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“Colombo Chronicles Live!  at Blog Talk Radio Network with award-winning radio Host, Rose Colombo, who welcomes Special Guest, attorney and author, Michael Harris, sharing his popular new book, “Westside Stories:  Recollections and Reflections on Life in West Los Angeles from the 1940s up through 1969 which is available at Mr. Harris will  take you back to the simple days in America and the memories of growing up with the Helms Bakery man and the Good Humor man, incinerators in the backyards and when most married women were stay-at-home moms and housewives. Take a walk down memory lane with a coffee table book into the Westside of Los Angeles.  Following the interview, Rose Colombo speaks out about the diversion involving Russia and Trump and the unproven allegations that appear to be no more than fake news as well.

Mr. Harris is a Stanford Graduate and an Air Force Veteran with an impressive professional resume as a practicing attorney.  But more important, when it comes to his credentials in writing his first book, his bio mentions his memories of his childhood and growing up in what many Americans refer to as the “real America” when life was simple and kids used their innovative minds and imaginations to invent games and things to do as well as earn money is entertaining, educational, and for many, a walk down memory lane and for the youth an awakening to life that built character and work ethics and respect for earnings.  It was a time without computers, video games and cell phones.

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