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Radio Host, Rose Colombo, welcomes prominent guest, Godfrey Harris, author of several books including an upcoming book,”Credit the Crocodile.”  Mr. Harris has been President of Harris/Ragan Management Group, a public group consulting firm headquartered in Los Angeles, since 1968.  He began consulting after serving as a University Instructor at UCLA and Rutgers; a U.S. Army intelligence Officer; a U.S. Foreign Service Officer in Bonn, London, and Washington, an organizational specialist in President Lyndon Johnson’s Executive Office and a program manager for an international financial company in Geneva.  His Key Topic tonight is African Elephants, possible extinction, China and Ivory……What is happening in Africa, China’s influence, Ivory and Elephants:

Click Below to Listen:

Rose Colombo, award-winning author and radio host can be viewed on social media.  She’s been on radio and TV and produced cable TV and am-Fm and online radio shows and she’s an award-winning poet, local newspaper column, “One Woman’s Opinion,” and read complimentary pages of her two award-winning books, 5 Star Reviews:  Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks and Radicals, a fictional political satire, and “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” a self-help on how to protect yourself from your own attorney and a corrupted system.


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