Listen Taped Live! Colombo Chronices/ Rose Colombo welcomes Lee Gale Gruen, former Probation Officer/Author/How to Reinvent Yourself at any age!

Listen to Rose Colombo’s comments on San Francisco and how under the current California Governor, Jerry Brown, also known as Governor Moonbeam, floods California with illegals from the South and Radicals from the MIddle East who may or may not be legally residing in the “sanctuary cities” that Governor Brown and his Democratic regime are forcing upon the legal Americans in California.  Sanctuary Cities not only spread diseases, due to the lack of sanitation and poverty breed increased rates of crime as well as infectious diseases that could kill thousands or millions if it morphs into an epidemic.

Rose Colombo thereafter, enters into the world of authors and experts and welcomes her special guest, Lee Gale Gruen, who went from a long-time career as a probation officer to reinventing herself as an author and Public Speaker, revealiner her experience and tips on “how to Revinvent Yourself” at any age.   Ms. Gale Gruen’s expertise on this topic once our careers for whatever reason come to a dead end.  She encourages people seeking ideas, motivation, and tips that can help anyone, including seniors, retired or planning to retire on how  to prepare or start a new adventure on how to reinvent themselves.

Click Here to Listen:

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