Listen Taped Live/ Colombo Chronicles/ Should World Peace be Achieved by Reducing the Population? Dr. Mary A. Mann, author and Philosopher/ There are No Enemies on Worldwide Podcast Radio

Most people are concerned about world peace and the overpopulation of the planet as well as the extinction of plants, animals, insects, birds, and  ocean life.  Human Beings cannot exist without being in balance with the nature and God.  Of course, people from around the world view God in different ways and many refer to God as a Higher Source of Power or  a Life Force of the Universe.  Dr. Mary Anneeta Mann is the author of “There Are No Enemies.”  Dr. Mann has a wealth of information on how Philosophers  view the world and the population of the world as well as  how to save the planet which you may or may not agree with, but will come away educated, entertained, and enlightened.

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Rose Colombo, award-winning radio host on former am-Fm radio shows and cable TV shows which she created, produced, and hosted on  Time Warner/Cox Communications; KABC/KWNK; KIEV 870  Talk o’ The Town;  KORG;  KYMS and KGER Salem Communications.

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Listen Taped Live – Rose Colombo and Dr. Mary Anneeta Mann–there-are-no-enemies

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