Listen Online Worldwide Radio: Colombo Chronicles Live! The General Rick Knox, Candidate for Lt. Governor of Georgia 2018 Shares His Platform with award-winning host, Rose Colombo

Americans fear losing their country to millions of illegal unidentified foreigners from enemy nations.  It’s time for Americans to vote for red-blooded Patriotic Loyal Americans who love the USA and their fellow Americans.  Real Americans must run and be elected for office who are running to uphold the Constitution and preserve sovereignty and uphold the immigration laws, ID laws, Refugee and Asylum Laws, and who support God and Capitalism, Free Enterprise, and a Republic run by the Rule of Law.

The General Rick Knox shares his platform and tells us what is wrong with America and why were vulnerable to foreign enemies and what Americans need to do to save the good old USA for the natural-born Americans and legal generational immigrants who assimilated as proud Americans.

Click Below to Listen:  Colombo Chronicles Live!


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