make laws.  

Image may contain: text that says 'OBAMACARE, DINOSAURS, REDNECKS ε RADICALS the Christlar Dinosaur Nation Depopulated and SufferedE Extinction ROSE M COLOMBO'

The issue of ruling by Mandate and Executive Orders only is dangerous to our freedom. These behaviors of arrogance should concern Americans who should ask themselves if Obama was setting the plan for the New World Order billionaires such as George Soros. Soros funded the Clinton’s and Obama’s into office. He funds most Democrats into office and pretty much owns the DNC. The New World Order seeks to create disorder in order to create a New World Order and turn good on its head and confuse people that bad behavior is good such as Pedophilia. A serious crime against children.

The goal of the New World Order or One World Government is Communism, but first they must change and transform The United States of America into a foreign nation of foreign ideologies and remove God, Religion, Capitalism, Family Unit, Morality, Secure Borders, U.S. History, books, monuments, and statues and the defund the Department of Justice. The intent is to eliminate Freedom, Liberty or Rights which is communism. They seek to force every human on the planet to comply with their tyrannical plan or else die from poverty, starvation, thirst as the domestic and infiltration of foreign enemies into the USA seek to control the world’s food supply and water supplies.

The Bush’s, wealthy politicians, Buffet, Gates, Soros, and Wall Street investors have been buying up land, water supplies and breaking down the food chain by lock downs. They’ve been building underground storage facilities at least since the 1990s. The goal of these NWO multi-millionaires and billionaires, United Nations, and secret societies, who care less about the masses, is to reduce the population under the United Nations evil agenda of 50% by 2030 and 90% by 2050. Ted Turner’s goal is to reduce the population by 95% by 2050.

Will the sheeple allow people such as Barack Hussein Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Bill and Melinda Gates, George Soros, Dr. Anthony Fauci and more on the Left or Rinos who accept money from these New World Order billionaire and millionaire bankers and Wall Street investors succeed? Will they achieve their goal of controlling the world’s wealth and redistributing it to themselves for redevelopment and comfort?

They’re eliminating jobs and replacing people with robots. They seek to replace humans with humanoids, robotoids, clones and trans humans which are neither male or female and don’t procreate. They are dead set on destroying America’s Middle Class, small businesses, and entrepreneurs and the Trump economy so they can take it all for themselves working side-by-side with China. How could they do such a thing without 330,000,000 sheeple complying despite having an imaginary gun placed at their heads.

It is possible when you have wealthy Democrats who ripped off the taxpayers by making deals with foreign enemy nations for profit and depositing that wealth into mansions and yachts and private jets and jewelry and stocks and foreign offshore banks and Foundations and institutions without enacting Term Limits so they remain in office and in power to rig elections to keep this game going. They continue to take taxpayer funded wages and pensions for life despite their wealth. They are greedy and can never have enough wealth.

Many of these same wealthy people who have remained in office for 25-50 years cheat, lie, steal, and are the Bonnie and Clyde characters of the world who call themselves the “elite.” They slip in bills that appear beneficial to Americans but in reality deny our freedom and rights and force us to sign up and pay up for unconstitutional and illegal government takeover of the private healthcare system. They then use electronic software to access our privacy and health records and share them with airlines and banks and employers and schools who then can use them to deny you access.

In the case of Obamacare, the Democrats, especially, Nancy Pelosi lied about mandated taxpayer funded abortions. She stated to America that mandated taxpayer funded abortions were not included in Obamacare’s mandates. In fact, about December 2007, there was a secret meeting involving Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Dianne Feinstein and the CFR who approved secretly of the Global Poverty Act. The Global Poverty Act is a worldwide abortion agenda that requires Americans to foot the bill for worldwide abortions, especially in the USA and Africa.

Obama threatened to hire thousands of IRS agents to knock on our doors and invade our privacy if we refused to comply with signing up and paying up for Obamacare. Justice John Roberts pounded the last nail in the Obamacare coffin and approved of a tax that is are penalties on your IRS taxes filed each year if you didn’t sign up and pay up for Obamacare. This is tyranny because it places fear in the minds of every American. Obama never liked America, in fact, he loves the Middle East and despises the Bible and mocked it. He mocked the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus Christ and said the Bible was evil and the Koran holy and Americans on the Left applauded.

Obamacare is similar to the mandated covid vaccine that mandates what Americans can or can’t do. For example, if you don’t get an experimental vaccine as the Democrats, CDC, WHO, Social Media, MSM, Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci ignore prominent international doctors who cure covid patients with HCQ and Zinc, C, D, sunshine and other treatments then they are censored or the members of these sites are suspended. if yosu even mention it. This is also communism.

What if the federal and state government mandated abortions which happened in China in the 1990s. Eventually, the government found themselves in a dilemma. There were not enough females of marrying age for the excessive number of young males of marrying age in China. The young males became depressed and the mandated abortions of females ended.

Is it possible to mandate abortions in America based on covid or some other reason that the New World Order thinks up? This is The Land of the Free and Braves is it not? It appears that the congress and senate isn’t very brave as they cowered in 2009 to an unknown man slipped into the senate who only voted for abortion, infanticide, and late term abortion and worldwide abortions. This was their guy.

Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro to my knowledge is the only man in U.S. History of modern times it appears who hasn’t produced a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate. Obama who was legally adopted in Indonesia and became an Indonesian Citizen upon his mother’s marriage. He was legally adopted by his stepdad, Lolo Soetoro, when he legally became Barry Soetoro as required by Indonesian law..  At that time, Indonesia and America didn’t allow duel citizenship. Children couldn’t attend school if they weren’t Indonesian Citizens and the only teachings allowed in that Muslim nation was that of the Koran even if the school claimed to be a Christian or Catholic facility.

How was Barry or Barack Hussein Obama allowed to risk the “Safety and Welfare” of every American that Obama and his regime swore to protect but instead, chose to kill off the majority of natural born Americans at birth or late term or after birth to sell their body parts for profit and donate back to the Democrat candidates? Bill and Melinda Gates are very much involved with Planned Parenthood and the abortion pill. Should we not ask why Obama and Pelosi and Democrats trampled on The United States Constitution as the federal government’s Big Foot overstepped their authority that grants them limited authority only by the U.S. Constitution.

Therefore, the fact is that Obama and Holder and Pelosi and the Democrats are selling snake oil to the American people. If a snake oil salesman misrepresents that his snake oil cures all people which can’t be true than the same should be said of Rx drugs and vaccines. In fact, the reason we have so many insurance companies is to offer choices to the American people since Americans chose to pay for private insurance after taxes with their hard earned money by choice. Obama took away America’s choice and trampled on private insurance companies.

Shall we not state that one vaccine does not fit all individuals and that every individual deserves to go to their doctor before being treated with an experimental vaccine and used as guinea pigs for the Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates and CDC and WHO vaccine made by Pfizer, Moderna and possibly Glaxo? Every individual reacts to unknown chemicals and aborted fetal tissue and possibly a nano-chip differently as many people have allergies or unknown allergies until it’s too late. Our doctors keep our medical records and they should be the people with consent and agreement and willingness to advise us or touch us by law.

Responsible medical professionals should have a record of the person’s age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, pre-existing conditions, medications which all play a part in how individuals react to vaccines or Rx drugs. This is why the advertisements for a new Rx ad pops up, they quickly say if the drug causes bleeding, fainting, breathing problems, etc….call your doctor or 911 immediately. The FDA or Big Pharma cannot guarantee that a vaccine cures or that individual won’t die or become paralyzed or chronically ill or depressed and suicidal or sterile. No one knows the long-term direct adverse health effects of a vaccine or a experimental vaccine, especially when no long term case studies are published.

The one thing that is for sure is that Big Pharma, CDC, WHO, Bill Gates and Soros and Dr. Fauci are in the business or making billions of dollars from their investments in Rx’s and vaccines, but they should not be granted any unconstitutional authority to force every American to become their bult-in customer base for profit like Obamacare. And, the Gates Planned Parenthood, another depopulation program, requires every American to fund worldwide abortions secretly inserted into Obamacare. We The American taxpayers regardless of our morals or religion are paying to kill babies for-profit and to donate to the Democrat candidates running for office donated for selling baby part through Planned Parenthood.

Did Bill Gates through Microsoft write Common Core? Did Bill Gates through Microsoft write Obamacare? Did Bill Gates through Microsoft write the Covid Relief Bill? How could Obama and Congress write 2700 laws, mandates, punishments, penalties and read, study, and approve each according to the U.S. Constitution from January 2009 to April 200s9? That is humanly impossible. I will assume it was not read and pre published and rubber stamped approved!

If Obama and his Speaker Pelosi and former and current members of congress and the senate, who remained after Obama left office, continue to sell Snake Oil to the American people then they are not for the people, but against the people. They have knowledge of what’s secretly inserted into Obamacare such as mandated worldwide taxpayer funded abortions. Worldwide taxpayer funded vaccines and worldwide taxpayer funded microchips and the Muslim’s Dhimmitude which means enslaving Americans to the Muslims and picking the tab for their living expenses and Obamacare forever.

Obamacare includes Death Panels for Americans only, not illegals or radicals from the Middle East and excludes the Obama’s, Congress, Senators, Judges, Justices, bundlers and Unions such as SEIU. If Obamacare is the best healthcare possible then why would congress and Obama exempt themselves from signing up or paying up for Obamacare and grant themselves a $12,000 kickback to buy private Cadillac insurance?

The covid experimental vaccines pushed by Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, CDC, WHO, Big Pharma, Democrats and RINOS haven’t any guarantee that any American who suffers death or injury will be compensated or their families compensated because Congress gave immunity to Big Pharma, so who do they love? Big Pharma Lobbyists donates Big Bucks to their campaigns.

Obama and his regime and the private insurance companies have knowledge of this plan to eliminate private insurance health care so they can provide poor health care to more people so they can give Obamacare to illegals, refugees, and asylum seekers and caravans of Third World Nations that they and Soros funded into the USA for 8 years.  These Third World invaders allowed to violate legal immigration laws and legal citizenship laws or vetting and health care checks required by constitutional law in order to enter the USA. However, the Democrats under Obama’s reign and Eric Holder’s DOJ entered without fear of being vetted or returned to their countries supported by DHS, Hillary, Kerry, Brennan, Clapper, Pelosi, Schumer, Democrat congress and senate.

Obama Redistributed Americans wealth in 2009 when he repeated the story of  “Chicken Little,” one of my favorite stories as a child.  He fear mongered and said that the sky is falling and if we didn’t approve of his “stimulus bill” to save corporations and the American way of life that we would go bankrupt.  This was the second greatest economic fraud on the USA in my opinion.  IMF was given at least $1 Billion of our taxes and they said it went missing.

The Pentagon was handed over billions of our taxes and that money went missing. Pelosi’s brother-in-law and George Kaiser owners of a failing Green solar company named, Solyndra,” was handed over $40,000,000 and then $535,000,000 of our stimulus taxes and they then paid themselves huge wages and bonuses and then bankrupted the company.  And, we don’t really know how much Obama and Pelosi and Biden’s and Clinton’s may have granted to themselves for their foundations or institutes along with their wealthy bundlers, right?

In fact, Obama stated that the stimulus money would be used for to build and restore infrastructure which was long overdue for dams, tunnels, roads, bridges, highways, and so forth.  Obama stated that he had 350,000 shovel ready jobs for Americans, but he lied so he could get the stimulus money approved.  Instead, Obama funded Michael Chertoff tied to George Soros and OSI Systems to naked x-ray Americans who he views apparently as criminals and ordered pat downs and nearly raped us at the airports by strangers who are probably not licensed x-ray techs. They flip on the radiation switch to cook us and they don’t cover any part of your body or your eyes to protect you from the radiation, so what are they looking for?

The Obama-Soros-Chertoff-OSI naked x-rays extended to DNA swabs and Iris scans and facial recognition is a communist agenda.  Obama and Holder, Hillary and Pelosi, got away with this agenda to flood the USA with Third World illegals and fake refugees because once they got here they stole cities from us as no-go zones and attacked Christians and Jews and chanted “Death to America” and they weren’t here to assimilate or uphold the U.S. Constitution and they now support BLM and ANTIFA anti-American Marxist and Communists along with the Democrats. Soros funded the migration of unidentified Third World migrants and among them were identified murderers, rapists, and thieves and traffickers entering under the guise of refugees. Obama and Hillary and DHS secretly flew in Palestinian and Somalians linked to Hamas and the MB-CAIR organization into the USA late at night.

These Third World immigrants didn’t have to apply and wait in line as they by-passed all others from foreign nations waiting for years to become U.S. Citizens and access legal entry into the USA. They bypassed Border Patrol, ICE, Sheriff inspections and TSA’s pat downs and naked x-rays at the airports. In fact, radiation can cause cancer, aging, cataracts, sterility, and death. Is it a depopulation program using our tax dollars to secretly migrate radicals from the Middle East into the USA by flying here on planes late at night and using taxpayer funded vehicles to bus them into our cities for 8 years to set up no-go zones which is stealing our cities on our Homeland.

 Ironically, Americans aren’t being kept safe by radiation at the airports, on the contrary, it’s a killer machine. There isn’t any level of radiation that is safe.  We’re actually being killed by a network of excessive radiation, EMP’s, Microwaves covering the earth and adversely affecting the brain, eyes, lungs and respiratory system according to many ethical Scientists and ethical Doctors and Dentists.  The Obama’s, Soros, Gates, Fauci, Pelosi and wealthy don’t go through the radiation machines or pat downs because they fly on private jets and hold themselves above the laws they mandated.

Consequently Wall Street’s Monsanto which Bill Gates is heavily invested and the Food Industry have created chemical-laden foods, water, soil, air, oceans, forced radiation at airports, chemtrails (believe it or not), poisons sprayed in the skies and on crops going back to the 1960s moving forward. It began with the fear mongering that the “Killer Bees” were coming. 

Apparently, the government likes to use fear mongering when they have an agenda that involves physically harming people or killing them with chemicals and radiation but telling them it’s all for their welfare and safety. Bill Gates owns Microsoft and he’s invested in Monsanto as I stated. His goal is to use the GMO non-nutritional seeds on farms and sell his lab meats, lab milk, and lab foods in the world’s markets because under the NWO agendas or the New Green Deal there will be no cows, chickens, pigs, or God-created animals and fish and mammals. In fact, if they get their way, there will be only 10% of humans left upon the earth as their goal under Agenda 21, 30, and 50 is to reduce human life at about 90% by 2050.

How is it that these actions by the White House and the Congress or Military so far aren’t considered  crimes against humanity?  How is it not a crime for the White House, the Congress, and the Insurance Companies, who had knowledge that Obamacare would cancel millions of existing health care insurance policies, ignored by the constitutional lawyers and the American people and corporations. Corporations provided great healthcare benefits by providing “group” insurance which made the premiums much lower than Obamacare? 

Is it because Obamacare isn’t about health Care but about control, power, reducing the population of the elderly and sick and euthanasia and babies? Is it about reducing the population through Soros, Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, and Gates funded Planned Parenthood worldwide abortions? Is it about worldwide mandated taxpayer funded vaccines and microchips to reduce the population and control the masses? It is about opening the borders without laws and redistributing our wealth to the Third World nations and those who are assisting the U.N. Agenda 21, 30, 50, and China, Iran, and Russia which appears to be treasonous?

Is it true that non-vetted President Obama and his regime intentionally failed to inform the American people, but chose to mislead the American people by stating that Obamacare is affordable for all, when it is not?  One shoe doesn’t fit all. Obama stated that Americans can keep their own doctors and he lied about that, as well. One vaccine doesn’t fit all. One Rx drug doesn’t fit all.

Is this not frightening enough to cause every American to get up  off their couches and call their Congressman, write letters, emails, and Recall or Vote these representatives out knowing that Obamacare is unaffordable for the average citizen and takes bread off their tables.  Obamacare  slashes their work hours to give to illegals and Refugees linked to Hamas from the Middle East and new Immigrants from the Middle East and other nations American taxpayer funded lifetime welfare, food, and education and Obamcare enslaving us to them as Obamacare included Dhimmitude.

Obamacare denies legal Americans, the  right to access their existing health care insurance policies, and their doctors.  Many American people were dying as as thousands of veterans because after their healthcare insurance or group insurance was cancelled and Obama said Americans could sign up for Obamacare, they couldn’t because for whatever reason, the computer system didn’t work and then it was overloaded or unaffordable. The Democrats have killed more Americans on American soil and veterans with their forced government health care and stimulus bill that only benefited them and their wealthy donors.  

The Democrats and RINOS have killed more Americans with their open borders allowing drug traffickers into the USA. They killed more Americans by fast-tracking Rx’s and vaccines for-profit and paying financial incentives through Medicare and Big Pharma to push these Rx’s and vaccines. Many Americans have suffered chronic illness and or death or paralysis or sterility or suicidal tendencies on Americans in the USA and India and Africa….Look up Lawsuits on Gardasil, Lupron, Thalidomide, and Swine Flu. The government and Big Pharma all stated to the American people that they were 100% safe. It’s more like Russian Roulette than 100% safe because they won’t put that one in writing and take on any liability, right?

Is Obamacare’s implementation  not a “silent genocide” causing Americans without health care insurance to possibly die as people with pre-existing conditions are pushed to the back of the bus, i.e., heart diseases, lung and liver diseases, diabetes, cancer patients and more waiting in lines for treatment and appointments because health care was denied or rationed to them sin 2009 and after?

In 2020, the patients who suffer from heart diseases, strokes, lung or liver diseases or diabetes, alzheimers, cancer, need biopsies, teeth cleaning that can cause severe illness or death denied and poisoning from spider bites or other household poisons, deep depression, suicidal tendencies, alcoholism and drug overdoses and serious accidents are ignored while Bill and Melinda Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci, George Soros, CDC, WHO all tied to Wall Street and Big Pharma and China make billions from vaccines and only talk about covid and somehow deny Americans the right to access their own doctor in-person. How is that possible in America, especially since Dr. Fauci is a doctor and Bill Gates claims that he is saving lives. Really?  

Furthermore, it appears that the government on both sides has gone way beyond the imagination of authority granted to them by We The People laid out as job duties and constitutional authority which doesn’t include permanent lockdowns and forcing healthy and free Americans to the brink of bankruptcy and poverty and homelessness. Isolation is killing people or causing deep depression and domestic violence as well.

Soros, Gates and Fauci, CDC and WHO have taken control over our nation with the help of MSM and Social Media and Democrats and RINOS allowing them to lock down healthy and free Americans on U.S. soil. They are not only destroying the Middle Class and families, but destroying the great Trump economy that was making America great again.  These people are wealthy, but they aren’t elected as representative of We The People.

Sadly, the Democrats take Soros-money to gain access to political office. He funds BLM and ANTIFA through the Open Society, Act Blue, Democracy Alliance that works to eliminate the GOP from the government and are working to destroy the family and small businesses and re-educate the youth into communism and Marxism. Their leaders made these statements on video.

It appears that George Soros is living his American Dream from his childhood seeking to recreate the job he enjoyed working for Hitler. It appears Soros and the NWO’s goal with Iran, Russia and mostly China’s help to bring Americans to their knees. Soros states on video that he favors Communist China.  Soros funds and owns the DNC in my opinion. He funds Democrats and maybe some RINOS who end up being moles as members of congress, senate, as well as governors, mayors, DA’s and AG’s.

The fact is that despite these efforts, the truth is that they haven’t any constitutional or state authority to violate Human Rights and the Right-to-Work and sustain the necessities of life. They are in violation of our Freedom, Liberty, Rights, Human Rights, Civil Rights and “The Right to Work for the Necessities of Life.”  Every American is guaranteed the right to sustain their lifestyle and necessities of life which include housing, food, medicine, work, shelter and travel.  Everyone of these taxpayer funded tyrants in public office are collecting wages. They are being paid by the American taxpayers whose lives and livelihood they are destroying meaning they should be removed from office by the loyal Americans in power. Healthy and Free Americans know to stay home or go to their doctor if they are sick.

Americans have been and are and will continue to die on U.S. soil, because of Soros, Gates, Fauci, CDC, WHO, IMF, and the NWO Democrats and RINOs who did nothing when Obama stated that America is a “battlefield,” yet, our U.S. Heroes in the military are sent around the world to die on dangerous foreign battlefields. They were sent to Benghazi and abandoned by Obama and Hillary. They were sent to Afghanistan by Obama and Biden and they died as the terrorist shot them down in the dead of night.

In 2020 and 2021, Americans need our U.S. Military to Defend America from China, Iran, Russia, Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR anti-American organization and NWO Billionaires who have a written and stated strategic goal to wipe out the USA and dominate the USA and the world with an iron fist. Comply or Die is their motto.  In my opinion, Obamacare is a draconian and Orwellian type of law and the American people appear to be in a state of confusion created by D.Cs., the “District of Confusion” or others say, “The District of Corruption.”

How pathetic that a non-vetted President, Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soeotor and his czars and the 112th and 113th congress as well as the majority of U.S. Justices are helping to “fundamentally change” the USA and the Constitutions, even in 2020. Soros, Gates, Fauci, China with their AI – ssoftware APP that rates their individual citizens is based on Merit. The “Merit” app tracks and spies on their citizens.

Consequently since Gates, Soros, and Big Pharma and AI are linked to China, this is a serious problem for Americans as Dr. Fauci and Gates push forward their Gates ID 2021 shackle bracelet and card which he intends to force on Americans to use so Gates and the NWO can control and track every human on the planet. The Gates ID 2021 violates our human rights and civil rights and constitutional rights. They are working at enslaving the masses to them and the NWO Billionaires. This denies U.S. Constitutional Rights, Freedoms, and Liberty as well as the Right-to-Life and the Right to the Pursuit of Happiness granted by God, not men or women. This appears to be an act of treason against the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights as well as the United States of America and every American Citizen.

However, part of their agenda is the United Nations “Rights of the Child.” Hillary Clinton not only pushed for Hillarycare morphed into Obamacare, but pushed the U.N.’s Rights of the Child since 1993. The “Rights of the Child” eliminates parental rights and makes the states their daddy.  The states will control the minds of kids as they’re doing now through media, video games, TV, rocks stars, music, material world, social media and liberal public school indoctrination. Be sure to thank congress starting with the 112th and 113th U.S. Congressional members for bringing change and transformation to taxpayer funded public education if you agree with immorality.  

Furthermore, battlefields are areas of land where people die!  Battlefields are lands where people are at war and blood is shed and people are attacked.  Property Stolen. Assets Stolen.  People Injured.  People killed.  Women and Children Raped and Trafficked. People made homeless.  Innocent People Jailed for not complying with an unidentified “isolated genome” they called covid which is similar to the flu, pneumonia, and Legionnaires symptoms per doctors and CDC so how can they possibly develop a safe and effective vaccine? 

How can the any nation say there is a second or third strain without identifying the “isolated genome” according to medical doctors?  Who is liable for the injuries or deaths short or long term after guinea pigs are vaccinated?  Gates, Fauci, Soros, Investors in Big Pharma like CDC and WHO make billions off of prescriptions and Vaccines as I stated before. Is that the reason to fast track a experimental vaccine?

 Is the Obama regime at war with the majority of Americans on all fronts. Military. God. Capitalism. Natural Born American Babies. The Middle Class who oppose these evil agendas and oppose paying for their own demise and paying for indefinite detention as well as shredding of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are resisting and joining the “Great Awakening.”

Remember, Obama promised everyone would access health care under Obamacare, but he forgot to say, except U.S. loyal Americans,  who must pay up front for Obamacare and pay up for everyone else he unconstitutionally exempts such as 30 million illegals and fake refugees who call to defund the police, Border Patrol, Sheriffs, and ICE. Obama exempted himself and family, congress, senators, Justices and Judges, Bundlers, SEIU, Illegals and Muslims!  Why did he do that if s his signature healthcare bill is so great? Why did Justice John Roberts approve this inequality and discriminatory and unconstitutional Obamacare bill that includes death panels for Americans is the question blowing in the wind.

It’s unconstitutional and should be illegal to threaten the American people and force them to live under fear of punishment and possibly bring back debtor’s prison and indefinite detention if legal Americans can’t afford to comply with tyrannical laws that harm their persons and families and fellow Americans.

Insurance is a privilege offered as a consumer product and consumer service and paid after taxes by choice. Why would Obama and Democrats in congress force Americans to buy consumer products they may or may not want with their own money after taxes. This is like having an imaginary gun to your head and Obama and his thugs stating, “Pay up or else” Pay up or else be punished with penalties, fines, jail time or all the above.

In 2020, the old timers who have been in control of our country for 25-50 years on the Left and some RINOS are applying their mafioso tactics to “pay up or else” by forcing Americans to taxpayer fund billions of vaccines for the world but why? Why are they mandating that everyone must be vaccinated when they can’t even identify the “isolated genome” knowing that there is 99.9% recovery rate with HCQ and C and Zinc and D and sunshine and other Rxs and treatments that are safe and tested with documentation by doctors who they censored?

Communists such as the CCP and Nazi’s MANDATED laws didn’t use 3 branches of government to study and read and debate and approve the laws to assure they were in accordance with a national constitution to protect the best interest of their citizens as we do in the USA by swearing to uphold the U.S. Constitution to protect the best interest, safety and welfare of the American people in accordance with the WILL of the majority of Americans.

Is Obamacare aka the ACA, not the biggest hoax, Ponzi Scheme, and depopulation scheme ever played on a “FREE” Republic that could lead to depopulation of the U.S. Natural Born Citizens as well as enslavement to the federal government? The Fact that Justice John Roberts in my opinion failed to uphold and defend The U.S. Constitution and WILL of the majority of Americans is evidence that WE THE PEOPLE have been silenced since they slipped Obama into the oval office! Our voices don’t matter to these wealthy elected people who refuse to enact term limits or retire and somehow keep getting re-elected which should leave doubt about elections in the minds of the American people knowing that Gates and Soros and China are involved in electronic voting machines.

The greatest hoax on America which I posted online from 2009 through 2016 was the Obama elections where voter fraud was ignored. Voting machines were slipping at our polling place in 2008. Dead people voted. Military votes weren’t counted. Obama and Ayers’s organization named ACORN committed voter fraud and a few them ended up jailed.

The next greatest hoax played on Americans was the OBAMA STIMULUS package that funded his wealthy bundlers, Unions, and IRAN and Russia.s Hillary sold Uranium to Putin/Russia and got away with it with the help of Mueller and Wray it’s alleged. The uranium belongs to the American taxpayers.

Furthermore, Obama, Ogden, Holder, Hillary and Feinstein had knowledge of Fast and Furious and that our agents under Obama-Biden-Holder’s watch were selling guns to cartels using our tax dollars on foreign soil in Mexico where hundreds of people were murdered including Border Patrol agents were murdered with those guns, but it’s all swept away.

The public servants involved in corruption have probably killed more people than on the battlefields as whistleblowers disappear and witnesses and suddenly key witnesses like Epstein end up dead and Weinstein ends up very ill and so many others who spoke out. And then there’s big corporations who spray our crops and soil and water with chemicals or carelessly leaked into the water and soil or added MTBE toxic poisons to our gasoline so the oil companies didn’t have to pay to dump it. No one knows how many Americans are dying from radiation at the airports, chemicals in foods and water and air, or from wearing masks everyday or innocent people who are killed in jail or die in jail because they didn’t have any money to fight backs which most Americans don’t. Or, you can mortgage your home like Roger Stone or General Flynn as they destroy your life and your family.

How many years has it been that the Liberal public schools have poisoned the minds of children against America and taught them that bad behavior is okay. Pedophilia is okay. Dressing little kids up like hookers is okay. Tearing down monuments or U.S. Historical statues and buildings and killing vets and police and people who don’t agree with you is okay. It’s okay if you’re angry to burn down businesses and cause millions to lose their jobs. And, that if you are funded by George Soros and his non-profits and Super Pacs and Democrat wealthy CEOs or Hollywood Libs that they will bail you out and fund your case?

The next greater than greatest hoax is being played in 2020 with a covid that has nearly a 100% recovery rate except for elderly with pre-existing conditions under medical treatment in hospitals, ICU’s or Nursing homes. Some young people have pre-existing conditions but the majority do not so there is no reason not to go back to school. Americans know to stay home and not go to work if sick. They know to go to their doctor or urgent care or call 911 if really sick, so why is the nation locked down with a 99.9% recovery rate? Is it better to destroy the economy and America’s small businesses and families and force them into poverty that causes physical, financial and emotional distress and increases crime and suicides?

Government statistics worldwide and in the USA prove that the number of deaths this past year and previous years remains about the same with or without covid. So, why the EMERGENCY of experimental vaccines and using Americans and Europeans as guinea pigs without knowing the unidentified “isolated genome” which doctors state makes this unsafe especially witbout long term case studies that take from 5 years to 7 years to complete. Sadly, Bill Gates and Soros and China are invested in Huawei, AI, Social Media and MSM, so the chances of getting fair and unbias news on these serious matters is nearly impossible to-date.

The great Hoax of 2008 and 2009 will be greater than the hoax in 2020 and even a greater hoax of 2021 with the Gates ID 2021 linked to Microsoft, China, AI, 5G, Huawei, Airlines and Wall Street for profit to steal our Freedom and the Wealth of America under the Gates Foundation and Big Pharma, CDC, and WHO tied to the Chinese government. And, it appears that Americans are infiltrated with domestic enemies and foreign enemies from Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Somalia, and China influencing our government and schools. Domestic and foreign enemies appear to be guilty of sedition, treason, espionage, and ripping off our taxes by taking PPP loans after creating a crisis. They are selling out the U.S. Constitution and America for 13 pieces of silver but one day they will have to meet their Maker and they can’t buy their way into the Pearly Gates…..they need to repent and ask forgiveness on earth.

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The Affordable Patient Care Act is Unaffordable: Obamacare is a Death Care! Obamacare is Unconstitutional!

Rose Colombo 4/19/2013, rev. 6-29-2013 (C), rev. 10/22/2013 


Colombo created and wrote the first blog in the nation opposing Obamacare.  She sent her Blog to every congressional member, U.S. Justice, and to Colombo’s senators and members of congress. She created and posted her blog on Congress.org prior to congress voting on Obamacare. She posted her blog on several public websites. As a seasoned “Advocate for Justice,” who spent 15 years in the courts and self-taught herself about the law and injustices as well as corruption, she led a grassroots movement for years. The minute she read Obamacare online, she realized that she must inform Americans and the congress that they were forcing Americans to live under government health care that included “death panels!” 

Colombo believed that Obamacare was unconstitutional and illegal and unlawful because Obama and the congress and U.S. Justices were ignoring constitutional law and  forcing Americans to pay for consumer products and services from their earnings after taxes even if they didn’t want the services or products and didn’t need them or couldn’t afford them from their earnings after taxes.  The American people were lied to when Obama told the American people that they could keep their own doctors. He and Pelosi lied when they stated that Obamacare didn’t include  mandated taxpayer funded abortions and the fact that Americans were to fund abortions worldwide.

In fact, Obamacare mandated that they could ration and deny health care to Americans. Colombo urged Congress and the U.S. Justices to oppose Obamacare, but Justice Roberts refused to vote with the Constitution and with the majority of Americans and refused to recuse Justice Kagan for Conflicts of  Interest.  Colombo’s Blog 2009 was entitled, “Obamacare is Unconstitutional and Illegal” dated on or about February 2009.  (Colombo was informed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that her blog was partially read on the House floor with her name recorded on the congressional record). 


OBAMACARE is a bad joke and a dirty trick played upon the legal American citizens!  The American people  were told by Obama and the Congress that Obamacare was intended to pay for pre-existing illnesses for Americans.  It appears this was the gimmick used to force Americans to pick up the tab for  100,000,000 Muslims and Illegals, which the NWO members and Democrats and RINOS were planning to migrate into the USA over 8 years by targeting the police, Sheriffs, ICE, Border Patrol, and supporting key people it appears in the FBI who favored the Bush’s, Obama’s, and Clinton’s. In fact, on or about 2009, Obama signed a Presidential Order to migrate millions of Muslims into the USA using  Obamacare as the catalyst to cover all their living costs and health care expenses through Obamacare. 

It appears that Obama, V.P. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Schumer and John Kerry approved Obamacare and the preplanned migration of radical Muslims into the USA.  Obama’s signed  Executive Order requires Americans to pick up the tab for all radicals under the guise of “refugees” and “asylum seekers” and illegals with the blessings of Hillary Clinton, Biden, Kerry, Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein and the CFR, Democrats and Rinos who secretly approved of Obamacare by rubber stamping it unread and approved.

In fact, Obamacare includes Dhimmitude, Sharia Law, enslaving Americans to pay for the illegals flown into the USA secretly at night.  Refugees flee countries because they fear living under tyrannical laws, but that isn’t the case of the radicals linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas that were being migrated into the USA. In fact, after they set up no-go zones, they changed, “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” on American soil and it appears that no one in the Obama administration or the Democrat Party cared about those threats, but protected them, not us.

OBAMACARE aka the Affordable Patient Act is Unconstitutional

ObamaCare vs. the Sanctity of Life and the Right-to-Life in the USA!
Obamacare vs. the Sanctity of Life and the Right-to-Life in the USA!

The so-called non-affordable Patient Act is unconstitutional and a Dinosaur!  Obamacare is a Killer Bill!  It’s reported that at least 3.5 million plus Americans are hit with cancellation notices in the mail.   Obama and his regime had knowledge that this would occur and misled the American people by stating that all Americans would be covered and could access their own insurance company and doctors.  The Democrats lied to the American people. Obamacare is the train wreck rolled out at a cost of more than $6,000,000 in computer costs charged to the American people!  Obama and Sibelius and Congress forced Obamacare on Americans, just like they used Obamacare to fund worldwide vaccines and then called out a swine flu pandemic and attempted to force every American to be jabbed or else be punished with jail and a $1,000 fine or even be fired from their jobs if they resisted back in 2009. A Journalist risked her life and blew the whistle informing Americans that the so-called vaccines didn’t have short or long term case studies on the direct adverse health effects published in medical and scientific books for review. However, the U.S. Justices approved Obamacare even though they ignored the U.S. Constitution and the Best Interest of the American People and failed to uphold the U.S. Constitution which is their only taxpayer funded lifetime job!   Ironically, these same people held themselves above the law and exempted themselves from signing up or paying up or being punished for refusing to sign up.  Those held above the Obama and Biden Obamacare mandates are the Presidents, V.P.’s, , Congress, wealthy Democrat Donors, Muslims, illegals, U.S. Justices, Federal  Judges, and those they favored.  Does this not mean that they have crossed over the line from lawmakers to law breakers as only criminals hold themselves above the laws that are mandated by Congress after reviewed, debated and voted upon and then passed onto the senate to do the same before being passed onto the President of the USA. 

A President of the USA abuses his power when he declares that Executive Orders can by-pass the congress and senate and the Will of the majority of Americans and make laws by Mandates which is above his pay grade and isn’t in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and therefore, should be null and void.  The Constitution of the United States of America requires all Americans regardless of status to follow the laws of the land.  Only criminals exempt themselves from U.S. laws, policies, and procedures.  As former Rep. Daniel Lundgren stated, “Executive Orders were never intended to make laws.”

 In fact, the Obama-Biden regime rewards criminals who illegally violate the immigration laws which include  cartel members, gang members, radicals, and terrorists.  They tax exempt anti-American organizations such as CAIR and employ links to the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House and DHS as reported in the news.  (On or about January 27, 2009, Obama signed the bill to migrate 1,000,000 radical Muslims under the guise of refugees, before they were refugees, into the USA. This happened before ISIS was created and got their start when the Obama-Biden team left vehicles, weapons and ammunition behind in Iraq upon ordering the U.S. troops to leave. And, under the Obama-Biden regime, they “accidentally” dropped food supplies on ISIS head who thought it was manna from heaven that was intended for the Syrians fleeing their villages as ISIS was raping and killing men, women, and babies. Let’s not forget what has actually happened in the past to understand the present.

About this same time, Obama signed the worldwide U.S. Mandated Taxpayer Funded Abortion E.O. that was approved as the Global Poverty Act on about December 2007 in a secret meeting with Biden, Hilllary Clinton, John Kerry, Dianne Feinstein, the CFR and possibly other Democrats. of Hillary, Biden, Kerry, Feinstein, the CFR and Democrats.  In other words, they deceived Americans who against the will of the majority didn’t approve of killing natural born American babies on abortion tables to seel their body parts for research and profit.  Sovereign nations need babies in order to dominate their nation and so they grow up and preserve their sovereign nation’s identity and laws, cultures, civilization, foods, and way of life.  If  babies are depopulated in America and Europe and Canada, who will be left?

Obama’s January 2009 pre-planned mandated taxpayer-funded abortions and Obamacare and the migration of  a goal of  5,000,000 radicals linked to the Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas org and other terrorists organizations which included radicals from Iran, Pakistan, and across the Middle East required American taxpayers  to pick up the tab for the migration of unidentified foreign invaders. In America, Americans were told they were not to say the name “Hussein” or “war criminals” or “Islamic Terrorists” or Obama’s middle name, Hussein, or offend a radical on U.S. soil he and Biden and Hillary and the Democrats were secretly flying into the USA between 2009-2016 and President Biden and V.P. Harris continued this Obama-Biden agenda in 2021 until those in the DOJ step up to the plate, it appears, if ever.  Obama, Hillary and Kerry require Americans to pick up the tab for the anti-American foreigners they migrated into the USA under the guise of “refugees,” but not really are they real “refugees” except for the minority. 

Americans are required to pick up the tab for their housing, food, flights, welfare checks, social security checks, EDD checks, phones, and Obamacare costs for the unidentified foreigners from anti-American enemy nations and granted them areas of our Homeland that belong to the natural-born Americans and their families who came as legal immigrants to become proud hard working Americans.  They didn’t come to America for freebies or to set up no-go zones on our soil.  Today, the Obama’s quickly went from being a Middle Class family to a multi-millionaire family in about 8 years owning mansions in the most expensive areas of the nation.

 In fact, Obama is building a mansion on 3 acres of land in Hawaii and causing environmental problems by building a wall along the ocean shore which the Hawaiian natural-born citizens oppose.  What is amazing is that the Democrats who somehow became extremely wealthy after taking office refuse to build a wall along the border to help control the flow of illegals and traffickers, jihadists, cartels and gangs from smuggling kids, young females, organ harvesting and guns and drugs into the USA, but they build walls around their mansions and hire security who carry weapons, but seek to take everyone else’s weapons and security away. More people are killed with hammers than guns.

Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer and Rep. Maxine Waters and most Democrats and Rinos insist that Americans shut up, sit down, and be quiet when they slash Veteran and Military pay and benefits as well as  Medical benefits. In fact, after Obamacare was rolled out, veterans and elderly died because they had long waits for appointments and they couldn’t get in to see their doctors and died. The congress has pilfered Social Security and the Retirement accounts of the American Citizens for decades.  Make no mistake, it appears that Obamacare is Death Care for Americans only! 

The exempted in public office granted themselves Cadillac health insurance by requiring Americans to pick up those costs as well.  It matters not how much wealthy that these public servants have gained on taxpayer funded wages from 8 years up to 50 years in office and continue to grant themselves increases in wages and pensions and vacation pay no mater how much wealth they have gained.  That is ridiculous.  This needs to be changed.  And, most use non-profits as tax benefits so they pay litle in taxes while America’s working class are being burdened with excessive taxation in 2022.

It’s part of the New World Order communist agenda for population control.  It appears they seek to  reduce the number of  veterans, chronically ill, cancer patients, elderly, mentally and physically challenged, and future natural-born citizens by mandating taxpayer-funded abortions and same-sex agendas in public schools and the military.  Same-Sex and Trans Human and abortions are all depopulation programs. 

On the other hand, the radicals and illegals overpopulate while Americans and Europeans and Canadians have aborted millions of natural-born citizens of each nation. Another way to conquer a nation is by overpopulating that nation with foreign refugees, asylum seekers and illegals flown into the USA or walking across our borders. They have anchor babies and they stay in the USA and then they have more babies and then they bring their families into the USA to have more babies until the natural-born Americans or Europeans or Canadians are the minority in their Homelands. This is part of the Obamacare depopulation program for Americans only while forced to pick up the tab for all the births by the invasion of invited anti-Americans and illegals from indigent nations that will create hyper-inflation eventually. Crisis. Chaos. Disease. Crime. Civil Unrest.

Obama, Hillary, Kerry and the Democrats and Rinos intend to ration and deny health care treatments and medication to Americans and appoint a committee of 25 to determine who lives and who dies. This raises the question as to why aren’t the American people suing the federal government for the infliction of emotional, physical, and financial distress?  They enacted “early-end-of-life counseling” and “euthanasia” for elderly, seriously ill, vets, and mentally and physically challenged, if they get their way.

How is it that  Americans aren’t asking Congress if Obamacare is similar to Madoff  and a Ponzi Scheme who made off with his client’s money?   Obamacare is similar to the government  having an imaginary gun pointed at every American’s  head saying, “Pay up or else!”  In other words, “Pay up or else be punished!”  Hand over your earnings after taxes for consumer products and services but  there is no guarantee that the government will provide any services or treatments and reserve the right to ration and deny healthcare treatments or medications and they have granted themselves immunity from liability for deaths and injuries. It’s Colombo’s opinion and it appears that  Obamacare borders on extortion, fraud, and pre-meditated murder.

Americans didn’t pay attention when Michelle  Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and Axelrod were exposed for “Patient Dumping” and “Fraud” for big profits at University Hospital in Chicago that hit major news about 2008.  Indigent patients were being dumped into the streets from ambulances even in their night-clothes which coincides with President Reagan and Governor Jerry Brown’s goal to shut down mental health hospitals and crisis clinics where the indigent with mental problems could get medical help.  This same program which was exposed as “Patient Dumping” is known as Obamacare. 

These same people were elected or appointed into government positions and carried on the same agenda of “Patient Dumping” the American Citizens by forcing Obamacare on all Americans and  rationing and denying health care  treatments and medications as they did during the plannedemic and civil unrest by Antifa and BLM during the year of  2019-2020 when the Blue State governors called out severe Lock Downs and destroyed the American Dream and turned it into the American nightmare by causing the loss of health care treatments and businesses, jobs, education, and broke down the food chain as if we were under totalitarian rule of a foreign enemy nations which equates to the dictates of a communist nation.

In support of the Lock Downs at the helm appears to be Bill and Melinda  Gates, Dr. Anthony J. Fauci. CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, and WHO Director, Tedros as well as other New World Order members tied to Big Pharma and AI.  The Democrats forced Americans to pick up the tab for their agenda and  pre-planned migration of anti-American radicals and illegals who are illegally entering into the USA without fear of being deported, but secretly bussed around the country and scattered. 

Should Americans not ask how is it okay with the entire government for Presidents of the USA and V.P’s and the entire Democrat and RINO congress to encourage illegal immigration and entry as well as citizenship and then hand them over free health care through Obamacare?  The law books clearly state that no one including public servants are to provide aid and abet and fund illegals as well as harbor illegals, which are crimes according to the U.S. Constitution and state and federal laws published in U.S. Law books nationwide. 

Consequently , back in 2009, Colombo continually blogged and posted the question that hasn’t been answered.  How can unconstitutional laws be constitutional, legal, and lawful if they are unread and rubber stamped approved which by-passes congress whose job it is to study and analyze the 2700 pages of laws, death panels, regulations, punishment, taxes, and fines inserted into Obamacare?. Health Care is one of the most serious industries in the nation.  Obamacare could be the biggest Ponzi Scheme and Patient Dumping scheme to hit the USA in her history and far worse than Social Security that has been pilfered by Congressional members.  Congressional members for decades have been diverting the taxpayer funded retirement funds which belong to the individual Americans workers, not to congress.  In fact at one point, Obama threatened to bankrupt social security.

Furthermore, millions of Americans were shocked when notified of canceled insurance policies.  If you recall, Katheleen Sibelius was promoting Obamacare along with Obama and Hillary Clinton back in 2009.  The HHS Director, Kathleen Sibelius refused to testify about Obamacare before a Congressional hearing, but she did show up for the hearing.  She found time to appear on late night television shows and attend gala events.  During the hearings, she stated to a congressional member, “Don’t do this to me” when she was asked if she would sign up for Obamacare.  Was she threatening him or ordering him to stop his line of questioning?   And when asked about providing an organ for an 11-year-old child which she refused to approve, she said, “Someone has to live and someone has to die.”  The Democrats appear to be cold hearted when it comes to children and unborn babies.

Obamacare is a death care for Americans.  It is death care for future U.S. Natural Born Citizens.  Obama also promotes same sex indoctrination implemented in public schools and the military, which is a population control agenda reducing the number of natural born Americans while the migration of millions of illegals from the Middle East overpopulate with intent to dominate Europe and the USA.  Obama and Hillary promote mandated taxpayer abortions for America’s pregnant women, but not for the illegals and unidentified foreigners from terrorist nations.

 The average age for a little girl in the Middle East to have a baby is 15 years old.  One Imam is on video stating that he dreams of the day that they are marrying little blond girls. In my opinion, Obamacare is much bigger and sinister than realized by most Americans who are being sucked into political correctness and we are a nation of immigrants, but the intent and law states we are a nation of LEGAL immigrants.

Of course, Obama played on the emotions of the generous Americans by using his mother as an example to promote Obamacare.  He told told his sad story revealing that his mother suffered from a pre-existing existence and that was his reason to implement Obamacare, but the story turned out to be bogus. He also stated that his mother’s race bothered him.

In fact, Obamacare may even double the costs of health care which they may receive or not receive called out as the “Cadillac Tax” that will deny unaffordable health care to Americans and lead to a single-payer that will devastate insurance companies and Americans will lose their jobs. Obamacare is a scam that includes euthanasia which is population control.  Obamacare is Death Care for Americans only, not the foreign invaders.

It appears that Obamacare is a scam forcing Americans to pay for a consumer product or consumer service with their earnings after  taxes that they mayor may not want or need.  Obama and Hillary state that it is a tax, but taxes are paid after exchanging money for a consumer product.  Consumer products and services are a choice in America, except for Obamacare that denies the constitutional right to choose.  In fact, Obama and Pelosi mandated that Americans are mandated to pay up for a consumer product or service they may or may not receive based on the truth that Obamacare health care can  be rationed or denied knowing people will be injured or could die The entire government exempts itself from liability should anyone’s health deteriorate or should they die from being denied or rationed health care appointments, treatments or medications.

Americans should recall that president Obama secretly diverted $500,000,0000 from Medicare, robbing Peter to pay Paul, just to get Obamacare off the ground.  Did Congress approve the diverted funding from Medicare or not?  Obamacare is hurting the people who elected these same representatives.  The taxpayers make this country great, yet, the Congress turns a blind eye and punishes their constituents and risks the health and lives of every American with this Ponzi scheme that borders on extortion.

If Congress fails to refund Medicare and repeal Obamacare as promised, these same lawmakers, who exempted themselves, will not suffer the immediate consequences, but like history proves out, it is only a matter of time before it hits home.  They apparently have approved these anti-American unconstitutional and unread laws without conscience that will force Americans into enslavement to those who threaten to harm Americans and dominate the USA.  America needs leaders who are willing to send up the red flares to stop the train wreck and pull the brake on the one!

Remember, the fact that employers who fail to comply with the 30 hour work week will face huge penalties and this appears to be a power-grab by the federal politicians. It’s like placing an imaginary gun to the head of every American and saying, pay-up or else!  In the adventure story, “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks and Radicals,” available  on-line at www. amazon.com pub. 2013 written as a political satire with an Orwellian style theme. Watch for the upcoming relaunch and updated version of this  political satire coming soon in 2022, OBAMASAURUS,” for all ages. 

Furthermore, Obama’s Affordable Patient Act  tentacles reach far beyond healthcare for Americans, it actually takes rent from taxpayers, businesses, and employees and food from the tables of  American families. The tax-payer funded representatives appear to end up extremely wealthy while working in public office.  Yet, without conscience, they are making the US Natural Born and Naturalized legal Americans poorer while handing out Entitlements for free to the anti-American foreign free loaders who stand on our sidewalks and threaten to kill the American Jews and kill us and dominate our nation which is  treason and pre-meditated murder. 

In  conclusion, the  change and transformation promised by Obama or Barry is not in the best interest of the legal U.S. Natural Born and generational loyal naturalized Americans who didn’t wake up, face the dragon, and slay the dragon that is  illegally crossing our borders. Did the fiery dragon join forces with two more dragons rising out of  Communist China, Russia, and Syria and/or IRAN and are they targeting U.S. soil?

Rose Colombo says, “Americans are facing a dinosaur in D.C. who stated on television that he thinks with his reptilian side of his brain.  This dragon is hitting heads with the Eagle and the Bear but they appear to support  the  dragon from China in bed with Iran who threatens to wipe out the USA, Israel and Europe with a flame spewing dragon that symbolizes a Nuclear Weapon.  It appears all three world leaders are suspected for seeking to be the one world leader and appear to be taking advantage of a weak U.S. White House leaders who arrogantly thought the world feared him, but instead, he left a vacuum open in Iraq and he provided the flexibility promised after the 2012 elections as a tool for the Russian leaders to seek world domination.  Will Western Civilization join forces and slay the fiery dragon – that could spew its flames from Iran – Russia – China – or Syria or the forgotten radical leader from North Korea – before it’s too late?  Comment Below and Follow Rose Colombo – 

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“Obama’s Worldwide ‘War on Unborn Babies!’ Mandated Abortions is Depopulation!”

The Revolution Came and the USA Defeated Communism 1945!
The Revolution Came and the USA Defeated Communism 1945!

written by Rose Colombo, original pub. (c) 5/11/2012, Rev. 6/17/2012

“The real question today is not when human life begins, but, What is the value of human life?” Ronald Reagan, (pub. Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation) On or about February 18, 2009, Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General stated, “There will be significant demographic changes this nation never faced…There will be no majority race in the United States in about 15 years…the coming diversity that could be such a powerful positive force will instead become a reason for stagnation and polarization.  Although, there is a crying need for all of us to know the contributions of Black Americans, the Black history month is still a testament to the problems that has inflicted African-Americans throughout our stay in the country….Black history is critical to the knowledge of the Black history experiment.”

Although, Eric Holder, United States Attorney General, addressed a majority of Black Americans and students at a college, his comments raise the question if his words reflected distinct statements which could reveal a sinister and secret U.N. Agenda 21 with a stated goal of reducing the world’s population by 50% between 1990 and 2015.  A major part of the U.N.’s Agenda 21 goal and Obama’s “Global Poverty Act” focuses upon mandated abortions in America and Third World nations at 50% by the year 2015. Ironically, the news recently disclosed that USAG Holder’s wife owns an abortion clinic which raises the question if Obama’s mandated abortion laws approved by senators Hillary Clinton, Biden, Feinstein, and Kerry,  in 2007, and the fact that Holder worked under the Clinton administration, is a Conflict of Interest?

Mandated abortions combined with other depopulation agendas such as ObamaCare, which includes taxpayer-funded government mandated abortions in America, also allows for infanticide.  Is it possible that mandated Abortions could lead to government mandated abortions, not personal choice, which was implemented by Communist China for about 25 years?   China’s leaders determined the female unborn babies would be aborted under their mandated law for depopulation purposes or pregnant women would be punished for non-compliance.  Holder’s comments reflect Obama’s Executive Order, The Global Poverty Act aka New millennium Goals, which the non-vetted senator Obama implemented on or about December 7, 2007, and approved without the knowledge of the majority of U.S. citizens.

Should we not raise the question and ask if anyone would want their unborn baby or unborn grand baby to be used for food?  Is it morally right to allow corporations to grind up unborn babies aka fetuses and use them for food additives into artificial sweeteners?  Is that not to be considered as cannibalism?  How many people approve of aborted unborn babies  having their brains removed for experimentation as reported in the Orange County Register newspaper as a scandal by a major hospital?  Millions of people believe that it’s moral to use unborn babies for stem cell research or for cloning.   These statements are part of the reality relating to mandated abortions, which is downplayed by the Obama administration, Wall Street, and the media.

Obviously, mandated abortions increase taxes, and fund Planned Parenthood, and generate big-profits for abortionists, as well as some businesses within the food industry. On or about 2009, my blog informed U.S. citizens that Obama’s Global Poverty Act mandates worldwide abortions, which is in line with the U.N.’s Agenda 21, a  goal to depopulate the earth at 50%, by the year 2015.   Senator Alan Keyes attempted to warn Americans that Obama’s agendas included radical programs.  In fact, Senator Obama failed to  disclose his obsession with mandated abortions during the elections which I refer to as “Obama’s War on Unborn Babies.”  He presented himself as a traditional family man with pro-life agendas when interviewed by Pastor Rick, who later on, incorporated Chrislam into his church.  The actions taken against unborn babies worldwide by the non-vetted U.S. Senator and President, Barack Hussein Obama, lead many to believe that he’s the most pro-abortion president to ever hit America.

Furthermore,  Obama’s health care bill known as ObamaCare also includes tax funded mandated abortions against the will of the majority of U.S. citizens. Once again, Obama signed the Global Poverty Act passed on or about December 7, 2007, and he signed it into law as an Executive Order on or about January 2009.  The Global Poverty Act is also known as The Millennium Global Goal and there wasn’t objection by the 111th or 112th U.S. Congress.  The reason for the U.N.’s Agenda 21 goal to reduce the population of the planet under the guise of reducing world poverty and saving the planet.  Obama’s worldwide mandated abortion laws target not only the USA, but Third World nations, especially Africa. Obviously, if the federal government and the U.N. successfully reduce the population at 50% by 2015 or 90% by 2027, poverty would be nearly eliminated, but  so would mankind.  These programs won’t save the planet but destroy the planet.  This leads me to ask how many citizens are asking their leaders and the supporters of Agenda 21 on what authority are they secretly implementing a program that includes depopulation and who made them God with the right to determine who lives and who dies.

Recently, in the year 2012, Obama shouted out in the media that women’s rights should include taxpayer-funded entitlements and their right to access Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood abortion clinics.  He strongly promotes the right of young women to access free condoms, contraceptives, and the morning after abortion pill.  Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the majority of democrats and Rhinos support tax funded  Planned Parenthood for-profit abortion clinics.  Abortion is big business!  It allows the federal government to substantially increase taxes for this big private corporation.  Planned Parenthood is similar to a manufacturing business that operates an assembly line of commodities, but in this case, the assembly line’s commodities are pregnant women and unborn babies.  Throughout history, mankind built businesses by hunting and killing animals, fishing, and harvesting trees or  plants for big profits.  But, Planned Parenthood is granted millions of tax dollars under ObamaCare to hunt for commodities known as pregnant women and unborn babies similar to a seamless assembly line for-profit.  It is the unborn babies who are becoming the extinct species on the planet.

Remember, there’s more than one way to depopulate the planet, but mandated abortions and same-sex agendas are definitely included as well as radiation.  It’s a fact that there’s more Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in Black American communities than anywhere else in America.  It appears that Agenda 21 and the Obama administration’s mandated worldwide abortion agendas target the poor, ethnicities, religions, and races, and includes mandating worldwide abortions in Third World nations, such as Africa and India.  It appears that Obama’s Global Poverty Act is implemented as an Executive Order titled The Millennium Development Goal which appears to be in line with the U.N.’s Agenda 21.  The unconstitutional laws implemented recently in the USA appear to be linked into Agenda 21, i.e., ObamaCare, the

Also, under the guise of women’s rights, the Obama administration is focusing on young women, pregnant women, and unborn babies, through the promotion of entitlements such as mandated abortions, and promoting contraception. The Obama regime targeted the Catholic Church and Catholic hospitals, who oppose abortion and the distribution of contraceptives and the morning after pill.  The Catholic Church filed a lawsuit against the federal government’s mandated abortions and distribution of contraceptives. Mandated Abortions offends the moral compass of the Catholic religion. Shall we not ask if the U.N.’s Agenda 21 is a program that intends to use U.S. leaders to circumvent the Constitution and the U.S. Congress?

It would appear that such an agenda is implemented to control the masses with the intent of creating a one world government.  It’s not possible to create a one world government if U.S. laws aren’t shredded or the borders aren’t opened up for the migration of foreigners.  How then is such an agenda not sending up red flags and shocking the minds of every U.S. citizen, as well as citizens around the world, especially citizens living in Third World Nations who are on the radar for depopulation? Furthermore,  Communist China mandated the death by abortion of 400,000,000 unborn baby girls for more than two decades.  Government mandated abortions is a genocide.  Mandated abortions reduces the population of  unborn babies who are the future citizens.  The U.N. and the U.S. didn’t oppose the mandated abortions in China.  In fact, if any  pregnant woman attempted to conceal the birth of a baby girl, they were punished.  And, the Chinese government’s mandated health care programs required the monitoring of young girl’s menstrual cycles.  Hillary Clinton and Diane Feinstein support the U.N.’s Rights of the Child which denies U.S. parents the right to exercise parental rights.  This means the all family law matters in the U.S. could be rendered under a U.N. flag versus a U.S. flag as the new one world court. 

Once again, the U.N. has been working hand in hand with past and current  U.S. Presidents and  supporting Congressional members, as well as  international leaders who approve of redistributing America’s wealth as well as reducing the world’s population by 50% between 1990 and 2015.  They are playing God and their goals include mandated abortions, infanticide and partial birth abortions.  They believe that the federal government should replace the parents.

Remember, the key supporters of Obama’s worldwide mandated laws were senators Biden, Clinton, Feinstein, Clinton, and Kerry and a majority of representatives.  After the Global Poverty Act was signed into law, senator Obama immediately  filed the application to compete in the presidential race of 2008 even though he previously stated that he was too “inexperienced” to be a U.S. President. Consequently,  the U.N.’s Agenda 21 is known as a sustainable rural development program using U.S. tax dollars for the redistribution of America’s wealth with the alleged goal of  re-developing Third World nations by wealthy banksters.   The question should be pondered if the globalists are successful at depopulating the targeted nations how then shall mankind live, but only as slaves?  Thus, if there are traitors in the nation who are working to polarize and destroy America by comforting and abetting the enemy and supplying them with money and military defenses how then shall the American people stop this evil machine?

Also, there are rumors that the government might install vending machines into every school stocked with condoms, contraceptives, and the morning after abortion pill. Well, Obama promised change and change has come to America under the guise of women’s rights, the war on terrorism,  and health care.  The truth is that the liberal agenda began back in the 1970s, when the feminists, who were mostly same-sex women, encouraged women not to have more than two kids.  The feminists influenced young married women that motherhood was a thankless job as well as being a housewife. The feminists managed to make young married women feel guilty about being a wife and mother and caused them to feel that they should be out working.   They encouraged young wives and mothers to get out of the house – get divorced – go out and work – under the guise of equal rights.   President Reagan, warned women that equal rights for women would result in a new struggle for women, especially single mothers, in the future.  He also warned against Pro-Choice laws. In fact, Americans criticize China for passing a law that says they can’t have more than one child, but we aren’t far behind telling American women not to have more than two kids and that they should abort their babies  instead of putting the babies up for adoption.

Americans complain there’s  fewer U.S. Natural Born Citizens on U.S. soil.  That’s true.  There are fewer births of U.S. natural Born citizens today, because foreigners don’t take contraceptives.  Most foreigners aren’t aborting millions of unborn babies.  They intend to have large families.  America has aborted about  70,000,000 plus babies since Roe v. Wade was approved and we disgusted by Hitler? We’re stabbing babies sin the head and ripping apart their body parts and selling them for profit and experiments, but we send people to jail for harming an animal, and yes, protect animals, but what about human beings?  We are killing our future U.S. Natural Born Citizens who are needed to preserve the United States of America for only the natural born citizens of a civilization can preserve their civilization, traditions, laws, culture, and sovereignty.

Furthermore, scientists and researchers around the world willingly use the fetuses for experiments, stem cell research, or cloning.  They are alleged to be selling body parts, organs, and human tissue which is against the law. Great Britain was the first country to receive licensing for cloning. It’s imperative that citizens of the world and Western civilization question if mandated abortions is a sinister program that is being carried out by the secret globalists under the guise of women’s rights. They appear to seek world power and control through unprecedented mandates that go against God, the Bible, and morality. These mandates include excessive regulations, and cruel and unusual taxation and  punishments with the intent of reaching their globalist goal with their hope for change and transformation of the USA and the world.  Is freedom and liberty and God-given unalienable rights an illusion, or is a One World Order an illusion. The goal of the globalist appears to be a one world superior race – slave vs. master – a one world leader –  and a collective global utopia? (This article may be shared, but not changed or Plagiarized by a Third Party). Scroll Down to the bottom of the page to Like, Share, & Comment

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Is Unread OBAMACARE Legal Or A Hoax: How Can Unread Laws Be Legal?

Why do these reps want to ration & deny your Health Care Services?
Why do these reps want to ration & deny Health Care Services to Americans only but fund illegals?

Rose Colombo, author, Fight Back Legal Abuse; Radio Host; Consumer Advocate for Justice; ww.fightbacklegalabuse.com
Rose Colombo, author, Fight Back Legal Abuse; Radio Host; Consumer Advocate for Justice; ww.fightbacklegalabuse.com

Rose Colombo, original (c)  12/31/2010, rev. 7/4/2013

Have you called and asked your Congressman and Senators why they approved denying and rationing healthcare services to Americans only that cancel current health care policies and double insurance premiums while they exempt themselves from the same punishment?  For more than 230 years, Federal laws were  written by congress, read, debated, and voted upon before approving the laws. The laws were studied so that each constitutional law was established in accordance with constitutional law and in the best interest of the majority of Americans. Unfortunately, the past and current Congress and U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama appear to care less if the health care laws were read and rubber stamped “approved.”  It’s their way or the highway!

The 14th Amendment as well as the sworn oaths recited by U.S. Presidents and congressional members are believed to be sworn in “good faith” that they will uphold, defend, and preserve the U.S. Constitution. Such an oath requires that each Congressman read and study each law in-depth prior to approving national laws.

In fact, federal laws must reflect common sense and just, equitable, and economically sound.  Federal laws must be moral and reflect the will of the majority of the American people, which is the fiduciary duty of every congressional member, who are elected and paid with tax dollars.  Federal and State laws require every public servant uphold the law, abide by, and follow the Rule of Law.  Every individual American, including public servants, must follow the laws that are mandated, yet, the past and current U.S. President, V.P. and Congress are holding themselves above the law by granting themselves unconstitutional immunity and exemptions from the law which they have mandated for the American people.  The only people who exempt themselves from the laws are law breakers, not lawmakers!

A U.S. President, V.P., and Congress aren’t granted the authority to force the will of any U.S. President and Congress upon the American people by denying freedom of choice to choose to buy a consumer product with their own earnings, especially when they have knowledge that the Obamacare laws are unread. The Congress failed to uphold the 14th Amendment or their sworn oaths. It’s unethical and in violation of lawmaker’s Code of Ethics for lawmakers to impose unread and unconstitutional laws on the American people if they approve such laws without “clean hands” and when derelict in their duties.

Therefore, it’s bizarre that the U.S. Congress, Senators, Department of Justice, and U.S. Judiciary ignore their duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the WILL of the majority of Americans. But on the other hand, they ignored that a high ranking public servant concealed his credentials and identification from the American people and they refuse to correct the record after gaining knowledge. The American people should demand investigations, but by whom, since the entire federal government has gone rogue?

Consequently, it appears that the American people have short memory syndrome because they are addicted to television and video games. Or, could their passive behaviors have resulted from the chemical-laden foods, vaccines household items, drinks, Rx drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol, and chemtrails?  It appears, Americans have forgotten that prior to Obamacare being approved, but not studied or read for which they were elected and paid that many congressional members were making backroom deals and taking bribes for votes, engaging in Insider Trading, taking bid government Contracts and turning them into no-bid contracts for the benefit of their families. It appears that many congressional members and America’s leaders have become wealthier by the day!

Furthermore, U.S. constitutional laws have been written and passed based upon the merits of the law and in accordance with the Constitution of the United States for more than 230 years.  On or about 2009 prior to the unread ObamaCare passed, I wrote to every Congressional member and my Senators and emailed an A.G., I believe in Virginia, to awaken Congress.  I Blogged to Congress and the world the following, “Obama Care is Unconstitutional and Illegal” so I was the first in the country to awaken the nation and question the constitutionality of Obamacare and wrote the question pertaining to the “Mandate” which was read on the congressional floor with my name and debated in Congress, but regardless, Obamacare passed.

Rose says, “I still believe Obamacare and the Mandate are unconstitutional because one must ask, how can unread laws be legal in the USA?”

Rose Colombo, author and book featured in Asia Journal of Commerce and Science
Rose Colombo, author and book featured in Asia Journal of Commerce and Science

For example, I pointed out that it is illegal to force Americans to pay for a consumer product by implementing mandates and requirements  which “punish” Americans  if they “choose” not to buy a U.S. consumer product from a U.S. for-profit insurance private corporation (or from the federal government in this case)?  ObamaCare forces Americans to spend their personal  earnings which is their private property on a U.S. Consumer Product they may or may not want to buy in a free country by force in the form of taxes, but it’s a “payment” made from personal earnings when Americans buy consumer products. Business owners shouldn’t have to be subjected to excessive regulations and threatened with audits, jail and penalties for failing to buy a consumer product in America!

Furthermore, the Federal Government has NO money! It is the  American taxpayers, who pay the federal government’s wages and pay for every penny that the federal government and state governments spend! The money belongs to “We The Peoples,” not to greedy public servants. Americans shouldn’t be harassed and “coerced” under the “threat” of “punishment” to “pay up or else!” for products they may or may not receive in exchange for the forced payment. This is like the federal government holding an imaginary gun to every citizen’s head and saying, “Turn over your money and I may or may not give you the car your purchased!” Isn’t this similar to thug-like laws mandated in Third World countries such as Russia, Kenya, or communist China?  Americans are being forced to pay-up-front for services not rendered and may never be rendered. What’s the difference between MadeOff being punished for taking money from people and failing to provide anything in exchange for the payments? Now, the government has MadeOff with America’s tax dollars and retains the self-proclaimed right to deny any consumer product of services in exchange for the payment that they call a “tax” or a “penalty.”

After all, even the White House CBO and congress admits that ObamaCare is unsustainable long-term.  So, why would Obama and the 111th Congress pass a law that could depopulate American citizens such as the elderly, very ill, veterans, cancer patients, mentally and physically challenged, cancer patients, baby boomers, the military, by denying or rationing their prescriptions and medical service? Why would they encourage end-of-life and euthanasia and mandated taxpayer funded abortions if their intent isn’t to depopulate the USA of U.S. Natural Born and Legal Americans to make room for the illegal foreigners invading the USA?

Will Russia, China, and Iran come against the USA?
Will Russia, China, and Iran come against the USA?

Also, why did congress exempt themselves from complying with Obama Care, a law they wrote but didn’t read?  How do you write laws and not read them? That’s quite a magic trick! How could they approve unread laws and call it legal?  If  ObamaCare is such a great health care Reform Bill then why did Obama, Biden, and Congress exempt themselves, which isn’t constitutional for no man can violate federal laws.  Only criminals violate the law.But, how would they know what the bill mandates if by their own admittance they were so gross negligent and incompetent that they stated that they NEVER READ ObamaCare. This means they don’t care about America or Amerricans if they are that bold and negligent.  So, did the 111th Congress and Rhinos approve a bill that states older Americans and veterans, chronically ill, and cancer patients will be euthanized (isn’t this what Hitler did?) and encouraged to die by implementing early end-of-life counseling? Why did they lie about mandated taxpayer funded abortions when it’s true that Americans are forced to pay for mandated abortions? How can these people be paid life time retirements by the taxpayers for lying to We The People?

Why are cancer patients complaining that their care is being rationed or denied as well as the elderly?  How is it that the news is reporting that breast cancer patients are denied Rx drugs that could prolong their life? Why are there so many Rx drugs approved that are killing Americans or making them chronically ill? Why should Obama, who stated he is too inexperienced to be a U.S. President, be provided absolute power to play doctor and deny or ration every U.S. citizen’s health care by implementing an appointed committee to determine who lives and who dies?  Why is his Obamacare laws being approved that control every American doctor and punish them if they don’t comply?

Every Congressional Member who voted for Obamacare should have to stand before the American people and justify why they approved unread laws, mandates, regulations that deny life, health care, and medications, services, and treatments in exchange for forced payments to the American people!

Obamacare may be in the best interest of the U.S. President, V.P., Congress, Senators, Justices, Federal Judges, Muslims, Illegals, Donors,because they probably are exempt and don’t have to comply or pay up and they don’t have to be punished!  Obamacare discriminates because Obama and Congress favor bundlers, donors, SEIU Union, Muslim, gays, and anti-American immigrants and illegals.

Consequently, should the American people ask if ObamaCare could be the biggest hoax that ever hit America implemented by the 111th Congress and Rhinos who were looking out for themselves instead of the American people as they continue to lead the American people to believe that UNREAD laws are  legal in America?  Or that paying-up-front for services that may be rationed or denied without any recourse because the government makes itself immune to lawsuits and punishment is in accordance with the U.S. Constitution?

ObamaCare vs. the Sanctity of Life and the Right-to-Life in the USA!
ObamaCare vs. the Sanctity of Life and the Right-to-Life in the USA!

It appears to me that voting lawyers into Congress and the oval office, especially disbarred lawyers, or lawyers who are involved in unethical acts, non-vetted public servants, and appointed czars and the Muslim Brotherhood as taxpayer funded government employees is not in the best interest of the American people.  It appears more as if it is in the best interest of the Communist, Socialists, Liberals, NWO and the UN Agenda 21 who promotes collectivism and reducing the population by 90%! It appears they may succeed.

Also, Obama Care not only punishes Americans who don’t pay-up-front for services not rendered and services they don’t want, the fact is that those services or products may never be rendered because even the White House CBO admits that Obama Care will cost billions up-front and trillions within a few years and that it is unsustainable long-term!  So, how can the current Congress, the current Senate, Obama, and past members or judges carry on the biggest hoax ever played on Americans and justify that ObamaCare will improve health the care services of the American people when they know it will go belly up?

In my opinion, UNREAD laws cannot be the law of the land because they are UNREAD laws. Unread laws are without any substance, case precedent, or argument to back up the myriad of Obamacare laws.  The unethical and deceptive behaviors and bribes for votes should have been enough for the American people to rise up and demand that Obama and Biden, the Justices who approved Obamacare, and Congressional members who approved Obamacare remove themselves from public office, but Americans have become passive. The younger Americans are being brainwashed by liberal political correctness and tolerance that they remain silent, but hopefully will awaken soon to the truth. They will learn the hard way when their parents or loved ones need medical help.

Rose Colombo, radio host, asks you, “How many Innocent Casualties will it take for USA to wake up?”

The U.S. Congress and U.S. President and V.P. could care less that the taxpayers, including the elderly, will have their premiums doubled or cancelled or be placed on long waiting lists to accommodate millions of Middle East and South Americans and Asians sneaking across US. borders. Americans will suffer greatly. But, then again, these same public servants are all wealthier now while Americans are poorer and the Middle Class is picking up the tab for 30,000,000 + people, illegals, new immigrants under the guise of “refugees,” who haven’t contributed one dime to America and many of these unidentified foreigners are here to harm Americans and dominate America.

Consequently, since Obama Care is an umbrella UNREAD book of laws that includes 2,700 pages of mandates, regulations, and requirements, the 111th Congress and Rhinos have disrespected the Rule of Law, the 14th Amendment, their fiduciary duty to the American people, failed to uphold the U.S. Constitution, trampled on limited government, ignored the Rules of the House, and their moral and ethical duty to assure the best interest of the American people which has created a tremendous amount of distrust of the Federal Government.  So, they didn’t stop there under Lois Lerner’s direction when she worked for the IRS and the government began their intrusive spying and targeting of selected Americans, mainly Christians, Catholics, Conservatives, Patriots, or Pro-Constitution, Pro-Life and Pro-Gun citizens.

Furthermore,  how can judges determine a case if they haven’t any case precedent to present on behalf of the UNREAD laws? How does a lawyer defend unread laws? So, if the lawyers who support the Obamacare laws  admit that their clients (the 111th congress and the Rhinos) never read the laws then how is it their bucket of water doesn’t have a hole in it?  Again, I ask how are unread laws legal?  So, if a public servant says, “Here congress, I have a law that will be in the best interest of the people, don’t bother to read it, just approve it, and they do approve it, just like they did with Obamacare, and later they all learned that they were going to be euthanized if they got sick, would they Repeal and Defund Obamacare?

GOOD BYE, America!!! Good-bye Freedom 2008-2016?
GOOD BYE, America!!! Good-bye Freedom 2008-2016?

For example, what if the law wasn’t written by the 111th U.S. Congress, but written prior to 2009 and was actually HillaryCare morphed into Obamacare? What if Obamacare was written long ago by the Communist and by Saul Alinsky or his supporters? What if the CEOs, who run the private HMO corporations, wrote Obama Care since they were the first to ration and deny medical treatments to patients who died from failure to access their doctors or treatments so they could earn higher profits.

In other words, the incompetent passing of ObamaCare is similar to  going to court and presenting the law to the judge and he says, “Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t decide this case today because I wrote this law, but I never read this law,” so come back in three years and we’ll figure out if it is legal to pass laws that were approved, but have never been read.  And, by the way, keep paying up-front for your attorney fees until you return for a hearing in three years and if I’m still on the Bench, I’ll render my services.  But, if I find out that you didn’t  pay-up front for your attorney fees then I’ll have to send an IRS agent to audit you and you could end up penalized and sentenced to a jail term.

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Disclaimer:  Nothing said in this blog is intended to be legal, financial, political, or medical advice, but a dissemination of information for educational purposes only.  Order Irwin Award Winning Book and empower yourself with untold knowledge, Fight Back Legal Abuse, available on Amazon or BN.com or visit www.fightbacklegalabuse.com

Rose Colombo: First person to Warn Congress and America in a posted online Blog of 2009 prior to approval entitled, “Obamacare Is Unconstitutional and Illegal”

Rose Colombo, author, Fight Back Legal Abuse; Radio Host; Consumer Advocate for Justice; www.rose4justice.com
Rose Colombo, award-winning author, poet, Radio Host, Who’s Who of American Women; and Consumer Advocate for Justice; http://www.rose4justice.com

Rose Colombo – original (C) pub. Feb 2009, Aug. 2009,  rev. August 4, 2010, rev. 2016

If the politicians are selling snake oil to the American citizens and it sounds too good to be true then don’t buy it! But, Obama and Pelosi and the Democrats lied and misled the American people and didn’t disclose the anti-American death panels and mandated taxpayer funded abortions, vaccines, and microchips.

The Federal Government appears to be an island unto itself.  It appears that U.S. Presidents Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro, The Bush Dynasty, are aligned with George Soros, Democrat Justice, Open Society, United Nations, Muslim Brotherhood-Cair-Hamas orgs. and The New World Order, and international body of foreign anti-American enemies, when President George HW Bush declared his allegiance to the NWO.

In fact, John Kerry  and the Bush’s ties and later on the Clinton and Obama ties were revealed in 2009 to the Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR-Hamas organization.  Hamas is liked to Hezbollah, a designated terrorist organization. The Bush’s and Hillary Clinton and Obama’s and their appointees into key positions appear to have secret ties to Iran and Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.  The Clinton’s and Obama’s embraced Communist China and Russias with the support of the complicit Democrat Congress and RINOS. In 2009, they appear to be intent on helping out Soros and the New World Order and U.N. by turning Hillarycare into Obamacare as universal health care trampling on capitalism and free enterprise and the right to choose your own products and services purchased with your own money after taxes.

There isn’t anyway that Obama wrote 2700 pages of health care laws between January 2009 and April of 2009 when a vote by the Democrats was called out by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It appears that the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Pelosi, and the Democrats were in support of the New World Order and the United Nations to create a borderless America made up of unidentified illegals, jihadists, cartels, gangs by accusing natural-born Americans of being racists ons the Right who they were refer as “right wing extremists.”

In reality, the Democrats with the Bush father and sons on their sides appear to be planning the demise of the right to choose or think for one’s self by intentionally destroying the greatest health care system in the world.  They appear determined to dismantle the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Sovereignty. They appear to be stonewalling Justice when it comes to them or their own political connections.  Why would anyone want to dismantle a program that works for most people instead of adding and amending what needs to be fixed?  These are the minds of non-business persons.  Career Politicians don’t think like business minded persons.

Consequently, the federal government’s leaders behave as if  they don’t have an obligation to maintain a balanced budget or pay down the interest on the national debt or control the purse strings, but have allowed an inexperienced non-vetted man with a foreign-born dad who concealed all his records to spend as if there is no tomorrow.  They have been completely irresponsible and unaccountable to the American Taxpayers who pay their wages!  It is proven that Obama and Congress over the past 8 years only know how to spend money that doesn’t belong to them while negotiating with Lobbyists for donations to their campaigns.  Career politicians have one goal in mind and that is to maintain and seek more power and control over the nation.  Today’s generational Democrats and RINOS are sleeping with the enemy.  They are implementing the U.N.’s Redistribution of Americans wealth to themselves and foreign enemy nations and the United Nation’s population control agenda by wiping out 90% of the population some time in the future under the guise of reducing poverty and sustaining the environment.  Obama admitted that he would be working on changing and transforming America and recently asked the “small-minded” Americans to giver up the Liberties to him and international foreign bodies.

Apparently, Obama  and the Clinton’s and Bush Dynasty are the puppets of the United Nations, Muslim Brotherhood, Communist Rules for Radicals, as they push for these agendas which should be considered an act of treason and traitors in my opinion. They are in bed with the globalist secret societies whose goals don’t include the masses who they consider to be “small-minded,” – “foolish” – “Oppressive” – “stupid Democrats and Deplorable, Ignorant and Racist Trump Supporters.”  And,  according to Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, Americans are no more than commodities.  Bill Clinton ordered a study on  “Human Capital and how individuals can be used as commodities by the New World Order as to their worth or lack of worth to the government.

In fact, Bill Clinton recently stated that Americans will get use to Communism.  These same family dynasties who didn’t have two pennies to rub together and became wealthy as career politicians appear to have disdain for the police and military. Hillary referred to the police in her college years  as “pigs” and recently said some demeaning comments about law enforcement.  The Obama’s and Clinton’s appear to  disrespect the U.S. Military and both Presidents downsized the U.S. Military.  Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton ordered the hit on Ruby Ridge and WACO when the federal government attacked and murdered American men, women and children on U.S. soil  Obama purged the Military of High Ranking Officers and he appears to enjoy punishing and disrespecting the U.S. military as well as the U.S. Veterans.  Obama-Hillary and John Kerry approved of slashing $150,000,000 from Social Security which is not theirs and it’s not an Entitlement Program.  Obama’s intent appears to be clear that he’s into depopulating the unborn natural born citizens through mandated taxpayer funded abortions and through indoctrinating America’s kids into same-sex which is another depopulation program to make room for the foreign invaders. It appears he’s seeking to divert the $150 Billion to his agenda under Obamacare to fund the pre-planned migration of Muslims linked to Hamas as Obamacare requires Americans to pay for their food stamps, housing, health care and necessities of life.   Obama promised the Muslims access to two states which I believe to be the USA and Europe.

It appears that the Federal Government is in bed with CEO’s of major corporations and Banks both foreign and domestic as well as globalist world leaders including foreign enemy nations whose goal includes changing and transforming America even if they have to look the other way to slip in a non-vetted senator and non-vetted President and foreign enemies who swear an allegiance to foreign law on their foreign ideological book to bring in their change and transformation that would end America as we’ve known it for 240 years. It’s not secret that Bush Sr. and his sons, as well as, Obama and the Clinton’s are long-time associates with Ayers, Jarrett, Huma, the Muslim Brotherhood, Russia, Communist China, and Saudi Arabia.  They have openly stated that their intent is to bring in a New World Order which includes the Muslim Brotherhood and Communism and the United Nations. as well as, Agenda 21 and depopulating the planet of undesirables and those Obama and Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton consider undesirables, deplorable, and non-citizens.  These are the agendas that many psychologists have written about to be sociopathic, psychopaths, and Narcissist without conscience.  And, thus, the dead body count of witnesses and whistle-blowers continues and swept away.

Therefore, is the Federal Government and elected Public Servants running the Federal Government ripping off the American taxpayers, Citizens, and Voters by recklessly spending taxpayer money on themselves and funding foreign enemy terrorists who they release and foreign enemy leaders and foreign enemy nations whose stated and written strategic goals is to wipe out America and Americans and enslave the survivors by destroying the greatest Free nation on earth through the creation of a National Debt, purging and weakening the Military, Defense Weapons, and law enforcement and employing foreign enemies into the U.S. Military, Law  Enforcement, and Government positions such as the White House and DHS-Fema who are buying up Fema Trains and building Fema Camps, but for whom?

Americans should have questioned the unaffordable Care Act known as Obamacare, which includes Sharia Law and enslaving Americans to the Muslim invaders in case you didn’t know.  Should we not ponder if the non-vetted President, Barry or Obama intentionally or unintentionally could be granting stimulus tax dollars intended to repair infrastructure and jobs according to his 2009 speech, in reality be using the stimulus tax dollars to implement contracts with corporations such as HMO’s that would determine the life and death of every unborn American and living American?  Obamacare appears to provide excessive profits for Big Pharma and Big Pharma Manufacturing Compnies who are pushing excessive pain killers and Rx drugs as well as  pushing excessive mandated vaccinations and microchips for Americans only, not anti-American radical Muslims invited by the millions into the USA by Obama-Hillary Clinton and John Kerry and their Democratic supporters.  In fact, Obamacare offers free health care to anti-American unidentified foreigners they are flying into the USA and opening up the borders to enter into the USA by the tens of thousands with the goal of a minimum of 1,000,000 Muslims who are linked to terrorist groups as only a hand full are refugees.  This was a pre-planned invasion by Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry by secret Executive Order signed by Obama on or about 1/27/2009.

Furthermore, the useless programs to punish only Americans and humiliate law-abiding Americans by treating them like criminals at the airports was implemented under Obama’s watch known as  Rapiscan.   Obama granted U.S. stimulus tax dollars to former federal employee, Michael Chertoff, which is a conflict of interest.  Obama had knowledge that his donor, George Soros, owned  stock in OSI Systems.  OSI Systems owns Rapiscam, oops, Rapiscan  and requires that every American stand in front of TSA workers and be given a naked x-ray even though they are innocent of any crime or even be patted down, hand swabbed for DNA and questioned.  On the other hand, foreigners from the Middle East can’t be offended so they get a pass it does appear, especially the women and children, even though even the anti-American radical women involved have been involved with killing innocent Americans on U.S. soil

Consequently, the sinister operation known as Rapiscan was intended for Americans only as a  built-in customer base for-profit by granting U.S. Stimulus money to his bundlers, donors, and current and former employees.  The truth is that radiation can cause death, blindness, aging, and cancer, so it appears to fall in line with Obamacare and depopulation of Americans as well.  They haven’t caught one suicide bomber going through the airport since this program was implemented to my knowledge because they can walk across the borders without any problem under Obama’s watch.

Obama and his associations who contributed to his non-vetted senate and presidential campaigns were rewarded with America’s stimulus money such as George Kaiser, co-owner of Solyndra at $535,000,000 plus an additional $40,000,000!   And, Michael Chertoff, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, and more have benefited from stimulus tax dollars directly or granted to family members. These Public Servants, donors, bundlers and “players” have become quite wealthy using the federal government and America’s tax dollars to create their personal wealth and remain as career politicians destroying the greatest health care system and economic system, as well as the greatest military and law enforcement system in the world.  They have been quite successful in achieving their goals as they are on their way of changing American into a Communist nation integrated by the Muslim Brotherhood’s goal to wipe out Western Civilization and kill all non-Muslims.  Obama with the help of Congress has recklessly spent more tax dollars into the trillions than all U.S. Presidents combined in 240 years with no advantage to the American citizens.  Obama was reported in the news to have a “Kill List” of Americans as well as a list of the Clinton enemies through the Clinton Foundation.  Under the Obama-Clinton watch, they did drone an American teenager and attacked Gaddafi’s teenage son and his friends at a restaurant and they died.  So, why wouldn’t the latest Wikileaks email of Hillary Clinton asking if they could just drone Assange – be believable? You see, they don’t view people as persons, but non-persons or numbers, commodities for it was Bill Clinton who ordered a Study on Human Capital so they could determine who would live or die and whose life was of any value to the government.

Americans have been duped, used, and abused by the Clinton-Bush-Obama regimes in my opinion.  They have been in bed with Soros, Kissinger, and the secret societies including the Muslim Brotherhood as well as Communist China.  Hillary Clinton is outed for making secret deals with Russia for uranium as well as Obama-Hillary-Kerry approving of  the Iran Deal.  Iran is a terrorist nation and has threatened to wipe out America, Europe, and Israel for generations.  Now, they’ve been given the tax dollars to do so.  In other words, Obama, Hillary, and Kerry and the Democrats and RINOS are forcing Americans to pay for their own demise.  These unconstitutional, illegal, and unlawful, unethical, and immoral agenda in my opinion are not in accordance with the U.S. Constitution or the Will of the majority of Americans.   In fact, they don’t even come close to the requirement that all laws must be approved only if they are just, fair, economically sound, and will be approved only if  they are in the best interest of  the American citizens.

Therefore, should we not ponder that historians point out that most of the people controlling the USA and Europe are blood related so they keep the wealth in the family?  It’s reported that Hillary and Bill Clinton were kissing cousins before they were married.  It’s also reported that most of these blood lines link back to Nazi Germany and many changed their names during WW II because the Nazi Germans were so disliked.  In fact, George Bush senior’s dad is alleged to have links to Hitler and that his dealings with Hitler led to big profits.  The wealthy view war as a means to make profits at the expense of the masses who they view as non-persons or deplorable because they are not one of them only to be used for their agendas..

How can Americans continue to allow the Federal Government to trample on the U.S. Constitution, Limited Powers, while they use their Big Foot to trample on individuals, unborn babies, not only in America, but around the world, and the sovereignty of each State and their State’s laws?  Since the Clinton years, it’s interesting that Bill Clinton and Obama never served in the Military and appear to disrespect the Military and Bill Clinton Dodged the Draft and fled to a Socialist University then off to Communist Russia for refuge from punishment in the USA.  Hillary Clinton was busy drawing the police as pigs and calling them out as pigs and the Clinton’s and Obama’s admitted that they attended flag burning in their youth, and they ended up in the White House pushing their Socialist, Marxist, Muslim Brotherhood, United Nations, Globalist agendas on the legal and loyal law-abiding Americans!

In the past, Black Africans in America were considered non-persons.  Hispanics and Asians and Italians were treated differently and the Japanese-Americans. In fact,Italian-Americans were rounded up during WWII along with the Japanese Americans and indefinitely detained in camps on U.S. soil.  So, if Americans think that they can’t be rounded up under a Clinton-Bush-Obama regime then they should think again if these people dare to call out a pandemic, civil unrest, or Martial Law under the authority of a yellow-fringed Admiralty Flag which suspends or revokes the Constitution if displayed on U.S. soil in my opinion.  And, couple that with Obama’s change and transformation of America into a Muslim Nation while attempting to enforce Sharia Law in the USA and set up their own government and courts which would mean that the Christians, Catholics, Jews and non-compliant would be put to death, right? It would mean that under Obamacare and Sharia Law that all Americans would be micro-chipped, subject to chemical-laden mandated vaccinations, and enslaved to the Muslim Brotherhood and Communist China.

If you think this can’t  happen when good people do nothing to stop evil from spreading then you are an ostrich with your head buried in the sand. Hillary Clinton has declared the unborn American babies to be non-persons and Bill Clinton declared all Americans to be Human Capital and commodities for the federal government’s worth or lack of worth and profitability to the government.  These agendas can only be supported if the people involved are narcissist, sociopathic, and Psychopaths. In other words, these families believe that they are royalty – special – and that everyone else is a number or non-person.  It can also happen if the politicians in charge secretly pledged their allegiance to foreign international bodies

The questions I asked in my published Blog at Congress.org and Social Media available back in 2009 as well as the fact that I sent my Blog to every Congressman including my own Congressman and Senators that hit the talk shows and stirred the minds of TV Hosts such as Sean Hannity and Congress were of serious concern to me as a long-time advocate and writer on injustices.  In fact, some of my issues have been argued in the federal courts.  I recall sitting on the couch in my living room watching the news when they announced that Congress was going to vote on Obamacare.  I jumped up and said, “Obamacare is unconstitutional and possibly illegal and it borders on extortion.  I I jumped up off the couch and sat down at my computer and I wrote my Blog warning Americans and informing Congress and requesting that they do not approve Obamacare asking the following questions:

1.  Which constitutional authority is the 111th U.S. liberal democratic congress applying that grants them the power to mandate or force U.S. Citizens/consumers/taxpayers to buy a U.S. Consumer product made on U.S. soil in violation of the commerce laws by using an agenda that in essence says,  “Pay up or else!”   “Pay up or else be punished with your own earnings after taxes even if you don’t want to buy the consumer product or service.”  This is a thug-like law which coerce citizens to pay up or else be threatened with punishment which includes jail, fines, taxes and excessive penalties while creating a generational customer base for  specific private corporations such as Health Care Providers and Big Pharma as well as created higher taxes for the Federal Government and increased excessive fines, penalties, and one more means to throw Americans into jail.

Therefore, the legal  American citizens are forced to sign up for a service or product they may not want to purchase and give up their current insurance policy and doctor and lower group insurance rates.  The Federal Government is forcing Americans to pay up for services and products they may not want with their own earnings, denying the American citizens Freedom to Choose, and the Federal Government’s Obamacare Plan is no different from a Ponzi Scheme because Americans are mandated to sign up and pay up for a consumer product or service against their will for services and products that the government states they may or may not provide through by granting themselves the authority to ration or deny health care treatments and medications to the American people, but simultaneously forcing Americans to pick up the tab for millions of illegals and Muslims Obama and Hillary and the Democrats intend to migrate into the USA who won’t have to pay up or be punished.  This borders on not only espionage, but on a Ponzi Scheme and a scheme that delivers little or nothing in exchange for forcing Americans to pay up or else be punished.

The “Pay Up or Else” Scheme known as Obamacare is no different from having a thug on the street come up to you with an imaginary gun and stating, “Pay Up or else I’ll shoot,” and rips off the persons money but provides nothing in return.  The victim is lucky if they aren’t injured or killed.  If a person is injured and ends up without signing up for Obamacare then it appears they’re out of luck.  If the injured person is signed up, but subject to being denied or  rationed treatment and medication or placed on a long waiting list that person could end up dead.  Obamacare is the biggest “Patient Dumping” scheme ever created and forced on Americans.  Prior to Obama’s being elected, Michelle Obama, Axelrod, and Valerie Jarrett hit MSM News when they were caught “patient dumping” the poor to make room for the people with quality insurance or wealthy patients who could afford to pay up, while they were earning big profits from their  “Patient Dumping” scheme.

Obamacare is “Patient Dumping!”   Obamacare is patient dumping Americans only on a larger scale, but the illegals and pre-planned unidentified foreigners from terrorist nations aren’t denied or rationed services or punished for not signing up or paying up.  Obamacare is implemented to impose depopulation agendas for Americans only, higher taxes including the Cadillac tax, which could cause people to end up in jail if they can’t afford to pay up.  Obamacare is a depopulation programs forcing Americans to fund Abortions against their will and against their freedom to choose, morals, and religious beliefs.  It is a direct slap in the face to God’s words in the Bible, “Thou shalt not kill.”  Obamacare requires Americans under a mandate to be vaccinated which is sinister.  The vaccinations could include a micro-chip, chemical laden that could have adverse side affects to individuals for big profits for Big Pharma and Wall Street investors.  How many congressional members are in bed with Wall Street and  Big Pharma’s lobbyists?  I wouldn’t be surprised if they owned stocks in Big Pharma.

2.  Which constitutional authority is the 111th U.S. liberal democratic congress applying that provides them the authority the call a payment for an insurance premium, a tax?  Earnings after taxes are not taxes.  Earnings spent on consumer products or payments for insurance premiums are spent after taxes have been removed from the employee’s paychecks.  Earnings are the personal property of  U.S. citizens. Payments and insurance premiums are not taxes, yet the federal government under Obama Care is calling a payment, a tax, but states,  “it really isn’t a tax!”

3.  Which constitutional law is the 11th U.S. democratic congress applying that grants congress the power to mandate U.S. citizens  pay up or else and coercing citizens to buy up under the threat of punishment which includes jail , excessive taxes, or penalties should the citizens refuse to comply?  In fact, in the case of Obama Care,  health care services won’t be rendered upon payment and may never be rendered.  Even the government’s CBO reported that Obama care is financially unsustainable long-term. Obama Care is similar to watching an old Chicago gangster movie only this time, the citizens are waiting for the federal government to place an imaginary gun to their heads and whisper in the night, “Pay up or else.”  Or else, be punished.  This law uses  coercive and harassing  scare tactics.  Obama Care is threatening to the average American because this umbrella law which consists of a myriad of  mandates and requirements includes punishment for non-compliant U.S. taxpayers.  Obama Care mandates U.S. consumers buy a U.S.  product made on U.S. soil that they may or may not want to buy and  won’t be rendered upon payment and may never be rendered, and could be denied or rationed.  Obama Care  isn’t similar to auto insurance premiums.  If a U.S. citizen chooses to buy auto insurance, they are provided services immediately.  Americans/consumers aren’t required to buy auto insurance unless they drive a vehicle.

4.  Which constitutional law is the 111th democratic U.S. congress applying that grants them the power to exempt themselves from complying with Obama Care, a law of the land which they created, but didn’t read, yet passed?   Only illegal citizens are exempted from the laws of the land.

Therefore, how is it that the 111th U.S. democratic Congress exempted themselves from paying up for Obama Care and exempted themselves from punishment for non-compliance?  They exempted Muslims who apply for a religious waiver, illegals, and refugees, but provided them with health care benefits paid by U.S. taxpayers.  It is ridiculous to believe that adding millions of non-paying legal or illegal foreigners onto the health care bill will create quality health care for Americans.

5.  Which constitutional law provides the federal government the authority to control individual doctors and tell them where they can live or work and threaten them with punishment if they don’t ration services when told to do so?  Which federal law allows the federal government to force all doctors into a federal employee job and force all doctors to accept equal pay in a free country?

6.  Which constitutional law provides the federal government the authority to offer incentives to doctors and convince U.S. patients to die early?  Why would Pelosi mislead the American people into believing that mandated abortions wasn’t included under Obama Care when at the time it was included, but never held accountable for misleading the American people in violation of her sworn oath and fiduciary duty as a public servant?   Mandated abortions, early end of life procedures, rationing, and denying services equates to depopulation of U.S. future Americans and U.S. citizens.

Obama Care is a catalyst that increases the number of federal employees and  federal employees will have access to every citizen’s health care records,  financial records, and electronic banking records.  Federal workers, such as TSA workers, could possibly be used as unlicensed health care workers so the federal government can save money and use them to treat American patients because they would be under the control of the federal government and do as they’re told.

Since Obama Care wasn’t read by the 111th democratic congress then how does the senate know if Obama Care includes a section that mandates that all U.S. natural-born and legal Americans must be injected with a microchip and tracked like animals so the federal government can control the behaviors of all Americans and imprison them for non-compliance?  In my opinion, Obama Care creates a life-time generational customer base for the pharmaceutical companies, Planned Parenthood, possibly ACORN, the federal government, and Wall Street!

Therefore, if an insurance premium or a payment is not a tax, but the 111th congress and Obama are calling it a tax then how will the tax, which isn’t a tax, affect the health care claims on income tax filings  versus the taxes paid for health care when U.S. taxpayers file their income tax returns?  And, how will this tax , which  is really not a tax,  be justified under the tax codes since the judges have found that Obama care violates the Commerce Clause?

The federal government taxes social security payments even though the money was removed as a tax from every U.S. citizen’s  earnings as a savings for retirement.   So, Americans are continuously taxed on that same money every time they receive a social security check.  Americans pay into social security for 30 40, or 50 years, because they believe the federal  government will return their money to them upon retirement.  Americans are aware that the federal government pilfered the social security funds.  The federal government taxed Americans for Medicare and people believed the federal government will be there when they retire, but congress pilfered the Medicare funds.  So, why would anyone believe that the federal government won’t pilfer the pay-up-front payments they call taxes, but aren’t taxes for Obama Care?

Most  Americans would choose to invest their money into an IRA, CD or a Mutual Funds so their accounts could earn interest on their investments instead of being forced to pay up for Obama Care or else be punished.  There’s no interest earned for the taxpayers on the pay-up-front money for Obama Care over the next four years and Americans won’t receive any services for the pay-up-front payments the federal government removes from earnings which they call a tax, but isn’t a tax.  So, what happens to the pay-up-front money the federal government collects  if Obama Care never comes to fruition or people die or services denied or rationed?  Is there an insurance policy so Americans can expect a refund if Obama Care fails or the person dies?

Obama Care is a very bad investment for U.S. citizens!  If Americans have to pay-up-front for services not rendered then why should they believe that there’s a benefit at the end of four years?  If money must be collected up-front then there isn’t any money to fund the program and that is a very bad deal!  For example, after the HMOS took over the hospitals for-profit during the 90s, they immediately controlled the doctors and denied and rationed medical services and prescriptions.  Many patients suffered and many died because the HMOS did what Obama Care does.  The HMOS told the doctors how much they could earn, where they could work, and what services they could or couldn’t provide or else be punished!

In conclusion, Pelosi said, “You’re going to like it.  You will find out what’s in the bill [Obama Care]  after it’s passed!”   Remember, insurance premiums are not taxes.  Payments for consumer products are not taxes.  An unread law which uses coercion and threats and places fear in the minds of Americans and business owners demanding they pay up or else be jailed, audited, and penalized, should be illegal!

Disclaimer:  Nothing said is meant to be legal, political, medical, or financial advice but a dissemination of information for educational purposes only.

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