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Rose Colombo welcomes the internationally respected Dr. Tony McDonnell, author of 15 books, and known as the Master Herbalist and Nutritionist who said, “We can actually heal ourselves with diet.”  Dr. McDonnell is the Key Note Speaker at the Cancer Convention on Labor Day weekend at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in L.A. (Universal City) and learn about nutrition, diet, cancer prevention and treatments, with top doctors, nutritionists, authors, nurses, clinical researchers and survivors.  Before and after entering Author’s Corner, Rose enters into the world of Justice and shares her insight into corruption in government and federalizing the police.

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Rose Colombo/Is Fed Gov’t Child Refugees Actually Child Trafficking into the USA?/Attorney Lauren Martel Files Bombshell Lawsuit Against the Government/Freedomizer Radio

Child Trafficking and Female Trafficking is big business for organized criminals who will pay top dollar for these human commodities as tens of thousands of kids are kidnapped in the USA and from foreign countries around the world.  Today,  it’s reported that tens of thousands of unidentified foreign minor kids are being trafficked into the USA but reported as “migrated” into the USA without parents or guardians who have gone missing.  How is this even legal, ethical, lawful, moral, or constitutional?  The numbers are significantly increasing as of 2002 when the Congress published a reports into the Congressional Record confirming that after Drug Trafficking and Gun Trafficking are the top two crimes and that  Human Trafficking, which is Slave and Sex Trafficking as well as using kids as drug couriers, or selling or renting out kids and women as sex slaves, is the #3 criminal crisis which most Americans aren’t paying any attention. Since 2009, the Federal Government with their big foot continues to open our borders wider than ever  despite the knowledge of these crimes.  America has a serious problem and these kids aren’t being protected by the Courts because of the failure to uphold the laws at the borders and the lack of funding and manpower within the courts.  In fact, even the courts must provide a guardian ad litem before they can make decisions about these unidentified domestic or foreign kids.  How do they know they aren’t  being kidnapped or sold to ISIS and cartel members by poor parents for big profits so they can use them and abuse them. How do they know if these minor kids will be gang raped and killed?

Well, hat off to Rose Colombo’s guest, Lauren Martel, dynamic attorney-at-law  has  taken on this cause.  She’s not standing by and doing nothing about it!  MSM may be  ignoring this Bombshell Story, but the Attorney Martel has filed a Lawsuit naming Obama, the Federal Government, Governor Niki Haley, and others who are ignoring these problems involving minor kids.  She’s exposing this enormous Scandal and shining a light on one of the most serious and increasing scandals of our time that’s been swept away, so Radio Host, Rose Colombo, a Crusader and award-winning author on injustices is more than willing to help Lauren Martel, Attorney and Whistle Blower let the world know that Americans need to step up to the plate and help protect the minor kids from foreign nations and in the USA where the increased numbers of missing kids  is on the back burner.  It’s a crime for the elected representatives in this nation to sweep this serious matter away without creating serious oversight to secure the borders and identify minor kids without parents or guardians entering our nation by the thousands and then go missing.  The Human Traffickers use these kids as human commodities for profit and they could be kids who are actually being sold or kidnapped and trafficked under the guise, perhaps  as refugees.  Most of these kids are unidentified,  non-vetted and the system doesn’t know where most end up.  LIKE – COMMENT BELOW

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Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Stealing America/Guest: Frank Cousineau/President of Cancer Control Society/Online Radio/Freedomizer Radio

Rose Colombo’s starts off with Rosie’s Rants on The Justice Club reminding Americans that our WWII Veterans are passing away and how important it is to record their stories involving WWII and The Great Depression, Communism,  and what life was like leading up to 2016.   She reminds us that they are living history and if the government were to change or eliminate that part of history that the future generations would not know the truth.  Rose Colombo’s special gust on Authors and Experts Corner is the well-respected, Frank Cousineau, President of the Cancer Control Society. Mr Cousineau invites everyone to attend the 44th Annual Cancer Convention at the Universal Hotel in Universal City (L.A.) during the Labor Day Weekend on September 3, 4, and 5th. In fact,Rose says more people are dying from cancer in America and around the world than die from guns, but the Obama regime only focuses on guns.  In conclusion, Rose enters back into the world of Justice and discusses Comey’s decision and the USAG and that of the White House related to Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Colombo is an award-winning author and she shares her viewpoints which generally sees things differently than most people as a long-time researcher and leader of a grassroots movement involving people who were victims of legal abuse who became survivors of legal abuse.  Rose left Freedomizer Radio and she’ll be back on a new network in the nar future to be announced so stay tuned….You can scroll down and read Rose’s Blogs that affect everyoe’s life. Scroll down and Share! Follow! Comment!

Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Politics/China’s Demands on USA/ Author Ina Silvert Hillebrandt / Nutrition and Comedy/FreedomizerRadio

Rose Colombo, welcomes the funny and delightful, author, Ina Silvert Hillebrant, sharing her unique book on nutrition with a touch of comedy entitled “The Revolutionary Cannibal Diet.” The author shares her nutritional diet with her tongue-in-cheek comical comments which she found funny and intriguing when she was a child and her father would say some thing she felt was funny about people and wrote down those comical comments in her latest book. Rose Colombo enters into the world of Justice and shares her insight as a long-time award-winning writer and media personality referred to by the media as a “Crusader.” Rose explores the rigged elections and the corruption in the government which is strangling small business, family life, and the Christian foundation as the Obama Regime and Democrats target Christians, Jews, and Americans by using secret spying agendas and invading the privacy of the majority of Americans.

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Is the Federal Government a Foreign Entity and Enemy of the USA? The Federal Government cannot be a Government Entity and a Dual Private Corporation! Null and Void!

Rose Colombo, author, Fight Back Legal Abuse; Radio Host; Advocate for Justice;
Rose Colombo, author, Fight Back Legal Abuse; Radio Host; Consumer Advocate for Justice

Rose Colombo, pub. 10/20/13 (C)

Is the federal government a foreign international entity unto itself apart from the United States of America? After all, the U.S. Presidents i.e., Ford, Carter, Clinton, Bush Sr., and Obama were known supporters of The New World Order agenda.  In fact, Bush Sr., Clinton, and Obama declared on worldwide television that they were seeking a New World Order which is a foreign ideology, not a U.S. Constitutional ideology.  In fact The New World Order’s members are at war with the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  They are at war with God and God’s children around the world.

Consequently, The New World Oder represents a Master vs. Slave dictatorial and totalitarian government which should be considered an act of war or treason against the U.S. Constitution and the Sovereignty of this Great Republic operated by the Rule of Law.  God’s Children and God’ creations living on this planet are asleep when it comes to believing that a dark entity exists who meet in secret and conspire on how they will change and transform the planet.  They are funded into positions of power and protection from punishment if they willingly pledge their allegiance to these secret societies of wealthy men and women and sell out their souls for the material world.

In fact, it appears that  Obama appeared to believe that he is to be crowned the “One World Leader” among others who thrive on power and control and inflated egos such as Xi Jinping, Putin, Gates, Soros, Klaus Schwab, Erdogan, and maybe a secret man or woman behind the curtain.  After Obama was elected, he didn’t recite his first speech on American soil, but flew to former communist and Nazi Germany where he addressed the “Citizens of the World” which should have been a big clue for the American people, but not. He also bowed down to the Communist Chinese President and the Saudi King which were 2 more big clues, but the American people laughed.  Another major speech after elected President of the USA took place in the Middle East when he surprised Americans and spoke in perfect Arabic and promised them two lands.  It was my opinion, he may have promised them America tied to Canada and Europe. After all, the stated and written strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to wipe out Western Civilization and dominate the world. This is the same goal of the New World Order and United Nations Agenda 21, and possibly other leaders who are either communists or like playing games with the ives of 7 billion people.

Communism: Censorship and Freedom of Speech

Immediately after elections, Obama unconstitutionally agreed to sit as the Chair of the United Nations while an elected sitting U.S. President and prohibited by the U.S. Constitution.  He immediately addressed the Muslims of the Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR organization when he shocked Americans and addressed them in perfect Arabic, praised their accomplishments, not those of America, and promised them two States which I believe are Europe and America, and allowed them to visit with him in the White House.  He immediately signed an E.O. with the blessings of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, a secret migration of Muslims linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and al Qaeda. Under his watch, the Big Foot federal government diverted our taxes and  secretly  migrated anti-Americans linked to these organizations into the USA,  They required Americans without their knowledge to pick up the tab for the migration and silenced them if they complained. Obama and Biden, Hillary and Kerry and the Democrats required Americans to pick up the living expenses and Health Care costs for the millions of new illegals flown into the USA under his signature legislation which appears to be Hillary care morphed into Obamacare.

These agendas were accomplished with the blessings of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Harry Reid, and the entire Democratic Congress and Senate and RINOS who should just switch to the Democrat party.  These career politicians appear to have accepted alleged Bribes, oops, donations, oops, financial incentives for Votes.  These were the clues that were ignored by the majority of the legal Americans, who never thought to ask Obama, “Who are you,” and “Where is your Certified U.S. Birth Certificate?” Or, “Where are your credentials?”  These agendas are the agendas of the New World Order to create disorder and bring the “People of the World” under the control of the members of the New World Order creating a world of Master and Slaves going back to the days of the Egyptians. And, yet, these agendas were happening in the USA when George H. W. Bush, former deceased POTUS announced his allegiance to the New World Oder on the House Floor and the members of congress and the Senate applauded.  The American people didn’t want to recognize the clues and ignored them because when the economy is good, it appears people don’t want to hear anything or see anything or say anything that could rock the boat.

Thus, you see the all-seeing eye on corporate logos and in the media and their finger symbols of those who are within that inner circle.  You are witnessing Obama place his face on the U.S. flag and changing the flag and placing flags with gold fringe in public buildings.  Yet the federal and state government allows illegals and legal Americans to burn the U.S. Flag on U.S. soil while holding up communist flags and MB-CAIR Middle East Flags on U.S. soil.  This breaks my heart and the hearts of all natural-born Americans loyal to the soil upon which they are innate and born to 2 legal American parents.  The United Nations Agenda 21 implements the depopulation programs to wipe out 90% of the population under the guise of saving the planet and reducing poverty by 2050, or perhaps, if they get the opportunity out of fear, as too many people wake up to their sinister plots, the NWO will attempt to push their agendas sooner than planned.

Today, we are witnessing the invasion of the radical Muslim-Brotherhood-CAIR-Hamas org. into the USA from Iran, Palestine and Somalia and increase number of spies from China and Pakistan through the Bush-Cheney-CFR Open Border policies that began as a policy under their watch with the goal of flooding Western Civilization with poor and uneducated Third World unidentified foreigners as they abuse and use U.S. taxes for their sinister NWO agendas. When will Americans wake up will it be too late to stop their agendas which appears to be a potential enslavement of bodies and minds or else a potential genocide.

Will the New World Order threaten to dominate our Western Civilization Nations and kill us by thirst and rationing and denying health care as included in Obamacare?  Obamacare includes rationing and denying health care even though only legal Americans are forced to sign up and pay up whether or not they get the services and treatments or not. Will it be their denying food and water and necessities of life as they impose these agendas in communist nations when their citizens resist and don’t comply and are either executed or die from such tyranny?  How is it that the United States Congress and DOJ isn’t lifting one finger to identify, search, and vet, and health care check each person who comes to our borders and disrespects our laws and law enforcement and the American people, but if you go to their countries and illegally cross their borders, they have no problem torturing or executing or throwing you into a hell hole. The entire federal government and Blue States allowed the Bush-Cheney, Clinton-Obama, Biden open door policies to continue reaching probably about 40 million traffickers, felons, fake refugees, fake asylum seekers, not all, but one is too many, anti-American jihadists, cartels, gangs, and dangerous dudes into the USA, Mexico, Canada, and Europe.  They have risked the lives of every American and many have died by the attacks on Americans and law enforcement because of these unconstitutional agendas. In fact, gays, women, and children are a huge target of jihadists who are deep seeded into their ideologies.

We are witnessing America’s corporations such as Ford, Disneyland, McDonald’s, Starbucks and many major corporations on Wall Street willing to destroy their own businesses in order to carry out the New World Order agendas.  Of course, the radicals on the Left who are brainwashed and don’t understand  that this agenda will involve them when they’re no longer needed to commit these human rights violations and constitutional violations by lawmakers who became law breakers.  We witness even Americans born on U.S. soil who cheer the Liberal Progressive or Socialist and Communist agendas as seen on video!

Surprisingly, the news reported that a U.S. General, Joints Chief of Staff and Chairman, Martin Dempsey and former Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, stated that we [Obama and Panetta and maybe other military officers] believe that they no longer need to seek permission from congress or inform them of what they intend to do, but shall seek permission from the U.N. or NATO, and other international bodies. Therefore, did they not state that they believe and support Obama when he stated that the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Congress is “meaningless?”  That must have made the Communist nations and New World Order members happy or was he following their orders?.  Have they not stated that their allegiance is to a foreign international body such as the United Nations (U.N. Agenda 21)  or NATO, without being held accountable by Congress or the FBI or DOJ or anyone else in power within the Military who are sworn to protect us and who we pay by the sweat of our father’s and grandfather’s brows and that of the current loyal Americans?

You Tube Video below – “High Treason?  Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and General Martin Dempsey and Obama administration take orders not from U.S. Congress but will seek permission from U.N., NATO, international bodies 

Former Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, and U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and Chairman, Martin Dempsey, brazenly and openly stated before the Senate Armed Services Committee that their orders come NOT from the U.S. Constitution or U.S. Congress, but that the U.S. is subservient and takes its marching orders from the U.N., NATO, and as I stated before, “international bodies” (INTERNATIONAL BODIES) and the American people have no democratic influence over their decisions.  WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?

They (Panetta, General Dempsey and the Military and POTUS and VP is it?) stated that they may or may not inform the U.S. Congress who represent the American people. Which job duty and oath of office are they applying?  The American people are the government.  Should the USA secede from the federal land known as the District of Columbia – which appears to be a foreign body – who according to the above video appear to have secretly pledged allegiance to international foreign bodies and declares the U.S. Constitution and Congress “meaningless?  Could the New World Order who is involved with Wall Street be part of those giving orders as well?

Remember,  the United States of America exists operates according to the U.S. Constitution and any other laws outside of the U.S. Constitution make the U.S. A, a dead body of land, under foreign rule!  If the current federal administration doesn’t uphold enforce, or respect U.S. Constitutional law for every man, woman, and child, regardless of title, than which laws have they pledged their allegiance and intend to enforce upon U.S. soil? Shouldn’t D.C. federal agencies, either be enjoined to the USA and reaffirm their allegiance to the original U.S. Flag, and the U.S. Constitution, or declare themselves a foreign entity, who pledge their allegiance to foreign international bodies?  In that case, shouldn’t the Red States secede from the Union who are operating under foreign international bodies which are more than likely foreign enemies of the USA?  Shouldn’t China be denied access to our Long Beach Port?

Therefore, should we not assume that the federal government in D.C. is a separate body from the United States of America and holds itself as a separate entity from the United States of America?  It’s appears to be an island unto itself.  Perhaps, this is why the Framers provided the federal government with “limited powers,” which they have now trampled upon and are stepping on our necks with teir Big Boot.

But, should we not wonder if  key people in power declared that The United States of America is a stated enemy when they declared the USA – a separate body of land made up of separate states with separate laws, yet united and most recently, Obama declared the USA to be no more than a “battlefield?”  Who is America at war with on this battlefield?  Domestic and foreign enemy spies and nations?  The New World Order? Why would federal representatives declare and implement the NDAA Law and Patriot Act as well as declare that they will punish Americans who oppose the current federal regime by implementing unread and unconstitutional laws that deny “Due Process of Law” guaranteed and established by the U.S. Constitution for every American to be protected from government leaders who turn tyrannical?  A POTUS cannot overturn the Constitution or amend it by a E.O. and a stroke of the pen.

When and where was the NDAA bill proposed through Congress and approved and then to the Senate and approved known as the NDAA Law versus an unconstitutional Executive Order that would overthrow the Constitutional protections by the Third Branch of Government known as the Department of Justice?   (Read “Fight Back Legal Abuse” and learn more about legal abuse due to unconstitutional laws). Who is their enemy and who are they spying upon and targeting?  

Should we not assume that the federal government under the Obama non-vetted regime have declared that they are a separate foreign entity and enemy of the United States of America since they declared that the USA is a “battlefield” and the constitution is “meaningless” and it appears they are stating that the American people on the Right are the enemies is it? Senator Harry Reid recently declared certain Americans to be “domestic terrorists,” on the “right,” which is a very dangerous allegation. Yet, the oval office and Congress never declared it’s the USA, who is their enemy, as well as the patriotic loyal conservatives, who they appear to view as the enemy on U.S. soil reflected by their actions at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada and the Bessimer Farms, Gibson Guitars, Solyndra, WACO, and Ruby Ridge and Ken State when they attacked loyal good patriotic taxpayer funding Americans? . Is America a declared battlefield, but by whose standards?  Should Americans not  believe that the enemy attacking the USA is the current federal regime on the Left and RINOs who may be members of  The New World Order?

Furthermore, Obama declared, “America will never be at war with Islam” which leaves the only interpretation available reflecting that “Islam can be at war with America. So, does that mean that the U.S. Military could be targeting American civilians as domestic terrorists versus targeting foreign radicals living on U.S. soil? The Obama regime is attempting to disarm Americans which would mean that Americans can’t shoot back at the enemy, but would be no more than sitting ducks. So, who would our U.S. Military be ordered to target if America’s been declared a “battlefield?” Should we not ask if the majority of current Federal Government administrators declared war against the U.S.A. including loyal Christians, Conservatives, pro-Constitution Americans, U.S. Natural Born Citizens, Veterans, elderly, sick, disabled, elderly, as well as the unborn future U.S. Natural Born Citizens and U.S. Military who refuse to fire upon Americans?  After all, Obama fired Military men who answered “no” to his Litmus test on whether or not they would fire on Americans if ordered.

 Shouldn’t  Americans expect to be punished under their dictatorial-type of behaviors which include unconstitutional, unread, and rubber stamped laws if loyal Americans or military personnel fail to comply?  The rubber stamped unconstitutional laws appear to be the same agendas implemented during WWII by the Nazi’s who implemented an agenda that mandated people comply vs. non-compliance which is the Nazi style of law mandated without due process of law while their Nazi leaders made themselves immune to their own mandated laws and punishments!

Should Americans not consider the unconstitutional and discriminatory laws that usurp the U.S. Constitution such as the NDAA Law, the Patriot Act (promised as temporary by former President George W. Bush, but misled as it is still intact) Obamacare, the Hate Crimes Bill, the Kill Lists, and the Armed Drones that have already killed Americans including a minor child. The drones were orders and killed a U.S. Citizen as well as foreign children in Libya.  Is the flying over of drones to target specific Americans not a dangerous threat  to our freedom and right-to-life?   These laws are unread in many cases, rubber stamped “approved” which is a dereliction of duty by congress in my opinion and a failure by Congress to perform their job duties as required of Congressional members.

Most Americans believe that Congress is paid excessive wages by the American taxpayers to uphold constitutional law.  Many congressional members enjoy the loopholes that they write for themselves while holding themselves above the law, so they aren’t punished, as they live luxurious lifestyles and earn big profits.  In fact, the latest polls taken in the USA produced results that reflected that the majority of Americans don’t respect or hold the oval office or the Congress is high regard as of 2014! In fact,

The unconstitutional and unread  rubber stamped laws for the most part only target Americans, but exempt Muslims, gays,  federal public servants, SEIU workers, or bundlers who support these agendas mandated by current federal government administrators.  The Obama administration  exempts themselves and those they favor from the law, but under which constitutional authority do they dare to be so bold as to violate their sworn oaths that mandate upholding constitutional laws?  One reason could be that they secretly don’t support the U.S. Constitution and Western Civilization, but live off the taxpayers, while they use their positions to shred the U.S. Constitution and punish Americans who support the U.S. Constitution.

For example, if a scriptwriter were to write  a movie would they not submit a script that included blackmail or payola to suppress the truth while the players filled their bank accounts and grabbed control of an entire nation’s wealth?  We could assume that the movie included selling out one’s National Security secrets and funding and arming the enemy while disarming their own countrymen and punishing them unjustly?  Let’s hope that old movie isn’t up-dated!

About 2009, not long after the non-vetted President, Barack Hussein Obama, who didn’t want Americans knowing or stating his middle name, Hussein,  during the campaign, he shockingly sat as Chair of the U.N., which is prohibited by the U.S. Constitution, but congress didn’t care.  Shortly thereafter, he accepted a valuable gold necklace gift from the Saudi King which should have been returned, but to my knowledge, not.  Instead, the British were surprised when Obama returned their gift displayed at the White House for years.  Since his election and after he declared his true beliefs about  2001, 2008, and 2012 and stated the same at other events as follows, “The U.S. Constitution is meaningless and no more than a charter of negative liberties [laws] that need to be changed,” the Congress should have taken action.  Congress was silent.  Congress has been complicit on every issue, Article II, silencing Americans, threatening Americans, spying and targeting on Americans, and destroying the greatest health care system, as well as scandals (Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Libya, Solyndra, AP, IRS, NDAA…..) and so forth.

About 2008,  I blogged many times and informed Americans of the non-vetted president’s  declaration informing Americans that he declared  the “U.S. Constitution is “meaningless.”  but my information received little attention; therefore does it now appear that the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Congress are dead after listening to  the sworn testimony stated at the Senate Armed Services Committee?

It appears that if the Constitution is “meaningless” and that same declaration remains the belief of a U.S. President, Barack Hussein Obama, as well as those in high-ranking positions of the federal government than public servants working within the federal government are above the law because they apparently don’t feel their sworn oaths are meaningful as well as their assumed allegiance when they swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution which was believed  by We The People.

It’s quite clever for the  oval office, Congress, Senators, high-ranking Military Officers, and the U.S. Justices, who agree to hold themselves above constitutional laws, for it would stand to reason that  they can’t  be charged with High Crimes, Treason, or as Traitors or Sedition, or punished.  The only people who can be punished by them would be loyal patriotic Americans who believe that the U.S. Constitution is alive and the law of the land.  Under such a plan,  the  loyal law-abiding US Citizens who oppose this regime apparently would be the targets to be spied upon and punished under such an agenda.

Is this  why the illegals, foreigners from the Middle East, bundlers, donors and supporters of the Obama regime are rewarded with bonuses, elevated positions, excessive retirement packages, no-bid multi-million dollar contracts, Insider Trading and Bribes for Votes? Yet, loyal patriotic Americans. who oppose this regime, appear to be punished.  In fact, Valerie Jarrett threatened  to punish Americans who oppose their regime, which she announced, on international television.  Since then, we learned through a Whistle Blower, Edward Snowden, that specific Americans and groups are spied upon and targeted.

In fact, Americans have experienced an increase of police states and an increase of police behaving more as militant types than protectors in many cases.  There appears to be an increase of police officers using unusual force or groping procedures against elderly Americans, veterans (even though these veterans served this country and kept them free),  pregnant women, and targeted women, children, and many innocent Americans reported in the news to have been shot for no reason even if they’re unarmed and not a threat at the time of the event.

Most recently, $800,000,000 reported in the news to be cut from Food Stamps, once again punishing the poor.  So, will more Americans die from hunger and having their health care insurance cancelled, mandated abortions, and rationing and denying health care services to Americans, who must pay up or else be punished?

In fact, Americans have been experiencing forced radiation at the airports with knowledge that radiation is known to cause adverse side affects per medical journals.  Americans including children and the elderly have been groped and viewed by TSA workers using naked by x-ray machines which usually require health care licensed or certified professionals.   Americans have been spied upon and targeted since2009.  We’ve heard the cries of American women and children and even men of being raped by TSA (and too many recent reports by police), but the Congress ignored those complaints for the most part.  We’re watching more robocop home invasions where adults and kids are murdered by police when they bust down the doors without search warrants and without probable cause.  Will these knocks on the door or doors knocked down  increase under Obamacare as the current regime hires more Navigators, Gestapo types, to knock on people’s doors or knock down citizen’s doors?  T

Sadly, the Obama regime with approval of Congress is cutting Food Stamps for the poor by $800,000,000  in these tough economic times, but this regime takes excessive taxpayer-funded wages and COL increases with benefits and we must ask if the $800,000,000 is being transferred to fund Obamacare.  It appears it’s a crime to be poor in America subject to punishment!

Furthermore, Great Britain promotes seeking the support of the U.N. and encourages the U.S. seek support of the U.N. which should awaken every American and European that the leaders of these countries are not looking out for the best interest of Western Civilization but are seeking to change Western Civilization into the “haves” and “have nots” which President George W. Bush spoke about at a dinner engagement during a toast at a dinner of the “haves.”  He sent a message to the world that it will be better for people if they are part of the “haves.”  (Read “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks and Radicals” to find out how a free nation can be made extinct)

Perhaps, it’s time for each Governor of each State to opt out of the”Corporation” allegedly owned by the Federal Reserve and Banksters and run by the World Bank.  It is now alleged that Communist China will buy the Federal Reserve which would mean that Communist China would own the U.S.A. and control the world.  The Federal Reserve is a sore problem for the U.S.A.  who controls in secret America’s gold and tax dollars without accountability to the American people, which reeks of insanity to say the least!

Consequently, shouldn’t the American people at least consider and ponder if the Federal Government in connection with the Federal Reserve to be viewed as no more than a foreign enemy of the U.S.A. and the American citizens  based on the fact that they have refused to audit the Federal Reserve for public review and public scrutiny as this begs the question what do they have to hide?  Shouldn’t the American people ponder and consider if the Federal Government, who has trampled upon “limited Powers” and is dictating to the States without congressional and constitutional authority ask each representative, where does their allegiance lie, if as stated by former Secretary of Defense Panetta, they shall not seek permission from Congress but from international bodies?

Former Secretary of the Defense, Leon Panetta, made statements that shocked a nation under oath to the Senate Armed Services Committee on national television and recorded on video in front of millions of witnesses.  Have they not declared that they, too, like President Obama believe that the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Constitution are “meaningless?”  If the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Congress are “meaningless” than the U.S. is dead!  Gone!  Doesn’t exist!    Is the word “nullification” familiar to the Governors?  The only reason the U.S.A. exists is the fact that the U.S. Constitution exists!  If the U.S. Constitution has been declared “meaningless” than the USA doesn’t exist, but foreign entities, international bodies, rule.

The time has come for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country is it not?  Perhaps, the states must now consider how to protect their citizens and perhaps secede from a separate body known as D.C. and these federal agencies as well as the federal public servants, who appear to have declared themselves exempt from the laws which they mandate for the citizens of the USA!  They now hold themselves above U.S. Constitutional laws, which makes them non-U.S. Citizens based on the fact that all citizens of the U.S.  must follow and abide by the Rule of Law, especially those paid to do so as public servants.  Remember, only Citizens of the U.S.A. pledge their allegiance to the U.S. Flag and the U.S. Constitution, but those who have secret allegiances don’t place their hand on their hearts and pledge their allegiance or place their right hand on the Bible when swearing an oath.  Every man, woman, and child, must abide by U.S. Constitutional and state laws, but it appears that’s been turned upside down since 2009!

Shouldn’t Americans ask under which constitutional authority has the oval office and Congress and the Supreme Court granted to themselves the right to discriminate and exempt  themselves and people, whether legal or illegals, Muslims, or gays, or anyone else who they favor, from  all constitutional laws?  The Framers created and established the U.S. Constitution for the protection of all citizens.  As Americans know, the U.S. Constitution includes equality for all, but the current federal government has rendered laws that include blatant inequality.  The current regime creates and approve laws that usurp the U.S. Constitution and change it which isn’t legal in my opinion and boldly writes discriminatory laws in favor of people who support the current regime.

The majority of current federal public servants have declared the USA to be  a “battlefield,” without boldly declaring who is the enemy of the USA.   Such a declaration makes the federal government in D.C., a separate body from the U.S.A.   Have they not declared war on the states, the Constitution, Bill of Rights,  and the American people who oppose their foreign allegiance to the U.N. and NATO and international bodies?  Are they not  imposing tyrannical, unconstitutional, unread, and non-affordable discriminatory laws which include excessive mandates, excessive regulations, excessive penalties, excessive taxation, and excessive punishment for the American people living in the states of the USA which is outside the scope of constitutional and moral law?  Under which constitutional authority are they declaring that federal workers in D.C., the oval office, Congress, and U.S. Justices can be favored and simultaneously mandate draconian laws for the taxpayers who pay their wages and elected them?

Does the oval office, Congress, Senate, and U.S. Justices truly  believe that they have constitutional authority or any legal authority to hold themselves above constitutional law contrary to their sworn oaths just because they work in the separate body of federal land known as the District of Columbia?  They should remember that it is the Middle Class who pays their wages and it’s the Middle Class that they’re destroying.

Should Americans not at least ponder why do U.S. Natural Born and generational long time naturalized Citizens who pledge their Allegiance to the U.S. Flag and their allegiance to the U.S. Constitution and to God and fellow countrymen be ruled by foreign laws since all unconstitutional and unread laws are foreign to Americans?  And why are Americans being dictated to by non-vetted public servants, who are appointed or elected public servants, paid with tax dollars,  who refuse to identify themselves or uphold U.S. Constitutional law? And, why are Americans paying excessive U.S. tax dollars to federal workers, who prove that they have little or no respect for America or the U.S.Military or the American people and the future U.S. Natural Born Citizens by snuffing  out millions of babies before they take their first breath for-profit by forcing taxpayers to pay excessive taxes against their religious or moral conscience?  Yet, they exempt those who over-populate with the goal to dominate the USA and the world!

How is it that Americans are being forced to  pay for their own demise and slashed work hours under the unconstitutional and unread rubber stamped Obamacare as well as using tax dollars to fund Syrian rebels and the Muslim Brotherhood?  Isn’t it time to wake up as these agendas are causing suffering under this current federal regime and creating the infliction of physical, financial, and emotional distress!  LEAVE COMMENTS BELOW or LIKE

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Sen. Hillary Clinton and Obama Attached an Amendment To A Military Bill Prior to 2008 Elections to Change Article II/ Remove The Words “Natural Born Citizen”

Rose Colombo (pub.) October 2011, rev. 2016

How is it that Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Obama were secretly attaching an amendment into a military bill sponsored by Rep. McCaskill on or about 2008 prior to the presidential elections with the intent to change Article II of the U.S. Constitution and secretly  remove the words, U.S. “Natural Born Citizen,” while Senator Hillary Clinton was Obama’s opposing candidate? And, why would this be necessary prior to the elections of 2008 since Hillary Clinton was running against Obama?

Unfortunately, I didn’t have this information when I met with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Ca) on June 24, 2011 in his Washington D.C. office.  Rep. Rohrabacher is a congenial man and a pioneer of securing the borders and I support him.  But, my time was limited and I wanted to make the most of my visit so, I blurted out the big question, “Why hasn’t congress commenced impeachment hearings against Obama?”  He smiled and said there are people working on it.  So,  I asked my next question, “Shouldn’t heads be rolling and people stepping down who are responsible for the gun-running into Mexico by U.S. agents?”  And then, we were interrupted.  At my next opportunity I said, “Don’t you agree that Congress should stand up to Communist China and tell their leaders that America’s wiping out the debt  which they claim is owed to them by the U.S.A.

Until recently, i wasn’t aware that Hillary Clinton, a candidate for President against Obama in 2008, were concerned about removing the words “natural born citizen” from the U.S. Constitution.  Together, they attempted  to change Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, and remove the words “U.S. Natural Born Citizen” from the constitution by inserting a proposal into a Military bill proposed by Rep. McCaskill, which is dishonest and without transparency, but the real question is why would Hillary Clinton running against Obama 1)  want to assist him in removing the words “natural born citizen” as a constitutional requirement,’  2) what did she know about Obama’s Birth Certificate; and 3)  Why would she want to help him to become an ineligible President if she was seeking to be the first female President back in 2008?

The fact remains that it’s alleged that former Democratic Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, altered the Certification of a U.S. President document so, he could be eligible and she wouldn’t be held accountable by the original words established for former U.S. Presidents.  It appears that an exception was made in 2008.  Senator Hillary Clinton assisted  non-vetted Senator Obama as well as Senator McCaskill and other Democratics and RINOS in  removing the words, U.S. “Natural Born Citizen” from Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, it would appear that any questions about Obama’s eligibility, according to Article II of the U.S. Constitution would be rendered moot, but unfortunately for Obama aka Barry,  Article II remains intact after their attempt.

Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of Congressional bills that were proposed and intended to secretly eliminate the words “U.S. Natural Born Citizen” from Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution forevermore:

Rep. Vic Snyder, (D-Ark) proposed a bill to change Article II, Section 1, Clause 5

2.  September 3, 2003:  Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich) proposed changing Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 on September 3, 2003.

3.  February 25, 2004, Rep. Don Nickles, (R-Ok) proposed changing Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, SB 2128.

4.  September 15, 2004, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Ca) proposed changing Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, HJR 104

5.  January 4, 2004, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Ca) proposed changing Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, HJR 42

5.  January 4, 2004, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Ca) proposed changing Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, HJR 42

6.  April 15, 2005, Rep. Snyder (D-Ark) proposed changing Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, HJR 42

7.  April 10, 2008, election year, Senator Claire McCaskill with supporters, namely former Senator Hillary Clinton and former Senator Barack Obama, proposed changing Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, under HJR 42, and slipping it unnoticed into a military bill as an amendment which would amend the U.S. Constitution without voter approval and made Obama’s eligibility issue moot if it had been approved.  Now, how transparent is that since Obama stated during his campaign that he would be the most transparent president ever!  Obama has been the least transparent president, ever!

In my opinion, failing to vet a candidate by requiring a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate be attached to a Application Form and rejected if not attached should be an amendment to Article II of the U.S. Constitution to avoid altering government documents in the future to slip in a non-vetted man or woman into the highest office in the land.  Vetting protects Americans from opening the door to imposter, foreigners, usurpers, illegal aliens, foreign spies, and criminals, who infiltrate, invade with their own, and overpopulate with invaders – a Trojan Horse – in order to conquer and steal a nation for their own as witnesses throughout history.

Upon my return from Washington D.C., I discovered disturbing information regarding Senator Hillary Clinton and former Senator Barack Hussein Obama.  I read that Senators Hillary Clinton and Obama supported the same Senate Bill, SB 2678, introduced prior to the 2008 election which would eliminate the words U.S. “Natural Born Citizen” as mandated by the supreme law of the land, Article II, Section 1, Clause 5,  an established law of the U.S. Constitution preserved for 235 years.  They attempted to slip their amended “change” that would change Article II without  public disclosure by attaching it as an Amendment and eliminating the words, “Natural Born Citizen,” proposed by Senator Claire McCaskill’s Senate Bill titled “Children of Military Families Natural Citizen’s Act” dated April 10, 2008.   In other words, if the amendment attached to the senate bill had passed, it would have changed Article II and removed the words, U.S. “Natural Born Citizen” from the constitution.

Although, the  myriad of  lawsuits filed by lawyers related to Obama’s presidential eligibility aren’t moot, but they were dismissed by the U.S. Justice Roberts and by federal judges who refused to hear these cases or hold Obama accountable to produce a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate in a court of law.  Instead, he spent $2,000,000 more or less concealing the Certified U.S. Birth Certificate.  And, when Fuddy,  reported in worldwide articles to be a member of a cult in Indonesia which included Stanley Ann Dunham and Lolo Soetoro happened to know the allged white Communist grandparents of Obama in Hawaii where you only needed to say you were a citizen of the USA at the time with little proof to obtain a Long Form Birth Certificate.

Anyone even remember the name Fuddy?  Maybe, she should have been placed in the witness protection program. How is it that so many witnesses end up dead in America? was the witness in the eligibility case who was to deliver the Certified Hawaiian Birth Certificate to court, but SURPRISE -her plane was reported to have crashed, and the Birth Certificate and Fuddy’s memory as a witness was all washed away like Clinton’s 33,000 emails were wiped away clean and computers and phones were hammered to pieces which should have been considered evidence even by an “incompetent” or “unreasonable” prosecutor.

Therefore, how is it that Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Obama supported an amendment to change the presidential eligibility clause of the U.S. Constitution without the knowledge, approval or vote of the American people or Congress whose suppose to represent We The People, but they are big time failures when it comes to performing their duty to uphold vetting and identification laws of a U.S. President it does appear.  Surely they were aware that if Obama was disqualified based on Article II, that Hillary Clinton,  whose agendas morphed into  Obama’s agendas, would have allowed her to win the highest office in the land against McCain.

After all, McCain didn’t debate Obama with any teeth nor did he menti Obama’s eligibility.  In fact, even Obama said he was surprised that Senator McCain didn’t say anything about Senator Obama’s Muslim Faith, because he stated that he didn’t want to “embarrass” him.  And it was quite apparent that the media favored Obama and Hillary during the debates.  Perhaps, McCain was just a puppet candidate or feared that he’d be called a “racist” if he did fight back, so why run for office as it guaranteed Obama a win-win situation.  Was the Democratic Socialist Soros  viewed as “The Fix is in?”

But, the Amendment attached to McCaskill’s Senate Bill  wasn’t the only law proposed by Republican and Democratic congressional members which would change or eliminate the words U.S. “Natural Born Citizen.” There were several attempts to help out Obama removing the words “natural born citizen” prior to the elections that were introduced into Congress.  In fact, when Obama ran for the seat of the Illinois Senate, he was supported with big donations from the SEIU Union in Chicago and surprisingly, the two natural born American candidates, I believe one was a incumbent, suddenly suddenly bowed out of the race and Obama aka Barry won the Senate Seat in Illinois when he was poor and unopposed.  Now, he’s wealthy and still unopposed by the Clinton’s, Bush Dynasty, Soros, Kissinger, and the Democrats and same political career hacks from the 60’s and 70’s.

The amendment to the U.S. Congress proposed before the 2008 presidential elections begs the question as to WHEN Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Congress, and the U.S. Justices gained knowledge that Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro was chosen as an alleged ineligible candidate to run for the highest office in the land.  And, why didn’t Hillary Clinton and John McCain make a big deal and demand a Certified Birth Certificate and Credentials be produced, but they did not if the fix wasn’t in for the pre-selected and pre-elected 2008 elections?

After all, myself and average Americans realized Obama’s introduction in a congressional hearing, when the media just happened to be present and they introduced him and he stood up and the Congress applauded the unknown senator.  I immediately recognized that Congress was about to groom Obama aka Barry to be the President of the United States of America.  And, I was correct when he announced on or about December 2007 after stating he was too “inexperienced” to be a U.S. President.  Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama was a stranger in the night to the American people, but 51% didn’t care then and apparently they don’t care today!

Electing Hillary  Clinton is getting 8 more years of Barack Hussein Obama and The Bush Dynasty, Soros, Kissinger, the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence, and more change and transformation to end the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Freedom, Liberty, Rights, and Sovereignty.  America  will be gone and Americans could be depopulated and indefinitely detained and enslaved to the New World Order!  America, the One Nation Under God, turned away from God and many Black Americans believed Obama was the savior and began praying to him, praising him and singing to him!  They cried such as Oprah – Jesse Jackson – Al Sharpton – and the Gay Hollywood Militant Community as well as the military group known as La Raza.  They believed Obama was “The One” who would pay their rent, housing, Food Stamps, and replace American workers with their children!  Americans would pay for their education.  Obama would appoint them into positions of power like DHS-Fema – EPA – Staff Advisers linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The entire federal government provided the support that an inexperienced man whose dad was married with kids, foreign born and linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and United Nations and couldn’t legally marry a white woman on U.S. soil because of segregation laws and Bigamy laws would have sent him to jail, not to Harvard!  They voted for a non-Repatriated Citizen of Indonesia, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama, who stated he was too inexperienced to be a U.S. President and who posted an on-line forged Certificate of Live Birth which made it invalid and should have been grounds to disqualify him to be a U.S. President just like he was disqualified and disbarred to be a Lawyer and lied to America that he and his wife were active lawyers and failed to disclose the truth.

Barry aka Obama’s experience in the Senate included voting for Mandated Taxpayer Funded Abortions under his proposed law to depopulate future natural born Americans, The Global Poverty Act, approved by the CFR, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Diane Feinstein, Joe Biden, Obama, and the rest of the sell outs.  Obama aka Barry voted for Infanticide and partial-birth abortion for future natural born citizens.  More future and born natural born citizens have been slaughtered on the abortion tables than Americans killed at war.

The question remains why the U.S. Media and entire Federal Government failed to properly vet which is the duty of the Journalists and Investigative reporters, but they didn’t care, either, and point the finger at law-abiding Americans who are asking for a legal documents and proof be vetted in a court of law by forensic experts, but they, too, are stonewalled by the White  House, Congress, Senators, Justices, Federal Judges, and MSM.

So, the identify of who many refer to as the “Manchurian Candidate”  remains a mystery when reading about his legal biological dad  and possibly mother, too!  Many people believe they were Communist and CIA agents and this was pre-planned by the Communist to “finish the job” they began when Genghis Khan and other world leaders attempted to implement the New World Order and become the One World Leader which led to WW II and could lead to World War III.  In fact, Obama’s alleged Brother, Malik Obama, questions if Barry aka Obama is a biological son of  Barack Hussein Obama, Senior.  The Kenyan alleged half-brother says, Obama’s never helped them and doesn’t really want them around his elitist friends in D.C. now that he’s wealthy.  So will the real Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama or Barack Shabazz or Harrison Bounell or Tim Allen Owens or Bari Shabazz, please stand up!

How is it that Americans don’t ask questions of candidates, but they put them out there after pre-selection by the New World Order choosing their own with their own agendas, Kissinger mentors them, Soros pulls the strings and donates to his cause which is to destroy America and turn American into a foreign nation of Communism and enslaved by the Middle East.  He’s on evil man in my opinion who owes about $6.7 million in deferred taxes and donates to the Obama and Clinton presidential campaigns.

This raises the question if  anyone who was responsible for vetting Obama’s credential and Certified Birth Certificate from Kenya and Hawaii – apparently, there are two – express one ounce of curiosity as to why Michelle and  Obama were investigated the the Illinois State Bar or why they turned over their law licenses, but lied to Americans that they were active Lawyers during the campaign back in 2007-2008?  So, the lies began long before 2008!  In fact, MSM and the Democrats presented Obama aka Barry as an alleged prominent constitutional lawyer and a Columbia Law Professor who denied that he was a law professor, but a substitute and lazy.

How is it the entire government cares less if Obama is Barri/Bari Shabazz or Harrison or Owens or Barry Soetoro?  How is it they care less if he  attended Columbia University of Law as a foreign student as Barry Soetoro on a foreign student loan?  Was he vetted upon returning to the USA as a young adult and Repatriated since he was a Legal Indonesian Citizen as Indonesia Law required relinquishing citizenship and their schools mandate only Islamic Studies can be taught.  And, upon returning into the USA as Barry Soetoro, the stepson of Lolo Soetoro, when did he Repatriate himself within the required Statute of Law?  Did the entire government not care if his Passport was a U.S. Passport or foreign Passport upon re-entry into the USA as Barry Soetoro?  Did his original  Law License issue his license as Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama?   What about his Social Security Card which lawyers allege belongs to a dead man?  Obama or Barry would have had to apply for a Social Security card upon re-entry into the USA because U.S. babies who were born before 1979 weren’t issued Social Security Numbers. So, when did he apply for a Social Security Number?  What about his Selective Service Records?  Barry or Obama and Bill Clinton never served in the U.S. Military and have shown disdain for our Military.

Unfortunately for at least 8 years, the Federal Government  failed to properly vet a young Black-White man, a Mulatto, who was slipped into the Illinois Senate.  At the same time, two legal natural born Americans who were qualified and vetted suddenly dropped out of the race.  Obama aka Barry won the Illinois Senate Seat  unopposed supported by the overwhelming donations from the SEIU Union and SWU.  Obama gave many speeches to the union workers whose he’s put out of work since that time by stirring up their emotions and stating that he would paint the USA Purple, one community at a time.  And, they bought his fairy tale.

Thereafter, MSM was in bed with the Liberal Socialst Democrats and New World Order Ceo’s and Politicians, as well as taking Saudi donations and investments, which includes donations made to Columbia, Georgetown and Harvard Universities to begin the changes in the USA that will eliminate U.S. History in the future and the Christian roots, traditions, and foundation.  The fix was in to donate to public schools and begin the insertion of foreign ideologies and recruit America’s children into foreign ideologies and religion and eliminate the Pledge of Allegiance, Christian Prayers, the National Anthem as you watch the brainwashed Football Players refuse to stand or place their hands on the hearts  and support the country who past generations shed their blood so they could get up everyday in their new BMW that their parents bought for them and wear designer clothes and play football, while kids in the Middle East, are being recruited to kill the  infidels and hate America and Americans and burn on U.S. Flag on domestic and foreign soil as witnessed in the news and on video and social media.

Americans were duped thinking that they were voting for two prominent lawyers and a Law professor at Columbia University.  But, the two Black African parents were in reality, two “inactive” aka “disbarred” lawyers.  The only reason to turn in law licenses after an investigation by the Illinois State Bar is if the case is one of a very serious nature.  The question remains blowing in the wind how could he state he’s a Law Professor when he’s turned in his law license and Columbia University said he was a substitute teacher and lazy.  On the other hand, Obama aka Barry’s long time buddy,  Bill Ayers and his wife, had been charged years back as the founders of the “Weather Underground,” a domestic terrorist organization who bombed Americans.

Bill Ayers and his wife were charged with domestic terrorism, but only the wife went to jail and Ayers got a pass even though he said he didn’t do enough [damage] to America and it’s reported that he’s stated that 25,000,000 Americans should be killed. Maybe, he should begin with himself.  They were rewarded and ended up with jobs at a major university instructing America’s youth, assisting Obama with his book, which many believe are Ayers’ father’s dreams, and assisting with the mentoring of ACORN members who went to jail for  voter fraud in 2008.

The fact remains that it’s alleged that former Democratic Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, altered the Certification of a U.S. President document so, he could be eligible and she wouldn’t be held accountable by the original words established for former U.S. Presidents.  It appears that an exception was made in 2008.  Senator Hillary Clinton assisted  non-vetted Senator Obama as well as Senator McCaskill and other Democratics and RINOS in  removing the words, U.S. “Natural Born Citizen” from Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, it would appear that any questions about Obama’s eligibility, according to Article II of the U.S. Constitution would be rendered moot, but unfortunately for Obama aka Barry,  Article II remains intact after their attempt.

Shouldn’t Americans be asking themselves how is it legal for a candidate applying for the highest office in the land to be protected from the entire government and a government who refuses to perform their sworn duty and properly correct the record and vet  Barry aka Barack since they are  risking the  lives, health, and safety of 330,000,000 Americans as well as  the U.S. military who may be at risk  while law enforcers are weakened and being murdered on our streets under this non-vetted man’s self-imposed E.O.’s?

Shouldn’t they use common sense which is required as part of their job duty and ponder if a non-vetted President were elected and had disdain for the U.S. Flag, National Anthem, Bible, U.S. History, troubled as stated by his mother’s race, White People, disdain for the Military as he purges and downsizes our military and defenses, disdain for our Veterans who are homeless and dying and can’t access health care;  mocks Jesus, praises a foreign idol who is known to be a pedophile, and has disdain for Traditional Marriage, and appears to be gay making the family unit no more than a fairy tale to access power and control, promotes death to the  future natural born citizens, who are Christians, Jews, and loyal Patriots; and supports releasing terrorists but disrespect America’s Law Enforcers is a problem for America?

This raises the question in the minds of millions of Americans as to why would the U.S. Justices refuse to hear a simple eligibility case and refuse to correct the record knowing Obama wasn’t vetted properly according to Article II of the U.S. Constitution as it is their fiduciary duty to uphold, defend, and preserve all Articles of the U.S. Constitution as their sworn duty is a question that was a mystery but as always leads to follow the money..

In 2008, how is it that the federal government who can access to the most powerful identification technology in the world appears to be clueless that Obama may not have been properly vetted and allegedly ineligible for the office of U.S. president based on his name alone and refuses to vet his records?

How is it that they didn’t notice for four  years that 33,000 Top Secret and Confidential Emails were missing from government property until Hillary got caught and she and her team of paid lawyers were given the Comey and Lynch get-out-of-jail Golden Pass to be rewarded with access to the White House?

How is it that no one in the Federal Government noticed for two years that Obama-Holder-Ogden-and Hillary Clinton implemented Fast and Furious and Holder and Hillary traveled to Mexico to assure the President who complained the guns were being trafficked from the USA to the Cartels would be investigated, but continued for two years until they got caught when Border Patrol men were murdered with those same guns and yet, they weren’t held accountable for rewarded  with the golden pass!  So, you see, there is a two-tier justice system and they get the Golden Passes and everyone else gets to go to FEMA Camps who opposes their agendas is it?

How is it possible for the ABA to remain silent as well as the Illinois State Bar when they had knowledge that Obama wasn’t an active lawyer because the Federal branch of the Illinois Supreme Court had investigated him for wrong doing and prohibited him from practicing law with knowledge that he was running for the highest office in the land? And, how is it that the media didn’t bother to dig into the public records of disbarred lawyers, which for some odd reason, changed “disbarred” to “inactive” on Obama’s records even though they were investigated for serious issues and prohibited from practicing law?

So, how is it that the U.S. Justices, ABA, and congressional members are silent when it comes to Obama writing Executive Orders and  Presidential Directives or allegedly circumventing the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Congress in order to control the U.S. by declaring the Constitution and Congress “meaningless” as he uses his “pen” to approve new laws or change existing legal laws into illegal legal unconstitutional laws and even unread laws as Executive Orders, which were never intended to be used to make laws?  How is it that the EPA and IRS and DHS, the shadow government, are being used to enforce excessive regulations?  It is remarkable that a presidential candidate can slip through the cracks and by-pass the most stringent security laws in the nation and access the highest office of the land without being properly vetted, and appoint anti-Americans persons into positions of power, but the average citizen applying for a job as a clerk must nearly be naked x-rayed and patted down and produce a Certified Birth Certificate to fly out of the country.

Furthermore, it’s remarkable that the State of Hawaii has refused to cooperate with law enforcement and provide the lawyers and Sheriffs with a Certified copy of Obama’s Hawaiian Birth Certificate for vetting which set a bad precedent for future candidates who refuse to provide their identification papers.

Obama is the only person in U.S. History who has held the Office of U.S. without being properly vetted and who concealed his credentials and identification from the entire Federal Government, State Governments, and the American voters and taxpayers!  An important statement in my book, Fight Back Legal Abuse, which I’ve repeated on talk radio, “Rose Colombo ‘N The Justice Club, “There is no justice!  There are only decisions. Remember, Justice is an illusion and Americans are set up for the disillusionment.”

Think about this!  Any person, who refuses to give his name to the police, even if he or she isn’t doing anything wrong, can go to jail or be injured or killed justified by two simple words, “Probable Cause.”   In fact, Christian grandmothers holding biblical signs at a gay march were arrested and were looking at a possibility of 40 years in jail which caused them excessive legal fees to fight back..  Christians standing near a Muslim event with Christian literature were arrested.  Kids dancing in D.C. on a public sidewalk were arrested after non-vetted Senator Obama was elected as a non-vetted President Obama. In fact, kids kissing in public in D.C. were arrested. Recently, a police officer pulled a gun on kids having a snowball fight.  Americans were free to do all of the above before 2009!

It appears that the majority of taxpayer funded leaders who run the Federal Government since non-vetted Barry of Barack was allowed to run despite the fact, his dad was foreign-born generational and a Muslim Brotherhood link and Subject of Great Britain that made him ineligible to be a U.S. President and didn’t meet the standards of eligibility, because Barack Obama Sr. was never born in the USA and was married with children in Kenya so this fairy tale makes no sense during a time in the USA when a Black man couldn’t speak to a White woman because of strict and high feverish segregation.  It was prior to the MLK Marches and civil Rights.

In fact, a White woman could not marry a Black man and Black Americans were not called Black Africans which appears on Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth nor were they referred to as Black Americans.  Obama Senior couldn’t have married Stanley Ann Dunham without legal documents and in violation of segregation laws and bigamy laws.  The law would probably also require a U.S. Social Security number, Citizenship papers, and Divorce Documents from his legal wife in Kenya because in the USA, Bigamy is a crime.  Obama would be a Mulatto, not a Black American, and a Citizen of Indonesia by the time he returned into the USA.  Obama or Barry Soetoro would need to apply for Repatriation and a Social Security Card and a U.S. Passport, and a legal name change, so where are those certified legal documents?

In conclusion, many Americans believe that the fix was in when Barry aka Obama was slipped into the Office of Illinois Senator and surprisingly, two natural born American candidates, who were qualified, and I believe one was an incumbent, suddenly dropped out of the race and Obama aka Barry won the election as an unopposed candidate.  He was supported with donations by the SEIU Union and SWU.  Obama gave speeches stating that he  would paint the USA Purple one community at a time.  Thereafter, when the inexperienced candidate running for U.S. President announced about December 2007 that he was running for the highest office in the land based upon his career as a “Chicago Community Organizer,” then the agenda to conceal his identification and credentials from the entire government was hatched without opposition by anyone in the federal government it does appear.

On or about 2008-2009, the  U.S. Justices dismissed every single eligibility case filed by constitutional attorney, Philip J. Berg, prior to the inauguration, and thereafter filed by more lawyers and citizens, but they didn’t care to vet a Senator and U.S. President named Barry or Obama,which is their duty,  but they made this one exception.  It’s more interesting that the Justices and Judge who are lawyers and Congress, a majority of lawyers, would fail to disclose that the Soetoro’s or Obama’s are “disbarred” aka “inactive”  lawyers which probably would have disqualified Barry aka Obama as a candidate.  As a long time advocate for justice, the State Bar says that lawyers, who want to take a leave from their job duties, aren’t required to turn in their law licenses if they are “inactive,” only if they are “disbarred” for wrong doing.  Some times, the lawyers agree to turn in their law licenses versus going to trial and to jail if found guilty.

One question that should have been asked by the American citizens should have been if  Barry aka Obama turned over his law license to the Illinois State Bar then how could he be a Law professor and as he’s stated teach law?  Another question might be – if Bill Ayers and his wife were charged with Domestic Terrorism, and only the wife ended up in jail, how could they be University Professors teaching Americans kids on U.S. soil?  It’s reported that Ayers is a  long time association of Barry aka Obama.  Ayers alleged that he wrote the book for Obama and helped Obama mentor ACORN whose members committed voter fraud in 2008.

In fact, it’s a fact that the leaders of the entire federal government cared less about identifying Obama aka Barry even as more lawyers and citizens would file lawsuits seeking proof of his identity, but they were stonewalled and the judges continuously cited, “no standing” which is not true.  The judicial system stonewalls justice even though the taxpayers fund their jobs and benefits for life.  In other words, they stabbed Americans in the back and may be enslaving Americans to foreign international bodies, especially in this particular case.  The leaders of the entire federal government cared less that they failed to properly vet a Senator and U.S. President named Barry or Obama.

It’s the duty of elected Public Servants who swear to uphold their duties of Public Office to be men and women of integrity, but those days are long gone now as there are but a few good men left in D.C., the District of Corruption.  Lawyers get disbarred and go to jail for a lot less than someone  such as Barry aka Obama, who its been alleged by many,  that he may have not disclosed the truth  on his application about his legal name or citizenship or used a fake ID or someone else’s  social Security Number. And when the majority of the alleged immediate family members, who were White Communists, and his long-time Black mentor all died as well as the Indonesian stepdad and the Indonesian half-sister, including close friends who attended Rev. Wright’s church, their truth is dead as well.

Remember, if Senator Hillary Clinton and the listed congressional members in this article who participated in removing the words “natural born citizen” had succeeded by slipping their proposal inside a Military bill then Obama could have avoided hiring a  team of lawyers to protect himself from producing his personal records for identification purposes at a cost estimated between  $1.4 million up to $2,000,000 in legal fees.   MSM was very good at defusing the Birth Certification stories by blaming the American Citizens who asked for his Birth Certificate to be vetted in a court of law by forensic experts.  Yet, Obama passed a law that legal Americans must also have a Certified Birth Certificate along with a Passport when traveling out of the country.  Voting for Hillary and Bill Clinton is voting for the ushering in of the New World Order and the loss of America’s Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Sovereignty and Citizenship laws forever.

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Rose Colombo: First person to Warn Congress and America in a posted online Blog of 2009 prior to approval entitled, “Obamacare Is Unconstitutional and Illegal”

Rose Colombo, author, Fight Back Legal Abuse; Radio Host; Consumer Advocate for Justice;
Rose Colombo, award-winning author, poet, Radio Host, Who’s Who of American Women; and Consumer Advocate for Justice;

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If the politicians are selling snake oil to the American citizens and it sounds too good to be true then don’t buy it! But, Obama and Pelosi and the Democrats lied and misled the American people and didn’t disclose the anti-American death panels and mandated taxpayer funded abortions, vaccines, and microchips.

The Federal Government appears to be an island unto itself.  It appears that U.S. Presidents Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro, The Bush Dynasty, are aligned with George Soros, Democrat Justice, Open Society, United Nations, Muslim Brotherhood-Cair-Hamas orgs. and The New World Order, and international body of foreign anti-American enemies, when President George HW Bush declared his allegiance to the NWO.

In fact, John Kerry  and the Bush’s ties and later on the Clinton and Obama ties were revealed in 2009 to the Muslim Brotherhood-CAIR-Hamas organization.  Hamas is liked to Hezbollah, a designated terrorist organization. The Bush’s and Hillary Clinton and Obama’s and their appointees into key positions appear to have secret ties to Iran and Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.  The Clinton’s and Obama’s embraced Communist China and Russias with the support of the complicit Democrat Congress and RINOS. In 2009, they appear to be intent on helping out Soros and the New World Order and U.N. by turning Hillarycare into Obamacare as universal health care trampling on capitalism and free enterprise and the right to choose your own products and services purchased with your own money after taxes.

There isn’t anyway that Obama wrote 2700 pages of health care laws between January 2009 and April of 2009 when a vote by the Democrats was called out by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It appears that the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Pelosi, and the Democrats were in support of the New World Order and the United Nations to create a borderless America made up of unidentified illegals, jihadists, cartels, gangs by accusing natural-born Americans of being racists ons the Right who they were refer as “right wing extremists.”

In reality, the Democrats with the Bush father and sons on their sides appear to be planning the demise of the right to choose or think for one’s self by intentionally destroying the greatest health care system in the world.  They appear determined to dismantle the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Sovereignty. They appear to be stonewalling Justice when it comes to them or their own political connections.  Why would anyone want to dismantle a program that works for most people instead of adding and amending what needs to be fixed?  These are the minds of non-business persons.  Career Politicians don’t think like business minded persons.

Consequently, the federal government’s leaders behave as if  they don’t have an obligation to maintain a balanced budget or pay down the interest on the national debt or control the purse strings, but have allowed an inexperienced non-vetted man with a foreign-born dad who concealed all his records to spend as if there is no tomorrow.  They have been completely irresponsible and unaccountable to the American Taxpayers who pay their wages!  It is proven that Obama and Congress over the past 8 years only know how to spend money that doesn’t belong to them while negotiating with Lobbyists for donations to their campaigns.  Career politicians have one goal in mind and that is to maintain and seek more power and control over the nation.  Today’s generational Democrats and RINOS are sleeping with the enemy.  They are implementing the U.N.’s Redistribution of Americans wealth to themselves and foreign enemy nations and the United Nation’s population control agenda by wiping out 90% of the population some time in the future under the guise of reducing poverty and sustaining the environment.  Obama admitted that he would be working on changing and transforming America and recently asked the “small-minded” Americans to giver up the Liberties to him and international foreign bodies.

Apparently, Obama  and the Clinton’s and Bush Dynasty are the puppets of the United Nations, Muslim Brotherhood, Communist Rules for Radicals, as they push for these agendas which should be considered an act of treason and traitors in my opinion. They are in bed with the globalist secret societies whose goals don’t include the masses who they consider to be “small-minded,” – “foolish” – “Oppressive” – “stupid Democrats and Deplorable, Ignorant and Racist Trump Supporters.”  And,  according to Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, Americans are no more than commodities.  Bill Clinton ordered a study on  “Human Capital and how individuals can be used as commodities by the New World Order as to their worth or lack of worth to the government.

In fact, Bill Clinton recently stated that Americans will get use to Communism.  These same family dynasties who didn’t have two pennies to rub together and became wealthy as career politicians appear to have disdain for the police and military. Hillary referred to the police in her college years  as “pigs” and recently said some demeaning comments about law enforcement.  The Obama’s and Clinton’s appear to  disrespect the U.S. Military and both Presidents downsized the U.S. Military.  Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton ordered the hit on Ruby Ridge and WACO when the federal government attacked and murdered American men, women and children on U.S. soil  Obama purged the Military of High Ranking Officers and he appears to enjoy punishing and disrespecting the U.S. military as well as the U.S. Veterans.  Obama-Hillary and John Kerry approved of slashing $150,000,000 from Social Security which is not theirs and it’s not an Entitlement Program.  Obama’s intent appears to be clear that he’s into depopulating the unborn natural born citizens through mandated taxpayer funded abortions and through indoctrinating America’s kids into same-sex which is another depopulation program to make room for the foreign invaders. It appears he’s seeking to divert the $150 Billion to his agenda under Obamacare to fund the pre-planned migration of Muslims linked to Hamas as Obamacare requires Americans to pay for their food stamps, housing, health care and necessities of life.   Obama promised the Muslims access to two states which I believe to be the USA and Europe.

It appears that the Federal Government is in bed with CEO’s of major corporations and Banks both foreign and domestic as well as globalist world leaders including foreign enemy nations whose goal includes changing and transforming America even if they have to look the other way to slip in a non-vetted senator and non-vetted President and foreign enemies who swear an allegiance to foreign law on their foreign ideological book to bring in their change and transformation that would end America as we’ve known it for 240 years. It’s not secret that Bush Sr. and his sons, as well as, Obama and the Clinton’s are long-time associates with Ayers, Jarrett, Huma, the Muslim Brotherhood, Russia, Communist China, and Saudi Arabia.  They have openly stated that their intent is to bring in a New World Order which includes the Muslim Brotherhood and Communism and the United Nations. as well as, Agenda 21 and depopulating the planet of undesirables and those Obama and Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton consider undesirables, deplorable, and non-citizens.  These are the agendas that many psychologists have written about to be sociopathic, psychopaths, and Narcissist without conscience.  And, thus, the dead body count of witnesses and whistle-blowers continues and swept away.

Therefore, is the Federal Government and elected Public Servants running the Federal Government ripping off the American taxpayers, Citizens, and Voters by recklessly spending taxpayer money on themselves and funding foreign enemy terrorists who they release and foreign enemy leaders and foreign enemy nations whose stated and written strategic goals is to wipe out America and Americans and enslave the survivors by destroying the greatest Free nation on earth through the creation of a National Debt, purging and weakening the Military, Defense Weapons, and law enforcement and employing foreign enemies into the U.S. Military, Law  Enforcement, and Government positions such as the White House and DHS-Fema who are buying up Fema Trains and building Fema Camps, but for whom?

Americans should have questioned the unaffordable Care Act known as Obamacare, which includes Sharia Law and enslaving Americans to the Muslim invaders in case you didn’t know.  Should we not ponder if the non-vetted President, Barry or Obama intentionally or unintentionally could be granting stimulus tax dollars intended to repair infrastructure and jobs according to his 2009 speech, in reality be using the stimulus tax dollars to implement contracts with corporations such as HMO’s that would determine the life and death of every unborn American and living American?  Obamacare appears to provide excessive profits for Big Pharma and Big Pharma Manufacturing Compnies who are pushing excessive pain killers and Rx drugs as well as  pushing excessive mandated vaccinations and microchips for Americans only, not anti-American radical Muslims invited by the millions into the USA by Obama-Hillary Clinton and John Kerry and their Democratic supporters.  In fact, Obamacare offers free health care to anti-American unidentified foreigners they are flying into the USA and opening up the borders to enter into the USA by the tens of thousands with the goal of a minimum of 1,000,000 Muslims who are linked to terrorist groups as only a hand full are refugees.  This was a pre-planned invasion by Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry by secret Executive Order signed by Obama on or about 1/27/2009.

Furthermore, the useless programs to punish only Americans and humiliate law-abiding Americans by treating them like criminals at the airports was implemented under Obama’s watch known as  Rapiscan.   Obama granted U.S. stimulus tax dollars to former federal employee, Michael Chertoff, which is a conflict of interest.  Obama had knowledge that his donor, George Soros, owned  stock in OSI Systems.  OSI Systems owns Rapiscam, oops, Rapiscan  and requires that every American stand in front of TSA workers and be given a naked x-ray even though they are innocent of any crime or even be patted down, hand swabbed for DNA and questioned.  On the other hand, foreigners from the Middle East can’t be offended so they get a pass it does appear, especially the women and children, even though even the anti-American radical women involved have been involved with killing innocent Americans on U.S. soil

Consequently, the sinister operation known as Rapiscan was intended for Americans only as a  built-in customer base for-profit by granting U.S. Stimulus money to his bundlers, donors, and current and former employees.  The truth is that radiation can cause death, blindness, aging, and cancer, so it appears to fall in line with Obamacare and depopulation of Americans as well.  They haven’t caught one suicide bomber going through the airport since this program was implemented to my knowledge because they can walk across the borders without any problem under Obama’s watch.

Obama and his associations who contributed to his non-vetted senate and presidential campaigns were rewarded with America’s stimulus money such as George Kaiser, co-owner of Solyndra at $535,000,000 plus an additional $40,000,000!   And, Michael Chertoff, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, and more have benefited from stimulus tax dollars directly or granted to family members. These Public Servants, donors, bundlers and “players” have become quite wealthy using the federal government and America’s tax dollars to create their personal wealth and remain as career politicians destroying the greatest health care system and economic system, as well as the greatest military and law enforcement system in the world.  They have been quite successful in achieving their goals as they are on their way of changing American into a Communist nation integrated by the Muslim Brotherhood’s goal to wipe out Western Civilization and kill all non-Muslims.  Obama with the help of Congress has recklessly spent more tax dollars into the trillions than all U.S. Presidents combined in 240 years with no advantage to the American citizens.  Obama was reported in the news to have a “Kill List” of Americans as well as a list of the Clinton enemies through the Clinton Foundation.  Under the Obama-Clinton watch, they did drone an American teenager and attacked Gaddafi’s teenage son and his friends at a restaurant and they died.  So, why wouldn’t the latest Wikileaks email of Hillary Clinton asking if they could just drone Assange – be believable? You see, they don’t view people as persons, but non-persons or numbers, commodities for it was Bill Clinton who ordered a Study on Human Capital so they could determine who would live or die and whose life was of any value to the government.

Americans have been duped, used, and abused by the Clinton-Bush-Obama regimes in my opinion.  They have been in bed with Soros, Kissinger, and the secret societies including the Muslim Brotherhood as well as Communist China.  Hillary Clinton is outed for making secret deals with Russia for uranium as well as Obama-Hillary-Kerry approving of  the Iran Deal.  Iran is a terrorist nation and has threatened to wipe out America, Europe, and Israel for generations.  Now, they’ve been given the tax dollars to do so.  In other words, Obama, Hillary, and Kerry and the Democrats and RINOS are forcing Americans to pay for their own demise.  These unconstitutional, illegal, and unlawful, unethical, and immoral agenda in my opinion are not in accordance with the U.S. Constitution or the Will of the majority of Americans.   In fact, they don’t even come close to the requirement that all laws must be approved only if they are just, fair, economically sound, and will be approved only if  they are in the best interest of  the American citizens.

Therefore, should we not ponder that historians point out that most of the people controlling the USA and Europe are blood related so they keep the wealth in the family?  It’s reported that Hillary and Bill Clinton were kissing cousins before they were married.  It’s also reported that most of these blood lines link back to Nazi Germany and many changed their names during WW II because the Nazi Germans were so disliked.  In fact, George Bush senior’s dad is alleged to have links to Hitler and that his dealings with Hitler led to big profits.  The wealthy view war as a means to make profits at the expense of the masses who they view as non-persons or deplorable because they are not one of them only to be used for their agendas..

How can Americans continue to allow the Federal Government to trample on the U.S. Constitution, Limited Powers, while they use their Big Foot to trample on individuals, unborn babies, not only in America, but around the world, and the sovereignty of each State and their State’s laws?  Since the Clinton years, it’s interesting that Bill Clinton and Obama never served in the Military and appear to disrespect the Military and Bill Clinton Dodged the Draft and fled to a Socialist University then off to Communist Russia for refuge from punishment in the USA.  Hillary Clinton was busy drawing the police as pigs and calling them out as pigs and the Clinton’s and Obama’s admitted that they attended flag burning in their youth, and they ended up in the White House pushing their Socialist, Marxist, Muslim Brotherhood, United Nations, Globalist agendas on the legal and loyal law-abiding Americans!

In the past, Black Africans in America were considered non-persons.  Hispanics and Asians and Italians were treated differently and the Japanese-Americans. In fact,Italian-Americans were rounded up during WWII along with the Japanese Americans and indefinitely detained in camps on U.S. soil.  So, if Americans think that they can’t be rounded up under a Clinton-Bush-Obama regime then they should think again if these people dare to call out a pandemic, civil unrest, or Martial Law under the authority of a yellow-fringed Admiralty Flag which suspends or revokes the Constitution if displayed on U.S. soil in my opinion.  And, couple that with Obama’s change and transformation of America into a Muslim Nation while attempting to enforce Sharia Law in the USA and set up their own government and courts which would mean that the Christians, Catholics, Jews and non-compliant would be put to death, right? It would mean that under Obamacare and Sharia Law that all Americans would be micro-chipped, subject to chemical-laden mandated vaccinations, and enslaved to the Muslim Brotherhood and Communist China.

If you think this can’t  happen when good people do nothing to stop evil from spreading then you are an ostrich with your head buried in the sand. Hillary Clinton has declared the unborn American babies to be non-persons and Bill Clinton declared all Americans to be Human Capital and commodities for the federal government’s worth or lack of worth and profitability to the government.  These agendas can only be supported if the people involved are narcissist, sociopathic, and Psychopaths. In other words, these families believe that they are royalty – special – and that everyone else is a number or non-person.  It can also happen if the politicians in charge secretly pledged their allegiance to foreign international bodies

The questions I asked in my published Blog at and Social Media available back in 2009 as well as the fact that I sent my Blog to every Congressman including my own Congressman and Senators that hit the talk shows and stirred the minds of TV Hosts such as Sean Hannity and Congress were of serious concern to me as a long-time advocate and writer on injustices.  In fact, some of my issues have been argued in the federal courts.  I recall sitting on the couch in my living room watching the news when they announced that Congress was going to vote on Obamacare.  I jumped up and said, “Obamacare is unconstitutional and possibly illegal and it borders on extortion.  I I jumped up off the couch and sat down at my computer and I wrote my Blog warning Americans and informing Congress and requesting that they do not approve Obamacare asking the following questions:

1.  Which constitutional authority is the 111th U.S. liberal democratic congress applying that grants them the power to mandate or force U.S. Citizens/consumers/taxpayers to buy a U.S. Consumer product made on U.S. soil in violation of the commerce laws by using an agenda that in essence says,  “Pay up or else!”   “Pay up or else be punished with your own earnings after taxes even if you don’t want to buy the consumer product or service.”  This is a thug-like law which coerce citizens to pay up or else be threatened with punishment which includes jail, fines, taxes and excessive penalties while creating a generational customer base for  specific private corporations such as Health Care Providers and Big Pharma as well as created higher taxes for the Federal Government and increased excessive fines, penalties, and one more means to throw Americans into jail.

Therefore, the legal  American citizens are forced to sign up for a service or product they may not want to purchase and give up their current insurance policy and doctor and lower group insurance rates.  The Federal Government is forcing Americans to pay up for services and products they may not want with their own earnings, denying the American citizens Freedom to Choose, and the Federal Government’s Obamacare Plan is no different from a Ponzi Scheme because Americans are mandated to sign up and pay up for a consumer product or service against their will for services and products that the government states they may or may not provide through by granting themselves the authority to ration or deny health care treatments and medications to the American people, but simultaneously forcing Americans to pick up the tab for millions of illegals and Muslims Obama and Hillary and the Democrats intend to migrate into the USA who won’t have to pay up or be punished.  This borders on not only espionage, but on a Ponzi Scheme and a scheme that delivers little or nothing in exchange for forcing Americans to pay up or else be punished.

The “Pay Up or Else” Scheme known as Obamacare is no different from having a thug on the street come up to you with an imaginary gun and stating, “Pay Up or else I’ll shoot,” and rips off the persons money but provides nothing in return.  The victim is lucky if they aren’t injured or killed.  If a person is injured and ends up without signing up for Obamacare then it appears they’re out of luck.  If the injured person is signed up, but subject to being denied or  rationed treatment and medication or placed on a long waiting list that person could end up dead.  Obamacare is the biggest “Patient Dumping” scheme ever created and forced on Americans.  Prior to Obama’s being elected, Michelle Obama, Axelrod, and Valerie Jarrett hit MSM News when they were caught “patient dumping” the poor to make room for the people with quality insurance or wealthy patients who could afford to pay up, while they were earning big profits from their  “Patient Dumping” scheme.

Obamacare is “Patient Dumping!”   Obamacare is patient dumping Americans only on a larger scale, but the illegals and pre-planned unidentified foreigners from terrorist nations aren’t denied or rationed services or punished for not signing up or paying up.  Obamacare is implemented to impose depopulation agendas for Americans only, higher taxes including the Cadillac tax, which could cause people to end up in jail if they can’t afford to pay up.  Obamacare is a depopulation programs forcing Americans to fund Abortions against their will and against their freedom to choose, morals, and religious beliefs.  It is a direct slap in the face to God’s words in the Bible, “Thou shalt not kill.”  Obamacare requires Americans under a mandate to be vaccinated which is sinister.  The vaccinations could include a micro-chip, chemical laden that could have adverse side affects to individuals for big profits for Big Pharma and Wall Street investors.  How many congressional members are in bed with Wall Street and  Big Pharma’s lobbyists?  I wouldn’t be surprised if they owned stocks in Big Pharma.

2.  Which constitutional authority is the 111th U.S. liberal democratic congress applying that provides them the authority the call a payment for an insurance premium, a tax?  Earnings after taxes are not taxes.  Earnings spent on consumer products or payments for insurance premiums are spent after taxes have been removed from the employee’s paychecks.  Earnings are the personal property of  U.S. citizens. Payments and insurance premiums are not taxes, yet the federal government under Obama Care is calling a payment, a tax, but states,  “it really isn’t a tax!”

3.  Which constitutional law is the 11th U.S. democratic congress applying that grants congress the power to mandate U.S. citizens  pay up or else and coercing citizens to buy up under the threat of punishment which includes jail , excessive taxes, or penalties should the citizens refuse to comply?  In fact, in the case of Obama Care,  health care services won’t be rendered upon payment and may never be rendered.  Even the government’s CBO reported that Obama care is financially unsustainable long-term. Obama Care is similar to watching an old Chicago gangster movie only this time, the citizens are waiting for the federal government to place an imaginary gun to their heads and whisper in the night, “Pay up or else.”  Or else, be punished.  This law uses  coercive and harassing  scare tactics.  Obama Care is threatening to the average American because this umbrella law which consists of a myriad of  mandates and requirements includes punishment for non-compliant U.S. taxpayers.  Obama Care mandates U.S. consumers buy a U.S.  product made on U.S. soil that they may or may not want to buy and  won’t be rendered upon payment and may never be rendered, and could be denied or rationed.  Obama Care  isn’t similar to auto insurance premiums.  If a U.S. citizen chooses to buy auto insurance, they are provided services immediately.  Americans/consumers aren’t required to buy auto insurance unless they drive a vehicle.

4.  Which constitutional law is the 111th democratic U.S. congress applying that grants them the power to exempt themselves from complying with Obama Care, a law of the land which they created, but didn’t read, yet passed?   Only illegal citizens are exempted from the laws of the land.

Therefore, how is it that the 111th U.S. democratic Congress exempted themselves from paying up for Obama Care and exempted themselves from punishment for non-compliance?  They exempted Muslims who apply for a religious waiver, illegals, and refugees, but provided them with health care benefits paid by U.S. taxpayers.  It is ridiculous to believe that adding millions of non-paying legal or illegal foreigners onto the health care bill will create quality health care for Americans.

5.  Which constitutional law provides the federal government the authority to control individual doctors and tell them where they can live or work and threaten them with punishment if they don’t ration services when told to do so?  Which federal law allows the federal government to force all doctors into a federal employee job and force all doctors to accept equal pay in a free country?

6.  Which constitutional law provides the federal government the authority to offer incentives to doctors and convince U.S. patients to die early?  Why would Pelosi mislead the American people into believing that mandated abortions wasn’t included under Obama Care when at the time it was included, but never held accountable for misleading the American people in violation of her sworn oath and fiduciary duty as a public servant?   Mandated abortions, early end of life procedures, rationing, and denying services equates to depopulation of U.S. future Americans and U.S. citizens.

Obama Care is a catalyst that increases the number of federal employees and  federal employees will have access to every citizen’s health care records,  financial records, and electronic banking records.  Federal workers, such as TSA workers, could possibly be used as unlicensed health care workers so the federal government can save money and use them to treat American patients because they would be under the control of the federal government and do as they’re told.

Since Obama Care wasn’t read by the 111th democratic congress then how does the senate know if Obama Care includes a section that mandates that all U.S. natural-born and legal Americans must be injected with a microchip and tracked like animals so the federal government can control the behaviors of all Americans and imprison them for non-compliance?  In my opinion, Obama Care creates a life-time generational customer base for the pharmaceutical companies, Planned Parenthood, possibly ACORN, the federal government, and Wall Street!

Therefore, if an insurance premium or a payment is not a tax, but the 111th congress and Obama are calling it a tax then how will the tax, which isn’t a tax, affect the health care claims on income tax filings  versus the taxes paid for health care when U.S. taxpayers file their income tax returns?  And, how will this tax , which  is really not a tax,  be justified under the tax codes since the judges have found that Obama care violates the Commerce Clause?

The federal government taxes social security payments even though the money was removed as a tax from every U.S. citizen’s  earnings as a savings for retirement.   So, Americans are continuously taxed on that same money every time they receive a social security check.  Americans pay into social security for 30 40, or 50 years, because they believe the federal  government will return their money to them upon retirement.  Americans are aware that the federal government pilfered the social security funds.  The federal government taxed Americans for Medicare and people believed the federal government will be there when they retire, but congress pilfered the Medicare funds.  So, why would anyone believe that the federal government won’t pilfer the pay-up-front payments they call taxes, but aren’t taxes for Obama Care?

Most  Americans would choose to invest their money into an IRA, CD or a Mutual Funds so their accounts could earn interest on their investments instead of being forced to pay up for Obama Care or else be punished.  There’s no interest earned for the taxpayers on the pay-up-front money for Obama Care over the next four years and Americans won’t receive any services for the pay-up-front payments the federal government removes from earnings which they call a tax, but isn’t a tax.  So, what happens to the pay-up-front money the federal government collects  if Obama Care never comes to fruition or people die or services denied or rationed?  Is there an insurance policy so Americans can expect a refund if Obama Care fails or the person dies?

Obama Care is a very bad investment for U.S. citizens!  If Americans have to pay-up-front for services not rendered then why should they believe that there’s a benefit at the end of four years?  If money must be collected up-front then there isn’t any money to fund the program and that is a very bad deal!  For example, after the HMOS took over the hospitals for-profit during the 90s, they immediately controlled the doctors and denied and rationed medical services and prescriptions.  Many patients suffered and many died because the HMOS did what Obama Care does.  The HMOS told the doctors how much they could earn, where they could work, and what services they could or couldn’t provide or else be punished!

In conclusion, Pelosi said, “You’re going to like it.  You will find out what’s in the bill [Obama Care]  after it’s passed!”   Remember, insurance premiums are not taxes.  Payments for consumer products are not taxes.  An unread law which uses coercion and threats and places fear in the minds of Americans and business owners demanding they pay up or else be jailed, audited, and penalized, should be illegal!

Disclaimer:  Nothing said is meant to be legal, political, medical, or financial advice but a dissemination of information for educational purposes only.

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