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Summary:  Dr. Christine Blasey Ford alleged in a letter that Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who has an impeccable record without any complaints involving inappropriate behavior against women or any other complaints  during his career and 53 years since his birth.

Unfortunately, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford wrote a letter and marked it confidential on or about July 2018 and she sent the letter to Senator Feinstein and its alleged that the letter was leaked through Senator Feinstein’s office.  It’s alleged that Rep. Ana Eschoo leaked the letter, but how did she access the letter as it would have to come from the office of Senator Feinstein.  Senator Feinstein sat on Ford’s letter for six weeks with knowledge that Judge Kavanaugh’s hearings for a job interview for the purpose of voting if he should be the next  U.S. Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court was coming before her in 6 weeks, but she chose to hold onto the letter. Feinstein chose to keep the letter confidential from the White House and Senator Grassley, but apparently, not from the media.

Senator Feinstein was aware she could request that the White House investigate the allegation against Judge Kavanaugh confidentially without stirring up public rage and civil unrest by the pink hat Democratic “resistance” movement. She disrespected the Office of the Senate and disrespected Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh in my opinion.   If Senator Feinstein had taken proper steps and requested a confidential investigation prior to the hearings, the senate hearings wouldn’t have turned into a circus and appeared as a “hit job” by the Democrats.  The proper steps would have protected Feinstein, her staff, allegation against Rep. Eshoo and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh without going public.

It’s now alleged that an anonymous person named Rep. Ana Eshoo as the person who leaked Ford’s letter to the press.  It’s also alleged that Senator Feinstein not only recommended Dr. Ford get a lawyer named Katz, but failed to disclose why she recommended a lawyer and why attorney Katz?  Is that part of her job as a senator to refer lawyers to persons who write letters to her alleging sexual assault?  It is also alleged that Senator Feinstein paid the legal  retainer fee and paid for the polygraph tests that Christine Blasey Ford agreed to do after leaving her grandma’s funeral and while Ford, who testified she feared flying, was on a tight schedule to catch a plane back to California.  These are serious allegations because they appear to be a preparation for the hit job the Democratic Senators would be lodging at the hearings against Judge Kavanaugh who the Democratic Senators on the committee presumed guilty as most stated even prior to the hearing .

After Senator Feinstein dropped the bombshell on the GOP Senators and Chairman, Chuck Grassley at the last hour right before the hearings, when Feinstein handed Ford’s Letter, over to the senate prior to the hearing which was originally intended as a job interview.  Ford’s Letter changed the course of events that is unprecedented in the history of the USA during a senate hearing committee. The senate hearings turned into what many people are referring to as a disgraceful circus and a “hit job” by the Democrats.

The Democratic Senators on the committee made a point in the media to announce that Judge Kavanaugh is guilty without the presumption of innocence prior to the hearings and refused to participate in the hearings or  Judge Kavanaugh questions.  Feinstein and her “hit” team of Democratic Senators put Judge Kavanaugh on trial in front of the entire nation and the world and dragged him and his family and reputation through the mud which they continue to do to-date.  They also are now causing Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony and motives, reputation, and family  to be dragged through the mud  because her testimony has holes and discrepancies and it’s alleged Christine Blasey Ford may not even have a California State License.  It’s illegal to practice law or testify under oath that you are a “Professor of Psychology” in the State of California or any other State  without  disclosing that you are not licensed as required by law according to the law books and the lawyers who are speaking out.

Senator Feinstein and her husband should be questioned by the FBI about their relationship if any with Christine Blasey Ford or her family members prior to the hearings as well as with attorney Katz.  Senator Feinstein’s husband is a Regent at Palo Alto University where Christine Blasey Ford works as a “Professor of Psychology.”

New allegations related to Christine Blasey Ford and her family and State License are being raised as the mean-spirited Democratic Senators continue to behave in a manner that is unbecoming to the Department of Justice, Senate, Congress, and the United States of America.

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