Who is Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein’s Wife as Told by Dick Morris and Why is She Important to the Clinton-Obama-Trump-Russian investigation?

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Rose Colombo says, “It appears the Democratic Party operates on the bias system which I coined, “Political Nepotism.” The system includes members of their own party or moles who are on the same political page ready to defend their Democratic key political members who work within the inner circle.  Is this the key that leads to the Mueller-Rosenstein investigation that only focuses on President Trump, not Hillary, Bill, or Obama?”  It appears the Clinton-Obama Democratic machine created a system of justice for the Democrats and a system of no justice for the Republicans. How can equal justice be served if the DOJ is politically motivated in favor of the Clinton’s and Obama?”
“The well-respected Dick Morris, a White House insider who worked for President Bill Clinton, revealed shocking insight and facts about Rod Rosenstein and his deep ties to Mueller and Comey (Comey’s brother, an attorney, worked for the Clinton Foundation as their accountant according to news articles), not disclosed to the public during the Hillary Clinton email scandal to the best of my knowledge.  Key Democrats, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Rosenstein’s wife and attorney,  Lisa Barsoomian, appear to be linked with long-time ties to the FBI and the Clinton’s as part of her client list according to Mr. Morris. Morris provided a client list naming the Clinton’s, Obama,  key members of the FBI,  Kathleen Sibelius, James Comey, and Mueller.  Mr. Morris produced a video that appears to answer the questions as to why it is so difficult to obtain information requested for public review and public scrutiny involving the Clinton’s, Obama, and the Democrats.”
Colombo remarked, “It appears that the Freedom of Information Act upon request by Republicans is stifled by long-time members of this Democratic inner circle who are lawyers or work within the FBI or DOJ such as family and friends or college buds. It raises the question if they are using an inner circle of lawyers to self-protect high-ranking Democrats who are paid to prevent Americans and Conservative lawyers from accessing Freedom of Information pertaining to key Democratic clients, who may be under investigation for wrongdoing, or may not be under investigation.  
Colombo felt the need to  coin the term  “Political Nepotism,” because political nepotism if left unchecked and allowed to exist for self-protection by the inner circle creates a dangerous political bias and a two-tier justice system that protects them from us (We The People).  Colombo’s creation of the term “Political Correctness” in my opinion could lead to the corrosion of the Department of Justice placing a huge shadow of doubt over the DOJ and Congres that will take years to restore.
Furthermore, Lisa Barsoomian, Attorney-at-Law and wife of Rod Rosenstein and also known as attorney  Lisa Barsoomian raises eyebrows since she is the wife of Mueller’s boss, who is leading the investigation of the Russian Dossier and Uranium One , and just happens to be Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General for the United States Department of Justice.  Prior to that, she served as the United States Attorney for the District of Maryland.  (And, of course, the White House and Congress are looking at the Ohr’s and McCabe who was recently fired from the FBI).
  • 50-year-old Mrs. Barsoomian was born on January 15, 1968. She is the daughter of Armenian immigrants.
  • Together they have two beautiful daughters; Julie, 18, and Allison, 15.
  • She graduated from Georgetown Law.
  • Moreover, according to reports, she represented Hillary Clinton, between 1991 to 2017; she also represented Bill Clinton, James Comey, Barack Obama, Kathleen Sebelius and Robert Muller.  (Again, these democrats are linked to the Russian Dossier and Uranium One investigation)
  • Furthermore, Lisa Barsoomian aka Rosenstein works for R. Craig Lawrence. (source: wagcenter.com)
Could it be true that there is political bias within the DOJ, especially since there are allegations of third-party donations alleged to be granted by Hillary Clinton or The Clinton Foundation to Mrs. Comey and Mrs. McCabe as well as  wages paid to Comey’s brother, an employee of the Clinton Foundation, according to credible online sources.   How many years have the key FBI agents and their families been linked to the Clinton’s and the Clinton Foundation, which appears to have been ignored by the DOJ, as well as Congress, until Mueller opened up the Russian Dossier and Uranium One scandal under Rosenstein’s watch and named President Trump?  How is it not a problem  when oversight personnel, if any, appear to have ignored the political nepotism, political bias, and conflicts of interest involving many high-ranking Democrats?  Where was the oversight Judicial Committee when these scandals were taking place?  Do they not review the work being performed by top FBI agents to make sure they aren’t creating a tightly knit inner circle of Obama and Hillary and Bill Clinton fans?
Should Americans not ask, ” How Deep is the Deep State as they appear focused on President Trump and appear to be intent on  finding him guilty of an impeachable offense?  The conservative Americans feel that the key investigators within in the FBI involved in this investigation care less about getting to the truth related to the Russian Dossier and Uranium One Scandal.  This team’s text messages sent out a clear message that they favor Hillary Clinton over Trump.  Millions of Americans believe that this particular FBI team ignores  the role that Obama and Hillary and Bill played in these two scandals.  The Clinton’s have been given the golden pass as a myriad of scandals over 40 years or more  appear to have been ignored or swept away, possibly to save Hillary’s chances of being the first female POTUS.
In the past, the FBI key agents involved in serious scandals would be investigated for bias and removed from the case based on the texts and their actions in the email scandal.  They would have been held in contempt for their filing to cooperate with Congress after requests for documents weren’t turned over in a timely manner.  However, if  an average litigant doesn’t turn over documents in a timely manner to a judge, the prosecutors would probably ask the judge to throw that person into jail for contempt until they cooperate, which happened to a government employee recently as seen in the news.   The discipline for bias of key FBI  agents at the top should have come after reviewing the texts messages and the failure of the former FBI Director, who laid out all the evidence against Hillary Clinton in the email scandal on national television.  The nation was shocked when Comey and Lynch set  Hillary and Bill Clinton free of indictment that involved The Clinton Foundation as well as the email scandal.  They set them free from charges filed even though former USAG, Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton met in secret on the tarmac on  a plane during a federal investigation.
Is it not extremely serious that the Russians were sold 20% of America’s uranium without authorization or disclosure of their decision made in secret without public disclosure or public scrutiny?  The taxpayers own the uranium, not the FBI agents or the Clinton’s or Obama.   The federal government owns nothing because they use tax dollars that belong to the American taxpayers to fund their projects which includes their wages.  Remember, a key issue should be addressed because the U.S.  uranium didn’t belong to the Clinton’s, but to the government and the government is We The People.  Therefore, how is it that the profits are alleged to have been deposited into the Clinton Foundation and not used to pay down the national debt or pay back the money stolen by Congress over the years from Social Security?
How does the FBI justify that the sale of 20% of uranium sold to a foreign enemy nation, Russia, who threatened to attack the USA from time-to-time to be a legal and lawful sale?  How is it that the FBI allowed the Clinton’s to designate the profits from the sale as a charitable donation made to the Clinton Foundation when it’s government property and the profits belong to the taxpayers?
Isn’t depositing taxpayer money from the sale of government property similar to stealing or funneling or  misusing tax dollars?  Americans are pondering the question as to why the FBI and AG didn’t go after those profits doled out by Russians to Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and confiscate the profits.  The profits in essence should be returned to the American taxpayers in refund checks.  In fact, why is the FBI looking at Trump since he wasn’t even in office when all these scandals were taking place, but Obama was caught off “mic” stating to a Russian official that after the 2012 elections, he would be more “flexible.”
 And, of course, there is another entity known as the “shadow government,  working overtime and it appears that they are seeking to find dirt on President Trump as well.  The Deep State and the shadow government leads us to the current investigation by the Department of Justice known as the “Russian Dossier ” and “Uranium One” involving Obama and Hillary and Bill Clinton as reported in a myriad of news articles. The investigation includes investigators as follows:  Robert Mueller, lead investigator and his boss, Rod Jay Rosenstein; as well as links to Mrs. Rosenstein and persons named within the investigation by association and through work and or by acting as legal counsel.  Many of these associations go back decades.
Conflicts of Interest and Political Nepotism
Just recently, a former White House insider under Bill Clinton’s administration, revealed this important secret.  Mr. Morris revealed that Mr. Rosenstein’s wife is a Lawyer also known as Lisa Barsoomian as I stated above.  She represents prominent and wealthy high-ranking Democrats such as the Clinton’s and Obama as well as Robert Mueller and the FBI,  James Comey, and Kathleen Sibelius. The revelation alleges that attorney Barsoomian files lawsuits to prevent Freedom of Information related to her clients from getting into the hands of Conservative lawyers such as Judicial Watch.  It’s alleged that she prevents the information from being seen by the eyes of the public for public review and public scrutiny. 
Should Americans not ask how the Russian Dossier naming President Trump, which happens to be  costing the taxpayers millions of dollars, not be viewed as a “witch hunt” since the cards are stacked against President Trump and the American citizens seeking justice?  It appears that this inner circle on the extreme Left of long-time family and friends and colleagues and legal eagles strongly  favor Obama, Hillary, and their own colleagues of like-mind. They appear to favor the Democratic party.  It may be that lawsuits were filed in defense of the Democrats and Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton,  to prevent public information from being reviewed by the public or Judicial Watch.  The lawsuits appear to ponder if this is a tool that allows the key investigators to act as the Clinton’s and Obama’s “protectors.”  Are Americans paying the FBI to protect political persons alleged to be involved in serious criminal allegations of wrongdoing? 
In fact, Comey laid out the evidence in the email scandal.  He was articulate and accurate.  Former FBI Director, Comey, led Americans to believe he was recommending an indictment against Hillary Clinton in the email scandal.  Instead, Comey and Lynch  shocked the nation when they  gave Hillary Clinton the stay-out-of-jail pass.  It appears her FBI fans were loyal and were hoping that she would win the Presidential elections in 2016.  After all, with so many fans such as Kissinger and Soros and the Bush’s and Obama’s, including main stream media, how could she lose? 
In the past, the FBI and DOJ as well as key “reasonable” prosecutors may have viewed the removal of classified documents and destruction of government property, as well as, intentionally  putting a team together to assist in  destroying the government property aka evidence with acid and  hammers.  In the past, these behavior would appear to be an act of “espionage” or a Breach of National Security and Trust.  In this Clinton email scandal or the Benghazi scandal involving Obama, Hillary, and Rice, these same high ranking officials continue to get the golden passes.  After all, the Democrats, Obama and Hillary and Bill Clinton appear to have  decided the outcome of the 2016 election up to the last-minute and assumed Hillary would win.  In fact, Obama predicted that Trump would lose the election many times over.  It was shameful when Obama was the key speaker at a Hollywood banquet as seen on television and announced to the audience that Trump would lose.  He demeaned Donald J. Trump, a guest, at the Hollywood banquet. Obama made it clear on national television that “Donald Trump will never be President of the United States.” 
According to Dick Morris and his revelations, Mrs. Rosenstein aka Lisa Barsoomian, files lawsuits to help out her high-ranking Democratic clients such as the Clinton’s or Obama by filing opposition court documents to block the requests  for Freedom of Information from the opposition before the requests are approved  by a judge.  In the past, top lawyers involved in an investigation of which there are many Conflicts of Interest or they happen to be aware that Political Nepotism is  apparent in the case would think twice.  The lawyers or judge would usually recuse themselves to prevent the appearance of corruption or doubt, as well as avoiding the appearance of nepotism.  How difficult it must be for Democratic Justices and Judges to make a decision against the Democrats and Obama or Bill and Hillary who may have appointed them to the bench.
Colombo asks how then can a fair and objective and non-bias investigation take place when:  Mr. Rosenstein is Mueller’s boss?  How can a non-bias investigation take place when Mrs. Rosenstein aka Lisa Barsoomian is married to Mueller’s boss?  Mrs. Rosenstein represented the FBI, Mueller,  and Comey’s attorney in some cases.  How can a non-bias investigation take place if Mrs. Rosenstein represented Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Kathleen Sibelius as revealed by Dick Morris? 
And, Lynch, Holder, Jarrett,  and Comey, Mrs. Comey, and Peter Comey, Mr. and Mrs. McCabe appear to have been linked to the Clinton’s and the Clinton Foundation and  even Obama.  Obama is linked to Bill  Ayers as well as a few prominent Universities and businesses with political connections that extend decades.  Some ties go all the way back to their college years as well as Chicago and New York.  In the past, those links to investigators texting bias political messages would be called out as a “Kangaroo Court.”   Most Americans believe that the Russian Dossier investigation that appears to have exhausted itself turned into a circus involving a porn star and her lawyer” and is costing the taxpayers millions of dollars.  (The politicians on the Left are calling out Trump for his past related to women outside of his marriage, but fail to look in their own closets or in the mirror making the distraction away from the Russian Dossier and email scandal, Benghazi scandal, and Uranium One as somewhat laughable.)
Dick Morris laid out a list and number of cases to prevent Freedom of Information from being accessed  or delayed by concerned ethical lawyers, Judicial Watch, or persons requesting the information.  These filings with the court in opposition to  releasing the information are alleged to be filed by attorney Lisa Barsoomian, wife of Rod Rosenstein, on behalf of the following Democratic clients  – (source Dick Morris video online shared for information and educational and entertainment purposes only) 
1. Mrs. Rosenstein aka Barsoomian represented Robert Mueller in lawsuits to prohibit the requests for access to Freedom of Information – 3X
2. Mrs. Rosenstein aka Barsoomian represented the FBI in lawsuits to prohibit the requests filed to access the Freedom of Information – 5X
3. Mrs. Rosenstein aka Barsoomian represented Bill Clinton in lawsuits to prohibit the requests filed to access the Freedom of Information – 45X
4. Mrs. Rosenstein aka Barsoomian represented Hillary Clinton in lawsuits to prohibit requests filed to access Freedom of Information – 17x
5. Mrs. Rosenstein aka Barsoomian represented Kathleen Sebelius in lawsuits to prohibit requests filed to access  Freedom of Information 56X
6.  Mrs. Rosenstein aka Barsoomian represented James Comey  -(wagcenter.com)

Update & Excerpt Source:  Gateway Pundit reported on August 26, 2018 written by Jim Hoft:  

“HUGE: Rosenstein Moved Cohen Case to New York – Then Ordered Trump-Appointed US Attorney Geoffrey Berman to Recuse Himself – “

“Rosenstein signed the 4th FISA court request to spy on President Trump despite knowing the request was based on a the Fusion-GPS dossier, a Democrat-funded oppo research project that was NEVER fact-checked.

Trump appointed attorney Geoffrey Berman recused himself from the investigation into Michael Cohen.  

Comey Lied Under Oath to Congress about Needing Warrant to SearchWeiner’s Emails – FBI Started Their Search a Month Prior

Rod Rosenstein approved the early morning raid of Michael Cohen’s residence. Geoffrey Berman was not involved in the decision to raid Cohen’s residence.

Rosenstein approved Mueller’s referral to Geoffrey Berman on Monday, April 9th. Rosenstein ordered raids on Cohen’s residence the following day. It is not clear why or when Berman recused himself from the investigation.

Wired sources claims that Rosenstein ordered Berman to recuse himself.  

Wired Sources got this information from a New York Post article by Michael Goodwin.

The US attorney Trump appointed for that outpost, Geoffrey Berman, reportedly was ordered to recuse himself by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, leaving the office staffed mostly by holdovers from Preet Bharara’s tenure.”

Bombshell Tell All posted by thehornnews.com:  (Lisa Page speaks to investigators)

“According to Page, the text messages implying that senior FBI officials had a plan to stop Trump’s administration “mean exactly what they say.”

Her testimony was a direct contradiction to Strzok, who screamed at lawmakers Thursday over questions about the anti-Trump bias in the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

The text messages –which included promises such as “we’d stop Trump” — were “in no way — unequivocally — any suggestion that me, [or] the FBI, would take any action whatsoever to improperly impact the electoral process for any candidate,” Strzok claimed Thursday.

Page said the opposite on Monday, a major blow to the credibility of the investigation Trump has frequently labeled a political witch hunt.”

The Horn News Posted:  Lovinger told investigative journalist Sara A. Carter the investigation into Trump’s presidential campaign, named Operation Crossfire Hurricane, was “all a set-up” by a paid FBI informant with deep ties to top Russian intelligence agents. That investigation later was used as justification for Mueller’s current probe, which Trump has often dismissed as a partisan “witch hunt.”

“Lovinger’s attorney, Sean Bigley, said his client raised concerns that paid FBI informant Stefan Halper — then a Cambridge University professor — had been paid $1 million in taxpayer funded cash to write-up Defense Department foreign policy reports and spy on the Trump campaign.

Lovinger also noticed Halper’s deep political ties to both Russia and the Clinton family and brought the information to his superiors. He claims that decision cost him everything.”

Colombo asks, “How long are they going to waste taxpayer’s money on what appears to be a “witch hunt” instead of holding the real persons responsible for the Russian Dossier and the Uranium One Deal that gifted the Clinton’s with profits that belong to the American taxpayers generated from the sale?”

Update:  9/21/2018 source N.Y. Times.com:  

“WASHINGTON — The deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, suggested last year that he secretly record President Trump in the White House to expose the chaos consuming the administration, and he discussed recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Mr. Trump from office for being unfit.

Mr. Rosenstein made these suggestions in the spring of 2017 when Mr. Trump’s firing of James B. Comey as F.B.I. director plunged the White House into turmoil. Over the ensuing days, the president divulgedclassified intelligence to Russians in the Oval Office, and revelations emerged that Mr. Trump had asked Mr. Comey to pledge loyalty and end an investigation into a senior aide.

Mr. Rosenstein was just two weeks into his job. He had begun overseeing the Russia investigation and played a key role in the president’s dismissal of Mr. Comey by writing a memo critical of his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. But Mr. Rosenstein was caught off guard when Mr. Trump cited the memo in the firing, and he began telling people that he feared he had been used.

UPDATE:  September 24, 2018:  (source CNBC)

“The fate of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is reportedly hanging in the balance.”

“It was unclear whether or not Rosenstein, who oversees major parts of the Justice Department, including the special counsel’s Russia probe, would keep his job. Amid conflicting press reports Monday, the White House said Rosenstein will remain in his job for the time being, and he will meet with the president one-on-one on Thursday.”

“If Rosenstein were to depart, it was also unclear whether he would be fired, or he would resign. In Rosenstein’s case, this could make a big difference as to whom Trump can select to replace him as deputy attorney general.”

Update 10/14/2018:   “Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein discussed wearing a wire to record President Donald Trump and volunteered to recruit cabinet officials to potentially remove the Republican from office, according to a bombshell report from The New York Times.  Rosenstein, who is overseeing special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, also reportedly told McCabe that he could potentially persuade Attorney General Jeff Sessions and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.And. ”

  • “Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will not face Congress this week to testify about reports that he offered to wear a wire during meetings with President Donald Trump.
  • Republican lawmakers previously said they expected Rosenstein to show up for a closed-door hearing to discuss the reports.
  • Rosenstein met Monday with Trump, who said he has no plans to fire the DOJ’s No. 2.”  (The Daily Caller) 

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