The Affordable Patient Care Act is Unaffordable: Obamacare is a Death Care! Obamacare is Unconstitutional!

Rose Colombo 4/19/2013, rev. 6-29-2013 (C), rev. 10/22/2013 


Colombo created and wrote the first blog in the nation opposing Obamacare.  She sent her Blog to every congressional member, U.S. Justice, and to Colombo’s senators and members of congress. She created and posted her blog on prior to congress voting on Obamacare. She posted her blog on several public websites. As a seasoned “Advocate for Justice,” who spent 15 years in the courts and self-taught herself about the law and injustices as well as corruption, she led a grassroots movement for years. The minute she read Obamacare online, she realized that she must inform Americans and the congress that they were forcing Americans to live under government health care that included “death panels!” 

Colombo believed that Obamacare was unconstitutional and illegal and unlawful because Obama and the congress and U.S. Justices were ignoring constitutional law and  forcing Americans to pay for consumer products and services from their earnings after taxes even if they didn’t want the services or products and didn’t need them or couldn’t afford them from their earnings after taxes.  The American people were lied to when Obama told the American people that they could keep their own doctors. He and Pelosi lied when they stated that Obamacare didn’t include  mandated taxpayer funded abortions and the fact that Americans were to fund abortions worldwide.

In fact, Obamacare mandated that they could ration and deny health care to Americans. Colombo urged Congress and the U.S. Justices to oppose Obamacare, but Justice Roberts refused to vote with the Constitution and with the majority of Americans and refused to recuse Justice Kagan for Conflicts of  Interest.  Colombo’s Blog 2009 was entitled, “Obamacare is Unconstitutional and Illegal” dated on or about February 2009.  (Colombo was informed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that her blog was partially read on the House floor with her name recorded on the congressional record). 


OBAMACARE is a bad joke and a dirty trick played upon the legal American citizens!  The American people  were told by Obama and the Congress that Obamacare was intended to pay for pre-existing illnesses for Americans.  It appears this was the gimmick used to force Americans to pick up the tab for  100,000,000 Muslims and Illegals, which the NWO members and Democrats and RINOS were planning to migrate into the USA over 8 years by targeting the police, Sheriffs, ICE, Border Patrol, and supporting key people it appears in the FBI who favored the Bush’s, Obama’s, and Clinton’s. In fact, on or about 2009, Obama signed a Presidential Order to migrate millions of Muslims into the USA using  Obamacare as the catalyst to cover all their living costs and health care expenses through Obamacare. 

It appears that Obama, V.P. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Schumer and John Kerry approved Obamacare and the preplanned migration of radical Muslims into the USA.  Obama’s signed  Executive Order requires Americans to pick up the tab for all radicals under the guise of “refugees” and “asylum seekers” and illegals with the blessings of Hillary Clinton, Biden, Kerry, Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein and the CFR, Democrats and Rinos who secretly approved of Obamacare by rubber stamping it unread and approved.

In fact, Obamacare includes Dhimmitude, Sharia Law, enslaving Americans to pay for the illegals flown into the USA secretly at night.  Refugees flee countries because they fear living under tyrannical laws, but that isn’t the case of the radicals linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas that were being migrated into the USA. In fact, after they set up no-go zones, they changed, “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” on American soil and it appears that no one in the Obama administration or the Democrat Party cared about those threats, but protected them, not us.

OBAMACARE aka the Affordable Patient Act is Unconstitutional

ObamaCare vs. the Sanctity of Life and the Right-to-Life in the USA!
Obamacare vs. the Sanctity of Life and the Right-to-Life in the USA!

The so-called non-affordable Patient Act is unconstitutional and a Dinosaur!  Obamacare is a Killer Bill!  It’s reported that at least 3.5 million plus Americans are hit with cancellation notices in the mail.   Obama and his regime had knowledge that this would occur and misled the American people by stating that all Americans would be covered and could access their own insurance company and doctors.  The Democrats lied to the American people. Obamacare is the train wreck rolled out at a cost of more than $6,000,000 in computer costs charged to the American people!  Obama and Sibelius and Congress forced Obamacare on Americans, just like they used Obamacare to fund worldwide vaccines and then called out a swine flu pandemic and attempted to force every American to be jabbed or else be punished with jail and a $1,000 fine or even be fired from their jobs if they resisted back in 2009. A Journalist risked her life and blew the whistle informing Americans that the so-called vaccines didn’t have short or long term case studies on the direct adverse health effects published in medical and scientific books for review. However, the U.S. Justices approved Obamacare even though they ignored the U.S. Constitution and the Best Interest of the American People and failed to uphold the U.S. Constitution which is their only taxpayer funded lifetime job!   Ironically, these same people held themselves above the law and exempted themselves from signing up or paying up or being punished for refusing to sign up.  Those held above the Obama and Biden Obamacare mandates are the Presidents, V.P.’s, , Congress, wealthy Democrat Donors, Muslims, illegals, U.S. Justices, Federal  Judges, and those they favored.  Does this not mean that they have crossed over the line from lawmakers to law breakers as only criminals hold themselves above the laws that are mandated by Congress after reviewed, debated and voted upon and then passed onto the senate to do the same before being passed onto the President of the USA. 

A President of the USA abuses his power when he declares that Executive Orders can by-pass the congress and senate and the Will of the majority of Americans and make laws by Mandates which is above his pay grade and isn’t in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and therefore, should be null and void.  The Constitution of the United States of America requires all Americans regardless of status to follow the laws of the land.  Only criminals exempt themselves from U.S. laws, policies, and procedures.  As former Rep. Daniel Lundgren stated, “Executive Orders were never intended to make laws.”

 In fact, the Obama-Biden regime rewards criminals who illegally violate the immigration laws which include  cartel members, gang members, radicals, and terrorists.  They tax exempt anti-American organizations such as CAIR and employ links to the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House and DHS as reported in the news.  (On or about January 27, 2009, Obama signed the bill to migrate 1,000,000 radical Muslims under the guise of refugees, before they were refugees, into the USA. This happened before ISIS was created and got their start when the Obama-Biden team left vehicles, weapons and ammunition behind in Iraq upon ordering the U.S. troops to leave. And, under the Obama-Biden regime, they “accidentally” dropped food supplies on ISIS head who thought it was manna from heaven that was intended for the Syrians fleeing their villages as ISIS was raping and killing men, women, and babies. Let’s not forget what has actually happened in the past to understand the present.

About this same time, Obama signed the worldwide U.S. Mandated Taxpayer Funded Abortion E.O. that was approved as the Global Poverty Act on about December 2007 in a secret meeting with Biden, Hilllary Clinton, John Kerry, Dianne Feinstein, the CFR and possibly other Democrats. of Hillary, Biden, Kerry, Feinstein, the CFR and Democrats.  In other words, they deceived Americans who against the will of the majority didn’t approve of killing natural born American babies on abortion tables to seel their body parts for research and profit.  Sovereign nations need babies in order to dominate their nation and so they grow up and preserve their sovereign nation’s identity and laws, cultures, civilization, foods, and way of life.  If  babies are depopulated in America and Europe and Canada, who will be left?

Obama’s January 2009 pre-planned mandated taxpayer-funded abortions and Obamacare and the migration of  a goal of  5,000,000 radicals linked to the Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas org and other terrorists organizations which included radicals from Iran, Pakistan, and across the Middle East required American taxpayers  to pick up the tab for the migration of unidentified foreign invaders. In America, Americans were told they were not to say the name “Hussein” or “war criminals” or “Islamic Terrorists” or Obama’s middle name, Hussein, or offend a radical on U.S. soil he and Biden and Hillary and the Democrats were secretly flying into the USA between 2009-2016 and President Biden and V.P. Harris continued this Obama-Biden agenda in 2021 until those in the DOJ step up to the plate, it appears, if ever.  Obama, Hillary and Kerry require Americans to pick up the tab for the anti-American foreigners they migrated into the USA under the guise of “refugees,” but not really are they real “refugees” except for the minority. 

Americans are required to pick up the tab for their housing, food, flights, welfare checks, social security checks, EDD checks, phones, and Obamacare costs for the unidentified foreigners from anti-American enemy nations and granted them areas of our Homeland that belong to the natural-born Americans and their families who came as legal immigrants to become proud hard working Americans.  They didn’t come to America for freebies or to set up no-go zones on our soil.  Today, the Obama’s quickly went from being a Middle Class family to a multi-millionaire family in about 8 years owning mansions in the most expensive areas of the nation.

 In fact, Obama is building a mansion on 3 acres of land in Hawaii and causing environmental problems by building a wall along the ocean shore which the Hawaiian natural-born citizens oppose.  What is amazing is that the Democrats who somehow became extremely wealthy after taking office refuse to build a wall along the border to help control the flow of illegals and traffickers, jihadists, cartels and gangs from smuggling kids, young females, organ harvesting and guns and drugs into the USA, but they build walls around their mansions and hire security who carry weapons, but seek to take everyone else’s weapons and security away. More people are killed with hammers than guns.

Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer and Rep. Maxine Waters and most Democrats and Rinos insist that Americans shut up, sit down, and be quiet when they slash Veteran and Military pay and benefits as well as  Medical benefits. In fact, after Obamacare was rolled out, veterans and elderly died because they had long waits for appointments and they couldn’t get in to see their doctors and died. The congress has pilfered Social Security and the Retirement accounts of the American Citizens for decades.  Make no mistake, it appears that Obamacare is Death Care for Americans only! 

The exempted in public office granted themselves Cadillac health insurance by requiring Americans to pick up those costs as well.  It matters not how much wealthy that these public servants have gained on taxpayer funded wages from 8 years up to 50 years in office and continue to grant themselves increases in wages and pensions and vacation pay no mater how much wealth they have gained.  That is ridiculous.  This needs to be changed.  And, most use non-profits as tax benefits so they pay litle in taxes while America’s working class are being burdened with excessive taxation in 2022.

It’s part of the New World Order communist agenda for population control.  It appears they seek to  reduce the number of  veterans, chronically ill, cancer patients, elderly, mentally and physically challenged, and future natural-born citizens by mandating taxpayer-funded abortions and same-sex agendas in public schools and the military.  Same-Sex and Trans Human and abortions are all depopulation programs. 

On the other hand, the radicals and illegals overpopulate while Americans and Europeans and Canadians have aborted millions of natural-born citizens of each nation. Another way to conquer a nation is by overpopulating that nation with foreign refugees, asylum seekers and illegals flown into the USA or walking across our borders. They have anchor babies and they stay in the USA and then they have more babies and then they bring their families into the USA to have more babies until the natural-born Americans or Europeans or Canadians are the minority in their Homelands. This is part of the Obamacare depopulation program for Americans only while forced to pick up the tab for all the births by the invasion of invited anti-Americans and illegals from indigent nations that will create hyper-inflation eventually. Crisis. Chaos. Disease. Crime. Civil Unrest.

Obama, Hillary, Kerry and the Democrats and Rinos intend to ration and deny health care treatments and medication to Americans and appoint a committee of 25 to determine who lives and who dies. This raises the question as to why aren’t the American people suing the federal government for the infliction of emotional, physical, and financial distress?  They enacted “early-end-of-life counseling” and “euthanasia” for elderly, seriously ill, vets, and mentally and physically challenged, if they get their way.

How is it that  Americans aren’t asking Congress if Obamacare is similar to Madoff  and a Ponzi Scheme who made off with his client’s money?   Obamacare is similar to the government  having an imaginary gun pointed at every American’s  head saying, “Pay up or else!”  In other words, “Pay up or else be punished!”  Hand over your earnings after taxes for consumer products and services but  there is no guarantee that the government will provide any services or treatments and reserve the right to ration and deny healthcare treatments or medications and they have granted themselves immunity from liability for deaths and injuries. It’s Colombo’s opinion and it appears that  Obamacare borders on extortion, fraud, and pre-meditated murder.

Americans didn’t pay attention when Michelle  Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and Axelrod were exposed for “Patient Dumping” and “Fraud” for big profits at University Hospital in Chicago that hit major news about 2008.  Indigent patients were being dumped into the streets from ambulances even in their night-clothes which coincides with President Reagan and Governor Jerry Brown’s goal to shut down mental health hospitals and crisis clinics where the indigent with mental problems could get medical help.  This same program which was exposed as “Patient Dumping” is known as Obamacare. 

These same people were elected or appointed into government positions and carried on the same agenda of “Patient Dumping” the American Citizens by forcing Obamacare on all Americans and  rationing and denying health care  treatments and medications as they did during the plannedemic and civil unrest by Antifa and BLM during the year of  2019-2020 when the Blue State governors called out severe Lock Downs and destroyed the American Dream and turned it into the American nightmare by causing the loss of health care treatments and businesses, jobs, education, and broke down the food chain as if we were under totalitarian rule of a foreign enemy nations which equates to the dictates of a communist nation.

In support of the Lock Downs at the helm appears to be Bill and Melinda  Gates, Dr. Anthony J. Fauci. CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, and WHO Director, Tedros as well as other New World Order members tied to Big Pharma and AI.  The Democrats forced Americans to pick up the tab for their agenda and  pre-planned migration of anti-American radicals and illegals who are illegally entering into the USA without fear of being deported, but secretly bussed around the country and scattered. 

Should Americans not ask how is it okay with the entire government for Presidents of the USA and V.P’s and the entire Democrat and RINO congress to encourage illegal immigration and entry as well as citizenship and then hand them over free health care through Obamacare?  The law books clearly state that no one including public servants are to provide aid and abet and fund illegals as well as harbor illegals, which are crimes according to the U.S. Constitution and state and federal laws published in U.S. Law books nationwide. 

Consequently , back in 2009, Colombo continually blogged and posted the question that hasn’t been answered.  How can unconstitutional laws be constitutional, legal, and lawful if they are unread and rubber stamped approved which by-passes congress whose job it is to study and analyze the 2700 pages of laws, death panels, regulations, punishment, taxes, and fines inserted into Obamacare?. Health Care is one of the most serious industries in the nation.  Obamacare could be the biggest Ponzi Scheme and Patient Dumping scheme to hit the USA in her history and far worse than Social Security that has been pilfered by Congressional members.  Congressional members for decades have been diverting the taxpayer funded retirement funds which belong to the individual Americans workers, not to congress.  In fact at one point, Obama threatened to bankrupt social security.

Furthermore, millions of Americans were shocked when notified of canceled insurance policies.  If you recall, Katheleen Sibelius was promoting Obamacare along with Obama and Hillary Clinton back in 2009.  The HHS Director, Kathleen Sibelius refused to testify about Obamacare before a Congressional hearing, but she did show up for the hearing.  She found time to appear on late night television shows and attend gala events.  During the hearings, she stated to a congressional member, “Don’t do this to me” when she was asked if she would sign up for Obamacare.  Was she threatening him or ordering him to stop his line of questioning?   And when asked about providing an organ for an 11-year-old child which she refused to approve, she said, “Someone has to live and someone has to die.”  The Democrats appear to be cold hearted when it comes to children and unborn babies.

Obamacare is a death care for Americans.  It is death care for future U.S. Natural Born Citizens.  Obama also promotes same sex indoctrination implemented in public schools and the military, which is a population control agenda reducing the number of natural born Americans while the migration of millions of illegals from the Middle East overpopulate with intent to dominate Europe and the USA.  Obama and Hillary promote mandated taxpayer abortions for America’s pregnant women, but not for the illegals and unidentified foreigners from terrorist nations.

 The average age for a little girl in the Middle East to have a baby is 15 years old.  One Imam is on video stating that he dreams of the day that they are marrying little blond girls. In my opinion, Obamacare is much bigger and sinister than realized by most Americans who are being sucked into political correctness and we are a nation of immigrants, but the intent and law states we are a nation of LEGAL immigrants.

Of course, Obama played on the emotions of the generous Americans by using his mother as an example to promote Obamacare.  He told told his sad story revealing that his mother suffered from a pre-existing existence and that was his reason to implement Obamacare, but the story turned out to be bogus. He also stated that his mother’s race bothered him.

In fact, Obamacare may even double the costs of health care which they may receive or not receive called out as the “Cadillac Tax” that will deny unaffordable health care to Americans and lead to a single-payer that will devastate insurance companies and Americans will lose their jobs. Obamacare is a scam that includes euthanasia which is population control.  Obamacare is Death Care for Americans only, not the foreign invaders.

It appears that Obamacare is a scam forcing Americans to pay for a consumer product or consumer service with their earnings after  taxes that they mayor may not want or need.  Obama and Hillary state that it is a tax, but taxes are paid after exchanging money for a consumer product.  Consumer products and services are a choice in America, except for Obamacare that denies the constitutional right to choose.  In fact, Obama and Pelosi mandated that Americans are mandated to pay up for a consumer product or service they may or may not receive based on the truth that Obamacare health care can  be rationed or denied knowing people will be injured or could die The entire government exempts itself from liability should anyone’s health deteriorate or should they die from being denied or rationed health care appointments, treatments or medications.

Americans should recall that president Obama secretly diverted $500,000,0000 from Medicare, robbing Peter to pay Paul, just to get Obamacare off the ground.  Did Congress approve the diverted funding from Medicare or not?  Obamacare is hurting the people who elected these same representatives.  The taxpayers make this country great, yet, the Congress turns a blind eye and punishes their constituents and risks the health and lives of every American with this Ponzi scheme that borders on extortion.

If Congress fails to refund Medicare and repeal Obamacare as promised, these same lawmakers, who exempted themselves, will not suffer the immediate consequences, but like history proves out, it is only a matter of time before it hits home.  They apparently have approved these anti-American unconstitutional and unread laws without conscience that will force Americans into enslavement to those who threaten to harm Americans and dominate the USA.  America needs leaders who are willing to send up the red flares to stop the train wreck and pull the brake on the one!

Remember, the fact that employers who fail to comply with the 30 hour work week will face huge penalties and this appears to be a power-grab by the federal politicians. It’s like placing an imaginary gun to the head of every American and saying, pay-up or else!  In the adventure story, “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks and Radicals,” available  on-line at www. pub. 2013 written as a political satire with an Orwellian style theme. Watch for the upcoming relaunch and updated version of this  political satire coming soon in 2022, OBAMASAURUS,” for all ages. 

Furthermore, Obama’s Affordable Patient Act  tentacles reach far beyond healthcare for Americans, it actually takes rent from taxpayers, businesses, and employees and food from the tables of  American families. The tax-payer funded representatives appear to end up extremely wealthy while working in public office.  Yet, without conscience, they are making the US Natural Born and Naturalized legal Americans poorer while handing out Entitlements for free to the anti-American foreign free loaders who stand on our sidewalks and threaten to kill the American Jews and kill us and dominate our nation which is  treason and pre-meditated murder. 

In  conclusion, the  change and transformation promised by Obama or Barry is not in the best interest of the legal U.S. Natural Born and generational loyal naturalized Americans who didn’t wake up, face the dragon, and slay the dragon that is  illegally crossing our borders. Did the fiery dragon join forces with two more dragons rising out of  Communist China, Russia, and Syria and/or IRAN and are they targeting U.S. soil?

Rose Colombo says, “Americans are facing a dinosaur in D.C. who stated on television that he thinks with his reptilian side of his brain.  This dragon is hitting heads with the Eagle and the Bear but they appear to support  the  dragon from China in bed with Iran who threatens to wipe out the USA, Israel and Europe with a flame spewing dragon that symbolizes a Nuclear Weapon.  It appears all three world leaders are suspected for seeking to be the one world leader and appear to be taking advantage of a weak U.S. White House leaders who arrogantly thought the world feared him, but instead, he left a vacuum open in Iraq and he provided the flexibility promised after the 2012 elections as a tool for the Russian leaders to seek world domination.  Will Western Civilization join forces and slay the fiery dragon – that could spew its flames from Iran – Russia – China – or Syria or the forgotten radical leader from North Korea – before it’s too late?  Comment Below and Follow Rose Colombo – 

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