Are you an entrepreneur whose seeking to get your talent or ideas exposed and recognized.  You’re in the right place at the right time.  Rose Colombo, award-winning author and poet and host, welcomes the dynamic TeeJ Mercer, who will share her tips on how to reach your dreams and share your talents with the world.

As the Chief Noisemaker of the Media Mavericks Academy, TeeJ uses her insider expertise as a 20+ year Hollywood veteran to coach her Mavericks how to unapologetically rock their own genius on networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, CW and on shows such as The Steve Harvey Show, the Doctors, and Dr. Oz.  Teej’s Mavericks have also been seen as the experts in their field in Huffington Post, Psychology Today, Inventors Digest and the Breakfast Club and More.

Listen to the show Taped Live for your convenience to share, Bookmark and Follow Rose Colombo on Colombo Chronicles every Wednesday with special guests and a myriad of topics from love to coaching to the constitution, politics, divorce, mafia and more.  Click this link to listen – and remember all shows are archived. 

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