“Justice is for $ale!” Can Big Donations by Big Corporate CEO’s Buy Self-Regulation and Freedom in the USA?”

Rose Colombo (c) 4/12/2018 
It appears that crime families whether within the government or other parts of the USA   including the crime families that operate around the world have something in common. Most Europeans and Americans are naive because they so much want to believe that the people they elect to represent them in public office are above reproach; however in America, Americans favor a majority of lawyers, including disbarred lawyers, who committed crimes and had their law licenses revoked.  And, apparently, in America, if you are a disbarred lawyer, you can run for President of the United States of America or Congress.  Just don’t tell anyone your law license is revoked and then expand on it and tell them you’re a Constitutional Law Professor and it appears to work in the USA for the Democrats and Rinos it does appear.
In American it appears that a majority of lawyers and disbarred lawyers run the nation. Judges and Justices are lawyers. Most public servants employed by the DOJ are lawyers. Most elected public servants within Congress are lawyers.  In American, it’s reported in the news that certain  public servants charged with crimes and  released from prison run for  public office and even get re-elected.  And, illegals who are taxpayer funded through Law School are practicing law as illegal non-citizens within the USA which is stunning on its face.  In fact, illegals, non-citizens from any country, anti-Americans, have been  elected or appointed into positions of power along with foreign radicals whose goal it is to infiltrate and elect one of their own into the oval office from their own lips.

It appears to me as a long-time researcher on injustices with first-hand experience  after interviewing thousands of people around the nation over the past 25 years that there are key components that are needed to take down a nation from within or take over a nation from within and change and transform a nation into foreign ideologies, foreign languages, leaving English behind, and foreign idols and foreign prophets, and impose tyrannical laws.

It’s my opinion that the key components to run a nation and control big businesses and the tax dollars of a nation requires a “family.” There can be more than one “family” competing for the same goal inside the USA and outside of the USA.  The key elements that persons, who appear to behave as sociopathic leaders, who are charming and charismatic, smile nice and wave and dress correctly are bonded by a common thread that drives them to public office.  The four key elements are  Control, Power, Money, and Sex.

Money is their God.  It is a fact that they worship Money.  They thrive on accessing more and more “Money.”  After all, money can buy weak people, even people who never thought they could be seduced by bribes aka donations aka favors aka the dark side of town in any country.   Money buys control and power and influence over many people, especially women and children.  Money can buy information that can be a threat to someone’s reputation. Money can buy sex. Money can be used to create more money for good or evil. Money is the goal. Money keeps the top guy in control and in power. The top guys are like Old King Cole.  Money feeds their ego.  They hoard the money and they can never get enough of it.  The top guys (rarely a female) are always sociopathic or psychopaths.  Everyone else is “meaningless” to them so they are always paranoid is my personal guess.  They know their life is always at risk and so do those who pledge their allegiance to their secret leaders.

These top guys need to find lawyers and judges and politicians willing to protect them from prosecution it appears just like in the movies.  The writers create fiction from truth. Of course, everyone is sworn to secrecy and silence just like in the movies it would appear or else why would they allow them into their secret meetings as members?  Do we invite our enemies to dine with us in our homes?  Of course, not.  Of course, the Bible says to love your enemies, I think it’s safe to love them from a distance – a very far distance at that.

They deny that the God of the Universe exists and rationalize that God is no more than a myth.  They convince themselves that they are their own gods.  They tell themselves and other that they got wealthy without God; and if they did gain wealth by committing crimes then that is true, they did gain their wealth without  the real God of the Universe.  The King of Kings who will one day wipe out all their wealthy whether on this earth or after.  The Ten Commandments and the Bible are “meaningless” to them. The man-made laws are “meaningless” to them for their hearts are cold and hardened or they couldn’t do what they do to innocent people.  This is part of the reason that manmade laws are written in stone and can be manipulated for many reasons in America.

If any public servant weaken because of the “money” aka “donations” and accepts the “donations,” knowing there are consequences to putting a billion dollar business out of business such as no future donations, they have a tough choice to make at that moment when deciding their recommendations.

For example, Americans witnesses evidence laid out against Hillary Clinton during the  Clinton Email Scandal on national television.  Most Americans believed the allegations appeared to be serious charges such as  “espionage” and a Breach of National Security and Trust,  and destroying government property all without authorization, however, the former FB Director,  Comey,  shocked a nation with is recommendation and the former USAG, Lynch, after meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac during a federal investigation of his wife, also stunned the majority of Americans when she agreed to implement Comey’s recommendation and together, they reduced the evidence down to “extreme carelessness.”

The problem that concerns most Americans when CEO’s on Wall Street such as Big Pharma or FB or Monsanto and more donate large sums of money to Senators and public Servants is simple.  They fear that the public servants will favor their donors and will ignore the laws or charges or allegations and they will  write laws and mandate the laws for the masses, even if  the laws are unconstitutional and trample on the Supreme Laws of the Land and/or write news laws act as a buffer of self-protection for the tightly-knit inner circle of wealthy politicians from being held accountable for their actions.  If corruption exits within a government then the Supreme Laws of the Land are made meaningless.  After all, Obama declared the Constitution and Congress “meaningless” and Congress stood up and applauded instead of exiting the building and filing for Impeachment.

Money aka donations can buy people in all walks of life more than not.  All public servants are required to follow the law, but today, it appears that they hold themselves above the law which is what criminals do, i.e, insider trading, no-bid contracts, selling uranium to a foreign enemy nation, stealing classified and non-classified documents and sharing them with a paid team and sharing them on Huma’s computer even though Huma’s foreign-born and linked to Iran and Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood. Hillary and her team were given a pass after intentionally destroying servers and lying about it on national television.  However, Obama, Hillary and Rice, lied about Benghazi and they weren’t held accountable.  The tightly knit wealthy persons despite how they gained such wealth appear protected.  Perhaps, that’s why Hillary Clinton laughed when asked by a reporter if she thought she would be indicted and said, “That will never happen.”

Remember, I wrote in my book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” the “illusion of Justice” is an illusion. There isn’t equal justice for all people because all people are not “treated” equally.”  And, “treated equally” intentionally or non-intentionally is left out of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Since the age of the Clinton’s and Obama’s and their long-time close team of Democrats, this nation has been divided.  They pulled the Race Card.  They pitted the Muslim migration which they secretly preplanned using  U.S. tax dollars as leverage for the invasion of unidentified radicals into the USA and created more division.  They blame President Trump for everything they did and for everything they enacted during their long-terms in public office.

As I wrote in my book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse, “Justice is an illusion and the American people are set up for the disillusionment.” The players involved in the worship of Money refer to the money as donations which they are – donations by law.  I may be wrong, but I think that the Supreme Court decided that the Public Servants who were elected to serve the public, but appear to be serving themselves, can accept any amount of money as a donation that is offered. In my opinion, that appears to be a way to buy favoritism and protection and a way to become wealthy without opening a business and taking the risk or hiring employees,  but I could be wrong.

For example, multi-billion dollar businesses such as Big Pharma – FB –  Monsanto and more, donate generously to Senators and Politicians who have the power to regulate their businesses or send them to jail for wrong doing.  And, then there are individuals who became extremely wealthy after they were elected to positions of power within the government (is that a coincidence?).  The Obama’s and Clinton’s were scraping by when they ran for public office.  They hooked up with Kissinger and Soros and the Democratic party and apparently, the Chicago machine.  Soros was hooked up to major companies as an investor on Wall Street and stated that he will destroy the U.S. dollar and to make China the super power in the world.

Interestingly enough is that fact that the current AG Sessions hit the news that alleged he sent a memo the police force that they had the power to accuse anyone of a crime and confiscate their property.  On the other hand, the Obama’s, Clinton’s, Soros, and many other wealthy politicians and CEO’s have been accused of wrong doing, but none of their assets have been confiscated to my knowledge.  In fact, the AG was sitting before an investigative committee, but to my knowledge, based on accusation only, his property wasn’t confiscated.  And, the DOJ didn’t confiscated the property at Orgy Island when Jeffrey Epstein, not only accused, but charged with pedophilia was set free with his property and assets intact for years.  now before his next hearing, it’s alleged that his Orgy Island burned down that was never confiscated by the DOJ even after charges filed.  It appears that the accusations will be Selective in my opinion.

Selective Prosecution is not fair or just. Selective Prosecution denies equal rights of all Americans. It’s unconscienable to destroy the lives of Americans and take their assets based on accusation only.  They need their money to feed their families and put gas in their car or keep their small businesses in operation.  How could AG Sessions alleged in the news decide that it’s okay for police to target Americans for whatever reason  based on accusation only, deny due process of law, find them guilty until proven innocent, and deny them “due Process of Law” as required by the Supreme Laws of the Land? How  can  the AG  accuse Gov. Brown of violating the Supreme Laws of the Land when allowing police to accuse Americans without charges filed and take their assets and property without a phone call, lawyer, judge, and jury, which infringes on the right of every American to be protected by law as innocent until proven guilty, when he appears to be doing the same?

On the other hand which the Congress never mentions or the White House is the Federal Reserve who controls America’s tax dollars and gold – a foreign bank – without any accountability to the American taxpayers and legal citizens.  How can a bank that contols U.S. tax dollars,  a foreign entity, not be held accountable for America’s tax dollars and gold?  How can they be trusted if our economic status is in the hands of a few elitist who refuse to allow the Federal Government and the American Citizens to audit U.S. Tax Dollars and U.S. Gold as required within the USA by Federal Law and Banking Regulations for  public review and scrutiny?  Americans have been asking for proof and asking Congress,  “Where is America’s gold?” It does appear that “money” and “gold” is the God. of many foreign entities.  Is our wealth intentionally in the hands of a foreign bank so that they can state that the foreign bank isn’t under the same regulations as U.S. Banks or not?

Furthermore, the big donations to Congress and Senators do appear to be a huge “Conflict of Interest.”  It is of  rightful concern when 85 senators are reported in the news to accept donations from a multi-billion dollar corporation by a corporation that is being investigated and before the senatorial hearings. theatrics?

The seantors should remember that their personal information is also being collected.   Yet, the CEO, when asked by Senator Durbin if he wanted to reveal his travels and his agenda and hotel, he declined to do so.  The question arises then why is this one man allowed to preseve the data that is posted on Facebook along with his employees who can access it be allowed to store it vs. destroying it – deleting it immediately?  How is it that they’re allowed to maintain that information and report people to the police or censor Free Speech, Thought and news articles? If it is a  free service and they are making huge profits off of the free postings then they should have the ability to delete the personal messages and personal data.

As I stated above, the news reported that 85 Senators accepted Facebook donations prior to the senatorial hearings on privacy and regulations and possible violations.  Those donations prior to the hearings if true create the appearance that the senatorial hearings are compromised and worthless as far as protecting the public or holding the corporation accountable and creating regulations to protect the public. The two questions remain bothersome as to why the donations were donated prior to the hearings and why didn’t the senators disclose the donations prior to the hearing commencing?

Remember, Rose says, “All politicians and candidates for public office should be viewed as suspect.”

And, of course, many key CEO’s and Public Servants, who end up wealthy appear to establish non-profit Institutes, Foundations, and non-profit charities. It appears that some believe charity starts at home – their homes or should we say “mansions.”

Consequently, after Bill Clinton begged for “cash” from donors around the world, it appears the poor in Haiti are still poor – and the poor in the USA are still poor despite all the charities founded by wealthy Democrats, Rinos, and CEO’s. In fact, the Middle Class are being made poor…..homeless and penniless.  California is a prime example as Governor Jerry Brown and his regime support sanctuary cities filled with radicals and illegals turning California into an extension of  Tijuana.  The sanctuary cities could be filled with cartel members, gangs, radicals and disease. Oregon’s governor is following the same path and NYC and it appears to be spreading like a cancer.  The Democrats and Rinos are harboring and protecting illegals and radicals and not legal taxpayers who pay their wages and who deserve to be protected from unidentified foreigners.

If the USAG is so concerned about ruining the lives of Americans by allowing the police to “accuse them of a crime” – even if they are 100% innocent – why would they subject innocent Americans to asset forfeiture – confiscating their cash and assets making them guilty until proven innocent – then why isn’t he confiscating the property of the public servants and wealthy CEO’s accused of wrong doing?  Think about it!  It’s my opinion, that Americans are witnessing the two-tier Justice system gone rogue and outside of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and Sovereignty Rights in the USA.

(Rose Colombo, award-winning author, poet, and Advocate for Justice, as seen on TV, Radio, and written up in major newspapers and magazines.  Rose stated in her book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse – “Justice is for $ale!. Don’t look for equal justice, for you shall find that justice is in the eyes of the beholder.”  She says that  wealthy CEO’s can afford to buy Justice through donations – even before a hearing – or meet on planes with potential witnesses during a federal investigation.

Check out Rose’s books on amazon.com.  Both books are 5 star Reviews and award-winning entitled,  “Fight Back Legal Abuse” and “Obamacare, Dinosaurs RedNecks and Radicals, a political satire. Rose is currently working on her 2nd edition of “Fight Back Legal Abuse” coming soon….Check out Rose Colombo on Facebook and LinkedIn and Follow and Bookmark her Radio Show -“Colombo Chronicles Live!” as heard on worldwide online radio every Wednesday with special guests from 12 noon to 1:00 pm pst – check the time in your state or country – all shows are archived for listening convenience. Click on the link below:


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