LISTEN Taped Live: Colombo Chronicles Live!/ Philip J. Berg, esq. and author of Obamascare aka as Obama Exposed: Mr. Berg shares his insight on the Deep State with radio podcast host/ Rose Colombo

Click Below to Listen to Colombo Chronicles Live with award-winning  radio and cable TV host, author, and poet, Rose Colombo!  Mr. Berg filed the first federal lawsuit in the Supreme Court naming Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro with the goal of holding a trial to prove he was ineligible to be the President of the United States of America, despite the fact, Mr. Berg is a life-long Democrat.  Mr. Berg has an extensive background in the federal government as a prosecutor.

Philip J. Berg, esq. stated “My book, Obamascare also entitled, “Obama Exposed” has documents and facts to support Mr. Berg’s position and states that “Obama belongs in prison with Hillary!”  Mr. Berg stated in his book, “Obama is a fraud, a liar, phony, and imposter.”  He believes that Obama and Hillary Clinton did immense damage to the United States of America and  he currently supports  President Trump and hopes that he will help the American Patriots drain the swamp.

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Twitter and Facebook deplatformed Rose Colombo, bringing them at least 1M members to the FB site as a contributor for 12 years. They disabled my site on September 4, 2021 by their Fact Checkers who said I could file an appeal, but they refused to allow me to access their appeal page by stating that they didn’t recognize my phone number.  – They opposed my questioning Dr. Fauci, Soros, Gates, Covid, Masks, BLM  ANTIFA –  and basically disagreeing with their Liberal beliefs.

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