Is The USA Under Control of “Handlers” Enslaving Americans with Biometrics that track and trace?

Rose Colombo, pub. writer and award-winning author, consumer advocate for justice and researcher of 30 years proposed laws in California and nationally that were implemented by legislatures and is an avid researcher on corrupt laws that appear to be for the good of humanity. (c) 9/9/2021

Joe Biden , POTUS, appears to be confused most of the time! He reads notes. He blanks out. He garbles his words. He calls for his “mama” during Press Conferences. He can’t find his way off stage. He forgets what he’s talking about. He keeps looking at his watch as if bored. The only thing he does do is sit down and sign 100’s of Executive Orders, but whose writing 100s of Executive Orders?

Joe Biden frequently says he doesn’t want to get his “Handlers” upset with him and that he must do what they tell him to do or they will be upset with him. The question blowing in the wind is who are his “Handlers” and why are all the agendas that he is signing off on working against the U.S. Constitution and against Freedom, Liberty, Rights, Sovereignty, Privacy, Individuals Rights and the American people?

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The question arising involves a dangerous path that President Joe Biden is signing off on and it’s danger to America and Americans. Americans should question if Biden’s mandates are constitutional and legal or lawful? Which job duty and constitutional authority is he applying to force Americans to become the slaves of government and Big Pharma and CEOs by forcing Americans into servitude with his threats of more lock downs and loss of businesses or jobs? It appears these threats are unconstitutional and definitely not in the best interest of the American people. In the meantime, Biden, Obama, and Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have been migrating millions of illegals under the guise of unidentified asylum seekers into the USA from Palestine, Somalia, Afghanistan, China, and Mexico. it’s a fact that viruses plague their countries and they just happen to migrate illegal foreigners from countries plagued with covid, measles, Hepatitis C, SARS and MERS into the USA which weren’t health issues prior to 2009.


Biometrics Tracking and Tracing and Spying by the Government and Wall Street and China?

Is President Biden calling for a new “Biomedical Research Agency” that would operate under the guise of treatments for chronic disease, but if implemented would merge national security with health security? The plan would suck up masses of private data from Apple watches, Fitbits, Amazon Echo and Google Home and other consumer electronic devices as well as information from health care providers to determine if an individual might be likely to commit a crime.” Colombo says this is definitely coming from the CCP Communist Chinese because this is exactly what they do in their countries to arrest and execute or take people to “camps to be “reprogrammed if accused of a negative “THOUGHT against the government.

The plan would work toward merging biology engineering and computer science to harness the power of natural systems for national security along with advancement in biotechnology, super computing “big data” and “artificial intelligence” to accomplish its goals in the interest of national safety. (Colombo says this is communism and overthrowing the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights under the guise of health care in her opinion.)

The Department of Defense (DOD) wants everyone to have biometric wearables that could monitor 165 different biomarkers using an algorithm that could recognize an infection or virus around 48 hours before the onset of symptoms. Ultimately, the promoter of the [Wall Street] technology seek to develop tools to record, mark and manipulate precisely defined neurons in the living brain that are determined to be linked to an abnormal function or a neurological disease.”

As we know, Bill and Melinda Gates are the catalyst who ventured into the money making world of “Big Pharma vaccines and viruses” after Bill Gates was disgraced and found guilty of anti-trust laws by the United States Senators. He began assisting it appears with the plan of the New World Order whose stated and written strategic goal is to reduce the population of the planet commencing in 2021 under the United Nations Agenda 21. It appears that Gates bought the worldwide platform on MSM and the 2 major social media sites to promote and market himself and his agendas on viruses and vaccines as the world’s expert. It appears that Gates joined in on the Rothschilds “Lock Step and U.N. Agenda 21 and wealthy friends, members and associates such as Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Fauci, employed at NIH who announced the NWO Covid 19 plannedemic in the year 2019.

Bill and Melinda Gates traveled with the WHO Director to the Congo and India, which as reported in the news and online, but they’ve scrubbed out part of the original story. The original stories reveals that Bill Gates and WHO traveled to India and the Congo and injected chemical laden vaccines and oral vaccines into an unknown number of children. It’s reported that down the road, 493,000 babies and children ended up dead or paralyzed or sterilized and depressed from his chemical-laden injections either immediately, weeks, months, or down the road. Why are people listening to a man who isn’t a doctor, or Ph.D. or Scientist or Virologist promoting himself as the world’s expert?

A particular interview on vaccines is shocking. Bill and Melinda Gates were interviewed on television and seen on social media. Bill Gates appared extremely excited and animated when he used his arms and hands to demonstrate how the kids were injected, while explaining how he injected the kids and stated, “Genetically Modified Organisms were injected into the arms of little kids and we just shot them right into the veins.” He was so excited. Think about that for a moment.

Bill Gates appears passive during interviews, but he was so excited about injecting kids right into the veins! Think about this seriously because it’s Bill and Melinda Gates and their non-profit organization GAVI who seek to make huge profits invested in chemical-laden worldwide injections working overtime to jab your babies and children. And, it’s the taxpayer funded HHS Secretary, who revived former President George Bush’s Statute 247D-6D that grants all involved in FDA experimental and trial injections, 100% immunity from liability for criminal or financial or personal lawsuits, whether it’s for deaths or permanent injury to any man, women or child’s body or mind.


When did Biden and Obama decide that the government should become our daddy and our doctor? In fact, Governor Newsom and Mayor Garcetti became the parents of the California taxpayers and voters when they told us when we could leave our homes and when we had to be home or else be punished. They destroyed businesses, jobs, livelihoods and education while they enjoyed their freedom and liberties as noted in the news socializing at the French Laundry for dinner.

It’s a felony for a Public Servant to abuse their power and deny constitutional freedoms, liberties, rights, and sovereignty to natural-born Americans or legal naturalized Americans as established by the Supreme Laws of the Land. If Public Servants are found guilty of violating their sworn oath as established by Statute 18 in a court of law, a public servant can be imprisoned and fined or both. How is it that constitutional lawyers don’t apply this law to public servants who violate their sworn duty?


FDA Experimental and Trials for Case Studies Were Never Intended for Everyone on the Planet to Be Forced to become Human Lab Rats without Consent or under Forced Under Duress of Losing Freedom or Jobs!

The “FDA Experimental and Trial injections or Rx Drugs” were intended for people who were dying or extremely ill. The patient must be willing and informed of the risks and knowledgeable of the risks and sign a consent form and agree to be a “Human Lab Rat” for Big Pharma’s experiments and trial case studies with unknown consequences to mind and body. Hitler didn’t inform the Jews and his victims before he used a weapon which was a chemical-laden needle to plunge into the arms of every man, woman and child that he took hostage.

Purchaser acknowledges…the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known.” #Pfizer Leak

Are Americans who don’t agree with the Democrats Socialist – Communist Leaning Party Line? A Party Line is what Mao stated were people who disagreed with obeying the mandates declared by the Left and targeting God’s Children is it?

The American people should be calling their representatives and asking if they believe that Joe Biden, president of the United States is abusing his job duties and executive power by signing off on Executive Orders to bypass U.S. Constitutional law and HIPPAA Laws. Human Rights Laws? Free Will,? Freedom to Choose? Nuremberg Codes? What about the human “Right-to-Work and sustain the Necessities of Life?” Is Biden practicing medicine without a License along with governors and mayors in Blue States? Is it constitutional for Biden to send strangers to knock on everyone’s door and trespass on private property and invade our privacy? Did Biden use tax dollars to hire strangers to drive to the homes of Americans and jab the human lab rats with their Pfizer and Moderna injections who have no liability for harming anyone’s body or mind or deaths that occur immediately or weeks or months or a few years down the road?

Rumble — “Steve is a healthcare administrator, and his wife is a doctor. He has provided “The Stew Peters Show” with a copy of a letter that unequivocally threatens doctors with the loss of their careers if they should recommend specific COVID treatments.Why did the powers that be threaten doctors and suppress their treatments to cure covid around the world on social media and MSM? (see the video at

Do the strangers in the parking lots have state medical licenses who swab your nose with a chemical and hold the American hostage who must be swabbed and without choice sign a permission slip and provide ID by allowing them to photograph our Drivers Licenses and Insurance Cards under duress or else we’re told we can’t visit our parents and loved ones in hospitals or nursing homes? This is cruel and unusual punishment and causes duress and places fear in the minds of individuals who get a PCR test made in China and must get one every 3 days if you choose to visit? This is insanity but big business for the investors, allegedly the World Bank and Illinois Governor Pritzker and all other Democrats and RINOS invested in the PCR Testing Kits made in China. Big business for Communist China as well. But the illegals from Third World Nations carrying covid, Measles, ARS and MERS and possible Hepatitis C do not have to be tested or identified or injected with the FDA experimental and trial jabs. Is it possible that the New World Order Big Pharma investors are saving the foreigners from Third World countries to end up as their slaves if Gates wish comes true to reduce the population by 90% by 2050 and carbon monoxide down to zero?

Are the strangers medically state licensed who jab people at pharmacies and retail stores? Which constitutional authority is Biden and Blue State Governors and Mayors applying that grant them authority to force anyone by threats of losing their freedom, liberty, rights, education or work and cause any American to fear their government punishment that could impoverish Americans who refuse to comply with these draconian agendas for what many doctors and scientists sate could be a potential genocide down the road or a nation of fewer natural-born Americans and disabled natural-born citizens who can’t fight back against these evil agendas? Is the New World Order’s motto, “Comply or die or comply or else be punished? It may be that compliance may not be worth the resistance as Biden and Big Pharma CEOs and investors, Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates continue to get away with causing grave pain and suffering for millions of Americans and Billions of Canadians and Europeans,

Where in the U.S. Constitution does it state that Biden has the authority under the guise of Executive Orders to force medical FDA experimental and Trial chemical-laden injections into the bodies of Human Beings by signing off on a mandate making himself a Dictator, not a president of the USA upholding the U.S. Constitutional unalienable Rights of all Americans. His actions are viewed by Millions of Americans as an Abuse of Power. Is Biden and Dr. Fauci, who hasn’t any authority over any other human being; however is making bold statements that unlawfully threaten the livelihood of all Americans by recommending that if anyone refuses to be used as human lab rats by Moderna or Pfizer experimental and trial injections that they will be fired from their jobs. What if Americans demand that Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci be fired from their jobs, instead?

In fact, if Americans recall, it was HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Obama and Biden who threatened Americans after calling out a Swine-Flu pandemic in 2009. They ordered every American to be jabbed with the Swine-Flu experimental vaccine or else be punished which is the same agenda that is being used by the Biden-Obama-China-Gates-Fauci-Big Pharma and key Democrats today.

Maybe, the 2009 Obama-Biden-Sebelius declaration of a pandemic was a Leftist test case in bed with Wall Street and the New World Order members as well as Soros, Fauci, Gates and NIH, Eco-Health, Facebook, Twitter, DOD, GAVI and the Rothschilds Lock Ste-Agenda 21, United Nations which is the New World Order in this writer’s opinion. In 2009, Obama and Biden stated that if Americans refused to be jabbed with the swine flu injections, which didn’t have any short or long term case studies, just as the covid-19 has no short or long term case studies published in medical journals on the long term direct adverse health effects to humans, that any American who resisted would be jailed or fined or both.

In fact, I recall that New Jersey’s Governor Chris Cristy, agreed with Obama and Biden on these unconstitutional mandates. Obama and Biden declared that any medical staff person who refused to be used as a human lab rat would be fired from their jobs. This isn’t their first rodeo, but apparently, the persons involved have refined it to make it more difficult for Americans to resist by unlawfully and unconstitutionally using NWO CEO employers to threaten Americans with the loss of jobs and fear of being forced into poverty, starvation, and isolation which is what communist leaders do to people.

Where does it state in Biden’s job duties or the U.S. Constitution that a President of the USA and Big Pharma or Bill Gates or Dr. Fauci or WHO and CDC Directors have the authority to take control over every person’s mind and body by force and punishment in Big Pharma’s never-ending experiments and trials which is what Hitler did? Where does it state that the Sheriffs must comply with Crimes against Humanity? Arresting Americans for attending Church or praying or parking in a church parking lot or not wearing a mask that cuts off oxygen is who they now arrest? Not the illegals and drug traffickers, gun traffickers, child and female traffickers, or murderers and rapists and pedophiles or white collar criminals in government or Big Pharma?

Americans should demand to know if Biden and Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats in office have investments in Wall Street’s Big Pharma, Twitter, Facebook, Google, AI, 5G, Monsanto, Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech and PCR Testing kits and Masks made in China. BioNTech was purchased by Bill Gates and George Soros with intent to track and trace every person on the planet using 5G, AI, Covid tracing and tracking devices and working and invested with Communist China. Do you want these wealthy people tracking and tracing you and your minor kids knowing many are linked to these spying and tracing and tracking devices that enslave every person on the planet that would include Democrats such as Obama’s, Biden’s, Bush’s, Clinton’s , Pelosi’s, Soros, Fauci, and Bill and Melinda Gates and many more who are linked to Jeffrey Epstein, Orgy Island, Zorro Ranch, Manhattan condo and Lolita Express over the past 40 plus years?

Minorities in America should remember that Joe Biden and family as well as Hillary Clinton and Obama, Bill Gates and family, Melinda Gates, George Soros and many more of their wealthy NWO members who support illegal migration and flew in anti-Americans from foreign enemy nations such as Biden-Obama-Holder-DHS-Hillary Clinton using the U.S. Refugee agents who were offered financial incentives to approve entry under the guise of “refugees” which this writer refers to as “fake refugees” as they weren’t fleeing to escape their ideologies, but were migrated to impose their ideologies on Americans.

Why did Democrat and RINO Public Servants who support the NWO agendas exclude the Muslims and the Illegals and Donors to wealthy Democrats or involved with Big Pharma’s FDA Experiments and Trials exempted from signing up or paying up for Obamacare that includes Death Panels for natural-born Americans and loyal naturalized Americans and allegedly exempted from the FDA Experimental and Trial covid injections?

The career-political career Democrats are the same hippies from the 60s and 70s Liberal colleges who opposed civil rights for Black Americans, opposed Black Americans and minorities attending Ivy League colleges or living in their neighborhoods such as president Joe Biden and his family. Of course, the minorities could be hired as maids or gardeners or to pick crops in the fields; but today, why has Obama (the alleged Natural-Born American) -Joe Biden-Hillary and BIll Clinton, Nancy Pelosi-Chuck Schumer and wealthy Key Democrats forcing Americans to pick up the living expenses and Health Care expenses for Third World anti-American radicalized nations who threaten to wipe out America?

The same 60s and 70s college students who ended up living off the taxpayer for life by being elected into office for 30, 40, 50 plus years to change and transform America into a socialist and communist nation are the same bigots, prejudice anti-Americans, who dodged the draft, burned the flag, smoked pot and cocaine, embraced the KKK President, Robert Byrd, embraced Planned Parenthood Bigot and Founder, Margaret Sanger and embraced Communist such as Bernie Sander, George Soros and Bill Gates and eugenics or Socialist Saul Alinsky. They opened our borders and sold out for secret deals with foreign enemy nations so they could live in mansions and jet about the world. Ask yourself, what did they ever do for America or Americans?

They are the same Democrats who embraced Bill Ayers and Elizabeth Dorn, charged as domestic terrorists by prosecutors, who ended up teaching America’s kids for decades in Liberal Universities. The story goes that the Communist planned a Black-White President to become the POTUS around 1959-1960. The story also goes that Bill Ayers dad helped fund Obama’s education and his dad was a friend of Valerie Jarrett’s dad. And it’s reported online that Eric Holder’s wife was a college friend of Loretta Lynch and alleged that Holder’s wife owned a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. And, of course, Obama and Holder and Clinton’s, Bill and Melinda Gates, Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein, John Kerry and more Democrats support Planned Parenthood, abortion, late-term abortion and infanticide which reduced the population of natural-born Americans since 1973 by more than 70,000,000 babies.

We., the Natural Born Americans, are faced with the lowest birthrate in the history of the USA and we are missing 70,000,000 natural-born Americans wiped out at birth in a multi-Billion Dollar business of selling baby parts. We are missing 56,000 American Heroes killed on the battlefields in Vietnam. So, since the 60s and 70s, we have lost over 100,000,000 natural born Americans who would be here with us today fighting back to defend our U.S. Constitutional Freedom, Liberty, Rights, and Sovereignty, but instead, the same Democrats are in office refusing to enact Term Limits or retire as they continue to migrate millions of Third World foreigners into the USA illegally and fraudulently under asylum laws from foreign enemy nations that overpopulate. And yet, the same women who encouraged young girls to abort their babies didn’t abort their babies or encourage their daughter to abort their grandbabies, ie., Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Melinda Gates, Nancy Pelosi, Joe & Jill Biden, Obama’s, John & Mrs. Kerry and more….

The POTUS wasn’t elected to favor Big Pharma and become our doctor by force. We didn’t taxpayer fund and elect a POTUS or any public servant to become snake oil salesmand and begin seducing people to drink the Kool-Aid or the “snake oil” by offering gifts or using coercion, blackmail, extortion, deception, fraud, harassment, fear mongering or threats to obey thei unconstitutional laws based on criminal behaviors. I’d guess that many have investments in AI and 5G and Big Pharma, in particular, Pfizer and Moderna for person financial gain.

Dr. Fauci, CDC, WHO, Bill and Melinda Gates as well as President Biden are fear mongering and threatening Americans. It’s a crime to fear monger and threaten and coerce anyone to comply with someone’s else’s demand and place fear in their minds that they will be harmed and punished if they don’t comply. This is what the Biden administration and Dr. Anthony Fauci is doing. They are threatening Americans that they will not be able to exercise their “Right-t-Work” and to provide for their families and will be impoverished. This is cruel and inhumane to do to anyone. They are placing fear in the minds of the citizens that if they don’t obey and be used as “Human Lab Rats” that they will die or will be killing other Americans which is ridiculous. The world has survived viruses since Adam and Eve were created. It appears everyone dies from covid now. No one dies from any of the top causes of death which take second place to covid even if the cause was one of the top causes.

Dr and Mrs. Fauci are employed in top positions at NIH and funded long time by Bill and Melinda Gates. The CDC and WHO Directors who are heavily funded by Bill and Melinda Gates and Bill Gates is the Founder of GAVI. Everyone involved appear to be long time well-connected to each other and appear to be in the business of vaccines for profit.

The fact that a president of the United States of America and the taxpayer funded and elected governors and mayors would deny any American their constitutional rights, HIPPA Rights, Human Rights, and Employment Rights as well as Civil Rights and the Right-to-Work and and their human right to sustain the necessities of life is beyond comprehension in a civilized nation. Communist Nations like China and North Korea mandate and fear monger that if their citizens don’t obey and comply with the government’s order then they will be severely punished. Running a nation by mandates and forcing people to comply or die or be punished are rooted in communism, not Americanism.

Which experiments and trials will the White House and Big Pharma, CDC and WHO as well as Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates demand be enforced next? Where in the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights does it grant the POTUS the right to make laws by Executive Order and bypass congress and by-pass the U.S. Constitutional Laws, especially laws that can kill or injure healthy people for life. How can the government of Big Pharma force people with known or unknown allergies or pre-existing conditions, cancer, heart and lung and liver or brain health issues to be jabbed as if one shoe fits all 7 Billion people. This is insane.


.Is Joe Biden’s Handlers instructing him to use Executive Orders to bypass Congress and the U.S. Constitution which is what he and Obama did between 2009 and 2016 which appears to be an abuse of power. Such agendas appear to be promoted and enforced with intent to overthrow the U.S. Constitution by default without dropping a nuke. The President of the USA doesn’t have authority to trick the American people into thinking that he can sign off on laws that bypass Constitutional Law without congressional authority that are not in the best interest of the American people nor in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.

What if Biden’s “Handlers” are so smart that they probably know that Biden more than likely couldn’t be tried for treason even if he is found guilty or charged should he be diagnosed with cognitive issues such as Demential or Alzheimers and would possibly be placed under psychiatric or medical care if that was a possible case brought before the senate or Military Tribunal; however, anyone else of sound mind who engaged in the same mandates that violate constitutional law could be tried for treason which is what appears to be occurring, so is it possible that this is the reason that they slipped in Biden while they pull off all these antics involving covid under the guise of health care?

It appears that Biden’s “Handlers,” who he states give him his orders are causing him to violate his sworn oath of office by default. If he has cognitive issues then it is truly by “default” and if these Third parties are running the nation and controlling Biden’s decisions then again it is by Third Party default that the nation is being destroyed, especially with the open borders as we cannot sustain millions of unidentified foreigners coming into the USA while the country is alleged in pandemic or plandemic and after Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates and CDC and WHO Directors destroyed millions of jobs and businesses in the USA and forced Americans to fund 30,000,000 illegals they allowed into the USA prior to 2020.

Remember, every law must be written with honesty, transparency, common sense and include equity and be just for all Americans as well as written in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and the Will of the majority of Americans and in their best interest. Only congress can make laws, not the President of the USA abusing Executive Orders intended for administrative use.

Obama and Biden do not appear to have the “best interest of the American people” at heart, but they do appear to have the best interest of the Taliban, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, illegals and gangs, cartels and felons who are pedophiles, rapists and murderers which they’ve been releasing from prisons since 2009, while throwing innocent law-abiding Americans in jail for not wearing an unhealthy mask that cuts off their oxygen supply to the body and brain and immune system.

If Joe Biden is taking his orders from his “Handlers” as he continuously states during press hearings than we must demand to know who are these Handlers. He states that he must comply with his “Handlers” or else they will be upset with him and he’ll be in trouble. Isn’t that Elder Abuse? We The People should be asking the question “Who is really running the nation by “default?”

Perhaps, Americans would be wise to write, email, google and contact or call their representatives as ask the question if America being controlled by a shadow government” that includes Wall Street Billionaires, Bill and Melinda Gates, George Soros, Clinton’s, Bush’s, Obama’s, Big Pharma and foreign leaders and wealthy foreign members of secret societies. Is China one of Biden’s Handlers? Is Ukraine one of Biden’s Handlers? Is the Muslim Brotherhood one of Biden’s handlers? Could the Biden family have been compromised by the secret deals with China and the Ukraine and Burisma? Should Americans ask their representatives if there are more “laptops from Hell” in the hands of the CCP?

Americans must ask the POTUS Joe Biden, “Who are your Handlers and who is threatening you that you fear them and you state are controlling you” which should cause the GOP to commence Impeachment Hearings and find out the truth before our potential demise. It appears that the DOJ or FBI or powers that be aren’t concerned about the “Handlers” controlling the decisions made by Biden and what he mandates as a dictator and signs as Executive Orders. So far, nothing he says or does or signs upholds the American way of life or the U.S. Constitution.

The U.S. Constitution prohibits servitude and slavery. The NWO members involved are using Americans as Human Lab Rats. They are violating the U.S. Constitution and Human Rights Laws and Nuremberg Codes that prohibit using human beings for case studies as Human Lab Rats for Wall Street’s Pfizer and Moderna jabs and other pharmaceutical companies. These two manufacturing companies suddenly made it all the way to the top of the list for being well-funded and for the distribution of the FDA approved experimental and trial injections despite the reported blood clots causing death and permanent injuries and somehow were granted 100% immunity from lawsuits .

Millions of people have complied willingly or under duress of threat of losing freedom and their jobs. It is a crime for the POTUS Biden or Congress or Dr. Fauci or Bill Gates or Big Pharma and Wall Street CEOs on Wall Street to fear monger, harass, threaten or coerce anyone with punishments of losing their livelihood while playing doctor without consent by the individual Americans. They are invading the privacy of every American home by threatening to send strangers to our doors. They are threatening every American with punishment of losing their jobs and placing employers in positions of power that invade the medical confidential records which include vaccines or experimental and trial injections that HIPPA protects as confidential between a doctor and patient. They seek to have the employers keep medical records on every employee believe it or not! This is a 100% total invasion of our privacy rights. MSM tries to debunk that Gates and Soros and Dr. Fauci had any ties to Moderna, but who believes MSM?

In fact, Moderna never developed a vaccine. Was Moderna ever funded at any time by the Gates Foundation or EcoHealth or GAVI or the NIH during HIV AIDS research because for a company who never developed a vaccine, they are #2 for earning Billions from their FDA experimental and trial covid injections in just a few months! They state they are promoting the new technology mRNA to be used on “patients,” not just for covid but for extensive experiments and other diseases.

If Big Pharm covid injections were FDA approved and Licensed then they can be sued and forced to pay for punitive damages and possibly criminal charges filed if found guilty because they didn’t inform the “Human Lab Rats’ of the chemicals, toxins, secret trade secret toxins, nano-particles- stem cells, metal, red or purple dye…..or inform them by a fact sheet of the risks and require a signed consent form required by the FDA which is also being ignored and bypassed.

Americans are not their “patients” and we shouldn’t be denied constitutional rights. It is a crime against humanity to deny anyone the “Right-to-Work for refusing to become a case study and a human lab rat for Big Pharma and the investors in Big Pharma for profit. The CEOs of United AIrlines and Delta who are in the news online threatening to fire their employees who refuse to get jabbed and used as human lab rats should be liable for injury or deaths especially if they pass out while flying the plane!

God granted every American the unalienable Right to exercise Free Will and Free Choice as Free Americans to control our own bodies and minds and thoughts, not DOD or AI or Gates or Soros or Biden or Big Pharma or Social Media. MSM and the 2 giant social media sites suppresed medical information based on their fact checkers if anyone including credentialed doctors and scientists who opposed anything that Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, Bill and Melinda Gates, or CDC and WHO marketed and promoted on MSM and online.

MSM and the 2 social media giants suspended or banned doctors from around the world who have treated patients for decades with viruses and covid and SARS and MERS and saved lives. MSM and the 2 giant social media sites may have caused the deaths and suffering of millions of people by suppressing this medical information from the general public. Instead, they protected former Governor Cuomo who ordered covid patients into non-covid nursing homes and hospitals that caused thousands of deaths and Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, and Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros and Big Pharma were silent about these deaths.

Why would Big Pharma want to be FDA approved as Licensed Vaccines because they’ve been sued for Billions for Rx Drugs and Licensed Vaccines that caused deaths and permanent injuries in the past, ie., Lupron, Swine Flu, and Gardisal. They injected Gardasil and oral polio shots in babies and children in India and the Congo and 493,000 children were reported and alleged in the news that the babies and children died or ended up paralyzed or made sterile and depressed.

The truth is that Pfizer and Moderna appear to have their biggest donor, Bill and Melinda Gates onboard. Perhaps Bill Gates helped the Pfizer CEO negotiate with the leaders of the USA, Israel and the UK to contract to Pfizer and fund Pfizer with Billions of U.S. taxes for worldwide distribution which allows Gates and GAVI members to keep their own money. After all, the United Nations New World Order Agenda 21 seeks to Redistribute the Wealth of the World to the surviving 10% of the world’s population by 2050. These goals are being implemented under the guise of developing a sustainable planet. Saving Lives. Reducing poverty. It appears that Wall Street’s wealthy will be the New World Order government if they succeed and implement their “New Normal” lifestyle that controls the minds and bodies of the survivors who aren’t wealthy but will be more like zombies who can’t think for themselves. I guess these people in their 60s, 70s, 80, and 90s, believe they will live forever.


And, what about Wall Street as most of Wall Street CEOs are involved financially with Communist China and use their slave labor to make the chips for computers, phones, and automobiles and much more. These are huge Conflicts of Interest as it appears that Speaker Pelosi and her husband are invested in Wall Street as well as many public servants and Bill Gates, George Soros, Dr. and Mrs. Fauci and more. These are huge conflicts of interest when they are mandating using “Human Beings as Human Commodities for Human Capital” and granted themselves 100% immunity from any liability for any reason.

This raises the question that all Americans need to be asking their senators, “Who is running the country and who are Joe Biden’s “Handlers?” Is Joe Biden, or Kamala and Mr. Harris involved with Communist China and the CCP? Is Senator and Mr. Feinstein involved with China? Is Speaker McConnel and his wife involved with a multi-billion dollar business in China? Is Hunter still involved with deals made in China? Is Senator Swalwell still sleeping with the enemy of China? Is Bill Gates still visiting a honey pot over in China as reported and alleged by a female Whistleblower from China? Remember, the Clinton’s were involved with China for years. What about Hollywood and does China own Hollywood?

Americans are not only funding 30,000,000 plus illegals and so-called refugees, while Dr. Fauci, Gates, Soros, CDC, WHO and The White House destroyed our businesses, jobs and families, education and isolated the youth and elderly causing grave depression and increased crime and suicides. The isolation also caused babies to be born with lower IQ’s. Isolation is what the wardens do to criminals in prisons, so what’s the difference if we can’t leave home with their permission over a flu? They isolated Americans which is cruel and unusual punishment against innocent people by people who haven’t any such authority over the masses. This is why they threaten to harm you and fear monger to fire you if you don’t obey them on behalf of Gates and Soros and Fauci and Big Pharma. They are currently forcing American taxpayers to taxpayer fund Wall Street Millionaires and Billionaire’s Private Corporations such and to possibly implement DOD’s biometric devices that enslave every American.

Get jabbed or else be punished. You will be isolated from family and friends and fellow Americans as a leper basically. We will take your kids away. We will deny your kids access to an education. We will deny you the right to visit your family and friends. We will deny you the right to live in a decent lifestyle and deny your freedom, liberty and rights. You may be taken away to Fema Camps without contact to the outside world. When will Americans wake up to this insanity and inhumane acts against the world’s population, including the American natural born Citizens by evil people in office?

Right-to Work and provide for the necessities of life. You will be starved out and denied food and water if you listened to Don Lemon on MSM who said that Americans who don’t obey the government and get jabbed shouldn’t be allowed to buy food. The evil agendas coming from taxpayer funded government elected persons equates to tyrannical death panels to reduce the population of natural born Americans who are the targets of these agendas.

The comments by certain Liberal hosts are the most evil comments I’ve ever heard on television as well as coming from the lips of the president of the USA! The games of Russian Roulette has begun and the hunters are admitting they are declaring an unspoken war on natural-born Americans who resist being used as human lab rats for Big Pharma’s experiments and trials and case studies to build their “Big Pharma Trillion Dollar Vaccine Industrial Complex.”

Big Pharma and the government has granted the HHS Secretary the green light to o grant Big Pharma and all who help promote and market their jabs 100% immunity from harming or injuring or killing any person or causing brain injury or chronic illness for the rest of their lives. Why doesn’t Big Pharma travel to the Middle East and China and North Korea and administer their experimental and trial jabs where the viruses plague their countries? Why are they dead set on jabbing everyone on the planet and why aren’t people asking this question?

Obama and Biden took office in 2009 by calling out a Chicken Little Sky is Falling fear mongering Stimulus Crisis in 2009 when Obama and Biden sold Americans the first bottles of snake oil. And again, in 2020, Biden, Obama and Pelosi sold snake oil once again. In 2009, Obama and Biden approved funding be paid to Pelosi’s brother-in-law’s private green business, Solyndra, using U.S. taxpayer’s stimulus money in the amount of $535M plus $40M as an alleged loan.

We The Taxpayers were forced by Obama and Biden to fund family and/or former employees of the federal government or associates and donors who donate to the Democrats with our taxes while Biden and Pelosi and the Democrats put Americans out of business in 2021. Pelosi’s brother-in-law never paid back the $535 Million or the $40 Million to the American taxpayers.

Furthermore, Obama and Biden approved U.S. taxpayers fund Michael Chertoff’s naked x-ray radiation machines at airports and ironically, manufactured by OSI Systems in which George Soros was invested. We funded these Democrat’s friends and family’s private businesses with our taxes. And, after Obama stopped the building of the Keystone Pipeline, gasoline prices increased and George Soros purchased an oil company in Brazil with stimulus money according to alternative news. And, Biden is doing the same thing in 2021.

Colombo said, “Its not we’re all in this together, America! It’s, they’re all in this redistribution of wealth together!”

The 2020 stimulus U.S. tax dollars provided funding for China, Iran, Pakistan, Congress, Newsom’s businesses and many more in public office who took advantage of the stimulus taxes. Pelosi and Schumer and Biden and Harris threw crumbs to the American people and said, “Eat Cake!” Obey or else be punished, The Democrats and RINOS imposed unconstitutional indefinite detention and Lock Downs, They intentionally destroyed the Middle Class American Dream businesses and their income and sacrifices. They are evil in my opinion.

The taxpayer funded long-time political hacks who refuse to leave office after becoming extremely wealthy, are imposing their WILL on the American people who swore to uphold the WILL of the American people as established by their sworn oath and the U.S. Constitution. But, when wealthy people such as Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros can fund the entire Democrat Party including District Attorneys and Governors and Mayors and Attorney Generals into public office then what should the American people expect if not corruption? This is not to say all are corrupt, but why are they rich and the Middle Class is being forced into poverty and out of business?

The Biden-Obama-Cinton-Schumer-Pelosi and Democrats and RINOS have destroyed millions of jobs with their Lock Downs over a flu, while they granted themselves increases in wages from the stimulus taxpayer money, and funded their wealthy doors. The Biden-Pelosi regime funded anti-American nations as well such as IRAN, Pakistan, China, Ukraine, and more. And, more recently, they left Billions once again behind on anti-American soil in Iraq and in Afghanistan of weapons, military data, Black Hawk Helicopters, tanks, and ammunition for ISIS and the Taliban who seek to come against the United States of America and dominate our nation. The Obama-Biden-Democrats and Rinos are destroying our Homeland and giving it away to people who are forcing their way into the USA by invite of Obama’s -Biden – Clinton’s – Kerry – Pelosi – Schumer – Bloomberg – Cuomo’s – Soros – Gates – and so many more who appear to be using a flu to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and Sovereignty.

These New World Order members appear to be helping make the dreams of Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Valerie Jarrett, Bill Ayers, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck-Schumer and Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, Dr. Fauci, George Soros, Rothschilds and more working to help Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett and Obama’s dream come true which is to change and transform the face of America into a Muslim Brotherhood nation and/or Communist Nation or both. The question blowing in the wind if if the American Patriots will be strong enough after being used as human lab rats and jabbed healthy enough to save the American way of life for our children, grandchildren, and future generations. It’s because of the anti-American 60s and 70s Liberal and Hippie Democrats that sold out our Homeland for 13 pieces of silver that America is facing this crisis.

Most of these anti-Americans on the Left who burned the U.S. Flag and knelt for the BLM Marxist and Communist ANTIFA and knelt for the National Anthem and refused like Obama to place his hand on his heart to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in 2008, who are now growing older and even elderly, that we’re facing this economic and weakened U.S. Military and Law Enforcement crisis as well as the crisis at the borders. It’s because of these same older political hacks on the Left that Haiti was never restored. It’s because of them that the Canadians and Europeans and American Middle Class is being destroyed as well as the Farmers and Ranchers after the Lock Downs. Yet, these same Democrats who made themselves wealthy somehow continued to visit salons, didn’t wear masks, socialized, attended fine restaurants and vacations and collected their taxpayer funded wages.

Colombo says,It appears to be as if the American government has a problem with a portion of the wealthy in office or in business on Wall Street who appear as if America is being run by a white collar organized criminal syndicate who want it all and are into ethnic cleansing. Apparently, greed is addictive and an addiction.

Facebook and Twitter were allowed to say Shut Up to the American citizens on the Right and basically order the Republicans in Public Office to shut up or else be suspended, banned or silenced from their social media sites while offering Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates carte blanc worldwide platforms. It is stunning how the FCC and the Senate to-date sold out to Facebook and Twitter and allowed these 2 corporations to monopolize the taxpayer funded airwaves and control Freedom of Speech.

It’s ridiculous for the U.S. Senate and FCC and Department of Justice to ignore the truth that Facebook and Twitter aren’t neutral but worldwide political influencers. Yet, they refuse to deregulate this monopoly on who are using our taxpayer funded public airwaves which were in reality stolen by Wall Street corporations such as cable television and AI communications from the American people. There isn’t any way that Facebook and Twitter can be viewed as neutral when they are working with the government it appears as well as AI and Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, Big Pharma, and not only donating, by default, but influencing the Medical Industry and the Political Narrative and Elections in my opinion.

Should these experiments prove to be killers with a potential for a genocide or they continue to jab and disable once healthy Americans, there are no consequences for all involved with knowledge that there is a potential to destroy lives and kill people while it appears that Big Pharma is downplaying the deaths and the injuries.

It’s possible that the FDA experimental and trial chemicals that could include stem cells, mRNA gene therapy, possibly graphene oxide poisonous toxin to humans, nano-particles, dye, ethanol oxide, and metal could cause blood clots as reports. Heart Inflammation. Heart Attacks. Strokes. Brain Injuries. Paralysis. Covid or more injuries or death. There isn’t any way that Big Pharma or Doctors can state honestly that a chemical-laden vaccine is 100% safe for 7 Billion people. They can say but don’t that Covid has a 99.6% up to 99.9% recovery rate and hands on doctors from around the world have cures.

How many more injuries and deaths will be recorded and ignored 1, 2 or 3 years from 2021 when they’ve made Trillions of Dollars from these FDA Approved Experimental and Trial injections with no liability for deaths and injuries around the world? Hitler would be so proud.

A meme was posted online that stated, “I’m pointing to the emergence of yet more proof that Anthony Fauci lied to congress regarding the funding of coronavirus gain-of-function research reminding viewers that the offence is a felony punishable by five life sentences in prison is what the above meme reads. MSM ignores the evidence brought by Senator Rand Paul and scrubs much of the truth from the internet and only leaves behind anything that is favorable which is what they do for all Democrats, especially wealthy Democrats.

Long term effects and efficiency: (Posted the alleged Leaked Contract online by a Patriot on 9/9/2021 – If true, the Pfizer Leak that USA and Israel and UK agreed to but there are many more protections all for Pfizer with total disregard for human life knowing there are adverse effects of the Vaccine that aren’t currently known meaning the leaders who signed off on this entire Pfizer contract held total disregard for our minds and bodies and agreed to use us as their human lab rats and care less about humanity as well)


The Pfizer and Moderna and all the rest of the experimental and trial injections and therapies used on the Human Lab Rats can’t be licensed by the FDA as safe with efficacy if they haven’t recorded case studies that must undergo careful scrutiny by a myriad or protocols until they can be be approved for short and long term published case studies in medical journals that takes 5 to 15 years to provide. The Investors and Big Pharma intentionally used the “FDA Approved Experimental and Trial” injections it appears so they don’t have any liability for deaths and injuries. If they are approved and Licensed then they will be liable for lawsuits claiming deaths and injuries as in the past. It’s this blogger’s opinion that the world and Americans have been duped.

This “warp speed” or “fast tracking” injections never used on humans before or in mass worldwide appear to be speeding up the jabs because the New World Order knows too many people are waking up to their evil agendas for depopulation and redevelopment of the planet so they can play god and control the planet. They will lose in the end and the biggest loss they will suffer is losing their soul and ending up going through the Gates of Hell for eternity.

Will you be a future Zombie who know longer knows how to think or count or research for truth because you will google all the answers and lose the ability to write and add, subtract, multiply, divide, or read or think for yourself?

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Pinterest – GAB – – suspended from Twitter and Facebook after 12 years….They do not like my Conservative and Christian and Pro-American views now that they used my content to gain advertisers and become wealthy – Pro-U.S. Flag – Pro-Life – Pro-Freedom, Liberty, Rights – Pro-Sovereignty – Pro Legal Migration and Deportation of Illegals – Stand in Line and Wait Your Turn and Be Identified – Pro-Legal Citizenship – Pro-Deportation of foreign enemies – Pro-National Anthem – Pro-Pledge of Allegiance – Pro-Off Welfare in 2 years unless disables – Pro-Veteran Support – as well as Pro-GOD – BIBLE – and PEACE in the WORLD – Anti-swearing on a foreign book of foreign ideologies pledging allegiance to foreign enemy nations and should never be allowed to enter as Reps of the U.S. People’s House -Pro-vetted proof of a U.S. Birth Certificates for public review for all Candidates running for the Office of the POTUS which eliminates altered B/C’s and failure to produce! “LET PEOPLE LIVE THEIR LIVES AND CONTROL THEIR OWN BODIES AND MINDS” for no man or woman should alter God’s DNA, Brains or Bodies – That’s not Science, it’s pure evil.

Medical Nurses Are Quitting Across America! Why are the Big Pharma Manufacturers and all involved with investments in Covid Jabs Granted Immunity?

Video shared by Bit Chute as a dissemination of information for educational and entertainment purposes only as the Biden Democrat federal and State Governments are criminalizing Americans and threatening Americans without constitutional authority to indefinitely detain Americans and/or fire them and deny them the “Necessities of Life” which are Human Rights Violations.

Rose Colombo, advocate for justice, published writer and award winning author on injustices for 30 years and currently Host and Producer of “Colombo Chronicles” Podcast heard online worldwide.

  1. September 07, 2021 – 106 Students Hospitalized with Heart Problems after Vaccinated.

How many healthy Americans and Children must be disabled or die using Human Beings as Human Lab Rats for the FDA – Gates-Soros-Fauci-China-Wuhan approved experimental and trial injections which are not FDA approved by case studies and not LICENSED as vaccines for profit?

How many jabs do they seek to give to each person as they keep on coming after the 2nd jab and now Prizer is adding chemical-laden Rx drugs to the jabs as well? So, you were healthy and covid free, now you’re on never-ending jabs and fearful of every other human on the planet and popping pills?

Experimental jabs were intended for people who were dying or very ill and ran out of options and by written consent and willingly, and being of sound mind, they agreed to be human lab rats as their only hope of possible survival. 339,000,000 Americans are not on their death beds and the majority were healthy people prior to these FDA experimental mostly Pfizer and Moderna and a minor portion of J&J and Astra Zeneca jabs that Bill and Melinda Gates, GAVI and George Soros are invested in on the stock market seeking to make Billions in profits from their investment.

It appears and alleged that Bill Gates is seeking contracts from the USA to force American taxpayers to fund the R&D and distribution as well as Israel and the UK. If they were true humanitarians, they would tell Pfizer to stop after 25 deaths and serious permanent injuries

In America, there are HIPPAA Laws, or were HIPPAA Laws. They were implemented to keep our medical records confidential between ourselves and our doctors including vaccines. Why does the employers and the world need to know who is vaccinated when it is confidential by law? Why does Bill Gates and George Soros want to know? Who is tracking and spying and tracing Soros and his family and Gates and their family and all Democrats and their families as well as CDC and WHO Directors and their families or the CEO’s of Big Pharma manufacturers and their families? Why don’t they publish their medical records online since they want to see everyone else’s on the planet?

There are Constitutional laws and those laws are being violated. There are Civil Rights Laws and those laws are being violated. There are Human Rights Laws and those laws are being violated. There are the “Necessities of Life” Laws and those Laws are being violated. There are Nuremberg Codes and those codes are being violated. There are laws Prohibiting Slavery and Servitude and those laws are violated. There are laws against placing fear in the minds of the public so they comply and agree under duress to be used as as Human Lab Rats or brainwashed that they’re going to die from a flu with a 99.9% recovery rate.

The human lab rats are complying to be the property and chattel of George Soros and Bill Gates, who told the world, “You have no choice until everyone on the planet is vaccinated. These injections are experimental and trial and that’s why the insurance companies and Big Pharma and everyone invested in these jabs have immunity because they are experiments and trials, not FDA case study approved before FDA Licensed as Vaccines which takes 5 to 15 years. So, why the “Warp Speed” as it appears to be war speed towards disabling people and/or impoverishing people by firing them or killing them after being jabbed.

Millions of people have allergies to chemicals and many don’t even know they do until after they’re jabbed and it could be immediate or weeks or months or 1, 2, or 3 years or more down the road. If these jabs were FDA approved and Licensed as vaccines then Big Pharma and all involved could be sued for injury and deaths, so that was pretty clever to pull that one off.

Bill and Melinda Gates – George Soros – Dr. Fauci – CDC – WHO – HHS Secretary – and all Public Servants aren’t doctors, Scientists, Virologists, Allergists, except for Dr. Fauci! And, yet, he was the catalyst with Dr. Baric doing the research according to the news and funding the Wuhan Lab with donors on the Left by donating to China..

The U.S. Constitution and state laws prohibit public servants, Bill Gates, George Soros, Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO Directors and the POTUS from exercising unlawful fear mongering, threats, Coercion, Extortion and the abuse of power and people or the use of violence such as knocking down people’s doors or invading their homes and shoving people around or taking them physically away or their children without constitutional authority to do so. This is what Hitler did to the Jews and millions of people.

The chemical-laden needle with unknown technology and direct adverse reactions to individuals is a weapon. Any chemical lade needle or pill is a weapon that can be used to kill the enemy (virus) or kill the person! Chemical laden needles have killed and can kill and injure people for life just like a chemical-laden Heroin addict injects poison into his body and uses it as a weapon to feel high then fry his or her brain and body and die, but the difference is that the drug addicts used his or her free will to do harm to their bodies and brain.

Do these chemical-laden mRNA gene therapy injections include nano-particles of aluminum and mercury or lead? Do they include toxic poisons to the human body? They they include a nano-particle of metal, and graphene oxide toxic poison to humans covered up by listing it as a “Trade Secret?” What about toxic poison named ethanol Oxide and phosphates? Do these injections include a microchip? Red or Purple Dye? Stem Cells or Stem Cells used in testing? After all, Big Pharma and CDC and WHO failed to disclose that all the animals, mice, and lab rats used for testing b Big Pharma R&D died after the 2nd jab!

These jabs according to some doctors could be a catalyst for a potential worldwide genocide – depopulation – sterilization. And, if the 10% of wealthy people within their inner circles involved in Lock Step and the U.N. Agenda 21 depopulation programs achieve their goal of reducing the population by 50% by 2025 instead of 2030 and 90% by 2050 then they intend to control the planet and enslave the survivors and Redistribute the world’s wealth to themselves because they believe they are “special.”

A report released last week by Public Health Ontario (PHO) showed the incidence of heart inflammation following mRNA vaccination was significantly more prevalent in young people.

As of Aug. 7, there were 106 incidents of myocarditis and pericarditis in people under the age of 25 in Ontario –– slightly more than half of the total of all such incidents, the Toronto Sun reported.

There were 31 cases in the 12- to 17-year age group and 75 cases in 18- to 24-year-olds. Eighty percent of all cases were in males.

“The reporting rate of myocarditis/pericarditis was higher following the second dose of mRNA vaccine than after the first, particularly for those receiving the Moderna  vaccine as the second dose of the series (regardless of the product for the first dose),” the report stated.

PHO added the reporting with Pfizer. Pfizer is currently the only vaccine authorized for use in 12- to 17-year-olds in Ontario. Pfizer has a contract with countries to fund them Billions and Gates is the top investors in Pfizer, so how did that happen and does that mean the taxpayers in Western Civilization are paying for Soros-Gates worldwide experimental and trial injections with no liability for injuring or killing anyone with 1 or 2 shots – not by guns – by needles?

Americans and the world have the God-given right at birth to exercise their FREE WILL and Free Choice to control their own bodies and minds and that of their minor children. We The People have the right to visit our personal doctors and keep our personal health care information confidential as required by law that the Democrats and their wealthy Wall Street associates are attempting to destroy by ignoring the laws of the land and attempting to overthrow the laws of the land which in my opinion is the greatest Hijacking of America and Treason in the World should they succeed.

Will the U.S. Military leaders forcing young people to be injected with new technology and unknown consequences be held liable for their deaths and permanent injuries on American soil, not on the battlefields of enemy nations? How is this in the best interest of America’s Military Troops and National Security?

Coercion and Threat which is what the government, Big Pharma, CDC, WHO, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci and Wall Street CEOs appear to believe they have the authority to do! But, where are they getting tyrannical unconstitutional authority when more people are dying and injured every day from the experimental jabs and they are getting away with it and continuing forward with this agenda. to create the new money making venture – the Big Pharma Vaccine Industrial Complex.

Manslaughter: The unlawful killing of a human being without malice or afterthought – SO when does it become murder or genocide if not manslaughter knowing people can die from the experimental and trial jabs and care less about their religious rights and their medical history or allergies?

Coercion and Threat: Compulsion by Physical Force or Threat of Physical Force! Anyone who signs a will or legal document or obeys against their will is doing so under duress and is not legally binding and against the law. Even a marriage license requires consent in the USA as well as anyone touching our bodies or administering any chemicals or other technology into our bodies without consent. So what are they doing by placing fear in the minds of the world that if they don’t get injected with the experimental and trial injections that they will lose their freedom and right to work or buy the necessities of life or travel?

In fact, in America, they are committing “CRIMINAL COERCION” according to the law books. “Criminal Coercion” is used intentionally to restrict another’s Freedom…..and threatening to expose a secret (such as their medical records) that either would subject the victim to hatred, contempt or ridicule or would impair the victim’s credit or goodwill…or taking or withholding official action or causing an official to withhold or take action. This is exactly what the Democrat government, EU leaders, Canadian leader, Big Pharma, Bill Gates and George Soros, Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO Directors and Wall Street NWO CEOs appear to be implementing against every individual in the world who don’t obey them.

Who granted absolute tyrannical authority to destroy businesses, jobs, lives, increase crime, suicide, poverty, divorce and isolate for the young people and elderly for their financial and personal and political gain who thrive to control the world and redevelop it and play god?

The only licensed doctor and Scientist is Dr. Fauci who was the catalyst with Dr. Baric in what appears to be the gain-of-research on coronavirus that allegedly included gain-of-function so the virus would attack humans and cause this pandemic is it or not? After all NIH was funded by allegedly Soros, Gates, FB, and other wealthy NWO members who are behaving as bullies and abusers and medical authorities without medical degrees or licenses over innocent people around the world while they silence the credentialed seasoned virologists, allergists, Scientists and Doctors worldwide.

Remember, Gates stated during an interview on television, “A pandemic either naturally or intentionally caused is the most likely – let’s say to cause an excess of 10,000,000 deaths.” Think about that for a moment – “INTENTIONALLY?” And, 10,000,000 deaths” As if “Oh well, it’s for the better good of others!

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Population Control by Design or an Accident or Intent and Cover-Up? Is Wuhan Lab linked to the UN-NWO Investors for World Domination?

Rose Colombo, award-winning author of 2 Irwin Award WInning books, “Fight Back Legal Abuse” and “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Rednecks & Radicals,” political satire on depopulation. Former local news columnist, poet, creator, producer and host of former am-FM radio shows and cable TV shows, “Women Fight Back” and “Issues of the Day.”

Reducing population growth – United Nations Agenda 21, 30, and 50Mr. Henry Kissinger secretary of state under President Nixon, signed off on this quote, “depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.”

The United States Kissinger Report on Africa's Depopulation Policy – Kichuu

The only way to reach herd immunity is through universal vaccination — This is another lie. As [Dr.] Malone says, “Herd immunity is most often reached through natural infection.” Dr. Robert Malone

Rose Colombo says, In 1993, William Jefferson Clinton issued a Presidential Order to study “Human Commodities for Human Capital.” You are now the Hunted and they are the Hunters and you and your children are the human commodities for human capital for their determination of your value or no value to them as I wrote in my award-winning book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse.” pub. 2010

THE SECRET TELECONFERENCE CALL with Dr. Fauci and International Scientists:

Public vs. private: Compare what Dr. Fauci said in his emails to what he said publicly

“A day before the teleconference, February 19, 2020, Kristian Andersen, an expert in infectious disease genomics at the prestigious Scripps Research Translational Institute in California, had told Fauci first by phone and again later by email that the genetic structure of the virus looked like it might have been engineered in a lab.” (source USA Today)

Could an accident have caused COVID-19?: Why the Wuhan lab-leak theory shouldn’t be dismissed

Perhaps that’s because the early concerns among key scientists – like the conference call on Feb. 1, 2020 – were kept private until now. That call likely would have remained secret if not for documents released under the Freedom of Information Act. (source: USA Today)

“Amidst a disturbing rise in the number of conspiracy theories taking root in the US population, a new poll has found that nearly one in five people believe that the coronavirus pandemic is a “depopulation tactic”.

Furthermore, the Independent News reported, “Some 19 per cent of adults across the country agreed that “Covid-19 has been intentionally released as part of a ‘depopulation’ plan orchestrated by the UN or New World Order”, according to new polling data shared.”

Dr. Fauci's Negligent Behavior, Biden's Lack of Accountability | People's  Olive Branch

NIH reported: ” Lasting immunity found after recovery from COVID-19 The immune systems of more than 95% of people who recovered from COVID-19 had durable memories of the virus up to eight months after infection. After people recover from infection with a virus, the immune system retains a memory of it. Immune cells and proteins that circulate in the body can recognize and kill the pathogen if it’s encountered again, protecting against disease and reducing illness severity.” published January 26, 2021

Judicial Watch: New Fauci Agency Covid Emails Detail Discussions About Wuhan Institute, Describe Gates Foundation Placement of Chinese Representatives on ‘Important Counsels ‘pub. 9/02/2021

PETER DASZAK AND ECO HEALTH ALLIANCE AND WUHAN: The new production of records also includes a January 6, 2020, “Wuhan Pneumonia Update” report which details of how Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, was tied to the Wuhan lab and was “funded for work to understand how coronaviruses evolve and jump to human populations.” (Colombo says, my relative got the covid pneumonia and nearly died. Another relative took the Fauci-China-Gates 2 Pfizer jabs and ended up in a coma with brain injury. A friend’s dad took the 2 jabs and died 3 weeks later. Americans should be “mad as hell!”)

Ask yourself this question as mentioned by Canadian attorney, Rocco Galati, seen on a Rumble video leading the way in Canadian Courts to stop the “Vaccine Passport” from becoming a mandate in Canada if Americans will do the same? He mentioned, but not verbatim that Americans should ponder why is the government headed towards mandating experimental and trial jabs and vaccine passports if it’s not for control and profit?


Judicial Watch Excerpts reports: (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it received 129 pages of records from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) which include “urgent for Dr. Fauci ” email chain which cites ties between the Wuhan lab and the taxpayer-funded EcoHealth Alliance. The government emails also report that the foundation of U.S. billionaire Bill Gates worked closely with the Chinese government to pave the way for Chinese-produced medications to be sold outside China and help “raise China’s voice of governance by placing representatives from China on important international counsels as high level commitment from China.”

MIT Institute stated, “[Dr] Baric [colleague of Dr. Anthony J. Fauci had developed a way around that problem—a technique for “reverse genetics” in coronaviruses. Not only did it allow him to bring an actual virus to life from its genetic code, but he could mix and match parts of multiple viruses. He wanted to take the “spike” gene from SHC014 and move it into a genetic copy of the SARS virus he already had in his lab. The spike molecule is what lets a coronavirus open a cell and get inside it. The resulting chimera would demonstrate whether the spike of SHC014 would attach to human cells.”

Furthermore, “In a September 5, 2017, situation report, Chen informs her colleagues that she had “attended a ‘Belt and Road’ High Level Meeting for Health Cooperation: towards a Health Silk Road.” She also reported:

“Last week USAID, CDC, ESTH [Environment, Science, Technology, and Health] and I met with Gates Foundation, initially planned to talk about global Malaria eradication efforts to see if there is any area we can work together. But we ended talking in general Chinese policies and the foundation’s current strategies in China — capacity building to help China raise its national standards and leverage China’s resource to help others. One of the examples for raising the national standards is to help China FDA for its reform. Gates foundation has managed to work out a mechanism with China FDA to provide fund[ing] to China FDA for placing experienced Chinese-Americans who had worked at US FDA for many years to work in China FDA as senior consultants….” reported by Judicial Watch

Colombo asks, “Shouldn’t Americans and the congress, senate, HHS Secretary, DOJ, Scientists and Medial Experts around the USA and the world investigate why China is doing business with Dr. Fauci, George Soros and Bill Gates who appear to be working as foreign agents aiding and abetting Communist China, a foreign enemy nation of Western Civilization that is a National Security risk to America’s freedom and the American people and Western Civilization.

She continues that it’s o secret that China poses a threat to America seeking domination over the USA and the world, but in order for China and the NWO to succeed, they must reduce the population and remove the guns from the American people. So, instead of worrying about shots from guns, they will be forcing never ending shots on the human lab rats if they have their way. Why has America’s entire government allowed Bill Gates and George Soros and Dr. Fauci to risk American lives by working closely in this tightly-knit inner-circle of unethical Americans making secret deals with a foreign enemy nation for their personal profit, especially after China unleashed the deadly virus on the world? Gates and Soros and Dr. Fauci, CDC Director, and China are alleged to own patents to the coronavirus.

MIT – “THE Coronavirus Hunter is Racing for Answers in a Locked-Down Lab“- re: Dr. Ralph Baric

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-5.png

Ralph Baric, researcher and lab leader at North Carolina’s Gillings School of Global Public Health, sits for a photograph in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, U.S., on Friday, Feb. 14, 2020. Members of an elite lab of virologists at the University of North Carolina’s Gillings School of Global Public Health, mission is to come up with a drug to treat the coronavirus that has already infected over 90,000 people and killed more than 3,000.” Photographer: Christopher Janaro/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Colombo responds after much research and remarks, “I found the MIT statement interesting because it states that an “elite lab of virologists”……..”mission to come up” with a “DRUG” to treat the coronavirus. Shouldn’t the senators investigate how did Dr. Baric and Dr. Fauci and perhaps, colleagues researching to develop a “DRUG” for coronavirus switch gears and begin researching the development of a vaccine or multiple vaccines? And, ironically, Dr. Fauci has dismissed all Rx drugs used by international doctors as treatments such as Ivermectin, HCQ and Remesdivir and supplements such as Vitamin C and Zinc and D3. In 1993, President Bill Clinton attempted to turn Vitamin C into a Rx Drug, so one must as the question if his “Study on Human Commodities for Human Capital” include removing Vitamin C from OTC into a Rx Drug for this time in history?”

The question blowing in the wind is why and when did Dr. Baric and NIH under Dr. Fauci’s watch switch course and began to research and develop multiple “Emergency and Trial” chemical-laden injections or vaccines that involve Pfizer and Moderna?

After all, Dr. Fauci allegedly is a Member of the Board of the Gates Foundation and his wife works for Big Pharma. They are long time associates of Bill and Melinda Gates as well as key Democrats such as Hillary and Bill Clinton and Nancy Pelosi and Obama. It’s reported and alleged that Dr. Fauci, George Soros, and Bill Gates have long time ties to Moderna. It’s also reported that Bill Gates is heavily invested with Pfizer. The Conflicts of Interest are startling.

Recently, articles popped up revealing that Pfizer negotiated secret contracts in the Billions with Israel, America and the UK. It’s reported by VAERS and CDC that Pfizer’s experimental jabs caused blood clots which can cause death, brain injury, heart attacks, strokes, and more direct adverse health effects. Ironically, the news reported that the FDA suddenly approved Pfizer for the experimental and trial jabs. An injection is a vaccine once it is approved and licensed by the FDA which takes 5 to 10 years.

The FDA Experimental and trials injections required consent and willingness by people who were dying or ran out of options in the past. But, not today, they are pushing them on everyone even if you aren’t sick and you’re healthy and you have valid reasons why you can’t be injected with chemicals knowing you could die or be injured for life.


Should Americans not ask the question of how many Americans would still be alive from covid with a 99.8% recovery rate on average using Ivermectin or HCQ and other treatments doctors recommend that are safe and effective since 2019 if they hadn’t been injected with experimental and trial jabs and used as Human Lab Rats by their own taxpayer funded government and Big Pharma, Bill and Melinda Gates and CDC, WHO, and Dr. Fauci and China’s New Normal? Statistically, more people die from influenza every year because most people don’t ask their doctors to check their blood and their Vitamin D3 levels that helps keep the immune system healthy to fight off trillions of viruses.


18 – 29 YEARS OLD: 108 Deaths;  726 Life Threatening; 919 Permanently Disabled

30 – 49 Years:  447 Deaths;  2,565 Life Threatening;  3,395 Permanently Disabled

50 64 Years:  1,1421 Deaths;  2,676 Life Threatening;  3,015 Permanently Disable

65 + Years:  6,203 Deaths;  3,599 Life Threatening;  3,934 2,923Permanently Disabled

UNKNOWN Age 4,872 Deaths;  3,373 Life Threating

We can’t stop Trillions of viruses, but we can stop using Human Beings as Human Lab Rats and disabling healthy children, kids, adults and elderly using experimental chemical-laden injection in unknown areas requiring new research and case studies for efficacy and safety. We live among viruses and with them since time began. God created the nose and mouth to inhale and exhale and help keep the cells, organs and brain and the immune system strong. We need oxygen to remain healthy and stay alive.

Actually, about 22 Trillion viruses live inside our bodies as well as bacteria and once the breath of fresh air ends, the viruses and bacteria cause the body to rot and turn to dust. We weren’t intended to live forever, but many of the covid cases recorded were caused by pre-existing conditions in order to inflate the numbers admitted by CDC. People over 80 are at higher risk because they’re always at higher risk and lived past the life span of 78 years old. The virus is real, but so is the immune system and your responsibility to stay home when sick, seek our medical advice, and ask questions on how to heal your individual body and maintain a strong immune system.

Who shouldn’t get the Covid vaccine? There’s really only one category of patients, and those are those who have had severe reactions to previous vaccines or one of the other COVID vaccines,” said Scott Robertson, President of the Pacific Central Coast Health Centers for Dignity Health.Aug 11, 2021

Scott Robertson, President of the Pacific Central Coast Health Centers for Dignity Health.Aug 11, 2021

SUPREME COURT DECISION: Excerpt from Reuters, “U.S. top court bars patents on human genes unless synthetic,” by Lawrence Hurley published June 13, 2013:

100+ Free Courthouse & Justice Images

The court, in an opinion written by Justice Clarence Thomas, ruled that forms of DNA that have been manipulated in the lab in a way that alters their natural state can be patented.”

“Called cDNA – the “c” stands for “complementary” – it is essentially an edited form of a gene, with extraneous stretches excised. This DNA is patent eligible, the court said, because it is not naturally occurring, unlike isolated DNA simply extracted from a human body.”

In the opinion, Thomas wrote that because cDNA is not naturally occurring, it can be patented under federal law. A laboratory technician, he added, “unquestionably creates something new when cDNA is made.” Thomas noted that so-called method patents, which concern technical procedures for carrying out a certain process, are not affected by the ruling.”

What does The Constitution of the United States of America, Amendment XIII: Ratified December 6, 1865; Section 1, state? “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States of any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Rand Paul discloses 16 months late that his wife bought stock in company  behind COVID treatment | The Seattle Times
Senator Rand Paul Interviewing Dr. Anthony Fauci ask question about coronavirus and gain-of-function


Link to the China’s Bat Woman:

Senator Rand Paul during a Senate hearing on or about July 21, 2021 addressing Dr. Anthony Fauci during the hearings stated, “As you are aware, it is a crime to lie to congress, 10001 U.S. Criminal Code….., Your last trip to our committee on May 11, you stated that NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain of function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology and yet, gain of function research was done at the Wuhan Institute by Dr. Shi and was funded by the NIH.”

Senator Paul asked, “Dr. Fauci, do you wish to retract your comment when you claimed that the NIH never funded gain of function in Wuhan?”

Dr. Rand Paul asked, Dr. Fauci, “Did you engage in gain-of-function research?” Dr. Anthony Fauci adamantly responded, “Senator Paul, I have never lied before the congress and I do not retract that statement. “Senator, you do not know what you’re talking about?”

Dr. Fauci was also asked if it was possible if the biochemical virus that leaked from the Wuhan Lab was created in the lab. Below is the excerpt from the Class Action Lawsuit against Twitter filed by Donald J. Trump: Case 1:21-cv-22441-XXXX Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 07/07/2021


Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious
Diseases (NIAID), had previously disputed that the virus was made in a lab. On February
21, 2020, Fauci asked a Deputy Director at NIAID to “Please handle” an email Fauci
received by a group of doctors and scientists, including a virologist, that opined that “we
think there is a possibility that the virus was released from a lab in Wuhan
(sic).” Whatever Fauci meant by “Please handle,”

Twitter’s actions corresponded to censor those like Yen, who had information that contradicted Fauci’s narrative. In February 2020, Twitter permanently suspended Harry Chen Ph.D. after he reported about the coronavirus [came] directly from Wuhan. His Twitter account was @IsChinar (Harry
Chen Ph.D.). Reporter Stephania Becker broke the news about this development, saying
that the suspension came after the User “spent weeks posting insider video from Wuhan
about coronavirus & rampant abuses by CCP (Chinese Communist Party).”

Twitter suspended the account of Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist and former
researcher at the Hong Kong School of Public Health who has publicly claimed that the
novel coronavirus was developed in a Wuhan laboratory. She said the virus was “manmade” and “not from nature.” Her account was taken down in September of 2020 after she accused China of
intentionally manufacturing and releasing COVID-19. The Twitter message on her page
read: “Account suspended. Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-3.png
Freedom Isn’t Free Because Sacrifices Must Be Made and Blood Must Be Shed From Time-to-Time!

The U.S. Federal government and the Blue State Governors and Mayors are not operating in accordance with the U.S. Constitution in my opinion. The government and Big Pharma, WHO and CDC, are ignoring the “Rights” of the American people and the world known as Human Rights which provides the right of free people to opt out of anything they believe will harm healthy bodies and minds or their minor children. Furthermore, they are taking control of unborn babies with these mandates, people with allergic reactions to chemicals, and exercising parental alienation which is a United Nations Law entitled, “The Rights of the Child” which Hillary Clinton promoted for decades.

Most people hopefully realize that chemicals are not natural to the human body and people in the past have died and suffered lifetime injuries from Big Pharma Rx Drugs and Vaccines approved and licensed by the FDA and lawsuits filed. This is not to say that you should or should not get jabbed, but the choice should be your choice between you and your doctor. The truth is in my opinion that they are using communist tactics and United Nations Lock Step Agenda 21 Laws to overthrow the U.S. Constitutional Laws and enslave Americans and the world and force the population into servitude.

Do governments and the medical profession and general public trust Pfizer Covid-19 SARS experimental and trial 2 chemical-laden injections even after VAERS and CDC reported that Pfizer injections caused blood clots leading to deaths and lifetime serious injuries? These blood clots raise the question as to why the FDA approved Pfizer experimental and trial injections? It reported that Bill Gates owns substantial shares in Pfizer and allegedly signed a contract with the USA, UK and Israel.

Robert G. EvansCopyright and License informationDisclaimerGo to: Published at

Abstract Tough on Crime and the Pfizer CIHR

“The appointment of Dr. Bernard Prigent, vice-president and medical director of Pfizer Canada, to the Governing Council of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, outraged many Canadian health researchers. Pfizer has been a “habitual offender,” persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results. Since 2002 the company and its subsidiaries have been assessed $3 billion in criminal convictions, civil penalties and jury awards. The $2.3-billion settlement in September 2009 – a month before Dr. Prigent’s appointment – set a new record for both criminal fines and total penalties. A link with Pfizer might well advance the commercialization of Canadian research – unhindered by law or morality. Is that now the only mandate, Dr. Beaudet?”

It appears that Big Pharma, White House, WHO and CDC and Dr. Fauci are being grossly careless to assume that every human being on the planet can be injected with chemicals and be cured of covid when they know chemicals can cause death and adverse health effects for life. One or 2 Jabs doesn’t fit all bodies and minds. Shame on Dr. Fauci not addressing allergies and religious beliefs and opt outs.

People are being jabbed without being informed of the chemicals and gene therapy and nano-particles, stem cells, toxins, metal or purple dye, etc. that aren’t injected by their doctors but strangers. Are the strangers at Walmart or CVS or Rite Aid or other stores informing the person about the myriad of chemicals being injected into their bodies and and the risks and a asking for a signed consent form?

Many people are complying or obeying under duress and fear of losing their jobs, freedom, liberty and rights even though there is a 99.6% up to 99.9% recovery rate without injections. It’s against the law to threaten someone by fear mongering and threatening them with the loss of their jobs if they don’t do as they are ordered to do or mandated or threatened or coerced to do under fear and duress. Everyone needs an income, right? The law is clear that mandating by using fear, coercion, incentives, and threats or extortion or blackmail under the guise of “healthcare” or for any other reason is no more than tricking the people to comply.


The truth is that vaccines aren’t cures. Doctors state they are developed as preventative measures. Most Americans received childhood approved and licensed vaccines. Yet, millions of us over the years still ended up as kids with measles, chicken pox and whooping cough. There is no drug or vaccine that is 100% safe for over 7 Billion people. If that was the case then no one would be sick or die ever.

Will 5G and AI take over the world and your minds and bodies as they are promoting today with the Fauci and Soros-China-Gates injections that are no more than experimental and trial injections using fear. Hitler was right. The leaders of the world can take down nations and enslave nations through “fear mongering” and “punishments” when the masses comply and give up their Freedom, Liberty, and Rights and Sovereignty to the New World Order. Humanity will be controlled by AI – Jabs – 5G – EMP’s, Radiation and Microwaves controlling your minds and bodies to new levels that are beyond the levels of reducing the IQs of babies along with the unleashed covid 19 and experimental and trial jabs.

How many Human Beings Will Be Walking Zombies in the Future Who Can’t Think for Themselves? “Big Game Changer!” Tom Wheeler says, ….is the 5G will use much higher viable frequency bans than originally previously thought possible for viable mobile and most other viable applications. They have just turned the government as I opined to AI 5G and Big Pharma who are operated by New World Order Wall Street CEO’s the unconstitutional authority to control America and the planet. Tom Wheeler stated that 5G is a “National Priority!” And will generate “$10s of Billions of Dollars in economic growth in this nation and that is damn important.”

Furthermore, injecting stem cells, or using stem cells in testing with specific chemicals and gene therapy and allegedly graphene toxic poison to humans is included under “Trade Secret” so the public will not know if it is included in the formula according to the whistleblower. The alleged graphene oxide is alleged to work in tandem with 5G towers that can target individuals. The Gene Therapy or gene manipulation allegedly can alter God’s given DNA and then there is the issue of using stem cells for research and stem cells in Pfizer jabs.

These are definite religious opt outs that should be protected in the USA under Human Rights and Religious Rights and Constitutional Rights. The U.S. Constitution prohibits leaders and Gates, Soros and Big Pharms to forcibly jab anyone against one’s will or jab anyone by fear mongering and threat with intent to cause an individual o comply under duress fearful of losing their freedom and jobs or even their kids.

The fear mongering and threats of losing your Constitutional Rights and jobs and Necessities of Life or children appear to be Crimes Against Humanity, but moving forward so the NWO and GAVI and Democrats and NWO CEOs and investors can create a Big Pharma and AI 5G built-in customer base as Human Lab Rats. The CDC, WHO, Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci, the only voices heard on MSM and 2 giant social media sites are behaving as if her immunity and natural immunity and the immune system disappeared.

What is next? Will the Monsanto and Gates team mandate that we can only eat and buy their GMO Lab Grown foods and milk and molecular meats or else be punished if we grow our own fruits and vegetables or own a cow or chickens or pigs? Remember, it was myself and Liberty Counsel who brought this to the nation’s attention prior to Obama mandating 2700 pages be approved known as Obamacare bypassing congress and the senate. “Approved and Rubber Stamped Unread!”

Is The New World Order arming the Muslim Brotherhood ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaeda while they allowed the MB-CAIR Jihadist organization into the White HOuse to meet with Obama and Biden from 2009 – 2016 and currently in 2021 and is Obama whispering in Biden’s ear carrying on their Obama-BIden-Hillary-Holder-Kerry-Democrat agendas for Gun Control while arming the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists leaving vehicles, Black Helicopters, Names of Afghan supporters of American Troops and Weapons.

And, don’t forget Obama and Biden and Holder released terrorists from GITMO and dropped off Billions at the feet of the Iranican IMAM while Obama and kerry fought to fund $150 Billion to a foreign enemy nation, IRAN, who swore to wipe out America and offered a reward (was the reward part of the Billions dropped off at the feet of the IMAM by Obama or from the $150 Billion taxpayer money? In the meantime, since 1993, Clinton’s, Holder, Obama and Biden and the Democrats have worked overtime to disarm Americans.

Town Hall Reports: “During the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, Canada has turned into a police state. In the United States, the civil liberties and constitutional rights of Americans have been pushed to the side as simple conveniences or privileges and trampled by power hungry federal and local governments.”

“Just last week Centers for Disease Control Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said the agency will move onto gun control as the next “public health crisis” and the agency is already playing the language game.  Generally, the word gun, for those who are worried about research in this area, is followed by the word control, and that’s not what I want to do here,” Walensky said during an interview with CNN. “I’m not here about gun control. I’m here about preventing gun violence and gun death.”

Protect the sanctity of Motherhood and Baby: The taxpayer funded elected government, employers aka Public Servants or Big Pharma do not have the authority to violate the Human Rights and Liberties and Freedoms to control one’s own body and mind or another human being that is unborn. Communist force their citizens to comply as well as North Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Venezuela.

BBC Reports, “Amid the economic crisis, one charity said in 2018 that it had seen the number of babies abandoned in the streets or left at the entrances of public buildings increase by 70%.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-31.jpeg

Babies Born During the Pandemic Have Lower IQ’s – by Hannah Frishberg, NY Post 8/13/21 reports the following, “into the into the pandemic (after July 2020), 308 born before it (prior to January 2019) and 176 of them born during its beginning stage (between January 2019 and March 2020). They found that children born during the pandemic have pronouncedly lower IQs than those born before it.

“Parents are stressed and frazzled. The ability to course-correct becomes smaller the older that child gets.” “It’s not subtle by any stretch,” lead study author and Brown University associate professor of pediatric research Sean Deoni told the Guardian of the trend. “You don’t typically see things like that, outside of major cognitive disorders.” Authors attribute the pattern to children being cognitively impaired from spending so much time inside with overwhelmed parents during the past year. While many adults have managed to tough it out, so much isolation at a critical juncture in the mental progress of infants has likely caused lasting damage.

The rigged elections in Venezuela recently caused a once thriving and happy nation of free People who were working and providing for themselves to be reduced to chattel. Crime increased. The tyrannical communist leader linked to China caused the citizens of Venezuela to become homeless, impoverished and forced to be tattooed with a number. In fact, they don’t have money for contraceptives and the single moms are abandoning their babies. Single mothers with babies don’t have diapers and food and clothing, so they’re leaving them n the streets. This is what communist do to the citizens.

The Venezuelan President orders the Venezuelan people to stand in line and distance and be silent. They must stand in line for a loaf of bread and a bottle of water and Americans were getting a taste of what is coming if they don’t get involved and use their constitutional rights to stop this nightmare or their kids will never know America or Freedom.

Lock Downs and Loss of Jobs Caused Sever Depression and Increased Suicides by 200%

How to Make the Most of Your Unemployment If You've Lost Your Job

Beware, Americans, for you, too, are being controlled by Bill and Melinda Gates, Big Pharma, Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO Directors and the Democrats in the White House and possibly China. Democrats and radicals are elected into our city, county, and state government positions. They are also elected in positions or appointed to positions in government such as the Awan Brothers hired by Hillary Clinton’s Democrat staff member and the 2 brothers were spies for Pakistan. A Chinese spy worked for Senator Feinstein for 25 years and wasn’t arrested, but rewarded with taxpayer funded retirement as the alleged story goes. And then the news reported that Democrat Swalwell was sleeping with the enemy spy from China.

Americans have recently experienced indefinite lockdowns, curfews, and loss of businesses and jobs. Lock Downs caused kids to suffer from isolation and depression as well as lack of education. Thousands of kids went to bed hungry and still do. Lock Downs denied Americans the right to operate their businesses or access their jobs. Gates, Fauci, WHO and CDC and the White House caused millions of Americans the loss of jobs, education, and income and many lost their homes. The Lock Downs denied Americans the right to access movie theaters or go to their favorite gym, salon, or restaurant which is what communist nations do using the Wall Street AI “Merit Ap” to track their individual citizens and control them.

Lock Downs and destroying the economy and threatening to fire Americans from their jobs leads to Communism and poverty, civil unrest, murders, drugs, trafficking and crimes as well as servitude and enslavement. It leads to reducing individual human beings to be branded with tattoos and viewed as nothing more than a number to serve them. Remember, Bernie Sanders, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama’s, Biden’s, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, Bush’s, Cheney, Chuck Schumer, Speaker Pelosi, and the Democrat Party funded by Gates and Soros and NWO wealth donors were promoting Socialism during the 2015-2016 campaign for Americans, not Americanism.

After the Communist Leader stole the election, the tyrannical leader rationed and denied food and water and supplies the the citizens of Venezuela. They were once a free happy and thriving people rich in oil. The tyrannical communist leader requires the citizens be tattooed with a number while they stand in line for a bag of food and water

The question is how much longer will the masses remain controlled by Billionaires such as George Soros, -China-Gates, Dr. Fauci-WHO and CDC Directors and the HHS Secretary as well as the Democrats in public office working overtime to control every person in the USA through mandates and Statutes bypassing transparency, public scrutiny and congressional review as all Statutes and Mandates must be in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and the WILL of the majority of Americans; otherwise, they are promoting foreign ideologies on American soil.

The question will be how long will Americans allow themselves to be unconstitutionally controlled by NWO Wall Street Billionaires who control the Democrat Party through donations and Lobbyists who meet them them behind closed doors and many are now very wealthy. Americans shouldremember that the Democrats are shredding the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and Federal and State Laws on Immigration in violation of their sworn oath to uphold and defend and preserve and protect the U.S. Constitution and the nation’s sovereignty. We are the only nation in the world who allows their elected officials to violate immigration laws and storm through out borders and allow people with viruses to enter and use our taxes to bus them into our cities.

It’s stunning to me that millions of people actually believe that standing in lines 6 feet from each other including family and friends and neighbors as well as isolation and watching Netflix all day and wearing 3 masks and cutting off your oxygen supply to your healthy cells, brain, heart and organs is all that healthy, especially for kids with special needs and the elderly and the people suffering from COPD? How about finding out how to build up a healthy immune system and what to do and eat?

Do you think that giving up your Freedom, Liberty, and Rights which Obama stated you must do because all Americans are “small minded” is a wise thing to do in America? How much of Obama’s Freedom and Liberty and Rights has he given up after being poor and ending up on Martha’s Vineyard and traveling around the world? Do you think it would be better to go to your doctor and get your blood levels checked to find out if your immune system is strong or needs to be built back up with Vitamin D3, Sunshine and Supplements and nutritional foods?

Ask yourself why the Who (World Health Organization) and CDC Directors as well as Dr. Fauci, who are long time associates and funded by Microsoft and/or Gates Foundation as well as GAVI members, either in the business of vaccines for-profit or investors for-profit haven’t bothered to provide information on how to maintain or build up the immune system to fight off viruses for which it was intended to do and worked since God created Adam and Eve.

As I stated, there were only 2 people and trillions of viruses from the beginning of time and yet, there are nearly 7 Billion people in the world, so God’s immune system conquers viruses in the end with a percentage who die because of weak immune systems or pre-existing conditions or maybe, they’re elderly and it’s their time. How can they sleep at night with knowledge that doctors around the world use treatments such as mentioned by alternative news such as Ivermectin, Remesdivir, Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D3 and C and Zinc, but suppress this health care information from the public.

Why isn’t Dr. Fauci and WHO and CDC advising the general public to ask their doctors to check their immune system through Blood Tests and their D3 level? God gave us an immune system and sunshine and Fresh Air as well as vitamins in foods and drinks to maintain a strong immune system. God created Adam and Eve He breathed life into their lungs that we call oxygen and God called the the oxygen the “Breath of Life” and it’s worked perfectly since the beginning time because the earth started out with only 2 people and now we’re headed towards 8 Billion people. Apparently, God knew what he was doing unlike the flip flopping we’re experiencing today about covid.

Did You Get Your Vitamin D Today? - Farmers' Almanac

Mandated jabs by employers is implementing communist style tactics to control the masses. These mandates will never be overturned if people living in this Free Nation continue to give away their Freedom, Liberty, Rights, and Sovereignty. It’s important that every American who cares about their privacy, religious belief, Freedom of Choice, Free Will to control one’s body and unborn baby and minor kids contact their elected officials and oppose any mandates that punish Americans for getting a flu. Freedom is being destroyed by wealthy people who thrive on control and power over the masses and worship the Almighty Dollar.

Note: (Call 202-225-3121 or 202-224-3121 every day to contact a Representative that takes 5 minutes and save your Freedom and American from the Obama-Biden, Clinton and Bush and New World Order anti-U.S. Flag, National Anthem, Bible and Constitutionalists.

FEAR IS YOUR GREATEST ENEMY and THEIR GREATEST WEAPON! The NWO members are the same Leftists who promote fear and isolation and order Americans to isolate from our families and neighbors and fellow Americans even if they aren’t sick. They are training up people to obey the NWO agendas and those they provide funding such as NIH, CDC, WHO and more than 200 non-profit organizations.

Take responsibility for your health and immune system. The countries that have been plagued with viruses for generations such in the Middle East and China, where they carry SARS and MERS, brought it to the USA when Obama and Biden and Hillary Clinton secretly flew 10s of 1000s of unidentified Middle East foreigners into the USA without health checks as as Obama and BIden and Pelosi, Schumer and the entire Democrat Party cared less about the federal and state laws and used “racist” as their calling card for anyone who opposed them aiding and abetting and harboring criminals because illegal migration is a crime in the USA like in every country around the world. And, despite their countries plagued with viruses such as SARS and MERS, as well as China, they are still overpopulated so how do the NWO Democrats explain that?

Western Civilization hasn’t been plagued with viruses such as SARS and MERS until recently, and yet, we have fewer Natural Born Americans while the Middle East and China has always been plagued with these viruses are overpopulated. The Middle East and China have always worn masks and they have more viruses than in America, In fact, we never wore masks unless the person was a criminal and we have fewer viruses.

Newspaper headlines about ivermectin, a medicine being controversially proposed to treat Covid-19 in the pandemic Ivermectin is not a brand name: it is the generic term for the drug. ivermectin stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images
Mexico and International Doctors recommend Ivermectin but are silenced

It’s a fact that international doctors curing people with viruses and covid for decades are silenced and threatened to remain silent by unseen forces probably those seeking to make a ton of money. What sort of people dare to say they care about everyone’s health on the planet then turn around and deny people the right-to-work and impoverish them and deny them access to food, water, toilet paper, and disinfectants by shutting down a nation? Communists and Sociopaths do! Do you believe these Billionaires and Millionaires were being rationed food, water, or any other products they desired?

How many Democrats including Dr. Fauci and Obama and Governor Newsom and Speaker Pelosi and so many more Democrats were caught off camera not wearing a mask or distancing, but partying and having dinner in a fine restaurant while everyone else was locked out? How many used stimulus money from the covid taxpayer funding to fund their multi-million dollar businesses? How much was sent to China? Iran? And, did Bill Gates and George Soros receive any funding to buy their $41 Million dollar enterprise to track you and trace you?

Lock Downs Created an Increase in the Loss of Businesses, Jobs, Income, Foreclosures, Crime, Depression and Suicide.

The Dr. Fauci, Soros, China-Gates, WHO and CDC Democrat agendas of denying and rationing food and supplies as well as denying the right to visit your doctor or dentist or a nursing home or hospital are Communist agendas. They are not American agendas. It is unprecedented for a free people in America to be indefinitely detained and put on curfews unless we are now considered criminals by the Democrats. Are they using covid masks, experimental and trial injections as weapons to jail Americans or starve them to death?

It was the Democrat Blue States who ordered us to remain locked down and isolated from our elderly parents and grandparents and neighbors and friends. Some Nazi people called the police on their neighbors because they had a family gathering. The indoctrination of communism through public schools appears to be working as well as 2 giant social media sites and MSM.

The Lock Downs worked well if you seek to destroy the Trump economy and destroy the Middle Class, Free Enterprise and Small Businesses and jobs. They succeeded at causing homelessness, divorce, broken families, depressed kids and depressed elderly brought on from isolation. Retail stores suffered great losses and many closed because there are emotional problems and physical issues when people must wear masks long term so they rush in and out of the stores. And, the rationed inventory added to the loss of customers and profits.

The Bill Gates,Fauci-CDC Lock Downs caused truckers to lose their jobs who were unable to deliver food. Even AAA drivers were effected because fewer people were on the road. Either way, you’re going to suffer, but not the wealthy people invested in this venture who have more than enough of everything.

Effect of COVID-19 on Trucking Monopolizes 2020 Top 10 Stories | Transport  Topics
Thanks to the Truckers Who Delivered Food and Products during Lock Downs. America says, “Thank You”

The Fauci-WHO-CDC-China-Gates Lock Downs caused farmers and ranchers their income by destroying the crops and the animals that had to be killed, but Bill Gates made out like a bandit buying up acres of farmland probably at a profit. I expect to see Bill Gates in overalls and a pitch fork any day now on MSM pitching his molecular meats and GMO non-nutritional lab grown foods and milk on one of his farms but I suspect all the cows will be euthanized as well. .

The insane Lock Downs caused the cost of food to skyrocket. They caused a shortage of meat, milk and poultry and the prices soared. They caused restaurants to shut down across the nation. It appears that Bill Gates’ goal is to develop and sell molecular meats or vegan meats and control the food industry.

Coronavirus Devastates Crops and Chickens and and Farm and Ranch animals causing higher prices for food and gasoline and loss of Farms and Ranches, They caused the loss of nutritional foods that contain Protein, Calcium, Vitamins and Minerals needed to maintain a Healthy Immune System during a respiratory coronavirus planedemic that people need to maintain a healthy immune system

CNBC Reported: “As the coronavirus pandemic disrupts supply chains across the country, farmers are being forced to destroy their crops, dump milk and throw out perishable items that can’t be stored.”

“Dairy farmers grappling with low prices and a sudden drop in demand from the lockdowns are dumping out as many as 3.7 million gallons of milk every day, according to estimates from Dairy Farmers of America, the country’s largest dairy cooperative.” CNBC News

Bill and Melinda Gates and Obama and the Democrats aren’t only into euthanizing granny, but chickens as well. CNBC Reports: “Chicken processors dealing with staffing problems related to the virus have been forced to euthanize chickens because of the reduced capacity in plants.” And, don’t forget that Tyson hit the news exporting chickens to China to import back to America.

Euthanize chickens pennsylvania farmers
More than 200,000 chickens have been euthanized in Pennsylvania over the past month. Demand for meat and eggs has slowed during the coronavirus pandemic, leaving farmers struggling to manage increased flocks. Philly Voice News

How The Communists Rule: Hong Kong (CNN) “Unvaccinated residents in parts of China will be banned from accessing public services including hospitals, schools and nursing homes, as the country targets an inoculation rate of at least 80% against Covid-19. Get the experimental and trial jabs in China or you are denied work, school, hospital access and nursing homes in China.”

Americans have a right to be informed and control their own bodies and minds. The public servants don’t have a right to ask if anyone has been jabbed because in reality, it’s none of their business. It’s between a patient and their doctor. Next, will the employer mandate that you need to produce your x rays for your mammograms or mandate that you must take a psychiatric evaluation because you aren’t jabbed and then throw people into psychiatric wards or arrest them for non-compliance? Where is this going to end?

Where will this China-Gates nightmare end? Will it end when the CCP marches onto our Homeland? In Communist China, they actually monitored the menstrual cycles of young girls believe it or not, so is that where America is headed? Once they open this can of worms, it will be impossible to close.

The Democrat governors and Mayors created tent cities that spread disease and they cared less while President Trump was in charge. They demanded that they be held above the law and walk the illegal across the border by the 10s of 1000s into the USA without health care checks. In fact, Obama, Hillary and Biden flew illegals on planes from the Middle East into the USA without health care checks where SARS and MERS originated.

Here's a look at how bad the homeless problem in Los Angeles has become -  YouTube
Homelessness Created in Every Blue State Operated by Wealthy Democrats under the Obama-Biden Regime and Democrat controlled Congress. Homelessness and covid infected migrants is increasing under the Biden-Obama-Democrat Regime and the Soros-China-Gates-Who-CDC-Fauci Planedemic and New World Order which is intended for the Redistribution of Wealth to Them as written in Agenda 21 and Lock Step

Do you think possibly think the pandemic or planedemic was pre planned since it is named the appropriate name Covid 19 SARS 2 and announced in 2019? The investors in Big Pharma as well as investments made in testing and tracing every human being on the planet which is the goal of Gates and Soros creates a built-in worldwide customer base of “Human Commodities for Human Capital.” They are creating a new venture using human beings as their products.

The covid 19 doesn’t appear to be an accident from all the information gathers, but a money making Vaccine Industrial Complex for Wall Street NWO investors. This is probably the reason that Bill Gates stepped down from Microsoft, not only because of his divorce and his ties to Jeffrey Epstein, who he visited on Orgy Island. It appears that Soros and Gates are pulling their money to develop the “Big Pharma Vaccine Industrial multi-Trillion Dollar Complex!” You don’t hear Gates. Soros, Fauci, WHO or CDC saying anything about the open borders being a threat to spreading covid by the foreign illegals pouring into the USA do you?

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Every person knows what their personal health issues happen to be as well as their doctor, which is confidential protected by HIPPAA as I stated so Americans should ask the question why is the HHS Secretary, EEOC, White House, WHO, CDC, Big Pharma, Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates and Dr. Fauci being allowed to promote their GAVI agendas worldwide despite their serious money making investment that include major Conflicts of Interest?

It’s hard to believe that so many people could join GAVI and the New World Order as members and those who support the United Nations Agenda 21 knowing the goal is to reduce the population of the planet and still sleep at night. Do they really think that they will be happier using Human Beings as “Human Commodities” for “Human Capital?”

Imagine if you earned $3 from each injection after jabbing 8 Billion human lab rats over and over again how your profit-margin would exceed your wildest dreams.

Who shouldn’t get the Covid vaccine? There’s really only one category of patients, and those are those who have had severe reactions to previous vaccines or one of the other COVID vaccines,” said Scott Robertson, President of the Pacific Central Coast Health Centers for Dignity Health.Aug 11, 2021

Pregnant Women? How can chemicals injected into a pregnant female that go directly to a fetus or unborn baby be 100% safe for a fetus or unborn baby when they use chemicals to abort babies?

DEPOPULATION ALERT: Shocking new study reveals covid vaccine TERMINATES 4  out of 5 pregnancies via “spontaneous abortions” - Medicatrix

This article was originally published by Mike Adams on It has been reposted here with permission from the author.

A shocking new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that when pregnant women are given covid vaccinations during their first or second trimesters, they suffer an 82% spontaneous abortion rate, killing 4 out of 5 unborn babies.

This stunning finding, explained below, is self-evident from the data published in a new study entitled, “Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons.” Just as disturbing as the data is the fact that the study authors apparently sought to deliberately obfuscate the truth about vaccines causing spontaneous abortions by obfuscating numbers in their own calculations.” Source Medicatrix

The world of clinical research has historically excluded pregnant people. Most drugs currently available have not been trialed in this group to see if they are safe, either for parent or unborn child. The situation with Covid-19 is no different. Only in recent months have some of the vaccines currently approved for Covid-19 (FDA approved as Experimental and Trials only) begun studies in pregnant people.” (Clinical Trials Arena)

The only person who has a voice about covid or cures or experimental and trial injections is the man who researched Covid 19 in the USA and in the Wuhan Lab in Communist China. The NIH funded the Wuhan Lab Research after a moratorium was issued in the USA because of the danger and many wealthy people funded Dr. Fauci’s research in the USA and at the Wuhan Lab who should also be held accountable, especially if they’re invested in Big Pharma. Well, there are the wealthy elite who are not shy about revealing their goal to commit a potential mass murder or genocide if you prefer.

Environmental Justice or Eugenics? Prince Charles Says We Must Reduce World  Population By Three Quarters | The Land Is Ours

What if it was all about the money and needing a built-in customer base of Human Lab Rats for the multi-Trillion Dollar Big Pharma-Gavi Vaccine Industrial Complex and working towards population control? What about Johnson & Johnson and their rush to develop an experimental and trial Covid 19-SARS stem cell and chemical-laden injections

Excerpt from “Tough on Crime” pub. by – “On January 15 of this year, US federal prosecutors in Boston filed a complaint against Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and related companies, alleging violations of the federal False Claims Act and related legislation” (Associated Press 2010).1 

Allegedly, from 1999 through 2004, J&J made payments to Omnicare to induce increased prescribing of Risperdal to patients in nursing homes. Risperdal is J&J’s brand of risperidone, a drug used in the treatment of schizophrenia. The inducement was somewhat indirect. Omnicare is a pharmaceutical services provider, the largest in North America, that contracts with nursing homes and other facilities to provide drugs prescribed by patients’ physicians.” (AP)

Furthermore, “The ultimate objective of all prescription drug marketing is to determine what is written on the prescription pad. In this case, the chain of influence ran from drug company to dispensing contractor to pharmacist to physician. Over the period alleged, J&J sales through Omnicare rose from $100 million to $280 million. Risperdal made up more than one-third of these sales. Omnicare’s website stresses the company’s mission to promote the health of seniors.” (AP)

In fact, millions of people have known allergies to chemicals and penicillin and other vaccines licensed by the FDA and manufactured by Big Pharma such as Gardasil, Lupron, and Swine Flu. Many people suffered from paralysis, sterility, depression, chronic illness for life or death after Bill and Melinda Gates and WHO traveled to India and injected the children and after Gardasil was mandated in Texas for teenage girls.

SWINE FLU Vaccine in 1976? The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) site says that by 22 October 1976, 41 deaths amongst people who had been given the vaccine had been reported by the CDC, but there was “still no known connection to [the] vaccine”.  Cases involving paralysis were being reported after the swine flu jabs which the government and the Main Stream media touted as 100% safe. Lawsuits were popping up and the government stopped the swine flu vaccine program and there was no pandemic called out even after the injections ended. Note, no matter how many deaths occur after the new injections are unleashed on the public over a flu, they always say they can’t link the deaths and injuries to the vaccines.

Nutrients | Free Full-Text | Immunologic Effects of Vitamin D on Human  Health and Disease | HTML

The fact that the HHS Secretary, CDC, WHO, Big Pharma, Bill and Melinda Gates, Dr. Fauci, and the White House are using human beings for profit as Human Lab Rats and attempting to mandate the experimental and trial jabs under fear of punishment for those who resist are definitely crimes against Humanity and Nuremberg Codes as well as Constitutional violations in my opinion.

The Nazi’s would be thrilled with this Modern Day Slavery. Their goal was to take the world hostage and redistribute the world’s wealth to Hitler and his demons. This Nazi agenda is controlling people by Mandates and secretly writing those Statutes or Mandates as Bills to pass in secret without public scrutiny so they can bypass the congress and change the U.S. Constitution making the laws of the land establishing Freedom as meaningless. In such cases, this is treasonous in my opinion.

The Right to Control One’s Mind and Body should not result in starving people to death by firing them from their jobs when people are dying post injections or ending up seriously injured. Is it for the better good as long as it isn’t one of them or their loved ones? Which constitutional authority are they applying to deny Americans access to travel and educate or access health care facilities? This is draconian.

Why isn’t MSM and the two big giant Social Media sites promoting the cures, the foods and supplements and treatments available to the people to help prevent getting a flu. Every person should be allowed to exercise their unalienable God-Given Rights to Free Will and Free Choice when it comes to individual’s bodies and minds.

Fact Check: NO Plan By Bill Gates And The Vatican To Depopulate World With  Coronavirus Vaccine; Video Misinterprets Gates' Speech | Lead Stories

It’s immoral and unconstitutional to enslave the American people and use them as their chattel and property by coercion, or force them into servitude by their government or employers. These are crimes. It’s unconstitutional to use laws that threaten one’s human rights and deny the necessities of life. Americans have the right to resist when they know they are allergic to chemicals or it’s against their religion, but Communists don’t believe in the Bible or the Constitution or the Bill of Rights or Religion. Is that where we’re at – infiltrated after all, Soros funded Communist ANTIFA and Marxist BLM and had them trained up and funded.

What Happened to the United States of America? The Democrat Socialist Liberal Progressive Comrades is it?

It’s incomprehensible that the government and Big Pharma would convince the world that using warp speed “experimental and trial” jabs without short and long term case studies published in medical journals for medical and public review listing the direct adverse health effects to humans equates to efficacy and safety. It does not.

All Public Servants in the USA have a fiduciary sworn duty to defend Freedom, Liberties, Rights, and Human Rights and protect the Rights of all Americans to control one’s own body and mind. Just as SCOTUS approved for the Left’s abortion seamless assembly line of using millions of unborn or born babies as human commodities for-profit to be killed legally at Wall Street’s Planned Parenthood as their consumer products known as Human Commodities for Human Capital that created a human remains multi-billion dollar business against God’s creations.

It appears that Bill and Melinda Gates and their friend, Jeffrey Epstein, have no use for babies and children other than Gates own kids. SCOTUS declared the pregnant females have the constitutional right to “control our own bodies;” therefore, the constitution grants equality to all people and prohibits discrimination, so “the right to control one’s body” must be extended to every American. How is it people don’t ask why do the Democrats who support taxpayer funded abortions worldwide have children and grandchildren? Are abortions for everyone else?

United Nations – U.N. Agenda 21 Depopulation of 95% of World by Year 2030  is Now Underway, Signed and Approved by 200 World Leaders | "Global  Possibilities"

The government nd government have a fiduciary duty to protect confidential government documents and medical records of individual legal Americans. They have a duty to uphold constitutional law that prohibits the government or employers from behaving as criminals by using the same tactics as criminals who seek to gain something from their victims. Criminals use – fear mongering – coercion – harassment -threats and violate their victim’s privacy. Criminals hack into the victim’s financial or medical records.

Criminals starve people to death and deny them water and steal their homes and assets using fear mongering. Some criminals force people to sign documents under duress. These are crimes against humanity in the United States of America as they are threatening to deny jobs and food and travel, work and education as well as freedom, liberty and rights, which make them the criminals who should be held accountable for such inhumane threats or mandates for they are using the Big Pharma Vaccine Industrial Complex to take Americans hostage. Do as you’re told or else be punished.

You will own nothing, and you will be happy" - Rex van Schalkwyk - YouTube

How can the U.S. government taxpayer funded public servants justify such mandates as moral or ethical, when We The People are the government, and they are paid to defend and protect the welfare and safety and health of every American, not destroy it or deny it. When did mandates become the laws of the land bypassing congress and the senate? When was it okay to force Americans by mandates to be indefinitely detained in their homes over a flu or a vaccine causing Americans to become impoverished and denied Freedom, jobs, business operations, gyms, salons, restaurants, movies, travel, education, and visiting their personal doctors and dentists or visiting with the families and friends and neighbors? More elderly died of isolation, loneliness, and lack of human touch and contact than covid.

woman wiping her eyes
Isolation is unhealthy and a killer

These issues should raise questions as to why Dr. Fauci and Bill and Melinda Gates were fear mongering since 2014 about a virus and bigger surprises coming down the road and no way back to “normal” as they were promoting the “New Normal.” Bill Gates was fear mongering on stage and television and online about plunging everyone’s arms on the planet that could kill 10% up to 15% of the population or about 2 Billion people?

The U.S. Constitution of the United States of America, Amendment I reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


The quote by Henry Kissinger begs the question if Bill and Melinda Gates are running the world through the Gates Foundation, Microsoft, GAVI and Wall Street investments such as social media giants and MSM and AI’s project known as 5G or Big Pharma as well as George Soros through his Billions invested in major stocks and non-profit organizations who promote Soros’anti-American agendas. It’s no secret that long time associations and funding by Bill and Melinda Gates and through GAVI have donated millions, maybe billions over the years to WHO and CDC which is a conflict of interest related to the jabs.

The people invested in BIg Pharma and AI, 5G, Communications as well as NWO Wall Street members and public servants appear to be dependent and indebted as well as intertwined if involved in doing any business by making secret government deals over the years for profit or accepting bribes from foreign enemy nations such as China as alleged under the Clinton regime and Obama and Biden regimes. Or, perhaps some accepted alleged paid bribes.

Klaus Schwab - The NWO Globalist's Wet Dream [THREAD] #NWO #Cabal  #Agenda2030 Here we have another globalist sycophant probably on the same  le - Twitter thread from 𝔻𝕒𝕣ℚ𝕝𝕪Kracken𝟞%🇺🇸🇬🇧👊🏻 @IlluminateDark8  - Rattibha
Bill Gates has purchased a major portion of Farmland after the Locks Downs Destroyed the Farmers Crops and Animals

In fact, it’s alleged that Hillary Clinton promised districts of land in the USA to Communist China who seek to take over California. Many government officials are invested in NWO Wall Street corporations such as oil, auto industry, Big Pharma, Microsoft, AI, 5G towers, possibly PG&E, HUAWEI, FCC Communications and Hollywood as well as hotels, farmland and banks all linked to Communist China.

Are Americans about to be forced to pay for their own demise and that of their children through unconstitutional mandates of wearing 1, 2, or 3 masks and a plastic shield that cut off oxygen that prevents carbon monoxide from being exhaled. Oxygen is needed to stay alive and healthy. Oxygen is needed to keep the cells and brain and organs and immune system healthy as God intended.

The unusual features of the virus make up a really small part of the genome (<0.1%) so one has to look really closely at all the sequences to see that some of the features (potentially) look engineered,” Andersen said in an email to Fauci on Jan. 31, 2020. Andersen added that he and University of Sydney virologist and evolutionary biologist Edward Holmes, plus a handful of other top scientists with whom Fauci was on a first-name basis, “all find the genome inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory.” (source USA Today)

How evil are those in control currently, who believe in Science, not God? They lean towards Communism, not Americanism. They appear to have taken control over our government because they’re either compromised by China or the Muslim Brotherhood, and currently negotiating with the Terrorists organizations who murdered Americans and Military Troops? It appears that some public servants current and past may have been compromised by the Muslim Brotherhood and IRAN and Communist China and Mexico and that’s why our borders are open is it?

The Tyranny of Big Tech Audiobook for free

What Happens in Foreign Countries Who Do Not Have Freedom, Liberty and Rights Guaranteed by the U.S.
Constitution. Oppose tyranny when the City, County, State or federal officials attempt to bypass congress and the U.S. Constitution to enact mandates that are not in accordance with the U.S. Constitution will lead to tyranny!

  • I was paying my bill at the hotel when they came. There were seven of them, stiff and formal in plain-clothes. “Mr Pelham?” asked the shortest one and presented me with a hand-written document in Farsi. “It’s been signed by a judge,” he said. “It entitles us to detain you for 48 hours.” He paused to allow the information to register on my face. “It might be less,” he added. “We just need you to answer a few questions.” True story and Excerpt written by Nicholas Pelham, Journalist

Sadly, thanks to the U.S. Justices, even though Pelosi and the Democrat congress admitted they didn’t read the 2700 pages of Obamacare that included death panels, SCOTUS approved Obamacare aka ACA. Obama’s 2700 pages of mandates allegedly compiled by Microsoft, when Bill Gates was the Chairman who recently stepped down, included taxpayer funded worldwide vaccines and abortions. Obamacare requires Americans to pick up the tab for worldwide vaccines and abortions so think about that for a minute since these are the same agendas that Bill and Melinda Gates support and fund. Pelosi admitted the congress didn’t read the 2700 pages, but they rubber stamped it “approved” so they could “find out what was in it.”

Rubber Stamp Checked Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

Obama exempted himself and family, congress, senate, SCOTUS, federal judges, SEIU, and Big Bundlers and Donors such as Gates, Soros, SEIU and many more from signing up or paying up for Obamacare. Obama exempted Muslims and Illegals from signing up or paying up for Obamacare. Only the natural born Americans and legal loyal naturalized Americans were mandated to sign up and pay up or else be punished. Americans who didn’t sign up and pay up were slapped with a huge fine or tax and punished.

Remember, Obama said, Americans are “small minded” and must give up their Liberties. He even included jail at one point if we didn’t sign up for Obamacare. He mandated Obamacare which was unconstitutional and that set the precedent that the Executive Office would make the laws from that day on. He did the same with the swine flu vaccine when he stated if we didn’t get jabbed that we would be punished and go to jail or be fined or both. Obama’s agendas resemble those of the Communists.

Therefore, Obama was allowed to operate the nation by Executive Order with the blessings of his V.P. Joe Biden, for 8 years. They continued to keep the borders open while Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton and DHS flew in radicals from Palestine and Somalia by the 10s of 1000s secretly as pre planned using our U.S. taxes to offer financial incentives to the U.S. Refugee agents who blew the whistle. The goal was to migrate 5,000,000 Palestinians linked to the MB-CAIR-Hamas organization. They secretly flew them into the USA on our tax dollars and by-passed Border Patrol, TSA, Police, Sheriff and ICE inspections. But Americans born on U.S. soil must provide a myriad of identification.

Obama and Biden and Hillary Clinton left behind Americans in Benghazi including a U.S. Ambassador. They flew the radicals into the USA with the assistance of the former DHS Director and bypassed all inspections. They used about $20,000,000 of our taxes for this pre planned change and transformation of America. They allowed the radicals to set up no go zones in our cities and no-go zone camps where they trained up with weapons as seen on video. Now, Biden-Obama-Harris team have risked the lives of all Americans in Afghanistan in 2021.

The Obama-Biden-Hillary Clinton team left behind American taxpayer funded vehicles, weapons and ammunition that gave ISIS their start in Iraq and dropped off the care packages for ISIS intended for their victims. In 2021, Biden-Obama-Harris Democrats left behind billions of U.S. taxpayer funded weapons for the Taliban who are uniting with ISIS and executing Afghan soldiers. Iran and China must be celebrating.

The government leaders and the FCC shockingly allow MSM and Facebook and Twitter, to censor and suspend Americans on the right and GOP members from posting. It’s incomprehensible that they have the gall to silence The POTUS, President Trump, from speaking to the American people and exercising freedom of speech and opinion. They denied international doctors and scientists freedom of speech who oppose Dr. Fauci’s agendas. Social Media has been allowed to supersede the U.S. Constitution and the powers of the POTUS, but not the Democrat President Biden, even though they have no authority to deny Freedom of Speech to a POTUS or the American people.

Americans should demand to know why the entire taxpayer funded federal government and FCC have allowed Americans to be vulnerable and the U.S. Constitution to be made “meaningless” as well as the Office of the POTUS if held by a Republican since 2016. Two Wall Street CEOs who happened to get lucky with their business platforms influence elections and the political and medical dissemination of information according to their preferences and fact checkers.

We The People on the Right or Independent are Silenced! The entire government allows Twitter and Facebook for at least 4 or 5 years now to determine who can exercise opinions, facts or disagree under Freedom of Speech guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. In fact, SCOTUS swore to uphold The Supreme Laws of the Land which is their only duty.

How Many Slaves Landed in the U.S.? | The African Americans: Many Rivers to  Cross | PBS

Sadly, the entire federal government has allowed 2 private corporations to control Freedom of Speech. It appears that if a member doesn’t agree with their Liberal Democrat political preferences then millions of people on the right are denied Freedom of Speech on their platforms which equates to discrimination. This is stunning. What if they support ISIS or the Taliban or al Qaeda or Communist China? After all, those are the nations that deny Freedom of Expression, Opinion and Freedom of Press.


Rose Colombo says, Dr. Christine Parks presents testimony that is articulate opposing the employer mandates to the covid 19 SARS experimental and trial injections and why such a mandate makes no sense when it comes to the flu and future variants.

Dr. Christian Parks presents a detailed explanation that will not only effect employers who will lose trained employees who will have to spend money and time to rehire and train people who may or may not be able to do the same job as the former trained and qualified employees that they fired by exercising their Free Will and Free Choice to control their own bodies who will then become part of the welfare system which are a majority of people who became homeless through unemployment creating more broken homes and increased divorce, crime, depression, school dropouts and suicides.

CHINA-USA Agendas: Comply or Else Be Punished? Is America taking orders from Xi Jinping and Communist China as these agendas are in line with their agendas being pushed into the United States of America by city, county, and state officials. An article I came across read, “Several local governments in China are planning to bar residents who haven’t been vaccinated against Covid-19 from accessing public venues, stirring controversy as the country makes a push for herd immunity. (source Bloomberg)

Fully automated luxury communism | Guardian sustainable business | The  Guardian
Fully Operated Luxury Communism – The Guardian

In recent days, a dozen counties and cities in the eastern provinces of Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi set late-August deadlines for people 18 years or older to complete a two-shot vaccine regimen, according to similarly worded online statements. Many of them also set dates in late July by which unvaccinated people would be barred from entering schools, libraries, prisons, nursing homes and inpatient facilities at hospitals without a valid medical exemption. (source Bloomberg)

Rose Colombo states that it appears that the New World Order’s New Normal is to impoverish Americans by using a flu and lock downs, vaccines, distancing, masks, and silencing Americans on the Right who question their agendas while they silence doctors and Scientists and debunk their testimonies through MSM and 2 Social Media giants.

It appears the Billionaires are invested in Social Media and MSM and may even control the narratives with their fear mongering and never ending long list of prepared jabs coming to the world in the future. This isn’t about one jab! It isn’t about many jabs and it isn’t about cures. It’s about control, power, money and sexual preference indoctrination of the youth as well as depopulation.

Bill Gates has been alleged in news articles to be calling people linked to the White House with the goal of mandating that the American taxpayers pick up the tab for the multiple never ending worldwide injections. Is their goal to continue funding the R&D and multiple injections which appears to be an Orwellian potential for a depopulation program under Agenda 21?

Millions of people believe that CDC is downplaying the number of deaths and lifetime injuries after getting the covid 19 jabs and injuries after being used as Human Lab Rats for the experimental jabs. The number of deaths after the jabs and the number of lifetime injuries could be much higher than what we’re seeing online or the fake news reports.

Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that Bill Gates is seeking American taxpayers pick up the tab for his wealth and it appears our demise so if true, we’re paying for our own demise and to wipe out the U.S. Constitution and erase America from the planet for their borderless globalist world. Remember, Bill Gates stated, “I’ve talked to Pence, I’ve talked to Mnuchin, Pompeo — particularly on the issue of, ‘Is the USA showing up in terms of providing money to procure the vaccine for the developing countries?’” he told a source published by Wired. “There have been lots of meetings, but we haven’t been able to get the U.S. to show up.” (VOX)

US Dollar Bills

Colombo asks, “How is it the Federal Government is not only funding foreign enemy nations and the corrupt oil companies in foreign nations and skyrocketing electricity, gasoline and after shipping tons of water to China calling out droughts? In the 90’s under the Clinton-Holder regime, U.S. oil companies were marrying communist China and building a Super Highway to China.

The New World Order members who seek to reduce the population of the planet are turning American Taxpayers into slaves with the help of the Democrat Party involved with Wall Street and promoting laws that aid and abet Bill and Melinda Gates worldwide never-ending investment in Big Pharma. The Gates and George Soros and wealthy members appear to be developing never-ending vaccines for their financial and political gain over the planet using Human Commodities for their Human Capital.” After all, Bill Gates posted a video online explaining his plan to track, trace, and spy on every human being on the planet, so everyone will be on Bill Gates’ game board to control?

Most prominent doctors and scientists are silenced on social media and MSM platforms from informing the world of cures and alleging that the experimental injections are alleged to have the potential to cause a worldwide genocide that may or may not occur in the future, but what if it does occur from covid 19 experimental jabs or cause Dementia? U.S. History would be erased.

The truth is that thousands of prominent doctors have informed the public and medical industry of their opinions and many believe that the experimental and trial injections may alter our God-given DNA. It’s also alleged that specific injections may include alleged toxic poisons such as graphene oxide and ethanol oxide poisonous to humans unknown to the public. It’s also alleged that the poison to humans known as Graphene oxide was covered up by listing it as a “Trade Secret” according to a former Pfizer employee and Whistleblower. It’s also known that J&J uses aborted fetus stem cells and that the others used them in their testing which is a religious violation.

Just Askin’ questions: Doctors from around the world allege these experimental injections will either kill off millions within 3 years or cause injury to the brain and/or body and disable healthy babies, children, and adults. Recently, a lawyer, attorney Yore, stated that their studies found that after covid hit the country in 2019, babies have been born with lower IQ’s. If Dr. Fauci at the NIH and his peers and funders weren’t involved in the coronavirus research and funding the Wuhan Lab, the world wouldn’t have this problem.

The question blowing in the wind is if 99.6% or 99.9% of the population as evidenced by medical statistics, CDC, and VAERS that prove a high recovery rate from covid 19 using the Rx and vitamins and organic foods with specific vitamins used by those doctors who treat covid patients and work safely for decades then why are they silenced?

I am not anti-vaccine as I’ve been vaccinated, but with approved and licensed vaccines with written short and long term case studies published in medical journals. And, yet, there are many who ended up near death or died or injured for life even though they were FDA approved and licensed vaccines. Therefore, since there are preventative supplements and Rx’s and cures then people must demand to know why Gates, Dr. Fauci, GAVI, WHO, CDC and the White House and Big Pharma aren’t informing the general public of these cures and allowing doctors from around the world speak out on MSM and social media.

It’s also alleged that Dr. Fauci and CDC removed the treatment of natural supplements needed by the body such as Vitamin C and ZInc and D3 (and some say Ivermectin) from the protocols of hospitals that doctors stated were helping patients recover, but why would they do that at least in California? Mexico and India stated that Ivermectin is working but apparently not easy to obtain.

As an example, Dr. Fauci was the head of NIH and received Billions in donations to develop a vaccine for HIV AIDs that spread to more than 40,000,000 people who died during that time. The world’s population wasn’t mandated to take the Rx drug or an HIV-AIDS test before having sex or else be punished or lose their jobs and if they had done these lock downs as they are implementing today, the economy would be in pretty bad shape prior to covid 19, right?

Why didn’t Dr. Fauci and CDC and WHO mandate that the entire world take the Rx drug and HIV-AIDS tests before having sex since it passed onto heterosexuals and infected babies born to infected mothers, which didn’t just effect the gay community. So, why are they locking down Americans over covid 19? Why not recommend people take the Rx treatments and supplements recommended by international doctors immediately upon feeling ill or inform people on how to build up their immune system so they don’t get the flu?

Should the Americans raise the question such as how does Big Pharma, Dr. Fauci, CDC, WHO and the government differentiate between the 40,000,000 people who died from the communicable disease of HIV-AIDS (and people continue to die from this disease), both heterosexual and gay, but were never mandated to take the Rx and/or be tested before having sex or else denied work, education, food, movies, restaurants, gyms, salons, or ordered to carry a Rx or frequent testing cards or vaccine card versus why Dr. Fauci, CDC, WHO, and the government has nearly mandated that every person be jabbed for covid 19 multiple times and wear multiple masks when there are available cures for covid 19, but weren’t for HIV Aids at the time?

Why are the wealthy people promoting an unconstitutional “vaccine passport” that will overthrow the Freedom, Liberty and Rights established by the U.S. Constitution which public servants and the U.S. Military swore to uphold? The leaders are behaving more like commies, who appear to be pretending to save the planet, but in reality seek to deny Freedom and the Sanctity of Life, Free Will and Free Choice, except for themselves.

You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy (or else) - Men of Value
Follow me and you won’t have to wear a mask or distance and you can keep your job and go to a movie1

On the other hand, the wealthy persons involved in the lock downs, training up of the American people to obey and, brainwashing people with non-stop harassing and annoying ads on MSM, cable, social media, radio, online with no escape – Get jabbed, wash your hands, distance, wear a mask, everything is about covid which causes stress and depression when laughter and socializing causes healthy human beings and happiness and positive thoughts. All this doom and gloom reminds me of people sent to Siberia. Even Siberia is on fire causing more depression.

We are giving up our privacy rights to Dr. Fauci, CDC, WHO, Democrats and Bill Gates and China based on “fear” of dying. Your chances of dying in a car accident or cancer or heart attack or stroke or isolation or Alzheimers or lung and liver disease are much higher according to the top causes of death in America. Yet, people aren’t isolating or distancing from those top causes of death!

There isn’t any privacy or freedom to just relax and enjoy music or writing or the radio because everyone is your doctor telling you what you must do. It feels as if we’re waking up in a strange nation that resembles Communist China as president Biden threatens to send people knocking on or knocking down your doors and judges are taking children away from mothers who aren’t jabbed. Of course, people isolate when they’re sick and always have done that and stayed in bed. Good Grief, is this new?

Consequently, these same wealthy people placing fear in the minds of the American people that they will lose their jobs and freedom if they don’t get jabbed and obey Dr. Fauci, Who and CDC directors who are all Democrats who have been caught off camera without distancing and without masks as well as partying and enjoying friends and family in fine restaurants or going to salons and on vacations in secret. Many of these wealthy Democrats jet off in private jets and sail away on private yachts and live in isolated secret islands in mansions. They buy security and don’t need to work, but they are obsessed with controlling every human being on the planet. They are obsessed with population control and redistributing the world’s wealth to themselves. The “Vaccine Passport” under the guise of health care equates to treason in my opinion.

Shouldn’t Americans ask the question as to why doesn’t 40,000,000 people who died from the HIV Aids communicable disease not equate to a genocide? Yet, the governments and Bill Gates or George Soros, CDC, WHO, or the White House never shut down America nor did world leaders. They didn’t isolate anyone. They ordered salons to stay open and perform services or be sued while they shut down salons and restaurants and gyms over covid 19.

Several Salons Closing Doors Temporarily Due To COVID-19
After 20 years of hard work, the Gates-CDC-WHO-Fauci Lock Downs Caused Me to CLose My Doors and destroyed my American Dream

The truth is that even to this day, millions of people believe that the WHO and CDC created HIV AIDS in Africa in a lab to reduce the population in Africa. Since, 1984, wealthy people donated billions for Dr. Anthony Fauci’s research to develop a vaccine, but Dr. Fauci never developed a vaccine for that particular virus and Moderna had never developed a vaccine. Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein and George Soros who appear to be racist and into eugenics – euthanasia – depopulation – under the guise of reducing poverty and carbon monoxide are to be trusted by the world and ordered to obey them, but why? Is it because they are Billionaires? They donate to the entire Democrat Party and over 200 non-profits who willingly appease the Soros-Gates-Epstein agendas.

CDC and WHO and Dr. Fauci and President Biden as well as the Democrats and a number of GOP members are pushing mandates to wear masks long term. Masks cut off oxygen and force carbon monoxide and germs collected into the masks as well as oils to reenter into the pores, nose, mouth, eyes and ears. Dr. Fauci stated, “Masks are for optics and make people feel protected,” then back tracked and flip flopped and began encouraging people to wear 2 or 3 masks made in China, plus a plastic shield cutting off a major portion of oxygen.

Everyone knows oxygen is needed to live and keep a clear head as the brain requires oxygen to think clearly as well and the heart, lungs, cells and all organs which keeps the immune system healthy. In fact, masks diminish saliva that helps prevent bacteria and wearing masks long term diminishes the needed saliva as God created that can cause tooth decay and loss of teeth, gum disease such as bacterial pneumonia and can even cause death according to doctors and the dental associations.

Legislation Supporting GAVI - the Vaccine Alliance - BORGEN
Legislation Supporting GAVI -the…

Bill and Melinda Gates founded the organization named GAVI. Bill Gates appears to be seeking U.S. Taxpayer funding from the American taxpayers so they can jab the world multiple times with experimental and trial injections with total immunity no matter if people die or how many people die or end up injured for life. The government can’t get much more evil than providing protection to Wall Street Billionaires! Why would the government or MSM or Dr. Fauci, WHO and CDC, suppress the cures that doctors have used worldwide, when people first get the virus, so they can recover without ending up in the hospital on a ventilator and then end up with pneumonia?

Many doctors who are censored are concerned about injecting every person worldwide who do not believe it’s the right thing to do and believe that natural immunity is the way to an endemic.

Ironically, it was alleged online by credible sources that the World Bank tied to GAVI and Bill and Melinda Gates as well as Illinois Governor Pritzker who was alleged in the article to do business in Wuhan, China, invested in covid testing swabs made in Communist China going back to 2018.Why were they ordered swabs back in 2018? And, why was the fashion world designing masks to go with their designer clothes in 2018? It’s a fact – fact checkers – that masks are known to cut off natural Free Oxygen and Ventilation and Deep Breathing needed to stay healthy and alive and keep the brain working properly.

People need fresh air to live! Every living person and living creature needs fresh air that God created so we can live healthy lives. God breathed the Breath of Life into Adam’s lungs needed to keep the cells, organs, heart, brain, and immune system healthy. This was God’s hint of how people stay alive – breathing in fresh oxygen and exhaling carbon monoxide, not breathing carbon monoxide back into our pores continuously and non-stop. In this blogger’s mind that is common sense 101.

Many doctors are speaking out on alternative outlets because it appears that investors such as China, Bill and Melinda Gates, George Soros, and investors who control the internet related to the 2 giant social media sites and MSM won’t allow doctors and scientists from around the world to speak their truth or mention the name, George Soros on their stations which is odd. There were 2 female MSM hosts who stopped Speaker Newt Gingrich dead in his tracks during their interviews and silenced him on national TV and social media when they told him flat out not to mention the name George Soros.

Recently, Bill Gates, whose wife filed for divorce, hit the news and he’s reported online to suddenly sell off 100% of his stocks in Twitter, apple and amazon recently. The fact that he sold 100% of his Twitter stocks raises the question if it has to do with the divorce and community asset division and/or the lawsuit filed against Twitter by President Trump that is pending since Twitter and Facebook and MSM favor only Democrats such as Bill and Melinda Gates, George Soros, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. BIrx, President Xi Jinping, Clinton’s, Bush’s, Biden’s, and Democrats.

Can I Get a Free Divorce in Illinois?

Furthermore, in an interview on television and seen on social media, Bill Gates smiles when he talks about the world being overpopulated and in order to reduce the population by 10% up to 15% that everyone on the planet must be vaccinated. Isn’t that rather odd to be talking about mandated vaccines worldwide as far back as 2004, 2014 and 2015, 2016, 2019, 2020, 2021? Many doctors are alleging that these FDA experimental and trial injections have the potential to wipe out the population of mankind over time. It’s no secret that the NWO and Agenda 21 or Lock Step’s written and stated strategic goal is to reduce the population of the planet by 90% by 2050.

What about deaths and injuries Post Vaccinated? During an interview, the brave and intelligent Dr. Mikovits alleged that these jabs could wipe out about 50,000,000 people and some state they could die within the next 3 years. And, if vaccinated how many people have died such as my friend’s dad who died 3 weeks after taking the 2 jabs? And, a relative ended up with a blood clot and brain injury 2 weeks later and can never return home.

Consequently, 4 people I know told me that they became extremely ill after the 2 jabs with covid which is my first-hand experience with direct adverse side effects post experimental injections. Ironically, today I visited my family member in assisted living and an Italian guy visiting his mom said she was doing great and after she was injected 2x that she had a stroke and can’t talk. Believe it or not.

Why would the HHS Secretary provide immunity from deaths and lifetime injuries that protect the donors such as Bill and Melinda Gates, CDC, WHO, Big Pharma and others who are involved in promoting and marketing the injections or donating to the research? The fact that the government and NWO Wall Street CEOs are coercing and threatening and harassing and fear mongering or offering incentives to employees to coerce people under duress to get the experimental jabs is unethical and immoral.

World Economic Forum: By 2030 'You Will Own Nothing' (New World Order  Detailed)

Why is California’s legislatures on city, county and state levels or nationally approving employers become your doctor and invade your privacy and confidential health records that should be between you and your doctor granting employers the rights to take order you to be used as a human lab rat for Big Pharma’s experimental jabs and keep a medical file on you which violates HIPPAA Laws and constitutional privacy laws as well as allows employers to take control over your body.

Slave Phone Vector Images (76)
Modern Day Slavery Hooking Up Our Brains and Bodies to NWO Wall Street AI is it?

The legislatures are including the right of an employer to provide transportation to take you to get jabbed as well as isolate you and demote you or fire you from your job. How is that constitutional and legal and lawful and in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and WIll of the majority of Americans? They are creating 2 classes of people through your employers and workplace. One for the commie compliance takers and the other for those who resist and will be punished. The employers aren’t held liable for forcing mandates for jabs even if you die or get Dementia or end up paralyzed, sterile, or end up in a coma, brain injury or stroke, heart attack or other serious injury for life.

It was the HHS Secretary who resurrected a 2004 Statute 247d-6d and granted everyone involved with the R&D and marketing and packaging and promoting of covid 19 injections 100% immunity from liability from lawsuits if victims or families file lawsuits for damages against deaths and injuries on behalf of themselves or their loved ones? The HHS Secretary under President Bush created and filed the Statute when President Bush was obsessed with a possible pandemic and even wrote a Presidential Order passed down to the Clinton’s and Obama-Biden regime.

The current HHS Secretary who resurrected the 2004 Statute after the sunset date of 2014 should be asked by the senators why did she feel that she needed to protect Big Pharma and all involved with the experimental and trial jabs from possibly wrongdoing. Many major pharmaceutical companies have been sued for corruption.

NIH reported: ” Lasting immunity found after recovery from COVID-19 The immune systems of more than 95% of people who recovered from COVID-19 had durable memories of the virus up to eight months after infection. After people recover from infection with a virus, the immune system retains a memory of it. Immune cells and proteins that circulate in the body can recognize and kill the pathogen if it’s encountered again, protecting against disease and reducing illness severity.” published January 26, 2021

Do you think that President Bush and V.P. Cheney used Billions of our taxes to build FEMA Camps for no reason or enacted the Patriot Act? Do you think that Sen. John McCain introduced the NDAA Law targeting Americans on U.S. soil if the Democrats accuse probably a “right wing extremist” as they like to call the Republicans for no reason? The NDAA Law allows the federal government to accuse you of a serious crime and be arrested and taken to a government facility to be isolated and denied “due process of law.” No outside contact. No Lawyer. No Judge. No Trial. This is what Communist countries do to their citizens.

Even people according to what I read from a federal document published online and the Los Angeles City Counsel’s proposal to mandate that every employee be required to be used as a Human Lab Rat even if they are allergic to chemicals or believe it will harm them or for religious reasons. If they opt out, they will be treated like lepers from what I gathered. In my opinion, these are constitutional violations as well as EEO violations and morally and ethically disgusting. They appear to be Crimes against Humanity and violations of Civil Rights, and Nuremberg Codes.

HHS Secretary’s 2004 Immunity from Liability Statute 247D-6D Sunset in 2014 Resurrected in July 2021

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Why would the HHS Secretary grant 100% immunity to Wall Street millionaires and Billionaires and private corporations while the CDC, WHO, Gates, Fauci, MSM, and Social Media giants suppress the cures? All these agencies and persons involved are in the business of money making vaccines. Why did the current HHS Secretary resurrect the Statute 247-6D that had a sunset date in 2014 then revive it on or about July 2021? Was the plan to protect NWO Wall Street CEOs and government persons and agencies involved with the Big Pharma experimental and trial jabs from the people instead of protecting the people from Big Brother and Big Pharma, Gates, Fauci, CDC, WHO and Investors on Wall Street?

Shouldn’t Americans ask the question of those who are lying to the American people about their authority to indefinitely lock down Americans on a whim and destroying their lives, while flooding the nation with Third World unidentified foreigners, who are bringing covid into the USA? How many are using fear to sell snake oil to more than 7 Billion people? The indefinite lockdowns and destroying the businesses and jobs and livelihood of Americans appears to be Human Rights violations, as well.

Reports on Covid Coming Across the Borders While The Biden Regime and Gates and Fauci, CDC and WHO are Punishing Americans who Resist being “Human Lab Rats

Forth Worth Texas Star reported, “What’s more, there’s a higher-than-normal portion of unaccompanied minors, many around 16 or 17 years old. They are probably coming to the U.S. because the Biden administration is allowing them to stay, despite its inability to quickly process or safely house them.”

That’s where a second kind of surge starts to matter — the surge of the COVID-19 Delta variant. Be sure to thank Barack Hussein Obama and V.P. and president Joe Biden for the open border policies.

Crisis on the Border: An Eyewitness Account of Illegal Aliens, Violent  Crime, and Cartels: Pinsker, Matt C., Crue, Dan: 9781662008559:  Books

The border communities face particular challenges because of the influx of migrants arriving every single day,” U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Laredo Democrat, said in late July. He noted an extremely high CVOID positivity rate among those deported.

According to (D-Rep) Cuellar’s July 26 press release, the migrant surge has resulted in the temporary shutdown of Catholic Charities (the primary organization that assists new migrants), nearly 70 border agents testing positive for COVID-19 in the Rio Grande Valley sector, 17 border agents testing positive for COVID-19 in the Laredo sector, and 233 hospital beds occupied in the area.

Doctors and Scientists who speak their truth about covid, masks, cures, state they’ve been threatened. Some brave ethical doctors and Scientists risk their lives and licenses, who are determined to inform the world that these experimental jabs that are causing and can cause more direct adverse health effects to many people after they’re jabbed, either immediately or days or weeks or months or can happen years away. The direct adverse health effects that experimental and trial jabs can cause include death or are known to disable healthy bodies for life. And, those jabbing the arms of human lab rats multiple times have no criminal, financial, or personal liability even if lawsuits are filed it appears.

There are brave Scientists and Doctors who allege that people who receive multiple jabs out of fear of losing their jobs or freedom, even though The Supreme Laws of the Land guarantee and establish Freedom, Liberty and Rights to all Legal Americans, may end up controlled through Wall Street’s CEOs and investors who are installing the 5G towers in their neighborhoods which are totally ugly and dangerous in my opinion.

We are becoming a nation of cement and towers and wires! The 5G CEOs of these towers are refusing to perform studies and publish and provide the studies to the FCC or to the Senators or to the American people who deserve to have public information since they are using taxpayer funded property to install these towers. The CEO’s of 5g are aware that radiation kills and causes cancer and cataracts and sterility and more. In fact, the FCC and Senators haven’t protected the Public Airwaves stolen by China through Huawei and 5G investments on U.S. Wall Street as well as the Cable Corporations and 5G and AI stealing our public airwaves that We The People pay taxes to protect for the use by the American people without sending royalty checks to every American from their profits. Instead, they insult Americans by charging us excessive costs to watch television after stealing our taxpayer funded public airwaves from the American workers.

The 5g radiation installed around the world changes the eco-system for birds and bees causing their demise?
5G conspiracy: UFO hunter shares fake news 5G towers 'killing millions of  birds' | Weird | News |

Are too many Americans tied to the UN Agenda 21 and NWO CEOs on Wall Street or many working within the U.S. Government as well as employed by Big Pharma or GAVI prostituting themselves in exchange for the Almighty Dollar while sacrificing the lives of every baby, child, teenager, adult and senior citizen that over time could end humanity (except for Gates’ 10% survival rate under Agenda 21) by 2050 which is the year, 2050, that Gates set to reduce carbon monoxide down to zero as one of his wishes he intends to fulfill?

Or, should we not ask if these same people involved in the experimental jabs and 5G worldwide projects saving lives as they claim, while installing radiation, EMPs, and Microwaves around the earth and inside and outside homes, buildings, schools, and medical facilities or military facilities? It’s odd that they are targeting all medical staff to be jabbed when they are planning to use AI and computers and phones to become your doctor while making human doctors obsolete.

The senators at the senate hearings investigating the installation of 5G Microwave Towers did nothing to my knowledge when the wealthy CEOs informed them that they were installing without providing any studies to the senators. They said flat out that they weren’t going to perform studies. In reality, the senators appeared to care less that they refused to provide studies prior to installing these 5G towers. Could these CEO’s be donors?

Americans should be asking the senators what other reason could it be not to hold them in contempt until they provide the studies before they installed the towers everywhere around the nation and the world since We The People pay taxes for protection from harm. And, the sidewalks they are using to install these ugly 5G towers belong to the people. It appears that the You Tube video of this particular senate hearing may have been scrubbed by You Tube which is a pattern now.

History: American Revolution

The question this blogger asks is if America is controlled by the three branches of government and We The People or controlled by China and Wall Street wealthy NWO members? The 5G towers radiate at unknown levels being emitted. We’re suppose to take their word for it. Allegedly, the 5G towers can be controlled and heated up, so can they wipe out individuals or cities and how would anyone know if there aren’t any published studies? Can these 5G towers be used as weapons by domestic or foreign enemy nations such as Communist China?

Can the 5G towers explode and catch on fire? Can the 5G towers kill birds and plants and insects over time? Another video I watched that was posted You Tube, but it’s probably scrubbed by now was shocking. Someone caught a video clip on their cell phone exposing a 5G Tower that exploded and caught on fire in a residential neighborhood near a home in Italy. Where is the oversight and serious investigation by those we fund with our taxes? Everyone knows that there are no safe levels of radiation, EMP’s or Microwaves.

What does NIH and Dr. Fauci and WHo and the WHO Director have to say about 5 G and Microwaves, EMP’s and Radiation?

Dr. Fauci, NIH: “No consistent evidence for an association between any source of non-ionizing EMF and cancer has been found.” (Colombo asks, how do they know the direct adverse health effects of the microwaves emitting around the USA on the human body and the brain when people haven’t been exposed to 5G for long periods of time yet and it’s still being installed everywhere around the nation?)

“…there is no convincing scientific evidence that the weak RF signals from base stations [cell towers] and wireless networks cause adverse health effects.” (WHO)

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of NIH: “No consistent evidence for an association between any source of non-ionizing EMF and cancer has been found.” (Colombo asks, how does WHO and NIH know this is without long term studies on 5G? Shouldn’t WHO and NIH be concerned about the long term effects on the brain and body and the adverse effects on pregnant women and their unborn babies when thousands of 5G towers are emitting these waves long term everywhere they go?”)

Kill Zones USA
Coming to a School and Neighborhood near you across America! Be sure to thank the Federal Government –

Furthermore, a multitude of international doctors allege that the experimental and trial covid 19 injections can cause shedding of the virus and spread it to other people and others state that shedding is another reason to inject everyone. Remember, Bill Gates stated, “You have no choice.” The Scientists and doctors who speak out about these experimental injections are silenced or threatened and yet, Bill Gates is marketed as the world’s expert on viruses and vaccines even though he isn’t a Ph.D. and he isn’t a Scientist or a Doctor.

Some of the experts in science and the medical field allege that this Big Pharma-Fauci-China-Gates agenda will create trans humans who can’t procreate. Trans-humans are neither male or female which fits into the Democrat’s agenda enacted in public schools to confuse kids about their gender Identification. There is no way the public schools are run by Christians or God-fearing and God-loving people any longer who are indoctrinating children. Sex agendas and trans agendas in schools and prisons as well as mandated taxpayer funded worldwide abortions and euthanasia enacted under Obamacare are all depopulation programs worldwide requiring Americans to pay for their own demise and that of the world..

How can humanity survive the excessive amounts of radiation being emitted into their homes and bodies everywhere through chemtrails, smart meters, airports, computers, cell phones, 5G Towers, Fukushima dumped into the oceans as well as Wind Turbines that are killing eagles and birds and probably the desert turtles and lizards and plant life?

Irish research team playing critical role in ground-breaking brain cancer  project, GLADIATOR - Irish Tech News

The question is if the experimental injections as alleged include mRNA , graphene oxide, a toxic poison to humans or ethanol oxide, gene therapy never used on humans that doctors allege may alter DNA and include a myriad of chemicals with unknown consequences being injected into individual human bodies then how is that not violating human rights using people by force as Human Lab Rats? Was graphene oxide not listed because it was inserted as a “Trade Secret” according to a former Pfizer employee to keep the public from learning about the poisonous toxin to humans? Is this a cover-up by the government and Big Pharma that can cause serious harm to the human body and mind? Do these jabs include stem cells, aluminum, mercury? And if graphene oxide is included can it react to the radiation emitted from 5G towers?

Remember, one shoe doesn’t fit all and one injection doesn’t fit millions or billions of people with unknown numbers that can be injured now and in the future or end up dead. This is not to influence anyone for or against experimental injections; however, it should be reason enough to encourage people to do your own homework and research so each person can make an informed decision which can be a matter of life and death. No one should be used as human lab rats and injected based on fear and under duress of losing one’s jobs, No one should have to live under duress and fear of being unable to sustain one’s lifestyle and necessities of life. Americans shouldn’t have to live in fear of the government creating police states and taking your kids hostage to do with their bodies what they will which is parental alienation. This is exactly what the totalitarian leaders of Australia have done to their citizens and over a flu are changing and transforming their nation from a Free Nation into a totalitarian nation of mandates.

People network and global communication concept. Business people with modern graphic interface of community linking many people around world by social media stock photography
Is that Bill Gates in the center of the globe or another NWO Billionaire in the Middle of the Dangerous High Frequency Technology that threatens the physical and mental health interacting with your cells, organs, brain, and immune system?

It appears that this high technology is strangling the earth with satellites spewing radiation and microwaves and EMP’s like a web of block chains until they eventually destroy all of God’s creation. This appears to be the Bible’s warning to avoid taking the “Mark of the Beast.” One of the Beasts is the experimental injections in my opinion. The second Beast is the worldwide computer that collects all your information. The third Beast is the worldwide DNA Beast that collects the world’s DNA of all human beings. And the Anti-Christ is the Producer and Director of the greatest Fear Mongering to control the world’s population ever enacted since God created Adam and Eve and breathed in Fresh Air – Oxygen – Deep Breathing – into Adams body and Eve’s body sending a message for the world that your body needs Fresh Air – Oxygen – Inhaling Love and Exhaling Negativity – giving life to your brain, heart, cells, organs, and immune system. It is God’s oxygen that keep us alive.

These Beasts are created by Artificial Intelligence, (AI), We The People should ask if the crime of organ harvesting and DNA collections and hair strands at airports, doctors offices and prisons and so forth are part of a draconian experiment to create trans-human babies in petrie dishes and nourish them in Pods inside of labs in order to create a super trans human race that is neither male or female and unable to procreate? It appears these investors believe that 90% of the God’s creations are obsolete.

Is the depopulation program, Agenda 21, in sync to reduce God’s creations upon the earth and redevelop the planet being implemented as pre planned by design? It appears that there are people willing to help Bill Gates and help to make his wish come true which is to reduce carbon monoxide down to zero by 2050 as I stated previously. The 2 “Beast” computers appear to be part of Wall Street’s AI investors and Big Pharma investors tools needed to carry out their agendas. The worldwide computer beasts are alleged to be located in D.C., China, Brussels, Texas and Germany. Are these Beasts part of Dominion, Smartmatic, Microsoft, Scytl and Big Pharma?


Medicine doctor with modern computer, virtual screen interface and icon medical network connection. Medical technology network and health care concept royalty free stock photography
Will there be fewer Doctors and medical staff should this experiment depopulate the planet and medical personnel should they end up with direct adverse health effects since they are major targets for the experimental and trial jabs? Will AI become the doctors of the future through High Technology? Is that why the powers that be and NWO Wall Street CEOs continue to threaten doctors and silencing conservatives by using the FDA emergency and trial FDA policy as well as rewriting it to implement 5G linked to experimental injections as their case studies on human lab rats?

Depopulation: Not only does Bill and Melinda Gates, Obama, Joe Biden, and the Democrats support and promote and fund – legally – and I say that word loosely – killing babies worldwide, but they require American taxpayers to pick up the tab thanks to Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, John Kerry, and the CFR, who secretly met on or about December 2007 to require the American taxpayers to depopulate the planet of babies.

Ironically, senator Obama voted three times after elected. He Voted for: Abortions. Late Term Abortions. Infanticide. Remember, babies are needed to preserve nations or else there won’t be a United States of America with a majority of natural-born Americans who are the only persons eligible to be a U.S. President, but now it appears an Indonesian National was slipped in for 8 years and is enjoying a third team since the 2020 elections. It appears that we have an alleged anchor baby as V.P. and if true, doesn’t meet the requirement to be a U.S. President as established by the U.S. Constitution requiring a baby born on U.S. soil to 2 legal American Citizens. It appears that the Americans have been duped by the RINOS and Democrats for decades funded by BIllionaires who now seek to take control of our nation and bodies and minds.

Obama and Biden signed off on the Global Poverty Act requiring Americans to pick up the tab to depopulate babies worldwide by requiring Americans to fund a private corporation founded by racist and bigot, Margaret Sanger, known as Planned Parenthood. Obama signed this mandate in secret as an E.O. on or about January 2009. They tricked the American people and inserted this depopulation mandate into Obamacare which may have been compiled and published by Bill Gates at Microsoft.

Depopulation and End Times: The Draconian and Orwellian agendas for profit involving Bill and Melinda Gates, Gates Foundation, Microsoft, and GAVI, NWO Rockefeller and Rothschilds Lock Step and the NWO Agenda 21 and World Bank are now in play and it appears the goal is to reduce the population of the planet. They can deny it all they want, but millions of people are waking up to their plan to create trans humans so that these beings can’t procreate.


Americans are finally waking up to the AI 5G dangers of radiation that NIH and WHO are stating are at such low levels that they don’t effect the body and mind, but what about being surrounded at schools and neighborhoods and businesses around the nation everywhere unable to escape consistent 24/7 waves being emitted into the environment?

Prior to Covid 19, there were many studies published by scientists and doctors who provided their studies on the negative effects of any microwaves, radiation and EMP’s and how they were linked to cancer and now, there are Directors of world organizations debunking that documentation in favor of 5G towers that can catch on fire and explode as caught on video in Italy.

Google Search: “A very high level of radiation exposure delivered over a short period of time can cause symptoms such as nausea and vomiting within hours and can sometimes result in death over the following days or weeks. This is known as acute radiation syndrome, commonly known as “radiation sickness.

What is the difference between EMF and RF radiation? Electromagnetic fields or EMF’s usually refer to AC low frequency magnetic fields. Magnetic fields are created by electricity flowing through wires. … Radio Frequency Radiation or RF’s usually are high frequency electromagnetic radiation due to the use of wireless equipment, devices and data transmission .Nov 26, 2014

Aren’t the Directors of these health organizations concerned if the waves emitted can cause Dementia and Alzheimers or cancer, sterility or death long term once exposed long term when the sun is alleged to have heated up the oceans? After all, John Brennan explained geo-engineering the weather perfectly during a press conference. There is also the use of triangulation that the government can use to direct storms if you do your homework and research it.

And, what about the radiation from smart meters, cell phones, computers, laptops, 5 G Towers worldwide, satellites surrounding the planet and radiation at airports as well as dental x-rays and mammograms and CT Scans, and more used by doctors and scientists emitting tons of radiation effecting patients and the general public? There is radiation, EMP’s, Microwaves emitting rays 24/7. And, currently we are witnessing 5G towers springing up in neighborhoods across the USA.

Although, Dr. Fauci and WHO claim the 5G towers are safe because they emit low levels into the atmosphere claiming that they are safe and aren’t harming humans, animals, or birds. So, if radiation is safe, why do doctors cover up healthy parts of the body and walk out of the room before pushing the button? How do we know that 5G isn’t going to equate to excessive radiation on human bodies and minds when they’re installing thousands of towers in every city where humans live and shop and go to work and school around the USA and the world?

If jabbed with the experimental and trial injections, it’s alleged that they jabs can connect to 5G towers and that allows AI to track and trace and spy and control every human who survives the experimental and trial multiple jabs and 5G experiment. The experimental jabs aren’t FDA approved as licensed vaccines. They are approved as experiment and trial injections still in research and development. There is a protocol of approvals and peer studies that must be approved prior to the FDA approval and licensing. This raises the question if the government is pushing for electric cars as part of the program to track and control your travels.

People can be used as human lab rats but it should be by Choice and Free Will. And, people who choose to opt out shouldn’t be treated as second class citizens and criminalized. Americans should never be forced to cut off their oxygen supply when there is “Kleenex” which is more sanitary than masks. Americans should never be under duress to be jabbed in fear of losing their jobs or freedom which violates decency, morality, and constitutional human rights.

Shouldn’t Americans ponder if these agendas equate and point in every direction to Billionaires and those they support to hold positions within the Democrat Party or some RINOS in what appears to be an attempt to overthrow the U.S. Constitution by rewriting the statutes and mandates into EEOC and writing Statutes through the HHS Secretary or writing Presidential Executive Orders in order to bypass congress and supersede the Supreme Laws of the Land.

It is this writer’s opinion after 30 years of research that the use of using the “FDA Experimental and Trial” policy is an excessive abuse of power and Gross Negligence by the Gates Foundation, Dr. Fauci and the CDC, WHO, FDA and Big Pharma based on the fact that they are using warp speed and not short and long term case studies and publications on the Direct Adverse Health Effects on humans.

Pin on Sum Thots

One shoe doesn’t fit nearly 8 Billion people on the planet. Gates should send the poor in the USA and India and Africa Vitamin D, C and Zinc, Ivermectin and HCQ and nutritional foods. One experimental and trial injection turning into multiple injections that doctors warn can kill or disable healthy people now and in the future equates to crimes against humanity when people do not consent. It is my opinion that the Statute created in 2004 by the former HHS Secretary and resurrected in July 2021 by the current HHS Secretary can be challenged in court and overturned.

How will the Covid 19 Lock Downs and suppressing the cures offered by international doctors increase Modern Slavery around the World?

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“It appears foreseeable that the crisis may cause some countries, reliant on large migrant labour forces, to either curtail that reliance, or to place additional restrictions on migrant workers and limit their freedom of movement within the host country. Both factors could increase risk to modern slavery, in the first case by incentivizing bribery and corruption in allocation of places for workers, and in the second case by placing migrant workers at greater risk of exploitation by employers.” (Delta8.7)

As a matter of transparency, it’s the duty of Big Pharma, CDC, WHO, and the government to inform the public of the cures and inform the public of the chemicals included in the experimental jabs and what exactly is gene therapy and any toxic poisons, and of any “Trade Secrets” filed by that particular manufacturer as well as chips, metal, nano-particles, metal or dye used in any experimental or approved vaccine. They should also be required as a fiduciary duty to apply ethics and inform the human lab rats of the risks of death or the potential to disable a human body or mind.

The Government’s elected officials, Congress, Senators, CDC, WHO, NIH, EEOC administrators, are required to be transparent and follow protocol and require a signed consent form. Otherwise, we are taking free people with unalienable Rights of a Free Will and Right to Choose as well as Control Our Own Bodies as hostages along with their minor children that equates to modern day slavery. This is what domestic enemies and foreign enemies do to overthrow Freedom, Liberty, and Rights and force compliance.

According to the original FDA Experimental and Trial regulations and policy, each Human Being must be a WILLING and paid participant, who joins in willingly and in agreement and with knowledge that they are being used as a human lab rat for case studies, after they are informed of the chemicals, gene therapy, toxins, stem cells, nano-particles, dye and the risks that requires a signed Consent Form.

The world should consider that the HHS Secretary, CDC and WHO, Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, appear to have many huge conflicts of interest because of their long associations with each other as peers, personally, and whose families work for Big Pharma or Bill Gates or the donations that the Gates Foundation, GAVI members and Microsoft donate to WHO, CDC, and Big Pharma and Dr. Fauci and the NIH. They are also linked to not just the Gates Foundation, Microsoft, but Moderna, George Soros, Jeffrey Epstein, China, Wuhan Lab, AI, and more.

Identifying the modern slavery risk in the waste industry | MRW


The truth is that these big time investors need human beings as their built-in customer base in order to get their money back with a profit margin. Gates said he expects a return on his $10 Billion investment to reach a $200 Billion Profit from the experimental and trial injections. He said that is greater than he could ever expect from the S&P, so every human with an arm or a hip is a “Human Commodity for “Human Capital.”

It appears that Bill Gates figured out that every person on the planet must become his built-in customer base. Big Pharma and the investors need human beings to plunge needles into their arms which can be viewed as a weapon for profit, so you are no more than human collateral and a number. Welcome to the “New Normal” of Modern Slavery USA.

Depopulation” by COVID-19 vaccines? | Science-Based Medicine

NATURAL IMMUNITY: The news about the U.S. Covid pandemic is even better than you’ve heard. Some 80% to 85% of American adults are immune to the virus: More than 64% have received at least one vaccine dose and, of those who haven’t, roughly half have natural immunity from prior infection. There’s ample scientific evidence that natural immunity is effective and durable, and public-health leaders should pay it heed. (source

The same people involved with the research and funding of the NIH, and Dr. Fauci coronavirus research and covid experimental and trial injections have made sure that the HHS Secretary protected them from lawsuits filed claiming injury or death as I previously mentioned. It appears they are using every government agency, city, county, state and federal as branches of government in the business of vaccines such as NIH, WHO, and CDC to make Bill and Melinda Gates’s dreams come true.

Consequently, the elected city, county, and state comrades in Democrat States are involved and writing mandates bypassing constitutional law that punish Americans who refuse or can’t be jabbed with the China-Gates experimental and trial jabs. They are training you up like in China and the Middle East to wear coverings over your face – make no mistake about it – in my opinion.

The Democrats who are funded by Billionaires into office such as George Soros and Bill Gates and wealthy Planned Parenthood and so forth appear to be working overtime on silencing every America’s voice who opposes their Fauci-China-Gates agendas mandating 1, 2, 3 or more masks , isolation, unconstitutional indefinite detentions destroying jobs and businesses as well as distancing and denying Freedom to be Free People are in tune with MSM and the 2 giant social media sites.

The Democrats funded by Gates, Soros and their associates are silencing your voices by criminalizing anyone who resists obeying the tyrannical CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates orders that violate constitutional rights that prohibit using American citizens as the property or chattel, slaves for servitude by any public servants, CEO, or agency. The CDC, WHO, Big Pharma, Dr. Fauci, George Soros and Bill Gates are all involved and intertwined financially with Communist China and their agendas reflect those of Communist China in my opinion.

It’s no secret that Communist China seeks to wipe out America and has been spying and stealing female DNA, Intellectual Property, hacking into government computers and interfering in elections seeking to conquer the USA and dominate our Homeland. Actually, Kleenex has worked for generations and is more sanitary than the China-Masks.

CDC and WHO admit to offering financial incentives to doctors and hospitals and nursing homes to get the number inflated for their fear mongering since 2019 paid through taxpayer funded Medicare it appears. Isn’t that a fraud on America and Americans so they could do their fear mongering over the Fauci-China-Gates experimental mandated jabs or else be punished if an American resists?

Isn’t inflating numbers and creating fear worldwide called Yellow Journalism as well as propaganda? If enough people fear dying, they will obey, right? It appears that nearly the entire government has accommodated these Billionaires, so how many are involved and how many leaders worldwide are okay with reducing the population of the planet or disabling healthy people or healthy minds? How many are invested in AI, Electric Cars, 5G, and Big Pharma?

How is it going to help the 10% who expect to survive, when there are no more customers if they possibly end up committing a genocide by refusing to implement and inform the doctors at hospitals and the general public of the cures. It’s alleged that Dr. Fauci and CDC removed Ivermectin, HCQ, Vitamin D3 and C and Zinc from the hospital’s protocols as alleged by patients and doctors. I guess they’re anxious to redistribute control of the planet and redistribute the wealth of the world to themselves! These wealthy persons refer to their agendas as saving the planet in order to redevelop the planet in their eyes as sustainable , but for fewer people.

Another depopulation program involving the NWO Agenda 21 and Lock Step.

X for the third gender category closeup of a young caucasian person about to mark on the X in a form with the letters M for male, F for female and X for the third gender category non binary gender stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images
Changing God’s Creation of Male and Female to Believe not in God, but Science Tech of Trans-Humans

The U.S. Constitution and Human Rights Laws and Nuremberg Codes prohibits anyone from taking people hostage and enslaving them to do the government’s will versus the government officials who swore to do the will of the majority of Americans who pay their wages. They swore to do no harm to the people, but they are using fear mongering, coercion, and threatening people by dividing people into categories at work. There are employees who will be treated better by their employer and Human Resources by allowing them to take off their masks and socialize with co-workers.

Consequently, the The employees who resist wearing masks or being jabbed will be treated as lepers. They could be fired from their jobs. They could be demoted or be moved into an isolated area. These are all violations of the Constitution, Human Rights violations, Necessities of Law violations, and cruel and unusual punishments against humanity. They are immoral and unethical and we didn’t elect city, county or state taxpayer funded people to destroy our Freedom to Choose or exercise Free Will. They don’t have constitutional authority to force anyone to be a “human lab rat” while taking no responsibility or liability for deaths and injuries for life.

If the Left can’t force you to be jabbed then will they cause more Americans to be impoverished. You will be fired or demoted. This will lead to divorce, destroy credit ratings, foreclosures, broken families, more child trafficking, increased crime, drug and alcohol abuse, depression and increased suicides in line with Agenda 21 population control?

The Democrats as named donate and are long time associates of career politicians on the Left who have been in office for 30 or 50 years or more funded by the wealthy Left. Ironically, these wealthy donors pushing for distancing, isolation, and masks were silent when the Democrats including Biden and Pelosi, Harris, and Schumer knelt down to BLM who were herding and dancing in the streets for months during the CDC-WHO-Fauci pandemic. They were approaching people and threatening them as didn’t follow any of the protocols laid out by Dr. Fauci and CDC. In fact, the CDC, WHO, and Dr. Fauci to my knowledge have never spoken out against the Open Borders with unidentified foreigners coming into the USA with covid!

The NWO Democrats use foreigners flooding our nation to demonize Americans who are Conservatives by referring to the right as “racist.” These evil ones are inflicting pain and suffering on the world. Was this George H W Bush dream when he pledged his allegiance to the New World Order on national television because one cannot have 2 Masters. One cannot be loyal to God, Family and the U.S. Constitution and be loyal to the evil New World Order. Today, Americans are witnessing Agenda 21 being carried out in 2021 and the Democrats appear to be in “Lock Step.” thinking those involved and their families won’t suffer, but they will eventually.

Modern Slavery Act 2015 - an overview

The NWO emergency experimental and trial warp speed jabs benefit their members invested in this tyranny being enacted upon the world and the USA because Americans are living in fear of them instead of them living in fear of us also known as We The People. Americans should be exercising their constitutional federal and state laws while they can do so. File Recalls. File Grievances and demand hearings. Demand Impeachments. Seek out Lawyers and File Lawsuits, Injunctions, Restraining Orders and stop this tyranny by overthrowing the U.S. Constitution before all Americans are enslaved under the treasonous “Vaccine Passport” and under the commie “NWO CEOs playing doctor and demanding your medical information as well as creating medical files on you. Isn’t this what Hitler did?

As proven by communist leaders and criminals cause people to live in fear by using harassment, coercion and threats which create duress and depression. People who live in fear, which is their greatest enemy and the enemy knows it as well as criminals, causes people under fear and duress to obey and comply with tyrants and be use their bodies and minds d as Human Lab Rats for their experimental and trial injections as they did during WWII. Too many people have forgotten to Trust God, not men and women with titles who abuse their positions of power seeking to reduce the population of the planet under the guise of health care while suppressing the cures.

FDA Regulation: “The clinical research process is tightly regulated in the United States. Any drug company wishing to conduct a clinical trial must first submit an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the FDA, which allows the company to manufacture the drug and ship it across state lines for use in the trial. The drug may be only administered to patients who are formally enrolled in that clinical trial. For some patients, however, participation in a clinical trial is not possible. The study population for that trial may be limited based on any number of factors, including specific diagnosis, age, stage of illness, or comorbidities. Patients may also be too sick (or lack the financial means) to travel to a clinical research site where the trial is taking place.

It appears that using the “Emergency Experimental and Trial” regulation is an abuse of power by the government and FDA and Big Pharma in my opinion. It was intended for people who are dying and exhausted all other options, never intended for healthy people or for a flu with a 99.9% recovery rate or with cures available.

And third, with education systems suspended, children will become more vulnerable to exploitation.

Schools all over the world are shutting down, from India to the US to Iran. This will cause economic stress for some parents, creating situations that may lead to child labour. And it may lead to an increase in child marriage, as well, as a strategy for household capital formation.

A recent report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) suggests education-based initiatives are key in alleviating vulnerability to child marriage. If the disruption to education systems becomes a long-term prospect, child marriage may rise.Rose says, child sex trafficking and slave labour will rise.

Human Trafficking
How Covid 19 Will Increase Child Sex and Labor Trafficking as it affects Employment Being Stifled by Cities and Counties and State elected officials rewriting the EEO regulations and inserting mandates to force people to comply or under duress become a “Human Lab Rat” causing duress of being fired or demoted or isolated from co-workers as if you’re a leper. This will increase child trafficking as families end up unemployed and impoverished and divorced.

In fact, even the very ill must be willing participants and informed of the chemicals and the risks and must sign a Consent Form. The patients cannot agree and sign under duress or coercion which is a crime, but willingly join in the experimental and trial drugs or injections knowing the risks of death or injury. If a POTUS is found to be cognitively impaired, the constitutional lawyers could undo all of this corruption against 339 Million Americans before it’s too late.

Anyone who suffers from mental illness, Dementia or Alzheimers must have legal counsel present before signing legal documents, so did all those elderly people in New York City who were Covid-Free and after Governor Cuomo forced Covid patients into the nursing homes and hospitals that spread to the non-Covid patients who died privided with Legal Counsel if they suffered from Alzheimers or Dementia?

Constitution stock photo. Image of blue, people, congress - 381398

It’s obvious to most people that behaving as totalitarian dictators, the blue state governors and mayors are abusing their power without liability in order to use people as human lab rats and basically force them to comply as their property or chattel and be injected multiple times with unknown consequences to their bodies and brains that can be immediate, weeks, months, or 3 years from now before direct adverse health effects occur. Is this long time United Nations program, Agenda 21, under the guise of saving lives in reality no more than a fraud being played on the masses and Crimes Against Humanity by psychpaths?

Bill and Melinda Gates are not doctors, Ph.D.’s or Scientists or Virologists and yet, they recruited wealthy people to force the world to drink the Kool-Aid, not once, but multiple times until these NWO persons are causing and may cause more death and more healthy people to become disabled for the rest of their lives or temporarily and unable to work.

The proof is in the pudding by researching past vaccines such as Gardasil, Lupron, and Swine Flu. Vaccines have the ability in some cases to cause sterility which adds to the depopulation programs as well as death. Some doctors have alleged that the therapy and toxins that link up to 5G technology may cause people to lose their ability to think clearly and create a world of zombies down the road.

The members of the Rothschilds and Rockefeller Lock Step New World Order, Gates-Gates Foundation-and his GAVI org. members as well as the United Nation’s members stated and written strategic goal is to wipe out 90% of the population and redistribute the world’s wealth to themselves. This agenda appears similar to a sci-fi horror movie. God warned his children not to take the Mark of the Beast that leads to the “GATES” of Hell.

Practicing Medicine without a license?

Don’t people need a medical license to practice medicine and inject children and babies with chemical-laden needles or liquid doses? Does Bill Gates want the American Taxpayers who may be mandated to pick up the tab for worldwide vaccines not only for the USA but for the world? And seeks for Americans to pick up this worldwide tab for his depopulation program after he and his peers, Dr. Fauci, WHO and CDC, and the government locked down the American people and forced thousands of Americans to lose their businesses, jobs, and income.

Today, 2021, millions of American are struggling to get back on their feet after CDC, WHO, Gates and Dr. Fauci caused the entire nation to be indefinitely locked inside their homes as they took everyone hostage and ordered them to isolate and denied them their constitutional rights and freedoms and liberties even if 100% healthy and covid free with strong immune system that prevents illnesses and flu from taking hold of one’s body.

These same agencies and persons named above destroyed families, businesses, jobs, and caused an increase in alcoholism and drugs especially among young people who became so depressed that they caused a 200% increase in suicides. How did they help Americans and America sty healthy if more people died from forcing covid patients into non-covid facilities and increased depression and suicides after fabricating the number of covid tests as positive, listing all patients as covid patients and all deaths as covid deaths and lying to the American people about the actual numbers.

All emergency rooms aka E.R. are always filled if you’ve ever gone to the E.R. because they only have about 10 rooms per hospital. Of course, they are over crowded, but they’ve always been over crowded when patients from accidents, drug overdoses, poisons, heart attacks, strokes, and other health issues are constant and non-stop with tens of thousands of people living in each community.

Bill Gates was asked during an interview if he had 3 wishes what would they be and one of his wishes was to vaccinate the world. I wonder if it’s to vaccinate the world or depopulate the world. He appears to be into death care more than life care. Gates may have compiled at least in part mandates inserted into Obamacare through Microsoft into the 2700 pages involving the taxpayer funded worldside vaccines, abortions, early-end-of-life counseling and euthanasia. Gates and Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx and CDC and WHO helped skyrocket the National Debt to more than $23 Trillion.

We The People should ask ourselves when and how Obama managed to compile and write 2700 pages of laws, mandates, regulations, fines, punishments, taxes….review, study,approve and publish each item line-by-line between January 9th and April 2009? In fact, I wrote the first Blog and sent it to every congressional member including my own members of congress and senate and I published it on and other internet sites.

My blog was entitled, “Obamacare is Unconstitutional and Illegal” based on the fact that Obamacare included early-end-of life counseling, euthanasia, death panels, rationing and denying health care to Americans only and stated that Obamacare aka ACA bordered on extortion.I pointed out that if Obama and Congress can force Americans to buy a consumer product or service with their own money after taxes then what will they mandate next? I was informed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that my Blog was partially read on the House Floor with my name prior to passage in 2009. I believed it then and I believe today to be true. Well, today, it’s experimental and trial mandated injections that appear to have no end in sight.

His [Bill Gates] message – “The American government needs to not just think about Americans. So Gates is pressuring lawmakers in the upcoming relief bill to commit more money [Billions probably from the Stimulus which now seems part of the pre plan] to fund Gavi and not succumb to “vaccine nationalism.” (VOX)

Bill Gates stated, “I’ve talked to Pence, I’ve talked to Mnuchin, Pompeo — particularly on the issue of, ‘Is the USA showing up in terms of providing money to procure the vaccine for the developing countries?’” he told Wired. “There have been lots of meetings, but we haven’t been able to get the U.S. to show up.” (VOX)

When will the obama-Biden and Biden-Obama team run out of ink?

Well, what happened? Obviously, something went dangerously wrong once again starting in the year 2019 which is the same year that Covid 19 was announced. The NWO and U.N. created the Lock Step Agenda 21, a depopulation program, and it commenced in 2021. The members of secret societies and Bill Gates and Ted Turner, a Billionaire, have stated that in order to sustain the planet, there must be a 90% depopulation of the planet. The New World Order’s written and stated strategic goals consist of reducing the world’s population by 50% by 2025, if not, 2027, from their original date of 2030. Is this why they are using warp speed?

In 2014 and 2015, Bill Gates hit the stage and began his fear mongering about a virus vs. a nuke and his greatest fear was a virus, not a nuke. He talked about fireflies. He talked about geoengineered mosquitoes. He talked about the biochemical virus coming to the world. As I stated before, Bill Gates informed the audience of what his intent was by telling them that everyone on the planet would be vaccinated and that 10% to 15% of the population would die or approximately 2 Billion people. The audience laughed and applauded and apparently thought he was joking. Billionaires don’t joke. By 2019, he was telling the world, “You have no choice” on the world stage while anyone who opposed him was silenced by MSM or debunked or suspended or restricted by the 2 media giants no matter how many credentials they earned.

Aug. 5, 2021, 11:05 AM PDT / Updated Aug. 5, 2021, 11:24 AM PDTBy Minyvonne Burke

The acting mayor of Boston compared the idea of Covid-19 vaccination passports to slavery-era freedom papers and birtherism.

Mayor Kim Janey, a Democrat who is running for a full term, made the comments Tuesday after she was questioned about New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announcing proof of vaccination in order to enjoy leisure indoor activities at restaurants, gyms and performances. The Big Apple will become the first major city in the United States to impose the requirement.


The Gates and CDC and WHO make recommendations to the President of the USA. The President doesn’t have to follow Dr. Fauci or WHO or CDC’s recommendations. He should weight the recommendations first and determine if they include cruel and unusual punishments that aren’t in accordance with constitutional law or the “WILL” of the majority of Americans. The President doesn’t have to engage in recommendations that cause pain and suffering on Americans and destroy their businesses, jobs and treat them as lepers and criminals when there are cures.

Most public servants and doctors hopefully swear to do no harm to U.S. Citizens. But, based on the recommendations of a few people, who are invested in the stock market and in the business of vaccines for profit and involved for decades with the Gates Foundation and Microsoft who donate to these organizations, they may be compromised or feel beholdin’ to the Bill and Melinda Gates or fear losing future donation from their foundation or Microsoft.

Employers who mandate their unconstitutional authority and force employees be used as human lab rats without any liability for death or injury should be charged with slavery and servitude in my opinion. This mandates appears to be another scam for the Democrats to rid the planet of Christians, Jews, Conservatives, Heterosexuals, Patriots, and Constitutionalists.

Bill Gates appeared to be grinning as he described how he would “plunge” a needle into the arms of children when interviewed on television. He reminded me of Hillary Clinton when asked about Gadaffi’s assassination on television and she laughed hysterically. She also laughed hysterically about the terrorist murders of the American Heroes and Ambassador Stevens which isn’t normal.

The HHS Secretary wrote a Statute 247d-6d back in 2004 under the George W Bush and Cheney administration to grant immunity to anyone involved with vaccines during a pandemic. At the time, President Bush was obsessed with a pandemic. In fact, President Bush wrote a presidential order that involved a pandemic. I came across the E.O. back in 2009. I was shocked and posted it on FB. The E.O. went viral and FB took down my page.

The Presidential Order I read described everything that has occurred so far: Pandemic – curfews – quarantines – troops on the ground – civil unrest – POTUS calling out Martial Law – Removing the POTUS and replacing him with the shadow government [DHS] and ordering troops to take “right wing extremist” to “government facilities” if they didn’t comply with their orders, (Apparently it’s the non-compliance over the jabs) where they would have no outside contact and be reprogrammed, so this may be why they are calling Conservatives names such as “domestic terrorists” and enacted the NDAA Law that denies “due process of law.”. Of course, this shocked me; however, here we are in 2021 and President Bush and V.P. Cheney’s dream is coming true.

Four Common Misconceptions About the Bill of Rights | Psychology Today

During the Bush and Cheney era, they were using U.S. taxes to secretly build FEMA Camps around the nation and private prisons and private juvenile facilities. Afterwards, under Obama-Biden-Holder regime, patriots were concerned about 1000s of brown plastic coffin containers purchased by the government. And, the State of Georgia bought 1000s of guillotines. The Obama regime bought tons of ammunition and FEMA trains. They all were in agreement to keep the borders open to appease the CFR and their program entitled, “The North American Union” which is an open border policy.

The NWO agenda is to flood the nation with Third World unidentified foreigners. It was alleged that Hillary made a secret deal with China to own districts of land in California in exchange for the debt that China claimed we owed them, but in fact, I continued to claim that China owed America a debt for using our U.S. Port and L.B. Naval Base tariff free for 25 years. I also said they owned us for stealing our intellectual property and copying our designer fashions.

It’s my opinion as I gold my former Congressman when I visited him in D.C. that we don’t owe China, but China owes us for outsourcing our intellectual property, manufacturing jobs, and companies to communist China under the Clinton administration that helped build up their economy while Americans were unaware of the danger of what appears to be espionage under the guise of “outsourcing” and “globalism.” The Clinton regime built up China’s economy while destroying America’s economy.

The HHS Secretary resurrected the 2004 Statute 247d-6d in July 2021 granting total immunity to Gates – Soros – Dr. Fauci – WHO and CDC Directors and Big Pharma Billionaire CEO’s and all invested in these experimental and trial injections including marketers and promoters. These same people caused millions of Americans to stand in line for a loaf of bread and a bottle of water, but only if masked up and distanced after unconstitutionally locking healthy and free people inside their homes.

The CDC and WHO and Dr. Fauci with their draconian recommendations caused Americans to be pitted against each other. People were yelling at complete strangers if they weren’t wearing a mask of it wasn’t over their nose. They rationed food, water, meat, toilet paper, paper towels, Lysol and rubbing alcohol. They caused hoarding and shortages and pain and suffering. Do you think these billionaires were complying with their own tyrannical totalitarian mandates and were denied anything that life has to offer?

Bill and Melinda Gates and WHO in India vaccinating their kids

Dr. Robert Malone appears on a podcast and is more than qualified to speak out about these experimental jabs: “COVID-19 vaccines have made many stop and listen, and people started writing to him about their own problems with censorship and the spectrum of adverse events with the vaccine. It all started, Malone said, with a long conversation with a physician in Canada, who poured his heart out about what he was experiencing in Canada treating patients with COVID-19 and adverse events after vaccination.

The doctor said that the Canadian physician reported them to authorities but was dismissed and told they weren’t related to the injection even though, in his clinical opinion, they were. With the mass vaccination campaign in full effect, Malone was also disturbed that it is considered OK by the government to entice children to get vaccinated by offering them free ice cream or doughnuts, and even allowing children to get vaccinated without their parents’ consent.” (Raw Conservative Opinion)

Furthermore, Dr. Robert Malone [he] soon ventured into the bioethics of the emergency use authorization (EUA) granted to COVID-19 vaccines. Experimentation without proper informed consent violates the Nuremberg Code, which spells out a set of research ethics principles for human experimentation.” Also, many of us spoke out about Dr. Fauci making statements that aren’t true, but there was nothing we could do about it. This is called the Noble Lie.”

Dr. Malone stated that there are 3 lies being told to the public and this one is extremely important as we’ve heard this since 2019. ” The only way to reach herd immunity is through universal vaccination — This is another lie. As Malone says, “Herd immunity is most often reached through natural infection.” (source: Raw Conservative Opinion interview with Dr. Robert Malone)

“When it became clear to me that I would not be able to speak through mainstream media, I, together with my wife … made a conscious decision to reach out through alternative media and new media, and I’ve learned, from many, many podcasts and podcasters like yourself about the value of this new medium of podcasting,” Dr. Robert Malone told Wilson.

So, if you or your loved ones die or are seriously disabled for life, it’s for the better good of others, right? Should I sacrifice myself and kids and parents, grandparents, grandchildren even against my unalienable Right to exercise my Free Will and Free Choice to control my own body and mind because others may or may not live if vaccinated?

On the other hand, president Joe Biden continues on with the Obama-Biden-Democrat agendas of migrating tens of thousands of Third World illegals into the USA with measles and Covid 19. Recently, the Gateway Pundit published, “This is Joe Biden’s America. 40% of illegal aliens being bused to Laredo, Texas and they’ve tested positive for Covid-19.” Gateway Pundit 8/12/2021How does graphene affect the body?

IS GRAPHENE OXIDE TOXIC POISON TO HUMANS HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC BY FILING IT AS A TRADE SECRET? How would the fact checkers know if the Whistleblower is lying if it’s a TRADE SECRET?

Image result for What does graphene do to lab mice in an experiment?'
Whistleblower and former employee of Pfizer and many well-respected medical professionals allege that the injections for covid 19 include Graphene Oxide, (Note in the graph above it reads DNA and graphene) a toxic poison for humans, which doesn’t appear on U.S. ingredients used in the warp speed experimental and trial injections. The Whistleblower alleged that Graphene Oxide was included as a “Trade Secret” so it can be concealed from the public. The whistleblower found graphene oxide listed in the Covid 19 patent filed in China. It’s also reported that it allegedly contains purple dye to track the number of injections each individual has received and track the gene manipulation that many doctors state can alter every person’s God-given DNA that makes each person unique. The experts on high technology and science allege that the poison to humans, Graphene oxide, helps connect the body and brain to the 5G network.

Upon interaction with light, graphene can generate reactive oxygen species, which in turn can cause oxidative stress, loss in cell functionality, pro-inflammatory responses and mitochondrial damage.” Photo and statement source “Mitochondrial diseases are a varied group of disorders characterized by impaired energy production. The symptoms of mitochondrial disease can arise in any organ at any age. Some symptoms are hallmarks of mitochondrial disease and are called “red flag” symptoms.” (

Think about the statement above. “Some symptoms are hallmarks of mitochondrial disease and are called “red flag” symptoms.” CDC and VAERS report that Pfizer and maybe the others are causing blood clots affecting the heart and causing heart inflammation or possibly effecting other organs in the body adversely such as the brain or liver or kidneys. People who get the experimental injections out of fear of being denied the right-to-work and end up with covid state that they became extremely lethargic and tired in many cases when reported online. This blogger knows 4 people who were healthy, injected, and ended up very sick with covid and couldn’t get out of bed and extremely tired. .

The definition states that the symptoms can be oxidative stress and loss in cell functionality. Isn’t it common sense that we, John Doe and Jane Doe in America, ask if these multiple injections of chemicals are weakening the the immune system over time? A weakened immune system can cause death when the body contracts a flu, pneumonia, TB, heart inflammation and so forth, right?

What is Gene Therapy and why would Healthy People without a Virus or without covid and not dying need Need Gene Therapy injections?

Gene therapy is a medical field which focuses on the genetic modification of cells to produce a therapeutic effect or the treatment of disease by repairing or reconstructing defective genetic material.

Depopulation: One-child and Two-child policies, and other policies restricting or discouraging births directly. Migration from rural areas to urban areas: having more children is financially more beneficial (for farming families) in rural areas than in urban areas. Emigration.

What is population reduction? The term population reduction may refer to: Population decline or depopulation, reductions in human population levels for reasons such as low birth rate, emigration, disease or war. … Population control, artificially maintaining the size of any population.

The claim: COVID-19 is part of ‘Operation Lockstep’ from ‘The Rockefeller Playbook’

Image result

The Causes of Overpopulation

  • Falling Mortality Rate.
  • Underutilized Contraception.
  • Lack of Female Education.
  • Ecological Degradation.
  • Increased Conflicts.
  • Higher Risk of Disasters and Pandemic

Around 2027, India is projected to overtake China as the world’s most populous country, while China’s population is projected to decrease by 31.4 million, or around 2.2 per cent, between 2019 and 2050.  (Source: World Population Prospects 2019) Bill Gates Admits Plans To Reduce Population Through Use of Vaccine video is for information and educational and entertainment purposes only.

More than half of global population growth between now and 2050 is expected to occur in Africa. Africa has the highest rate of population growth among major areas. The population of sub-Saharan Africa is projected to double by 2050. This blogger and researcher believes this should be a major concern to Europeans and Americans and Canadians that the white and ethnic European races and nationalities of lighter skin will be exterminated or the minority in the entire world.

The covid 19 Sars 2 experimental and trial injections wouldn’t be the first time that Bill and Melinda Gates or the Government or the Military mandated taxpayer funded vaccines. In fact, MSM swept away the deaths and direct adverse health effects as well as the lawsuits against Big Pharma manufacturers by Big Pharma’s high powered lawyers offering settlements to victims who took the offer.

Most lawsuits can take years, so most people accept the offers In other words, MSM and news outlets don’t really report on these important settlements and lawsuits, but failing to report adds to the suppression of health care information needed for public safety. It also means that they swept away the victims pain and suffering and family members whose loved ones died or were injured for life.

Consequently, it isn’t any secret that international ethical doctors and well-respected Scientists who dare mention that HCQ or Ivermectin and Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C with Zinc and their other treatments help or cure covid safely, but are silenced. They are also silenced on MSM and by 2 major Social Media sites from stating that their patients safely recover without adverse side effects.

We are grateful to the brave and ethical international doctors and Scientists who speak and share information on how to care for the immune system or the cures for a virus as they risk their lives and their licenses, which is a sad commentary for our country, when doctors and scientists can’t inform the general public of important medical information. I’ve read that some doctors were threatened by outside forces and feared losing their licenses. People who smile on camera and have a lot to lose from this agenda may not be smiling off camera.

In sharp contrast, the populations of 55 countries or areas in the world are expected to decrease by 2050, of which 26 may see a reduction of at least ten per cent. Several countries are expected to see their populations decline by more than 15 per cent by 2050, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Serbia, and Ukraine.

Fertility in all European countries is now below the level required for full replacement of the population in the long run (around 2.1 children per woman), and in the majority of cases, fertility has been below the replacement level for several decades.  The Video Below How to Survive the 21st Century is information for education and entertainment purposes only.

Did you know that there is a Patent filed by China that includes the word Graphene Oxide, a toxin and poisonous injection if injected into humans revealed by international doctors and a former Pfizer employee and whistleblower. These insiders into Big Pharma and the medical and scientific world who speak out and are silenced by MSM and FB and Twitter allege that the experimental and trial injections that killed all the animals, mice, and lab rats after 2 injections disturbingly caused Big Pharma to go directly to unconstitutionally using human lab rats for case studies.

The NWO members no longer seek required consent, but force everyone to be injected or else be punished which is criminal. After all, Bill Gates who seeks to control the world stated, “You have no choice,” and he’s not a doctor, Ph.D., or Scientist but markets himself as the World Expert on Vaccines.

MASKS: Biden, China Masks, Injections, Wuhan, China and Covid! President Joe Biden as well as one famous media loving doctor and Bill Gates who has donated to CDC for years through Microsoft continues to mandate that Americans cut off our oxygen supply needed to keep the cells, organs, teeth and gums, and immune system strong. They ignore any studies that doctors provide documenting that wearing masks long term can cause emotional and physical direct adverse health effects and even death. Should we ask ourselves why did God create the nose and mouth and the immune system that requires consistent and continuous Oxygen – ventilation – Fresh Air to stay healthy?

Bill Gates has long time associations with George Soros, Gates’ dad, Director on the Board of the depopulation program entitled Planned Parenthood as well as international child trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein. These NWO Democrats and members believe in eugenics and just as Hitler dreamed, they too, dream of creating a superior race. He has long time associations with the CDC and WHO, and Gates has donated more money to CDC than anyone else it appears through Microsoft. Gates has long time associations with The World Health Organization (WHO). He has long time associations with Dr. Birx and her daughter as well as donating to Dr. Fauci’s Research.

It appears that Bill and Melinda Gates with George Soros may have funded the building of the Wuhan Lab. It’s no secret he does business with Communist China. In fact, Gates admitted during an interview on MSM that he’s invested $10 Billion into Big Pharma’s R&D covid 19 Sars 2 Experimental and Trial injections and expects a $200 Billion Dollar return, but Gates needs one thing. He stated that he will plunge a needle into every child’s arm during an interview which should have alarmed the world. The one thing Gates needs to succeed is Human Lab Rats and forcing every human being on the planet to be his built-in customer base in order to reach his goals of depopulating the planet at 50% by 2030 and another 40% by 2050.

It’s this blogger’s opinion that the government, Big Pharma, Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci appear to be 100% grossly negligent and dishonest by not sticking to Science; however when confronted with serious questions, Dr. Fauci flip flops. They appear to be granted total immunity through the HHS Secretary’s Statute 247d-6d, so anyone involved with these injections apparently can’t be held criminally liable or financially liable from lawsuits. Isn’t that convenient for them. The pandemic began under President Bush and V.P. Cheney’s administration back in 2004.

It was in 2004 that the HHS Secretary signed an HHS Statute 247d-6d to use the “Experimental and Trial” regulation if a pandemic broke out under the Bush-Cheney regime. The statute protected everyone involved in any way shape or form to market the experimental injections if the President of the United States declared a pandemic. What’s the difference between this Statute and Hitler forcing everyone to stand in line who he and the Nazi’s took hostage and under fear of death jabbed them?

The HHS Secretary’s Statute 247d-6d was reinstated on or about July 2021 and appears to be unconstitutional because the Secretary of State’s duty isn’t to protect private corporations from harming people, but to protect We The People from being harmed by a corrupt government or corrupt money making private corporations.

Apparently, it matters not how many Americans are used as human collateral for Human Capital for the NWO Billionaires and Multi-Millionaire’s experiments and trials. They are collecting the sheep from Third World Nations by inviting them to enter into the good old USA through The Biden-Obama-Democrat Open Border Policy which caused the invasion into Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia which is known as “collectivism.” This NWO program makes it much easier for Gates and the NWO members and Big Pharma to inject more people not just from Western Civilization, but Africa, India, China, and the Middle East knowing that India and China don’t trust Bill and Melinda Gates after being used as their human lab rats that caused death and direct adverse health effects to their children in the past.

Does DELTA exist and is it more dangerous than covid 19 Sars 2? Some doctors have asked if Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma isolated and identified the genome and why isn’t there published evidence for transparency? Where is the published benefits versus the direct adverse health effects on humans be it lifetime injury or death or temporary injury? The injections appear to be never ending.

The general public should be informed with evidence published in medical journals for public and medical review and scrutiny so individuals can make informed choices about their own body and mind and their minor children. We know that there was is a biochemical flu from the Wuhan Lab called covid 19 Sars 2, but why did MSM and Twitter and Social Media and Dr. Fauci, CDC, and WHO suppress the information that international doctors and scientists were providing about cures and the immune system. Doctors complain they have been silenced and threatened for providing information?

You will own nothing and you will be happy!”

Privacy and Property Rights | Rights | Constitution USA | PBS

In fact, the Royal Family’s origins are German and they changed their names so the people in England wouldn’t turn on them during Germany’s Nazi attacks on Europe and all Jews, Christians, Blacks and Gays during WWII. It’s my opinion that the American people should have been asking questions long ago. They should have raised the question and asked why did Bush and Cheney secretly divert our taxes to build FEMA camps on U.S. soil as well as private prisons and private juvenile facilities? President Bush and Congress appear to have intentionally lied to the American people about the Patriot Act being temporary and that the Patriot Act would be made null and void. It’s still intact.

Breaking August 12, 2021: The European Medicine Agency (EMA) is reporting new adverse events from the experimental COVID-19 vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna. These new adverse events, which include skin reactions and kidney ailments, are more than just side effects – they are symptoms of poisoning, signs that the recipient’s blood and filtration organs are tainted by foreign toxins. And that’s exactly what these vaccines are designed to do – infiltrate the blood and the organs with engineered spike proteins, forcibly replicated by the body’s own cells.Dr. Joseph Mercola Reported on August 12, 2021: (Rose Colombo says, ironically, in the USA Alzheimers has risen to be #6 killer in the USA and Kidney Disease is #9 in the USA so this report is extremely important and needs to be added to the U.S. Senate Hearings on Covid 19 and the experimental and trial injections.

51 Alzheimer Dictionary Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock

Dr. Joseph Mercola Reported the Following 8/12/21

  • Five French public research laboratories have suspended work for at least three months after learning of the most employee believed to have developed a deadly prion disease while working – Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD)
  • Researchers hypothesize that Alzheimer’s disease is a prion-related disease and that it may be a double prion disease; mounting evidence also suggests Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s disease are also related to prion damage
  • Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., a senior research scientist at MIT for over five decades, postulates the COVID injection program may raise the number experiencing crippling autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases in the next 10 to 15 years
  • One team of researchers found they may be able to diagnose CJD without the requisite brain biopsy by looking for prions in the eyes
  • There are several potential strategies you may use to lower your risk of damage from spike proteins, including fasting, sauna therapy, eliminating vegetable oils and optimizing your innate immune system

Consequently, playing into today’s overthrow of the U.S. Constitution by way of using a “Vaccine Passport” to allow Bill Gates and George Soros and the Billionaires on Wall Street to control our lives and determine who lives or dies and who eats and who starves to death should be viewed as Misdemeanors and High Crimes or even Treason. Apparently, Senator John McCain was involved in the New World Order’s agendas with intent to deny the most important constitutional law of all, which is called, “Due Process of Law.”

The three words, “due process of law,” separates American Justice from all other nations, especially Communist and Marxist and Muslim Brotherhood nations. “Due Process of Law” should never be denied to Americans on U.S. soil. In fact, Obama and Biden and Holder made sure that the Islamic Terrorists who killed American men and women and children and Military personnel were given all the benefits of making sure that the Islamic Terrorists weren’t tried in a Military Tribunal, but tried in a civilian Criminal Court, which is unprecedented and granted “Due Process of Law.”

Furthermore, prior to his demise, Senator John McCain had the audacity to introduce the unconstitutional, tyrannical, illegal and unlawful NDAA Law making himself appear as an enemy of the American people. The NDAA Law denies “due process of law” to Americans accused by the government of being domestic enemies, despite the fact that the constitutional guarantees the right to exercise Due Process of Law.” In my opinion, this made him an enemy of the the USA.

The NDAA Law is evil and denies Americans the right to contact a family member, lawyer, judge or be heard in trial by a jury or our peers if targeted by the government and locks people away in secret without contact with the outside world indefinitely which is what Communists and Marxists leaders do to their people. Did his brain injury as an elderly person who was diagnosed with cancer in his right state of mind? . He then denied Americans the Right to be free of the Death Panels inserted into Obamacare making Obama and Speaker Pelosi and all Democrats hunters of the sheeple in America by implementing euthanasia, early-end-of-life counseling for elderly, very ill, and some states seek to extend it to seniors, people with autism and veterans.

It appears that these NWO members are currently weaponizing a flu and experimental injections against the American people that doctors state could lead to a potential worldwide genocide. I came across the E.O. inadvertently while doing research back in 2009 and I was shocked. I posted it on Facebook and it went viral and Facebook shut down my page. Americans should demand to know which organizations that George Soros, Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and every member of congress has joined and that should be mandatory when people are touting everyone in the world be used for their experiments as human lab rats.

What If We Held a Constitutional Convention and the Right-Wingers  Prevailed? – Mother Jones
The Framers risked their Lives to Ensure Americans could not be used as Human Lab Rabs and as Slaves, Property or Chattel

The serious adverse health effects by people injected and some listed on VAERS include death, paralysis, blood clots, brain injuries, sterility, heart inflammation, heart attacks, uncontrollable shaking, and more. Many healthy people stated after they were jabbed that they contracted covid 19 and were in bed with severe headaches, muscle pain, and extremely tired and said it was horrific while others online say it was either horriffic or mild for 2 or 3 days, but some people say it lasted for weeks.

We don’t know all who contracted covid 19 or died post jabs because not everyone reports these cases to VAERS. If these injections are 100% safe then why does the HHS Secretary feel the need to protect everyone involved with the experimental and trial injections from criminal or financial lawsuits filed by the victim’s families whose loved ones died or were injured for life instead of protecting We The People who pay the Secretary’s wages?

Ask yourself this question. Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates and CDC, WHO, and Big Pharma are in the business of Rx drugs and vaccines for Big Profits, but is it worth being a human lab rat with unknown consequences to the body and mind when there are cures according to doctors from around the world? It appears that the NWO is creating a Big Pharma Vaccine Industrial Complex by using a flu.

Dr. Fauci says that in order to prevent Covid from spreading and to keep people from dying, everyone must be injected with the trial and experimental injection, but he also stated that even if injected, you can still get Covid 19 Sars 2. He said you may suffer for a few days, but doesn’t mention that you could also die.

According to Big Pharma, CDC and WHO, it’s worth the suffering of getting covid after injection even if you are covid free. How does that make any sense? If you get injected you can still get covid or other adverse health effects or even die for the greater good of others? He also said if you were injected that you wouldn’t have to wear a mask and then he flip flopped and said even if you are injected, you still must wear a mask.

.So, if you’re healthy and you don’t have Covid, why would you get an experimental injection that can cause you to get Covid 19 if their justification for being used as human lab rats and be jabbed more than once is to prevent Covid 19 Sars 2, so you don’t die? But, if it’s so deadly that it caused a pandemic and lock downs and economic disaster then why would they inject people with an experimental injection and move onto 1, 2, 3, and more jabs without even getting the first injection approved and licensed.

The FDA must approve and license an injection to be a legal vaccine, so they’re bypassing all the rules and laws and policies and approving the Pfizer Jab without short and long term case studies without evidence of published short and long term case studies for public and medical review? Will the FDA approve and license this experimental and trial injection as 100% safe and effective without short and long term case studies on the direct adverse health effects whether immediate, weeks, months, or years from now published in medical journals?

Visitors stand in front of the quotation from Martin Niemöller that is on display in the Permanent Exhibition of the United States ... [LCID: img4857]
Rose Colombo says, “And, now they are coming for us! Who shall stop them?”

It appears that Dr. Fauci, Gates, HHS, CDC, WHO, Military, and Government know a lot, but are pretending that they know very little about the experimental injections. Are they intentionally using confusion to answer the questions about the risk to everyone’s lives who may end up after injected contracting covid and dying immediately or in the next 3 years by injection? Could 50% of the population be either disabled or dead because I read that they moved the 2030 deadline for Agenda 21 to 2025. What is the point of this experimental injection that is irreversible?

And, these same people working for Big Pharma, Dr. Fauci, CDC, WHO claim that if you had covid 19 then you are immune to covid, but they continue to state that you must be injected with their experimental injections. So, what would the direct adverse health effects be on a person who had covid and is forced out of fear to be jabbed because he might lose his job? If a person had covid then they have a natural immunity to covid, so being forced to get jabbed under this situation be disruptive to the natural immune system that God created?

Many professional insiders continue to warn the world that these injections that are alleged by international doctors and scientists to include “Graphene Oxide” a poisonous toxin (and ethyl oxide toxin and gene therapy that can alter DNA) injected into human beings without Dr. Fauci or CDC or WHO or Bill Gates and Big Pharma informing the public exactly what is in these injections and do they include metal, graphene oxide, ethyl oxide, nano-particles of aluminum and mercury and gene therapy that can alter human DNA?

According to the whistleblower, a former Pfizer employee, she states that Big Pharma included Graphene Oxide, a toxic poison to human beings. If the whistleblower is correct, then Big Pharma and Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, WHO and CDC have failed to disclose that this toxin, Graphene Oxide, was included in the experimental and trial injections by concealing it as as “Trade Secret” to avoid public protests and scrutiny.

Should we not ask if the people involved who protected themselves with immunity through the HHS Secretary’s Statute 247d-6d in reality committing a potential genocide as international doctors allege as well as Crimes Against Humanity? Are those involved in Agenda 21 depopulation program violating the U.S. Constitution and Human Rights by taking control of everyone’s body and minds for their use without signed consent, but under duress of losing their jobs and fearful of being impoverished and unable to feed their families?

20,365 Financial Freedom Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime
Families have to rob their piggy banks to feed their kids because Billionaires Locked them out of their Businesses and threaten to lock them out of their jobs if they don’t allow themselves to be used a human lab rats for the Big Pharma Experiments

It’s stunning that Bill and Melinda Gates who fund Planned Parenthood, which is a depopulation program that reduces the population of natural-born Americans and natural-born citizens of sovereign nations are targeting injections for pregnant women, babies, toddlers, children, teens, and young adults with strong immune systems. Why would a doctor inject a pregnant woman?

It appears that the Gates and Dr. Fauci are the only voices that are to be heard on MSM or social media as the authorities on viruses, vaccines and science. Ask yourself how many babies has Bill and Melinda Gates funded who are sentenced to death without conscience because if a person has a conscience they couldn’t support and fund eugenics, euthanasia and aborting human life by the Billions worldwide.

Are they pushing their fear mongering upon the world so they can get their investment back plus their trillions in profits after denying constitutional protections to 339 Million Americans and the world’s population? Why not just send condoms and contraceptives to overpopulated nations for birth control? After all, China whose overpopulated, and manufactures the condoms, abortion pills, and contraceptives for Americans and Western civilization that reduces the population currently and into the future appear to deny contraceptives to their young people because they continue overpopulate. Shouldn’t China promote contraceptives in China?

Financial Freedom Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images
Gates can’t wait to get his $10 Billion Investment turned into his expectation of a $200 Billion profit using human Lab Rats

It appears that fear mongering employees by informing them that unless they wear masks that cut off their oxygen supply needed to maintain healthy cells and healthy hearts and brains and maintain a healthy immune system is tyranny. The employers who mandate experimental jabs or threaten employees that they will be fired if they don’t comply causes emotional distress. Emotional distress and duress can lead to strokes and heart attacks, anxiety, loss of sleep, depression and anger. Fear mongering, coercion and threats is what the mafioso and organized criminals and thugs off the street do to their victims in order to force them to comply and obey their commands.

Some employers are acting as dictators and causing their employees to work under duress by acting as if they have authority to violate their employee’s confidential and private medical records which is a violation of the HIPPAA Laws. Any employer who threatens an employee to be jabbed without taking liability for deaths and injuries should be arrested. Why should anyone get away with causing injury or death to heathy people? The EEOC and Sexual Harassment and Human Rights Laws should be in play and people have the right to seek out legal and medical advice on these issues. .

The U.S. Constitution guarantees and establishes the Right to a Free Will and Free Choice which includes the right to control our own bodies and minds. It appears the people involved in Agenda 21’s depopulation programs are working overtime to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and the American way of life. It’s apparent, they seek to create a One World Government with a One World god, who would rule without the U.S. Constitution and without the 3 branches of government, but rule with an iron fist.

In order to achieve their goal they must bring the people to their knees and destroy the Middle Class, small businesses, jobs, capitalism, free enterprise, private property ownership, destroy morality, and create famine, thirst, homelessness and a Great Depression it appears. It isn’t clear if they are using the MB-CAIR-Hamas playbook or the KGB or CCP playbooks or a combination of all three.

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METAL!!! People are complaining that metal clings to them after injected with experimental and trial covid injection

Remember, the old phrase, the world is created for Survival for the Fittest, which not only means the body, but the mind and spirit. Shouldn’t the Americans be calling and writing and emailing and texting their representatives to ask them if Graphene Oxide, a toxic poison is a “Trade Secret” and shouldn’t they be filing subpoenas? Do the injections include metal? According to this graph, yes, it does. People are complaining that they see a fluorescent light under their skin and that metal sticks to their skin after they’re injected.

Third World Nations are plagued with viruses and yet, we have the Democrats Open Border policy. How healthy can the air and the soil and water be that the Third World Nation’s citizens are ingesting? They also can’t distance because they are living in nations of wall-to-wall people in China, India, and Africa that creates famine and thirst and disease.

Instead of paying to keep the borders open and forcing worldwide experimental jabs, why not use that money to help clean up the contaminated water and help develop cities with hospitals and schools and markets as well as helping farmers so they, too, can live in safe nations in the future while learning new skill and conserving their beautiful landscape, wild life and forests, and the conservation of water? This assistance would help Western Civilization remain Western Civilization if there was oversight on the programs and money.

Yet, they are training up Americans and Europeans and Canadians to comply and obey Gates, Soros and NWO Wall Street Billionaires to be their slaves and property and chattel and take control over everyone’s privacy, minds and bodies while erasing American history and sovereignty and God and Christianity. Erasing Traditional Family and Traditional Marriage. Erasing Heterosexuals from the planet. Erasing God and His 10 Commandments. Erasing God’s Commandment ordering one man and one woman to bond and procreate so nations could be fruitful.

The Globalists are making everything that is good and moral, decent, Christian and lawful and making it “meaningless.” They are seeking to remove the Bible and the Cross, Jesus Christ and God from our Homeland. They are attempting to change and transform the or eliminate The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights to end the American way of life and Sovereignty. In order to maintain sovereign nations, each nation needs natural-born babies to preserve their nations in the future. Globalists seek borderless nations.

Americans should be asking their representatives which constitutional authority are they applying to play doctor and violate your right to exercise Freedom of Choice, Free Will, and violate our HIPPAA laws. The question remains what right does anyone in the USA regardless of title, who receives taxpayer funded wages, applying to force anyone to turn their minds and bodies over to Big Pharma, Bill Gates, George Soros, WHO, CDC, GAVI or Wall Street CEOs, or the government?

Is this still America? Most Americans haven’t willingly joined in these experiments and trials as human lab rats for Big Pharma’s case studies, but were jabbed based on their fear mongering of losing their income, businesses, jobs, and freedoms. In fact they are using human lab rats for free while making billions of dollars using people as Human Commodities for their Human Capital. These injections are irreversible. There is no going back and undoing it.

VIDEO BELOW for information and educational and entertainment purposes only – Attorney files Lawsuit gainst CDC Based on Sworn-Declaration from Whistleblower Claiming 45,000 Deaths reported to VAERS….

Below are the CDC – VAERS death and injury statistics of people who died or were injured for life in the USA since 2021 – Are these experimental injections not equal to Crimes Against Humanity – using people as human lab rats and playing Russian Roulette with their lives and taking no responsibility for deaths and injuries?

Tyranny is defined as “government of a tyrant.” Are Obama and Biden tyrants? It is also defined as “cruel and unjust use of power.” I believe that defines the Democrats. A tyrant is defined as absolute ruler; cruel and unjust ruler.” I think that defines all Democrats in public office today, especially in Blue States.

Every experimental and trial injection is for the profit of Big Pharma and investors, CDC, WHO, and all invested in masks as well as testing kits made in China. In fact, I read that the World Bank invested in masks for the pandemic back in 2018 according to the online news. Criminals such as rapists or pedophiles, gangs and cartels, Communist CCP members and the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists use fear to force people to comply because they want something from their victims.

Therefore, should we not ask the government why they’re threatening Americans and allowing Wall Street CEOs, Dr. Fauci, CDC, WHO along with President Biden the authority to deny anyone in the USA or Western Civilization, the right-to work or go to school? What justification is the DOJ and FBI and White House or Congress and Military applying that grants tyrants the right to deny people the right to shop for food or clothing, or travel or socialize because of a flu with a 99.7% up to 99.9% recovery rate with known cures. Why are ethical doctors silenced?

Video Below explains how the CDC and all the mandates and misinformation about the masks and vaccines while silencing the ethical doctors and Scientists warning to end this nightmare that has killed more Americans than any other vaccine in the USA.

Is this America or did the Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats rip up the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence as she ripped up the State of the Union on national TV behind the back of President Trump in front of the entire world.

The U.S. Military men are forced to be jabbed or else be discharged knowing if they’re discharged they will be forced to be jabbed or they can’t work if the CEOs attempt to violate the Human Rights and Employee Rights with no guarantees that a jab stops a virus or a mask ends a virus. So, if they end up injured for life or die then they die at the hands of their own Military government and leaders on American soil not by foreign enemies on foreign soil

Everything these New World Order wealthy persons have done in this blogger’s opinion is psychological abuse, elder abuse under the elder abuse laws, child abuse under child abuse laws, and employer abuse, under the EEO and sexual harassment laws. They are causing emotional and physical distress of all medical workers. So if medical staff and military are injured or die within the next 3 years from the jabs then Americans who survive will have no protection and Obama will have his National Civilian Security Force by the millions he and Biden and the Democrats migrated into the USA since 2009 through their open borders.

The Pentagon and the Democrats running this nation are imposing cruel and unusual punishment upon the American people and the same for all of Western Civilization. This doesn’t appear to be about a flu in my opinion, it’s about reducing the population of the planet and creating the Master and Slave mentality which reflect psychopathic minds. These ant-American and anti-Constitutional violations as well as Human Rights Violations that are used in concentration camps.

After all, Bill Gates and the NWO and U.N. and E.U. cannot be successful and earn multi-multi-Trillions without customers. They need human lab rats They need Human Commodities for Human Capital. They need you and your family and every human being’s arm on the planet to achieve their goals. -Human Customers – You and your family – you are being turned into a built-in customer base for Big Pharma and Gavi investors as well as WHO and CDC and all other investors. You are no more than Human collateral. This has nothing to do with influencing anyone to get jabbed or not get jabbed, it should always be your personal choice. This is a battle for FREEDOM – RIGHTS – LIBERTIES – and FREE WILL and FREE CHOICE to control your own body and mind and that of your minor children.

A Vaccine Passport overthrows your Freedom when people comply with unconstitutional mandates, statutes or orders that overthrow constitutional rights and Human Rights guaranteed by the Supreme Laws of the Land. This is a battle to maintain control over your Free Will and Right To Choose and maintain your Freedom or lose it forever. Big Pharma and GAVI need human slaves so they can use your arm or hip for-profit because their goal is to reduce the population and redevelop the planet without us. They created a “Them against Us Society.” As President George W. Bush once said, “I’d rather be one of the Haves than the Have Nots.” They chose their sides. A material world of wealth without God making Christians and Believers their enemy.


A book posits that widespread oppression at work is a failure of America’s political system.Illustration by Derek Brahney; Source Photograph by H. Armstrong Roberts / ClassicStock via Getty

The UN-NWO members made you and me and the majority of God’s creation, their built-in customer base for-profit under the Obama-Biden-Clinton-Pelosi-Schumer and Democrat-RINO regimes since the 60’s by forcing Americans into death panels at the airports in 2009 by radiating (cooking us) at unknown levels of radiation that is irreversible just like the injections are irreversible and can cause aging, cancer, cataracts, sterility and death.

It appears that the Obama-Biden-Clinton-Pelosi-Schumer Democrats were are training you up to stand in line. Obey the brown shirts hired under Obama-Biden’s watch. Remove your clothing and shoes. Get into the oven and be naked x-rayed at unknown levels with no protection to protect your eyes and body. Provide excessive Identification. Have your luggage searched. Be patted down. Questioned. This was for Americans, but not for the radicals who got a pass under their religious claims who just walked in and out and had special meals put on the planes for them just like in U.S. prisons while they attempted to take the Bibles away from American prisoners.

In fact, Obama and Hillary Clinton used our taxes to secretly fly in the radicals into the USA for 8 years BIden-Harris are alleged to be flying more radicals into the USA since 2020 using taxpayer funded money through U.S. Refugees agencies by offering them financial incentives just like the government is offering hospitals and nursing homes financial incentives to record every patient, test and death as covid. They are migrating people from China and the Middle East were they carry Sars and Mers and Covid into the USA. So, they aren’t trying to save lives by their actions.

Isn’t that what Hitler did? Ordered indefinite detention. Knocked down doors at gun point. Hasn’t that been happening in the USA since the 90’s? Hitler with Soros’ help and other Americans whose relatives helped out Hitler stole all their property and valuables. George Soros admitted he was working for Hitler and stole the gold teeth and jewelry and money from the Jews and everyone else they targeted. Soros said he enjoyed doing it. The brown shirts forced them onto FEMA trains.

After their comfortable train ride in box cars, they were forced into filthy concentration camps. They were ordered to stand in line. Be tattooed as numbers aka non-humans. Distance. Silenced. Starved. Used as slaves and chattel and property of the Nazi’s Remove their clothing. Be numbered like cattle Be injected with experimental jabs and Radiation for sterilization and early end-of-life as radiation and some vaccines can cause cancer and aging, cataracts, paralysis, sterility and death. Their skin was used to make lamp shades. In America, fetuses are used to be ground up and put into some artificial sweeteners or drinks which is cannibalism. They now grind up human beings as use them for fertilizer. How close are we to repeating history on U.S. soil?

Liberals and Progressives convinced young girls since the 1970s who get pregnant that their babies can be killed aka aborted on Planned Parenthood abortion tables. In fact, Bill Gates and his dad and Jeffrey Epstein, Gates’ friend, support eugenics. Gates dad was a Board Member of Planned Parenthood and they support using Human Beings as Human Commodities for Human Capital and depopulation. Bill and Melinda Gates not only promote abortions worldwide, but they support supplying the abortion pills worldwide. Yet, Bill and Melinda Gates and Dr. Fauci dismiss and ignore doctors who use HCQ or Ivermectin and other treatments to cure covid 19 safely. How can they possibly care about saving lives?

Therefore, shouldn’t Americans be demanding to know from our representatives if these jabs include toxic poisons, graphene oxide, and covered up as a “Trade Secret?” And, if graphene works in tandem with 5G. Is there a metal nano-particle included in the jabs or a microchip aka RFID chip? Do they contain purple dye? Do they include gene therapy also referred to by doctors as gene manipulation? Which chemicals are in the jabs? How many people do they expect will die within the next 3 years as well as being disabled for life from these experiments? Who will care for these injured people if medical staff begins to die off or ends up disabled?

What Is Graphene Oxide? – Carter Heavy Industries

Why do babies and toddlers and little children need 18 plus injections when they’re immune systems aren’t fully developed? Why do young kids and teenagers and young adults need to be injected when they have healthy immune systems? Why does any healthy person have to be injected when they told us that you can still get covid, so what is the point again?

And the CDC stated the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) had received 1,194 reports of myocarditis or pericarditis among people ages 30 and younger who received a COVID-19 vaccine. Most cases have been reported after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna), particularly in male adolescents and young adults reported on July 26, 2021.

Is that why the Cancel Culture Commies are destroying major league baseball, football, and basketball so that fans don’t support them? How many kids will get adversely effected weeks from now, months, 1, 2 or 3 years down the road who may end up disabled? The NWO and UN Agenda 21 members in Lock Step are protecting themselves from the world’s population of families who lose loved ones and individuals who lose their health to serious lifetime adverse effects without being able to work and seeking compensation has been made even more difficult by the HHS Secretary protecting Big Pharma and all involved with the experiment.

How is it that no one in government of the people have asked them why did they use our taxes to secretly build FEMA camps on U.S. soil since America didn’t have terrorists and radicals inside our nation or radicals living on our soil in the 1990s and early 2000’s. We were a safe nation. Suddenly, when no one is watching the skies inside the US, we were left unprotected by the entire government controllers and military which I found odd and grossly negligent’ however, the pilots must have known that the U.S. skies were left unprotected or they would have been shot down.

Prisoners in striped uniforms bearing triangular badges, on parade in Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp near Berlin, Germany, 19th December 1938. Nazi...

Boom! On 911, the world stood still. America was attacked by Islamic terrorists and fear struck every American as we witnessed the attack on the news. The United States of America, the most powerful nation on earth, was attacked, not by one or two planes, but more. I often wonder how an old guy on a camel walking in sandals with a staff and without a cell phone or computer who lived in a cave pulled off 9/11. Really?

Obama and Biden and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius called out a pandemic in 2009 and attempted to force all medical staff and all Americans be injected with the swine flu vaccine. Fortunately, a journalist and whistleblower, who bravely informed us that there were no short and long term case studies done on the swine flu vaccine suddenly disappeared, but she is a hero. We also must thank Dr. Mercola who informed us as well. I’ve followed Dr. Mercola since 2009. Today, because of the experimental and trial injections, he’s been under pressure to be silent about the Dr. Fauci-Gates-Big Pharma injections.

Recently the Obama-Biden regime threatened to force people to be injected or else be punished by denying Americans the right-to-work. This is especially serious in the the medical field because the injections have unknown consequences on individuals. It’s being mandated in some jails as well. Get an experimental jab or you won’t be released even if your time is up.

Is this still America? The Big Pharma cabal fear monger everyday and non-stop ads are no more than brainwashing and creating more fear or anger because many of us are sick of turning on the radio or social media and it’s everywhere. Can’t even enjoy music or talk shows or movies any longer. During the Obama-Biden regime in 2009, the American people resisted the injections. The medical staff walked off their jobs and refused to be used as human lab rats. Eventually, Obama and Biden had to call an “endemic.” Once the endemic brought the alleged pandemic to a halt, things went back to normal.

The truth is that the NWO members know by placing fear in the minds of their victims that this New World Order and Lock Step Agenda 21, a communist agenda, CCP and KGB style, works and causes people to react under duress by using Social Media, Twitter and Facebook to send out their messages while silencing the cures. People will not use common sense, when under duress of losing their jobs and not being able to feed and house their families, so this is tyranny.

Ethanol is included in the Covid experimental injections: What is ethanol used for? Ethanol is used in the manufacture of drugs, plastics, lacquers, polishes, plasticizers, and cosmetics. Ethanol is used in medicine as a topical anti-infective, and as an antidote for ethylene glycol or methanol overdose.

So, why is ethanol included in the covid experimental injections used in drugs, plastics, lacquers, plastics, polishes, cosmetics, methanol overdose?

Americans should realize that with or without a flu or injection that the Laws of the Land provide them all Americans protection against government corruption. If you’ve ever been before a judge who used fear and threats to throw you in jail if you speak up claiming, “This is my court,” then you’ve had a taste of tyranny.

ETHYLENE OXIDE AND TESTING SWABS: Check the labels on your testing swab packaging and if it says they sterilize it with ethylene oxide check out the definition because it is a cancer causing chemical when used in the human passage such as a nose and near your brain. The cotton on the swab will be yellow, not white.

They are are attempting to enforce a “Vaccine Passport” which overthrows the U.S. Constitution because it supersedes and denies all Freedom, Liberty, and Rights, and gives it to Big Brother, Big Pharma, and the New World Order Communist and Marxist wealthy Wall Street CEOs. Americans and Europe will be losing their freedom to a communist Merit App under the guise of a “Vaccine Passport” app that wipes out the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. It’s treason.

A China Merit App or “Vaccine Passport” does the same thing It controls every individual on the planet so that only the government in control such as the CCP or MB-CAIR or Wall Street or all of the above are tracking and spying and tracing and controlling all survivors on the earth. They will come for your property, money, bank accounts, minds, children, and seek to tell you what you can or can’t do or say or be or where you can or can’t go. In other words, they are seeking total worldwide power, control, and financial gain worldwide through AI technology. It’s tyranny.

Believe it or not, but it’s alleged they have a chip that they can use to erase religion and God from your memory. In fact, Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros just purchased a $41 Billion company to spy, trace and track every survivor on the planet. George Soros and Bill Gates are part of a consortium acquiring a British developer of rapid-testing technology, including for Covid-19 and tropical diseases, to turn it into a social enterprise. So, if you think that vaccines now and forever are going to go away with a first jab or second and a booster, you better think again You will be mandated to be vaccinated anytime they fear monger and call for the next down the line and they have a long list pre planned for you!

Luciferians view everyone else as slaves. Chattel. Property. Non-Humans. They want to create a Hell on Earth! Each human being created by God is either of some worth or value to them or none. Everything must be for their benefit, not the masses. They will mandate that they have the right to control your body and mind and you no longer have the unalienable Right to Think or exercise Free Will and Free Choice to control your own body and mind which are rights granted by God, not by Bill Gates and Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Should they succeed, the slaves will work the Gates’ farmlands should they succeed.

On the other hand, the majority of Americans believe God is Victorious in the End Times whenever that moment occurs. The Christians are under persecution in America and around the world including China and the Middle East. Christians who join God’s army do not live in fear but in Hope and Love and under the Light, The Truth, and the Way. Remember, it’s not “In Science We Trust,” but “In God We Trust.” America isn’t “One Nation Under Science,” it is “One Nation Under God.” Remember, God created DNA and created every human being on the planet who is unique with an unalienable right to Free Will and Free Choice at birth. Protect your body and mind from being used and abused by those who seek power, control, secret sexual preferences by creating a worldwide war against God and All of God’s Creation. Choose wisely.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand” (Isaiah 41:10, NIV)

Americans have been working hard to support the CEOs of American companies. It’s Americans who made them wealthy and now, they’ve turned on the American people since Obama-Biden took office in 2009. Today, under the Biden-Obama-Harris regime, they appear to be using their wealth to enslave and depopulate and control the survivors so the New World Order members can control the planet. I guess none of these Airlines, Cruise Ship companies, and major corporations may not care that their American Dream of owning major corporations will fail without anyone left to buy their products or services. How does that make any sense other than to Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros, Dr. Fauci, WHO and CDC Directors and Democrats, China, and Liberals?


They are are attempting to enforce a “Vaccine Passport” which overthrows the U.S. Constitution because it supersedes and denies all Freedom, Liberty, and Rights, and gives it to Big Brother, Big Pharma, and the New World Order Communist and Marxist wealthy Wall Street CEOs. Americans and Europe will be losing their freedom to a communist Merit App under the guise of a “Vaccine Passport” app that wipes out the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. It’s treason.

The TSA radiation machines at the airports is a depopulation program. hey do not protect your body at the airports or your eyes when radiated at unknown levels as there is no safe level of radiation. Planned Parenthood is a depopulation program. Illegal Drug Trafficking through open borders is a depopulation program. Same Sex and Trans indoctrination of kids in public schools is a depopulation program along with abortion pills and Planned Parenthood. Wars are depopulation programs. Fluoride and chemicals and MTBE dumped into the water and soil and gasoline are depopulation programs. They have more ways than we can imagine to depopulate the planet should they succeed.

A priority for communists and Marxist is destroying the Bible and Christian and Catholic Biblical teachings and execute the Christians which is what ISIS and the Taliban and China does. All part of the depopulation program. China has persecuted their own citizens who turn to Christianity and meet underground or carry a Bible. They are still working on destroying heterosexual lifestyles. Traditional Marriage. Traditional Family. U.S. History. Middle Class. Constitution. Bill of Rights. Declaration of Independence. Monuments. History Books. U.S. Flag. It is called Communism.

The Bible condemns human sacrifice which is what happens everyday at Planned Parenthood. The Bible warned all against this depopulation program supported and funded by Bill and Melinda Gates and all Democrats, yet, these same Democrats didn’t abort their kids or grandkids, right? The Muslim Brotherhood, who Obama embraces as well as Communism and Marxism hate the Bible, Freedom, Liberty, Rights, Sovereignty, Capitalism, Free Enterprise, Morals, Critical Thinking, Middle Class and Small Businesses.

We Could Have Been Canada | The New Yorker
We will not be Canada or China or North Korea or Venezuela because of the New World Order Members using their Billions to enslave the American People to do their Will without fear of being held liable for damages that can cause criminal, physical, and financial distress.

The New World Order members worship money and control and power over the world and individual people and reflect behaviors that resemble those of psychopaths. They require 100% control and domination over their victims or else they require those who don’t obey to be punished. They justify their bad acts by telling themselves that their victims deserve their punishment. The NWO member’s and the Communist and Muslim Brotherhoods’ stated and strategic goal is to wipe out all of Western Civilization and dominate the world.

The domestic enemies who are wealthy created a self-protecting system for themselves in the USA by using Executive Orders to force Americans to unconstitutionally fund unconstitutional agendas and foreign nations and illegals and radicals, who they migrate, into the USA. The designed program the NWO developed creates wealth for them while living off the worker bees and keeping their millions they’ve somehow gained by using taxpayer money to fund their evil agendas. In other words, they have the Middle Class paying for our own demise.

GRAPHENE – Are we being held hostage by Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates George Soros, Democrats, Big Pharma, WHO and CDC denying us under what constitutional authority to violate our Right to Control our Own Bodies and Free Will and not be used as human lab rats and slaves, property, or chattel all prohibited by the U.S. Constitution.

Those involved in the NWO-UN Agenda 21 appear to believe we are disposable under the guise that 90% of the population is the cause of the earth’s climate change. It appears that these experts in the medical and scientific field who support the China-Gates never-ending injections and boosters will continue fear mongering or punishing the world’s population until they reach their goal of causing an electromagnetic charge inside the body of surviving human beings that react to 5G so they can enslave, track, trace, spy and control individuals.

The Gates-Soros-China and UN-NWO world consists of fewer human beings living in a world of Slaves and Masters. Watch this video because many doctors warn the world’s population that these injections may lead to a potential genocide and link the human body and mind to 5G towers turning the youth into zombies. Who can stop them other than God?

This important video and interview with Former Pfizer Employee and Whistleblower is okay to share because the Host asks us to share his video. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW on GRAPHENE OXIDE – POISON FOUND IN GATES-FAUCI-BIG PHAMA INJECTIONS – ISN’T THAT CRIMINAL?

Do you think that Billionaire CEOs and Bill and Melinda Gates or George Soros care about you and your health if they are involved in evil deeds? They dismiss your life and view you as no more than a Human Lab Rat for their experiments and trials and never ending money making jabs. They take no liability if they injure your body or mind or cut your life short or that of your loved ones. These human rights violations they are mandating are immoral and unethical.

The fear mongering and lies and deceptions are not from God. People who seek to take your life or your health and your loved ones and redistribute the world’s wealth to themselves are truly lost souls. Pray for them that they will wake up before they must face God and be judged for their deeds upon the earth. Hopefully, they ask forgiveness and repent before they pass onto the next life where the soul lives on for all eternity because no one can buy their way into Heaven.

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Rose Colombo is an award-winning author, poet, writer, and researcher who was referred to by the media as a “Crusader for Justice” and refers to herself as a “Consumer Advocate for Justice” who proposed laws in California and nationally that were implemented by legislatures and seen pub. in “Marquis Who’s Who in the World” and “Marquis Who’s Who of American Women.” (c) 7/15/2021

The following information was sent to me from an anonymous person with detailed information on the history of the Coronavirus involving China and the USA. Remember, nothing that takes down the world’s population and leaders and economy is a coincidence. There are no coincidences in life. The information compiled in the information below is the work published by “REAL NEWS.”


Bill Gates & Barack Obama released a docuseries on Netflix called PANDEMIC in December right before the Wuhan virus was “discovered.”

The docuseries pushed the need for the Gates Foundation to receive funding to carry on virus research to prevent the next PANDEMIC!

Bill Gates funded the Wuhan lab in China that released the Wuhan virus and is already selling test kits. Coincidence? Bill Gates was a member of China’s Academy of Sciences who built the lab and he was awarded their highest honor.

The Wuhan virus was originally developed at the University of North Carolina by NIH grants approved by the Obama administration in 2012.

To study the 2003 SARS coronavirus in a lab, NIH scientists developed a man-made version using BAT DNA. That’s what the Communists unleashedab scientists developed a man-made version

The NIH defunded the “dangerous” UNC research because of the proven human-to-human transmission, so the Communist Chinese scientists left UNC and took their work to the NEWLY BUILT Wuhan lab in 2017 – funded by Gates & pals.

The head of the Harvard Chemistry & Biology department, with ties to Gates & Epstein, was arrested for accepting bribes from the Communists. Did Epstein know what was coming?

The Pirbright Institutefunded by Bill Gates, owns the “patent” on Coronavirus genetic sequencing. They did simulation testing on a global PANDEMIC in 2019.

The first case of Wuhan virus was reported in China on November 17th. Communists didn’t inform WHO or CDC until January 11th. Why?

How does the Wuhan virus spread and how does your body fight it?

Bill Gates & Barack Obama docuseries marketed the need for a global “universal” vaccine to replace all other flu vaccines. I believe it will be used to deliver a human chip via nanotechnology designed to be monitored and controlled by Huawei’s 5G network.

12,469 people in the US died of H1N1 flu (from Mexico) under Obama in 2009, many of them children, because he waited 6 months to do anything & never closed the border.

The media said nothing about the 61 million who were infected in Obama’s H1N1 crisis, but is creating a huge panic for Trump around US deaths from the Wuhan virus to destroy the US economy before the election. They tried to do the same thing with SARS under Bush in 2003.

Know why the Commies unleashed the SWINE FLU virus in 2009 to infect 61 million & kill 12,469? To convince the US to pass OBAMACARE!

Thousands of people in the US have died from the common flu this year and the media says NOTHING about that – but is creating a huge panic around US deaths from the Wuhan virus.

DR DREW: “A bad flu season is 80,000 dead and we’ve got 18,000 dead this year from the flu so far and 100 dead from Corona. Which should you be worried about, influenza or Corona? 80,000 versus 100, it’s not a trick question. What I have a problem with is the panic and the fact that businesses are getting destroyed and people’s lives are getting upended. Not by the virus, but by the panic. The panic must stop, and the press they really need to be held accountable, because they are hurting people.

22 out of the total US deaths from the Wuhan virus have come from ONE nursing home in Kirkland, Washington – and 37 out of 41 US death are in Washington State – the home state of Bill Gates. They aren’t telling you that.

Half the staff (70 people) at that nursing home were infected with Wuhan virus. They appear to be the carriers. The nursing home draws employees from a large Chinese population across the border in Canada. I believe Gates placed carriers in vulnerable locations for the narrative and funding.

Another death in Kansas City occurred in a nursing facility owned by the same company who owns the Kirkland facility!

Right after the first deaths were reported in Bill Gates backyard, the Never Trump Governor declared a national emergency & Congress approved over $8 billion – even though Trump asked for only a quarter of that. Much of the funding will flow to Gates’ global “research” partners.

Suddenly Bill Gates says his “foundation” will offer in-home testing kits where you swab your nose with a Q-Tip and send it to his labs. How convenient and timely! I think Gates developed the home-testing kits in order to secure access to all our DNA!

19 out of the 21 who tested positive on the Princess Cruise ship were CREW MEMBERS. Meaning the crews are carriers and are infecting passengers. Who put them there?

The virus started in South Korea because the leaders of a “doomsday” cult went to Wuhan, China and went back and infected 8,000 of their members. Who paid them to do that? South Korean President Moon Jae-in allowed 5 million Chinese to enter the country after the initial outbreak!

In Italy, the virus started in a hospital filled with sick elderly people in a small town in northern Italy — spread by a 38-year old carrier from Wuhan, who recovered. Who put him there? Over 100,000 Chinese migrants from Wuhan own & work in the textile/leather industry in Northern Italy.

In 2019, Italy and Communist China signed an agreement to jointly promote China’s Belt & Road Initiative. Partners in Wuhan Virus!

ER doctors say socialized medicine is so bad in Italy that people avoid clinics and go straight to the hospital where they are housed with the elderly & sick – that’s why the virus spread so fast. Under Italy’s socialist healthcare, if you’re 80+, you can be denied treatment & coverage. Now you know why elderly are dying.

Iran’s leaders suddenly became infected after Iran’s foreign leader met with John Kerry in Munich and laughed about the Wuhan virus on camera. Almost like he was told to go home, create panic and spread the virus.

Iran – like Italy, a partner in China’s Belt and Road initiative – continued flights between Iran and China. The first outbreak was in the city of Qom where most of the Chinese projects are set up.

WHO: 4 countries with economic & political ties (Communist China, South Korea, Italy, Iran) facilitated virus spread around the globe. Italy, Iran, South Korea & China, home to 90% of virus cases, are ALL partners in the Communist Party’s One Belt, One Road scheme!

All those videos out of Communist China of people dying on the streets and thrashing bodies on gurnies from the virus – were fake and sent out by Communist propagandists. What did they really die from?

Thousands of people from Wuhan China have protested against the Communist Party’s plans to build an organic waste “incinerator” plant in their city. They are silent now! What did they really want the incinerator for?

Real videos show Hong Kong freedom fighters being rounded up in handcuffs and sent off to the “hospital” where it’s likely their organs are harvested and they are cremated.

Real videos show elderly people in Communist China trapped in buildings and left to die with no food.

Real videos show that Communist China installed major NEW surveillance cameras and technology to monitor people on the street & in their offices since the virus was released.

Real videos show the Chinese people yelling “IT’S ALL FAKE” from high rises as the Communists pretend to care for them on the streets below.

The Chinese are now being forced to use an app which tells them when they can come and go and tracks their every move. How did the Communists suddenly develop this technology in a month? This was part of the plan and put in place while they were under “quarantine.”

After Trump closed travel from Communist China in January, the Chinese blamed the US and threatened to hold back our pharmaceuticals unless we opened travel back up again. They didn’t expect him to do that – that thwarted their plans to seed the US with more cases.

I believe the virus is no more dangerous than the common flu – for healthy people – but has been engineered to be highly infectious and impact the elderly & sick. Thankfully, it is NOT widely affecting children & young adults like pandemic flu does.

Two Stanford doctors believe that the COMMON flu is 10 times more deadly than Wuhan virus. Stanford doctors

I believe the virus was unleashed by the Communist Party to scare the Chinese people back into their homes and stop the Hong Kong & Taiwanese pro-freedom protests.

I believe the virus was unleashed by the Communists to crash the US economy & drive people away from Trump rallies.

I believe the virus was unleashed to help the Communists round up dissidents, assert global control and to cull the elderly and weak.

I believe the virus was unleashed to scare the American people into accepting SOCIALIZED medicine and total vote-by-mail.

ALL respiratory viral outbreaks peak in March and end in April. I believe this one too.

The SARS Coronavirus panic dropped the market 20% in March 2003, under Bush, and it came roaring back even higher by July. In other words, they’ve done this before to a Republican administration before an election.

Wuhan virus is impacting less than 1% of the population in areas of “high” infection: China (.12%) S. Korea (.21%) Italy (.037%) – although the fake news media makes it sounds like 50% of the population is sick.

Why are so many leaders testing positive for Wuhan Virus? Because Communist China brought the scheme to Davos in January!

The fake news reported that Brazil’s conservative President, Bolsonaro, tested positive for Wuhan virus. His son says that’s a LIE. So far, it appears ONLY left-wing leaders & celebrities are testing positive for Wuhan virus. Sounds like collusion to me!

SOUTH KOREA FACTS: Of 179,160 tests completed, 96% tested negative, 4% positive. 51 people died or .69% of confirmed cases.

Now the fake news is trying to distance Wuhan from the virus — and so is Communist China. That means we’re right over the target.

The New York Times is calling people “racist” for using the term “Wuhan Virus.” I guess they forgot that’s what they used to call it before their masters in the Communist Party told them not to!

Suddenly the liberal Governor of New York says the State will start selling their own brand of hand sanitizer made by prison inmates! How long was that in the works?

Did you know WHO says 67% of ALL people under 50 in the WORLD are infected with HSV-1 (herpes) virus? Many NEVER show symptoms. Think about that. Are we permanently quarantined for herpes virus? NO.

Democrats hope to hype the Wuhan virus for months to destroy the economy, bring down the market, shut down Trump rallies, gatherings, debates, the conventions & force ALL voting by mail or phone! They basically said that tonight on MSNBC & CNN. Democrats are masters at rigging absentee ballots!

UPDATE 3/12/20: I heard a few things today from sources I trust I thought you should know:

1) South Korea has already tested 200,000 people and is testing 20,000 people per day and finding a fatality rate of less than .7% – which I trust.

2) The reason Trump shut down travel from the EU is because the newest Wuhan virus cases in America are from travelers who have visited the EU. The EU has NOT been shutting down its borders to Communist China like we have since 1/31 – in fact the EU is under siege by millions of migrants from who knows where clamoring to invade Greece & Italy.

3) The majority of people who are dying from the Wuhan virus are 80+ with underlying conditions such as emphysema, heart disease or cancer. Young & healthy people have a very low risk – but they CAN transmit it to their elderly parents & grandparents. So, be vigilant. The average age of those who succumb to the Wuhan virus has been confirmed at 81 years old.

4) Many deaths in Communist China appear to come from elderly residents in Hubei province who received NO care at all and were left to fend for themselves. The reason the Wuhan Virus impacts the elderly & vulnerable is simply because their immune systems are not as strong.

5) Many cases in Communist China were actually infected healthcare workers who were not properly safeguarded from patients and ended up re-infecting more patients. China told their healthcare workers there was no contagion problem for weeks, when there was.

6) The same is true in Washington State & California – nursing home employees & cruise ship crew members are spreading the virus to people – not the other way around.

7) As I mentioned many times, historically, Coronavirus outbreaks PEAK in March and start to die out by the end of April. Coronaviruses like cooler drier weather. A second round can start up again in October after a summer hiatus.

8) Of those tested who were positive for ANY respiratory virus, ONLY 2% tested positive for Wuhan. Meaning 98% have the common flu.

9) In order to STOP THE SPREAD in America, during the peak transmission months of March & April, President Trump ASKED businesses, sports teams and major events to suspend activity for 8 weeks to reduce transmission during this peak time. Makes perfect sense to stop it in its tracks and lower the bell curve. What if the shutdown is NOT about Wuhan Virus at all?

10) The bright side of the panic is that liberals are suddenly wanting to buy guns, close borders, build walls, honor elders, cut taxes, stop human trafficking and vaccinate their children.

3/20 UPDATE on Wuhan Virus.

3/22 UPDATE on Wuhan Virus.

What if the shutdown isn’t about the Wuhan Virus at all?


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AHH! How Many Public Servants Invested in Wall Street and China are Okay Using Human Beings as “Hackable Animals” and Lab Rats for Profit?

Rose Colombo, Irwin award-winning author of 2 5 Star Review books, poet, and critical thinker whose published “Women Fight Back” and Pro-Justice Newsletters; columnist pub. in local newspaper for 2 years; former am-FM radio and cable TV producer and host and currently Blogger, writer, and podcast host on the “Issues of the Day,” which was the name of her former cable TV and radio shows referred to by radio hosts who interviewed her as the “Crusader for Justice.” (C) 8/14/2021

Colombo comments, “Once upon a time, there were cartoons named “Tom and Jerry” produced by the Disney Corporation. Millions of kids and adults continue to watch those same cartoons even today. Tom was a cat who was a hunter. Jerry was the Mouse who was the hunted. It was a game of cat and mouse; however, if the cat caught the mouse, he would become Tom’s dinner similar to the movie called “Hunger Games.” I assume if Jerry was caught and Tom ate Jerry for dinner, Tom would continue hunting for the next mouse and the game would continue on. One must ponder what would happen to Tom if all the mice had been captured, eaten, and exterminated from the earth. Would the Hunger game be over or would it cause the extermination of the cats if they lost interest as they grew too old or sick and tired to hunt and eventually self-exterminate from starvation.

Group of Jewish civilians being held at gunpoint by German SS troops after being forced out of a bunker where they were sheltering during the Warsaw...
Innocent Americans don’t need Government Agents Invading the privacy of their Homes and Families and Harassed as we know what happened to the Jews, Europeans, Gays, Blacks, Christians and Catholic when they knocked on their doors during WWII for years before anyone bothered to send help

Recently, I came across a rare video that I’d never seen before. It caught my attention because it explains what many Billionaires and their wealthy inner circle of friends, relatives and associates may have created who are part of the corporate inner-circle who control the wealth. Some people inherited wealth or gained wealth through creating a business. It’s no secret that without money, life is extremely difficult. And, should the people within that inner circle who control everything that the human race needs to survive lose their souls and decide to play the “Hunger Games” to reduce the population come to fruition, they will not succeed after 3 1/2 years of tyranny.

The wealthy ones involved in the New World Order justify their evil deeds should they carry through as benefitting humanity. They convince themselves that there are too many people on the planet and they justify their evil deeds by a need to sustain the planet. Their goal to achieve a sustainable planet is to kill 90% of the population except themselves and their families and inner circle of New World Order members who do not believe in God, even if they say they do on camera. In other words, they view everyone outside of their secret societies as disposable chattel, which I wrote in my award-winning book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse.”

The wealthy NWO members appear to measure people on a merit system as they do in Communist China. The Communist Chinese government uses an AI App tied to America’s Wall Street to determine an individual’s worth or lack of worth for the members involved who believe they are superior beings because of money no matter how they got rich. Some believe they are gods and that they are only answerable to themselves because they control AI and can target people or chip them. They appear to live the perfect life on the outside but their souls are void like their eyes that no longer sparkle because in secret, they are said to engage in immoral acts and plot evil agendas; however, they have members who are complicit, silent, and turn a blind eye to those involved in evil deeds because they worship people with tons of money no matter how they got it.

Should Americans and the world not raise the question if it’s possible that wealthy secret society members could use their money and knowledge and technology to reduce the population of the planet with shots, not using a gun, but a needle? If true, they could commit a potential silent worldwide mass genocide without dropping a nuke. They would sweep the truth away on MSM and Twitter and Facebook and blame it on cancer, viruses, diseases, age, race, ethnicity or poverty while rationing energy, medicines, food and water like they do in most communist nations.

As a child, I still I recall the nuns adamantly repeating to the students to pray for world peace. They said that if Americans turned their backs on God then God would turn His back on them and allow bad things to happen to His children after the year 2000. God’s children must remain faithful. God granted a free will to choose to pray or not pray as well as remaining loyal to God. The nuns stated Americans and people around the world must pray, repent, ask forgiveness, and return back to God as well as rebuke Lucifer and foreign idols,

As a child, I still I recall the nuns adamantly repeating to the students to pray for world peace. They said that if Americans turned their backs on God then God would turn His back on them and allow bad things to happen to His children after the year 2000. God’s children must remain faithful. God granted a free will to choose to pray or not pray as well as remaining loyal to God. The nuns stated Americans and people around the world must pray, repent, ask forgiveness, and return back to God as well as rebuke Lucifer and foreign idols.

Consequently, I am so fascinated with Yuvai Noah Harai’s speech that I transcribed his words and included them further down in the Blog. He spoke in 2020 at the WEF. I often wonder how many Americans and foreigners recall the fear mongering in the USA when MSM was reporting that the end of the world was coming in the New Millennium. The year 2000 is the year that would begin the battle of spiritual warfare. The nuns told us to prepare.

Furthermore, the media and government fear mongered that the grid was going down and we would experience what they named Y2K. They said we would be living in darkness. The media also fear mongered over the ancient Inca’s writings and drawings carved into stone. It was alleged that the Inca’s predicted the end of the world on 12/12/ 2012. Prior to that, people around the world thought WW II was the end of the world. The Bible says, no man or woman will know the hour when God ends this old earth and purges it and restores it as new. The end times of this earth or life is not the end of life. Every human being has a soul that will spend eternity in Heaven or Hell. Choose wisely. You can store up all the goodies you want upon the earth, but you can’t buy your way into heaven.

WOE TO THOSE WHO PLAY GOD! Woe to those who attempt to create a trans-human that is neither male or female and can’t procreate. This is an agenda to mock God of the Bible. God created everyone and everything upon the earth and the universe. God offers every human being a FREE Eternal Life Insurance Policy; however, you must believe in the Holy Trinity and declare Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Your Savior who died on the Cross for our sins and shed his blood for us and Resurrected from the dead on the third day that He ascended into heaven to be with God The Father. That’s it. God loves every human being and He offers eternal life in Heaven. The alternative is an eternal life in Hell. The choice can only be made individually while living upon the earth.

Remember, God commanded that one man and one woman bond and marry and procreate and fill the earth with God’s children and create nations. As a child, the nuns stated that if men and women tried to create a super human and play God after the year 2000, the End Times would be near. The airports have been collecting DNA and hair strands in my opinion as it happened to me. They are radiating humans which is a depopulation program because radiation has serious adverse health effects and can cause cancer and death. The nuns told us that very bad things would happen upon the earth for those who mock God’s creation and try to play God which will anger God. If this Nation, the USA, Blessed by God as a nation built upon a Christian Foundation turns their back on God, He will pour out his wrath upon the earth. He warns everyone in the Bible and the Book of Revelations to watch for the signs. Earthquakes. Volcanoes. Mud Slides. Hurricanes. Flooding, Fires. Diseases. Plagues. Fires.

The Bible warns everyone in the world that they should not take the “mark of the beast” (666) or people could break out in sores and suffer serious illnesses and death. Pray for your protection and that of the world. As the gene therapy continues and injuries and deaths continue to be reported from experimental and trial chemical-laden jabs, knowing all the animals tested died, everyone should be concerned.

Yuval Noah Harai is the author of the international best seller Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (2015) and Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow (2017). He was born in Haifa, Israel, in 1976, received his Ph. D. (By the way, does everyone in America remember in the mid-2000’s when everyone was using the expression AHH or AH Ha moment? Are these coincidences? The transcription that I transcribed further down on my blog may not be exact, but very close).

Yuvai Noah Harai stated, “This danger can be stated in the form of a single equation which I think might be the final defining equation of life in the 21st Century. B x C x D = AHH which means Biological knowledge multiplied by computing power, multiplied by Data it causes the ability to hack humans. “AHH, “he said. If you knew enough biology and you have enough computing power and data, you can hack my body, my brain, my life, and you can understand me better than I understand and know about myself.”

Harai, stated, “You can know my personality type, my political views, my sexual preferences, mental weaknesses, and my deepest fears and hopes. You’ll know more about me than I know about myself. You can do that not just to me, but to everyone. A system that understands us more than we understand ourselves and in the future can predict our feelings and decisions and can ultimately make decisions for us.

“Now in the past,” he said, “many tyrants and governments wanted to do it, but nobody understood biology well enough and nobody had enough computing power and data to hack millions of people neither the Gestapo or the KGB, but soon, at least soon, some governments and corporations will be able to systematically hack all the people.”

Furthermore, Haria stated, “We humans must get use to the idea that we are no longer mysterious souls. We are now hackable animals.” THIS IS A STUNNING STATEMENT.

Colombo says, we are now being being enslaved by the governments of the world and many Globalist CEOs without constitutional authority are enslaving employees or future employees by invading their confidential medical records and coercing them to either get an experimental shot that could be deadly or possibly injure healthy employees for life without any liability for the employers or else lose threaten them with losing their job which borders on extortion, especially if they are invested in Big Pharma and AI. They will starve you to death and your family. Sort of reminds me of my favorite movie, Scrooge, when he tells his employee that he will not donate to the poor because if they starve to death that it will be a good thing for humanity by ridding the world of the surplus population. Was it really a fictional movie or a clue to the NWO and the psychopaths in the world? Click the link to watch the video or read on. The link is at the bottom of the page as well and it intended for information and educational and entertainment purposes only and not posted for monetary value or commercial value.

It appears that the “Vaccine Passport” so you can go to a bar and drink or go to a concert or theater or out to dinner is giving up your U.S. Constitutional Rights that are already guaranteed from birth since the Framers signed the Declaration of Independence as the supreme laws established by this Great Republic operated by those supreme laws of the land. We don’t need Wall Street and Democrats and RINOS and CDC and WHO and HHS to threaten to take away our constitutional freedom, liberty and rights over a flu because that equates to overthrowing the constitution and treason in my opinion.

The “Vaccine Passport appears to overthrow the Constitution of the United States of America in my opinion. This thug like agenda says to you, “Do as you’re told or else be punished.” It also grants total immunity to all involved in the covid 19 experimental and trial injections worldwide that provides no compensation for deaths or permanent injury to individual human beings, but discard them as disposable for the greater good of humanity using human beings as human lab rats for Big Pharma case studies unprecedented in U.S. History or is it? What about the secret experiments in prisons forced on prisoners by the U.S. government? What about allowing people in Third World nations to be injected by WHO and Bill and Melinda Gates in Africa and India that ended in severe adverse health effects? What about the U.S. Military men who were mandated to be injected during the Gulf War and ended up with severe adverse health effects.

The truth is that the FDA policies and regulations require consent and paid volunteers who decide to join in and willingly and agree without coercion to be used for trials and experiments after they’ve been informed of the direct adverse health effects for these tests. Big Pharma manufacturers must compile case studies needed to obtain a license and approval for a vaccine or a Rx Drug in order to apply the case studies for review by the FDA who determines approval and licensing. There is no vaccine without FDA approval and licensing, it only an experiment!

Recently, a European Health agency reported and published their studies online revealing that 15,000 Europeans died after they received the jabs as of July 2021. They also reported that over 1 million Europeans have been seriously injured after receiving the experimental jabs. .

Remember, a shot can kill and depopulate a nation either from a gun or from a needle. The United States Constitution prohibits what is being done in the USA. The Supreme Laws of the Land and Human Rights Laws prohibit slavery. Why are they violating the laws and holding themselves above the law in the USA that prohibit slavery and using people as “lab rats” and taking control over their bodies and minds and using human being as their property or chattel prohibited by the U.S. Constitution. God granted a Free Will and Free Choice to control our own bodies, not men and women with titles or money.

The Following Video is not for monetary use or commercial use, but for information, education, and entertainment purposes only.

It appears that no one prior to being jabbed with an experimental chemical-laden needle is disclosing this information published by the FDA:

FDA OPT OUT and REQUIRED TO INFORM PEOPLE OF THE RISKS. Why is President Biden sending people door to door when the FDA says Americans have the “OPTION” to accept or refuse the vaccine and of any available alternatives of the product. I don’t know anyone who was provided a “FACT SHEET on the risk of the experimental and trial vaccines as stated in the documents or offered the Opt Out prior to be jabbed. Has anyone received a verbal and/or written potential list of the risks or a Consent form or Opt Out form prior to be jabbed with an experimental jab?

FDA INFORMATION: “How will vaccine recipients be informed about the benefits and risks of any vaccine that receives an EUA? FDA must ensure that recipients of the vaccine under an EUA are informed, to the extent practicable given the applicable circumstances, that FDA has authorized the emergency use of the vaccine, of the known and potential benefits and risks, the extent to which such benefits and risks are unknown, that they have the option to accept or refuse the vaccine, and of any available alternatives to the product. Typically, this information is communicated in a patient “fact sheet.” The FDA posts these fact sheets on our website.


Speaking about the study, Professor Rose Anne Kenny, Principal Investigator of TILDA, said:’We have evidence to support a role for Vitamin D in the prevention of chest infections, particularly in older adults who have low levels. In one study Vitamin D reduced the risk of chest infections to half in people who took supplements.

EVMS also recommends daily doses of vitamin D3 (1,000-4,000 IU), vitamin C (500 mg), and melatonin (0.3mg-2 mg each night). The school also recommends twice-daily doses of quercetin (250 mg-500 mg) and says that a daily dose of famotidine (Pepcid) of 20-40 mg may be added to the mix.

There are between 28,000 up to nearly 50,000 deaths from Covid 19 Sars after injected with an experimental and trial case studies reported online naming VAERS statistics worldwide, yet it appears the fact that 10,000,000 babies were killed by abortion worldwide is not acknowledged by the world’s population as a crimes against humanity and genocide of future natural born citizens of sovereign nations needed to preserve their Homelands in the future.


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The Greatest U.S. Threat to Freedom by Treason under the guise of a “flu” to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and Redistribute America’s Wealth to NWO Wall Street Billionaires

Rose Colombo, award-winning, author, writer, poet and radio host. Former radio host of am-FM radio on KYMS, KORG, KWNK, KIEV, and KGER Salem, Issues of the Day and current online podcast, Colombo Chronicles. Colombo writes about injustices and legal abuses seeking solutions to maintain freedom, liberty, rights for all Americans and future generations.

STOP THE VACCINE PASSPORT! The unconstitutional worldwide “Vaccine Passport” is being aggressively pushed by U.S. President Biden knowing that they use this APP in China to control their citizens and punish those who they choose based on a merit system. The Billionaires on Wall Street, who fund the Democrat Party and invested in AI Apps also do business with Communist China and secretly embrace Communism for many reasons aside from profit. The Democrats appear by their actions to favor China, Iran, Palestine and the anti-American Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR-Hamas organization over America and Israel. The Democrats praised the Iranian IMAM and President Xi Jinping of China. President Biden and Speaker Pelosi and V.P. Harris and Senator Schumer support Marxist BLM. They kneel down to BLM Marxist which is funded by George Soros through his non-profits. Soros funds communist ANTIFA through non-profits.And, many wealthy Democrats such as the Biden’s, Kamala Harris, Valerie Jarrett, Colin Powell, and others are invested with BlackRock which is is a $9 Trillion Wall Street business that may even control the U.S. Taxpayer’s money that is held by the Federal Reserve. So, where’s the gold? Aren’t these huge Conflicts of Interest and selling out our nation’s economic system to Wall Street?

It appears that George Soros, Obama and Bill Ayers worked together to create the Marxist organization referred to as BLM or Black Lives Matter and the communist group named ANTIFA funded and trained up to disrupt cities inside the USA and create Black-White division. It appears that the Democrat Billionaires on Wall Street, who appear to be members of the NWO, only donate and bundle for the key Democrats that they pre-select and pre-elect for government positions. It’s obvious that the Democrats are beholdin’ to their Masters who engage in secret agendas. And, now, through the DNC, they seek to make everyone beg the elected Democrats who were elected to do the will of the people to deny them the right to leave their home or go to school, enjoy a movie or theater or a concert or travel, but which constitutional authority are they applying to dictate and mandate these human rights violations to all legal Americans? Most Democrat governors and mayors and some law enforcers are exercising tyranny against the American citizens and that can lead to “Crimes against Humanity” if not brought under control.

33,684 Concentration Camp Photos and Premium High Res Pictures

Above is a photo from the Holocaust of WWII and the men who were forced onto the trains into concentration camps. They were kidnapped at gun point or executed on the spot after the no-warrant and no-knock home invasions in Europe began. The Democrats have been promoting No Warrant and No Knock home invasions by law enforcement since Clinton entered the White House in 1993 and appointe Janet Reno and Erick Holder into office. They in turn, also for whatever reason pardoned Marc Rich.

Hitler’s Nazi regime threw people onto what appears to be FEMA trains during WWII and they held millions of people hostage in concentration camps. They were made to be chattel. Property. Human Commodities for enslavement, rape, starvation, workers, and for vaccine experiments, radiation and sterilization, and other experiments conducted by their sinister Scientists and Doctors. Million of health people were turned into disposable and discardable human commodities who were easily disposable if they were found of no worth to the Nazi regime. By the way, 10s of 1000s of people in Europe, UK, Australia and the USA have died from their Big Pharma-Gates-Fauci-WHO-CDC Democrat trial and experimental vaccines and millions have been injured temporarily or permanently for life without compensation for the loss of a loved one or for turning healthy people into disabled persons. What’s the difference between now and then?

Big Pharma’s billionaire CEOs and their Lobbyists who promise big donations to Democrats and RINOS campaign funds behind closed doors suddenly were granted immunity by the Democrat Congress from lawsuits claiming injury or death right before they began jabbing human beings. It appears everything was put in place to favor Big Pharma and protect them from paying for deaths and injuries instead of protecting the American people from deaths and injuries. Congress should have demanded long term case studies on the covid-19 trials and experimental vaccines that include gene manipulation. Failing to disclose gene therapy as well a the graphene toxin is misleading the American people by failing to disclose this technology that can cause serious adverse side effects. This non-disclosure of facts makes the jabs more potent than chemical-laden vaccines. All vaccines, especially trials and experimental jabs can have serious direct adverse health effects on individual human bodies. Why would the FDA approve emergency trials and experiments on human beings when they had already experimented on plants ad animals with gene manipulation that allegedly alters God-given DNA with unknown consequences. After the myriad of animals were tested the second time, every on of the animals retested died.

Hitler and his regime took control over their bodies and used human beings created by God for human commodities for profit that equates to enslavement which is what they do in Communist China. I think Wall Street Billionaires have been hanging out in Communist China for way too long since Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton jumped in bed with Communist China and opened p the Long Beach Naval Base and Port to the foreign enemy nation of China in 1993, which appears to border on treason or espionage, but Bill Clinton, pulled it off under the guise of “outsourcing” and “globalism” leading to the death and devaluation of the U.S. Dollar. A billionaire named George Soros made it his goal to devalue the U.S. Dollar and to make China the #1 super power in the world as stated from his own lips during interviews. Soros worked for Hitler during his youth and he said he enjoyed it.

The Communist Nazi regime were changed and transformed by continual fear mongering and tyranny using rewards of maybe getting fed or being punished if the once free people didn’t comply with Hitler’s orders/ Does it sound familiar to anyone in America when the government indefinitely detained innocent and healthy Americans in their homes and Dr. Fauci and CDC and Bill Gates fear mongered that if Americans didn’t comply and isolate and remain locked down in their homes until the world is jabbed that they would be punished with fines or arrests? Which constitutional authority were they applying to grant themselves tyrannical and totalitarian authority over a Free Nation whose citizens are the government and pay the wages of all public servants?

It appeared that Hitler preferred blond kids with blue eyes to be removed from their biological parents and adopted out to German parents. Does that sound familiar to anyone who has been through the family law courts in the USA after filing for divorce and suddenly CPS shows up to remove your kids from you even though you are a non-offending parent and never saw your kids again? In Germany, during WWII, the kidnaped kids ripped from their biological parents and adopted out were provided with fake German identification and their minds were reprogrammed to believe they were German citizens. After the kids were adopted by German families and learned German customs and the language, they didn’t remember their biological parents or roots as years went by.

Furthermore, the Nazi government denied their hostages the right to speak or think, just obey. Today, there are similar agendas happening in Western Civilization which appears that we are being led over the cliff by foreign and domestic enemies infiltrated into all branches of government, schools, churches, and universities and public schools. The truth is that the Gates-Fauci “vaccine passport” would lead to tyranny by the wealthy people in the world invested in Wall Street who control Wall Street. Many invested in 5G and AI spying, tracking and tracing devices as well as Huawei and Communications, Facebook and Twitter, appear to influence the world’s population and to change the minds and bodies and behaviors of every human on the planet. It’s extremely important that every American oppose the Gates-Fauci-NWO communist “Vaccine Passport” immediately. Americans didn’t elect Gates or Fauci or Soros or the CDC Director to dictate indefinite detentions or provide them the right to impoverish the Middle Class and control their minds and bodies.

They weren’t granted authority by the government, We The People, to indefinitely detain Americans or cut off our free oxygen supply provided by God by forcing every person to wear masks long term or else be punished. We The People didn’t grant them authority to shut down our businesses and destroy millions of jobs at their discretion. Americans must immediately write, email, call and message our representatives online. Your voice counts and so does your signature if requested to sign the Liberty Counsel petition to save Freedom for future generations. The Gates-Fauci “vaccine passport” overthrows the U.S. Constitution and The Bill Of Rights by denying freedom, liberty and rights to all Free human beings guaranteed by the Supreme Laws of the Land.

The Democrats and CEOs on Wall Street, such as Gates and Soros and their wealthy Wall Street and political friends or associates such as Dr. Fauci and Jeffrey Epstein and it appears BlackRock won’t be carrying a “vaccine passport” because they are the people who will take control over your life, body, mind, money, kids, assets and property just like Hitler did during WW II. Gates, Soros, and their wealthy associates will continue to exercise freedom, liberty, rights without being tracked or traced and spied upon by CEOs and government who control social media tracking and spying technology such as the 5g radiation towers and are using Twitter and Facebook to infuence political elections it appears by suspending and silencing the Right or even the POTUS on the Right or the doctors who share cures for covid 19 How many lives could have been saved?

Gates and his wealthy friends and associates will control you and your family and invade your privacy with tracking and tracing devices which is tyrannical and unconstitutional. But, the vaccine passport will wipe out the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights under the guise of “saving lives” to gain total control over humanity and the world. This is definitely 1984 Orwellian creepy. Gates seeks to control everything such as health care, dimming the sun and denying a healthy sourcesof energy such as the sun and vitamins such as Zinc, C, and D, Magnesium, Selenium and more. He attempted to patent lemons. Why would Gates want to patent lemons and ration or deny them? Why did Bill Clinton seek to turn Vitamin C into a Rx drug that people would have to buy? Well, Vitamin C helps prevent colds and respiratory problems withother supplements and nourishment and sunshine.

Should we not ask why Bill Gates attempted to patent lemons, but failed? Perhaps, one reason could be that Dr. Chen shared with the public at great risk in China that people can cure covid if they cut 3 slices of lemon with the rind and place in a a cup and put hot boiling water in the cup and let it simmer and drink this hot lemon juice everyday. Should people not ponder why Bill Gates not only wanted to patent and own all the lemons produced, but dim the sun. Sun shine is healthy for all living beings and animals and nature. The sun spreads warmth and exudes Vitamin D that doctors say people should take along with other supplemets they recommend to help keep the immune strong and protect themselves from covid.

Consequently, Bill Gates is reported to state during his interview or speeches that his goal is to change and transform what we at. He stated he owns 500,000 shares of Monsanto and his researchers are developing the food of the future which he says will be ( non-nutritional) GMO lab-grown foods, milk and molecular meat meaning cows and horses, dogs, pigs, chickens, mammals, and birds are on their way out like the babies on abortion tables that he and Melinda Gates donate and support. Gates has been busy for the 2 years Americans were locked down while farmers crops and animals were destroyed causing financial distress while he bought up acres and acres of farmland across the USA. Controlling the farm land and food and water and oil and energy creates the ability to control the population of the planet.

Remember, Bill Gates and his wealthy NWO associates and investors support eugenics. Euthanasia. Early-End-of-Life Counseling. Trannies who can’t procreate. Same-sex indoctrination in public schools who can’t procreate. Wiping out 70,000,000 Natural Born Americans who aren’t here to preserve America or fight for American freedoms. How will people fight back if they dying or being disabled by the trials and experimental jabs with gene manipulation and unknown consequences and no compensation for deaths and injuries by these Billionaires?

Ask yourself why would the government on the LEFT if not involved allow one man to purchase a majority of farmland where we grow our crops and allow him to buy and control that land without stipulating that he must grow natural food crops to feed the nation and the world? What if he decides to starve the world and Americans since he’s not a farmer? Why would he want to feed the USA when he believes in depopulation and supports trans indoctrinations of kids as well as, same-sex and mandated taxpayer funded abortions at Planned Parenthood as all of these agendas are depopulation programs?

It appears that Bill and Melinda Gates, and their wealthy U.N. and NWO members on Wall Street, EU, and secret societies are working on the perfect race. Do they now have technology using gene manipulation and altering DNA to create babies in a pod custom ordered where they begin life in a petrie dish? How isit that these Scientists and doctors and wealthy ones are allowed to manipulate God’s DNA and play god under the guise of “philanthropy” and “Science?” These wealthy CEOs such as George Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates, Clinton’s, Obama’s, and many more who support and fund the Democrat Party, seek to determine who lives and dies. This death pane was inserted into Obamacare that calls for early-end-of-life counseling, euthanasia, U.S. taxpayer funded worldwide abortions and vaccines Obamacare inserted rationing and denying health care to Americans only and excluding themselves and Muslims and illegals which is discrimination against whites and European descendants. And, it’s alleged that Planned Parenthood was granted millions of stimulus money through the SBA.

It appears that many of the secret NWO agendas are being pushed by those named and more wealthy persons behind the curtain pulling who are pulling the strings to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights by forcing an unconstitutional tyrannical “vaccine passport” on Americans and people around the world. They are using Wall Street’s CEOs such as Ticket Master and Disneyland Cruise Ships and Airlines to punish us if we don’t comply with being used as guinea pigs for their profits. These CEOs aren’t ourdoctors and they have no right to invade our personal and confidential medical records as protected by theHIPPAA laws. Why don’t they puttheir medical records on line forpublic review and scrutiny beginning with the POTUS as the first example?

The Gates-Fauci-AI-China “vaccine passport” says comply or else be punished. They are using coercion to coerce people to get jabbed with an experimental new technology with unknown consequences for each individual person or or else denying Americans their constitutional right to drive, operate a business or go to school or travel. They are coercing people to get jabbed by offering them financial incentives. Furthermore, it appears that Gates and his NWO associates seek to use robotoids, humanoids, clones and transhumans which are neither male or female and can’t procreate.

It’s no secret that the NWO agendas blowing in the wind include the United Nations Agenda 21, 30 and 50 for depopulation of the planet. Bill Gates seeks to wipe out 90% ofthe population by 2050 and reduce the carbon monoxide down to zero by 2050. Americans should ask Bill Gates and the Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, who support the Planned Parenthood depopulation program, why they had children and grandchildren if they believe in depopulation for everyone else is it?

How is it that the entire government appears to be ignoring the fact that Bill and Melinda Gates and their associates such as Jeffrey Epstein and George Soros may be attempting to commit a potential worldwide genocide using these agendas that are now implemented without being held accountable.

IURGENT! Your life and the life of your loved ones could be at high risk! Remember, anyone who has child vaccinations and small pox vaccinations can never be labeled as anti-vaxers! Bill and Melinda Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Birx, CDC, WHO and public servants who are funded by taxpayers to do the WILL of the American people are trampling on their job duties and sworn oath to do the WILL of WE THE PEOPLE and uphold the U.S. Constitution, not the WILL of the wealthy CEOs such as Gates, Fauci, CDC, WHO, and Big Pharma who are in the business of developing vaccines for their multi-billion dollar industrial complex. Ask yourself what do these Big Pharma companies need to be successful and earn billions of profits? It’s simple. They need customers. Who are their customers? Their customers are you. They need human beings to jab in the arm in order to generate billions in profit for more research and jabs.

Americans are called upon by the U.S. Constitution and God to perform their fiduciary duty and remove a corrupt government as established by the U.S. Constitution who are committing crimes against humanity and using people as guinea pigs for profit. Using Human Beings as Human Commodities for Human Capital. . It is the duty of all Americans to protect and save their Homeland and the Republic operated by the U.S. Constitutional Supreme Laws of the Land. They are to protect Freedom, Liberty and Rights being overthrown by a “Vaccine Passport” from traitors who appear to be committing treason so they can control everyone on the planet, reduce the population, and redistribute the world’s wealth to themselve

Therefore, people are questioning why the U.S. Democrat government is ignoring the international wave of doctors who offer cures by silencing or punishing credentialed doctors who work with covid patients. Denying truth and cures to Americans and the world is a communist agenda, not the American standard. CDC admitted that for 2 years, patients admitted to the hospital for any reason and patient deaths were recorded as Covid regardless of the real cause of death such as a car accident or pre-existing condition. Everyone knows most people recover at a rate published at 99.7% to 99.9% rate.

“WITH A VACCINE PASSPORT IN PLACE, YOUR RIGHTS WILL NO LONGER EXIST…..” states Matt Staver, attorney, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel.

Patriotic Americans who embrace Americanism and The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights defined by The Declaration of Independence and the Bible need to help fight back by signing the Liberty Counsel Petition and donating to saving our U.S. Constitutional Freedoms. It is the loyal patriots, who Honor our American Fallen Heroes, Veterans, and U.S. Military, who get it. Americanism is under attack. Freedom is under attack. Privacy is gone. Americans are at high risk by domestic enemies from within, who embrace Communist China. Communism. China’s honey pots. And, many politicians and CEOs do business with Communist China. In fact, many in public office for 25-50 years have been secretly making millions using family members to make secret deals with foreign enemy nations and alleged to receive kick backs as they unethically and immorally create wealthy family dynasties using elected and appointed positions in government. Is China working with Russia and Iran to come against America is a question blowing in the wind for decades.

It isn’t any secret that Bill and Melinda Gates, George Soros, and their friends, Jeffrey Epstein and the Bush’s, Clinton’s and Obama’s and wealthy Democrats embrace China and Iran, Palestine, and The Muslim Brotherhood. They support the United Nations depopulation programs, Agenda 21, 30, and 50, linked to the New World Order secret society members on Wall Street and wealthy Hollywood Libs. It appears they are attempting to accelerate their agendas and overthrow the Constitution of the United States of America by enacting an unconstitutional and tyrannical “vaccine passport” to control the masses through AI, which is what China currently implemented. An interesting question is what happens when these NWO seniors and elderly die or they lose control of the grid or it goes down or Wall Street crashes and they lose everything? Chaos? Crisis? Devastation? Rape? Murder? Looting? They should be brought before a Grand Jury and an investigation opened on this “vaccine passport” that will supersede the U.S. Constitution.

Colombo says, “Wake Up, America! Seek out the truth and help support and donate to “LIBERTY COUNSEL” as they fight back against tyrannical billionaires and millionaires involved in this “Big Pharma Vaccine Industrial Complex” that isn’t about vaccines. It is about control. Power. Sex. Money. And, the Redistribution of your wealth and the world’s wealth to them so they can redevelop the world by creating the super race in pods with fewer people and controlling the bodies and minds of humans and enslaving them or using chips to contorl them. This New World Order aka New Green Deal aka Climate Change redistribution of America’s wealth to Wall Street billionaires is a means for them to take control of all farmland, ranches, animals, birds, fish, water supplies, oceans, lakes, skies and dim the sun to stop spreading Love. Happiness. Health. vitamin D. Vitamin C. Nutritional Foods from healthy soil. Fish from healthy oceans and lakes. They seek to control the oil, gasoline, coal, food, water, and you.

These Billionaires who believe they can buy humanity and the planet’s resources for control over the planet and seek control over the survivors by making themselves the masters of more than 7 Billion Human Beings on the planet should be questioned as to their motives by the United States Senate Judiciary Committee and a Grand Jury. Apparently, they have nothing better to do then deny Americans and people around the world their FREE WILL and THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE and THINK and SPEAK. These same people such as Bill and Melinda Gates, Dr. Fauci, Clinton’s, Obama’s, and more will continue to exercise their freedom, liberty, and rights and wealth and do whatever they please, but no one else will be allowed to do so without the permission of Silicon Valley CEOs who control AI and Social Media, Bill and Melinda Gates, Microsoft, Monsanto, China, or wealthy NWO members is it?

After WWII, the KGB Russian leaders stated that they would take down America without dropping one bomb. They’ve already taken control over the lives of all Americans by working with domestic enemies. One of their agendas is keeping the borders open. This is a violation of state and federal laws. They are inviting foreigners to violate our laws and possibly bring more diseases and viruses into the USA. On or about 2009, Obama and Biden and Holder approved of Detain and Release for illegals who enter illegally into the USA without vetting. E.O.’s are used to dictate laws so they can bypass congress and the senate for approval. It’s like a warp speed vaccine that bypasses all the FDA standards to produce safe Rxs and vaccines, although, they’ve approved Rx’s and Vaccines that caused deaths, paralysis, sterility, depression and suicidal tendencies and hallucinations and damage to organs. E.O.’s trample on the 3 Branches of Government and ignores Checks and Balances.

Bill and Melinda Gates and the democrats and RINOS elected or appointed into office as well as Big Pharma, CDC and WHO Directors, George Soros and NWO members on Wall Street invested in Big Pharma and AI Apps are intertwined with China. These APPS deny Freedom, Liberty and Constitutional, Civil and Human Rights to human beings around the world. These same people are controlling the country’s citizens without constitutional authority that denies human beings dignity, Free Will, Free Choice, Privacy, Right-to-Life, Right-to-Worship, and control over our bodies and minds. They are denying parental rights to parents through criminal and family law courts and added covid that can prohibit parents their parental right to make decisions about their biological kid’s bodies and minds as well as curriculum in public schools. For example, did Bill Gates Microsoft company compile “Obamacare” or part of “Obamacare” that included worldwide taxpayer funded abortions and vaccines and rationed and denied health care or Common Core that included Islamic studies? The hypocrisy is that the government denies parental rights over their kids bodies and minds and yet, they allow kids to make a decision on their own about their bodies when it comes to abortions. Why are Americans forc ed to pick up the tab for a billion dollar private business known as Planned Parenthood who donates to the Democrat Party and uses pregnant women to agree to participate in a seamless assembly line of killing babies legally on abortion tables as human commodities so they can take the body parts to market and sell to the highest bidder?

Shouls Americans not ask if Bill Gates is the shadow government leader of the UN-NWO secret societies working to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and replace it with the “vaccine passport” that denies freedom, liberty, rights, sovereignty to all Americans who refuse to participate in his experiments and trials involving his long time friends, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, Clinton’s, Obama’s, Microsoft, Big Pharma, Monsanto, Farmland, Ranches, Babies, AI spying and tracking and tracing human beings on the planet and punishing human beings who refuse to comply with the never-ending jabs that make billions for Gates, Fauci, Big Pharma, CDC, WHO, and all investors? After all, Bill Gates said, “You have no choice” and yet, it’s alleged that Bill Gates and his family never get vaccinated. Bill Gates is alleged to visit Jeffrey Epstein and China many times and that Bill Gates favors communism and eugenics, ethanasia and depopulation of the planet under the guise of saving the planet. Is this a communist training program to train up free Ameicans to stand in line and distance and agree to be guinea pigs and comply with the Gates and Fauci and CDC and WHO all linked for decades involving vaccines. Isn’t that what Hitler did when he trained up his hostages and used them for trials and experiments? Didn’t he believe that the millions of humans who would be controlled and silenced had “no choice?” Which constitutional authority allowed Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, CDC and WHO to take control over the entire nation and without providing scientific published articles and names of the Scientists indefinitely with unlimited authority over the nation decided to lock us down as prisoners or hostages without rights?

These same people have threatened us with jail and criminal records for not wearing a mask regardless of our health issues be it physical or emotional issues suffered by individuals. We have been taken hostage by these wealthy Democrats on Wall Street, especially Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and CDC whose entire business is vaccines and they’re invested in Big Pharma. CDC and Dr. Fauci are alleged to own Patents on coronavirus which is a huge Conflict of Interest.

In fact, Glaxo and Big Pharma are alleged to be invested in the Wuhan Labs and China as well as Wall Street. We not only are watched by Big Brother 24/7 and fear mongered on microphones in parking lots, but told by Gates and Fauci and others to comply or else be punished by these people and Governors and Mayors of Blue States. Are they not forcing their own will on Americans versus doing the will of the American people?

It’s rather bizarre that Obama and Blue State Governors released tens of thousands of felons, jihadists, cartel members and traffickers from prisons onto the streets so they don’t get Covid, but have no problem arresting the average loyal taxpaying Americans for not wearing a mask who don’t want to cut off their oxygen supply. The Democrats appear to be okay with arresting Americans who refuse to be used by Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci for their Big Pharma trials and experimental new technology jabs with th unknown consequences like rashes, paralysis, death or strokes, blood clots… Apparently, they need to fill the empty beds in the prisons with non-criminal Americans.

Consequently, it should be very concerning to every American that Joe Biden and the Democrats are targeting white Americans and European descent as well as Republicans as “domestic enemies” which is a very serious accusation by a POTUS and the entire Democrat party. Do they expect to fill the prisons they empties out when they released the real criminals with Americans who refuse to be jabbed or wear a mask without providing constitutional authority? It should be labeled a human rights crime to use any American man, woman, or child for government chattel so wealthy CEOs can use people for trials and experimental jabs without written consent on U.S. soil Using people as chattel is prohibited by the U.S. Constitution. It’s called “slavery.”

The state and federal laws as well as Human Rights Laws and Civil Rights Laws provide for human beings inside the USA the right to exercise freedom. The Right to Work” and sustain the necessities of life is the law of the land and includes work, shelter, medicine, education, and travel. It’s obvious that Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci or the CDC Director shouldn’t have authority with unlimited powers to stop the entire nation from working and going to school for years and that needs to be addressed in the senate. In fact, where did they get any authority to stop people from breathing God-given FREE Fresh Oxygen through the nose to maintain healthy cells, organs, and the immune system while exhaling carbon monoxide from the mouth 24/7 non-stop which God intended us to do to stay healthy. Covid stops people from breathing in oxygen, which is needed to stay alive, so why is Gates, Fauci, CDC, and WHO and President Biden criminalizing Americans for exercising their Right to breathe in fresh free oxygen to stay alive and keep the immune system healthy and fight off viruses and diseases? How can it be healthy to order people to wear 3 masks and a plastic shield without providing scientific documentation and the names of those Scientists who published case studies.

Why is Gates, Fauci, CDC, WHO, Social Media, MSM and Retail stores and markets harassing us and brainwashing free people outside and inside their stores as if they’re getting people conditioned to being spied upon by the Orwellian predictions. BIG BROTHER is watching you! Big Brother is now in parking lots – shopping centers – on the radio while driving – Wear a Mask!! Wash Your Hands! Distance! Do they think we’re that stupid? They are creating more fear and more stress on humanity and indoctrinating Americans until they achieve their goal. Americans can’t enjoy a day away from their fear mongering whether they are listening to music on the radio at home or in their cars or shopping or, watching a funny movie at home! Suddenly, you’re harassed over and over again as they invade your privacy causing people to believe – everyone is dangerous and you are going to die! Who will stop these people from causing financial, physical and emotional harm to Americans and people around the world?

Furthermore, Democrats who climbed into bed with China and embrace communism have been reported in alternative news of millions by making secret deals with China. It’s no secret that George Soros goal as stated is anti-American and pro-China. He said many times that he will make Communist China the #1 super power in the world by devaluing the U.S. Dollar. How is it that Soros has never been deported from America as an enemy of the United States? Is it because money talks and he donates to the Democrats in office and pretty much controls the Democrats on every level?

Consequently, Communist China isn’t about to drop a nuke on America. They want to control America. China is totally involved with America’s Wall Street and Communications, Banking, Hotels, Social media and more. They have figured out how to access America’s intellectual property making it easy for them by being allowed to invest in AI and Social Media on Wall Street. They own Hollywood. In fact, China installed Huawei communications inside the USA and inside the foreign enemy’s nation of Iran. Russia, Iran, and China are enemies of the USA. However, these foreign enemy nations are using our taxpayer funded American air waves that belong to the American people. The FCC and U.S. Government and China, Social media and Cable CEOs have been trampling on our ownership of America’s public taxpayer funded air waves. Think about that for a moment. We The People have the power to shut them out and shut them down legally and demand royalties. They should be paying us. We shouldn’t be paying them to watch television or movies online or to make them billionaires by using our taxpayer funded airwaves.

The examples above should be disturbing to most Americans as a “vaccine passport” would be in line with Communist China’s Social media phone app who control their citizens based on the “merit” system and their punishments as well and allow Gates, Fauci, CDC, WHO, Big Pharma, and Democrats to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights through fear mongering over a flu with a 99.9% recovery rate. Do they not care about their children’s freedom in the future? The Democrats and Wall Street’s NWO members appear to be above the law. The Democrat Party’s key members who somehow are living in mansions and owning yachts and private islands and so forth are complicit with the Gates-Fauci-Big Pharma-CDC-WHO social media “vaccine passport” that overthrows the entire Supreme Laws of the Land of this Great Republic as they rip up the Constitution of the USA without fear of being held accountable by God or government?

The stated and strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR, Russian KGB and Communist China is to wipe out all of Western Civilization, Israel, Christians, Catholics, Jews, Gays, Blacks and reduce the population for the compliant survivors who will been enslaved just like Hitler did in WWII or worse if Americans remain complicit to a “vaccine passport” due to Fauci and Gates fear mongering.

These same wealthy Democrats in office for 25-50 years have lived off the taxpayer’s dole most of their lives and take taxpayer wages and benefits and increase their wages even during economic hard times while they destroy businesses and jobs and families over a flu without constitutional dictatorial authority to trample on the “Right-to-Work and sustain the necessities of life. The entire Democrat Party and federal government has allowed anti-American George Soros to fund Marxist and Communist groups with intent to create civil disruption and devalue the U.S. Dollar and make Communist China the #1 economic and military power in the world, but apparently, no one cared or cares.

The Democrats funded by many on Wall Street are okay with helping Gates and Dr. Fauci and Social media and China push the “vaccine passport” so Gates and his associates can control everyone in the USA and around the world. They convinced the police and Sheriffs that they must criminalize 339 million Americans who refuse to cut off their oxygen supply by wearing masks long term which is unhealthy for the human body’s cells and immune system, organs and brain and can cause diseases and death. This is common sense, not medical advice. Isolation is unhealthy., especially for the elderly and children. How evil to stop families from visiting their parents or grandparents and not know what the medical facility is doing to them because adult American children aren’t allowed inside their rooms. Think about it.

These same Democrats who are wealthy have forced millions of Americans into poverty. Homelessness and poverty leads to disease, depression, suicide, and death. These NWO fear mongering wealthy people have destroyed lives, families, businesses and jobs across the nation and around the world. They don’t have to worry about bills or feeding their kids or paying utilities. They don’t worry about how theid kids will be educated because they can afford tutors. They don’t worry about a house payment because they live in mansions and sail about on yachts and jet off to private islands where they don’t wear masks or distance! Greed and Narcissist and/or sociopaths with inflated egos thrive on money, power, control, and their personal sexual preferences. They can never get enough land, stocks, money and they will never be satisfied. One mansion isn’t enough. One island isn’t enough. One car isn’t enough so that leads to seeking control over the entire planet. And, how can they accomplish such a goal? Fear Mongering. Buying marketing and ads on MSM, radio and social media as well as in the parking lots of retail stores non-stop. Branding one’s self as the world’s expert and telling people, “You have no choice.” And, for the finale, rolling out the tyrannical freedom killer known as the China-Wall Street-Fauci-Gates “vaccine passport?”

How did the medical profession swearing an oath to “Do no harm” end up with the will to “Do harm” by taking control over people’s bodies using experimental and trial chemical-laden vaxx’s and technology never used on human beings with unknown consequences that can happen immediately, short, or long term and with immunity from injuries and deaths after they jab people even against their will?

Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, Bill and Melinda Gates, CDC and WHO Directors know that the world’s recovery rate is at 99.9%. Nevertheless, these same people controlling our lives for 2 years appear to have taken over control of our nation and we are to do as they dictate or else be punished. How is it that for 2 years, these same people have dismissed important information by prominent international doctors on how to maintain a healthy immune system or cure Covid 19? Americans are asking why the government and FCC allows Social Media to ban not only a POTUS, but important information from ethical doctors and scientists sharing their knowledge from around the world only to be silenced. Many of these doctors have recorded case studies on their treatments of Covid patients who were cured. How sad that doctors must fear being targets of the Left who could cause them to lose their licenses or jobs.

Even during the Spanish Flu the Health Department declared the masks didn’t stop the virus, but good nutrition, ventilation, fresh air helped end the pandemic as 60% of the population were poor, so why is Dr. Fauci, Gates, CDC. and Democrats making the Middle Class Americans poor with lockdowns and skyrocketing utility costs and food needed to maintain healthy minds and bodies? The health department reported that wearing masks long term contributed to bacterial pneumonia and gum disease and more people died from bacterial pneumonia and TB than the flu. They also didn’t have enough clean water or hot water. People in cold climates froze to death and people in the deserts died of heat exhaustion as well. Third World Nations such as Africa and India or 1918 can’t be compared to the most prosperous well-developed natin in the world.

It’s time for all human beings to begin looking at information from doctors and their personal doctors and nutritionist on how to buildup a strong immune system and maintain it. The health department in 1918 reported that ventilation – fresh air – oxygen helped cure people. This goes back to God who provided every human being with a nose to breathe in fresh free OXYGEN to stay alive and exhale carbon monoxide to maintain healthy cells and a healthy immune system, organs, and brain. Of course, people with pre-existing conditions already have a weak immune system or they wouldn’t have a serious illness, but the majority of people survive and not only survive the flu, a pandemic, but continue to increase the population of the world in virus plagued Third World Nations such as Africa, India, and China without vaccines since time began. Should we not ask the question as to why Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, Bill and Melinda Gates who say they into “saving lives,” , Big Pharma and CDC and WHO Directors never mentioned Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and Remdesivir? Or, when did they ever mention Vitamin C and Zinc? Sunshine and Vitamin D….berries and laughing and enjoying life as being healthy and normal?

Furthermore, Matt Staver, who represents “Liberty Counsel” states, “We’ve seen a low tech version of the vaccine passport used to control churches in Kansas City, Missouri. We pushed back against that outrageous tactic and won. But a digital vaccine passport will be more difficult to overcome. Your every move will be followed by the associated tracking apps.” This writer adds that this has been implemented in China and their citizens can’t do anything without the permission of the government based on a merit system recorded on an app on their cell phones.”

“WITH A VACCINE PASSPORT IN PLACE, YOUR RIGHTS WILL NO LONGER EXIST…..” states Matt Staver, attorney and Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel.

Staver continues, “Your right to travel, shop, dine or worship is threatened b digital vaccine passports. Naomi Wolf, a liberal feminist author and former political advisor to both Bill Clinton and Al Gore said,

“I’m CEO of a tech company. I understand what this platform does. It’s not about the vaccine, it’s not about the virus. It’s about data. And once this rolls out, you don’t have a choice about being part of the system. What people have to understand is that any other functionality can be loaded onto that platform with no problem at all. They’re trying to roll it out around the world. It is so much more than a “VACCINE PASSPORT. I can’t stress this enough. IT HAS THE POWER TO TURN OFF YOURLIFE. TO LET YOU ENGAGE IN CIVIL SOCIETY OR BE MARGINALIZED. IT’S CATASTROPHIC. It cannot be allowed to continue.”

Colombo says that it appears, “The Democrats linked to the United Nations and Agenda 21 depopulation program and the New World Order as well as the members of the NWO Wall Street Billionaires appear to own the DNC. They fund the DNC who appear to be doing their bidding by selling out the United States of America’s U.S. Constitutional Supreme Laws of the Land which would be an act of Treason against the United States of America and The U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. It appears that they are using a “flu” aka “virus” and fear mongering in their trials and experiments which should be investigated as “Crimes against Humanity.

Colombo reminds Americans that these evil ones with billions of dollars working together are using their wealth made in the USA to destroy Americanism and the world as well ad depopulate the planet. And, yet, the entire federal government and Military appear to allow this evil agenda to continue. The NWO written and sated strategic goal is to depopulate the planet at 50% by 2030 and 90% by 2050. This is a pre planned mass worldwide genocide to basically wipe out humanity created by God. The stated and written goal is to redevelop the planet and end all life on earth created by God under the guise of “redevelopment” and “sustaining the planet,” but Bill Gates end goal is reducing the carbon footprint of all living creatures and bringing it down to zero by 2050. Will he even be at the age of or about 100?


PLEASE SUPPORT AND DONATE TO LIBERTY COUNSEL TODAY. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. SIGN THE FREEDOM PETITION and say NO TO MANDATORY VACCINE PASSPORTS . Ask yourself if this isn’t communist tyranny and treason to overthrow the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights using a flu and masks and fear mongering for indoctrination and to commit a worldwide genocide and enslavement of the survivors? They aren’t using nuke. They aren’t using guillotines. They aren’t using guns. They are using an Wall Street Internet App!

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Are the China-Gates-Fauci-CDC-WHO Long Term Masks Part of the NWO Agenda to Reduce Human’s Carbon Monoxide to Zero by 2050?

Rose Colombo, award-winning author, 5 Star Reviews, “Fight Back Legal Abuse” and “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Rednecks& Radicals” political satire, poet, former am-Fm radio host and currently podcast host of Colombo Chronicles Live!

FOLLOW THE MONEY! “Offit and other CDC members own numerous patents associated with vaccinations and regularly receive funding for their research work from the very same pharmaceutical companies who manufacture vaccinations which are ultimately sold to the public.”

Furthermore, “Unfortunately,” [World Health Organization’s rep] says, “WHO cannot receive funds from pharmaceutical industry. Our legal Office will reject the donation. WHO can only receive funds from Government agencies, NGOs, foundations and scientific institutions or professional organizations.” The YT Video, “Bill Gates/o Choice/Vaccinate The Entire Planet” is for educational and entertainment purposes only, not for commercial use.

Corruption: “Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a statement that they had worked with Facebook to curb vaccine “misinformation.” Therefore, it appears that an international organization is working with a social media company to usurp free speech and accountable democracy in America.” Children’s Health Defense. (This writer is stunned that the government didn’t shut down WHO or FB or fine them after secretly getting Americans dependent on China’s Big Pharma. WHO’s director also worked with Bill and Melinda Gates in Africa and India vaccinating kids. Later down the road, the leaders of Africa and India took back their health care and stated that many kids suffered major direct adverse health effects including severe depression and sterility).

Bill Gates, while co-owner and Chair of Microsoft, funded the CDC and appears to donate to the World Health Organization (WHO) for decades. Bill Gates donated to Dr. Fauci’s Research on HIV AIDS and coronavirus-Sars for decades as well. In fact, former president Obama also used U.S. taxpayer dollars to provide Dr. Fauci with millions in donations through a U.S. Grant to continue Dr. Fauci’s research on the coronavirus in Wuhan, China, after the USA placed a moratorium on the research, citing that it was too dangerous to continue with his research. Dr. Fauci used the U.S. Grant to continue the research on the coronavirus in Wuhan, China, where it was unleashed.

Ironically, Bill Gates stepped down as Chair from Microsoft on or about the same time frame that testing kits, tracing, masks and vaccines were being promoted in the USA and worldwide by Gates and Dr. Fauci on the national and international stage through speeches, social media and MSM, while silencing the Right from including world renown doctors and scientists who questioned the research of vaccines and testing kits and masks made in China. It appears that Dr. Fauci, CDC, WHO, Big Pharma, Bill Gates and China are in the business of either patents or vaccines or both for- profit involving a “Trillion Dollar Industrial Complex that needs human beings as guinea pigs also known as “Human Commodities” to jab for “Human Capital.” Can you imagine how much profit they intend to earn using every human on the planet with 2 jabs and then fearmongering that there are more viruses/variants to come in the future? In other words, the tracing, tracking, spying, and myriad of jabs is never ending. Comply or else or else be punished by CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and Big Pharma is it?

Should Americans not be asking if “masks” are dangerous to the health of individuals since one shoe doesn’t fit all nor does one mask? Doctors wear masks not to protect themselves because they obtain herd immunity, but to protect the patient from sweat, sneezing, coughing, and droplets while working on the patients and to keep the work area and the patient sterile.

People also have herd immunity because they breathe in fresh oxygen and exhale carbon monoxide naturally since time began despite the fact that each human being has 22 trillion viruses inside their bodies, but God created a nose, mouth, cells, immune system, to keep most people healthy, especially those who get some sunshine and maintain their Vitamin D and other nutritional needs for the body’s immune system to remain healthy or the majority of people would be ill or died, but that isn’t the case since God created Adam and Eve. In fact, people lived to be 400 years old according to the Bible, so what happened?

In 2021, with al the modern technology, organic foods, supplements, vitamins, sunshine, exercise and modern medicine as well as a doctor on every corner, how is it that Americans suddenly need to wear the never-ending facial diaper mask over their nose and mouth or you can’t go outside. Which constitutional authority are they applying that says they have indefinite dictatorial authority over Americans who need to , work, shop, go to school or socialize as Human Rights and “Necessities Rights?” Which dictatorial authority is granted to the CDC, WHO, and president Biden and Dr. Fauci to control every America’s life in the USA? We’ve had more than one pandemic that became endemics, such as swine flu, that was touted as 100% safe and it turned out that lawsuits were filed for sterility, paralysis, chronic illness and death. More people continue to be born everyday despite viruses, diseases, and illnesses, accidents, drug overdoses, and suicides. The population continues to increase, not decrease despite masks or vaccines. Apparently, a vaccine doesn’t cure a virus according to doctors and they can’t guarantee it will prevent a virus from manifesting inside the body, so what’s the point of destroying the world’s economy and America’s Middle Class?

According to the CDC (who Obama may have granted police powers as alluded to by attorney Dershowitz), it appears we are under some sort of Martial Law that granted CDC and WHO and Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates authority to mandate trials and experiments on every human being in the USA and the world as well as use people as their guinea pigs – property – chattel – which is a violation of the U.S. Constitution. In fact, if an Americans believes they are being assaulted with a myriad of unknown chemicals not natural to the body and an experimental mRNA new technology never used on human beings with unknown direct immediate, short or long term case studies on the direct adverse health effects, published in medical journals after 7 1/2 years of case studies, this trial and experimental vaccine and mRNA gene therapy according to doctors internationally should end immediately. It appears to be what former FBI Director referred to as “Extremely Careless” vs. “Gross Negligence.” And, Americans should ask the Congress why they granted immunity from injuries and deaths to Billionaire CEOs of Big Pharma?

How many Americans and foreigners believe that president Biden, Bill Gates, Obama and family, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and their families actually were injected in the news with a myriad of chemicals and mRNA gene therapy versus a placebo or saline or Vitamin B12? It is a fact that the CDC, WHO, Bill and Melinda Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Big Pharma, and Wall Street investors are in the business of the money-making vaccine Trillion Dollar “Big Pharma Industrial Vaccine Complex” for profit? If they cared about life then why do they fund and support worldwide abortions on the Billion Dollar Planned Parenthood private corporation forcing Americans to taxpayer fund this operation that includes Democrats and RINOS who support late term abortions and infanticide meaning if the baby lives leave it to die and then sell the body parts for-profit using pregnant women and babies as human commodities for Human Capital and depopulation of future Natural Born Americans and future citizens of sovereign nations worldwide.

Therefore, shouldn’t Americans be asking Dr. Fauci and the Senators which scientific evidence that he and Bill Gates, CDC and WHO are applying that prove that wearing masks long term don’t cause physical or emotional direct adverse effects on individual human beings forced to wear this piece of cloth over their nose and mouth that cuts off natural breathing in of fresh oxygen and exhalation needed to keep the mind and body and immune system healthy? Human Beings carry 22 Trillion viruses inside their bodies and God created protection for human beings by creating the nose and mouth, lungs, heart, liver, brain and healthy cells that maintain a healthy immune system. Without continuous oxygen that is free – fresh air – ventilation – sunshine – and exhaling carbon monoxide, everyone would die. So, what’s their real goal?

It appears that Bill and Melinda Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Birx and family, have been linked to Microsoft and the Gates Foundation for decades as well as vaccine research and Big Pharma manufacturers and China including Wuhan, China. Gates and/or Dr. Fauci have been linked to Moderna, Dr. Baric and wealthy key Democrats forever. They are known to associate with the Clinton’s, Obama’s, MSM Liberal media, Jeffrey Epstein and Wall Street wealthy CEO’s who support the New World Order agendas. Many are possible members of the UN-NWO and secret societies who seek to reduce the population of the planet at 50% by 2025 and 90% by 2050 and bring carbon monoxide net neutrality down to zero.

Should Americans not ask their senators if the CDC and WHO and Dr. Fauci dictators who insist Americans wear masks forever be punished by ordering the police to arrest Americans who refuse to wear the masks, especially in hot weather which can cause people to die or faint or injure themselves. THere are people with emotional and physical disorders who can’t wear a mask for a myriad of reasons and shouldn’t be forced to cut off their oxygen supply and breathe carbon monoxide back into their bodies. The truth is that people shouldn’t be arrested for refusing to cut off their oxygen supply needed to maintain a healthy body. The truth is that those who are forcing non-stop wearing of masks that cut off oxygen and increase carbon monoxide into the body are the people who should be arrested because they have no scientific evidence or names of Scientist or doctors who have evidence masks stop a virus. And, CDC, WHO, Gates, and Big Pharma are making Billions from the business of vaccines. They need human beings to make those billions, so now, they are dictators telling us to do as they say or else be impoverished and isolated and suicidal by causing the division of families, finances through loss of businesses and jobs. They are manipulating people that if you get the jabs then you can go outside? Really? If they weren’t in it for the money then why were they talking about a covid 19 vaccine back in 2002, 2013, 2014, 2015 and on paper. Why were bankers and investors buying p testing kits back in 2018? Why were fashion designing designing masks back in 2018?

The Biden administration is treating American Citizens born in the USA and loyal legal naturalized Americans as “domestic enemies” and “criminals,” while they allow the police to arrest good Americans for not wearing a mask or not getting a faux covid test or a trial and experimental vax? In the meantime, they open the borders to 1000’s of illegals from Third World nations entering with covid and other diseases without health checks or masks or ID. The Obama and the democrats and Governor Newsom and Governor Cuomo release ten s of thousands of felons from prisons using covid as their excuse, while targeting the Americans for jail if they don’t wear a mask, but if you committed murder or robberies or anarchy, you’re set free? It appears the Left targets the GOP and Conservatives, Christians, Catholics, Jews, and Patriots who dare to speak the truth on U.S. Soil and exercise their constitutional Right to assemble and speak out. They even arrest and ticket Christian pastors and church goers which to them is huge crime, it appears. It appears that the NWO Democrats and CEOs are using masks and vaccines as a means to fear monger that if you refuse to obey CDC, WHO, Gates, Fauci, Biden then you will be punished, but if you obey, you can go to a movie, work school, shop, travel and remain free, until the next mandated vaccine comes along and it starts all over again.

Americans should call and write their senators and urge them to declare if the masks are a part of the New World Order’s agenda involving Wall Street CEOs who support the NWO. Which constitutional authority are they applying to deny any American the Right-to-Work or force Americans to wear masks and isolate and vaccinate if they chose to exercise their “FREE WILL” Granted by God, not by CDC or Biden or Fauci, but by God. f an employer forces employees to wear masks and forces them to cut off their oxygen supply and be vaccinated knowing they need their jobs to survive then they should be held criminally and civilly and financially liable for injuries and deaths. This should also apply to all Public and Private Schools and Colleges and Universities.

Is the bottom line of wearing masks forever – long term – and getting a 2 jab trial and experimental chemical laden jab and mRNA gene therapy and possibly aborted fetal tissue jabbed into you body with unknown direct adverse health effects and no long term case studies not a Human Rights violation? Are the NWO Democrats in public office, who take Gates, Fauci, Soros, Obama, Clinton’s and wealthy Democrats donations, following the orders of globalists such as Bill and Melinda Gates, George Soros, Wall Street Bankers and Wall Street investors in AI and Big Pharma? Do these same people own and control the DNC?

Will anyone who violates our human rights and constitutional rights be held financially liable for injury or deaths with knowledge that wearing masks long term day in and day out reduces oxygen intake? Oxygen is needed to keep body cells healthy which in turn keeps the immune system healthy. And, without consistent natural breathing of oxygen and consistently breathing in carbon monoxide back into thenose, mouth, ears, eyes, and pores, according to doctors and Dentists can lead to death.

Doesn’t Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates have knowledge that people die from the flu every year with or without the flu shot and with or without masks? People Die. People are Born. People die with similar respiratory ailments from Pneumonia, TB, lung disease, heart attacks, strokes, liver disease, and covid because they can’t breathe from lack of oxygen, so the doctors insert oxygen into their lungs, so they can breathe. Ask yourself and your senators if respiratory illnesses are deadly because of lack of oxygen that can lead to death and since that is true then why is CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates and president Biden forcing people t wear masks, especially in the hot weather and cut off their oxygen supply knowing that people die from lack of oxygen when they get any flu, pneumoia or covid?

Remember, if you live by the Beach and your Governor dictates that you can’t go to the beach or you must wear a mask to the beach that they are denying you Fresh Oxygen and IONS that help health body and the mind and the brain. What is their goal then? Life or Death? Sound Mind or anger and frustration and depression?

On the other hand, as I can’t stress enough from research and listening to doctors of common sense and experience, wearing masks long term not only cuts off an individuals’ oxygen supply, but it also stops the exhalation of carbon monoxide and forces the carbon monoxide back into the body, pores, nose, mouth, ears and eyes because it can’t escape from the mask along with the germs from sneezing, coughing, droplets, phlegm and sweat. Isn’t that disgusting and unhealthy? According to the Dental Association, wearing these masks long term can also cause bad breath, gum disease and loss of teeth that is irreversible and can lead to death. Wearing masks long term can cause aging, dry flaky skin, premature wrinkles, and numbness on the cheeks and stimulate oil that spread as acne. How is this healthy for human beings? And, don’t forget, doctors state wearing masks long term can cause bacterial pneumonia and Legionnaire’s Disease and Stress and even Stress can be a killer.

Therefore, Americans must ask why they are being forced to wear masks over their nose and mouth long term that doctors, scientists, and dentists state can cause serious illness and death. It appears that Bill and Melinda Gates are out to control the entire world. People worldwide are being trained up to fear each other and everything and to obey Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, and CEOs on Wall Street, CDC, WHO and Big Pharma and the Democrats or else be punished. Gates is buying up all the Farmland. Ted Turner bought more Ranchland than any other American. CEOs are buying up the Water Reservoirs and Water Supply Companies. They are going to control what happens to cows, chickens, pigs, dogs, horses, etc and Birds. They already re donating tokilling off future Americans and babies around the world funding Planned Parenthood andforcing American taxpayers to fund Planned Parenthood worldwide abortions thanks to Obama-Biden, Hilary, Kerry, Feinstein, Pelosi, Gates and the Democrat Party. They are going to control the Food Supply as well. Energy as Biden destroys it for them. And, they’ve already destroyed the greatest health care system in the world through rubber stamping “Obamacare” that includes more death panels.

The plannedemic and the BLM-ANTIFA anarchy using masks and vaccines to control the world’s population is similar to what Hitler attempted to do only on a larger scale using Wall Street money and Big Pharma and CDC and WHO and Gates Foundation, Soros Foundation, Clinton Foundation, etc….to accelerate the New world Order’s “New Normal” under the guide of “Climate Change” and the “New Green Deal.” Is this a benevolent takeover of the U.S. Constitution or is it traitors and treason to steal and redistribute the world’s wealth to them with fewer people and redevelop the world in their image and vision?

In conclusion, it appears that the New World Order’s wealthy associates involved in the New Green Deal and Climate Change and the United Nation’s Agenda 21 whose stated and written strategic goal is to reduce the population on the planet at 50% by 2025 and 90% by 2050 seek to redistribute the world’s wealth and your wealth to them forcing the human race to comply with their mandates and dictates or else be punished without any legal, lawful, or constitutional authority; however, it appears that the Obama-Biden-Holder-Clinton regime may have granted police powers to CDC and other agencies which the senators need to clarify for all Americans.

It matters not how much money you earn in the USA as long as you aren’t threatening people by fear mongering which is a crime. Is it not a crime to threaten anyone to do as they say or else be punished? Threatening people with punishment in the USA with orders coming from public servants or agencies appears that it is an abuse of power that can include CEOs, Doctors, Scientists, or Directors of agencies, or Public Servants, or Law Enforcement top brass.

For example, it appears to be child abuse or elder abuse to remove parents or children from their guardians or biological adult parents or adult children’s homes because of a flu and make them wards of the state. It appears to be an abuse of power for CEOs and CDC and WHO and the U.S. government to deny anyone the right to travel, work, educate, see a doctor, shop, buy, sell, or operate a business. It appears to be a human rights violation and a violation of the Nuremburg COde to force human beings to be guinea pigs used for trials and experiments on their bodies or their elderly parents or minor children and use them as human commodities for Human Capital to fill their bank accounts.

Is Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates’ NEW NORMAL and their Covid 19 agendas. Is this change and transformation that Obama sought during his 8 years in office. Are we experiencing an infiltration of anti-Constitutionalists and greedy anti-Americans loyal to the Almighty Dollar? Do they appear to be pointing an imaginary gun to everyone’s head then stating, “Hand over your property, kids, money, freedom, liberty, and Rights to us! Do as you’re told – wear the mask forever unless you comply and get he 2 jabs. There will be more coming in the future and you must agree to comply each time or else!”

How can these people be allowed to deny every Americans their constitutional rights, civil rights and Human Rights or the right to control your own body and that of your elderly parents and minor children? This includes your decisions – thoughts – innovations -work – school – money – property – parental rights and the right to assemble and think. If you watch the old classic movies and the behavior of the Communist party then this appears to be quite similar. After all, isn’t that what Bernie Sanders called, “Socialism?” Once you comply, you’ve given up Freedom. You’ve given up Liberty. You’ve given up Rights to control your body and that of your children and elderly parents if alive. It appears that you then become the property and chattel and Human Commodities” for-profit based to the Billionaires on Wall Street such as Bill and Melinda Gates, George Soros and Family, Dr. Fauci and family, Rothschilds family, operating by a NWO Monarchy and Technocracy of tyranny. .

Remember, Bill Gates stated, “You have no choice,” which is what Hitler stated when he forced trials and experiments on the millions he kidnapped across Europe. He used people against their will for trials and experiments and sterilization with a goal of depopulating all people he believed didn’t meet the standard of a superior race. People became his property – chattel – “Human Commodities” – They had no control over their own bodies or family. They had no right to speak out. They had no right to own property. They had no Freedom, or Liberty or Rights. They became slaves of an evil Communist regime. Hitler chose kids that he and his army would use for breeding and changed their names and identities and indoctrinated them as Germans and taught them to speak German. Ask your senators why Bill Gates and CDC and WHO and Biden and some Police and Sheriffs are violating our Rights to control our own bodies and make our own decisions in the United States of America. Imagine what they could do to anyone today with microchips and mRNA new technology and altering DNA.

Why aren’t the senators asking not only Dr. Fauci, but CDC and WHO Directors and other credible doctors and Dentists who work with viruses the following questions:

  1. Can forcing more than 7 billion people to wear masks long term over their nose and mouth reduce carbon monoxide?
  2. Can forcing more than 7 billion people cause death or injury to the brain, lungs, cells, heart and immune system?
  3. Can forcing more than 7 billion people to wear masks long term over their mouth and nose cause bacterial pneumonia that can lead to death?
  4. Can forcing more than 7 billion people to wear masks long term over their mouth and nose cause bad breath, gum disease, loss of teeth that is irreversible that can led to death?
  5. Can forcing more than 7 billion people to wear masks long term over their mouth and nose cause Legionnaire’s Disease?
  6. Can forcing more then 7 billion people to wear masks long term over their mouth and nose cause death?
  7. Can forcing more than 7 billion people to wear masks long term over their mouth and nose cause anxiety? Frustration? Fainting? Black Outs? Anger? Depression? Heart Attacks? Suicidal Tendencies?
  8. Can forcing more than 7 billion people to wear masks long term over their mouth and nose lead to severe depression and anger to the point of suicidal tendencies as each human is an individual with individual reactions? One trial and experimental vaccine or mask doesn’t fit all people.

Should people in the USA and worldwide not ask what is a human carbon footprint?

The definition online states, “A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide and methane) that are generated by our actions. The average carbon footprint for a person in the United States is 16 tons, one of the highest rates in the world.”

They also state, without defining if there definition refers to a plastic or glass bottle of water or a small vehicle or large vehicle delivering the water as follows: “For example, the carbon footprint of a bottle of water includes the CO2 or CO2 equivalent emitted during the manufacture of the bottle itself plus the amount emitted during the transportation of the bottle to the consumer.”

What does the (WHO) World Health Organization have to say about human beings and carbon monoxide and a carbon Footprint? WHO says, “Carbon Footprint Official Definition By The World Health Organization. According to WHO, a carbon footprint is a measure of the impact your activities have on the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced through the burning of fossil fuels and is expressed as a weight of CO2 emissions produced in tonnes.” Feb 2020

Furthermore, “The average annual carbon dioxide emissions per person, they found, was 20 metric tons, compared to a world average of four tons.” Apr 29, 2008. This would lead this writer to believe that the New World Order in line with WHO and CDC Directors, Bill Gates, George Soros, Ted Turner, Obama’s, Clinton’s, Bush’s, and the EU leaders as well as the wealthy controllers of Wall Street’s Big Pharma, AI and Water Suppliers, Farmers who sold out to Gates and the Food Industry and transportation seeking to change and transform the world under the guise of the New Green Deal. These members of the NWO believe they can 100% reduce the “Carbon Footprint” of humans and animals and birds upon the planet by reducing their populations by 90%. It appears that the wealthy ones believe they can reduce the carbon footprint to zero by 2050 by fewer people, animals, and birds breathing in oxygen and exhaling carbon monoxide into the environment with a goal of “saving the planet” for themselves to redevelop in their image and vision.

Is it possible that these wealthy people who control Wall Street and bundle and donate to the Democrat party and RINOS only have created a system of owning a complete party who they put into power end up beholdin’ to their NWO donors through Lobbyists are working for their NWO masters, who are creating a technocracy, with a goal of disarming Americans, destroying the Middle Class and impoverishing the Middle Class for control. After all, hungry and thirsty people agreed to get on the trains during WWII believing they would be getting jobs, food, water, education, and health care. Is it not written and stated that the strategic goal of the MB – NWO – UN Agenda 21 works towards reducing the population of the planet by 50% between 2025 and 2030 and 90% by 2050 in order to eliminate carbon monoxide by 2050?

Is it possible that these same wealthy people who believe in eugenics and euthanizing the elderly and very sick are lost souls? Why would they approve of sending infected covid patients into hospitals and nursing homes to infect non-covid elderly patients who died by providing immunity from charges to Blue State Governors and their DOJ funded by the wealthy Wall Street Billionaires? Do they not have blood on their hands of innocent people who were infected?

Why is the Democrat and RINO government officials offering financial incentives to hospital administrators and Nursing Home administrators to use a faux swab made in China that according to the developer, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, who says these swabs were never intended to determine covid and aren’t accurate and shouldn’t be used on people to determine covid cases?. Is this not a major fraud on the world’s population and the victims and families who are injured or die as part of a depopulation program for seniors and elderly persons and the very ill? Remember, Obama and the Democrats approved mandated taxpayer funded worldwide abortions and euthanasia for the very sick and elderly which are more “Death Panels in the USA and taxpayer funded worldwide.”

This leads to the reports and statement by Bill Gates who appears to seek eliminating and controlling the food industry, meat and dairy products by creating molecular lab grown meats and GMO Lab Grown dairy products and foods by 2050. He also appears to be seeking control of the world’s energy industry which we are witnessing in 2021 being totally destroyed by the current president, Joe Biden administration and Democrats. It appears that George Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci and NWO members and many wealthy CEOs on Wall Street and Big Pharma only donate to the Democrats seeking public office who agree with their “climate change” and NWO Green New Deal under the illusion that they are saving the planet and lives and reducing carbon monoxide to zero by 2050.

This leads back to the question if the world’s population believes that this was a pre planned plannedemic as millions worldwide believe it to be and was it implemented through Wall Street who bundles the pre-selected public servants of the Democrat Party into office as well as he EU leaders from the past tied to the UN and MB and NWO for decades? This raises the question of how many public servants have secretly pledged their allegiance to the New World Order and for optics pledge their allegiance to the U.S. Constitution to obtain the trust of Americans so they can gain access to public office? A Public Servant who serves himself or herself and their families are not upholding their sworn oath but violating it.

Traitors to the American citizens and the U.S. Constitution are denying Americans, without authority, their guaranteed “Right-to-Choose” and “Right-to-Critically Think” and their “Right-to-Work” and their “Right-to-Free Will” under the current Biden-Gates-Fauci-Birx-CDC-WHO-New Green Deal without any constitutional authority over any human being, but allowed by the Democrats and Republicans, to continue on with these New World Order agendas which will overthrow the U.S. Constitutional Laws of the Land of this Great Republic.. The Democrats and RINOS ad NWO who support the New Green Deal are using every human being on the planet as their guinea pigs which is a violation of human rights and grossly negligent and appear to be in violation of the Nuremburg Codes. Is History from WWII repeating itself?

Which constitutional authority was granted to CDC and WHO and Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci and who granted such authority that they have taken over the entire U.S. Government and our lives and are dictating to all Americans to do as they tell us to do or be punished? They are people who are required to uphold, defend, and comply with the laws of the land, not manipulate them for profit by dismissing deaths and injuries by the 2 jabs as coincidences. Which constitutional authority is the CDC Director, WHO Director, and Dr. Fauci applying and president BIden to declare quarantines aka lockdowns aka detentions without limits or boundaries or justification based on evidence and conflicts of interest considering they make Billion from vaccines? They are all in the business of patents and research and vaccines that created a Big Pharma Trillion Dollar business. All vaccines and new technology should be an individual choice and the right to opt out without punishment or being arrested.

How is it that they have determined Dr. Fauci, and Bill Gates, who isn’t a doctor, virologist, Ph.D. or dentist or scientists has used his money it appears to buy a worldwide platform as the expert on mandated vaccinations while MSM, Democrat government and Liberal Social Media ignore thousands of doctors from around the world with a long list of credentials and experience as well as hands-on experience with covid and Sars and viruses over the years who successfully cured these viruses without vaccines or masks.

Check out this link and you will discover which corporations are involved with the CDC and WHO and Big Pharma.


  1. There is corruption and conflicts of interest in the CDC, FDA, WHO and NIH whereby big pharma has influence and power over the interpretation of the outcomes/science and the related safety of vaccines. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has persistently urged HHS to perform such studies since 1991. HHS has assiduously refused.  There is, therefore, no way to scientifically claim that a specific vaccine averts more harms, including deaths, than it causes.
  2. The latest data and science show that specific vaccines are unequivocally not safe. Yet government officials – with well-documented conflicts of interest with the $50 billion vaccine industry – systematically obscure the risks while exaggerating the benefits of vaccines.

Who is liable for Mandating Masks Long Term in the USA Without Disclosing Direct Adverse Health Effects While Denying Constitutional Rights, Civil and Human Rights?

Rose Colombo, (c) March 28, 2021, ed. 4//01/2021. ed/ 4/06/2021; Irwin award-winning author, poet, producer and host on am-FM radio shows, KORG, KIEV, KGER…..Issues of Day” and currently, producer and host of Colombo Chronicles podcast. Blogger. Activist and Advocate for Justice who led a grassroots movement against legal abuse and injustices during the 90s and early 2000s.

Are Americans and citizens around the world asking any questions related to the coronavirus and its origin, patents, and the people who were involved in the research and funding and unleashing of a dangerous virus to fund the development of vaccines throughout the world? Should we consider people such as Dr. Anthony Fauci? Bill and Melinda Gates? Dr. Birx? George Soros? Barack Hussein Obama? Hillary and Bill Clinton? Jeffrey Epstein? Bill and Melinda Gates? CDC? WHO? NWO? Key Democrats and RINOS who accept donations from Gates, Soros and Fauci and Epstein over the years? What about the EU? It appears that the wealthy key people on the Left belong to a tightly-knit inner-circle inside the USA and around the world. Investors on Wall Street who are CEO’s, politicians, and the rich and famous invested in Big Pharma earn big profits from Rx’s and vaccinations. Some of those names include Moderna. , Glaxo-Smith. Johnson & Johnson. Pfizer. Astra-Zeneca. Eli Lilly.

Recently, the FDA approved an unprecedented emergency trial and experimental vaccines that hadn’t even been completely developed for covid-19, a flu despite the fact that there is a proven 99.9% Recovery Rate according to the CDC and world statistics. The truth is that more people die of influenza every year than die from covid 19, but the isolation recommended by Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and CDC caused severe financial and social depression and increased suicide deaths by 200% in only one year. The European news that is censored by specific social media and MSM producers and hosts reported that 4,000 people have died in Europe post-covid 19 jabs plunged into their arms. How is it that these Big Pharma corporations didn’t use mice? Is it that they didn’t want to injure or kill the mice with these trials and experiments, but went straight for their target? Human Beings?

Sadly, the news reported that Johnson & Johnson is seeking to plunge a needle of chemicals into the arms of babies and little children’s whose immune systems aren’t fully developed so why are they targeting babies, children, and teenagers as well as the elderly? Kids aren’t targets of covid according to the CDC and Dr. Fauci. It appears that the federal government has allowed Dr. Fauci, CDC, and Bill Gates authority to lock down healthy free Americans against their Free Will granted by God, not them. They lied and stated he lockdowns would be temporary but they continued to lock down businesses and people. They continue to state that everyone on the planet must be jabbed with the Fauci-Gates vaccines and the never ending future boosters and insisting every human being not only show a Drivers License and Passport and be naked x-rayed at airports, but added the Gates’ mandated vaccine card.

According to Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, no one in the world will be able to work, go to school, buy or sell, or travel, or touch each other or socialize. No one will be able to attend a movie or concert or dinner at an indoor restaurant if they can achieve their goal. Who are they? Dr. Fauci never developed a vaccine that cured HIV-Aids in 40 years and neither did Moderna linked to Dr. Fauci ever develop a vaccine until 2021. Bill Gates owns Microsoft and markets himself as the world’s expert on vaccinations and covid. He is not a Scientist. He is not a Doctor. He doesn’t have a Ph.D., but yet, the entire U.S. government is doing whatever he and Dr. Fauci and CDC tell them to do who are all invested in the Big Pharma with WHO and they’re in the business of vaccines.

In fact, Bill Gates stated in his speeches and interviews, while fear mongering that even if people get the vaccine, millions could die, but they would he saving lives. Gates told the world, “You have no choice.” It appears grossly negligent o use people as guinea pigs without any guarantees that they won’t die or be permanently injured after they’re jabbed with a needle even against their will it appears. Healthy people are being used as if they Big Pharma without liability is playing Russian Roulette and not disclosing the number of deaths and injured after people are jabbed in the USA? This agenda should remind people around the world of the Nazi experiments and trials used on the Jews by Nazi Scientists and doctors during World War II. They experimented on kids and adults. They used people as human collateral for their scientific experiments. China is in the business of kidnapping people and harvesting their organs. One conspiracy theory raise this question, “What if they are harvesting organs when people die and they list them as covid deaths even if they died from a car accident and that’s why they deny the family their human right to remove their loved ones from isolated hospital units or nursing homes and hold funerals? Hitler believed in Science, not God and the people were told he would shelter them, feed them, and provide health care. Communists believe in government, not God such as the Chinese Communist Party.

In other words, there aren’t any long-term case studies completed by researchers and medical doctors on covid 19 vaccines that use a new technique never tried on mice or human beings until now. Long Term Case Studies and finding take from 5 years up to 7 years or more to complete so that they can publish their case findings which reveal the direct adverse health effects and report on the real efficacy and safety. The researcher usually use mice and paid volunteers for medical trials who agree to be guinea pigs without any guarantee of how their individual bodies will react to the injections. Should we not ponder if fast tracking vaccines at warp speed without these long term case studies allows Big Pharma to deny and cover-up injuries and deaths by stating that they may have died from another cause or it’s just a coincidence? After all, the Democrat Congress granted immunity to Big Pharma from lawsuits claiming injury and deaths of loved one so that Big Pharma and apparently, Insurance Companies, do not have to compensate the victims.

Apparently, their actions appear to be grossly negligent by ignoring the required short and long term case studies hat take years to determine the efficacy and Safety of the experimental method and chemical-laden vaccines before jabbing the needle into the arms of millions of people knowing that all involved and invested will make a “killing” on their investments. Does it not appear that without long term case studies that there will be no way for victims or their families to prove a connections of injury or death to the experimental covid-19 vaccines? Should people not ask who is liable for the injuries and deaths because they are forcing an assault on the bodies of human beings by threatening to destroy their constitutional freedom, liberty, rights, civil rights, and the Right-to-Work and sustain the necessities of life and the pursuit of happiness; as well as Human Rights? Who will be liable? The POTUS? Congress? Senators? Big Pharma? Dr. Fauci? Bill Gates? Gates Foundation? CDC? WHO? After all, Gates, Fauci, CDC and WHO are in the business of a multi-billion dollar covid medical industrial complex. Is this the reason for bypassing the required long-term case studies and as the old saying goes, “Follow the Money trail? ”

The truth is that Big Pharma funds BIG donations to members of the Democrats in Congress as well as State Governors, Mayors, Senators and even AG’s, D.A.’s and Federal Judges on the Left accept donations from Dr. Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates, George Soros and the rich and famous. It was an outlandish decision by SCOTUS to allow Lobbyists to offer unlimited campaign donations funded by Wall Street Billionaires and Millionaires that allow them to control the entire Democrat Party from the top down. The wealthy bundlers and donors are being allowed to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights without being held accountable so far. They intentionally opened up our Borders when Bill Clinton was linked to Communist China and the CFR and President Bush promoted Open Borders in violation of U.S. Sovereignty . It appears these agendas are accelerated in order to usher in the one world government and take control over the United States of America and every human being on the planet by using fear mongering, a “flu” and “masks.”

Consequently, most of the elected and appointed working in the federal government and the blue state governors have ignored the fact that there aren’t any long term case studies published for Covid-19. Did this action grant the green light to move fast and furious on the warp speed vaccines because Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci are part of the U.N. Agenda 21 and 30 now moved up to 2025 to reduce the population of the planet at 50% by 2025? We The People are the government in the USA , but it appears that Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates and CDC have trampled on the U.S. Constitution and aren’t recommending or suggesting vaccines and masks and lockdowns, but dictating and mandating them, but under which constitutional authority are they applying to do so? It appears they granted themselves absolute authority and control over our individual lives and are denying us freedom, liberty, rights, and sovereignty to create a multi-billion dollar business using human beings as human commodities for-profit and Human Capital!

The leaders of our American system appear to have deserted We The People while taking our taxpayer funded wages for life with benefits despite their wealth. They refuse to retire or impose Term Limits on Congress It appears we are witnessing people who remain in office from 30 to 50 years and have become extremely wealthy somehow. Speaker Pelosi brought the United States to a new low when she sought to take the attention away from President Trump during the State of the Union Speech. It appears that she sent a message to the nation and the world that Trump’s State of the Union Speech was “meaningless” and so are the 80,000,000 conservative voters.

Furthermore, the Democrat and RINOs in congress granted immunity to Big Pharma from lawsuits involving injury and death, but why did they do that? How many in Congress are accepting big donations from Big Pharma and their wealthy donors? Bill Gates stated in an interview that he invested $10 Billion in these Big Pharma vaccine developers. He said he expects a $200 Billion return on his investment. The commodity Bill Gates and CDC, WHO, China, and Big Pharma need in order for Gates to earn a $200 Billion profit is human beings. . Human Commodities for Human Capital! These same people are linked to Wuhan, China, CCP, Wall Street, i.e., AI, Monsanto, and MSM.

Call your Senators often. Ask each one if they have done their fiduciary duty and due diligence by researching published articles on the coronavirus and the direct adverse health effects in the USA and Europe as well as the number of death post vaccination. Americans should be asking if these taxpayer funded members of the Senate have interviewed anyone under sworn oath and under the penalty of perjury including Dr. Birx. Dr. Fauci. Joe Biden. Bill Gates. CDC Director. WHO Director and victims of the injection. Ask your senators if they’ve reached out to the leaders of the National Medical Professional Associations and the Dental Association for testimony on these issues. Insist on senate hearings for public viewing and scrutiny so Americans can make informative decisions. Ask at least 2 question as follows:

1, Does wearing a mask short and long term cause the loss of oxygen and re-entry of carbon monoxide and germs accumulated inside the mask that are breathed back into the nose and mouth and pores raising the question: What are the direct adverse health effects on human beings forced to wear masks long term that accumulates germs and possibly covid and carbon monoxide that are unable to escape? How can this agenda be healthy for human beings when they can use Kleenex to sneeze or cough which is disposable and sanitary. Many people complain that wearing masks everyday causes them to feel anxious, frustrated, depressed, angry, faint and/or lose focus which is also unhealthy.

Ask your senators if wearing masks long term can wearing masks long term cause bacterial pneumonia? Cancer? Deep Depression and suicidal tendencies? Acne? Numbness? Dry Flaky Skin and aging? Fogging of glasses when driving or reading or walking? Legionnaire’s disease? Guillain-Barre which is when your body’s immune system attacks your nerves. Weakness and tingling in your extremities are usually the first symptoms. These sensations can quickly spread, eventually paralyzing your whole body? People reported they got Palsy post vaccine which is when a person is affected with paralysis and involuntary tremors.”she feels as if the muscles on her face are palsied.” Others say they got the worst flu they’ve ever experienced in their lifetime that lasted 2 to 3 days.

One doctor stated that wearing masks long term can cause Legionnaire’s Disease which is a form of bacterial pneumonia first identified after an outbreak at an American Legion meeting in 1976. It is spread chiefly by water droplets through air conditioning and similar systems. So, the droplets accumulated in the masks worn long term is it that forces germs, droplets, covid, carbon monoxide to re-enter the nose, mouth and pores can cause bacterial pneumonia?

2. The senate should be asking these health experts and witnesses during senate hearings if CDC and WHO and Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and President Biden are linked to China for-profit as well as invested in Big Pharma and vaccines for profit. People should inquire if the White House and Congress and Senate abused their positions by dictating and mandating through abuse of Executive Orders to force people into believing that they must do as they’re ordered or else be punished which borders on extortion. The Left uses social media and MSM to brainwash these agendas to the nation and condition the minds of the young people and elderly through fear mongering. In reality, it is all about power, control, redistribution of wealth to the Gates Foundation and NWO members without constitutional authority. Are they not overthrowing the U.S.. Constitution in an attempt to commit a stated and written strategic goal of reducing the population of the planet and ushering in a one world government? Is this not treason?

Why doesn’t Dr. Fauci promote HCQ as other doctors after he was written up in a virology article stating HCQ is a “miracle drug’ that “cures covid” as posted online? Why not promote Ivermectin and other new Rx drugs? Why only promote vaccines that don’t cure and according to Dr. Fauci may or may not prevent you from getting covid 19. Why not promote HCQ and Ivermectin and other Rx drugs that doctors internationally claim cure covid in a short period of time and have case studies? Why aren’t they telling people to go in the sun and take Vitamins that other censored doctors recommend – D3, C, Zinc, Elderberry, Turmeric, sunshine, ventilation, etc.? Why is it that only the CDC-Fauci-Gates vaccines are being promoted by Joe Biden and the Democrats? Why does Dr. Fauci have a choice at 80-years-old to opt out of being tested and traced and avoid arrest for not wearing his mask off-camera? It’s the old do as I say and not as I do or else be punished.

In fact, several doctors point out that Big Pharma researchers haven’t identified the “isolated gnome,” yet, they are pushing for more vaccines and more variants as they continue their fear mongering with an imaginary gun to everyone’s head that says,”Or else be punished!” Who granted unelected officials and Democrat governors and mayors complete power to invade our privacy, bodies, and make us their chattel and property to do with whatever they want?

Bill Gates stated to the world’s Human Beings, “You have no choice!”

Bill Gates coronavirus interview: vaccines, masks, and US leadership

Remember, we have been taken hostage by the Democrat-China NWO. We are prisoners in our homes and being held hostage and told to obey them or else we can’t shop or work, feed our families, buy or sell, own a business because it’s no longer your private business, but under the control of the “NWO new Normal” taking control if you are healthy and choose not to wear a mask made in China whose directing these agendas behind the curtain, perhaps?

Are they fear mongering inside of the DOJ by training up good members of Law Enforcers to arrest free Americans, against their conscience, who aren’t committing a crime and don’t have the flu? They are terrorizing and criminalizing Americans who support law enforcement and pay their wages if they are accused or having a flu which could be pneumonia or Legionnaire’s disease or bacterial pneumonia caused by wearing masks long term or some other respiratory ailment. They are using a flu and masks to lock up and criminalize good people in the USA and the world and get them into the system. Some Americans and pastors have been arrested for going to church which is outrageous since the NWO members mock God and worship Scientists and money as they work hard to eliminate God from the nation and the world as well as religion from your minds through AI technology, perhaps?

How is it that wearing masks long term are being imposed by our government without constitutional authority and by non-elected officials who have no authority to deny us freedom, liberty or Rights or fresh air and sunshine? . Wake Up, Americans and start demanding answers to such questions such as, ” Where is the evidence by Scientists and what are their names and publications that Dr. Fauci talks about without naming anyone in his dictates. Where are his studies publishing the findings of case studies of people who wore masks long-term mask claiming it’s 100% harmless and safe for the human body, mind, and spirit, when that appears to be a lie or to be politically correct – misleading at the very least?

Dr. Fauci and politicians have been caught on television off-camera without wearing a mask on three different occasions. He stated masks are for “optics” and makes “people feel protected.” During an interview on MSM, Dr. Fauci stated on camera that masks didn’t stop a virus. Is that scientific evidence? Remember, Dr. Fauci was written up in a medical journal in 2008 stating that he and his colleagues found that after studying the 1918 Spanish Flu that wearing masks for long periods of time caused bacterial pneumonia and that most people didn’t die from the Spanish Flu, but from bacterial pneumonia and lack of ventilation. They died of starvation because 60% of the population were impoverished and didn’t have hot or clean water or sunshine or good ventilation. Oxygen. Fresh Air. China wears masks because their nation is polluted and the pollutants can cause a flu and respiratory illnesses as well as the excessive lead in their products and rice. This leads this writer to ask, “Why would Dr. Fauci promote wearing up to 3 masks at a time with knowledge that masks can cause physical, emotional, and financial distress and continue on with this violation of civil rights and human rights which appears to be a very bad invite to his Maskerade!” (VIDEO at the end of Blog for educational and entertainment and informational purposes only)


Many patients say that they notice a change in the breath when they have worn a face mask for long periods of time. Once you have Gum Disease it is an irreversible dental condition and will require care for the rest of your life. This will slowly damage your gums and bone structure in your mouth.

Mask Mouth as an emerging dental concern pub. First

Dentists are seeing a trend of dental problems due to the usage of face masks. According to Dr. Rob Ramondi in an interview with New York Post, about 50% of their patients are now affected by the trend ‘mask mouth’. People who had healthy teeth and gums are now showing new dental problems and it’s not because of unhygienic practices but because of face masks. 

Therefore, why hasn’t the Federal and State Governments not reveal the adverse Health Effects of wearing masks long term that Directly and Negatively Effect Your Breath, Gums, and Teeth without liability for the physical, emotional, and financial damage that could lead to serious diseases or viruses and even death. Masks worn for long periods of time can cause Gum Disease and the he loss of teeth which is ll irreversible? Who is Liable? Why didn’t any of these sources reveal the serious damage to our health that wearing masks long-term can cause and why is Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, CDC, WHO, China, Federal and State Public Servants doing this to the world’s population that can lead to illness and death? Is it part of their New World Order depopulation program?

According to doctors and Dental experts , their case studies found that the masks worn long term can weaken the immune system, healthy cells, brain needed to fight off diseases and viruses. These direct adverse effects can effect the brain, lungs and teeth and gums. One doctor reported online that he was called in as a Specialist because they thought the patient had covid, but he discovered that the patient was suffering from Legionnaire’s disease and caught it just in time. Dr. Fauci and his colleagues studies on the 1918 Spanish flu found that wearing masks for long periods of time caused bacterial pneumonia.

The impact of using face masks on oral health – First

What we thought as protective equipment may also be something that can endanger us if we’re not aware of its negative implications to our health. Fine Arts Dentistry aims to keep our patients safe by preventing the conditions below:

Increases tooth decay

Due to the dryness in the mouth caused by face masks, there is not enough saliva to flush food particles in our teeth. With bacteria thriving in the presence of sugar, they will start to breed from the food particles and cause tooth decay.

Inflamed gums

Inflammation is our immune system’s response to the attack of bacteria and viruses. It is never a good sign and can mean that the abundance of bacteria in our mouth is attacking the gums due to the lack of antimicrobial components of saliva. If left untreated, it can lead to periodontal disease.

Bad breath 

Halitosis or bad breath is due to the odor-causing bacteria present in our mouth and prolonged dryness in the mouth makes it worse. You may notice this when there’s a change in the smell of your breath whenever you’re wearing a facemask for hours and your mouth starts to dry up.

Gum disease

Gum disease is an irreversible dental condition and requires lifetime care. It can start with a dry mouth or plaque buildup and slowly damages the gums and bone structure in the mouth. It begins without early warning signs or pain and only becomes apparent when symptoms like receding and inflamed gums start to show.

Dr. Fauci and Gates, CDC and WHO, Big Pharma or the government hasn’t even mentioned that wearing masks for long periods of time can cause serious Dental health problems. In fact, none of those mentioned ignore. In fact, social media and MSM censure international doctors who revealed their studies and hands on experiences with covid patients revealing how they save live by using HCQ or other Rx’s along with Vitamin D and C and Zinc as well as eating healthy foods. It’s easy to grab a a hand full of berries each day, oranges and grapefruits and other healthy foods and supplements instead of unhealthy snacks, breathing in fresh air and exhaling carbon monoxide naturally and exercising. .

CDC states that most people who die from covid 19 are elderly who were already suffering with pre-existing conditions. The recovery rate is high and millions of people die every year with or without covid 19. More people die from influenza and pneumonia every year or the #1 killer, heart disease or cancer, yet it appears everyone who dies since 2019 is recorded as death by covid 19. Why is that?

Is every test which doctors state are not accurate and aren’t cases but added as cases and every patient and every death recorded as Covid 19 agreed to by the administrators of hospitals and nursing homes because they are offered huge financial incentives to record every patient, test, and death as covid in exchange for taxpayer money through Medicare? Isn’t that illegal?

Isn’t forcing people to be tested with a swab made in China shoved up your nose to your brain which many allege cause damage to the brain (and reported that these test kits were never intended to accurately determine if someone has covid19) use those tests to inflate the numbers of Covid 19 along with every patient seen and every death recorded in exchange for financial incentives by the government border on extortion?

Is Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, Big Pharma and CDC and WHO and China as well as Democrat wealthy CEO’s on Wall Street seeking to use every person on the planet through CDC and WHO as well as Big Pharma manufacturers and investors who make billions from Rx and Vaccinations> In truth and reality are these same people and entities not attempting or planning or currently overthrowing the U.S. Constitutional Rights and Liberties and Freedoms of all Americans and using every person as “Human Commodities” for “Human Capital?” Is this not constitutional rights violations, civil rights violations, Necessities of Life violations and all Human Rights Violations worldwide as well as allegedly manslaughter and elder abuse and child abuse in taxpayer public schools and allegedly a future genocide of the human race except for the pre planned 10% survival in 2050?

Where are the Scientific Studies on the Testing Kits published for public review and who invested in the testing kits since 2018 in the USA made in China? Did Gov. Pritzker? Gov. Newsom? World Bank? Bill Gates? Ask if Dr. Fauci or Bill Gates named the Scientists who published studies on wearing masks long-term without any harm to the mouth, teeth, gums, healthy cells, brain, lungs, heart and mind and finances or emotional distress? Why hasn’t Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, whose not a doctor or Scientist reveal any and all published studies revealing long-term case studies of wearing on masks without any harm to human beings?

Should the world’s citizens not ask how is it we have more people in the world and everyone carries 22 trillion viruses inside their bodies and despite all the viruses that cause colds, influenza and pneumonia and more tied to the coronavirus not reduced the population since time began but somehow the population increased worldwide, especially in China and the Middle East that is overpopulated? These Third World nations didn’t stop living and socializing or working, but isolated the sick who stayed in their room at home. Other overpopulated nations whodidn’t wear masks and are plagued with illnesses overpopulated as well such as Africa and India. They didn’t have medications and vaccinations, either, but yet, these nations survived and overpopulated.

It appears to be grossly negligent to fast track a never before new method that many doctors state is not a vaccine and failed to use mice and consenting paid patients for trials and testing and failed to perform the short and long term case studies that take 5 years or more to determine the efficacy and safety of the vaccines and this new experimental methods mRNA. They have chosen to use all human beings to be the guinea pigs for this experimental and trial run of vaccines. The Direct Adverse health Effects after jabbed can be immediate or react days later or weeks, months, or years away. The government with Big Pharma and Dr. Fauci, CDC, WHO, and Gates are experimenting on human beings. They have removed all liability for financial damages if people are injured or die. Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, and CDC and WHO or Joe Biden can’t guarantee that individuals who are jabbed will not die or be injured for life. Many of these major Big Pharma businesses have been sued for fast tracking Rx Drugs and vaccines that caused sterility. Death. Depression and Suicidal tendencies. Blood Clots. Alleged Autism. Paralysis. Guillian-Barre. Legionnaire’s Disease. Bad Breath and diminished saliva that can cause gum disease. In other words, none of these wealthy people who earn billions in profits from Rx drugs and vaccines can guarantee that individual Americans even if healthy won’t die or be injured. Dr. Fauci stated that the vaccines don’t cure covid 19, so what is the point ? As free people, why are we denied access to choose HCQ, D3, C, Zinc, Sunshine, Exercise, Berries, oranges, or Ivermectin or some other Rx drug recommended by our personal doctors that can provide case studies who used these alternatives?

Remember, Dr. Fauci stated that “HCQ” was a “miracle drug” and “cured covid” that was published in a virology journal years ago. So, how long has Dr. Fauci been studying coronavirus and how it spreads and filing patents as alleged in several posted articles? The fact that Dr Fauci and Bill Gates and Joe Biden, CDC and WHO downplay HCQ and D, C, Zinc and Ivermectin by credible doctors that social media censures is a huge Conflict of Interest. So who should be held liable for the deaths or lifetime injuries post jabs?

Americans have been misled by Dr. Fauci claiming that once they are vaccinated then there will be no need to wear a mask. Now, he says that even if you are vaccinated, he recommends 1, 2 or 3 masks worn consistently every day that can be harmful physcally and emotionally to human beings. He also dismisses HCQ, D3, Zinc, C, and Ivermectin which are major Conflicts of

Remember, human beings are created by God who worked out our individual DNA and immune system and created a nose and mouth, gums, teeth and a brain, lungs, and liver and stomach for a purpose. Breathing in oxygen naturally and exhaling carbon monoxide all day and night is needed to maintain healthy cells, lungs, heart, brains, nose and mouth. This is why doctors tell us to breathe deep and exhale several times per day and get some sunshine and eat healthy foods such as berries.

It’s no secret that Bill and Melinda Gates, Dr. Fauci and his wife, Dr. Birx and her daughter, Clinton’s, Obama’s, Soros, Epstein, and many NWO Democrat investors on Wall Street including key long-time politicians on the Left are linked like a blockchain that binds them to each other for decades. Does the CCP- China, Muslim Brotherhood, EU, Wuhan, Big Pharma, Microsoft, AI communications and Monsanto seeking to reduce the population of the planet and redistribute the world’s wealth to themselves so that they can gain power and control over your children and property, businesses, behaviors, while tracking and spying on people as if they are the hunters controlling their prey? The New Green Deal or Sustainable Redevelopment of the world’s resources created by God is under attack. The written and stated strategic goal by the U.N. -NWO and the Muslim Brotherhood and Democrats is to wipe out the majority of human beings and dominate the world. Is this the new Big Pharma Covid Industrial Complex?

Should the world’s citizens be asking if they wealthy Democrats on all levels in agreement are using human beings as “Human Commodities” for “Human Capital” and declared war on Americans and worldwide to reduce the population and redistribute the world’s wealth to themselves. Is their intent to create collectivism and chip the uneducated and poor illegals and refugees inside the USA and Europe and enslave them?

Is this agenda not a pre-meditated mass murder aka genocide of the world’s population taking advantage of the fear mongering and the population being a majority of baby boomers and elderly who they view as obsolete even though many of them are senior citizens or elderly? Are they creating a Rich and Poor societies, who must “obey” them and live in “fear,” as the citizens of China are mandated to do? Are we not living in fear and locked down and witnessing the Gates and wealthy Democrats indoctrinate America’s children into same sex and trans and dumbing them down so that they don’t think for themselves and can’t procreate in the future? which is happening today. Do as they say or else be “punished?” The stated and This is happening now. We’ve been depopulating natural-born Americans since the 70s which is a depopulation program that Gates and Hillary and Pelosi, Biden, Harris and the Left support worldwide. Gates not only believes in eugenics and reducing the population of the planet with his long-time friend, Ted Turner, but stated at Gavi that we need to kill off all the “barbarian” birds, animals, mammals, fish, babies, not just 90% of the human race.

Bill Gates also stated that this is his “spiritual mission.” Gates seeks to change the world. The food industry and bars and restaurants were shut down since 2019. Gates stated he will create molecular meat and lab-grown foods and milk as he’s heavily invested in Monsanto’s GMO seeds that are non-nutritional and is buying farmland around the USA.

Remember, those who control the, food and water supplies, oil, energy and commodities and the farmland- control the world. Will the federal government allow the evil ones to achieve their goal and to overthrow the Constitution of the USA using a flu, testing kits, and masks made in China? Will the DOJ and Military allow Gates and Dr. Fauci and the Democrats to force an illegal, unlawful, and unconstitutional mandated tracking card that denies freedom? Will Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates and the Democrats mandate the injection or the mark of the beast or entice young people to accept the chip in the forehead or right hand? Will the evil ones succeed and conquer the nation by chemical injections that allegedly alter DNA as well as their mandated vaccine card or chip or else be punished by people who have no authority over us and appear to be committing a worldwide genocide and treason! Will God’s children expand God’s army?

Mandates are not established as legal, lawful or constitutional in the original Constitution of the United States of America and quite the contrary. Obama started with the mandates and used mandates to dicate to the nation even though he was an Indonesian National. Former President GHW Bush pledged his loyalty to a Yale secret society and the New World Order while he was President of the USA. He should have been impeached because no man or woman can have 2 Masters. You are either loyal to the U.S. Constitution for which you were sworn into office and believed to be true by We The People or you are secretly loyal to the enemy which is the Communist U.N.-NWO! The Clinton’s and Obama’s and Biden’s were allowed by the Democrats and RINOS in congress to bypass the congress and they got away with everything they’ve done not for America but to America and for themselves. The congress has failed in their fiduciary duty that requires them to perform their legislative job fiduciary duty. They are to read, study, review and debate bills before voting on for approval. For example, they failed to read, study, and review the unconstitutional Obamacare that includes death panels. The faux impeachments of President Trump between 2016 and 2020. Today, it’s trial and experimental covid vaccines. Hillary and Bill, Obama’s, Hollywood Libs and the Democrats were extremely upset when Hillary lost to Trump in 2016 and set their NWO plans back 4 years.

In conclusion, legal Americans never approved of being dictated to by tyrannical authoritarian and totalitarian elected officials who refuse to retire at 80 -90 years old or until they drop dead on the bench. This is what we’ve been witnessing in the Supreme Court and in congress and in the Oval Office since 2020. This is how cabals are created and how they corrupt leaders. China admitted they have long time friends in high places in the U.S. Government who are “easily influenced.” China wanted Trump gone.

The goal of the wealthy NWO anti-Americans who used America and Americans to gain wealthy seek to reduce the population of the planet and redistribute the world’s wealth to themselves, but will they succeed? They appear to be a majority of narcissists and sociopaths who thrive on power,control, sex, and money and they can never get enough of their material world. They have to buy up the land. Wate. Energy. Food Industry. Property. Mansions. Yachts. Resources. And, yet, none will take one penny with them when they must meet their Maker. They will find that they can’t buy their way into God’s Gates for they have exchanged their souls for the material world and inflated egos that lead to the Gates of Hell. So, do not envy them, but pray for world peace.

elves and donors and bundlers who fund their campaigns or even foreign enemy nations who make secret deals in the millions and billions through their offshore bank accounts or non-profit organizations and foundations as they maintain control and hold themselves above the law in their self-disciplining, self-policing and self-protecting secret courts and hearings. Many greedy sociopaths who thrive on power,

They target Christians. Jews. Bible. God. One Nation Under God. In God We Trust. Sovereignty. Patriots. and view the masses as discardable and disposable and obsolete who are of no value to them. They only seek to choose those who they believe are of some value to them and their futuristic world without God’s creations of babies, sick, elderly, Black Africans, Indians from India, Hispanics, Natural-Born Americans, natural-born Europeans, and they believe they are icons aka gods who can use DNA and aborted fetal tissue and organs to create transhumans that are neither male or female and can’t procreate and will live forever.

The agenda appears to include premeditated worldwide genocide with a goal of reducing the world’s population at 50% by 2025 which was scheduled to occur in 2030. Their next goal is to reduce the population by 90% by 2050. There is a war happening against God and his creations. They’ve already convinced young females to wipe out more than 70,000,000 natural born American babies. and are offering financial incentives- U.S. taxes through their Stimulus agendas that fund them and their bundlers and donors, Unions, Wall Street, EU and MB Leaders, while they keep the Middle Class locked down and destroy small business owners and marriage, families, education, and jobs.

Who are they to deny Free People in the USA and the World their Human Rights to work and provide and sustain the necessities of life while these wealthy people live in mansions and collect taxpayer funded wages and pensions for life despite their wealth.? Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, CDC and the Democrats caused failed deliveries for more than one year hurting the truckers and restaurants and markets. It appears they are training up Americans to buy less food and eat less food while Bill Gates plants his GMO non-nutritionalseeds and develops his molecular meats and chemical lab-grown milk, eggs and foods if they kill off all the cows, horses, dogs, pigs, chickens, fish, etc.

cuts off ships and truck deliveries state-to-stated. They deny travel and currently have destroyed small businesses and churches, theaters, salons, restaurants and are targeting, oil, fracking, coal, and fossil fuel. These evil ones are using our tax dollars to force Americans to pay for our own demise and that of the world’s wealth and population so that they can redistribute the wealth to themselves and enslave any survivors to them. These evil ones are using a flu with a 99.8% recovery and masks and testing kits made in China which is helping China build up the economy while causing depression, suicides, homelessness, civil disruption through Soros BLM and ANTIFA and Black-white tension. Is it all intentional and pre-meditated and planned out to create civil war and a plannedemic and call out Martial law to take people away to camps and they don’t mean summer camps! Is this not a premeditated worldwide mass murder of God’s creation of humans, animals, birds, fish, and mammals without the U.S. Military arresting the players before more people suffer worldwide?

The truth is that the NWO members are overthrowing the U.S. Constitution with the assistance of the Democrat Party who are tied to the UN-NWO and Communist China. Obama brought his change and transformation speech to America and was groomed and pre-selected and pre-elected long ago in myopinion by the KGB after Americans wiped out the NWO Communist agenda to usher in a one world government that would rule with an Iron Fist like in Germany. The U.S. government secretly brought NaziScientists to America and provided them with high paying positions and allowed anti-American George Soros to use his billios to make China the #1 super power by devaluing the U.S.Dollar. And, there were the KGB Russian operatives and the CCP silently infiltrating into the USA and the government.

In other words, we have been forced to fund ou rown demise without realizing it since World War II ended. These Communist leaders have been waiting for 60 years to drop the hammer on the Statue of Liberty. America is the only country in the world that is blessed by God as One Nation Under God built on a Christian Foundation whose leaders have failed all Americans since this Great Land was discovered. Itis now up to We The People to stand up and speak up and defend our Homeland from foreign and domestic enemies if the DOJ and the Law Enforcers and the Military are weakened by mandated assaults of an experimental vaccine without long term case studies on the Direct Adverse Health Effects on human beings and they deny those whoa are injured or died post vaccination as a coincidence or no way to know.

And, remember that Dr.Fauci, Bill Gates and CDC Hillary Clinton, Obama and Joe Biden allow illegals with covid and other diseases into the USA from Third World Nations. The truth is that Sars and Mers and measles and flu are common place such as Africa, India, Central and South America, and China. Americans should ask why these same wealthy Democrats are using the flu and masks to criminalize Americans when it was Dr. Fauci doing the research and Obama funding him with our taxes to continue in a Wuhan Lab after a moratorium was issued in the USA. And, we witness Dr. Fauci and Gates and Demorats socializing, partying, vacationing, eating at restaurants inside without masks.

Americans need to call their senators and stop this hypocrisy that denies our constitutional rights, civil rights, and human rights and the Right-to-Work and the Right-to-the-Pursuit of Happiness. The Democrats are violating U.S. Sovereignty. They are violating Legal Migration. Legal Inspections. Legal Citizenship. Encouraging illegal voting. They used covid and masks to silence and impoverish us and train us up to “obey them” as the people do in China. We are their mice being used for their trials and experiments.

The Democrats allowed Obama and George Soros to fund BLM AND ANTIFA who state they are anti-American Marxist and that Soros recruits them and pay them to commit anarchy and chant, “Defund the Police.” He also funds ANTIFA and appear to have a legal defense fund that is used to bail them out if the should ever be arrested. These groups were created to create civil disruption during the plannedemic with the goal it appears to usher in the one world government and call out Martial Law on the American citizens who refuse to comply with these agendas.

The Democrats protected BLM and ANTIFA who burned down cities and terrorized innocent Americans. We witnessed the harassing elderly Americans, senators, and they were never held accountable for billions of dollars in damages businesses and for those police and civilians they injured. as they herded and parties in the streets for more than 1 year while Americans were isolated. The Democrats didn’t criminalize them for partying in the streets, herding, and looting but kneeled down tothem.

Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates caught and Democrats caught without masks ordered the law enforcers to arrest Christians and pastors and healthy free Americans who were at the beach or a park because they weren’t wearing a mask made in China. The hypocrisy didn’t sto with BLM andANTIFA, but Biden and the Democrats opened up the borders and invited thousands of illegals from Third World Nations with covid into the USA. The only people criminalized for covid or not wearing a mask appear t obe Christians and Jews, Catholics and Patriots. Apparently, they are pushing to put every American into the computer system. The truth is that healthy American citizens, who refuse to wear a mask and cut off fresh oxygenation to maintain a healthy body aren’t the criminals. The criminals are abusing their power or taking on powers that they never had by paying for media time to spread their fear mongering.

Remember, Dr. Fauci and his colleagues confirmed that wearing masks long term during the Spanish Flu of 1918 caused bacterial pneumonia coupled with the lack of good nutrition and clean water and lack of ventilation – fresh air- oxygen. They concluded the masks caused more people to die from TB and bacterial pneumonia than the Spanish Flu. Other doctors have stated that wearing masks long term can cause not only bacterial pneumonia, but gum disease, loss of teeth, bad breath, cancer, and Legionnaire’s disease..

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Rose Colombo (C) March 10, 2021

ROSE COLOMBO is a pioneer researcher, award winning writer, author, and poet. She’s produced and hosted cable TV shows on Time-Warner and COX that hit the TV Guide and am-FM Radio Shows, Women Fight Back,” and “Issues of the Day.” Her first-hand experiences and knowledge over 30 years makes her an expert on legal abuse and injustices as she’s consulted with victims of injustices around the nation.

Today, Bill Gates and George Soros and their long-time U.N.-NWO members and wealthy Billionaires seek to reduce the population of the planet with intent of killing off the birds, fish, animals, mammals upon the planet and taking control of the land and oceans, rivers, lakes, farms, ranches, and the skies and usher in the one world government. It appears Gates seeks to be the one world leader.

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How long will the sheeple fall for the fear mongering – 3 masks wearing that cuts off oxygen and prevents releasing carbon monoxide – and mandated worldwide vaccines making Bill Gates Billions and Billions using every human on the planet, even babies, as human commodities for Human Capital for these Wall Street Billionaires under the guise of “saving lives” while depopulating future natural born Amreicans and natural-born babies around the world needed to preserve nations. When will the Free People have enough of the lock downs/.

Lock Downs are destroying millions of lives around the world by destroying Human Rights that destroy the livehood of families worldwide. Soros, Gates, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, CDC, WHO, have taking control of the world tied to the Democrats and EU leaders and CEOs on Wall Street, in particular, Big Pharma and AI and China seeking control over the planet.

They are unconstitutionally, illegally, and unlawfully denying Free People the Human “Right-to-Work” and the “Right to Sustain our lifestyles” as well as the Human Right-To-Provide for the Necessities of Life” such as shelter, food, medicine, education, work and travel. Gates tells people to sacrifice from his $659,000,000 yacht, but you can bet, he isn’t sacrificing anything. Why is Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci tied to the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Biden’s, CDC, WHO, CHINA, Epstein, Moderna, Big Pharma, AI, Wuhan and Covid Research and all support abortions, same-sex, transgenderism, trans-humans, and mandated trial/experimental vaccines and testing kits made in China who they claim released the covid-19 flu on the world. Moderna has never developed a vaccine ever.

These same people have been allowed to take control over the lives of FREE PEOPLE in the USA, Europe and around the world as if we’re their guinea pigs or human lab rats and their sheeple to order us to do whatever they declare we must do or else we can’t live as FREE PEOPLE! Who are they to do this to nearly 8 Billion people in the world? Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, and CDC are not elected officials and there is no constitutional authority in the USA or precedent that allows CDC and Bill Gates or Dr. Fauci and President Biden to force people to wear 1, 2, or 3 masks which is a piece of clothing over our noses and mouths that diminishes saliva and causes bacteria to form that can cause loss of teeth and gums disease, which is irreversible, then swallowed into the lungs that cause bacterial pneumonia and death. or not be able to shop for the necessities of life or socialize in public even if healthy.

It is unprecedented for who seek to make Billions from vaccines that are no more than trials and experimental injections, while recklessly bypassing short term and long term case studies on lab animals, mice or rats, but after all the lab rats died after 2 injections, they decided to go directly to the entire world and use human beings without consent as their lab rats so they can continue on with their never ending injections that they will declare everyone must comply or else be punished. They are unconstitutionally using human beings for their trials and experimental vaccines without liability for injuries and deaths to their victims or the families who lost healthy family members until jabbed. In the USA, congress approved immunity for Big Pharma which was unprecedented as well prior to covid being unleashed. Why did they do that as more than 12,000 people died in the USA during the month of July 2021 after 2 jabs. And, its reported that 500,000 people have died worldwide within a short period of time after the 2 jabs. How many people have to die or be disabled for life before it’s a genocide and Crimes Against Humanity?

All those named above and many more wealthy investors in public office and business invested in Big Pharma and AI and 5G are seeking to earn billions of dollars from trial and experimental vaccines and allegedly, Dr. Fauci has never identified the isolate genome according to doctors and Scientists. They allege that without identifying the isolate genome, there can be no virus or variants. Some state that this is the biggest hoax ever played on the world for the depopulation of the planet and for the redistribution of wealth to the wealthy involved who granted themselves immunity from financial or criminal liability.

Now, they’ve gone as far as to bypass testing on mice and as well as bypassing their fiduciary duty to publish short term and long term case studies for public review in medical journals on the direct adverse health effects on human beings. One shoe doesn’t fit all and one vaccine doesn’t fit all and many people will be in pain. Babies and elderly and the very ill have weak immune systems, so why would they plunge a needle into their bodies filled with chemicals and a new experimental method never used in vaccines that is referred to as gene therapy that can manipulate the DNA of individual persons that makes them unique with unknown consequences according to doctors from around the world. In fact, a whistleblower who was employed by Pfizer stated that these injection include poison – toxins Graphene Oxide without disclosure. Direct adverse health effects or death can happen immediately or days away, weeks, months, or 1, 2 or 3 years or more down the road. There are doctors online who stated that 50,000,000 people will be dead within 3 years. Isn’t that Crimes Against Humanity and anyone who allows it to happen just as guilty for being complicit?


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