Cancer is an illness everyone wants to avoid if at all possible. Perhaps, some day, the world will be free of cancer related illnesses and deaths, but for now, we must share tips that could be preventing this deadly disease through information, even beyond that of doctors by gaining access to those tips from a cancer survivor.  Nearly everyone around the world knows someone whose suffering from cancer, or perhaps, someone reading or listening to “Colombo Chronicles Live” who may be in need of help, hope and support.  You’re in the right place at the right time. Rose welcomes, well-respected world famous artist and Best-Selling author, Susan H. Moss, who will share her true story and how she helped heal herself of Breast and Uterine Cancer, on or about 22, years ago, when she was on the all-natural-MOTEP Program which she complied.  Moss has been around the world and across the USA lecturing and helping other people. She wrote the books, “Keep Your Breasts” and a follow-up book, “Survive Cancer.”  Rose Colombo, award-winning author, poet, and host,  invites everyone to help her by sharing important information heard on “Colombo Chronicles” with friends, family, and social media and spread this educational and entertaining and thought-provoking worldwide online radio show at the Blog Talk Radio Network that provides educational and entertaining information that affect the real people around the world.

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