I am going to assume that the government, mainly the White House, and Congress, have ignored the fact under the Obama -Clinton regime that when Obama signed the 2009 Secret Executive Order that he was not migrating a majority of Christian Refugees, because at that time, there weren’t Christian Refugees, and he and Hillary hadn’t allegedly created ISIS, yet. In fact, they had knowledge along with the entire federal government that the radicals they migrated into the USA are young healthy men who believe that it’s their right to engage in pedophilia which is a felony on U.S. soil and a human rights violation as well as child abuse.  They also were aware that the radicals believe it’s their right to rape women and children.  Therefore, they willingly, knowingly, in agreement migrated possibly tens of thousands of criminals under U.S. law into the USA and risked the safety and welfare of every man, woman, and child.  Rose will talk about pedophilia and the damage that it causes for non-offending mothers, although, there are a minority of  females who engage in pedophilia as well, and women who protect their boyfriends and husbands out of fear.  

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