Listen Taped Live/Health & Nutrition Expert & Author, Barbara Charis/Big Pharma/Rx Drugs/Listen Taped Live/Rose Colombo, Radio Host, heard on am-Fm and Online BTR Radio

Do you have health issues?  You may think you don’t have health issues but as the evil NWO and enemies of humans around the world, the majority of people believe we are being poisoned with contaminated foods, waters, animals, ocean life, water, soil, and the atmosphere blowing the poisons and radiation and chemtrails in the wind.  In American, millions of people are being hooked on illegal drugs and Rx Drugs prescribed by doctors who get bonuses many times for prescribing specific Rx’s that could be dangerous to one’s health as well as addictive and possibly cause more problems rather than a cure.  As many of Big Pharma’s advertisements state during their ads, most Rx drugs can cause more health issues, serious health issues, and even death.

Listen to the Expert and author and business owner of Charis Holistic Center in West Los Angeles whose been heard and hosted radio shows on nutrition and health after graduating from the Columbia Pacific University.  Ms. Charis is an expert on nutrition and health and shares her true story of how she helped cure her health issues after the doctors didn’t offer nutritional alternatives.

Ms. Charis says, “The Food Industry sets people up for illness and the Medical Industry happily takes over.”  She said,  “What a world!  Every industry is based on making money at any cost.”

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