Rose Colombo, Talk Show Host and Author
Rose Colombo, Talk Show Host and Author

LISTEN TAPED LIVE:  Rose Colombo welcomes,Dr. Alan Keyes, as her special guest  as the producer and host of “The Justice Club” at Freedomizer Radio.  Dr. ALAN KEYES, graciously shares his knowledge and insight about Obama and the ObamaNation.  Dr. Keyes is an American Conservative Political Activist, author, former Diplomat, and perennial candidate for office.  A doctoral graduate of Harvard University, Dr. Keyes began his diplomatic career in the United States.  He received a Doctorate in Government Affairs from Harvard University before joining the Reagan administration.  He’s married and he has 3 children and lives in Long Island, New York.  Click on the link below – (Return and Like, Reblog,  and Comment Below on this site at  Move the blue dial with your mouse to 90 minutes to begin the interview.

TLRoars / CthePower / Justice Club 11/06 by FreedomizerRadio | Current Events Podcasts.

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