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“I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America!”  See Executive Order 10834  Federal Registry 24 – F.R. 6865 

  1.  the rank or office of an admiral.
  2. LAW:  the jurisdiction of courts of law over cases concerning ships or the sea and other navigable waters; maritime law.

Does the yellow fringe have meaning or could it just be decor stitched onto the U.S. Flag  as most Americans are willing to accept on U.S. soil?  Yellow Fringe stitched to the U.S. Flag isn’t  authorized on a Title 4: U.S.A. Codes: Chapter 1: Sec 1, Sec 2, and it is a mutilation Sec. 3…..

Should Americans not ask if the Gold Tassel is used to enact Admiralty law if displayed on land in government buildings and courtroom with intent of  suspending the U.S. Constitution to impose unconstitutional law?  And, does a U.S. Flag with yellow fringe and gold tassels represent the USA’s sovereignty and  the laws of the nation in full force established by the U.S. Constitution or not?

WE THE PEOPLE are the government!

WE THE PEOPLE are the government!

Dear President of the USA, and Honorable Members of the United States Congress, and the Hon. U.S. Justices:

Re: Martial Law and the Allegations that the U.S. Constitution was “Revoked” or “Suspended” under the Obama Regime is a serious concern to legal U.S. Citizens and the U.S. Military.   It appears that far too many public servants are displaying U.S. Flags with golden-yellow fringe on U.S. soil and inside government buildings and courtrooms.  The question arises as to why so many American judges are enacting Sharia Law in their courtrooms as well as why many city council members appear to be  turning American cities into Sharia Law no-go areas which is treason in my opinion! 

The question arises if the U.S. Flags with golden-yellow fringe seen on camera displayed behind the former non-vetted President Obama  in the White House during Press Conferences was displayed as a symbol that the U.S. Constitution was suspended.  After all, President Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama was never properly vetted, but if the Constitution was suspended then what difference would it make if he was eligible or a foreigner or illegal alien and the enemies from within managed to suspend the Constitution and allow an alleged coup to gain access to the White House and National Security.

The question remains if the golden-yellow fringe stitched on the U.S. Flag is symbolic and suspends the U.S. Constitution on U.S. soil, which would make the Congress and the Constitution, and all of the federal and state governments “meaningless.”  Many people say that the yellow fringe is just for decor and doesn’t matter, but the U.S. Flag is precious and sacred.  Americans mustn’t ignore the laws and policies that govern the U.S. Flag and how it is to be displayed and its purpose.

It was shocking to the majority of legal loyal law-abiding patriotic Americans on both sides of the aisle to note that the Democrats and Republicans, who are members of Congress and the Senate, applauded Obama’s declaration during a speech of 2009 declaring the  U.S. Constitution and Congress are “meaningless.”  How was it that he wasn’t arrested and impeached at that moment?

Is it the golden-yellow fringe stitched on the edges of the American Flag that could possibly  represent the suspension of the U.S. Constitution and Congress?  Should we not ponder if it’s possible that the U.S. Flag with yellow fringe was displayed in the White House and courthouses and government building to protect  Obama aka Barry Soetoro after he was slipped into the oval office without proper vetting so when Obama and Hillary Clinton could implement their preplanned  foreign invasion from foreign enemy nations without fear of violating the Constitution and being charged with espionage with a plan to call out Martial Law in the future against patriotic Americans?

When did Americans ask their representatives if and when Obama obtained  congressional approval to use the  U.S. Refugee agencies as the catalyst by offering the agencies financial incentives?  Obama and Hillary preplanned the foreign invasion under the guise of “Christian Refugees” and required the American taxpayers to pick up the tab in the amount of $220,000,000 without their knowledge to be secretly flown into the USA for 8 years by-passing required inspections and the Port of Entry, but they weren’t arrested for their secret plans.  Of course, ISIS wasn’t in the picture until Obama left the vacuum in Iraq along with billions of U.S. taxpayer funded vehicles and weapons and ammunition that gave them their start to achieve their goal of persecuting Christians and Christian converts.

Furthermore, it was  reported that Obama and Hillary Clinton’s goal was to migrate as many foreigners from Muslim nations into the USA as possible in 8 years.  The goal of foreigners from the Middle East to be brought into the USA numbered 5,000,000.  The original foreign invaders to be migrated into the USA under the guise of “Christian Refugees” were to be Palestinians who were tied to Hamas or member of the terrorist group, Hamas.  It appears that the majority of  foreigners they migrated into the USA were males, under the guise of “Christian Refugees,” with knowledge that most weren’t  Christian refugees at all? In fact, they set up no-go zones and denied Law Enforcers the right to enter U.S. land for inspections under the Obama-Jarrett-Holder-Clinton-Huma-Democratic regime.


The Obama-Clinton-Democratic-Rino congress allowed this foreign invasion of illegals and radicals and a minority of Christian Refugees to be secretly flown into the USA or walk across the borders without inspections.  They were allowed to by-pass the Port of Entry by-passing TSA, Border Patrol, Sheriffs, and ICE inspections required by federal and state laws.  The Obama-Hillary Clinton-Holder-Democratic congress were violating the legal definition of “refugees” and the legal definition of “asylum” seekers as well as in violation of transparency, immigration laws, inspection laws, immigration laws, legal citizenship laws, and the requirement of assimilation, and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution.

The non-vetted Barack Hussein Obama, who was allowed to conceal his identification and credentials from the entire nation for 8 years remained a mystery to the legal patriotic American legal voters, taxpayers, and legal citizens. Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama admitted twice to an audience on video that he was born in Kenya, which appeared to be when he spoke to an audience either as a candidate or student.  The second time he admitted he was born in Kenya was recently when seen on TV in 2018 while visiting Kenya.  Barry Soetoro aka Obama approved of a published bio stating he was born in Kenya.  

Obama tricked the American people which may be why he calls Americans “small-minded” when he was sworn in at the 2009 inauguration.  Barry Soetoro aka Obama was  pictured with his hand on a red book that appeared to be a red book of foreign ideologies or the Red Communist Manifesto which Americans didn’t notice.  The red book explains why he and Michelle were laughing and why Obama immediately stated in 2009 that shocking statement, “America is  longer a Christian Nation.”

It appears to many Americans that he was pledging his allegiance to a foreign ideology, which appeared to compromise his sworn oath. Obama aka Barry Soetoro stated in a speech on national television about January 2009 that he would make laws by using his pen and his phone and he didn’t need the U.S. Constitution or Congress to implement the Executive Orders.  He repeated this statement a few time during his time in the White House between 2009 through November 2016. Obama kept that declaration and dictated unconstitutional laws that trampled on the U.S. Constitution against a Free Citizenry by writing and signing off on Executive Orders with a complicit Democratic-Rino Congress.

We The People love the story of Betsy Ross and how she carefully stitched the original red, white, and blue Flag of the United States of America without fringe around all three sides. It was a plain red, white, and blue Flag of the United States of America with a powerful and sentimental meaning to every patriotic loyal American loyal patriotic American ever since that moment in history.  Americans held the U.S. Flag high on U.S. soil and on the battlefields of foreign soil.  Americans fought and were injured and died holding the flag to keep America Free from foreign enemy invaders who would try to steal our land, freedom, liberty, and rights and enslave and kill American citizens. 

In fact, thousands of Fallen American soldiers have been injured or died in honor for this great nation. This is why we declare that we are the Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave.  One Nation Under God.  In God We Trust.  American soldiers fought against Communism and died fighting to free Europe and the Jews and keep the Communist from invading the USA during WWII. 

The United States Flag represents every U.S. Natural Born and legal loyal Naturalized American citizen, born or unborn on U.S. soil . The U.S. Flag has been burned on U.S.soil  and foreign soil by anti-Americans and foreign enemies.  In fact,  news articles allege that Obama stated that he and his wife as well as The Clinton’s participated in flag burning ceremonies during their youth.  The U.S. Flag has waved proudly on the shores of Tripoli, foreign and domestic battlefields, and upon U.S. soil even when tattered due to the ravages of weather and war for more than 237 years.  It has flown across the oceans and through the skies.

After much research, I learned that on August 21, 1959, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed an Executive Order 10834 which is printed in the Federal Registry – 24 F.R. 6865 – pursuant to law, which stated that a military flag is a flag that resembles the regular Flag of the United States of America except that it has been stitched with yellow fringe on the borders on all three sides.  It’s my understanding from the materials I’ve read it leads me to believe that the yellow fringe stitched on the edges of the U.S. Flag represents the United States Maritime Laws and protects the American ships when entering international waters, so does that mean that the U.S. Constitution and sovereignty is suspended once the military enters into international waters and displays the yellow fringed U.S. flags? 

How is it under Obama’s Democratic-Socialist and Liberal Regime that Americans experienced U.N. Troops and vehicles on U.S. soil as reported in the news?  In fact, on or about 2010, Russian and Chinese Naval ships were docked in the USA, in particular, San Francisco, as their naval men came ashore in San Francisco which I witnessed.  And, why were the Chinese Army in full uniform  marching through the airport in Tucson, Arizona?   What happened to the international water laws that prohibit foreign enemy nations and military forces from entering U.S. Waters or air space and what about the laws that prohibit foreign enemy nations on U.S. soil?

Image result for Free stock photo of U.N. vehicles on U.S. soil

Should Americans not ponder if  golden-yellow fringe stitched on the edges of the U.S. Flag truly mean that  U.S. Constitutional laws are suspended so that foreign troops, i.e., Russian Naval Ships and Chinese Communist Naval ships and armies as well as U.N. Troops, Islamic terrorists groups, illegals who could be foreign spies or here to do harm to Americans trafficking guns, females, children, and drugs into the USA are allowed to enter, especially through the borders of California where Governor Jerry Brown harbors, funds, and protects them in no-go zones and sanctuary cities while destroying the economic status and beauty of San Francisco.

And, is it the reason good or bad that Obama gave immunity to Interpol, or why Obama, George HW Bush, and Obama’s and Clinton’s as well as Soros and Kissinger support the U.N.’s Gun Control efforts against Americans as well as their depopulation programs?  And, the pedophiles that have been migrated into America, Canada, and Europe appear to be winning this evil battle of kidnapping kids for instant sexual gratification, porn, prostitution, torture, caged, terrorized, sacrificed and used as drug and gun couriers? Is this why these same Democrats and Rinos and EU leaders support open borders and supports the U.N.’s law entitled,  “The Rights of the Child” that alienates parents from their children and makes them wards of the state?  The Rights of the Child actually give No Rights to the Child! And, there are so many pedophiles in government in the USA and around the world that handing babies and kids over to them is not a good idea.

 How do Americans know if the babies aren’t being microchiped or the military or patients in hospitals or illegals and foreign invaders that Obama and Hillary migrated into the USA?  How do Americans know if the police are microchipped as they push to microchip every individual on the face of the planet to control every individual through their worldwide supercomputers and DNA supercomputer?

The research I have discovered leads me to believe that the yellow fringe stitched on the U.S. Flag was intended for military use or Maritime use when entering International waters only or that it’s displayed in summary Court Martial procedures against civilians.  Is this why Congress declared America to be a “battlefield” under the Obama regime and why it appears that Congress has been targeting Americans with indefinite detention and no knock home and business invasions, which is a  violation of constitutional law, that requires “Due Process of Law” and “Miranda Rights?” 

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And the topper is that “Asset Forfeiture Law” based on accusation only, while all those who appear to be involved in the New World Order agendas for mass genocide and enslavement do not have their assets seized based on a mountain high list of allegations against them!   This is why Americans must ask these questions of their lawmakers and find out if they are lawmakers or law breakers!

Americans should be asking if this is  the reason that for seven years, Congress refused to Declare War on ISIS?   Is this why Obama and Holder were able to order terrorists who murdered Americans into civilian taxpayer-funded courts vs. being tried as terrorists war criminals for their crimes against Americans in a Military Tribunal?  Below are some questions that I believe deserve clarification:

1. I’ve noticed over the past few years that the yellow fringe Flag of the United States is more frequently displayed at the White House press conferences or displayed elsewhere.

And, as reported in many online news articles, there are more anti-American  foreign immigrants appointed to positions of power within the White House and DHS even though they haven’t been citizens for long or pledge their allegiance to foreign ideologies.  As I stated above, it’s extremely important to know the truth about the yellow fringe stitched on the edges of the U.S. Flag that has been displayed often under the Obama-Hillary Clinton Socialist Democratic career congressional members in U.S. Courtrooms across the nation when public servants no longer have to be loyal to the U.S. Constitution or Pledge their allegiance to the U.S. Flag, but boldly place their hands on foreign communist or foreign ideologies that are in opposition to the U.S. Constitution, rooted in Christian laws and the Ten Commandments, and call out crimes of murder, rape, and pedophilia as a “religious right” when in America, it is a felony and dismantled as a “cult” in the past. 

A question blowing in the wind if a non-vetted or vetted eligible U.S. President order, designated as the Commander-In-Chief, order U.S. Flags with yellow-stitched edges be displayed in government buildings and courtrooms or not?

Furthermore, if the Constitution is suspended that eliminates the authority of the oval office, Commander-in-Chief, DOJ, and Congress does it not for only the U.S. Constitution establishes the three branches of government and their duties. Although, this seems insignificant to most Americans, I think it is worthy of explanation by Congress. 

2.  Why do many courtrooms, especially those where the former President Barry aka Obama has appointed federal judges appear to have flags standing with yellow fringe as reported by some Americans or seen  during a national Press Conferences on television?  Should we, the American citizens, consider this to be a silent warning to citizens that the U.S. Constitution is suspended or possibly revoked in D.C. at the White House or in the U.S. Courtrooms rendering the American people unprotected by U.S. Constitutional law in D.C. and in those courtrooms? 

After all, how is it that Sharia Law is being approved on U.S. soil in Texas if the yellow fringe is “meaningless,” for the U.S. Constitution would apparently have to be considered “meaningless” in order to avoid a charge of treason, is that not correct?   The Red Book below:  Is it the Quran?  Is it the Communist Manifesto?  Are they laughing at America and Americans who didn’t even notice the Red Book? And, note, he wore a “red” tie, not a “blue tie” – Everything is symbolic and has a meaning believe it or not!

Image result for Free stock photo of Obama with hand on red book 2009

And, it appears that Obama and Holder, Jarrett, and Hillary Clinton and their regime were attempting to allow  Sharia Law be imposed on U.S. Soil.  Apparently, they were seeking to set foreigners free of charges filed or accusations filed against those Obama and Hillary Clinton migrated into the USA whether they be  legal or illegal, fake refugees or legal refugees, pedophiles, rapist, or committed genital mutilation, torture or honor killings on U.S. soil claiming these felonies committed in the USA as “religious rights.” 

The Department of Justice and Congress and the government, We The People, must never allow Sharia Law to be imposed in the USA creating a dual DOJ and dual government.  This would mean we would no longer be the United States of America, but the “Divided States of America.”  Did Obama and Hillary, Schumer, Kerry, and Pelosi convert or Brennan and DeBlasio and Bloomberg?

 Congress needs to speak to all Americans and explain these serious issues on national television which make no sense to most Americans.   Why can’t Americans criticize these crimes when committed by immigrants, legal or illegal,  who should be detained and deported if not arrested and punished under U.S. Constitutional Law?  We don’t pay the politicians to randomly choose to set up a dual government or dual Department of Justice or rogue anti-American government and foreign set of ideologies based on feelings.  We don’t pay politicians to slip in non-vetted persons or lie about their identification or credentials.  We don’t pay politicians to recklessly spend our tax dollars to support foreign enemies and foreigners who violate Federal and State Laws at the borders.

How then should We The People not ponder if these issues mentioned in this blog are a reason why far too many Liberal Judges have been seen video stating, “This is my courtroom.”  Or they shout at the litigant without an attorney, “We found you guilty,”even  if you weren’t notified of a previous hearing believe it or not.  Or, they might angrily state to a litigant without a lawyer,  “You  have no constitutional rights.” If  America’s litigants have no constitutional rights, but foreign enemies do have rights and are set free from their crimes then who are these politicians?

Is the yellow fringe on the U.S. Flag displayed in a courtroom part of the reason why too many Liberal Judges believe they can implement Sharia law in U.S. Courtrooms?  How is it okay for IMAMS or immigrants, legal or illegal, residing on U.S.  soil stating in the news and online videos that they aren’t obligated to follow the laws established by  U.S. Constitution?   (Would it be okay for Americans to state in any of the 57  Middle East countries that we refuse to obey their laws?)   Also, can activist judges use any laws they choose with immunity, even foreign laws such as Sharia law, for example to implement their decisions in favor of anti-Americans who refuse to follow U.S. Laws and demand America’s legal system impose foreign law in their cases, but under which job duty and constitutional law?

Furthermore, imposing the Communist Manifesto or  foreign Sharia Law on U.S. soil  presents a dictatorial  government and clever agendas used by the Liberal Socialist Democrats to usurp the U.S. Constitution.  Such a treasonous act would create a huge  conflict of interest between the U.S. President and the Federal Judges  and U.S. Justices.  In fact, the Justices and Judges would be forced to allow all foreign radicals  or criminals who claim a “religious right” to be set free from being charged with murder, raping women and kids, or robbing Americans.

  In other words, loyal Americans who ended up victims of foreign radicals would receive no justice in the USA.  Obama would win if the U.S. Constitution and Congress were made “meaningless.”  How would the law enforcers stop the foreign enemies within or domestic enemies from within from blackmailing public servants and their families?

These treasonous acts would eliminate Constitutional Law entirely and the Bill of Rights.  Such treasonous acts would deny all women and children any rights at all.  And, as Obama stated, he would also have achieved his declaration that “America is no longer a Christian nation” and we know what foreign enemies do to Christians, Jews, and non-converts.  And, remember, it was Michelle Obama who stated in her last speech before leaving the White House that this country “belongs to the Muslims” and they aren’t to forget it.

 In my book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” I point out that there far too many activist judges, who have been ignoring and avoiding constitutional law and re-writing their own laws, on the courtroom bench. This is a very dangerous path for all Americans who seek justice.  (My award-winning book, Fight Back Legal Abuse, is available at to read complimentary pages but out-of-print.)

Fight Back Legal Abuse
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3.  Is the government using the U.S. Flag with yellow stitched edges as a warning without verbal declarations  that once American citizens walk into the people’s house, the U.S. taxpayer-funded White House, and they see the United States Flag is displayed with yellow fringe on all three sides, that such an action could provide the government with a tool to use against Americans, even if the people oppose displaying a yellow fringe flag.  Could it mean that the American people haven’t any  constitutional rights in D.C. or in a particular courtrooms, or perhaps, within the USA as the increase of police power has been excessive in my opinion against Americans, women, and kids, and elderly, and now even their dogs.

After all, the police are called out to arrest American kids who were dancing and having fun in front of the D.C. government building under Obama’s watch if you recall.  The police arrested American elderly veterans, 90-year-old men, who served this nation and who fought in WW II  against the Communist.  Obama and Holder allowed them to be arrested, but they made sure they set Muslim Terrorists free from GITMO.  Obama and Bill Clinton never served the military and appear to have disdain for the Military and Veterans.

 In fact, Bill Clinton dodged the draft and fled to Communist Russia after fleeing to Oxford, and he and Hillary Clinton have embraced the Communist since the college days.  Bill Clinton is reported to have stated in a letter to a U.S. Colonel that he would not fight for this country.  Yet, both these men, and Hillary Clinton, appear to be the best candidates  chosen by the  NWO to be slipped into the Office of President of the USA.

After all, the current non-vetted president has declared on several occasions that  the Constitution and Congress is  “meaningless” and “flawed” and that the U.S. Constitution needs to be changed. This raises the question if the  yellow fringe flag could possibly be the symbol used if there is intent that the Executive Officer, the U.S. President, who is the Commander-in-Chief, may intend to declare Martial Law on U.S. soil by calling out Black-White tension and civil unrest or a Pandemic. 

Some people may be surprised, but it appears that Martial Law makes the DHS a shadow government according to a Presidential Order that began with Bill Clinton passed onto George W Bush and passed onto Obama aka Barry Soetoro.  The Order calls out Conservatives, Constitutionalist, Patriots, and Christians as “right-wing extremist” and enemies of the Left.   Bill Clinton and Holder were against  Patriotic Americans and fired on them at WACO and Ruby Ridge without properly serving them, which is required by the law,  known as “Due Process of Law,” according to reports.

The order would allow DHS-FEMA to take over as the shadow government if a POTUS calls out “Martial Law” due to civil unrest or a pandemic. Remember, Obama and Sibelius attempted to call out the “swine flu” as a “pandemic” in 2009 and attempted to force all Americans to be vaccinated with a chemical-laden vaccine or be punished and lose their  jobs, be fined, or jailed.  How easily Americans forget or refuse to remember.

Image result for Free stock photo of DHS-Fema vehicle

If civil unrest were called out under this order by a POTUS that would allow DHS-FEMA to quarantine Americans, set curfews, patrol the streets with U.N. troops, and take Americans away, I guess take them away to the FEMA Camps, that the Clinton’s and George W. Bush and Cheney had built along with the private prisons.  And, under Obama-Hillary Clinton’s regime, they bought up tons of ammunition and FEMA trains, perhaps, to take the “right-winger” Americans who elected them and paid their wages most of their lives, while they became extremely wealthy, to be reprogrammed which may be why they found it necessary under Obama’s watch to approve the NDAA Law. 

The NDAA law is based on accusation only against an American and allows the tyrannical government to indefinitely detain the accused, deny phone calls, deny access to lawyers, or a trial and denies “Due Process of Law” and “Miranda Rights.”  I am guessing, Americans will remain possibly in FEMA Camps if they were to succeed at the New World Order goal until Americans comply.  Sounds more like a foreign enemy agenda than an American Constitutional form of government.  This is why we must know the truth about the yellow fringe displayed in the White House and Courthouses and government buildings.

This also raises the question – how does all this work out in favor of the American people if anti-American foreigners are employed in the White House and DHS and appointed to the Committee of 25 under Obamacare which is an unconstitutional act as well.  The Committee of 25, are appointees who determine who lives and who dies.  Although, Americans have been told Obamacare is being repealed, it is still the land of the law until President Trump nullifies it and voids it and burns it!    How would all this work out to benefit of the legal natural-born Americans if overrun by foreign enemies employed into the military, police force, ANTIFA type groups, and TSA or if anti-American foreigners accessed Judgeships and public office?

4.  Furthermore, when American litigants or any U.S. citizen, who monitors the courts, walks into a state or federal courtroom, while the Flag with yellow fringe is displayed outside or inside of the courtroom,  which according to the statutes represents military or maritime  laws, how then should the American people determine if that presiding Justice of Judge in any case will uphold  his fiduciary duty and uphold, defend, and preserve,  the U.S. Constitution or if he will uphold a foreign law such as Sharia Law or communist laws or the laws rendered by the U.N.?

For example, if the U.S. Constitution is ignored, avoided, re-written on the bench, manipulated or usurped by  the Federal Judges or members of congress or a  or State Government and by-passed by a U.S. President or the Commander-in-Chief, how then could Americans stop the judicial system from stonewalling specific cases that isn’t in the best interest of the litigants or military personnel and the American people?  They will just tell you that ignorance of their law is no excuse, right?

Update:  The Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton modern-day “Bonnie and Clyde” have been accused of lying, and cover-ups, and more scandals probably than any 2 people in U.S. History, as well as stealing the China, silverware, and art, from the White House without being arrested, but excused upon its return.  For decades, they’ve hung out with a registered Pedophile who traffic minor kids and has underground facilities. 

The news report about Orgy Island should boggle the minds of every American that wasn’t shut down for decades.  There are many dark secrets, of course. It begs the question why Jeffrey Epstein’s Orgy Island’s property and Lolita Express airplane appears to never have been subjected to the “asset forfeiture law” and the “Search and Seizure law.”  When did an earthquake in the history of the world set an entire island on fire while the owner is under investigation and being sued by victims?  It appears that if you aren’t part of the inner-circle of wealthy Leftist then you are a target as an average American and can be subjected to these laws. There is no justice, only decisions.  These long-time career D.C. politicians and associations are above the law and exempt themselves from the law.  They created the two-tier justice system.  One for them and one for everyone else.

For example, who will prevent a USAG in charge of the Department of Justice from  sending war criminals aka terrorists into a civilian court and having their charges reduced from mass murder and a Jihadist attack down to workplace violence or from by-passing a Military Tribunal?  How is it wasn’t turned over to the Military Tribunal since it was a Military case?  How Deep is the Deep State – Pretty Deep!  What constitutional authority and safeguards have been implemented to prevent the White House and Congress or other Federal Agencies from trampling on the Court Orders of Federal Judges and the DOJ from interfering in a Military Criminal activity?  

It appears that the current U.S.  President secretly negotiates with terrorist groups or how did he secretly release Bergdahl and release and fund the terrorists who murdered Americans and deport them?   The news reported Obama  met without the Press present with the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR many times for 8 years.  Obama aka Barry Soetoro released thousands of felons from prison and did it again right before he left office in 2016, but the Democrats love him and spew their hateful words and threats against President Trump.  They ignore all of the sexual wrongdoing reported against the Clinton’s over 40 plus years which even alleged pedophilia.  They ignore all the allegations of sexual promiscuity against the non-vetted President Obama even prior to his candidacy.  Does this have anything to do  with the New World Order and the yellow fringe on the U.S. flag in courtrooms and government buildings around the nation during the Obama-Hillary Clinton reign?

After all, if the federal government should believe that the U.S. Flag with yellow fringe on all  three sides suspends or revokes the U.S. Constitution, then how would that not equate to the White House rendering the American people helpless and at the mercy of the federal government without constitutional protections and rendering citizens guilty until proven innocent, which is what the Patriot Act and the NDAA law achieve.  The NDAA is a  dangerous law against Americans and it’s  based on accusation only.  The NDAA law denies rights to Americans such as  charges filed, a lawyer, a phone call, or a trial by a jury of  American peers.  Be sure to thank Senators McCain, Levin, and Graham and all the Democrats and Rinos who introduced, approved, and implemented the NDAA Law under Obama and Holder’s regime.  The NDAA Law  violates the Constitutional Law that makes America exceptional entitled, “Due Process of Law.”

It appears that the Executive Order that began with Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and passed onto Obama calling for Martial Law way back when should a pandemic or civil unrest break out making DHA the shadow government against right-wing extremist which are Conservatives, Patriots, Constitutionalist, and Christians and Jews, should make Americans wonder why they felt this was necessary while building private prisons and FEMA Camps.  And, why it was necessary to include Americans after lying to Americans that the Patriot Act was temporary. 

And, why it was necessary to naked x-ray Americans at the airports knowing they preplanned to migrate foreigners from foreign enemy nations into the USA by the millions!  And, why they implemented the NDAA Law against Americans denying them due process of law!  And, why they preplanned since the Clinton and Bush years to approve the CFR’s North American Union and open the borders to foreigners and violate immigration, ID, and Citizenship laws and why they want ICE eliminated from doing their job?  How is it Americans aren’t seeing this big picture of enemies from without and enemies from within?  Did they use the yellow fringed flag as a key symbol to the NWO and EU , UN, CFR, and foreign enemies that everything was in place working against Americans or not?

But why should the lawmakers care about the laws they impose that are unconstitutional, illegal, and unlawful?  Do they care if they get caught funneling  money to themselves or that they can’t get enough pork from the pork barrels funded by the taxpayers?  Do they care that they hold themselves above the law and  exempt themselves from the law and those they favor from the law, i.e., Muslims, Gays, Illegals, donors, bundlers, registered Pedophile Epstein, Soros, family and friends?  

As I stated, there have been a myriad of unconstitutional laws mandated by Barry Soetoro aka Obama approved as Executive Orders.  Executive Orders were never intended to make law or rewrite constitutional law by way of the oval office.  E.O.’s weren’t intended to usurp constitutional law and by-pass constitutional law or by-pass congress, but that’s what Obama chose to do for 8 years with a complicit congress.  Many career politicians on the Left and the Rinos are long-time associates from Chicago and New york and many have become extremely wealthy on taxpayer wages.  This leaves the question of the fringe on the yellow flag the tool used that allowed Obama and Hillary to invade the USA with a majority of radicals and illegals who refuse to assimilate, but state they come to dominate. 

 As I wrote in my book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse, the Obama Socialist Liberal Democrats have morphed all three branches of government into one branch and circumvented and eliminated Checks and Balances.  It’s z”Checks and Balances”  that makes America exceptional as well as “Due Process of Law.”  The Congress and DOJ allowed Obama to dictate to the American Citizens by writing Executive Orders and changing and altering or eliminating Freedom, Liberty, Due Process of Law, and Rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution apparently as the Manchurian Candidate.

These unconstitutional laws were approved without Congress exercising their fiduciary duty to read, study, and make sure that any changes or amendments to the U.S. Constitution are in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and the will of the majority of Americans and protect the sovereignty, welfare, and health and safety of all legal Americans.   It is their duty to approve laws that are just, fair, use common sense, are economically sound, and equitable,  They failed miserably from 2009 to 2016.

Obama’s Executive Orders have been allowed to remain on the books by the Democrats and Rinos to-date that granted due process of law and freedom and liberty to criminals, illegals , and terrorist, who violate immigration laws.    Obama’s Executive Orders appear to grant more rights to the criminals and foreign enemies than to the legal natural-born Americans who pay his taxpayer-funded wages and pension.

It appears that Obama’s Executive Orders granted more leniency to foreign enemy war criminals  aka terrorists, aka enemy combatants, and radicals. Obama and former USAG Eric Holder appear to have reduced the anti-American war crimes down to civilian U.S. crimes,  i.e. the Fort Hood Mass Murder of Unarmed American military men and women.  The Fort Hood preplanned serial murder on a U.S. Military Base by an employed  Jihadist,  taxpayer-funded by Americans and allowed  to join the U.S. Military even though on the FBI watch list.  Obama and Holder appear to have the charges of a serial murder  reduced down to workplace violence.  This would be similar to a U.S. citizen, who is a criminal and robbed a bank having their charges reduced down to a loan.

  In fact, the non-vetted President Obama released dangerous Terrorists from GITMO without Constitutional or Congressional authority or notification without worrying about being impeached.  – Topic:  Agendas of the New World Order with Rose Colombo and Anthony J. Hilder

5.  Finally, how then could Americans not demand to know if the U.S. Constitution is or was  suspended.  And, if so, under which constitutional authority are White House elected public servants applying that grants them the authority to violate their sworn oaths?  Under which constitutional authority are they applying to grant themselves immunity from the laws of the land or exempt themselves from the laws of the land?  Which constitutional authority are they granting to themselves to hold themselves above the law?  Is it because they have appointed people who will support them and protect them from being prosecuted?

 Is it because the public servants who hold themselves above the law pledged their allegiance to foreign enemy ideologies or became secret converts with two masters, but no one can be faithful to two masters.  Is it because they pledged their allegiance as admitted to an international foreign body known as the New World Order, which should be considered treason. Anyone who pledged their allegiance to a foreign ideology or the U.N. and New World Order cannot be an ally of the USA in support of the U.S. Constitution.  Their allegiance is to a foreign international body.

Only criminals hold themselves above the laws.   It is the  primary fiduciary duty of every public servant to uphold, defend, and preserve the U.S. Constitution versus “suspend” or revoke, ignore or avoid or usurp the U.S Constitution?  The American people would never elect disloyal public servants if they knew their intent was to suspend or Revoke the U.S. Constitution rendering the American people unprotected and vulnerable to legal abuse and injustices.  Tyrannical laws that deny the constitutional rights, freedoms, and liberties to legal Americans will lead to enslavement or genocide or indefinite detention under foreign law.  However,  the Democrats continue to push for gun control while leaving the borders open to terrorist and cartels who traffic guns into the USA.  There are more guns in the USA and chickens than there are Americans.

Which constitutional law provides congress the authority to “suspend” the U.S. Constitution in the past 242  years?  As we already know,  which unconstitutional laws that Congress failed to read and study, but approved such as Obamacare and the Iran Deal.  This had to be intentional because both risk the safety and health and lives of every legal American and these public servants can’t be that stupid, especially when Obama embraces the Muslim Brotherhood and the Quran and funds foreign enemy nations such as Iran while John Kerry is pictured kissing the forward of the Iranian Imam.

 This behavior by US elected public servants falls in line with my fictional adventure story on how unconstitutional laws are needed to be enacted in order to deny freedom and liberty.  I unravel these dangerous Obamacare and Redistribution of Wealth Nazi-type  laws in my political satire written as an adventure story,  “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, RedNecks and Radicals” which every freedom-loving person should enjoy reading at

6. Under which U.S. Constitutional authority is the Executive Office or the U.S. Congress or federal or state judges applying that grants them the power to replace the original U.S. Flag with a yellow fringe edged stitched in yellow and display such in the White House or public buildings or public courthouses on U.S. soil?  Is it okay to do so even if the intent was for military and/or maritime  use only when entering into foreign international waters or possibly on land and when dealing with foreign enemies or  in a Military Tribunal involving a U.S. Citizen?

 Although, people will disagree with me and say, it doesn’t matter, it does matter if it restricts constitutional freedom or allows foreign enemies to march on U.S. soil or violates international water laws and allows foreign enemies to dock in our ports and coastlines.  It matters if it allows Islamic anti-American organizations to access U.S. soil and promote foreign laws and deny freedom without being able to prohibit them from doing so because of a flag that prohibits constitutional law from being the law of the land, right?  Should we not demand to know if the yellow fringe flags grants the right of  foreign anti-American nations the right to fly their flags on U.S. soil which we are experiencing today and remains shocking to me.

The Communist flag has been raised in D.C.  The Mexican flag has been  raised.  And Middle East flags have been raised. The Palestinian flag and ISIS flag has been raised as well as the Communist flag on U.S. soil.  How is that not offensive and viewed as treason to the White House and viewed as treason by every loyal AmericanAs I visited Italy in May 2018, I can tell you that the Italian police were quick to warn any foreigner of raising their foreign flags on their soil.  Bravo, Italia!  I visited China Town in Chicago, and I was shocked to see the Communist flags displayed on the balconies across that area!  And, there are U.S. cities harassing Americans and ordering them to take down their U.S. flags!  This is disgraceful that Americans aren’t uniting and demanding answers.

7.  Therefore, I must raise the question if the U.S. Flag adorned with the yellow fringe on all three sides is the silent or preparatory declaration of  Martial law or a suspension of the U.S. Constitution under the current or past administration?  It’s imperative that Congress clarify and define by declaration the true meaning of the fringe on a U.S. flag, for it wasn’t added without a specific reason, but added for military and/or maritime purposes that suspends the U.S. Constitutional laws on foreign waters for sure!  It’s important they define this law for clarification.

After all, it’s the current and the past Congressional members, who aren’t reading the unconstitutional laws they mandate, in violation of the 14th Amendment, as well violating their sworn fiduciary duty which is a federal crime punishable by fines and jail time or both.  Thus, we must demand the answer as to why the White House and Congress are approving unconstitutional laws, which the Congress and US President, won’t touch with their little fingers!

Also, could the yellow fringe flag be part of the reason that the  federal government is violating the constitutional rights of every U.S. Natural Born Citizen by forcing innocent American adults and children to be forced into an intrusive groping of person, humiliated with  naked photographic x-rays, and full body radiation at the airports in violation of the 4th Amendment?  And, assaulting Americans with radiation which has adverse health effects.

How is that not an assault on our private parts and persons if we are innocent until proven guilty just because Soros and OSI Systems and Chertoff and Obama decide that this money-maker must be used with a built-in customer base forever to radiate Americans while giving the foreigners from 57 Muslim Nations and more a pass from the same inspections at the airports?  Why are legal Americans being inspected without probable cause and subjected to naked x-rays and radiation?

How is it that Congress approved the NDAA Law causing fear in the minds of Americans knowing this regime could abuse their power and target Americans based on accusation only of non-compliance.  This is very dangerous to all Americans and their freedoms.  Look what Obama and Holder and Clinton’s did to the Bundy’s, Finnicum family, WACO, and Ruby Ridge and how they coddled the radicals and terrorists and asked if the military would fire on Americans?  Well, they already had fired on Americans as the U.S. has a historical record of it.

The NDAA Law based on accusation only is dangerous to our constitutional Right to access “Due Process of Law” and Miranda Rights as I stated which spells “abuse” if you are a problem or the system views you as a problem!   Of course, they exempt the gays, Muslims, and illegals and themselves, right?   What explanation does Congress have for passing these draconian laws on U.S. soil that deny freedom, liberty,  rights, and due process of law?  This is already in the works by police as many Americans experienced stopped for a traffic ticket. It’s experienced by divorce hearings or domestic partners who argued and accused without evidence of child abuse or spousal abuse.  The spouse can be arrested on the spot or maybe both spouses based on accusation only.  This is experienced by Americans who are accused without evidence of offending a Muslim or gay person  who claim they are offended and this law needs to be nullified. Americans can also be arrested based on accusation only without evidence of elder abuse.  It is happening! 

In conclusion, may I respectfully ask every Congressional member to review the laws  presented above and research the law and respond to the American people by answering the question:  Is the U.S. Flag with stitched yellow fringe around its edges used for military or maritime purposes when entering or nearing international waters a symbolic message to foreign enemies that the U.S. Constitution has been temporarily suspended?  Could the U.S. Flag with yellow fringe be raised in the White House, government buildings, and courthouses across the nation as a permanent suspension of the  U.S. Constitution? 

And, finally, does the U.S. Flag with yellow fringe allow foreign enemies to enter our public service jobs such as President of the USA without proving Citizenship or producing a U.S. Birth Certificate which is the case with Obama?  Does the U.S. Flag with yellow fringe allow for foreign enemies and illegals or cartels, radicals, and terrorists  to enter the USA through open borders without fear of being inspected or detained since the age of Obama?  Or does it allow foreign enemies to enter our land as well as ignore our international water laws and borders allowing foreign enemies to  access our ports or our skies?  It appears that the chemtrail company and funders are assaulting Americans and animals and the environment.

The Communist Chinese, a foreign enemy nation, has been allowed to  access the  Long Beach Naval Base and port tariff free for 25 years, so it is happening.  Does the U.S. Flag with yellow fringe allow foreign enemy nations to fly their planes on or near or around and into the U.S. air space like they Islamic Terrorist did when the murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11/2001?   

And, what about the foreign enemy nations whose Navy Ships and crew and Air Force planes and accessed U.S. Ports in  San Francisco and when the Chinese army in uniform marches on U.S.  soil at the airport in Tucson, Arizona ?  

Most recently, it’s reported that Russian submarines and China’s submarines have entered our waters and they’ve docked in our ports.  And its been reported Russian submarines have been seen along the Mexican gulf and the Mediterranean gulf.  Russia has flown jet fighters over our nation. Iran is alleged to be building nukes and the Islamic radicals state they are not bound to U.S. Constitutional law.  It’s time for Congress to provide answers to questions that risk America’s  homeland, and the lives,  health, welfare, and safety of every legal American!  

Update 2018:  Will President Trump Reset the Gold Standard and Remove the Gold Fringed Flags from Government Buildings and Courthouses across the USA if the U.S. Flag is not to be altered on U.S. soil, with the exception of the Navy and Military and Military Tribunals? 

Will President Trump implement a global monetary reset and restore and reestablish the U.S. Republic operated by the Rule of Law entitled the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights.  Will President Trump restore the Federal and State Laws to  secure the borders, impose legal immigration, and legal citizenship, and sovereignty.  Will President Trump nullify all of the  unconstitutional Executive Orders signed by a non-vetted man who was slipped into the oval office for 8 years and in reality, appears to have sold snake oil to the American Democratic Socialist Liberal  supporters. 

The former non-vetted President of the USA stated from his own lips he wasn’t experienced enough to be a U.S. President and that he was ineligible because he is Kenyan-born.  It appears that the powers that be behind the scenes preplanned to create and Black-White baby and groom him to be  Hollywood’s Manchurian Candidate for this time in history.

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40 thoughts on “Is Yellow Fringe On U.S.Flag Warning Americans the Constitution Is Suspended or Revoked?

    1. Public Servants swore to uphold, defend, and protect the constitution, the country, and the legal American Citizens and conformity of the U.S. Flag on U.S. soil and upon the battlefield is to avoid conflicts and international laws used only for international purposes when entering international waters to avoid being attacked by foreign enemies. There are so many flags blowing in the wind on U.S. soil creating confusion and civil unrest by anti-American foreigners entering into the USA, while our U.S. Flag is being trampled upon and burned, even U.S. Presidents and Politicians have participated in such anti-American protests during their youth and yet, gained access into the White House.


    2. Well, it was President Eisenhower who issued the Executive Order to add fringe for ships entering international waters – If the fringe is to represent international peaceful entry into international waters then we should not have a flag that represents international law suspending U.S. Constitutional law. The government needs to maintain the U.S. Flag in its original form on U.S. soil and when at war, especially if it causes confusion and controversy. In fact, under the Obama regime, they are changing the U.S. Military uniform to comply with foreign demands. The U.S. Flag and the Military Uniform should never be changed because to avoid confusion on the battlefield.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I believe the U.S. Senate must appoint Special Prosecutors as the federal judges refuse to uphold Article II and vet the “one” in a court of law so all cases are stonewalled and the media has shunned anyone who brings up the vetting issues – so, impeachment – Special Prosecutors into Solyndra and Fast and Furious and obviously, the FBI hasn’t taken action even though 26 experts (I read) filed a complaint regarding the alleged forged birth certificate and so forth…We The People have been shut out of the judicial process and denied access to Due Process of Law and the truth – Americans have been stonewalled by the liberal administration denying Americans their constitutional freedoms – so, I believe these are the two options- Special Prosecutors – and or Impeachment –


    2. We, unfortunately, must get more involved in demanding that the congress pass laws that tie up the loopholes so that no candidate can become a president unless he is a U.S. Natural Born Citizen and I’d even add lived as a resident in America for a minimum of 10 years.


  1. the gold fringe denotes Admiralty Law. In the early days of our nation, we had no standing army, but a standing navy. The flag is proper over any federal space. The gold fringe flag is also flown under Admiralty [marshal ] Law. In ignorance, folks fly it in churches, schools, courts and anywhere ignorance rules. The fringe is not a decoration. it denotes Admiralty Law. any boy scout will affirm, you do not decorate, mutilate, change in any way, an American flag.

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  2. Having read this I believed it was really enlightening. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this content together. I once again find myself personally spending a lot of time both reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worth it!

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    1. I could go on for hours concerning this entire matter. the flag is just a small part of it. I would suggest the people need to wake up and do a LOT of research to see what’s really happening in this country today. The information is out there, and it’s all factual if you look ing the right places-such as the federal register, etc.

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  3. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this excellent blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to new updates and will share this blog with my Facebook group. Chat soon!


  4. My husband and i got really contented when Michael could finish off his web research using the precious recommendations he got from your web page. It is now and again perplexing to just happen to be giving freely helpful hints which usually a number of people could have been selling. And now we acknowledge we’ve got the blog owner to appreciate for this. All the explanations you made, the simple website menu, the relationships your site make it easier to foster – it’s got everything powerful, and it is making our son and us understand the subject matter is excellent, which is seriously indispensable. Thank you for the whole lot!

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    1. Thank You. Happy to be of service to so many around the world. Please tune into my online talk radio shows which are taped live and can be heard at any time as they are archived by date. The Justice Club airs live every Monday and Wednesday 11a-noon (pdt-usa) and 2-3pm (est) – listen on the phone or comment (347)324-3701 – or listen online and move the dial towards the middle to begin The Justice Club –


  6. Exec Order 10834 is still in print, as part of the official notes to 4 US Code sec. 1, and (since 1998) referenced in the main text of 4 US Code sec. 5. This exec Order NOWHERE mentions a fringe on the flag. The US government, including the Army’s Institute of Heradry and the courts, has repeatedly and clearly said that the fringe on the flag has no legal significance. NEVER has a court decision said anything like “because there is a fringe on the courtroom flag we are applying such-and-such a form of law”.

    The only significance to the fringe is that it is used on INDOOR flags and not one flags that normally are flown outdoors. The flags on the flagpoles outside the Pentagon and military bases, and flown on board Navy ships, do not have a fringe — because the wind would quickly rip up the fringe. The fringe is used on indoor flags – indoors in any environment, whether civilian or military – because indoor flags are made of lighter material than the sailcloth used on outdoor flags, and need some heft as well as something bright to compensate for the dimmer indoor lighting and lack of breeze. Bringing a sailcloth flag without a fringe indoors or putting a thin silk indoor flag with a fringe on an outdoor flagpole would have no legal consequences but would be as ill-advised as bringing plastic lawn furniture into the living room and putting upholstered indoor furniture outside in the weather.

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    1. If that is true then why was it added into law by President Eisenhower? And, why are there U.N. flags and foreign flags now on U.S. soil and foreign armies and naval ships even armed with missiles on our shores and on our land if you believe what they’re telling you that it means nothing?


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